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Any women out there who love classic or musclecars

Any women out there who love classic or musclecars

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Any women out there who love classic or musclecars

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Because it simply isn't possible anymore, there is a lot of red tape. As well crash tests modern cars have to pass. For example in order to pass the frontal crash test of today, the front of a car must have a crumple zone - metal in the car that is designed to be crushed in a crash to absorb energy so that the force of a crash does not deform the passenger compartment and crush the occupants. This therefore limits the way cars can be styled as well as it adds a lot of weight to cars.

I'll talk about weight later. As well as this, there is side crash test small overlap crash test, and crash tests for pedestrian safety. All with their own indirect sets of restrictions on styling because of the way the metal must be shaped to accommodate the shape of the crumple zones and stronger side pillars etc. You can read more about the American tests here.

There are also 1 million different little regulations different governments set on cars sold in their country. For example cars cannot car from factory as low anymore, the headlight must be a minimum height for road safety. This is so that if the car is stopped on the side of the road and the trunk is open to access a spare tire or something, drivers can still see the lights flashing.

There are many different laws in many different countries covering different subject like this one, each imposing little restrictions on styling that add up. With regards of older sports car, other than the aforementioned styling, the reason why they are so much more sought after is because they have certain qualities that modern cars lack because of changes in technology and what the modern car buyer wants. While sports cars of old have little to none of those qualities.

Weight is a big factor here. Sport cars generally used to be a lot lighter because of the lack of these features. No comfort features, at the maximum you'd get air con, and a radio. Or safety, lack of airbags and crumple zones etc.

Everything thing else adds weight. As well as the lack of computers, and electronic systems. Lower weight means the car handles better can get around a corner quicker , can accelerate faster, and brake faster as well with the same power and the same brakes, because there less weight to move or slowdown.

Lower weight also helps with another factor: A car that's fun to drive feels like it's immediately responding to you and is communicating to you though the steering and pedals which is explained bellow.

Another benefit of the lack of technology in older cars is the way the steering feels. Not all cars have this, especially brand new cars, but most cars older than have something referred to in the auto industry called steering feel.

When you turn the wheel of your car, you can feel little vibrations coming through the wheel and can tell what the front wheels are doing, and you can feel the road beneath you when driving "enthusiastically" or turning normally depending on the car.

If you've driven a car with it you know what I mean, most people know what I'm talking about. Steering feel usually increases with speed, so the faster you go the more you feel, but with a car with good steering feel you feel more sensations at slower speeds.

Older sports cars especially, this was a key focus, back in the day, to have a lot of steering feel. Modern cars lack this almost totally. Modern steering systems electric power steering kill feel totally almost across the board, older cars have either hydraulic power steering some cars have hydraulic power steering but with little feel , or no power steering at all which would make steering very heavy, but make the sensations coming through the wheel fantastic.

It's difficult to describe, but the difference is massive, the steering feels crisp and clear you can feel the road though the wheel. Toyota has used electric power steering in there cars exclusively for a while now, all there cars had power steering in the 90's which is why a lot of there cars are seen as very boring in the enthusiasts eyes.

Modern cars lack most sensations because they're not necessary anymore, with stability control and traction control, unless you have no idea what you're doing you won't crash, and its almost impossible to spin out unless you're driving on ice.

While you can drive fast, however it doesn't as feel fun because the feeling is too refined, it feels like you're just sitting here telling the car what to do. To get more feeling from a modern sports car, one must drive faster.

In fact these systems are better for an asshat who has no idea what they're doing because its much harder for them to crash, but in the process of this, it kills fun for the person who has the common sense to learn the limits of there car while driving fast. However for the average modern car buyer, like the one mom or dad drives to soccer practice and takes to work, modern cars are infinetly better, there much safer, and are much less harmful to the environment and people around us.

They are loaded with tech and comfort features But for the enthusiastic driver, there's nothing like an older car. Think about this for a second, all points that make classic sports cars so desirable, decrease comfort, or safety, or they aren't necessary anymore because of computer systems. There aren't as many people who want to buy sports cars like that anymore, so the people who do, buy old ones.

American cars are a big exemption to the weight factor. All of there older cars were almost always significantly heavier than cars made by the competition for no real reason other than they were too lazy to care about weight. They have never made sports cars though, things like the mustang and camaro are called muscle cars: People are getting caught up in numbers. Old cars are so desirable because of that light weight and good steering feel, it feels as if you are connected with the car, not like with a modern car it feels like you are simply telling the car what to do.

In an old car you feel as if you are part of the car. Thanks for the gold! Check out this crash test between a Chevy Bel Air and a Malibu. Be glad that the comment section for this video is deactivated. The amount of misinformed, outright wrong bullshit regarding this crash test I've read could fill an entire library.

There is apparently a large and very vocal group of people who seriously believe that this test was rigged, fake. They believe that the old car was rusty, deliberately weakened and - if the test was carried out without those alleged manipulations - should rip right through a modern car without serious damage. The whole nonsense is flavored by equally wrong and stupid comments stating that back in the day , cars were built well, without nonsense like plastics and were meant to last for centuries.

The reality is of course that American cars of the 50s and 60s were horribly cobbled together, extremely primitive and had no protection from rust whatsoever. Car safety was nonexistent. Look at the insane amount of people dying on the roads at the time - or look at this horrific crash test footage. All of the crashes in this video are easily survivable in even the cheapest cars of today, if you're wearing your seat belt.

Cars today have unibody designs. Only pickup trucks and a handful of SUVs actually have body on frame designs. This adds to the rigidity of new cars tremendously. Is the frame on that Bel Air in the video heavy and strong? Sure, but you're not in the frame, you are in the sheet metal box on top of it. In a unibody car you are inside the frame of the car. And that frame is far FAR stronger than any "ladder" frame. It's also designed with crash protection in mind.

Look at the A,B, and C pillars on a new car, they are massive! Compare them to the delicate pillars you see on older vehicles. Most new cars essentially have a built in roll cage due to the strength of their pillars. They also have advanced seat belts and air bags to keep you from being thrown around like Rag doll as an old bench seat made sure you would be. I love old cars, and they have a lot of wonderful qualities.

But people who feel they are safe in ANY way are incredibly delusional. I live in the Pacific Northwest. When I started driving , if you saw a year old car on the road it was rusted like crazy and falling apart. Today if you see a model year car it usually looks fine, with perhaps a bit of paint-fade. I don't necessarily support that paradigm crumple zones are much better , but I'm still kind of surprised the old model crumpled like it did Maybe its sheer mass cancelled out its rigidity?

Or are those things not rigid whatsoever? The below post got a bit out of hand. P Your question is basically answered by the end of the first paragraph. American and many European cars of the 50s and 60s, even ordinary sedans, had a chassis that is separate from the body of the car. This separate chassis held the body, suspension, drivetrain, etc.

There are advantages to this: It's very simple to construct and manufacture and it can be incredibly solid that's why every truck even today uses it. The disadvantage is that the body doesn't have to be very firm, since the car gets its entire structural rigidity from the chassis. Those separate chassis also tend to be very heavy and take up a lot of space underneath the car.

The 59 Bel Air had an X-shaped chassis, which was a terrible shape for frontal and rear crashes, as the arms of the X easily collapsed. Not rigid at all. In the case of those big classic sedans and muscle cars of the 50s and 60s, the body is nothing more than a thin, almost empty, crudely welded together shell. There is an incredible amount of free space in between panels and there is no real distinction between the passenger compartment and the front and rear in terms of rigidity.

Those cars may look very similar to today's cars at first glance thanks to their ponton bodies , but underneath, they aren't. Almost every passenger car sold today has a so called integral body. It's self-supporting, meaning that it doesn't rely on a separate chassis for its rigidity.

Women with Muscle: Contemporary Women and the Classic Muscle Car | Chris Lezotte -

My ideal guy -- my husband -- is low-key and practical," says copy chief Emiliana Sandoval. He's always owned Fords because his dad worked there. It's got plenty of room for all his gear, and available AWD. It has nice lines, it isn't gigantic, and its 3. The CX-9 still delivers an eye-pleasing interior with comfortable trimmings and generous interior space. Drivers will appreciate the well-bolstered seat, which provides ample view of the road and corners ahead, pedals that always fall right where you expect, a push-to-downshift, pull-to-upshift manumatic mode, and genuinely fun driving dynamics.

Ram HD Laramie. I drove it only a few times. It's too big for me, but it's totally a guy's truck. And, yes, I generally check out the driver whenever I see one on the road.

As singer Alan Jackson says, 'I met all my wives in traffic jams. You know, there's somethin' women love about a pickup man. And this isn't just any pickup. This heavy hauler's 6.

Photography editor Julia LaPalme says, "The price, cargo capacity, and EPA numbers show a guy is practical and financially sensible; the AWD indicates he's most likely outdoorsy, or at least up for a little adventure. With four and six-cylinder offerings, this sleek rig is up for all kinds of adventures. Last fall, deftly balancing efficiency and size, the all-new Subaru Forester went home with the Golden Calipers trophy.

For , fighting off several tough adversaries -- and undoubtedly some unspoken but very real bias among our judges against repeat winners -- Subaru 's new, fourth-generation Outback scored a decisive victory in the final voting. The R8 is as sexy as an expertly tailored men's suit that shows off a chiseled male physique. The more exclusive 5.

Sitting low in the R8 gives you the sensation of being down in the car, not on top of it. You never feel like you are being pulled out of the seat by your shoulders, but more like you're checking your hip in the side of the car.

The R8 rolls around you, not under you. Audi managed to capture the feeling of sitting down in the tub of a Le Mans race car. You really can trick yourself into thinking you're charging out of the last corner on the last lap to take the checkered flag, when in reality you are just heading to the store for milk.

It's all about the experience. That shows commitment, which is undoubtedly an attractive quality. A product 10 years in the making, the LFA is a truly a work of art. Toyota took its time perfecting this racer: A sketch was unveiled in , and then it appeared in the flesh as a teaser car at the Detroit show.

Two years later came a revised concept. Finally, the beast was finally unleashed. The LFA rides hard. No variable shocks; the chassis is chef's choice only. On smoother stretches of autobahn, the stiffness is largely irrelevant, but it's not hard to imagine the LFA growing tiresome during extended drives on brittle roads.

The V is scintillating: It pulls hard, flaunts seemingly hidden torque that light package , and propels the car ferociously Toyota claims a 0-to of 3. At rpm it's just screaming away -- with rpm left! It has hp, lb-ft, and a mph top track speed. In my dream, he'd hand me the keys any time I wanted - which would be all the time," says Sandoval.

The driver of this car would want to keep those keys all to himself to enjoy the Cayman's average of 4. Personally, I think that moment has arrived. Lithe on the road, fluidly seductive in appearance, and positively alive in your hands: It's now, in my humble opinion, very simply the best sports car in the world. Porsche GT3 RS. Ngo says, "There's only one word to describe this: The average movie is what, minutes or so?

How long does it take the hot girl in the movie and the main character to bone? Every single fucking movie representation of muscle cars winds up like a softcore porno with less soft Latino music and more Metallica screaming. Do I get stared at? But do I get approached? Once every two or three months maybe.

Do I get a girl who just straight up comes onto me with the force of a small sex tornado? Bro, you are my new hero… Thank you!!!

That was fucking great. I have a Buick Riviera v8 I completely love what you said. I know a lot about the car but I hate that almost everyone thinks I know every single part…no.

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(Toyota has used electric power steering in there cars exclusively for a while in different ways compared to a old car with no traction/stability control. like the mustang and camaro are called muscle cars: big engines, big If I wanted a fucking carpet and a radio I'd have bought a slower car woman!. If you love muscle cars, you've undoubtedly got a dream car in mind (or maybe even in but can you name all of these classic muscle cars from just a photo? There are muscle cars built by a design team at the car company, and then . is behind the wheel (usually with a Bond Girl in the passenger seat!). Every summer weekend in Southeastern Michigan hundreds of aging baby- boomer auto in attendance who own and drive classic American muscle cars. to consider the woman driver, there is a discernible absence of real women's voices. The classic American car hobby— much like the US auto industry popula-.