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Alone for weekend company needed

Alone for weekend company needed

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Alone for weekend company needed

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Freelance writer, editor and social media manager. Do you enjoy spending time alone? It is important to enjoy your own company every so often, so that you can get in touch with yourself and relax. There are many benefits to spending time alone; you will learn to truly love yourself and become independent. Here are 15 inspirational activities that you could do alone this weekend. Go to a Free Gig Coffee shops, libraries and local venues often host free gigs, so see if there is anything going on in your area this weekend.

Concerts can actually be much more rewarding when you go alone; you can really listen to the music, rather than worrying about where your friends are. Going for a long walk and experiencing nature is often more enjoyable if you are alone, as it is peaceful, quiet, and relaxing.

You can stop to appreciate every beautiful flower you pass, you can take a break whenever you want, and best of all, you can hear all of the quiet, busy sounds of nature.

Get the menu and order your favorite take-away with all of the toppings and extras. Dial down any shopping stress by taking the trip alone. Other people can slow you down or pressure you to hurry up, and you can end up missing out on the best clothes or deals. Take a leisurely trip alone and take your time trying everything on: From updating your CV to finishing a work project, you will feel accomplished and proud as soon as you have finished.

The best part about watching television alone is that you can watch whatever you want, no matter how shameful and embarrassing it is. Put on your comfiest clothes, get some snacks and put your feet up for hours of guilt-free viewing. Exercise can be a little awkward, especially when you first start.

Exercising alone means you get to move at your own pace, and do exercises that interest you personally. Challenge yourself to keep your mind alert; pick up a Sudoku or fill in a quiz online. Travelling alone means there are no compromises; you can go wherever you want, see whatever you want, and eat wherever you want. Even if you just travel to the nearest city for the day, savor the luxury of going at your own pace. If you live near a library or bookstore with seating, take a trip there for a fun day alone.

You can pick up a book, snuggle up, and travel to a different world in your mind. This is the perfect weekend plan if you are a little low on money, but you still want to have some quality alone time.

If you have the time, set aside an hour for a long, hot bath. Indulge yourself; light some candles, put on a relaxing album and soak your troubles away. You may be put off visiting your local museum due to bad school trips and annoying tour guides, but you may have a totally different opinion after you have visited alone. Museums are filled with interesting and fascinating objects. And you can take your time to appreciate the things you really enjoy — without a tour guide telling you to move on.

A great way to spend a day alone is to relive your childhood. It expands your viewpoint. It gives you new knowledge you can use to improve your life.

Even if you discount the worldly benefits, the act of learning can be a source of enjoyment. The only things learned are those that need to be. Everything beyond that is considered frivolous.

Even those who do appreciate the practice of lifelong learning, can find it difficult to make the effort. Always strive to have a book that you are reading through, and take it with you so you can read it when you have time.

Just by shaving off a few minutes in-between activities in my day I can read about a book per week. We all have to-do lists. These are the tasks we need to accomplish. On it you can write ideas for new areas of study. Maybe you would like to take up a new language, learn a skill or read the collective works of Shakespeare. Whatever motivates you, write it down. Start spending more time with people who think. Not just people who are smart, but people who actually invest much of their time in learning new skills.

Their habits will rub off on you. Spend time journaling, meditating or contemplating over ideas you have learned. You learn what you teach. If you have an outlet of communicating ideas to others, you are more likely to solidify that learning. I make a point of regularly cleaning out my feed reader for blogs I subscribe to. Great blogs can be a powerful source of new ideas. Join organizations that teach skills.

I always try to maintain a distance away from any idea. Too many convictions simply mean too few paths for new ideas. Pick a career that encourages continual learning. Forced learning in this way can be fun and challenging. If you consider yourself a horrible artist, try a painting. Lifelong learning is like wandering through the wilderness. Letting your intuition guide you can make self-education more enjoyable. Most of our lives have been broken down to completely logical decisions, that making choices on a whim has been stamped out.

Productive people always wake up early. Use the first fifteen minutes of your morning as a period for education. If you find yourself too groggy, you might want to wait a short time.

Learn information you can use. Understanding the basics of programming allows me to handle projects that other people would require outside help. Meeting a situation that makes use of your educational efforts can be a source of pride. Few external forces are going to persuade you to learn.

The desire has to come from within. Once you decide you want to make lifelong learning a habit, it is up to you to make it a priority in your life. Paul Schafer via unsplash. Share Pin it Tweet Share Email. Go on a Long Walk or a Hike Going for a long walk and experiencing nature is often more enjoyable if you are alone, as it is peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. More by this author Amy Johnson Freelance writer, editor and social media manager. Here are some tips for installing the habit of lifelong learning: Re-learn How to Learn in the Information Age.

Solo Weekend Getaways: Suggestions for Short Trips - Solo Traveler

While people around you hate being single, you consider it such a joy to be able to be at the whim of your aloneness and this feeling is especially better if you live alone, because you have so much time to do all your little things that you do when nobody is around.

When you do hang out with people, you prefer seeing them one on one or in a small group. The more intimate and deep the conversation, the better. A full day by yourself makes you feel more you than anything at all. You tend to enjoy cold, rainy weather, as it gives you even more of an excuse to hibernate in your home and read, sit by the fire, think, curl up, write in your journal.

Traveling to a new place by yourself even if the new place is only ten miles away is your idea of a great time. You are always either planning a solo adventure, going on a solo adventure, or coming back from one. There is absolutely nothing that can touch the feeling of when someone cancels plans on you and you are suddenly left with surprise alone time. The cover and theme for my newest book was inspired by the concept of kintsugi.

All that is dark or cracked within us has the capacity to be fixed, to be filled with light. We are never broken. We are always becoming. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from.

In this time and age whereby it is seen as weird by society that one enjoys being alone, I cannot agree more with this article. Hopefully I can finish everything that I owe latest before the last day of internship, to have a few days to myself before final year starts. Reblogged this on The Lively Coder. Reblogged this on Journey of the Fates and commented: Okay, except for 4. Reblogged this on ritzylicious and commented: Reblogged this on heartonlockdown and commented: Reblogged this on talithacumdotcom.

Reblogged this on strawberryhell and commented: Reblogged this on Random Thoughts and commented: I can deal with both having someone around me and being alone. Am I not normal? Therr are also time I need company and someone to talk to, I might go crazy if I am always alone and to talk myself all the time. Care givers acknowledge that there is really no substitute for family. She is a widow and her three daughters lived in not far from her home. Nutan Ghag is a year-old college student who works part-time with Mumbai-based Aaji Care, an organisation that offers monthly companionship packages for senior citizens.

She has been visiting Patil for eight months, for four hours a day — half of which is spent solving puzzles and reading. At 5 pm, they go for a walk either to the market or to the Dadar beach nearby. Patil says she likes that there is somebody as young as Ghag to help her with decision-making. Ghag gets Rs 4, a month for her service.

In fact, I sometimes cancel plans to spend more time with Aaji. She teaches me a lot and I know I am making memories that will last a lifetime. A retired lawyer and mother of three, she was born with a shrunken right arm, and at 52, a road accident left her confined to a wheelchair. So, three years ago, the year-old decided to sign up with Samvedna to have someone come over and keep her company for a few hours a week.

The cost ranges from Rs 13, to Rs 20, a month. Four times a week, Das and her companion read together, play board games, watch funny YouTube videos or surf the internet for knitting designs. In Pune, Professor Sudhakar Kulkarni, 74, who has been blind for 30 years and lives alone, now depends on volunteers of Maya Care for company five days a week.

Twice a week, they help him buy groceries, do bank work or run other errands.

A solo weekend getaway may be just what you need. But what makes a great destination. You are here: Home / How to Travel Alone / Solo Weekend Getaways: Suggestions for Short Trips. Solo Weekend Getaways: Suggestions for Short Trips. April 5, by Janice Waugh. Toronto is my starting point for weekend getaways. Beneath the reader. The weekend after Idid, mum went to visit her sister, leaving me and Dad alone for the weekend. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to mend any bridges my coming out may have broken. That, and I'd get to sneak a peek at him in the shower just like old times. 23 Stages Of Being Home Alone For The Weekend, From Pants-Free Joy To Existential Sadness. spending a weekend home alone when you live with someone whom you like is a mixed blessing. On one.