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Free sluts in McIntosh New Mexico

Free sluts in McIntosh New Mexico

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If interested, send me a message and I will reply with a picture and more details. Hope to hear from you soon. Hmmm the elusive Bourbon Girl, Looks like different to me Having seen post after post about this Bourbon Girl, now to see a post of what looks like at least 2 Nes not 3 different women the whole made up thing should be a play on that type of female. older female I am Free sluts in McIntosh New Mexico 29 year old man foot eleven, athletic build, beard and tattoos.

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Free sluts in McIntosh New Mexico

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I am not very experienced so you may have to tell me what to do -I would like that.

If you serious send your number, we can chat. You don't care, probably never did, and I know you never will. Also I work all over the state so your distance from me is not an issue I can come to you. Seeking for athleticgentleman I'm going to be 22 next Sunday.

This kennel is deteriorated and filthy, just ask Diane Johnson of Big Bend Airedales- she was there to witness this first hand. Southern has been breeding for many years and has put out some good pups but has had many run-ins with breeders mainly because of promises that she don't carry out or lies that she tells.

We where one of those, we got a pup from her not knowing about her demise. It seems to us that she has lost track of whats really important! How can one woman in the mental, physical, and financial condition that she's in handle 25 dogs and their pups and give them them the kind of attention that they need?

When one of her mother dogs got badly injured, regardless of how it happen she never took Dixie to the vet and ended up loosing her and half the litter because of a horrible infection that spread throughout her whole body and also infected the pups drinking the milk. The dog even lost all of it's teeth and she still didn't take her!!!

We had several problems with this lady We had sent the money to her but she lied and said we didn't but we have all the receipts to prove it. When we told her that we didn't want anything else to do with her because of all her drama then a we started seeing negative information posted on-line about us.

One post is here, the funny thing is that she posted it under a false name of John Wohn, that is the exact name she had told us she used in the past to do the same thing to someone else!! Anyone who has dealt with her in the past knows that she uses this name often. It takes a really small person to print what has been printed.

My kennels are not filthy nor deteroiated. I do not have 22 dogs and puppies. If I have something to say about some one, I do not have to use anothers name. These people claim my husband was drunk when he called them to demand money, they owe us nothing, nor did my husband call them drunk. He was angry that they thought we switched pups on them, due to a Diane Johnson telling them we had done so.

The dog Dixie was taken to a vet, we have the bills to prove so. Mrs Johnson came to my kennel and opened up pen gates after being told not to. This is a woman who bought a female from me and now a year later has bred her.

Little breeders are jealous people These are true comments. The problem with the above complaint is that it is posted on the wrong place.

This person has posted all over the internet, with out any knowledge of first hand seeing any of my dogs. This person also is under a phony name, which stands close to another small breeder, and small breeder they will remain. The mere fact I have not bred a black in almost 5 yrs is amusing. Looks like jonathon riker needs to take a few classes in DNA.

He owns one of Southern's Airedales also, then has the nerve to go flapping his jaw; then we have Ms. These people are a bunch of jokers to tear apart the very kennel they bought from and are now breeding out of. What will it be next? By the way, neither of these people have any credibility as far as experience goes anyways.

Shoot, they both qualify as simpleton backyard breeders, with barely a little or two under their belts. Won't it be a barrel full of laughs when then see a "rare" red or black pop out of one of their.

As far as Bull Dog goes - do your homework and take a history lesson. I think you can find reference to that on some Airedale information sites out there if you take the time to look. Jonathan - go spend some time in the closet where you belong, since you choose not to be rational and see the light of day. Diane - just keep your head in your slit where you like it the best.

By the way, the party that is writing this has gone under several different names out here in the big wide world of cyber-space. A person by the name of Ryan Womak went into the site of real working airedales as Conan and signed in as Womak with a ip address that goes back to Houston where Diane resides, now he is out here running as Jonathan Riker. That name is very close to Kurt Righter. While on Real Working Airedale Board, posting under several different names he even told the owner of the board to participate on an oral act upon himself.

This guy is a real grass roots operation. Diane, you boar hair covered lump of lard, You have most likely never been to Southern's kennel, and should have absolutely no beef with Mars, Black Airedales or any other dogs.

What's your issue with the big breeders out there? You might want to look up the definition of a puppy mill before you start accusing others of practicing the pathetic art. Just so you know my real name is Sam Beauford and not Southern. I resent the fact that you cannot pull the facts together and converse like a real man, which you are not, - Diane.

Your low self esteem has promoted you to new levels of nothing. Just a great big echoing hole for that mouth of yours is all that you've proven to be. How many a miner have you lost in there anyways? I'm lucky enough that Mrs. Sollars donated a service pup to my wife, which we are having trained. You couldn't reach this level if you even tried, which you are incapable of doing anyway.

If you continue harassing Mrs. Sollars, we will make public all this information to the authorities. Sollars and will do whatever it takes. OK, you whack job. I see you are grasping for straws by advertising on other peoples web sites. And, what would make you think I am Southern Sollars? That gaping whole of yours, which by the way is your mouth, not what you think it is.

Don't even go there and claim yourself as a good Christain lady like your facebook bio says. I have never seen someone so desperate that they have to hack into other breeders web sites to advertise and take their pictures as without permission. This you and I know has been done more than once. It's far time to pull yourself together because I hear the sounds of the men with the little white coats and thorazine coming your way.

Have fun in the cookoo's nest! Have fun you dumb! My name is John. I own Espinoza's Airedales. I was going through my web page this morning and I noticed that you had linked your kennel, Big Bend to my webpage.

Johnson, I am aware that this link page is freely accessable but I am not appreciative of a competitor using my web page to try and sell dogs off of my site without being associated with me. This appears to be an underhanded manuever so I have removed your link. I know the great stock that these kennels have and I also have some great stock that I am very proud of. Secondly, I have some very satisfied customers and would not want my customers mislead thinking that I am in any way linked to your kennel.

As I stated, I am very proud of what I sell and I take my business seriously. I am in no way knocking your stock, I have no idea what your stock is like, but I will not promote anything that I am not familiar with, and I ask that you refrain from using my webpage to link to your webpage. Few modern dog breeds are as shrouded in mystery as is the Airedale Terrier.

Collie, Otter hound, and the old rough coated black and tan terrier are typically cited as being progenitors. The selective breeding practices of the early breeders dictated assortative matches: By however, the Airedale Terrier had become fixed in type, size and coat color.

The standard was set on a dog of square profile, long legged, short crouped and rough coated. The acceptable coloration was then dictated to be black and tan or grizzle and tan. As the breeds popularity increased, many became interested in the breed and began writing about Airedale Terriers. All the literature, from the earliest days of the breed through today, follow a pattern.

Details of the Airedale are discussed at length, feeding, care, grooming, training and history are each documented and described. Pedigrees are offered and different families or strains are identified. But regardless of the writer, or their place in time, one thing none of them have ever mentioned is a solid colored, pure bred, Airedale Terrier.

The breeder was a man named Frank Drach who had purchased an all black puppy while he was employed in Alaska. Those who were, Drach listed their color as Black and as per their norm, AKC accepted the paperwork and the attendant fees. Suddenly, in national dog magazines, advertising called attention to the Drach-Black Airedales.

Polite inquiries of the Drachs proved unresponsive as to specifics and an investigation ensued. Coady came away unconvinced as to the purported purity of the dogs and reported that, in his opinion, the dogs were cross bred Airedale and Labrador mixes, Labradales.

Coady also reported that the Drach operation was an unusually poor example of back yard breeding with dogs running loose in a large yard full of junked cars and other detritus. The court found against Drach and he appealed.

The appeals court found against Drach as well. While the legal issue was being settled, the mainstream media got hold of the story and one writer, Herm David, styled a story akin to David and Goliath in which he portrayed AKC as the Goliath backing an equally vilified cohort, the Kipps, against the downtrodden little guy, Frank Drach.

Dog News published Herm's fairytale and other magazines pursued their own slant, many finding the story to be a tale of hucksterism and poor record keeping.

The issue should have been settled at that point. The Drachs however, realized that they were facing significant financial loss from the AKC action against their dogs and the courts ruling for AKC and the Kipps.

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Her lungs fought in vain to draw in air around the swollen piece of meat that filled her throat. She was gagging and choking as her body tried to expel the invader. Todd was holding himself inside her, letting the constrictions of her throat work on him. Todd held her face pressed tightly against him as she fought to free herself. His breathing was rapid and shallow as his excitement grew.

His hips pumped back and forth. It was just a fierce face-fuck! She felt light-headed from lack of oxygen. She felt herself drifting away. Debby felt as if she were drowning. Over and over he shot his foul fluids straight down her throat, forcing her to swallow them, until at last his balls were drained. Pulling out of her mouth, Todd watched her as she greedily sucked air into her tortured lungs. Panting and sobbing, she slowly recovered from her ordeal.

He could not believe he had just dumped a load of cum down the throat of a Hollywood actress! Debby could not believe what she was hearing. He had nearly killed her! What kind of animal was he? Her eyes were clenched shut as she fought to breathe through her nose. His balls were ready to burst. It was like paradise!

Selena almost puked from the sheer volume of spunk shot into her throat but she managed to swallow most of it. As Rodrigo pulled out of her mouth, Luis was waiting for his turn. His cock jutted out grotesquely from between his legs. Wrapping his left hand in her hair, Luis fed his cock into her mouth with his other hand. Using her hair like a handle, Luis began ramming her head back and forth on his cock.

Devon was now in front of Debby. He looked down at her as he rubbed his cock head across her lips. Debby looked up at Devon and smiled weakly. She had a plan.

She knew it was going to be very humiliating and degrading but she had decided if these men were going to force them to do such perverted things, maybe she should go along with it somewhat. Debby had sucked cock before. And she actually considered herself quite good at it. Debby took a deep breath and began running her tongue along the length of his shaft.

She took his cock in one hand and stroked him as her tongue played across the head of his cock. Although she had been a virgin, Debby was no stranger to giving blowjobs. And there was the time in the limo with that Disney studio executive. If Debby did him just one little favour, he would make her a star too! Now she would have to put all her oral skills to use to satisfy Devon too. Devon loved the feel of her soft hand wrapped around him. He wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her closer to him.

Debby opened her mouth and Devon sucked in his breath as her lips tightened around him. Pushing on the back of her head, her mouth engulfed him, sliding along his shaft.

Her head bobbed up and down, her mouth making wet sounds as she coated his cock with saliva. Meanwhile, Luis continued his fierce face-fuck of Selena. He had pushed her onto her back and now kneeled over her, his knees on either side of her head. He lowered his hips forcing his cock in and out of her mouth. Selena tried to push on his stomach, struggling to get out from under him.

Luis grabbed her wrists and pinned them down above her head. He could hear her gagging and gurgling underneath him as she fought for breath with the large cock in her mouth. Luis would hold his cock in her throat until she was almost ready to pass out and then pull back out. He would pull back until his cock head was just at the edge of her lips, then plunge back in.

He wiggled his hips, forcing his cock deeper in her throat. The other men gathered around and cheered him on. Luis was in pure ecstasy. He had always dreamed about doing this to a Hollywood star but never in his wildest dreams, had he thought he would be actually doing it!

Her jaws ached horribly and the back of her throat felt raw. Luis let go of her wrists and grabbed her by the hair.

He slammed her mouth back and forth on his meat as he approached climax. Then mercifully, Luis came. She rolled over on her side, coughing and gasping for air. Manny had had the video camera rolling the whole time.

Debby continued working her mouth up and down on Devon. She would suck on his cock for a little while, then take it from her mouth and run her tongue along the underside of the shaft while stroking it. She put just the head of his dick inside her mouth and flicked her tongue around it in small circles. Her chin glistened with slobber. She ran her tongue along the shaft slowly, then still staring up at Devon, slipped her mouth over the head.

She felt the tip bump against the back of her throat. Devon held her hair out of her face as she moved her head back and forth, her lips clamped tightly around him. Devon rocked his hips as he watched the pretty 18 year-old suck his cock. She did it slowly and methodically. Devon could feel himself losing control. He wanted to cum. He began rocking his hips a little faster.

The head of his cock drove against the back of her mouth. She held him in her mouth as she gulped and swallowed noisily. The feeling of her warm hands massaging his balls, milking out every drop of cum she could, was almost too much for him to bear. Devon pulled his cock back, his whole body shaking with pleasure.

Debby gently licked and cleaned the shaft and the head. She looked up at Devon, biting her lower lip. Debby could hear the commotion behind her as Luis finished up with his violent mouth-rape of Selena.

She fought back a tear. She needed to stay strong. Just you and me. A little private session. Vicente and Robert had left for a short while. They now returned and walked up to Manny. We gonna do this? Give the girls a rest and take them to the can. The men gathered in the upstairs living room once again, partaking in some cold beers and pot.

Luis gave a smug grin. Boy, it felt good! Devon was also gushing about the blowjob he had received from Debby.

That buddy of mine in Tijuana? He runs an underground video business. Debby and Selena were sitting in a corner of the living room.

Todd had given them each a bottle of water to drink. Manny walked over to them. You have no idea, my little bitch. The girls were taken back downstairs. They were taken to a different room this time in the opposite end of the basement.

The room was bare except for two wooden sawhorses in the center of the floor. The sawhorses were about four feet high and three feet wide. Terror coursed through Debby and Selena as they looked at the sawhorses. The girls were pulled over to the sawhorses and roughly pushed down so they were bent over them. While Manny held Selena, Vicente and Robert tied her wrists and ankles to the legs of the sawhorse with some lengths of rope. Rodrigo and Luis did the same to Debby.

Soon both girls were immobilized in a bent-over position, their legs pulled wide apart and their asses in the air. Selena began to freak out. Vicente handed him something. It was a bright red ball gag. He pulled the straps back around her head and tied them off. The same was done with Debby except she had a black ball gag.

The girls could make only muffled sounds now. Manny pulled down his pants. His ten-inch cock stood straight out. He looked over at the video camera he had set up on the tripod and motioned for Vicente to turn it on. He leaned forward and felt her tense as he placed a kiss at the base of her spine. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her tight little anus. Manny pressed the head of his dick against her rectum. He slowly forced her open and started to enter her.

Manny felt her jerking and twisting beneath him each time he drove into her. She pulled against the ropes binding her to the sawhorse as he fucked his way deeper into her with hard, vicious thrusts of his hips. Each pounding took him deeper into her. Each pounding tore another whine from her. Then, pulling back, he prepared to impale her with one final, massive thrust.

Her body went stiff and quivered at the horrendous invasion of her depths. Tears streamed from her eyes. The sawhorse shuddered and shook. The sounds coming from Selena were inhuman as Manny mercilessly pounded his swollen, stiff cock repeatedly into her bowels. He was driving deeper into her than she would have believed possible. She felt as if she were on fire, as if he was ripping her insides. A really great ass!

Withdrawing from her until only the head of his dick was still inside her, Manny would then brutally drive back into her bowels with as much force as he could muster. Over and over he pounded into her in this manner. Each time her body would jerk and she would strain against the ropes as he rammed into her. He was driving into her faster now. Driving as deeply into her as he could.

He felt his balls tightening. Her body snapped taut as she felt him shoot a great wad of thick, hot cum deep into her bowels. She felt the heat spreading through her as he repeatedly sprayed her insides with his foul liquids while continuing to pound brutally into her.

He had ass-raped a lot of women over the years, but this was the absolute best. And he had it all on video. Manny looked down at Selena as he slipped his blood and slime-covered cock out of her. Her body was covered with perspiration, and her face was streaked with tears and slobber. Her long hair hung over her face. Manny wiped himself off on the back of her legs. All this time Debby had been watching with horror as her friend was viciously sodomized.

She had been powerless to help her. She had pulled and tugged at the ropes holding her wrists and ankles to the rough wooden sawhorse but all that had accomplished was to pull the ropes tighter into her skin.

Slobber oozed from around the large ball gag in her mouth and ran down her chin. Her body was violently rocked back and forth as Manny had drove in and out of her. Now it was going to happen to her! She could hear Vicente behind her but could not see him. She felt her buttocks yanked apart and then something wet between them.

Debby realized Vicente had spit on her anus. Suddenly a lighning bolt of pain flashed through her body as the head of his cock penetrated her. It felt like a spear of molten metal as his large cock pushed into her. Vicente pulled back and pushed in again, this time going deeper. A gob of snot shot from her nose and tears ran down her face. She was crying out each time he pounded into her depths.

Her head snapped from side to side. His thick shaft spread wide the walls of her ass. They wrapped around him like a vise.

Debby thought she was being ripped in two. The pain was excruciating, like nothing she had ever experienced. Her whole body shuddered and convulsed. Each time Vicente rammed his cock into her, it drove the air out of her lungs. Faster and harder he began to pound her. He felt his balls tighten, felt his dick begin to throb, and then he jammed himself into her as he shot a long stream of cum deep into her body.

Over and over he shot into her until his balls were completely drained. With a sigh and a shiver, Vicente stopped, panting for air. He allowed himself to soften inside her, then gradually pulled out of her. He watched as sperm slowly drained out of Debby and ran down into the crack of her ass. Her body was limp now. Her head was turned to the side, her eyes closed. He could hear her sniffling. Vicente had done it! He had busted the ass cherry of a Hollywood starlet.

What a feeling of elation! The sawhorse rocked back and forth as he hammered his cock up her shitter. Selena still emitted tortured squeals and screams from around the ball gag in her mouth. His thighs quivered and shook from the force of his orgasm.

He continued to hold himself inside her, relishing the feeling of intense tightness around his cock. As he pulled out, a stream of cum oozed out of her anus and ran down her leg.

Devon was waiting to be the next in line. His pants were off and his cock rock-hard. Selena barely made a sound as Devon sunk his dick into her keister. He began to stroke in and out with hard, brutal thrusts.

The slap of his body against the backs of her thighs was loud in the room. Her loud muffled screams sounded more animal than human. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and sweat and tears ran down her face.

Debby continued to be a fighter though. She pulled at the ropes, trying to break free. Pain ripped through her as she squirmed and twisted. It took all his will power to not blow his load right then. But he held on. He wanted to make this last. Her body was wearing down physically and mentally. How long were these men going to keep using her? Robbie finally came, his cock twitching inside her. Debby was sickened as she felt the gooey warmth inside her.

She let out a sigh of relief as she felt him pull out of her. But it was short-lived as she suddenly received a sharp slap across the ass cheeks. Rodrigo pulled her ass cheeks wide apart as he impaled her with his thick member. With her wrists and legs tied to the sawhorse all she could do was endure the savage pounding. Debby closed her eyes tightly and tried to concentrate on something…. He was panting heavily from the exertion of moving his cock back and forth in her tight little ass.

He loved the feeling as his cock scraped along the walls of her shitter. He ran his hands along the smooth flesh of her back as he fucked her deeply. Fucking Selena Gomez up the ass! This is the ultimate fantasy! Devon let out a loud sigh of pleasure. He was slapping her across the ass as he drove in and out of her.

His balls slapped against the back of her legs. Her body had went limp. Rodrigo pulled her back hard against him as he let loose a barrage of cum up her sweet pooper. He stroked his cock to get every bit out.

He looked over at Luis. The men looked over at the limp forms of the two girls still bound to the sawhorses. The ropes had cut into their wrists and ankles and their bodies glistened with sweat. We worked them pretty fucking hard, boys! They were thrown onto the bed. Both girls were in an almost catatonic state from the traumatic experience they had just been through.

The bedroom door was closed and the group headed back upstairs to do some partying. The girls lay in the dark of the bedroom. Selena rolled over and wrapped her arms around Debby. The p-police have to b-be looking f-for us. The next morning was Sunday. The men all woke up from where they had passed out the night before. All their beer was gone and they were hungry. Manny sent Robbie and Devon out to get some food and more beer.

Then he and Todd went downstairs to check on the girls. They were both still sleeping as the men entered the room. The stench was overpowering! During the night, both girls had emptied their bowels and bladders in the bed. It was a mess! The men took the two girls upstairs to the shower to wash the filth off them. What the hell stinks?

All the guys had a good laugh. After the girls were washed clean and dried off, they were brought back out to the living room. They were made to sit in a corner.

Manny turned on the TV set. In a few minutes, the morning news came on. Sure enough, the disappearance and alleged abduction of Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan was the leading story. But with a new development! The suspects have been identified as Manny Vasquez and Todd Zucker. Both are 32 years of age and are residents of Los Angeles. Even more disturbing, we have discovered here at Channel 2News, that Mr. Zucker are both on parole after serving time in state prison for various violent sexual offences!

Police have searched the apartment where the two men lived. Ryan, but police have said they found several items that may link these men to other unsolved sex crimes. They have begun a search for the two men and fear they may have left the state. Reports of sightings of the white delivery van believed used in the abduction have come in from New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. State police and the FBI are currently investigating these reports and border crossings have been put on high alert to watch for them as well.

Police also wish to interview Rodrigo Vasquez, a cousin of Manny Vasquez. He was also employed at Five Star Productions and according to surveillance video, was seen speaking to the two actresses and directing them down a hallway leading to a cargo bay where it is believed the girls were abducted and taken away in the delivery van. We will keep you updated here at Channel 2 News on any new developments. Manny shut off the television.

Todd was also seething. What the fuck makes her think we did it? And if they searched the apartment, they probably found my photo album! He had a hobby of keeping panties from their past victims. Robbie and Devon came in the house carrying a stack of pizzas and a bunch of other food and several cases of beer.

He always give me free stuff from there! Who else can say they got to fuck Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan? He took some pizza and a couple sodas to the girls. They all sat silently eating pizza and chicken wings and tacos. Finally everyone finished and Manny stood up. He walked over to Debby and Selena. They cowered in the corner as he approached. He looked at first one and then the other. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small plastic baggie full of some kind of pills.

He grabbed Selena by the arm and pulled her to her feet. He pushed a couple of the pills in her mouth as she tried to pull away. He held her mouth shut and forced her to swallow. He pushed her back to the floor and then did the same with Debby. Debby fought a little more and Todd had to step in to help. She coughed as the pills slipped down her throat.

He pulled Selena along down the hallway towards one of the bedrooms. She tried to pull back but Manny was too strong for her.

Entering a bedroom, he threw her onto the bed. He unbuckled his pants and quickly pulled them off, his raging erection pushing out his underwear. He grabbed her legs and pulled her back so her ass was hanging over the end of the bed. He placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed her face down into the mattress.

His other hand went between her legs and two fingers drove into her cunt. He drove his fingers in and out of her, soon followed by three fingers and then four. Selena squirmed and squealed as he folded his thumb against his four fingers and began to push his whole fist into her. He twisted as he pushed in deeper, her pussy walls tightly clamping around his wrist. He gasped in pleasure. He was doing it! Manny began to work his arm back and forth, his fist pounding at her insides.

It felt like she was being split apart. Manny continued fisting her for a couple more minutes, then pulled out slowly. Before Selena had any time to recover, Manny plunged his ten-inch cock into her. He was not gentle or slow.

It was just a hard, brutal fuck! Selena struggled for breath as the wind was driven out of her lungs with each savage thrust. Manny was fucking her so hard, she was sure he was going to literally fuck her to death. Manny yanked her head up to let her breathe better. Manny leaned down close to her ear as he drove in and out of her. Out in the living room things were getting interesting.

After Manny had left with Selena, Todd had grabbed Debby and pulled her up close to him. He began pawing at her ass and tits. Debby tried slapping him away. She fell to the floor, crying out in pain. Todd was right behind her pulling her up onto her hands and knees. He was undoing his pants and pulling his cock out. Spreading her ass cheeks wide apart, Todd shoved the head of his cock into her anal opening. He shoved his hips forward, grunting loudly as he felt his cock sink into the tightness of her ass tunnel.

Rodrigo began kneeling down in front of her, pulling his pants off. With Todd pounding at her ass and Rodrigo fucking her mouth, Debby knew she was in for a nightmarish afternoon. Manny had changed positions. He pulled Selena up onto the bed and laid her on her side.

Straddling her one leg, he pushed her other leg to the side and entered her. He began fucking her again with hard vigorous strokes. Selena was getting a dazed, dreamy look in her eyes. The ecstasy was kicking in. Then he kissed her lightly on the lips. He was rewarded with a small moan from Selena. Manny ran a finger across her lips. Selena giggled, but then wrapped her soft lips around his digit and sucked it into her mouth, flashing him a seductive grin. The starlet nodded as Manny withdrew his thumb and brushed it along her lips, smearing it with her saliva before he circled it around her erect nipple.

He suckled and swirled the dark nub with his tongue and felt her entire body convulse with pleasure. Manny worked on her right nipple for some time before he moved to the other and suckled that into his mouth as well. She merely arched her back and flipped her long hair to one side, as though offering Manny her chest and her body for that matter. You love cock and you love fucking! He knew that Ecstasy gave people a heightened sex drive.

Tell me you want it in your mouth, Selena. I want it in my mouth. Manny pulled out of her, his cock glistening with her juices. He rolled her onto her back and straddled her chest. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and smiled.

He stroked his large cock, the head only bare inches from her face. Manny looked down at her. Stick out your tongue. Your lips are gonna feel real nice wrapped around my big, thick cock! A moment later he caught his breath in his throat as Selena leaned her head forward and pressed her velvet soft lips against his meat stick.

Selena put her tongue to the shaft and her hand cupped his balls, circling around the bottom of the shaft and feeling the way it seemed to harden further. Her tongue continued a long arduous stroke along the length of his shaft.

At the top she brushed it around his shiny purple head and felt him stiffen as she flicked it across the sweet spot. She took him into her hot mouth, her lips making a lewd squishing noise as she sucked in her spit. His hands moved from the top of her head to grip a fistful of her dark hair by their roots.

He then took control and moved her mouth over the top of his rod and turned her face from side to side, watching as his cock would bulge through her cheek.

Selena sighed softly to this action, as he manipulated her face and explored her mouth with his boner. Her mouth seemed like a warm, wet cave for his cock which fit perfectly. Manny quickly set a steady rhythm, slow but firm with long strokes, and plunged his rod in and out of her wet mouth. Her hands came up and gripped his thighs, her body sinking lower into the mattress as she was forced to service him, while he drove harder and deeper with each thrust.

He proceeded to use her sexy mouth as his toy. Soon enough, her gag reflex kicked in and she struggled briefly. He then told her to open her mouth and relax her jaw as he moved his hips more keenly and now essentially fucked her pretty face. Manny felt himself push farther into her throat. He could see the bulge of his cock head moving back and forth as her throat muscles contracted around him. He could not contain himself any longer.

He let out a loud grunt as his balls let go and a hot jet of cum sprayed into her throat. To his surprise, Selena gripped his ass cheeks and pulled him in deeper. She made gurgling and slobbering noises as she fought to swallow his load. She held him in her throat for a couple more minutes as her mouth and lips tightened around him in a milking motion.

She moved her hands to his balls and massaged them. Finally, Manny pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside her. Both of them were drenched in sweat. At one point he even fell asleep for a short time. He awoke, his cock hard again. Manny looked at Selena and she smiled back at him.

He could tell she was still blitzed out of her head. Selena arched her back and let out a loud moan as Manny shoved his hips forward, entering her with a single rough thrust. He sunk his entire length inside her. Manny held her wrists down above her head and she wrapped her thighs around him as her hips pushed up against him. Manny continued with powerful thrusts, driving her body down into the mattress. Each thrust elicited loud gasps from Selena.

Then he began fucking her with hard, solid strokes. He let go of her wrists and reached underneath her. Her cunt lips stretched around his ten-inch rod like an elastic band as he hammered and pounded at her insides. He had his face buried against the side of her neck, listening to her moan and grunt as her body was rocked mercilessly.

He was getting this little Hollywood tart worked up beyond belief. The first time he had raped her, had been awesome. It had been hard, brutal and vicious. But this second time was even better because now he was fucking her the way he had always fantasized, like a cheap whore!

She was moaning like a slutty street skank and Manny loved it! Manny stopped and slipped his cock out of her. It was slick with her pussy juices. He rolled onto his back and watched as Selena swung her leg over him, straddling his waist.

His eyes wide with anticipation, he watched the beautiful young starlet as she took hold of his cock and guided it up to her pussy. He let out a loud groan as she braced her hands against his chest and lowered herself down onto him. It was like a vision from heaven, Manny thought. He gazed up at the curvaceous form of Selena hovering over him. Her head thrown back and her luscious round tits jutting out from her chest as she ground her hips down onto him.

One of the most desirable and delectable female celebrities in the world, and right now she was riding his cock! Out in the living room, Debby was receiving a vigorous ass-pounding from Todd as Rodrigo worked his thick cock in and out of her mouth. Slobber ran down her chin and pooled on the floor as his saliva-slicked shaft spread apart her full lips. Todd and Rodrigo came within a couple minutes of each other.

They both slid out of her at the same time and she collapsed on the floor. Robert and Luis picked her up and carried her over to one of the couches.

Luis whipped his pants down and mounted her. He was inside her in one fierce thrust and began rutting away. Debby let out a long low moan. He sat down on the couch and motioned Debby to straddle his lap.

Ride me like a fucking horse! Luis sighed in pleasure. She kissed him deeply, holding his head in her hands. Luis clamped his mouth to hers and forced his tongue between her lips.

She moaned in ecstasy as his tongue intertwined with hers. Luis grabbed her by the ass cheeks as he pumped her up and down on his cock. Devon moved in behind her and rubbed the head of his dick between her luscious round butt cheeks. He forced himself inside her ass. Devon grunted as his length penetrated into her dirt tunnel. She cried out as he pounded into her with pile driving force.

She pushed back against Devon and he felt the tightness of her anal passage squeezing in around his swollen organ. Luis plowed her still-tight cunt and Devon bored into her ass. Vicente caught it all on videotape. Debby, her body consumed by the effects of the ecstasy, arched her body and threw her head back. Her body glistened with sweat. Luis licked his lips as he looked up at the beautiful teen riding his cock and he continued driving up into her.

Debby collapsed against Luis, her tits pressed to his body. Robert and Vicente pulled her off Luis and took her over to the other couch. Vicente sat down with his legs spread apart. Debby was placed on her knees in front of him. Debby looked up at him and gave him a glassy smile.

She was stoned out of her head! Vicente stroked her hair. Will you do that? He leaned back on the couch, his hands behind his head, and watched as Debby gripped the base of his cock with her left hand and began slowly stroking up and down.

She took one of his balls in her mouth and licked and sucked on it. Debby switched to the other testicle. Holding his cock back against his stomach, Debby slowly ran her tongue from the base up to the head and back down again. Vicente closed his eyes and his mouth hung open. Her lips tightened around the head and she moved her head in circular motions as both of her hands stroked and pulled on his cock. Back in the bedroom, Selena was riding Manny like a porn star!

Manny gripped her ass cheeks with powerful hands as he threw his hips up into her. He could feel a massive orgasm building as her pussy muscles gripped and pulled on his cock buried deep inside her. Selena let out a wild shriek of pleasure as her body was wracked in the throes of orgasm. Her body quivered and shuddered over and over as he shot streams of hot cum into her.

Finally, with a shudder and a groan, he quit moving and lay still. Selena collapsed on top of him. She could hear him panting from his exertions.

He pushed her off him and got up from the bed. He pulled her up with him. Manny and Selena came out to the living room.

She was moving her mouth up and down on him. With a whoop and holler, Todd and Robert grabbed Selena by the arms and dragged her back to the bedroom. She was thrown down on the bed and Robert got behind her.

Selena let out a painful squeal. His heart pounded as his cock slipped between her red lips. Out in the living room, Vicente was ready to blow a load as Debby continued bobbing her head up and down on him.

Her warm, soft mouth was bringing him to the edge. She clamped her lips around him tightly as he erupted in her throat.

She swallowed most of his load, allowing only a small bit to run down her chin. Debby lifted her mouth off Vicente and smiled up at him. Manny pulled her up on her feet. Manny pulled her down the hallway to another bedroom. He peeked inside the bedroom where he had earlier fucked Selena. All the other men were now in the room with her.

Todd had his hands wrapped up in her long hair, her mouth moving back and forth on his swollen shaft. Todd had a look of pure ecstasy on his face as she stopped to lick and slather his pole with saliva. Devon was kneeling on the bed beside her, her left hand wrapped around his cock and slowly stroking him.

Luis and Rodrigo stood nearby, anxiously awaiting a turn with the nubile starlet. Manny shook his head and turned to Debby. Manny pulled Debby into the bedroom across the hall and pushed her down onto the bed. There would be no preliminaries. Manny could wait no longer. He simply wanted to fuck her and fuck her hard! He lifted her up, placing her thighs at either side of his waist. He guided his massive penis to her pussy.

Moaning loudly, he thrust it hard, watching it disappear into the depths of her young cunt. Manny began fucking her mercilessly, his rock-hard plunger fucking in and out of her cunt for all it was worth. She wanted to kill him… if she only had the strength to throw him off. It disgusted her the way he rammed his blood-swollen cudgel into her impaled vagina! Her cunt was being ravished by this heartless sonofabitch! He leaned heavily onto her naked heaving breasts and held her cheeks so that he could kiss her protesting mouth.

He forced her lips apart with his tongue and flicked it inside. Despite her loathing, the drugged young woman began to respond, to kiss back, swirling her tongue hotly around his. Taylor, in pain, was led to her area and roughly handcuffed. She screamed as her damaged wrist was twisted around before being locked in place. Robert laughed as he took a step back and saw all five girls in their positions. The time had come. The girls were ready, the guards were ready and Robert was sure as hell ready.

Robert directed a guard to each girl and had them stand next to them. He pointed at their blindfolds and held up five fingers. As the final finger fell, all five guards removed the blindfolds from the women.

They all winced as the light that they had been deprived of, some for almost a full day, shone brightly in their darkness-adjusted eyes. They all eventually were able to see and immediately looked at each other. What was the one thing I really wanted? I wanted Carrie and I want you, Taylor. What Robert Justin wants, Robert Justin gets. She felt so bad for the twenty-one year old and did not want to humiliate her. She stood still and looked up at Robert.

Robert walked over to one of the walls and retrieved a thick, three foot long chain and approached the girls. He whipped it back and struck Victoria in the ribcage with the heavy steel. Anna quickly unloaded her bladder and rained her urine down on the beaten women.

Anna was crying as she looked down and saw the disgust in her face. She let the last few droplets fall from her pussy before she took a deep sigh and closed her eyes, humiliated that she was forced to give an innocent young woman something as disgusting as a golden shower.

Robert, laughing, grabbed Victoria by the piss-soaked hair and stood her up before tossing her to Nina. Robert showed the other girls the picture, causing them all to feel queasy. Carrie looked down at Victoria and slowly spread her legs. He turned his attention to Taylor and kicked Victoria under her. Robert gave her an angry look before walking towards the guards.

Both girls screamed and ducked out of the way. The seconds shot scared her enough to shoot a hard stream of piss from her pretty little cunt. She finished quickly as she felt something slide out of her asshole. Taylor looked at him before looking down at the small nugget. She reluctantly rested her foot on out and gagged as she felt the warm waste squish under her weight.

Victoria was disgusted as this act happened just inches from her face. Not only did she see it happen but she could smell the whole thing. The piss-soaked Nickelodeon star slowly got to her feet, struggling not to slip in the urine on the floor.

She got in position and blasted the contents of her bladder onto the messy foot of the singing superstar. Taylor cringed as she felt the warm liquid hit her skin but then looked at Victoria and saw again how drenched she had been and started not to feel as bad.

They locked their sad eyes on each other as the last few drips fell. Once Victoria was done, Robert grabbed her by the hair and shoved her to the ground again. She yelled as her face smacked against the concrete. The guards all laughed at her humiliation.

He walked over to the other three girls and set their hands free as well. He grabbed Taylor by the hair and tossed her down. Carrie and Nina were next to be thrown onto their hands and knees. Robert stood next to Anna as the other three girls all reluctantly began to lick the golden waste off of her.

The man started laughing as Nina had a look on her face like she had just suffered the most horrifying moment of her life…which she had. Anna sighed as her nipples were roughly pinched and tugged at. She looked over at him as his hand slid down her back, cupping her round ass cheeks.

Robert picked up Anna and carried her over to the cleaning session happening on the floor. He roughly dropped the girl onto the pile of squirming bodies. The man quickly pulled his pants down, exposing his rock-hard seven inch cock.

Everyone but Victoria looked up in horror, experiencing the first of many sights of his penis. Robert reached forward and smacked Carrie across the face as he started violently fucking Anna. Nina kept her eyes down and concentrated on cleaning Victoria while the other girls watched in horror as Anna screamed for mercy. Anna turned her head to the side and locked eyes with Taylor. She started crying hard at the embarrassment.

Robert grabbed tight grip of her waist, leaving red marks behind as he held her in place. He was having the time if his life raping his dream girl. The sounds of her distress only fueled his intensity. He was fucking her so fast, he worried he might throw his back out. She sucked lightly; worried that she would hurt Anna. Robert kept his eyes locked on Taylor as he reached forward and grasped the free breast, squeezing it as hard as possible.

Anna squealed at the assault, feeling pain as his fingernails dug into her flesh. The man knew that after all the anticipation, there was no way that the first raping could last long.

He was already feeling his balls begin to tighten up. After a few quick thrusts, he pulled himself out of the woman and pointed his cock at Taylor. She closed her eyes and groaned as she felt his warm cream land on her cheek.

Carrie received a flick of cum in her face as well, followed by Anna. He looked down at Victoria and instead of flicking cum at her, he hawked back and shot a large loogie in her eyes…and then flicked cum at her lips. He scooped some of his semen off of her cheek and held the finger at her lips.

Without fight, the young blonde opened up and wrapped her tongue around his digit, swallowing her treat. All four girls licked Victoria up and down, trying to get every molecule of piss off of her. Carrie and Taylor were on all fours, their asses pointed up and towards Robert who was approaching the girls with a hose in hand. Carrie turned to Robert and was met with another hard spray in the stomach. She clenched her gut and fell to the ground.

Taylor turned to look and got sprayed on top of her head. She immediately tried to protect her head with her hands but the force of the hose only caused more pain, so she retracted and just let it happen. The force knocked her back on her ass as she turned her head. She felt extreme pain in her jaw as he held the nozzle closer and adjusted it back to full pressure.

The young woman thought that he was going to blast her jaw clear off. Anna looked in horror as Robert walked around the pile of wet bodies, knelt down and aimed the nozzle at her pussy.

Without answering her, Robert blasted her pussy with the hose. Carrie and Taylor threw their hands over her mouth to prevent their ear drums from exploding at the volume of her screams. She kept her eyes closed as she felt pain in her cervix from the water. After thirty seconds, he stopped and pushed Anna off of Victoria.

Taylor scooted close to Carrie as she watched Robert stand over Victoria. He smiled before aiming the hose at her head and spraying her down. She put her hands up to block as she was blasted.

She felt like she was being punched over and over again as he sprayed her from head to toe with the high pressured hose. He laughed like a madman as the girl begged for him to stop. Nina hung her head low with her eyes closed, cringing every time Victoria stopped to breathe before screeching again. Anna pressed a hand over her own crotch, knowing the pain that the Nickelodeon star was experiencing.

Once Robert felt she was clean enough, he shut the hose off and tossed it to the side. Carrie had to duck to avoid getting a face full of metal nozzle. He walked back over to the corner and retrieved a strap-on dildo. Robert stopped and turned around, retrieving one of the pepper spray canisters. Nina instantly perked up as she saw that damned canister.

She knew what power and pain that it had in it and was horrified as he sprayed the dildo down with it. The other women did not know what he was spraying the dildo with except for Victoria, who was not paying attention at all. Robert walked up to Nina and gave her the hardest backhand across her face that he could physically give.

You are a useless piece of meat, not a human! He continued slapping her as hard as possible as the other women looked on. He picked up the strap-on and tossed it to Carrie. Carrie obeyed her master and put the toy on, crawling over to Victoria. She slowly pulled her legs apart and was about to press the head of the toy against her lips when Robert yelled. Nina looked and saw Carrie approaching her, the large black dildo standing tall in front of her. She immediately started kicking and screaming, trying to get away from her.

Taylor, give it a quick suck. Taylor slowly crawled over to Carrie and looked at the long toy. She poked her head out and wrapped her lips around the dildo as Nina watched in horror. Within a few seconds, the look of curiosity on the young blondes face went away and was replaced is distress.

Taylor hung her tongue out and fanned her mouth, trying to cool the heat of the pepper. The pain got more intense as she started hyperventilating. She was so desperate that licked the puddle of water and diluted urine that remained on the floor. The four girls watched on as she grinded her tongue against the concrete floor. Nina screamed again but Robert quickly grabbed her by the hair and shoved his still-recovering cock into her mouth.

Her ass was split open and the tainted toy inched in slowly. The young brunette had never experienced anal insertion before, making the experience worse. The toy was very thick and stretched her asshole open farther than it physically could.

The skin inside her ass hole split, causing the pepper to go directly into her bloody gash. Robert reached down and pulled the belt out of his pants, which were on the ground next to Victoria who was still crying from her earlier assault. She coughed and choked as she struggled for breath while Carrie had gotten into rhythmic pace behind her. Nina shut her eyes, clenched her teeth and let out a deep groan as the pain in her asshole was rapidly increasing. It felt like she had a spiky balloon in her ass that was filling with more and more air.

Carrie hung her head low as she watched the pain that her poor fellow-prisoner was experiencing. Victoria was still on her back in the center of the room, her head tilted to the side and watching the assault. She was exactly as far away from Nina as she was to her sister in the van. She stared back up at the ceiling and cried.

Taylor was too busy sucking up any drop of liquid from the floor that she could to put out the massive fire in her mouth. He locked eyes with Carrie and yelled at her to go faster. The blonde simply nodded before beginning to thrust her hips faster against Nina. His eyes went over to Anna and saw how sad she looked while watching this brutal rape.

She sat down and put a finger under her chin, forcing her to look at her. Anna reached out a hand and placed it on the back of her head, pulling her in for closer contact. While the two brunettes sensually made out, Carrie looked down at them and accidently let a smile out.

Robert noticed this and started laughing. Nina opened her eyes and started to turn around and look at Carrie but Anna grabbed her cheek and turned her attention back to the kiss. The young brunette broke the kiss with Anna and took a deep sigh before rolling onto her side.

Anna gently stroked her hair as she recovered from the vicious rape. Carrie stood up over and unstrapped the toy. Robert reached around her and pressed a finger to his cunt, sliding up to her clit with ease as her lips were very moist. Robert forced her to sit up and spread her legs. He knelt down with the end of the chain in hand. He pressed the end link against her pussy and started to push it in.

The chain was rather thick, only allowing about seven or eight links to fit inside her. She took a deep breath as each thick link popped into her pussy. She arched her back and groaned as the last two links that could fit were wedged inside. Carrie felt her pussy stretch out farther than it physically could. She sat there writhing in pain as Robert grabbed the few links that were left out and started whipping her clit with it. He looked over at Victoria, who was looking away and reached over, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her over to Carrie.

Carrie looked down at the poor girl and grabbed her foot, pulling it up and into her mouth. She fit as much of it in as possible as Robert stood over her laughing. She looked up at the woman, who was also screaming loudly, and saw her own blood and specks of flesh left on her teeth. Victoria looked back at her foot and saw blood start to run down to her toes. She clenched onto her damaged foot and rolled around, writhing in pain.

Carrie bent forward and placed both her hands over her violated cunt. She took deep breath after deep breath as she felt her vaginal walls try to shrink back to their natural size. Robert looked around and saw the fruits of his labor. Anna was petting her while keeping her eyes closed and her head hung low. Taylor was lying flat on her stomach with her tongue stuck out, panting as the heat of the pepper spray was still present.

Carrie was keeled over, staring at the ground, and Victoria was rolling around in pain. He had a strong feeling of accomplishment running through his veins. The man walked over to one of the room and reached in, pulling out an ace bandage. He approached Victoria and sat down next to her, taking her foot in his hand.

She jumped at first but was too afraid of Robert to protest. Victoria stared at him with no expression as he tightly wrapped the bandage around her foot.

When he was done, he told her to hold the loose end down with her finger while he got something to hold it in place. He reached into the same room and quickly found what he was looking for. He kept the object behind his back, blocking Victoria from seeing it. As he knelt down, she saw what he had and started begging. Victoria screeched as the staple dug into her already-injured foot.

Loudly she sobbed as she saw blood begin to seep through the thin, white fabric. Victoria slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him through tears. She sniffled as she felt his head slide between her pussy lips. Robert violently shoved the rest of his cock into the girl. She let her head turn to one side and she stared at a bare concrete wall as she was fucked hard. Her body slid around in the puddle of water and urine that she was still lying in. She quickly had her face turned back to her rapist.

He wrapped his hand around her throat and slowly started to choke her. Victoria grabbed at his hand and tried to push him away but was unsuccessful. Robert laughed at her failed attempt to free herself. He buried his cock all of the way into her cunt and bent her left leg until it was next to her ear. The man pulled back and forced all of his weight onto her bent back.

She groaned as she thought her back would snap from the pressure. He thrusted over and over again, putting more stress on her spine. He picked her up and held her like a baby, bouncing her up and down slowly. He pointed at Anna and Nina, signaling for them to slide out of the way.

Once the girls were clear, Robert ran full speed towards the concrete wall and slammed Victoria against it. Everyone in the room could hear her spine slam against the wall. He took a few steps back and did it again.

With Victoria now pressed against the wall, Robert grabbed hold of her waist and violently thrusted into her a few more times before he felt something he had never expected. Victoria, lost in an unwanted sexual bliss, kept her eyes forward and looked at Carrie and Taylor. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head as she tried to focus on the girls. The young victim went limp as the man continued to violently rape her.

He pushed her harder against the wall and shot a massive load deep into her womb. He let out a prolonged groan as his balls emptied in the poor girl. Victoria, still limp from the humiliation of her own orgasm, crashed to the ground.

Her head was resting against the wall while the rest of her body was flat on the ground. Robert spit into her hair before walking away. He looked back and saw his cum dripping out of her beaten pussy. He laughed when he heard a loud sucking sound coming for her mouth. She was pulled away and had a long, drooping strand of cum hanging between herself and the pussy she was forced to eat out of.

She could not close her mouth fast enough to avoid drinking any of it. She thought about spitting it out but did not want any more pain inflicted on her so she quickly swallowed it down. The man continued to rain down on her shiny lips, coating her entire body in fresh coat of disgusting glaze. Once he finished, he wiped the head of his cock off in her hair and headed for the door. As the men filed out, Eddie kept his eyes staring at Nina. He was itching for a chance to get her alone, wanting to take out every bit of anger built in him on the innocent girl.

For the first time, all five girls were left alone except for Vince who was not going to do anything. Carrie immediately went over to Nina and rested a hand on her back. She lay flat on her stomach behind the girl and spread her cheeks wide with her hands. She began to feel some heat in her mouth, catching some of the leftover pepper spray. The singer ignored the spice, focusing her full attention on comforting the woman she brutally raped mere minutes earlier.

For around five minutes, Carrie kept her tongue snugly inside of Nina. When the brunette turned back to Carrie with a smile on her face, the blonde ejected her tongue and softly kissed her hole.

Carrie leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. The night before I came here I was sitting in the studio and this cute assistant came in and we started talking. Thirty seconds later I had her backed against a wall with my tongue down her throat. Without answering, Carrie grabbed the young superstar and tightly locked her lips around hers.

It did not take long for Taylor to respond with a kiss back. Their mouths opened slightly, giving the other girls a clean shot of their tongue tips dancing around.

The angry brunette got up and walked over to Victoria, sitting down next to her. She placed a hand on her head and kissed her forehead, temporarily forgetting that the younger girl had been used as a toilet earlier. She hugged her head against her body and whispered in her ear. After Anna stormed away, Carrie and Taylor quickly broke their kiss and looked at each other.

Taylor immediately started to cry as her brief moment of relaxation was ripped away. Carrie gave her hug and was quickly joined by Nina. How about you three go over there and show some of that love to those two. The three girls timidly crawled over to Anna and Victoria, who were staring them down with each movement.

Anna shot them a nasty look but knew that this was not their own decision. She sighed before letting go of Victoria. The women surrounded Anna pulled her away from Victoria. Taylor and Nina grabbed her by the hands and pulled her to the center of the room while Carrie pressed her hands on her ass, pushing her along. Once they reached the center spot, they forced Anna to lay down while they took their places. Carrie lay flat on her stomach next to her head, pulling it to its side and giving the brunette a light kiss.

Nina dove between her legs and softly kissed up her thigh. Slowly, the beaten bitch sat up straight before shuffling her way towards the mound of female sexuality. Anna responded with a squeeze back and a smile.

For the first time in the dungeon, Victoria was also able to crack a small smile, albeit quick before she returned to her regular embarrassed frown. Her eyes shot open as she felt the warm invader slide between the lips and begin to touch her sensitive walls. Her mind was blown more as Taylor leaned down and wrapped her lips against her hard right nipple. Gently, she closed her teeth around the hard nub and lightly squeezed it.

Anna was surprised at how good all of this was feeling. She grabbed onto her flowing brown hair and gave it a tug, letting their lips unlock and allowing her to kiss her chin.

The blonde sucked on her chin, twirling her tongue around on her smooth skin. Her mouth went farther down her neck before she switched direction and started licking and kissing back up to her lips. Their eyes locked and Nina reached a hand out, softly rubbing her thigh. She reached back and grabbed onto her hand, now holding both Nina and Anna.

Before she could react, Victoria knelt forward and lightly slapped her on the back. Victoria slapped her again, this time harder. All enjoyment that Nina had been experiencing was gone as she received slap after slap to the back of her head.

Her tongue was out of Anna as she clenched her teeth together and braced for each strike. Tears of pain started to roll down her cheeks. Victoria put her hand back at her side as Nina looked up at her with disgust. Taylor, Carrie and Anna had all stopped their love-making to watch the forced slap fight in front of them.

Before Taylor could react, she felt a hard slap land across her cheek, almost knocking her to the ground. Taylor crawled into a ball and covered her head as the brainwashed brunette repeatedly struck her in the face.

Victoria turned to the older woman and punched her in the chest as hard as she could. The effects of the ordeal were finally taking control of her. She had a built up fury in her that was finally being brought out. Without saying a word, Victoria looked down at Anna before looking back to see the strap on lying on the floor.

She stood up and walked over to the toy, picking it up and smelling it. She winced as the spicy spray was still very present over the bloody anal tissue from Nina that remained. The brunette started to lock the toy around her waist. Taylor looked up as Victoria stood over her. The angry, piss-soaked woman stared down at her and grabbed her by the hair, drawing her up to the large plastic cock in front of her. The young blonde nervously let the toy slide between her lips. She immediately tasted the familiar pain of the pepper spray on her tongue.

She pulled away and started fanning her mouth again. With no hesitation, she pushed the toy between her soppy lips and started to fuck the woman. Anna was screaming as the pepper spray on the toy was burning every nerve in her vagina. The pain was made worse by the rapid pace that the young girl was going at. Robert knew exactly what it took to control the brunette. She roughly threw her skull back down on the concrete. Victoria repeated the act, this time slamming her skull down harder.

Nina roughly pulled Victoria by the hair to the ground. Anna scooted away the very second the spicy toy ejected itself from her. Carrie and Taylor quickly wrapped their arms around the crying and potentially concussed Anna while Nina wrestled Victoria to the ground. Nina quickly overpowered her and knelt on top of her, pinning her hands to the ground. Victoria stared up at her and started crying like a baby. Nina quickly lay down and hugged her tightly, comforting the severely damaged girl.

She had completely lost herself and felt extremely guilty for what she had just done. The two blondes looked over at Anna who was still crying in a daze. She cupped her painful pussy and tried to stand up. The strikes to the concrete had indeed given her a concussion as her wobbly legs kept her on the ground.

Carrie caught her before she hit her head against the wall. Several seconds later, he came through the door with all nine of the guards with him. He walked right up to Victoria and grabbed her by the arm, standing her up in front of him.

She tried to fight him off at first but knew that it was useless. She stood there with her arms hanging limp in front of her while she felt his disgusting tongue touch every crevice between every tooth in her mouth.

Once he broke away, he grabbed her by the hair back to her holding place. He locked handcuffs back on her and chained her to the wall. The other men moved Nina, Carrie and Taylor to their places as well while Anna continued to sit against the wall in a haze. The first one to cum will get a shot with the stun-gun. Robert tested the whip out into the air, leaving behind the loudest crack that any of the girls could imagine a whip could make.

Now, you are probably wondering what Anna will be doing…well, to preserve her brain she will be giving me a very nice blowjob. Jeff walked up to Taylor with a goofy smile on his face. Patrick stepped towards Victoria and gave her stomach a light tap. Brad, the only surviving captor of Carrie, approached the blonde and gave her a kiss on the neck. Eddie slowly walked towards Nina with a look of pure evil on his face.

Nina had not forgotten the threat he made to her earlier. Anna slowly pulled his pants down and grabbed hold of his solid seven-incher, timidly taking it in her mouth. Taylor was the first to make a sound of distress. Victoria stared at Patrick with a blank stare while Carrie had her eyes closed, trying to imagine anybody else with their hands on her.

Unfortunately, all she could picture was Robert plunging his cock into her as hard as possible. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she felt the wetness increase between her legs. She knew it was only from the violation and not from the image but was still disgusted at her body. Not wanting to cause any problems, she made sure to just do her job and please her captor.

She knew that she was his favorite and wanted to do everything in her power to avoid any physical conflict. As dangerous as Victoria was on her, she knew that Robert had the capability to kill her and everyone else without a second thought. She was surprised that he did not pepper his hands up or attempt to fist her during the session. She knew that eventually, he would get her alone and it was going to hurt.

All of the girls were increasing the volume of their moans as an intense scent of female sexuality wafted over the underground room. The smell helped the men intensify the power of their finger thrusts into the girls…but they were not the only ones. Carrie felt herself getting wetter and hotter as she smelled the pungent scent of the other girls.

Her eyes shot wide open as a tingle began to spread throughout her. She started to shake as she realized that an orgasm was mere seconds away. Carrie felt a weird combination of pleasure and pain as she collapsed to the ground with two wires stuck just inches above her wet cunt. The other three girls watched in horror as their fellow prisoner twitched on the ground before passing out from the pain.

She started to slow down her work, hoping to give the other girls a chance to avoid the torturous triple attack. Her efforts were quickly stopped when Robert lightly kicked her in the cunt.

Seconds after his word, Nina made a loud wailing sound from her spot. Robert looked up to see her knees shaking violently while she tried to stay upright. Eddie was laughing as her cum coated his hand and wrist. He slapped her across the face with his wet hand, causing her to look him in the eyes as her orgasm died down.

Nina looked over at the whip and could already feel the pain in her pussy build. She was horrified at what she would experience soon. The innocent young blonde was drenched in sweat as she tried to fight her own body. She, like Victoria, wanted to be the fourth girl to cum. A simple rape, while dreadful, was much more appealing than the gang rape that the next girl would be forced to experience.

However, both girls could see that Anna was probably getting Robert close and they feared the punishment if they did not finish before him. Both Taylor and Victoria let their guards down and now tried to will an orgasm out of themselves. Taylor had fought so hard against it that when she finally let it happen, it happened. She knew she was going to be gang raped but right now, it did not matter. Taylor had the biggest orgasm of her life as she fell to her knees and squealed.

Her mouth was wide open and her eyes tightly shut while her body shook violently. Victoria looked up at him with a look of shock, knowing that it was now a race. If she came first, she would simply have to take his cock inside her, which she had already experienced. However, if he came first, she would have severe pain inflicted on her. She looked down at Carrie who had finally stopped twitching and was simply lying on the ground unconscious with the prongs of the stun gun still stuck in her.

She could not even imagine the pain of a whip to her crotch with a gang rape to follow. The girl closed her eyes and tried to imagine any sexy image that she could. Finally after a minute, the first good thing to happen to her since she was taken from her home happened. Her knees started to shake and a loud groan slid between her lips as an unbelievable orgasm washed over the actress. She started to giggle as the facts hit her. Her brief moment of happiness was cut short when Patrick landed a hard punch to her gut, causing her to keel over.

Greg walked over and kicked her in the ribcage harder. The angry man grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the free chain in the wall. He cuffed her wrists and attached her to the chain before walking over to retrieve the whip. Robert stood a few feet away from Nina, who was shaking as her eyes locked onto the whip in his hand. She tried to close her legs but the men had a tight grip, holding them far apart and allowing her pussy to be put on full display.

She saw him hold the whip out and closed her eyes as his arm moved but instead of feeling an intense pain in her crotch, she heard Anna scream bloody murder. She looked and saw the girl drop to her knees with her jaw wide open, hyperventilating. The distraction of Anna was enough to catch Nina off guard and, without warning, heard the crack of the whip and felt the worst pain of her life. Robert hit her square in the clit with the end of the whip.

She screamed just as loud as Anna had from her attack before hysterically crying. She heard another crack of the whip and felt another intense shock of pain as she was hit in the exact same spot again.

All five of his shots with the whip hit her directly in her still-throbbing-from-orgasm clitoris. Once she felt her captors release her legs, she slammed them closed and fell to the ground just like Anna had. As she reeled from the pain, she heard a muffled scream to her left. Through tear-soaked eyes, she saw a mountain of flesh surrounding Taylor.

Carlos had slid under her and slipped his cock into her cum-drenched cunt while Martin teased entering her ass dry. He slowly slid the head into her air-tight anus before thrusting forward, shoving half of his cock into her. All four men quickly timed their thrusts out perfectly to ensure that there was constant movement into the innocent young singer. She was in her own personal hell. After a few minutes, the men alternated positions.

Joe took his place in her pussy while Jeff took her ass, luckily for her with a well-lubricated cock. Carlos forced her to grab onto his cock with her right hand while Martin violently skull-fucked her. She was struggling to breathe and her nose was running like a faucet as her throat was pushed to its limits. Anna received to more shots from the whip while Taylor felt something warm and wet hit the side of her cheek.

Carlos exploded in orgasm from the forced handjob she gave him. Several large wads of cum painted the side her pale face as she shut her eyes to prevent any from stinging her. Seeing the girl covered in cum was enough to push Martin over the edge and he soon choked her in his own semen. He held her face tightly against his sweaty pelvis, filling her throat with all seven inches of his southern-bred man meat.

Her arms flailed around in a comic fashion as she felt his sperm slide directly into her stomach. He made sure to hold himself in her until the very last drop fell from his cock. After he ejected himself from the girl, Martin demanded her to look at him. Carlos had to force her face up to the man after she hung her head low while hearing his demand. Martin smiled at her before landing a stiff punch to her left eye.

She immediately covered the eye and shrieked. She pulled her hand away to see a puddle of blood in her palms. Not wanting to piss off a man with a whip in his hand, she looked back at Jeff who was busy pounding her formerly-virgin ass. As soon as he saw her puffy, black and red eye, he increased his pace for a few seconds before filling her bowels with his thick cum. Her head hung low again, looking at Joe as she felt a disgusting warmth shoot up her intestines. Once Jeff pulled out of her ass with a loud pop , Joe pulled out and got out from under the poor girl.

He grabbed her by the hair and roughly swung her around until she was on her back. He pointed at her legs, instructing Jeff and Martin to hold her legs as far apart as possible. Once she was in essentially a split, Joe plunged his cock back into her pussy and continued his rape. She felt his cock spasm inside of her, filling her final hole with a large volume of semen. Once Joe was finished, he pulled out of Taylor and started laughing at her.

The young blonde had cum running out of her ass and pussy, along with cum that was starting to run out of the corners of her mouth and the strand connecting to Carrie. The innocent young Taylor could not have looked more like a well-used whore than she did at this moment. She looked down and saw fresh cum and saliva present on her breast and quickly put two and two together. The older blonde was slightly excited about the fact that Taylor had given her some pleasure, despite the fact that her mind was not present for it.

She did start to feel upset when she saw the solid black eye on her though. Robert approached the girl and rolled her onto her stomach. Victoria screeched as she felt her skin being ripped apart. She felt as if she would die from the pain as he continued cutting her for around a minute. Once he was done, he stood up and picked her up by her long, dark hair. Robert tossed her to the wall as Patrick chained her back up. Taylor and Carrie were also chained back in their positions as Robert walked past each girl.

Eddie handed him one of the pepper spray canisters. He walked back to Anna and pointed the sprayed at the open wound on her cunt. He kissed her on the lips before shooting the spray.

She shrieked as loud as ever as he walked over to Nina and did the same thing. With both brunettes screaming, he turned Victoria around and sprayed her new tag. Taylor was next to get the spray in her bleeding eye. As he approached Carrie, he looked her over and realized that she was the only girl not bleeding. Robert held the nozzle in her mouth and shot the pepper spray into the crevices that used to house her pearly white. She tried to clamp her hands over her mouth but was unsuccessful as they were cuffed behind her back.

She closed her lips tightly and moaned in pain. With all five girls in extreme pain, Robert signaled the four men that raped Taylor out of the room. Greg was forced to leave as well since he had raped Madison earlier.

The girls were to be left alone with the five men who had yet to experience the feeling of raping a celebrity. Patrick, Vince, Eddie, Brad and Bryce were left in the dungeon with the girls. The other men nodded in agreement and released the girls from their holding places, all of them struggling to stand up straight with the pain they suffered.

Taylor limped over to the still-restrained Nina and punched her hard in the stomach. Carrie followed behind and started kicking her shins. Anna grabbed a handful of her long dark hair and started pulling as hard as she could. Victoria, who had already had a moment where she almost killed a woman, stood back and watched.

Eddie pointed the gun at her and yelled at her. Victoria walked over and elbowed her in the ribs. She felt a foot connect to the back of her skull, knocking it into the concrete floor and cutting her forehead. Anna picked her up by the hair and slapped her hard across the face. Before she hit the ground, Taylor hit her with a light punch to the jaw. Carrie pushed her big toe against her vaginal opening and tried to kick her foot inside.

Nina cried and begged for mercy as her four fellow victims continued their attack. All five of the men had their pants down and were furiously jerking off as they watched the ambush in front of them. They started laughing when they saw Victoria and Carrie each grab a nipple and pull hard. Nina felt like her nipples would be ripped off by the women. Anna knelt down and started spanking her ass until it was beat red while Taylor sat next to her scraped her back with her fingernails.

All of the girls started coughing as some of the spray wafted over to them but it was nowhere near the pain that Nina was experiencing. The nerves left in her damaged clit felt like they would explode. Tears ran down her sweaty face as Carrie aimed the nozzle at her face.

She shut her eyes and mouth, trying not to breathe in any of the pepper spray but to no avail. She started to cough and groan as she begged for death. Carrie looked up at the men, knowing that if she killed Nina that she most certainly would join her in the afterlife. All of you piss on this cunt. If you refuse, you get the same fucking treatment she got.

Carrie aimed her piss onto her breasts while Anna and Taylor both relieved themselves on her face. After about thirty seconds, the girls were finished and Nina was a disgusting mess.

All four girls did as they were told and rubbed her brunette locks against their piss-soaked pussies. The five men all surrounded Nina, who covered her eyes and cried like a baby. They were all still furiously masturbating over her. Vince was the first one to reach his peak.

He bent down and released his load on her head, mostly in her hair. The girl was still in too much distress to even notice the hot, slimy semen hitting her.

He laughed at the grimace in her face as she felt her tongue being rained on. He slapped her hard on the cheek before the last few drops exited his cock. He pressed his foot to her head and pushed her off of her side and onto her back. Brad and Bryce stood over her with both of their cock aimed at her face. Almost simultaneously, the brothers dropped their massive loads on her face.

Each brother coated one cheek in their bright white spunk. She simply closed her mouth and eyes as her assault continued. Mere seconds after the brothers had finished cumming on her, Patrick knelt next to her and rested his balls on her cum-and-piss covered face before his cum shot down her body. The first shot hit her all the way down on her thigh while the rest of the shots ended farther up her body. It looked like she had a white streak painted from her leg to her head. She was so emotionally defeated that she remained a motionless ragdoll while slammed into her.

He took no mercy on the poor girl, bucking his hips as hard as possible against her wet thighs and ass. Nina started to moan and groan as the unwanted juices her pussy was producing seeped their way into that wound. She fought him at first, keeping her tongue away from his but quickly gave in and started kissing him back. She hated him but she loved kissing…her desires took over. Once she gave in, he pulled his tongue out and spit into her very black eye. Taylor stared at him with a heavenly look beginning to show on her face.

Little did Robert know, Nina had lost herself in the moment and had her tongue at work as well. The only relief she could get from the pepper spray that was still present in her mouth was to taste a different taste. She was giving the girl, who minutes ago was beating the piss out of her and taking a piss on her, the tonguing of a lifetime.

Robert could sense that Taylor was close to having an orgasm. He reached out and grabbed her blonde hair, pulling her off of Nina and throwing her onto the piss-covered floor.

Within seconds, the blonde had an orgasm that wonderfully tugged and massaged his cock. Before she was done orgasming, he met her with a similar feeling. He leaned forward and started kissing her again as he filled her up. Taylor was too lost in her orgasm to remember the situation.

To her, she was simply having a wonderful orgasm at the same time as the man. Once she came down from her high, she looked up at Robert and felt sick. The reality had sunk back in and she tried to push him away. Taylor started to spit out as much saliva as possible from her mouth but just ended up looking ridiculous.

Robert laughed and opened the main door to the dungeon. The other five men walked in and approached the girls. Robert shut the door and left the ten horny men alone with the five vulnerable, abused women. All five of the men who had left the dungeon earlier, along with Bryce, surrounded Anna while Patrick stood next to Victoria, Eddie still over Nina, Vince with Taylor and Brad was next to Carrie. The four men with one girl each forced their girl to their knees and made them suck the leftover cum from their cocks.

Greg, Carlos, Martin, Bryce, Jeff and Joe all circled around Anna, who was beginning to breath heavily in nervousness. Martin ran over to the wall and retrieved one of the automatic rifles. The other men backed away from Anna as he pointed the gun down.

She curled into a ball as he started shooting a circle around the frightened girl. As more of the gun went into her cunt, Carlos filled her mouth with his dick. He lay across her head and violently thrusted down, sandwiching her head with the floor. She felt as if her skull would explode as he went balls deep into her throat. She was not sure which hurt more, the assault on her head or the weapon being twisted around in her already-abused cunt.

She tried to scream but the vibrations in her throat had nowhere to go. Greg and Joe each grabbed one of her hands and used it as a toy, stroking their cocks rapidly. She had no strength in her hands so they were literally as useful as a toy…but the men did not care. When he pulled away, he was quickly replaced by Joe, who was replaced the handjob area by Bryce.

Carlos helped hold her legs apart while the military weapon was tearing her pussy apart. Meanwhile, the other men were all enjoying the blowjobs that their girls were forced to give. The four girls were relieved not be punched and kicked or having their lower bodies poked and prodded by unwanted cocks. While the thought of blowing these men was revolting, they took it as a temporary win.

Not even one of them paid the situation with Anna any attention. He lingered on top of her as his cock withered before being replaced by Bryce who sat on her chest and pulled her head up to his eight inch cock. Martin continued to twist the weapon around in her viciously abused cunt. The actress had quickly gotten used to the pain it caused her and was barely reacting to the unusual shape inside her.

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