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Looking for a go girl

Looking for a go girl

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Looking for a go girl

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Can you release the Looking for a go girl girl in me. I am hoping to connect with a normal down to earth man who istrustworthy, loving, fun to be around and financially able to care for himself.

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Boobs and Nips come in all different shapes and sizes! I was pumping at work to keep up the production of milk but at 3 months I had to add formula to her diet too. I was only able to breast feed her for only 6 months, and my milk supply was scarce. At least you were able to breast feed for 3 months!

I have tuberous breasts but no doctor ever told me. I had to figure it out on my own. I had never even heard of it before. I wish I would have known or a doctor would have warned me, because I could not breastfeed almost at all. It was very dangerous for my baby. Meanwhile, my baby was starving, wasting away and I was too inexperienced as a mom to realize it.

I thought my baby was beautiful and perfect. Thank goodness for the pediatrician, who clued me in that the baby was skinny and losing even more weight. I was 36 at the time. In all those years, no doctor ever mentioned my breasts or warned me. No breastfeeding books or classes brought it up, either. Thank you for spreading the word.

I have come to realize that doctors are kinda clueless, or lazy- lol! They never have answers to my PCOS questions. Even without hypoplastic tubular breasts, PCOS makes breastfeeding hard!

That sounds almost exactly as what I experienced with trying to breastfeed! Not one medical professional said I had hypo plastic tubular breasts! But now researching it, I know I do. I have to be honest and admit I wish I could get a breast augmentation to help with my self esteem in that area of my body. I wish medical insurance would cover the augmentation too. I wish doctors, lactation consultants and nurses were more aware of hypoplastic tubular breasts and their limitations!

So sorry you had to go through all that stress, especially with a brand new baby. I too have tubular breasts. My boyfriend has never seen my breasts and I doubt he ever will.

I never thought my breasts would be a suitable candidate for breast feeding anyway! So many women have tubular breasts! Researching this and learning more about what actual breasts not the airbrushed ones in magazines..

The media has distorted what breasts should look like, they are all different. As for the breastfeeding, luckily there is such good high quality formula on the market now! I breastfed my first for almost a month, my second for only 1 week.

It was a constant battle to breastfeed. I was constantly going above and beyond to help increase my supply. Often times going to supplementing with formula. I just wanted to have a better shape. My husband was the one who helped me through this, but I never knew what it was, I always knew they have not develop for my breast size was the same since I had started puberty.

Thank you for this! I would love to know what insurances cover this! If you know of any, could you let me know? The insurance will totally depend on the magic your doctor can work! But, it is a major surgery compared to simple breast implants. Due to the location and size of the nipple for most tubular breasts they will need to do a breast and nipple lift.

Even then the nipple will more than likely be larger than average and lower on the breast. In fact, he asked me if I had ever breastfed children. I have never been happy with the results of my surgery although admittedly, they do look much better than they did before, but they still look bad plus I have ugly scars. I have read that there are procedures that can be done to correct tubular breast deformity without the use of implants or breast lifts and no scars and I wish I would have gone that route.

On a positive note, even after the surgery, I was able to breastfeed my daughter for 15 months! Thank you for sharing your story!! Also- Congrats on being able to breastfeed! And a bigger congrats on having your daughter!! Both of those are PCOS miracles- lol! I have lots of tips on controlling PCOS with diet, acupuncture, supplements, etc.

I have 3 kids. Non of which j was able to successfully breast feed. I want beautiful breast SO bad, but have to consider all aspects of getting them.

Thanks so much for this forum. Well congrats on having three babies!! That alone is so tough with PCOS. Definitely consider all aspects and consult with multiple surgeons. Keep us all posted!!! I have never liked the shape of them and the size although not tiny, never seemed in proportion. Always joked to my husband about getting a boob lift. Since getting pregnant, they grew a little, but this has only emphasized the cone shape with nipples pointed to the floor.

It amazes me how every 1 in 10 women has PCOS, yet Doctors are not studying the symptoms or explaining the symptoms as much as they should.

Tubular breasts need more publicity so others can understand what they have and what to expect with them. It would be nice to be prepared for the lack of milk and educated about hypoplastic tubular breast condition.

Im 18 and realised my breasts are tubular, they get me down so much and im scared to get intimate with anyone incase of judgment or seeing my body as childish. Im unsure of what to do, ive heard they can change shape later on, particularly as I was a late developer, starting my period at 17, but im unsure about surgery, at my age its like i havent finished growing, thats what it feels like anyway.

A breast is a breast to them. If you do decide to go the surgery route- make sure you go to multiple doctors for consultations and make sure they all recognize that you have tubular breasts, the surgery will be different then traditional breast augmentation. I am 22 years old, and this condition makes me feel very uncomfortable. I plan to have kids in the future and want to breastfeed. I have Emblem Health as my Insurance Provider, does anyone know if they cover this procedure?

Also, will I be able to breastfeed after the procedure? As for the breastfeeding, PCOS already hinders milk supply. So whether you have the procedure or not you may not have the milk supply you need. As if I would have just neglected to see that myself. This has really forced me to try to accept my body as is. It is really elfin hard and I take one step forward, two steps back all the time. There are some jerks that may not like your body, but even if you had a more typical body, there are some people that might not be into it.

But any man worth your time will not reject you for this. It takes time and effort but try each day to love your breast a little bit more. Personally I know I am lucky in some ways but it is also because I put myself out there that I found a man who loves my breast more than I do. But the fact is, he loves ME, and my breast are part of me, so he also loves my breasts and body. He said he could see they were different but he still thought it was sexy. Maybe one day I will change my mind and get surgery, but for now I am doing my best to love and accept my body as is!!!!

The reality is nipples come in all shapes and sizes and so do breasts! Hi iam one of those woman who is suffering from pcos syndrome.

I would consult with your doctor. There is no treatment for hypoplastic breasts beyond corrective surgery. I am 39 and had corrective surgery for tuberous breast when i was I have PCOS and also had my right ovary removed in due to a cantalope sized benign tumor. When i found out i had PCOS i did research and was in aw of all the things that i have complained about were part of it. The only thing iam not is hairy, im the opposite. Not everyone fits it though.

I just had my implants removed last month and could not wait. Ive been dealing with breast pain for a few years. Due to the reconstruction internally and crescent lift changing of breast shape and size i had alot of scar tissue.

Overtime they were hard and painful. For those girls who are not happy with their tuberous breast i would tell them not to do it. IMPLANTS are not permanent and when you have to get them out your breast look worse then before the surgery and then you will need more surgery. The shape of my breast seem funny, since they did have to reshape my breast wall when the implants are removed you just get extra skin, the old shape of my breast is visable too, not pretty but you live and learn.

For all those girls who are not happy with the breast i would say dont do it its not worth, at first it seems great but the scars the pain and then having to have more surgery arggh. Look at them as a fetishist does and feed your fetish so that you become completely satiated in desire for her heels.

Of course you know that you won't be able to look at shoes like this if you are lucky enough to see a lady wearing them on your local high street. All the fetish for ladies shoes and more especially those with very high and thin heels is not very easily explained.

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