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First time bi girlies

First time bi girlies

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First time bi girlies

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The first time I slept with another girl, it was awkward as hell. But this is what I did one tipsy night my first year in college classic. As a girl, making out with a girl is easy — their lips are softer, the absence of stubble is refreshing, and mixing lip glosses all over your face is a tasty mess.

The vagina, by sheer design, is just trickier than the penis. Penises, on the other hand, are just Though I had gotten the penis down, I had no idea what to do with this vagina-having human. And how could I have? Because of this, heterosexual men and even women themselves struggle to learn about vaginal pleasure.

Throw homophobia and stereotypes into the mix and us LGBTQ folks are screwed when it comes to learning how to screw. Can you be a feminist and like rough sex? While sex ed is a required part of the health curriculum in the public schools of 22 states and the District of Columbia, information specifically for LGBTQ youth is not mandated as part of the lesson plans.

Where do we go to learn how to sexually pleasure another vagina? These self-education avenues rarely if ever teach us how to communicate with our partners about sexual pleasure , and they barely skim over consent, two key components of healthy and pleasurable sex.

Mass media manages to offer us a limiting, predetermined course of action for penis-and-vagina sex: But there is no classical road map when it comes to vagina-on-vagina action not even a half-baked one! It seemed to take hours before our shirts came off. Awkwardly stalling with my hands frozen unnaturally at my sides, my gracious hostess finally put me out of my bi-curious misery: I held a contest to name my very first and very own Vulva Puppet, perfect for teaching anatomy and sex toy demos.

We were more successful the next time, and over the course of our year-long relationship, I really got the sex-with-a-girl-thing down. These days my lady-laden romance resume speaks for itself: First things first, always check with your partner about how they want their body parts referred to. Diamond , or watch true-blue, bonafide queer porn sex scenes like those from the Crash Pad Series. Learning anatomy on the page or the screen rather than in-the-moment takes the pressure off your partner to speak for all queer people with vaginas and will give you a leg or labia up when you get down to licking, sucking and fucking.

Sleeping with a similarly new-to-vaginas partner has its pros and cons. If you were ever in high school, chances are you know how awkward sex can be when two virgins are trying to have it. Letting someone with more experience take the lead initially is easier, and learning by example is pleasurable to say the least.

Plus, if this adventure turns out to be a one-night-only experimentation, you likely run a lower risk of hurting the feelings of someone already firmly invested in the queerness quest.

Of course, your long, sculpted manicure is lovely. But so is my cervix. If you're a fierce femme with nails to match, wear a glove before you try to fingerbang with your digit-decorations, which might cause discomfort for the person on the receiving end. Even consider adding an extra buffer for your babe by stuffing a cotton ball at the end of each finger of the glove. Or leave the manicure out of it entirely and opt for a handheld dildo that mani-matches, such as the shiny stainless steel NJoy wands.

Chowing down on fish tacos, munching carpet, dining beneath the bridge, yodeling in the love canyon, lapping the labia — whatever you want to call it, cunnilingus is one of the staples of lesbian sex and hello, any sex involving a vagina!

Cunnlingus can feel intimidating at first but think back to your first blowjob. Whatever you do, remember that tracing the alphabet is for tots, not for twats. Get more cunnlingus tips from yours truly-good-at-it before going down. Though this might be a fun ride on the rainbow rollercoaster for you, queer women may actually have legitimate feelings for other women, so treat those feelings with respect.

What all partners have responded well to is my being open to feedback and learning about their bodies, my asking questions about what they like and want, and by practicing active consent. Yana Tallon-Hicks is a pleasure-positive sex writer and educator living in Northampton, Ma. Yana received her undergraduate degree We're using cookies to improve your experience.

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Intro to vaginas: 9 lessons for bi-curious beginners

With Caroline occasionally showing a hint of bum cheek and Pixie flashing her pink knickers. Though she had a long dress on and wasn't showing her pins. However, she did get the highest score of the weekend so I would expect her to be in the show for some time so we should still have plenty of opportunities to see her looking much sexier.

She's such a pretty girl though that even in a long dress she is still a highlight. That cute, short hair really does it for me. The pro's were all looking really sexy. Though I still really worry about Aliona and her bad body language and frosty personality that she could be an early evictee. She really doesn't seem to embrace the fact that you are not always going to be partnered with a young handsome man, who you can potentially win the show with. Images today from the launch show for the new series of Strictly where we get to meet the celebrities for this year and watch them get paired up with their professional partners.

I have batch named the images for this first update as it was just easier. Caroline Flack is also pretty cool. The rest of the female celebs are less appealing. Sunetra Sarker is ok. Judy Murray and Jennifer Gibney are borderline inclusions for images on a weekly basis. Have you ever noticed how perfect her teeth are? It's something I've always found fascinating when I see her interviewed during Wimbledon.

The final female celeb is Alison Hammond and for me she falls below the make-break point for inclusion. That bar is pretty low for this show anyway but she really is a big girl and for me has zero sex appeal at all. Sorry to those people that think fatties are hot. There is something going on with her upper lip too that freaks me out when I look too closely. So don't expect too many images of Alison. Probably the only one's you'll see of her are from group shots where she is seen with others.

The male line-up seems ok too. Apart from the cute girls he has been my favourite character on that show for a few years now. There is a new female pro too. She is Kevin from Grimsby's sister Joanne Clifton. A very cute girl but aren't all the pro's? We'll have to wait and see where she scales in relation to the other pro's in terms of the hottest.

More on that later when I've seen more of her. I'm pleased that my fav from the last few years is in the line-up this year too. That is Aliona Vilani. She was binned off before lasts year show but appeared in the end in the first two episodes as a replacement for someone that was injured and paired with Tony Jacklin.

They were the first to be booted though as he was awful at dancing and sweated like a pig and the chemistry between them was even worse. Possibly because of all the sweating, she didn't want to be touched by him, so they would stand miles apart when being interviewed after their dance. I'm not holding out a great deal of hope for Aliona this year either as she has been partnered with someone older again and I fear her bad body language may strike again.

Strictly Come Dancing - Celebs: Images today from the first two episodes in the latest series of Doctor Who, with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Still with the very, very sexy Jenna Coleman though.

I particularly liked the outfit Jenna was wearing at the start and end of the first of these two episodes. The cute little tartan skirt. Funnily enough the exact same outfit she wore for the Christmas episode.

Obviously done for continuity to show there was no time delay between then and now. She is not the only highlight though. There are a couple of very nice images of Catrin Stewart.

Most notably some very pretty cleavage shots. So what do we think of the new Doctor? He brings the right amount of gravitas and seems to fit the role like a glove. Curious his persona has noted he is now over 2, years old. The old Doctor, Matt Smith, was , then when he supposedly died by being killed by the spaceman.

How, has he now jumped to over 2,? The only thing I worry about is, because the actor that plays the Doctor is so much older now, that the flirting between him and his companion is no longer viable. Which could mean that Clara decides to dress a bit more conservative.

That would really upset me as Jenna Coleman wears some absolutely gorgeous cute little outfits on this show and sometimes looks so stunningly sexy. By the way, I could go into why I haven't updated this site for 6 weeks.

However, it's pretty complicated and not really worth talking about. We have images with this update from the two quarter finals that were delayed until the Wednesday and then the semi-finals and the final. Which is why we only have 6 girls listed. I didn't bother watching any of the doubles matches as I'm not really that interested and it ends up being too difficult to name the images when there are 4 girls on court at the same time. It's hard enough to name the images anyway. I only have a small thumbnail image to look at when naming the pics and all the girls look the same in their white outfits and so I have to keep checking the full image to see who it is.

That's why it takes forever to name the images for this update. Around half the images with this update are of Eugenie Bouchard. That is because we have images from her quarter-final, semi-final and final.

Eugenie has definitely been the girl of the tournament for me. She would have been even if she hadn't gotten so far though as she's just so cute and sexy. So I was really pleased she got all the way to the final. Even though she didn't win. I actually quite enjoyed the final. Which you might think odd for two reasons. Obviously I wanted Eugenie to win because I'm just shallow and will always route for the hottest girlie.

The other reason being is the final was so short. Under an hour in length. The reason why I enjoyed it so much was to see someone play that good and literally blow the other player away with their skill. When I originally saw the result of the game on the Saturday evening news I didn't actually watch my recording until Monday I noticed the score for the second set was and I assumed that Eugenie must have done a Sabine Lisicki and choked on the day because of the occasion and it was too big for her.

However, that wasn't the case at all. Not brilliant obviously but that's because she couldn't because her opponent was that good that she didn't give her the opportunities to shine. Petra played an absolutely amazing match and seemed nerveless and so composed. It was stunning to watch. Oh well, Eugenie is still young and will definitely have more opportunities in the future to win a few major titles.

Highlight with this update was probably Lucie Safarova. One of the reasons for this is I have already captured quite a number of images of most of the other girls listed with this update already during this Wimbledon.

So it was nice to get some images of someone new. In fact I was checking when I last captured some images of Lucie and the only pics I have of her are from Wimbledon and she looks completely different. It's a shame I don't have more images of this girl in the interim period from then until now as she is really cute.

She looked really sexy in her match against Ekaterina Makarova. She won that match too so I will look forward to seeing more of her in the semi-finals as well. Highlight with this update was probably seeing Alize Cornet beat Serena Williams. I'm not nearly as surprised by this result as I was by Serena getting beaten by Sabine Lisicki last year.

Serena is 32 now and, although she is world no. It would not surprise me if she doesn't win another major title or perhaps 1 at the most. Slightly disappointing with this update was that my 9 and a quarter hour recording of BBC2 coverage on Saturday ended just at the start of the Sabline Lisicki and Ana Ivanovic match. So I only got to watch about 90 seconds of it. The match was on really late in the day because of all the rain delays.

However, the match didn't finish. So perhaps there will be more coverage of it on Monday's schedule. I hope so as these two girls are really hot and I would enjoy watching that game. Highlights with this update include some really nice images of Caroline Wozniacki on the Wednesday and Heather Watson on the Thursday. I was a bit disappointed with Victoria Azarenka though.

She was wearing shorts and I don't mean those cute little tight shorts that the girls wear under their dresses but actual shorts. I hope that trend doesn't catch on. Hopefully I'll have another update at the weekend of days 5 and 6. So check back then for that.

I wasn't even sure I was going to watch Wimbledon this year as I don't really have a lot of enthusiasm for running my websites of late and my financial situation is in the toilet at the moment and I'm unsure how to handle it and Wimbledon is a huge commitment of time. However, more out of habit than desire I have undertaken the task.

The first day and a half actually was very disappointing. On the two HD channels all the matches were men's games. Then the latter half of Tuesday all the games were from the ladies draw and we had some really cute girls to look at.

My personal highlight with this update was probably the very cute Canadian girl Eugenie Bouchard playing one of my former favourites Daniela Hantuchova.

Then late on on Tuesday we had the ever so delightful Ana Ivanovic. One of the prettiest girls on the tour with a stunningly cute body. The latter of those two not being one of my favourites. However, I know some do like her. Who has a double barreled first name and surname? Highlight with this update is probably Pixie Lott. She was looking really sexy in a cute dress. I have another 2 weeks of episodes to watch. So I will probably update the site with those next week.

There was a lot of guests from the soaps on during these 3 weeks with people from Corrie, Eastenders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. Perhaps because it was around the time of The British Soap Awards and they were all trying to promote their respective show. Paloma Faith has the most images as she was the only one to perform a song and be interviewed.

The links below for the 4 soaps will open at the respective Tarty Doris soap site. Only the first link below opens at this site and is all the images from the Doctors cast and the miscellaneous celebs presenting awards.

I guess the big news from this years awards was that Hollyoaks won best soap. This is the first time it has gone to a show other than Eastenders or Corrie. Even Emmerdale haven't won it yet. That makes Hollyoaks - 1; Corrie - 5; and Eastenders the massive leaders with 10 main award gongs.

The big winners on the night though were Corrie who won 9 awards with the Hayley cancer storyline sweeping most of the big prizes with Julie Hesmondhalgh and David Neilson picking up Best Actress and Best Actor. Eastenders won only 2 awards including Best Newcomer for Maddy Hill, which was nice.

Though I might have just edged that award to Amy Kelly from Corrie. Emmerdale won only one award for Spectacular Scene of the Year for the siege at the Woolpack with Cameron. I quite like this show. As I stated when I updated this site with images from the first series. The main talent here is Adelayo Adedayo who plays Viva. She is clearly the best actress and the funniest with the best comic timing. Plus, of course, she is really hot too. Alice Felgate who plays Amber is really hot as well. However, her character is so dumb that it is a bit off-putting.

I have batch named the images again as it is too tricky really to name the images individually as so many times all four main girls are on screen at the same time and it gets a bit arbitrary then who I name the image after.

The only other girls I have listed, apart from the 4 main protagonists, are Dolly Wells who plays Anna, the brash Kiwi gym teacher and Viva's step-mom. Plus two of the four 'Pretty's', the blonde girl gang. Only 2 are named here as only 2 ever talk or are even listed in the titles at the end of the programme. They are Justine Cain who plays Charlie the gang leader and her number 2, and chief sidekick, Madison, played by Hannah Lederer.

It's curious actually that even in the show it appears they can't be bothered to name all the 'Pretty's'. There was one time, when all 4 were together at the end of episode 3 for a talent audition, and Tyler, the school heart throb, was calling them by name.

He mentioned Charlie and Madison ok. Then Miffy, and when it came to the 4th girl he was like ' We have images from the final 3 weeks of the 10 week run of The Alan Titchmarsh Show. Highlights include some very nice images of some cheerleaders in the first episode I watched from these 3 weeks.

There are also some really nice images of the Riverdance girls in their cute short dresses. Highlight from the celebrities who appeared was probably Melinda Messenger, who looked really sexy.

So I was aiming to watch the final 6 weeks worth of shows from this current series for this update. However, I was getting so many images from the episodes I was watching and they were taking so long to watch that I only managed 3 weeks in the end. I also ran out of steam today too because I'm a bit depressed about the football last night and how Liverpool blew a 3 goal lead to drop 2 points in the title race.

I'm so down in the dumps. So I didn't manage to watch nearly as many episodes as I wanted to. Perhaps the highlight with this update was watching former Hollyoaks babes Summer Strallen dancing in a white dress and showing her knickers.

One other thing worth mentioning is the cute sexy Dutch girl, who has the first 10 images on Page 1. So, there has been no update to this site for a weeks now. I did take a week off a couple of weeks ago. Then last week I was catching up on two weeks worth of soaps and so was too busy doing that to watch programmes for an update to this site.

We have images from the first 4 weeks, 20 episodes, of the latest series of The Alan Titchmarsh Show. Which means I still have another 6 weeks of shows to watch. I was going to try and watch 5 weeks worth of episodes with this update and 5 weeks for the next. However, I got bored and lost my enthusiasm after watching 20 episodes of this show, which isn't really one of my favourites but does occasionally have some really cute girls on. Perhaps the highlight with this update is Myleene Klass as she still has her regular weekly slot and always looks really sexy in a cute dress or tight skirt.

We have images from about 10 episodes including the two episodes from the current series and the New Year special. Another chat show update with images from about another 20 episodes or more, going back to October last year.

Unfortunately the first episode recorded in SD by mistake. Which was a real shame as Sandra Bullock was on that day and was showing off some really sexy legs. There are too many girls listed with this update to pick out any highlights.

There were again a couple of women on the show that I didn't think were worth capturing images of which I would have probably done so a few years ago. My tolerance for capturing images of borderline types has dropped of late and I just don't have the patience for it. The above said there were still a few women I did capture images of who were still very borderline such Jennifer Saunders and Sarah Millican. Even Sam Bailey, of X-Factor fame. I don't watch the X-Factor so I've never seen her journey and so I don't know her or think she is attractive in the slightest.

She was on one of the last shows I watched on Monday and I woke up on Tuesday aiming to watch the rest before updating the site and that was still the first thing on my mind. Can I justify including images of her on this site when I know what she used to look like? In the end I thought I had to because there are bound to be some people that like her and I couldn't really find enough reason to not include her and how she looks now. Even though she is still no oil painting she has improved a lot since that audition.

Yes I know I am shallow and superficial. But I've been running a babe site for 10 years. You should know this by now. Images today from about 20 episodes with this update going back to late last year.

Though not every episode I watched, I captured images from as there were no girls on some shows. There are lots of nice images with this update. Too many to pick out really so I'll just let you feast your eyes on them. One thing I will mention is it annoys me how for the last two shows when a singer has performed, namely Lily Allen and Ellie Goulding, that they have reduced the picture size to a widescreen format with the thick black borders on the top and bottom of the screen. This really winds me up when they do this for any musical performances.

The Jonathan Ross Show does it too. They probably think it's really arty and clever. It's dumb and annoying. Why do we want to lose half the screen width and have to squint our eyes to see the performer as they now look so small? They didn't do this earlier in the series when Lady GaGa was on or Rebecca Ferguson or half a dozen other performers.

So I hope this isn't going to be a new trend and they do this now for all future musical performances. I know that means this update is slightly delayed but that's the way it is with this site now. I only have time to do one update a week and while Dancing On Ice was on, that normally took precedence. It's not the updating of the site that takes the time, it is watching all the programmes.

For instance 15 hours of this chat show. Alright I don't have to watch the whole hour but could potentially fast forward to the good bits, but it still takes a long time nonetheless. The above said I was a little disappointed with the guests for these final 15 episodes. There were some ok ones, as you'll see from the list below.

However, there was just as many, if not more, really ropey ones too. Anyway, I just couldn't be bothered to capture any images of these borderline types, such as more dozy bints from Loose Women, or the well past it Cilla Black etc etc. Highlights with this update then include Little Mix. I'm not a big Little Mix fan. If they dressed a bit sexier maybe I could get on board but they seem to have a fascination with loose fitting garments that look like pyjama's.

The other thing that slightly annoyed me is the girl in the white dress, I don't know any of their names unfortunately. Why does she constantly sing with her eyes closed? This is a pet peeve of mine, which is understandable running a babe site where I'm constantly capturing still images of girls in motion. It's girls who talk with their eyes closed, or walk down the street with them shut or the worst occurrence is singing with their peepers closed.

You capture an image, think you have a good one and then look at the girls face and notice her eyes closed. So you have to forward the video to a point where she hopefully has them open again, or worse still, rewind it back to a point before she closed her eyes.

Not such a big deal if it's a one off but some girls are persistent recidivists this is a favourite expression of mine and basically means someone who habitually returns to criminal activity. Because in my mind this is a criminal act because there is no need for it and it annoys the bejesus out of me. Another girl who I have noticed does this a lot is the girl from London Grammar. I watched her on the Christmas Top Of The Pops and for the first minute of the song she had her eyes closed.

I was screaming at the telly 'open your eyes you silly cow! Ruins the image if the girls eyes are closed! Anyway, the pleasant surprise with these episodes was Sophie McShera. Some will know her from Downton Abbey or may even remember she was in a few episodes of Waterloo Road.

She looked really sexy in a cute short dress and is a very pretty girl. The final ever update then from Dancing On Ice. It should be noted that this update only includes images from the final. I forgot to record the semi-final. Actually I didn't particularly enjoy watching this show that much.

I found it far too over-sentimental and self-congratulatory. It was just a bit sickly. The one thing I did really enjoy was seeing Hayley perform Jai Ho! She has had this number up her sleeve the whole series as her skate-off routine but never had to use it.

Anyway, it was my favourite ever stake in the history of this show so it was nice to see her perform it again and to the exact same brilliant standard as the first time, except without the wow factor of seeing it for that first time. I have quite enjoyed this final series of Dancing On Ice.

Bringing back some of the greatest ever performers from the past years was a brilliant idea. However, I thought the second half of the season started to fall a bit flat. The performances in the first few weeks built to a crescendo in week 4 when we hit the perfect storm of amazing skates.

Beth getting the highest score of the series in the third from last dance, then she was topped by Hayley getting an even higher score and then finally Ray performing the best skate in the whole final series and getting his first perfect score of From that point onwards the show could never repeat that high.

Ray was getting 40 every week and I don't necessarily think he always deserved it. He was still skating ok but each performance didn't always have that same x-factor of greatness. The judges just didn't have anywhere else to go with their scoring and the gushing praise he, and many of the others, were getting was hard to watch really. It is perhaps a telling story that two of the three individual performances in the final were from week 4 with Ray and Beth doing their dance from that week.

So we get to the winner. If you'd asked me before this final series started who I wanted to win I would have said, hands down, Hayley Tamaddon. She had the most memorable skate, with Jai Ho! However, I perhaps forgot just how good Ray Quinn was and seeing him perform in this final series I was blown away with his skating skills and how much better he was than the rest. So I was really, really pleased he won it in the end as he really deserved it as he was the best.

I am glad that Hayley made it to the last two though and still ranks as the best female skater. I will miss this show now that it is gone.

It was a great vehicle for showing off cute looking girls in skimpy attire. I won't miss the over the top razzmatazz though or the overly long introductions or cheesy pro skate group number or similar Torvill and Dean routine. This show really was a Saturday night entertainment festival really and not a more sedate Sunday evening fair. Perhaps that skewed dynamic is what caused it's downfall? A monster update today from about episodes of Countdown, dating back to the middle of last summer.

To be honest the only reason I decided that this weeks update should be from Countdown is because I have so many episodes recorded now that they are filling up my hard drive. I have a 2TB hard drive that I use as storage space for all the programmes I record and I have so many recordings on it now that it's almost full. So as all these episodes of Countdown amounted to about GB's of data it was the most obvious choice of the easiest way to free up some space. I'm probably never going to get around to watching all of those as I just don't have the time or the motivation but I can't bring myself to delete them just yet.

There are so many images with this update I have decided to include 2 galleries per page to try and keep the number of pages down to a manageable number. You see with Frontpage the software I use to manage these sites it has a limit with it's galleries of 40 images.

If you try and add more images to a gallery than 40 it will break and none of the images will be viewable. But I can add another gallery underneath the first one.

Anyway, I should probably stop recording Countdown really as I have so many images of Rachel Riley now that do I really need another ? What is not debatable is how hot Rachel is and that's why I continue to watch her as she's just so sexy and she always wears the cutest dresses.

With this update including so many episodes we've also covered the transposition from Rachel's summer attire to her winter one.

She mainly wears the same type of dresses no matter the time of year. So if you like the bare legs look more then you should concentrate on the early pages and if you prefer the tights look then you should steer more to the latter pages.

There are a spattering of other images too, but I wasn't really concentrating on anything else other than Rachel. Two girls in dictionary corner I couldn't ignore, because they looked too pretty, were Connie Fisher and Helen Skelton.

I wasn't really getting any images of Susie Dent either but there was one full length shot of her from the final in December that was too good not to capture. By the way do you know how long it takes, or how difficult it is, to watch episodes of the same show in the space of a few days? It is mentally very challenging and exhausting!!! For instance, even if I only watched each show for a minute that will still take 2 hours and 40 minutes.

So try and work out now how long I did watch each show for to try and get images for this site and you might realise how long this update actually took me. You may wonder why I haven't updated this site for about a month. The reason is because I've had a few financial problems recently and I've been having to try and sort that out. I've been continuing to update all the soap sites more out of habit than anything else. The upshot is I may have to stop running these sites if I can't find a solution as it's becoming financially unviable.

This would be a real shame as I've been running these sites for over 10 years now and it would be a pity to see that stop because I can no longer afford to keep running them. Anyway, this week I'm in a bit of limbo while I try and decide what I need to do next. So I watched the backlog of episodes of Dancing On Ice. I have to say there were some amazing performances in week 4. Notably the last 3 couples.

Third from last was Beth Tweddle who did an amazing Scottish dance and rightfully got the highest score of the series at Then second from last was Hayley Tamaddon doing a wonderfully energetic Charleston, which always goes down really well on Strictly too. She then got 38 and took the lead.

Last up was Ray Quinn and I thought he can't beat those two scores and would probably end up third. However, he did beat it and what's more, knocked it out the park. Scoring a perfect 40 and receiving a standing ovation from the Ice Panel too. Geez, it was totally amazing. His skating skills are phenomenal! This was evident in his table topping skate from week 3 too.

However, the dance skills and interpretation and delivery from week 4 was absolutely sublime too. One of the greatest ever performances on this show. Up there with 'Jai Ho! The only other performance to receive a standing ovation from the Ice Panel I believe.

Booted in week 3 was Toddy Carty with Alexandra Schauman. This is a good thing. Todd's a clown and shouldn't have ever gone past the first week really. This is a competition to find the best of the best. Not the biggest joker. Booted in week 4 was Zaraah Abrahams. This is a shame.

She was clearly not the worst dancer or skater and should have stayed longer. However, she clearly didn't have the audience support as that was her second week running in the skate-off. I hope Bonnie Langford goes next. She's annoying me a bit and I don't get why she is proving to be so popular. We have images today from the Christmas day episode of Doctor Who.

I know I said I was going to update the site with images from this show last week. The truth is I was so busy towards the end of last week I just plain forgot.

I had already watched the show. I just needed to name the images and put my logo on and then create the pages and galleries in the website and upload it.

It would have only taken less than an hour. Jenna Coleman looked absolutely stunning in this episode, as she does in most Doctor Who episodes. This girl is so hot in this show it's almost illegal. She was wearing a couple of very sexy short skirts. I'm going to miss Matt Smith as the Doctor now.

I thought he was a really good Doctor and brought some great humour to the role. I'm not sure how great Peter Capaldi is going to be now though. I guess I have gotten used to the Doctors being a bit younger and having a bit of sexual chemistry with his companions. That certainly wouldn't work with his current sidekick as it would come off being a bit creepy because of the large age difference. Doesn't bode well for Jenna really and she may only stay on for one more series, in my opinion, and will then be replaced by someone slightly older and probably a lot less attractive, so the chemistry is in better balance.

We have images today from the first two weeks of the last ever series of Dancing On Ice. Yes I know we've already had week 3. However, if I had watched that programme too there would have been too many images with this update. So I will try and do a double update with week 4 next time. This final series is packed with talent from the eight previous seasons. Including series 5 winner Hayley Tamaddon, who would be my tip as I still remember her 'Jai Ho' performance from that series and still watch it occasionally and it still brings tingles down the spine.

The only time in the history of this show the Ice Panel gave a standing ovation. There is also the most recent victor from series 8 in Beth Tweddle. Though I would be surprised if she won this final season. Suzanne Shaw, winner of series 3, is a nice addition too. She got the highest mark in week 2 and really shone and could be a dark horse for the title.

Zaraah Abrahams, who came third in season 3, is pretty hot too and Robin Cousins keeps tipping her to do well. I'm not overly bothered about Bonnie Langford though, who came third in season 1. I only watched the final from the first series so missed her anyway. Then there is Jorgie Porter, who was brilliant in series 7, when she was the runner-up, and could have easily won in a different year but was up against Matthew Wolfenden and he was amazing too.

However, Jorgie was given a bit of a bum steer I think when she was partnered with notorious lothario Sylvain Longchambon, who has thus dated two previous celeb contestants on this show in Samia Ghadie and Jorgie's best friend Jennifer Metcalfe. So Jorgie understandably had some antipathy towards him as she's probably listened to Jennifer bad mouthing him since their relationship of 2 years had ended. Her comments in week one didn't help either when she said, she would be disappointed if he didn't make a pass at her, and also saying, is she going to be his new girlfriend now?

Which I think she must have been saying tongue in cheek as he is still going out with Samia. So despite getting the third best score in week one, and only half a point behind the two leaders, she was booted out, without even getting to the dance-off.

She had clearly alienated the predominantly female voting public with her comments and obvious dislike for her partner. This is a real shame that Jorgie is not going to feature anymore as she's so sexy I would love to have seen more of her.

Perhaps favourite for this series though is Ray Quinn. Most people seem to think he has been the most talented celebrity to perform on this show. However, from the first two weeks there are so many talented skaters that it is going to be very interesting to see who can elevate their game and perhaps win the hearts of the audience. I think we all know that Beth was probably the second best skater in season 8, behind Matt Lapinskas.

However, Beth was liked a lot more than Matt and so won the series. This is no great loss. These three pro's are not in my list of favourites and the celebs were not real contenders for the title. I should hopefully have another update later in the week from the Christmas day episode of Doctor Who with the adorable Jenna Coleman. So check back for that. I was going to try and do an update from the first two weeks of the final series of Dancing On Ice this week. However, I'm still a week behind on watching all the soaps, after my Christmas break away.

So I needed an update which I could get done a bit quicker. The above said, we do have some nice images with this update. Ellie Goulding and Jessie J were featured in both episodes. Though I was not overly impressed with what Jessie was wearing, especially in the New Year show. The Saturdays always look hot. Little Mix wearing pyjamas. The girl from London Grammar was quite hot too. Initially you would say that the third series of this show wasn't quite as sexy as the second series was.

Perhaps that was because Sophie Wu didn't appear quite as much as in season two, when she was the highlight. New for this season though was a new housemate in 1st year Candice played by Faye Marsay. I didn't really like Faye that much at first. Probably because her attire was so old fashioned.

She literally dressed like an old granny. However, then throughout the series her wardrobe gradually got a bit more modern and she started to look much more attractive in some short skirts and tight tops. It's funny then that I noticed just how pretty she is too. The other major new face for this season was Sam played by Hannah Britland. Some may remember Hannah from the final series of Skins and the last two episodes. Hannah is a very sexy girl, so she was a definite positive for this third series.

On a slight aside. Some may have noticed that none of my soap sites have been updated over Christmas. That is because I finally decided to have some time away to recharge the batteries. However, I kept my computer on and recorded anything of interest. So you should check out my soap sites over the next few days for images from the Christmas period. As I advised in the below update, dated the However, I will try and update the site again soon with images from the final 3 weeks of this series.

It is so annoying. This happened with two episodes with this update. The one episode the only female featured was Gabrielle, the singer. However, she didn't look anywhere near hot enough to capture any images of.

So this was upsetting as she was looking quite hot in a cute short dress. Highlights with this update include the very cute Saturdays, minus Frankie Sandford as she is still on maternity leave.

Melanie Chisholm was looking quite sexy too in a very short dress, though I don't like the large tattoo on her leg. Tattoo's are a real turn off for me. Abbey Clancy and Rebecca Ferguson were looking pretty hot too. Emma Willis stood in as a guest presenter for the one episode, as Paul was ill, and looked really sexy in a cute red dress.

Even Helen Worth, from Corrie, looked alright in a nice dress. Well instead of an update today I decided I needed to finally sort out the problem with the videos on my sites. A certain proportion of them have been broke for a while now. Since the last user interface update at RapidShare caused them to stop working. I was aware there had been reports that some, or all, of the videos on my sites had stop working a few weeks ago. However, when I routinely checked a few to verify this they seemed to be working for me.

So I assumed they must all be working. However, I probably knew this wasn't the case but I didn't want to confront the idea that they were broke because I knew it would potentially be a massive job to correct the errors. So I was burying my head in the sand and not looking too deeply for problems. However, then I received notification, via email, of exactly which files were broke and I couldn't hide from it any longer.

Around 3 to 5 pages of video files on each of my sites. The 6 soap sites, Big Brother Babes and this site. So instead of watching some programmes, in order to update this site I started on the repair process and have just finished it now and I'm blooming knackered as it was as boring as hell sitting here all day, without a break, correcting all these links.

So hopefully all the videos on all my sites should be working now. If not then feel free to contact me at: I may try and watch some of the episodes of Paul O'Grady I have recorded tomorrow. However, I'm not sure how many programmes I will get to watch and if I will be able to update this site or not. I actually wanted to watch The Paul O'Grady Show instead for this update, as that show had started a five week run.

However, I couldn't justify updating the site with images from that show before seeing the final three weeks of AT. Even though AT is a bit boring to watch. I think the target audience for the The AT Show is a little bit older than my liking. As ever with images from this show there are a lot of 'Misc' images of non, or minor, celebs.

Nearly a hundred in total. Only one day in the three weeks was mistakenly recorded in SD. This is unusual as normally with this show there is at least one a week. Unfortunately it was the day Kimberley Walsh was on. So her images aren't quite as nice as they could be.

There are a few nice images. We have images from about 9 episodes of ' I think I over estimated how many episodes I watched with the last update. I said it was 8, but in fact it was 6 from this year with the one episode I watched from too, making 7 in total.

I think at that time I planned to watch 8 episodes but could only manage 6 before I got too bored. This time I can be a bit more certain as each panelist is usually on the show for 4 days. I managed to watch a few more episodes this time as I wanted to see all of Helen Flanagan's editions. It was a good job too as her 4th day is probably the highlight with this update. She did a Bush Tucker Trial with Joe Swash and was wearing a very revealing pink bikini top and showing her enormous cleavage.

This is probably going to be it for images from this year's 'I'm A Celebrity There are two main reasons for that. I'm really not happy that Lucy Pargeter stayed in for so long and I think she should have been booted earlier to send her a message that her treatment of Amy Willerton was not acceptable. So her coming third is just too galling. The other main reason I can't bring myself to watch the final week is seeing Kian Egan win.

I felt sure Joey Essex was going to win, so when he was evicted on the same day as Amy and didn't even make the top three I was completely shocked. I suspected Kian would do well because of the fanatical Westlife fanbase. However, for me he has been one of the most annoying camp mates ever.

He was just too competitive and too good at the trials and for me this made him boring as hell. Get Me Out Of Here! So I did manage to watch a few episodes of this show. The reason being is Laura Whitmore is so hot that she is worth watching the show just to see her. The first few episodes also saw TOWIE star Ferne McCann on too and she was looking extremely hot as well as she is really sexy with great looking legs.

There was a couple of nice upskirt shots of Laura and Ferne from the first two episodes. You may notice that the first 20 images or so are from ' That is about as much ITV2 coverage I managed to watch last year. I had recorded all the shows and wanted to watch them to see more Helen Flanagan. However, I just couldn't find the time or motivation to view any of those episodes. Eventually after after 6 months I deleted them all and gave it up as a bad job.

The highlight from the main show, apart from more bikini shots of Amy Willerton, was a Bush Tucker Trial with Rebecca Adlington in a swimsuit.

I really liked watching Rebecca in this trial too as she did so well and really enjoyed herself and it was just the confidence boost she needed as she has had a hard time at points in this year's show. I have to point out that some of the celebrities in this year's show are not coming off in a good light. Their attitude towards Amy Willerton is shocking and mean spirited. Most notably the women have been really cruel and bitchy in their comments towards her and I think they should all be ashamed of how they have treated her.

Behind her back and to her face. With Lucy saying at one point, after Amy came back from being a Camp Saviour, that she wished she hadn't come back. She said it in a joking way, which I guess is the only way you could, but it's clear she meant it and is a really nasty thing to say to someone's face. That has definitely not been the limit of her antipathy towards Amy though. I really liked Lucy Pargeter before she went into the jungle.

I've always enjoyed her on Emmerdale and I know she was a member of the forum when that was first launched. However, she has seriously gone down in my estimation since being on this show. She didn't need to up her profile really as she was doing ok on Emmerdale and so some may say it is a risk to go on a reality show and potentially ruin your reputation with a bad showing.

However, at the moment she is doing herself no favours and is coming across as a bit of a bully. Laila Morse is also being really mean to Amy. When Amy was picked as a Camp Saviour she was clearly put out and went around to all the other camp mates asking if they had heard of Amy before they came to Australia to enter this show.

Of course all them said no but that was not the point. It was a really petty act of jealousy as Amy was picked ahead of her. Clearly Amy was not known by them as she moves in a completely different circle. Clearly these pampered celebs have no interest in that. I had never really heard of David Emanuel before this show but I'm sure he's very famous in the world of fashion.

If you'd never seen Eastenders you might not know who Laila is. The women are not the only ones being really mean to Amy. Matthew right has said some really nasty things too. Their argument is that Amy doesn't do enough around the camp but then when she does do something they don't like that either. When Amy was doing the drying up, after dinner once, Laila butted in and effectively said I don't like how you are doing it and I can do it much better and took over the job.

How invalidated would you feel after that? Completely robbing her of any beingness. I just hope all these horrid people are the first out and they get a huge wake up call from their agents of how badly they have come across on the TV and how damaging this could be for their careers!

I might try and watch a bit more I'm A Celeb So any Strictly update may have to be delayed or cancelled as I just don't have the time to watch everything. Another update from I'm A Celeb. The highlight again has to be Amy Willerton in various bikini's including the first infamous shower scene.

I have to point out, but is Kian Egan, the Westlife singer, the most boring contestant to ever appear on this show? The problem being is he looks too competitive and like he would eat up all the trials and not even break stride, which would be really uninteresting.

Just look at the way he wins all the campmate vs campmate trials. So I'm just really annoyed he has been voted to do the next bushtucker trial. I bet it's going to be so lame as they'll be no drama at all. I can't say I'm surprised though, that Kian won that vote, as I know the fanbase Westlife have. Does anyone ever remember a show called 'Record of the Year'.

Anyway, it was an ITV show, based on a Jonathan King concept that sales no longer reflected true popularity with millions loving a song but not buying it and devised a vote to counter balance against the actual sales figures to find the 'true' record of the year. A concept fundamentally flawed in my opinion. The problem being is Westlife would win it far too often, if they had a good song out that year or not. Anyway, the award first began in and was televised on ITV for 8 years and Westlife had and won it 3 times already rightly or wrongly is very debatable.

Then in Westlife hadn't released a song all year and finally released a cover of a 'Secret Garden' written track about two weeks before the ITV show was about to air.

Lo and behold they only went and won for a 4th time! Despite having only sold a fraction of some of the other contenders for the crown and with a song that was not even an original but just a tune that many, many other artists had covered since it's original release date.

Anyway, the show lost all credibility after that and was cancelled on ITV and didn't come back for another series though the award still exists as an online vote only now. I'm not surprised either because I for one vowed never to watch it again as it was just a ridiculous joke.

Westlife basically killed the concept of such an award and a fair contest. Westlife could have basically done a re-release of 'the birdie song' or 'YMCA' or some other crap and still won because they had such a fanatical fanbase that were just the type to spend all their spare cash phoning a vote-in show until their fingers bled.

The above does have me slightly worried that Kian could come close to winning this show and that would be a shocking travesty. The main reason being is that channel is not HD on Freeview and so the images are not going to be anywhere near the same quality. The other point being is I'm not even sure I have the time to watch all those episodes either.

That said I might try and watch a few episodes this afternoon and maybe do another update as I do have the programmes recorded.

Just don't count on it. I may get bored really quickly with the shocking image quality, now I am so spoilt with HD resolutions. Been to vjs club a few times now a great place good atmosphere and a lot of friendly people were you can relax and enjoy your self.

The Annex was our first step and oh what a night! Lovely warm welcome by all staff and made to feel at ease. Club is tasteful, eye opening and a lovely place to really get a sense of this lifestyle. Will be back, again and again!

Thank you for another wonderful evening. Great club run well with wonderful patrons. Lovely night at the Annex meeting new people. Had a fun time as usual, busy night, hosts are so helpful, see you soon x. Really recommend this club and its hostess. Met Mistress VJ at my first visit to the Annex the other night.

She was very helpful and accommodating towards me which I am very grateful for. A great host to the event and it was nice to meet her acquaintance which I hope will develop more as I intended to visit the club as often as I can. What a great club! So accessible as they make sure that everyone can be part of the fun! We went to the Annex Saturday night for the first time under this couple profile. Lovely place to enjoy socialising and play. Looking forward to more visits.

Another good evening last night, see you soon x. Great second time at the Annex last night and a few cherries popped in a great environment with good people. Another well organised party at the annex, a great night. Great night as usual. Thank you vj and dave and the lovely ladies.

So, I finally popped my Annex cherry last night in the wonderfully relaxed yet ever-so-naughty world that Mistress VJ and her lovely staff have created.

T and I were made incredibly welcome, and we were soon happily ensconced in the dark room being thoroughly naughty. An added bonus was reconnecting with some dear friends whilst making some new ones wink, wink, you know who you are. Am certainly looking forward to a return visit.. Attended th e annex greedy girls party last week. Had a fantastic time. It's a great well run friendly venue. I would recommend it, well worth a visit. Attended the greedy Girls on the 27th, had a great time with a great crowd of people at a great club.

Great first time at the annex Went last night to the Greedy Girls night and was made very welcome by all there. It is my first time at a swinging Club, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Like Arnie, I will be back. Another great night at the annex,great people,great fun and a great time, well recommend don't miss out on the fun??

Once again a great night at the Annex, everyone is very friendly. This say so much about Mistress VJ she makes everyone very welcome. Looking forward to my next visit Frankie x. Another great night hosted impeccably. Looking forward to the next one. Had a very enjoyable night. Made to feel welcome especially since I was on my own tonight. Think we shall play in there again. See you soon Mistress VJ and company. Now what date was the next one ahh yes the 11th hehe. First time at this great club friendly welcoming and so much fun had a lovely time love the dark room it gets very busy will definitely be going back regularly.

We went to the social on Friday and had a great time, met some old friends and new Had a great time at our first visit to the annex on Friday for the social and swing event. Great set up ,very friendly people and would recommend to anyone wanting a club visit in the Norfolk area. Will definitely be back.

Had great fun at the monthly Friday afternoon session, played with a few people and will be back for another fill again soon xx. I have been attending events at TheAnnex for 5 years now and it is second to none. MistressVJ and her various crews always make you welcome.

All of the equipment is in excellent condition and I'm always looking forward to my next visit. Met the lovely Mistress VJ on Friday morning. A had fun whilst we were there. Hopefully be back very soon. It must be 3 years or more since my last visit to The Annex and what a lovely welcome back. Great to catch up with old friends and make new acquaintances x I'll try not to leave as long til my next visit x.

Met this lovely lady at The Annex last night. She made me so welcome at the club and as a first time visitor should me around and very kindly went through the club particulars. Lovely host and hope to see her again soon on a return visit xx. Went last night to greedy girls, lots of nice people ready and willing to oblige Mrs N , Greedy was an understatement and Mrs N with a huge smile, will be back.. Thank you again for an invite to your party last night Great hosts and fantastic venue , always a good vibe xx.

Meet this women last night at the annex seemed very friendly and helpful and a great place to be thanks for a great night. See you agian soon x. Always a pleasure great atmopshere. As usual a exceptional night and great staff. Very friendly and welcoming.

Nice to meet some new faces and catch up friends. Love what you done since last been. Rooms lovely and the annex team brill, friendly. Hope not such big gap to next time. It was a brilliant atmosphere at the annex yesterday. I had a good time, thanks for having me at your party xx. First of all thank for the invite, heard a lot about this place from friends that already had been, and was not disappointed, very friendly and fantastic venue, will be coming back if we get an invite.

Thank you very much great night out meeting like minded sexy people xx. Our first visit to this little gem! Friendly people and clean environment to chat and play! Hope to visit again soon. Thank you for a lovely night. As newbies to both your club and swinging we were both made to feel welcome and at ease.

We met some really lovely people, had a great laugh, and both of us had a very pleasurable end to the night. Will definitely return xx. Wow my first visit last night. What a genuine great venue. The hosts were amazing all the people very sociable and met lots of new fabbers. I was a very lucky chap. Will definitely visit again sometime Jon.

Thanks for a great evening. I had a fab time meeting alot of New poeple. I will be visiting the Annex again soon. It was our first night to the annex last night, very friendy hosts, lovely and clean, sexy playrooms, we had lots of fun, see you again soon xx.

Our 1st club as a couple, thanks for having us we will definitely be back: Attended last night for the first time, club was easy to find and all the facilities were spot on and clean. Everyone was very welcoming and it was a easy going feel around the place. Looking forward to next time. Great time last night at the greedy girls party. Chatted to some really lovely people. Rich and I had a fabulous time, 1st time playing as a couple at a club and it was very enjoyable: Greedy Girls Night mmmm thank you Mistress V J for holding these wicked parties xx and Thankyou to all the naughty young ladies that made my night and others xx??

Went to the greedy girls event for my first time and wow! Thank you for making me feel so welcome x. Thank You VJ and your amazing team at the Annex, The Norfolk Social Swing a great success giving a warm welcome to everyone and providing such a great venue and evening for new and experienced swingers to meet and relax with others, MWAH xxxxx Chloe and Chapers xxx.

Second visit to the Annex for the Norfolk social, great hosts, always very welcoming x Good selection of guests, someone for everyone and all very friendly! We will definitely be returning. Thanks for having us. What an absolute pleasure to be at this fabulous venue once again. Wonderful company Not mention damn sexy , and although was just planning on a social, a bit of tomfoolery was most welcome.

Attended the venue for the first time for The Norfolk Swing Social and was made to feel welcome from the second we arrived by mistress VJ. A fantastic venue that looked excellent for the event and we will most definitely be back again.

What a great night at the Norfolk Swing Social Wonderful to meet so many new people and see some familiar faces Even managed to fit in some play time! The atmosphere is terrific and all that attend are wonderful people. DV8 on the 10th of April was my first experience of this kind of event.

Hosted immaculately by Mistress VJ. I met some beautiful people. My eyes were opened to some beautiful artistic displays which were fascinating to watch. The venue is beautiful with the perfect amount of guests. Amazed is the only word I can discount this. Thankyou yo everyone involved for making it the most joyful experience and hope to see you soon. Returned to the Annex last night after a few months away, VJ is an excellent host as always!

Clean, friendly place where you can have so much fun! I had a wonderful eve and meet some wonderful people. As a first timer I was a little apprehensive and nervous but my anxiety was soon put to rest.

Was greeted by V. J and shown around the club, it's all tastefully done. Will definitely go back and enjoy the atmosphere and people. The Annex is tucked away and offers all sorts of events, catering for everyone's needs. The venue is clean and inviting. Always a pleasure to attend the annex. My first night at greedy girls last night was amazing! Great venue and very friendly. Highly recommended and will be back for more mmm xx.

Had a lovely time at my first time at the annex last night! Everyone was very welcoming, play rooms were great and everywhere was clean and well maintained! VJ was very sociable and great to talk to! Definitely looking forward to returning for more! My first visit and what a night, met by mistress VJ and shown around by Claire, put at ease straight away, met some great people. Would love a daytime meet. Want to go again x. Another wonderful evening at the Annexe. Thankyou Mistress Vj,Claire and Dave.

The Annex is one of the best clubs around. I love the intimate open set up. Perfect for exhibionists and voyeurs alike! I've met some amazing people there over various events.

Big thanks to VJ for running a fine establishment! VJ, Many thanks for making us so welcome at the Annex today, you made it so easy for us two and we felt so relaxed. Another wonderful night at a venue that I now feel so at home in Hosted splendidly by VJ and the team - a brilliant evening, thank you! Wow what a night. Great bunch of people to be around. Special thanks to Mistress VJ for fitting me in at such short nice.

Met some beautiful people in such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. First visit to the Annex. Had a great time, everyone really friendly and easy to chat to.

I've been to the Annex twice now and both times I was met with a warm welcome. Vj runs this sweet little spot to perfection.

Visited the Annex for a passions party, what can we say except amazing! Such a friendly relaxed but sexy atmosphere, great venue and great people xx see you again soon! This is definitely my happy place! As always an amazing night at The Annex. Well organised with good friendly people. I was lucky enough to meet and play with the gorgeous Amy. Greedy Girls last night at this wonderful venue was just superb. Run to perfection with attention to the detail, attracting top people We both had smiles on our faces as we left after a fun filled evening of chat, banter and spot on adult fun.

VJ you and your staff deserve high praise. Met Mistress VJ last night. As a newbie visitor she made me welcome and put me at ease. Took time out to show me around and was always approachable throughout the night. Good night at the annex as usual. Was of course welcomed with open arms. Nice crowd to talk to and fun to watch.

This was the first visit for my submissive who absolutely loved her entry to club life. Thank you VJ for making us so welcome, and for everyone who was there! It is such a friendly and welcoming environment. We will certainly be back XxX. Wow what a party. Last nights party was off the scale. Great mix of people. Met new friends and old. Been a while but the venue is perfect. What a great party , lovely mixed of people , great atmosphere and a great host.

Thank you for the invite , I will be coming back. Until next time x. Yet another great night with VJ and co putting on a fabulous evening. Thanks ahain, see you for next one. Had a great time at our first annex night , great mix of people and friendly atmosphere.

Will certainly be sampling some of the more kinkier nights this year. It was my first visit to the annexe. Thanks for welcoming me and really enjoyed my tour and the atmosphere the whole evening.

What a great way to down tools mid week and relax. Another great night at the greedy girl party last night. The venue is superb, I love the various play rooms all clean and beautifully furnished, and the staff always go out of their way to make you feel very welcome.

And best of all the women were up for action! This event never fails to bring out the lovely people of Fab.. Thankyou marvellous VJ and your team Always a pleasure xx.

Always love Greedy Girls at The Annex! Always lots of lovely people and VJ and the team are just awesome! Another wonderful evening at Greedy Girls last night So nice to play with some regular friends and some new ones! Another fun night at the Annex, fab crowd and the wife got what she wanted, look forward to the next time x.

Always a lovely crowd to talk to and get to know. Have been to the annex on various occasions under another profile. Very welcoming and friendly, everyone was lovely on my first club experience. Even got a little play. Yet another fantastic night at the annex. Everyone makes you feel so welcome and relaxed. Went to recent party here and wow what can I say great club,great Hosts,by far best club experience I have enjoyed,and it all wasn't about the fun!

Went along to the annex swing social, being my first time in a club I was very nervous but soon welcomed and made the feel at ease. Lovely friendly bunch and even had my first experience of wax play!!! Will definitely be attending future events, after dipping my toes in I can't wait to see more!!

We went to last nights social at the Annex very friendly hosts , although we didn't play, nice friendly evening, Hopefully do it again. Second time going and once again friendly group and relaxed atmosphere great way to spend the evening. Love the venue, love the people Great visit on Wednesday to greedy girls night. And horny watching all the girls enjoying themselves x. Went to the Annex party last night great fun in a nice venue with lots of great and interesting people, will definetly visit again next time in the area.

Thank you again for the invite. I attended the Annex this week for the first time. I was welcomed with open arms, made to feel very welcome and soon relaxed as I was shown round all the naughty delights. I chatted to a number of lovely ladies and enjoyed some sensual kisses and a naughty massage too. Thanks for a lovely time and look forward to coming back for more soon xx.

The venue is amazing. The girls are always amazing and the dark room Omg kinky as hell Definitely going to be attending again and again Attended the annex last night and was nice to see the changes that were made since my last visit. Was nice to see some familiar faces and also nice to see new faces too.

Would recommend to anyone. Another awesome greedy girls night: I do love this place - the people really make it so relaxed and chilled and friendly: Had another great night at annex again lovely friendy peaple there staff great too if you get to Kingslynn it well worth a visit.

Big thanks to VJ and everyone for an amazing time Visited the Club last night. I was very impressed; quite possibly the cleanest and well presented club I have attended. Furthermore, the staff and clientele were very pleasant. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. Another fantastic night at the annex after a long 10 weeks away im now back and loving it thanks VJ a stunning host xx.

Another superb and well organised greedy girls night at the Annex and a full house to boot. Well done VJ xx. Really enjoyed my first time at the annex. Made feel very welcome! Was very nervous but got into it. Met some great people can't wait for the next one.

Great night as always. Another great night at the annex, thanks for having us: As always a very friendly and welcoming club we are continuously returning over and over when we can by far our favorite club we've been to so far.

First time at a club Thank you for helping to make a nerve-wracking situation simply wonderful! Wow wow wow is all I can say. Had a amazing night. I will be back.

Had a great time there every one nice and friendly and such a lot going on and comeing off off if you know what I mean great staff too can't wait to go back well worth a visit. Love this place 3 Thanks VJ xx. Wow what a night! You did it again VJ! Another great night with great people, hosted by the greatest host. Great fun had when there vjs brill.

Another great night, and although I spent most of it in a social capacity was good to see lots of good friends, and make some new ones. Very easy to do at The Annex, and looking forward to many more years of fun here. Another amazing night at the Annex for Greedy Girls! Lots of sexy naughty people! Can't wait till next time xx. So glad we decided to attend last night! Hubby had his epi pen on stand by haha but luckily it wasn't needed: Thanks Vj and new and old faces an enjoyable evening even play was limiting people friendly and warm atmosphere as always recommended.

Just gets better and better here. VJ and co are fucking awesome! My third visit to The Annex last night and it just gets better each time. Lovely venue filled with genuine and fun people.

VJ is a great hostess and along with the regulars there, ensure everyone is happy. Looking forward to my next visit Another wonderful night at the Annex! And VJ is a fantastic host! Another fantastic night with lots of friendly faces. Perfect place for mid week shenannigans. See you very soon xx. First time at the annex and I do liked it.

Another great night at this club. It gets better and better VJ, thanks for your hard work and your great atmosphere xx. The Annex"wow what a place, never fails to provide amazing fun in beautiful comfortable clean surroundings" Thank you VJ and your wonderful Team.

First time at annex was made to feel welcome, is a fantastic place love it will be back soon. Amazing fun last night. Wish we could attend again for lots more fun but poor hubs felt so ill with his latex allergy last night: Lots of fabulous people, so friendly xx.

Fun, friends and fucking, another top night thanks for having us and hopefully see you soon x. Again a great evening, even if you just want a social it is a great place, ideal for beginners. Leading the way as clubs go. Good to see some new faces. What an absoloute sexy night at greedy girls Vj you run the perfect show and this will always be our favourite place to play. Thanks for us, roll on your Birthday ; Tj xx. Thank you for being the hostess with the mostest!

Great night and can't wait for the next one! Wow what a fantastic lady and really knows how to run a great club met at the greedy girls night tonight and very pleasant night it was can't wait till next time Xxxx. I have been to TheAnnex on a number of occasions and its is such a wonderful place and should be on everyone's to go to list. Mistress VJ is an exceptional host and if you are new, unsure or even an old hand she will always have her lovely smile ready to welcome you all.

What can i say. Annex as amazing as ever. Clean and friendly, fantastic host. A pleasure as always, lots of fun and nude naughtiness games abound. Till next time x kisses x. Theres nothing more that i can say that i has not been said before by myself, other thank thank you Vj for another great sexy night in a safe relaxed atmosphere. My first time at the Annex last night for the GG night, and it was amazing!!!

Everyone was so so lovely and welcoming that I was comfortable enough in no time!! Thank you so much for an amazing night!!!! Bloody love love love this place Friendly, clean, fantastic people who attend and so relaxed and full of sexy fun. Its my favourite wednesday place to go. Vj your not so bad yourself ; Roll on next greedy girls xxx. What a great night at the greedy girls last night and met this fantastic lady, it has been a while since last met but have to say she has not changed at all and still the perfect host and great personality.

Roll on next time xx. Thanks for another enjoyable evening. Hopefully we will be on time next time. Anyone thinking about going to the Annex do it because it is the best club around. You won't be able stay away once you have been. Fantastic night last night at Greedy girls! VJ always so welcoming! Looking forward to next time xx. Thank you for yet another memorable evening. Great club with great rooms and members: As always an absolute delight to be here tonight.

Brilliant night at The Annex! Lots of sexy girls and fun had by all. Thank you for such a good night. So glad to be part of it.

Once again, thank you Had another superb night at this fantasic venue. Everyone so friendly and the whole club is imacculately clean and today. I'm looking forward to my next visit. Especially to see the wonderful Vj who really lights my fire. We at long last made a visit to The Annex and enjoyed a Greedy girls night, Fantastic club that made us feel very welcome and safe, definitely recommend this venue to others and hope to be back soon. We finally found time to check out The Annex this Wednesday for our first Greedy girls party.

Loved chatting and meeting some new people. Hopefully it won't be long before we're back for more fun xxx. First evening at the Annex! VJ is lovely and made me feel very welcome! Met some lovely people, looking forward to the next greedy girls night for some play time! Another fantastic night at the Annex. A lot of amazing people and can't wait for the next GG nights. What an evening I've just had. Vj and co exceed once again.

Love this place and can't wait for the next do. Thank you for a great time. Sam and I will be back: Another great night at the greedy girl night always have a good time there met some new fantastic people. Was a joy to be back at the annex after a 9 month break! The improvements are immense. The clientele are always top notch, friendly, welcoming and chatty! I can't wait to come again, and thanks VJ for the warm welcome back. See you again soon, Chloe x.

Had a wonderful time at the Annex last Wednesday. Made to feel welcome and met some great women and the guys were friendly too. I have been to TheAnnex many times and always felt welcome Unlike Jd They have always treated me fairly and made me feel at home I have met some fantastic people at this club and had lots of fun always enjoyed myself so deafly give it a go and see Wallace all about you Will love it.

The Annex, wicked place very welcoming, friendly people good atmosphere made to feel comfortable. Very fun See you next time And miss VJ is yummy. I have been going to this club now for over 2 years, VJ is a wonderful host and is friendly and i class as a good friend.

Its a fantastic club with a great atmosphere and a good time is had by all xx. First time to the dv8, won't be the last. Both had a amazing time. Loved being able to try diffrent floggers.

Thanks for putting on a great night. Went for Bi night. Felt so at ease after my nervousness wore off! Can't wait to come back and dress up properly!

Lovey group, great hostess! Had a lovely Wednesday at the annex last week. What an awesome time! A great crowd and a Great venue, and an outstanding host.

Thanks for organising an excellent night. Wil be back again soon! Had the best time at The Annex for my first every club night! Went to greedy girls and I was definitely a bit greedy: Lovely friendly venue and lots of genuine people: Cleanest club i've ever been in. Very welcoming and was put at ease instantly. Will definitely go back.

Possibly one of the best nights I've had at the Annex last night. Lots of new faces and friends made in the most comfortable and easy going club around.

Great place and welcoming had a good time Anither great night at the Annex. If you havnt tried it VJ will make you very welcome. Highly recommend this club as it has a personal touch no bad pun intended and a relaxed atmosphere which makes for a pleasant evening.

Had a great time at The Annex recently and was impressed by the facilities and the welcome. Another great night at the Annex was nice to catch up with Mistress VJ its been a while still a great host, the place just keeps getting better. First time for us to the Annex mistress VJ made us feel very welcome! Friendly, respectable and fun. Made a few new friends and we will be returning for more Thank you!!

Yet another Fab night at the Annex,it just gets better and better. A real buzz tonight with plenty of action, I saw some recent friends and met some new ones unfortunately didn't get everyone's name I played with but to the great couple I started the play with first good luck with the interview today.

If it was up to me you've got the job! Went to the annex for the first time tonight , and made to feel extremely welcome. Friendly atmosphere, clean and tidy with a lovely clientele. Another amazing sexy night hosted by the wonderful sexy Vj. If your wondering what its like to go to The Annex stop wondering and just get there. Thank you for having me again ; See you very soon Tj xxx. Had a great time at The Annex, looking forward to playing again.

Went to the greedy girls night on wednesday 26 april. Had a really great time. Was the first time I had been in 8 months due to personal problems. Will be a regular again now. Mistress VJ was great and everyone else is so friendly. The dark room is great fun once your eyes adjust lol Will get back to anotherGG event when I can. I had a great couple of nervous hours at temptations, cant wait to get back. The Annex is a great venue and I met some absolutely lovely and genuine people.

This was my first visit and I played after meeting with Miss VJ was shown around by the delightful Claire spent some quality time with Ang, Alison and Alice. Also meet newbies Tom and the delightful Kat. Really looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Great night gang bang 21st April wonderful place, Mrs N had 15 very willing guys all holes satisfied, Gangbang wall a great idea some very big boys there gave lots of pleasure and fun, Annexe is a fantastic venue x.

All ladies brilliant and as always VJ perfect host. Attended both Domination Gang Bang party sessions on Friday 21st. The Glory Hole wall was magnificent with space to accommodate three different ladies in different positions. Oral, legs spread and suspended and standing bent over. Ladies were fantastic fun and two played in the communal area as well. Fantastically well organised and a nice bunch of people. I am drained and exhausted. Yet another great night. Glad im back roll on next greedy girls xxx.

Greedy Girls night goes from strength to strength. Run with precision and attention to detail to stimulate the pallet. Thank you once again VJ. Just love this place. Another great night, perfectly hosted as per usual. A gorgeous friend of mine took me on my first visit to the Annex on Wednesday and I had an absolutely fantastic time. Really can't wait until my next visit.

Attended my first club visit last night. Was made to feel very welcome. The annex is very homely, which makes you feel relaxed. I got to talk to a lot of people and had my fair share of fun! Will be attending the next bi night most definitely! Lovely place and lovely people, can't recommend this place enough. Hope to return very soon x. My 4th visit to this amazing venue, Vj and her amazing team and regulars, continue to make for an outstanding venue of fun for all"" xxx.

Had a great time. Nervously attended a few weeks ago as a first time at a club I can now say feel completely at home.. The Annex club is without doubt a fantastic place if you are interested in a really good night out ; Ms VJ is the host of the most It is because of her detail in looking after her patrons and providing a superb venue that has all the facilities that are required for a fun and enjoyable night out, that has made this club a thriving place.

I for one will be going there for a long time Went to the greedy girls evening last night, lots of rooms busy to enjoy, lots of naughty people, welcoming and friendly staff, great facilities, will definately go again X loved it!!! Attended for the second time for greedy girls night and have to say was amazed at how many people was there. It is a great place, very relaxed for socialising and having fun. Definitely be going to more greedy girls nights, see you all again soon xx.

Went to the Greedy Girls Party last night and once again had a great evening with lovely people. See you again soon. Had a great time at the annex tonight, everyone was very welcoming and this lovely lady was the perfect host, thank you and I look forward to coming back again soon. Have yet another amazing time at the annex and manage to escape before miss vj got me. Attended last nights party and had plenty of fun. Warm, accommodating and easy going. It was my first club night which I decided to attend at short notice and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Hope to come to another club night soon! Attended the annex last night and can really say what great staff and management , All the staff are great hosts and arrange some superb events.

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would recommend it. Looking forward to my next visit. Pleasant afternoon spent with vj a new experience good fun. My first time ever and I was welcomed with open arms Anyone who is thinking of delving into the club scene but us nervous believe me when I say The Annex is the place to go.

Went a bag if nerves and came out egging for the next event to happen. Lot of varied events to cater for all nerds, I Attended the Gangbang girls vs boys event which was quite an unnerving prospect for a club virgin but the obvious experience of the management and the way how the event was explained by our hostess those nerves soon dissipated! Thank you VJ and team for such a wonderful club! I attended the gang bang event in Friday 17 th March.

I have gone to lots of sex ckubs in Cap d Agde so had a usefull yardstick to measure this event against. It was very well organised and everyone had the opportunity to participate. Condoms were readily available and the instructions for using the various glory holes clearly written.

Atmosphere was very pleasant and drinks. A great event with very willing ladies. Yet another fantastic afternoon at the annex really nice and safe venue and the host is superb and kept things running very smoothly.

My first visit to the Annex, and what a great evening. I was made to feel very welcome, lots of very! Another great Annex night. I had lovely night xxx thank you. Have been to the last 2 greedygirls. Had a amazing time. The regulars are all lovely. Its a very welcoming club and easy to relax.

Cant wait for next time. We attended the Annex last night. Can say it's a fun friendly and great place to visit. Very busy with lots going on. Fantastic play rooms catering for everyone. Will be visiting again. Recommended to all on here. Fantastic time as always. Great evening, as a new comer I felt welcome and no pressure to play at all, amazing cuppa thanks guys.

How nice it is to bring newcomers to Foxy Ladies. Always a warm welcome to put folks at ease. And, yes, we had some fun Having not visited for some months I was pleasently suprised to see this club just continues to get better.

Many thanks to you and your team. Well another good greedy girls last night ; to the people who have never been before you don't know what your missing. The friendliest club, immaculately clean, great host what more could you want.

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