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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Series | Comedy Central Official Site |

Later on when she witnesses another pair pulling weapons on each other over a disagreement she wonders aloud if ALL Americans are like this. The assassin Drei One of the pair mentioned is the best example of the trope, a blond, big-breasted Psycho for Hire who engages on several long, obnoxious rants about how corrupt and pathetic the Japanese are. She's contrasted with more sympathetic examples however, and given reasons for her unpleasant personality. His review of Killzone 3 also had plenty of vitriol levied at Americans.

When it was pointed out to him that the developers of Killzone 3 are Dutch , he tried to justify his rancor by claiming that the game was designed to pander to Americans.

At one point, Croshaw considered "moving to that steaming shithole across the ocean" because he was sick of the Australian Media Board's aggressive censorship policies, which he then likened to traditional right-wing conservatism in the States. Everything about them is a distillation of how South Koreans saw Americans circa Their first appearance has them visiting Sooga to open a fast food restaurant.

The food is addictive and highly fattening, causing everyone who eats it to become really fat and out of shape. The wife is also a materialistic shopaholic who goes on a rampage of branding things she wants to buy with a freaking branding iron! They become recurring villains, and manage to be worse examples of The Boorish in their other appearance, polluting the village for no better reason than sheer disregard for its inhabitants and the environment.

The Government isn't that bad. Even The Men in Black. Of course, the writer's commentary on the strip seems to imply that it was more of a jab at tourists in general than just American ones. America is frequently depicted as fat, stupid, and wanting to "liberate" other countries. She's first shown on the White House lawn, singing that the whole world was made just for her. She goes marauding and rampaging over a helpless, terrified Afganis-tan in response, destroying her home while trying to catch the mischievous cat.

Meriken then gives Afghanis-tan a stern warning to take more responsibility for her house so this doesn't happen again. A distillation of how the British think Americans view the world can be found in the Jigsaw Lounge's " The World According to Americans " map; a badly-drawn atlas full of Global Ignorance and Theme Park descriptions of what few countries or regions are named — with one or two Demonizing jabs added for good measure.

A bald eagle which proceeds to go absolutely berserk at "anyone who displays Communist beliefs, Russian ancestry, or unpatriotic leanings. America under the Donald Rumsfeld administration is quite probably one of the worst representations of Boorish America ever put to writing.

Under the Rumsfeld administration, all forms of commercial regulation, social welfare and workers' rights are removed and working wages are slashed in half all across the board , leaving millions of working-class Americans in dreadful poverty and slave-like working conditions. All environmental standards are removed too, so corporate pollution and climate change are actively encouraged.

President Rumsfeld likes to remove political opponents by diagnosing them with bogus mental health claims and sending them off to Bedlam Houses , and also maintains black-shirts who look for any books which criticise free market economics and burn them. To top it all off, the US military is sold off and falls under Private Military Contractors who equip soldiers with woefully substandard equipment and even execute their own wounded to avoid paying for medical expenses.

It really is, if you'll pardon the pun, the land of the Almighty Dollar in the worst possible way. Ad Astra Per Aspera: A much more chaotic Reconstruction leads to the United States adopting a militant, autocratic mindset, leading to the steady erosion of democracy. After a series of wars of conquest in the 19th and 20th centuries, the US is reformed into an absolute monarchy.

When America is destroyed in a nuclear war in the 23rd century, its colonies in space unite into the Coalition of Western Republics, which can best be described as a mixture of OTL Fifties America and Nazi Germany. After being elected to the vice presidency then ascending to the presidency when a freak accident kills the previous president, Rick Santorum immediately sets about trying to turn America into a "Christian nation". Media deemed "immoral" or "un-American" is banned, creationism is pushed in schools, homosexuals and non-Christians are persecuted, and anyone who speaks out against this is killed or disappeared.

As the title suggests, it starts with a steroytypcial redneck about to say something surpsingly PC Such as supporting his sister's abortion, but disappointed that he won't be a father. Detective Heart Of America is an eagle statue who "gets a boner for freedom". According to Heart of America, said freedom includes putting your dick in anything you want. CollegeHumor portrays the average American citizen as someone who's in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend , but who defends him when others bring up their concerns about him.

The German-language version of Cats Don't Dance subtly shifts a single line of evil child star Darla Dimple's dialogue to suggest a more cutthroat and purely-for-the-money version of Hollywood: Mister Pussycat, listen to me; you don't have to be good, but you had better be Let me tell you my philosophy: In more recent years, Russia Today is often accused of having an anti-U.

In Adolf Hitler 's world view, the United States was "a mongrel nation" and "half-Judaized, half-negrified, with everything built on the dollar". Nazi propaganda also expressed the typical European elitist attitude that America didn't have a "real" culture and claimed that Franklin D. The Dydo company brings you American Coffee. While the review there praises the flavor of the coffee as being rather good a subversion of how the Japanese usually view American-made coffee , the actual packaging comes off as both a compliment and an insult: That is why this amazingly detailed can of "American Coffee" is so attractive — all the cliche glamor of an All American Can, filled with everything the iconic sleazy American lives for!

There is even the American flag with groovy 60's lettering! America from Axis Powers Hetalia is a more benign blend of Beautiful and Boorish ; his geography is terrible, he's loud, pushy, clueless , addicted to cheeseburgers and various sweets, and he's an Attention Whore he calls himself the "World's Hero" —but he's also friendly and good-natured, to the point of being a literal Friend to All Living Things and a serious Love Freak.

Considering some of the other "America-tan" characters to come out of Japan e. The anime adaptation's ending songs involving America are a little meaner, though. They really play up the Boorish idea of Americans living on unhealthy fast food, whereas in the "Draw a Circle, That's the Earth" series of ending songs all the other countries extolled their cuisine. This type of depiction is pretty much normal for this series. No country escapes being the butt of jokes, but most of the countries are also good at heart.

Except for Russia whose heart sometimes actually falls out of its place. But even he isn't completely and consciously evil. The anime series Baccano! Some are silly , some are wimpy , some are batshit insane and the rest of them Both series are somewhat ambiguous in their view of America, as the majority of the plot tends to occur in Japan, England and the continents in between the two.

While the Americans are occasionally referenced as the "World Police," it's not made clear whether this is positive or negative in context until the Railgun SS Liberal Arts City , which presents America as being obsessed with their status as the World Police to the point they're ready to go to some pretty atrocious lengths to gain power comparable to Academy City.

The majority of the civilians in the short story are also portrayed as none to bright, thinking that very real threats are nothing more than performances. This is further muddled by the fact that the story takes place in a "city" that is essentially a movie studio theme park think MGM Turned Up to Eleven that is ultimately revealed to have been explicitly created for the purpose of allowing the American forces to carry out their battles with a magical cabal and acquire their power without the populace realizing it.

A mixed bag overall. The American President an original character makes a prominent appearance in New Testament. While he is shown to be loud, shamelessly flirtatious, and very unconcerned with decorum, he is also a friendly, decent man who does his personal best to stop the conflict in the story with the minimum amount of bloodshed.

For the most part, the author tends to focus on America's gun ownership laws whenever Americans show up in the story, implying that all Americans own one, carry it around everywhere, and are well-versed in its use.

This leads to a very humorous scene where American tourists at a beach are being asked to hand in their sidearms upon entrance. Death Note — especially the manga — has some combination of both types, but surprisingly a lot of the Beautiful.

The FBI are among the first to pursue Kira in the first arc; in the second arc the SPK are established and funded by the US government, and in the manga president David Hoope kills himself when he believes Mello is going to manipulate him into launching a nuclear weapon.

On the other hand, Hoope's successor is a panicky coward who cuts off ties with the SPK and announces that the United States will no longer pursue Kira. The English dub recorded in Canada even gives him a Bush-like faux-Southern accent. At one point he shows everyone a photo of his year-old kid sister — an large-busted perhaps implausibly so for her age blonde cheerleader. In Eureka Seven AO , which unlike the original anime takes place in the modern world though it diverged after World War II , America is more or less presented as one would expect: Having said that, individual American soldiers are represented in a relatively good light; for example, in Episode 10, soldiers are seen defending civilians against Truth and the latest Secret though to no avail on either , and when Generation Bleu came to their aid, they radioed their thanks.

AO presents Japan in more or less the same light as America, namely in its treatment of Okinawa which is independent in this timeline. It's also sort of subverted in Billy Horide, the coach of the Seibu Wild Gunmen, who, despite being Japanese as far as anyone can tell, is loud, rude, pushy, loves shooting guns and even runs his offense in a fast, high-powered manner.

He's almost sort of a weird Japanese Texas-otaku. Leonard Apollo starts as a Boor, but during the first game against the Deimon Devilbats comes to the realization what a despicable bastard he is and decides to become a better person. He even takes Patrick Spencer, who he previously belittled, as his protege, teaching him everything he knows.

In Freezing , we are introduced to "the Immortal" Roxanne Elipton, ranked as the strongest 3rd year Pandora in America. She is shown to be supportive and respectful of others, yet still has an outgoing attitude.

She also squishes Satellizer's massive boobs to see if they're real. The third novel and thus the final story arc of the original anime has American submarine Captain Killy B. Sailor, who's obsessed with hunting down the mysterious "ghost submarine" the Tuatha De Danaan because he's convinced it's part of a Japanese plot, at one point attempting to rouse his men by saying "Remember Pearl Harbor!

In the novels beyond the anime, he gets a "Die Hard" on an X plot where he's treated like a nutcase the people in the know even snidely refer to him as "John McLane" , but he's also redeemed when it's revealed that he was friends with Tessa Testarossa's parents before they were killed, and after he learns that she's the captain of the TdD he pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment near the end of the story.

An odd example comes from the series' female lead Kaname Chidori, who's ethnically Japanese but spent part of her youth in New York City, which is why she's so aggressive and emotionally open personality traits that are less regarded in Japan.

He's a very cheerful guy, doesn't take things seriously, he often wears a cowboy hat when he's off the race track and his hobby is horse riding. The depiction of Americans in the Gravitation manga is The country is represented in early volumes by a semi-realistic New York criminal underground and the gun-toting, very, very Texan although good-hearted K; this and some miscellaneous executives are all that made it to the anime.

In later volumes, however, they actually go to New York, where we meet K's family and the even crazier Rage, who flies a giant robotic panda through cities and has a tendency to shoot people with a non-lethal bazooka. Notably, the escapades of the American characters get at least two bodyguards killed one of Ryuichi's shot by Rage's and one of Judy's thrown out an airplane window by K with no fanfare whatsoever.

What takes the cake, however, has to be Yoshiaki's comment that she doesn't object to Yuki killing her brother , nor would most Americans The Gundam franchise has been introducing American characters as far back as Sleggar Law in the original series ; the shows don't generally ascribe positive or negative traits to any nations, instead making the characters well-rounded regardless of their national origin.

For example, Sleggar is a drinker, a shameless flirt, and a bit of a slob, but he's also a talented pilot, an honorable soldier, and a Cool Big Bro figure. He's brash, boisterous, eager to pick fights with Domon who he refers to as "Japanese", or "Neo-Japan" in the dub , and occasionally makes boasts he can't back up. He's also a Self-Made Man who looks out for the little guy, is fiercely loyal to his friends, treats women very well despite being a total flirt, and is one of the strongest warriors in the world.

Initially he only fights to satisfy his own pride, but after several hardships like being infected with the DG cells and being almost abandoned by his crew to learn to truly love fighting.

And his favorite song is "America the Beautiful" though this was only in the dub, while the original Japanese version used a different song entirely. His mobile suit deserves mention, too. If Gundam Maxter's design is any indication, the Japanese believe that all Americans are surfing, football-playing boxer cowboys. And it'd be terrible to disappoint them. In canon, you get the impression Chibodee drew up the design himself and just combined a bunch of things he thinks are cool.

Either way, he can be seen as a combination of both types, being boisterous, flirtatious, and a bit eager to reap first and ask questions later, but is also a genuinely nice and friendly guy who's dedicated to his friends and the cause of bringing peace. Being American doesn't really influence his character apart from being the Token White in the Five-Token Band ; a lot of his more outgoing traits come simply because he's The Lancer to Heero, who is very much The Stoic. That said, Duo is insanely popular , being the most popular character among Western viewers, and a close second in Japan behind, of course, Heero.

He started off the series in a poor position with the fans viewing him as a Gary Stu he's a Teen Genius and an unrelenting Occidental Otaku [note]]Though in hindsight one could see the samurai themes to Nils' character as a result of the One of Us camaraderie younger Japanese feel toward American anime fans and Japanophiles. However, over the course of the show he demonstrates real feats of valor and determination, becomes a staunch ally of the protagonists, and by the end admits that he enjoys Gunpla and the Gundam franchise just as much as they do.

There's also the fact that he's the Only Sane Man in regards to the show's overall plot, being the only character who says "We have this incredible technology that animates plastic, and the only thing we do with it is make model robots fight each other? Unfortunately, he's had to retire from the game himself, saying that his comprehensive knowledge of the system would give him an unfair advantage. Gunsmith Cats portrays Chicago as a mix of nice place and Gangster Land , in keeping with its loving homage to Hollywood action movies, with girls, guns, and fast cars.

It explicitly has both Beautiful and Boorish flavors exhibited with Takamura's major opponents. The Boorish flavor is exemplified by Bryan Hawk, an exceptionally violent and crude brute who takes every opportunity to proclaim the superiority of his skills over the "weaker" Japanese.

However, this is played with when the Japanese crowd during his match with Takamura note that his behavior in the ring is more typical of a samurai warrior. There's a few more examples for both flavors. He respects Vorg, and wanted a fair match with him.

He dodged a match-up with Vorg Zangief because he did not consider it to be worth the risk, only allowing his boxer to fight Vorg when Vorg had only one week to prepare for the match, as he was coming in as a stand-in when Mike's would-be opponent got injured.

Even further, he paid off the referee just to be sure. Also, the referee's willingness to blatantly cheat makes it pretty clear which flavor he is. Initially, Terryman was a mixed flavor Eaglelander, being a Choujin who only did good deeds for money. As the focus shifted from superheroes to pro-wrestling, however, he quickly changed into a pure Beautiful example. Most American Choujin, as well as America itself during Kinnikuman's American tour, do not fall into any specific flavor of Eagleland, however.

She's a bit cool and aloof and was introduced after she got in trouble for trying to steal from the magic school's vaults, but gets along well with her fellow "problem students" and has no qualms helping main character Akko out when they're put in charge of putting together the titular parade. Her TV series portrayal depicts her as a feisty rebel who likes to go by her own rules and causes trouble simply because she's bored. However, Amanda is very protective of her friends and will jump at the first chance to help them, no questions asked.

Lucky Star has Patricia Martin, who is ostensibly an American gaijin otaku. She may represent America a bit better than most, because she speaks fluent Japanese, having learned the entirety of the language from watching anime However, she's also depicted as being a bit air-headed and somewhat under-educated in true Japanese culture outside of Animeland.

Patty's quite clearly modeled on the stereotypical Japanophile , so this isn't that far from Truth in Television. Patty is somewhat an Affectionate Parody of Western Otaku as her characterization isn't mean-spirited in any way and she's portrayed for the most part as a harmless eccentric. She doesn't do anything stereotypically American such as threaten to sue or pack heat or any of the things more commonly associated with Eagleland, though her physical appearance is a Phenotype Stereotype blue eyes, big boobs, blonde.

The portrayal throughout the long life of the Lupin III has been incredibly mixed. From its portrayal as a widely corrupt, overpriced hive of scum and villainy in "First Contact," to an uncaring puppeteer that leads the other nations in "Napoleon's Dictionary," to a more decent portrayal in "Bye Bye Lady Liberty," and a few positive ones like the president and his family in "Farewell to Nostradamus".

Though the emissaries from it- Eagle Vision, Geo Metro, and Zazu Torque are perfectly pleasant people with Autozam's best interest in mind, they do want to take over Cephiro because Autozam is running out of energy. Eagle Vision- the president's son- is even designed to resemble a bald eagle! In Mahoromatic , American meddling with the remains of a giant alien crab mech causes it to go wild and tear the bathing suits off of young teenage girls on the beach.

Could be a mixed message in there. A case could be made that Kumogakure in Naruto is the America of the Narutoverse, particularly a mix of both types. It has the most racially diverse population of the ninja villages, the strongest military, as well as the strongest economy.

In contrast, Konohagakure could be seen like Japan, having the highest population but average military and above-average economy though this may change if we see what its stats were before Pain's attack. Konoha was loosely based on Kishimoto's hometown, which is right next to an American military base. Hence, while the cultural attitudes of Konoha are clearly Japanese, most of the main characters hold decidedly American attitudes toward combat, such as never leaving a man behind.

Surge starts out as the Boorish: Anne and later trying to talk his old Team Rocket pals referring to them by name, despite the fact that they're generic mooks out of doing something bad.

He never goes full Beautiful, but his positive traits are much more in focus. The Prince of Tennis features the American arc, where a team of prodigy American players gathered by a money-hungry tycoon and coach Richard Baker come to Japan to play against a team formed by the best Japanese junior high players. Among the stereotypes found are: Hell, Ryoma himself could qualified as well. He was raised in America, which could explain his incredibly arrogant, condecending, better-than-you actitude and the total lack of respect he shows towards his upperclassmen, with Tesuka being the sole exception.

The Read or Die franchise has Drake, a mixed example of both types, to contrast with the pathetic American president. As an American, he is terse, antisocial and sometimes downright rude. However he is brave and loyal to a fault, is moved to tears by the murder of one of his clients , and he cares deeply for his family.

He's ruthless and efficient in the courts, but turns into a cheerful and laid-back flirt outside just watch him shamelessly flirt with Ayako and make Miyagi go ballistic. And he's a blue-eyed blond on top. The historical manga about post-war girls' baseball, Tetsuwan Girl , plays this both ways with the Beautiful being the matronly woman's coach who is the wife of a Negro League player and the Boorish being Mr.

Banks, Connie and the rest of the American team. The Harley motorcycles and cowboy outfits almost seemed to take too long to show up. Did we mention the added layer of racism not only on the Japanese players, but the black people in the series?

The only female member is named Big Boing Lady Susan in the dub and her superpowers consist of having huge breasts, smelling like lavender in the English dub and commenting every moment with the word " Yeah! Zettai Karen Children has the thinly veiled nation of Comerica taking the place of America. A lot of the comic book writers from across the pond, even those that have written Marvel and DC books for years, tend to love turning our original superheroes on their ear, basically making them even more jingoistic, or just jerkasses, for shock value or to go Darker and Edgier.

A handful of heroes still hold out as the fair-minded Beautiful idealists, and ironically their scarcity makes them the more remarkable ones. Garth Ennis has a recurring interest in America, often playing off The Beautiful the national mythology of America and what the characters strive for against The Boorish what tends to be the reality in his strips and the clashes thereof. Slanted more towards the Boorish are Punisher and Nick Fury , self-admitted sociopaths who attempt to restrict their violence to those who deserve it, while surrounded by corrupt cops and generals who fake terrorist attacks to justify war.

One of the recurring themes of Captain America comics is contrasting Cap's Beautiful idealism with what can often be a Boorish reality. During the s, Cap became disillusioned by the atmosphere of political corruption, unjust war and the general jaded mood of the country, abandoned the stars n' stripes for an all-black, millitaristic bodysuit, and called himself "Nomad: The Man Without a Country. His replacement was John Walker, who was as honest and upright as Rogers but had a significantly shorter temper and much more conservative values.

As the stresses of the job mounted on him, and especially after his parents were murdered by his enemies, Walker soaked up the essence of Boorish more and more, graduating from "misguided" to "an asshole" to "a lunatic. In an interesting example at least of reader reactions , during Civil War reporter Sally Floyd accused Cap of being out of touch with modern America.

Ultimate Captain America is quite a bit less idealistic—he's a mixture of the flavors. One of the famous Ultimate Captain America quotes is upon being asked to surrender "Surrender?

Do you think this A on my forehead stands for France? The fact that the French as cowardly is a fairly recent stereotype that Human Popsicle Cap wouldn't be aware of isn't addressed. Mainstream Cap, probably written in response to the above, fondly remembers working with the French resistance , proving that French citizens are brave and strong, but the French government basically rolled over.

The above quote is parodied in Nextwave , where Elsa Bloodstone , fighting a Captain America-imitation while wearing a European Union shirt, refuses to "lay there and get used to being the victim. Do you think this letter on my chest stands for America? He represents the Westernization and, obviously, Americanization specifically of modern Japanese culture, for better or for worse. He's loud and brash, but a good friend and soldier.

The Discworld of A. Californicatia, and as a result of colonisation of an inhospitable swamp populated by alligators and biting insects, The Land Of The Florid People.

More are to follow. Yu Gi Oh Xross has a variation on the trope. While the main protagonist Yuga Senku is Japanese, he lived in America for 3 years, and the effects on his personality are plain to see. Despite his rude, brash and narcissistic attitude, he's truly a nice person deep down, and legitimately tries to do the right thing by his friends and older brother , but feels crushed by the expectations placed on him.

Summer Wars brings in a mix; while Love Machine itself was released by the United States Department of Defense in a deliberate cyber attack on Oz for no other purpose than to test its capabilities, a lot of Americans pitch in their accounts at the climax to bring Love Machine down.

Over all, it seems to depict the U. All of its citizens seen in the background are grotesquely obese. Even the Statue of Liberty is a fat woman holding a cheeseburger.

On the other hand, they are portrayed as polite, happy, hard-working, and if they have the time to, helpful to anyone in need. Orvil Newton from Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 Hours and 11 Minutes is a brash, reckless and very impulsive character who KO's a guy when his back is turned and endangers the film's damsel , but still is one of the most honest and likable people in the entire race.

He even throws the first place and the astronomical prize he needs to get home again to save another pilot in distress. Still, he isn't any less of a national caricature than anyone else in the film. Moscow on the Hudson , starring Robin Williams as a Russian immigrant, is a perfect example.

The joys and freedoms of Vladimir's new country are mixed with poverty and crime, but the film ends on a hopeful note after Vladimir has established his new life. He's eager and idealistic, but despite his encyclopedic knowledge of Chop Socky movies, he has no clue how to properly behave in another culture. Amusingly, Persia as depicted in the Prince of Persia: The monster was created in South Korea by careless Americans, who use brutal tactics to try to cover it up and deal with it.

However, a vacationing American soldier bravely attempts to fight off the monster in the beginning of the film. Apparently American officials are evil, but regular Americans are okay. However, once Smith gets to Washington, he has a rude awakening to the reality of political corruption and graft, and sees that even senators he's idolized have sold out to rich party bosses.

The film still winds up being mostly idealistic , but not so naive: American ideals are fine, but the American government may not always live up to them. However, he could be counted on to lend his government's support, either officially or unofficially, to Bond's missions. When they look at me, they see what they are. Many popular British authors, especially pre or so among them P. Wodehouse , Agatha Christie , Arthur Conan Doyle and Dick Francis have real trouble rendering American characters accurately, providing a revealing look at common stereotypes of the era.

The "typical American" of these novels is described as taking things "more free and easy," thus depicted as speaking in a sort of stylized gangland slang — which is nevertheless composed according to distinctly British grammar rules. The result can be a little jarring to say the least, especially if the character actually is a gangster, or supposed to be similarly menacing.

As shows An American , Rudyard Kipling saw America as both a mix of the Beautiful and the Boorish, possessing worst sides of the same traits. He defined this as "childishness. Zigler in The Captive sees he had it coming and is quite calm about his misfortune. On the other hand, Kipling married an American woman and lived in the United States for a while.

He probably saw both good and bad while he lived here. Empires of Trust describes and compares and likens early to late Republican and Imperial Roman to American psychology of Empire building through historic examples. The Bronze Age characters in S. Ephraim Kishon wrote on America, among other things, that Americans believe: You can get steaks only in America An American family without an American boy and an American girl at the respective age of nine and seven years isn't a real American family You can learn everything from For Dummies books, even "How to become president of the USA: In 10 easy steps".

Bismarck is a herring, Frankfurt a sausage factory and Napoleon one of the greatest brandys in world history.

Jules Verne 's Eagleland tends to be mixed-flavor: From the Earth to the Moon: In a glorious democratic melting pot of ethnic harmony and scientific progress, ridiculously trigger-happy Americans with names like Impey Barbicane decide to use the Moon as their next target! Around the World in 80 Days: American trains are amazing! American train passengers, not so much. High-powered and boorish American inventors decide ballooning is Serious Business , and build a Cool Airship to prove it Five Union Americans escape from a Confederate prison and use their wits and knowledge to survive and even rebuild a functional society on their island, intending for it to be a new state.

Though Nab is black, and is automatically treated as a servant which he chooses to be, being a freed slave , though this falls into Fair for Its Day. Benson "presented a perfect replica of the popular English idea of the travelling American" — ie, The Boorish.

He really is American, but is obviously trying far too hard to convince everyone of the fact. Despite Terry Pratchett 's stated decree that no part of the Discworld should resemble North America, this inevitably crept in over the life of the series.

A large and previously undescribed tranche of land was christened "The Great Outdoors", and given a vibe which appears to be the Frontier USA of the nineteenth century with a lot of Canada slipping in by default. It has majestic mountains and rivers, fur-traders, refugees from wars and religious persecution fleeing here to make a new life, salt-flats around a salt lake populated by members of a strict and heretical Omnian sect Two CIA agents appear in a story from the Seventh Doctor's era, "Delta and the Bannermen", complete with thick Texan accents and embarrassingly patriotic dialogue.

However, they're good natured enough and do work alongside the Doctor. The series 1 of the new series had showed their first Dalek as a prize in an American laboratory, populated by rich bastard Van Statten, Simmons, whose job largely consisted of torturing the Dalek, and an idiot security guard who didn't listen to the Doctor's advice. But the American women in that environment seem particularly strong and non-stereotypical, such as Van Statten's right-hand woman who eventually has him mind-wiped and put in some city beginning with "S" and the brave young female trooper who faces down the Dalek on the stairs long enough to buy Rose and Adam enough time to escape.

As depictions of Americans in Doctor Who goes, it's actually one of the better ones. Despite the previous seasons leaning more towards Boorish, as of Series 6 along with Torchwood: Miracle Day the series has tended towards depicting Americans as a bit trigger happy, a bit boisterous and overconfident, but not overtly negative though it is clear they're still leaning on stereotypes for some characters.

The US President in the episode "The Sound of Drums" is a subversion of The Boorish; he acts like one and will say so himself, but at heart he is Beautiful, albeit misguided. Notably, he's right that PM Saxon is a boob who's mismanaging the situation and not following protocol, and the President puts UNIT, a United Nations group , in charge of the operation.

According to the producers, America appears to be a place where everyone is a jovial, if slightly thick and dim-witted, patriot, and random spurts of melodramatic processional music accompany the President everywhere. Steven Moffat does seem to be trying to take a step back from Russel T.

Davies' Boorish stereotype into more of a hybrid on Doctor Who, but on Sherlock , he didn't have quite so much luck. However, this had the unfortunate side effect of making the only American characters in the series were the operatives CIA I believe. The only one who had any substantial characterization screamed Boorish, threatening to kill Watson to make Sherlock open a safe and beating up Mrs. Hudson whose age isn't given, but her actress is in her mids to make her reveal the location of a piece of evidence.

No one really cried when he "fell" out the window multiple times. She is also meddlesome, brash, and blunt. Very much a mixed example.

At face value, the American guest in the "Waldorf Salad" episode of Fawlty Towers can be seen as Boorish in that he is loud, swears a lot, and is very demanding. However, at the end of the episode, he inspires the other British guests to speak out against Basil's rudeness and apathy towards guests, whereas at the start of the episode, said guests felt that complaining would be seen as rude.

In the commentary on the DVD release, John Cleese believes the American guest was in the right, and he wanted the lesson of the episode to be that sometimes you should complain in order to get things to change.

And yes, the actor was Canadian However, he's in a universe where Boorish Americans are way too common. The contrast between the idealistic Byers and the obnoxious reality around them is usually Played for Laughs. Captain Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise is from a single-government future Earth, but his American origins are still evident. He envisions himself as a Bold Explorer , but is highly judgmental of alien practices, and actually brings his dog to a sacred tree grove on another planet.

His moral grandstanding often gets him in trouble and bothers his Vulcan first officer, but sometimes his blunt approach does have good results. When put on trial by the Klingons at one point, his defense lawyer's argument boils down to "he's a bumbling idiot, but his heart is in the right place. The Next Generation wasn't immune to this trope.

In "The Neutral Zone", a highly volatile encounter with the Romulans is botched by the reappearance of three 21st century failures—a druggie country singer, a New Jersey homemaker, and a wannabe Gordon Gekko type from the eighties—who used their riches to become Human Popsicles.

Of the three, the businessman is the most malevolent. The singer adjusts the quickest to 24th century life, and is invigorated at the prospect of reintroducing Earth to his music. This episode qualifies as both types. Kamen Rider Drive offers a few strange examples. However, it's revealed he has a pretty big Freudian Excuse His father is the Big Bad and the one who started all this mess to begin with by inventing the Roidmudes , and over time he mellows out.

We also have Gou's mentor, Professor Harley Hendrickson, who only puts in a couple of appearances but is portrayed as a genial, boisterous, Santa-like genius on a motorcycle who helps the heroes out whenever he can.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The patriotism displayed by many of the side characters such as Ben the Soldier tends towards the Beautiful. However, whenever the Gang decides to get patriotic, it immediately descends into the Boorish, to the point that they sometimes justify their crassness with the excuse "It's American.

The song " America, Fuck Yeah! World Police , comes off as this. Lyrics-wise starts off extolling America's Beautiful virtues until the ridiculous lines of the latter stanzas veer into Boorish territory. While technically part of the United States itself, a lot of Puerto Ricans really don't look at themselves that way, translating to Boorish Eaglelanders being fairly common in their promotions, such as WWC, usually competing with the ever popular Foreign Wrestling Heel for the spot of most hated wrestler.

The "malo Americano" practice predates him but Sucio Dutch Mantel really cemented it, as his gimmick consisted almost entirely of telling Puerto Ricans how terrible their island and it's culture was, often using insults typical of Puerto Ricans who in fact left the island. On the other hand, many wrestlers who usually worked under card in 50 states and spent a brief time in Puerto Rico antagonizing the locals instead became beloved and fondly spoken of years after they left, such as Abyss, BJ Whitmer or The World's Greatest Tag Team.

New Horizon has Xanadu, a mostly Beautiful stereotype that happens to be quite racist. Of course, this is a a faction on an alien colony in the future instead of America proper but They're Neutral Good and everyone acknowledges that their hearts are in the right place, but they're also seen as pushy and imperialistic, and their behavior often falls short of their ideals.

The Rocket Age America is a mixed flavour version. However, there's also the Rocket Rangers, possibly the most inclusive and idealistic organisation in the solar system, that has frequently gone against government policy to do the right thing.

West Side Story has the song "America", which contrasts the two types. The women showcase the Beautiful, pointing out the freedom and economic opportunities America offers, whereas the men are solidly in the Boorish camp, pointing out the poor housing in the slums, casual racism holding them back and how they are forced by circumstances to either become victims or perpetrators of crime.

The song's lyrics even out to pro-American, but is contrasted with its very blatantly Latin-inspired sound. Metal Wolf Chaos involves a very boisterous, idealistic, and badass President single-handedly fighting a coup d'etat by his own Vice President and the U. On one the one hand he's boisterous, proud and wears stereotypical American clothes. On the other hand, he's largely self-sufficient, at least partially self-taught, and is not only a good guy, but is considered one of the most important characters in the games.

In the anime, he's the main character and basically shown to be the most powerful martial artist alive, who earns the admiration of his allies and the respect of his enemies.

He also defeats Ares, the God of War, in a one-on-one fight. Paul Phoenix from Tekken is more of a mix. While he is goofy, loud, and arrogant he is generally a good guy, and is indeed and dangerous fighter, and one of the few non Mishima characters to beat both a Mishima and a Boss character though he still lost the tournament somehow. From the New World mostly takes place in the gangster-era States. Frank is a clear parody of The Beautiful and Mao is Mao —however, for the most part the shady goings-on, the humanity of those caught in the middle, and the historical context of America generally being a place that people wanted to immigrate to are all presented honestly if lightheartedly.

Street Fighter runs the gamut of the flavor spectrum with its American characters: First there's Rufus, a fat, obnoxious and dim-witted American who spends the game as the Unknown Rival of Ken, wishing to prove himself as the greatest fighter of the United States.

As Boorish as he appears to be, he's also got himself an incredibly hot girlfriend , his speedy fighting style in spite of his weight is complimented by many characters, he's without a doubt one of the funniest, if not the funniest, character in the game, and judging by some of his winquotes, he's rich and lives a damn good life. Guile is a Beautiful exemplar all day long — he's a strong and patriotic soldier, a family man , one of the strongest characters in canon, and the chief rival character to M.

Bison, the series' main antagonist. He was even featured as one of the main characters in the animated movie. In the Metal Gear series, American society is broken beyond repair due to being ruled covertly by the Philosophers and the Patriots. Therefore, any actions America undergoes as a nation are bad for everyone, or in the rare case they're good had the intention of being bad for everyone like the Navy's actions at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4 — while they ended up stopping Liquid, their actual intention was to preserve the Government's ability to control soldiers.

However, on an individual level, the majority of the Americans are well-intentioned—even the Patriots. However, the current President of the US genuinely takes responsibility for his selfish and power-seeking actions, and heroically agrees to die to save his country from his mistake on the other hand, it is also heavily implied that the "power-seeking actions" were actually spawned and manipulated by the Patriots so they could trick him into participating in the S3 plan.

And though the former president ultimately resorts to terrorist actions with Arsenal Gear, his goal was to restore American freedom by releasing the Patriots' grip on society, which happens anyway at the end of MGS4. Come to think of it, every hero or human Well-Intentioned Extremist villain through the series seems to have an unwavering love of American ideals. Comes to a bizarre head in Metal Gear Rising: In short, both the heroes and villains are fighting to revive The Beautiful values from a Boorish society, but disagree on both the method to do so—as well as disagreeing on the very notion of what makes America "Beautiful.

Jake Marshall from Ace Attorney. When you first meet him, he seems like the stereotypical cowboy who has a southern drawl, and constantly talks about how he's a cowboy, which is lampshaded by other characters. Then you find out that he's been spending the last two years trying to find out the truth behind who killed his brother.

He was demoted two years ago for helping with the investigation so that he wouldn't be in a position to properly investigate. Going into detail would take a while. Put simply, there are three different views. Firstly, we have pro-America; most of the playable characters are part American, and they are presented as less insane than Japan a view that many Westerners hold and, as Cloudman proves, less fanatical about the Yakumo. On the other hand, they're dicks who forced democracy onto Japan and then didn't even notice that Japan turned the tables and rigged all of America's elections.

Matsuken offers a different view; they're completely self-obsessed and no-one else can comprehend American values, with him just shrugging off Garcian's Armor-Piercing Question about what the United States is. From the same twisted mind , the No More Heroes games — that is, games made by a Japanese man obsessed with American pop culture about an American man obsessed with Japanese pop culture — make for interesting examples, insofar as they are as explicitly concerned with America and its popular culture as any Japanese game since the MOTHER series.

The story opens up with the United States under sudden attack by the forces of the Order of the Russian Star using a captured American space colony, and sending the Marines into space to recapture it. However, as the plot goes on, it becomes apparent that the militant regime that is the Order of the Russian Star was installed by the current US President to give them a "bad guy" they could use to justify revitalizing the arms industry against , and that the Russians were attacking first because they knew war was inevitable.

Specifically, Soldier's entire personality is a transparent Expy of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman , and most of his delusions are based around The Boorish cranked Up to Eleven. Scout meanwhile is a Bostonian thug with a big mouth and a slightly smaller shotgun , though unlike the Soldier his Boorish mannerisms mostly exist to give him a funny accent.

Contrast that with the Engineer who, while still a mercenary , comes across as Affably Evil at worst, and his playstyle requires him to use his expensive military hardware to help his own team before hurting the other team. Also, the aesthetic design of the game is, according to Valve, inspired by artists such as J. The Fallout games have some mixed examples: The pre-war United States was a Sugar Bowl pastiche of 's values, a patriotic heaven filled with wholesome American families, and friendly, freedom-loving people.

But it was all a thin veneer: It pretty much deserved to get nuked off the face of the earth. The New California Republic , which deliberately modelled itself on the ideals of old world America, was truthfully a rather nice place to live led by noble, democratically-elected leaders dedicated to traditional American values such as liberty, democracy, and rule of law.

However, this didn't stop them from occasionally relying on dirty political tricks to get new towns to join. New Vegas , the grim realities of running a functional democratic nation in a post-apocalyptic world have meant that it's had to rely on militant and underhanded tactics, the president is subverted continually by the power and influence of the brahmin barons, corruption and incompetence is rampant at all levels of their bloated bureaucracy Fallout 4 helps mix it even more with deeper insight into pre-war American home life: While the game still contains strong hints of Boorishness such as xenophobia demonstrated in the rather Even some of the Vault-Tech scientists are given some positive shades, in the case of Vault 81 where the scientists refused to take part in the experiment once it began, instead allowing the residents to live healthy and happy lives instead of being made guinea pigs by their bosses.

He loves rock music especially Queen , he smokes , he has a sword that you load bullets into like a revolver and looks like a giant Zippo , he speaks with a very lazy American drawl, he spouts tough one liners, and he's a bit of a sardonic unfriendly prick with a hidden good side.

He's a bit of a puzzle considering America no longer exists in the Guilty Gear 'verse, but it all makes sense when you learn that he was born in The '80s. The various former constituents and culturally divergent groups have since broken up into their own small feudal nation states, with plenty of misremembered history to go around. The major religion of many parts of the US is the Americanist movement, where the Founding Fathers have been taken up as Physical Gods who once walked among men, and documents like the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence have become religious texts.

Another major religion is the Consumerists, who worship "The Almighty Dollar" and believe the world ended because people didn't spend money enough. Whether this counts as Beautiful, Boorish or bit of both varies from game to game depending on individual characters and the actions of the AI or the player.

Averted by Clownpiece of Touhou , an insanity-causing fairy who only wear stars-and-stripes clothing because she's involved in a war against the Lunarians and it serves to remind them of the American moon landings While Frank and Bullet are benevolent examples of Americans granted the former is a bit cocky and overly eager to fight , but still a good and brave man at heart , but then there is the main antagonist, named Red Man, who is The Aggressive Drug Dealer with delusions of grandeur who wants to bring about chaos throughout the world who is also an American.

Though what makes the villain strange is that in contrast to other boorish types who are white people of European descent, Red Man is a Native American. Kennedy was assassinated, Tharaldsen soon followed. In Mexico, Tharaldsen says, Pynchon wrote all night, slept all day, and kept mostly to himself.

Tharaldsen grew bored of the routine. Soon they moved to Houston, then to Manhattan Beach. He still identified closely with the animals, collecting swine paraphernalia and even signing a note to friends with a drawing of a pig. Once Tharaldsen painted a man with massive teeth devouring a burger, which she titled Bottomless, Unfillable Nothingness. Pynchon thought it was him, and hated it. They paid him, defying his own low opinion of it.

Which, of course, was his next book: By one account, he tried pot more seriously in Berkeley around ; it seems this time it took. Later in life, he was known to keep a simple sign up above his desk: He was really crafty, methodical. Pynchon, too, seemed to disperse in the wake of the novel, crisscrossing the country like one of his yo-yo protagonists. His work dwelled on individuals on the run from a totalizing government-industrial complex; now, impossible to locate for months at a time, he came to embody his own literary project.

Pity, then, that his decade in the wilderness seemed to sap his productivity. As if to burnish his outsider status, the Pulitzer jury chose it for the fiction prize but the larger committee rejected it as obscene. Pynchon might have been in the city at the time. In a letter that winter to the Shetzlines, he vented his disenchantment with a city whose bohemian heyday was over. And who was he? Occasionally he came out to visit the Shetzlines in rural Oregon. Kirk Sale remembers his houseguest arguing with his kids over which cartoons to watch.

Beal thinks it had more to do with being unknown to a room full of people than it did with the one guy who was hounding him. Between and , he spent more than a year in a neat but tiny redwood cabin in Trinidad, California, separated by feet of trees from the lush, rocky shore of the Pacific. Having eluded the media and the narcs but not his own paranoia, Pynchon had succeeded in eschewing the machine; now what about sloth? She was also a great-granddaughter of Teddy Roosevelt Tom Sr.

Her first solo client was her boyfriend, Thomas Pynchon. They took the other books away from Viking, too. But it was also a reckoning with his earlier self, before the hiding and the running, the drugs and the block. Pynchon eased himself gradually, like a scuba diver, back to the surface of mainstream life.

Vineland came out two years later. David Foster Wallace was among the disenchanted. His fallen hero had already transformed again, and thrown in his lot—if not exactly with the Reaganites, then certainly not with the shaggy pot-growers of Humboldt County. Pynchon and Jackson married in and had a son—first name Jackson—a year later.

Pynchon told friends he was seeing a lot more of his parents. Embedded in it, too, was a far more sophisticated treatment of his American roots—the Pynchons were a long line of surveyors—than his portrait of the decrepit Slothrops. After that came Against the Day, a big and messy novelistic attack on capitalism, written by an author increasingly at peace with its comforts. Pynchon had already begun writing for the New York Times: A decade later, he consented to appear on The Simpsons —mainly, he said, because his son was a fan.

Showrunner Al Jean remembers a casual, mustachioed figure, son and wife in tow. They discussed private schools and kitchen renovations. Pynchon politely declined a photo-op: Take his decision to write liner notes for—and then do an Esquire interview with—a pretty good indie-rock band called Lotion.

Around the time his father died, in , Pynchon went on an alumni tour of his old high school. Luckenbill had taught them 25 years apart. He wanted to play ukulele, so the band gave him an interview. Pynchon has always fought publicity, but we look differently upon secrets held by the powerful, and Pynchon has grown powerful. But no book is closer to home than Bleeding Edge.

His son grew up looking out on that same landmark—from that same window. Bleeding Edge begins and ends with Maxine, an accounting-fraud investigator, tending to her precocious son, Ziggy. They repeatedly mock Collegiate, the high school where Jackson Pynchon went. The real Pynchon still gets out a lot; one acquaintance sees him on the avenue with almost alarming frequency.

But he clearly spends some time indoors. Beneath the mockery, the light skewering of just another community, is an undertow of longing—especially poignant in lyrical descriptions of two places. One is a tiny isle off Staten Island, and the other is virtual—a noncommercial patch of the Internet, still anarchic in Pynchon compares the two: Whatever migratory visitors are still down there trusting in its inviolability will some morning all too soon be rudely surprised by the whispering descent of corporate Web crawlers itching to index and corrupt another patch of sanctuary for their own far-from-selfless ends.

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