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Nerd looking for a fwb

Nerd looking for a fwb

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Nerd looking for a fwb

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This just, well, freaking fantastic. I have just discovered the whole self-watering container thing a few months ago and actually just spent a pretty penny on one from Clean Air Gardening based on some good reviews I read on Mr. Brown Thumb's blog and elsewhere. I could have spent less money buying a large plastic pot and lidded bowl, like you did here. Well at least I can try to apply your idea to the two half wine barrels I just scored from my landlord!

I was looking for something to take up space in the bottom of them anyway! Can't wait to give this a try! Thanks from a fellow Brooklyn gardener! This is great and creative! I was going to go shopping for some pots soon so I will keep this in mind. They are cute, but teeny tiny.

I think I need more light and a heat mat. I will get a real seed starting setup next year. This year, I plan to wait and see what happens with them. I probably will go to the farmer's market to get some grown plants so I will have some vegetables: I think my seedlings are stressed since I check up on them every morning;P Can't take the pressure.

Hello, Thank you very much for posting this! I think I will try using super-wicking micro-cloth man-made chamois. What do you think? You are brilliant, i like that watertight container as the reservoir, simple but yeah, why didn't i think of that???

I hope your friend enjoys gardening as much as we do. Would some PVC pipe or clear plastic tubing be able to substitute for the water bottle? How many days do you think you can go with this self-watering system? If you typically had to water a 12" inch pot every day I am looking for coverage while away on weekends or long weekends Hi Kirby, yes, both would work. The time between waterings would entirely depend on what you are growing in the planter.

Some plants are thirstier than others. In general though, you can go several days without watering early in the growing season, when the plant is small to medium size. As the plant gets bigger and the days get hotter the time between waterings will decrease. In the height of summer tomato plants, for example, require daily watering. Peppers, eggplants, and cukes need to be watered every other day. In July and August I try not to travel because the garden requires daily monitoring. If I have to go I have a friend watch the plants for me.

Does this work for adiantum pedatum ferns by chance Because I got one and it is realy hard for me to remember to water it so I looked up ideas and yours is my all time favorite but I don't know if it would work so could you tell me if it would work.

Sorry, I've never grown a fern in my life so I don't know if it would like this type of container. Hope you find an answer to your question. If you do, please update us here so other people can learn. Thanks for stopping by! I think it will work and found other gardeners who think it will work ok for my type of fern because it likes very moist soil but thank you do much for the idea.

There is great information here, thanks for sharing! I stumbled upon this blog because I am trying to find a way to make my built-in flower boxes self watering. I found this system http: Do you think I could use this method for flowers, or do you think partially submerging a few water bottles with holes in the bottom to drip irrigate would suffice? I'm also looking for a solution for hanging baskets.

Any advice you could give would be great. Hi, I think water bottles for drip irrigation would suffice. For hanging baskets I've heard people use diapers or maxi pads to retain moisture, not for edibles though, just flowers. Hi there, thanks for the great tip! Where did you buy the plastic tupperware? I've been on the hunt for something that's round and short like yours to no avail. I found it in a dollar store, hope you can find something similar!

I am so thankful to have come across your post. Previously, I'd grown flowers on my deck. This year, I've graduated to fruit and veggies and worried as to how I could convert my traditional pots to self-watering without spending a fortune.

Headed to the Dollar store now! Glad I could help. I find plastic salad bowls are good for round pots, those Gladware containers for square pots and plastic shoeboxes for rectangular pots. Why do you need the overflow hole? What am I missing? You won't want plants to drown in the rainy periods. They'll get root rot. Hi Lilly, yup that's another option that I wrote about in another post.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! How to Convert a Standard Planter. Welcome to Bucolic Bushwick. Please share this page with others and help spread the vegetable gardening movement. If you're interested in gardening with self watering containers, but still want to make use of your existing standard planters, here's a great way to convert all your planters into self watering containers.

This project would also be good for gardeners interested in growing in self watering containers, but want something more visually attractive than storage totes. DIY , money , self watering containers , supplies. Aimee April 08, 2: Elaine April 08, 9: Elaine April 09, 8: K April 30, 8: Elaine April 30, 8: Elaine March 01, Kirby Dog Nerd May 06, 9: Elaine May 06, Anonymous October 20, 4: Elaine October 20, 4: Anonymous October 21, 1: Anonymous March 11, 1: Elaine March 11, 3: Unknown January 18, 6: Elaine January 18, 6: Elaine June 14, 9: Helen Gallagher March 11, 3: Monica Camilli March 29, 2: Lilly May 25, 8: Elaine May 25, 8: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Bucolic Bushwick: DIY Self Watering Planter: How to Convert a Standard Planter

He was very supportive during that time and listened to all my troubles never pushed for anything sexual. Sex started about 5 months ago and was instigated by me. We are both professionals and are very busy and I do help him alot with the administrative side of his business. Early on he called mostly about business stuff but now he calls or texts just to say hi and we also talk and give each other alot of advice about personal issues. He also volunteers information to reassure me that he no longer dates anyone.

And sometimes he says that it is important to him that i not think it is just about the sex for him. Based on our discussions though, I think I am the only woman who ever left him. I feel like there are mixed signals coming from him. Why would he break up with you once the divorce is finalized? But, I do agree that he giving out mixed signals. I would believe everything he says.

What does that mean? Do you not fit his standards for a wife? On the other hand, everything and anything can change. If not, well, you know the alternative.

Never forgot that you are perfect and deserve the best. He seems to think I still have some emotional issues to sort out regarding the marriage. Sorry for it being so long. I tend to do that lol. His response will teach you a lot about how he feels about a serious relationship with you but again, I remind you that his answer will be impacted by his obvious fear. Lisa, I have been in a FWB for about 5 years now. He kinda knows how I feel as it came out once during sex, I said I love you. His reply was why?

Since then I have never mentioned it again or asked why he said why. I always text Happy Valentines Day and this year he responded with you too. He does use the word we occasionally when talking about stuff that needs doing around my home.

But, now I feel absolutely heartbroken and alone as I cannot call him in the evenings or really text. We first started talking by text and speaking for hours on the phone, but now since the night we slept together in when he confirmed he did not want a relationship, it stopped.

But, I am truly confused about his feelings. I feel like an unpaid prostitute. I feel I cannot carry on like this. I want to go out. But, I am afraid of being alone and I do get alot of pleasure out of our intimacy. Having said that, the last time I felt used after he finished. At this point you have to accept that this is what he can give and this is who he is.

Now the decision is yours, whether this is enough for you or not. Then again, who knows? But you can only count on the present. This is the situation. The power is in your hands. I hope this helps and good luck! I have a very protective best friend is a guy and have been in a bwt relationship with his best friend. Both his friend and I have been keeping it away from our best friend. I always wonder if he has feelings towards me. For example, he was on vacation and would text me and call me throughout his whole vacation.

I picked him up from the airport he also braught me tons of souvenirs He texts and calls me on a regualar basis. He always says good morning as soon as he wakes up and he always says goodnight. Do you think we are a bit more than fwb?

Or do you think i feel this way because we are hiding this from our best friend? Do you think this can be turned into a relationship? I do have feelings for him but in just confused. What are you thoughts? What do you suggest i do? But, and this is a major but, I think you have to think hard about keeping this both you and him from your guy best friend. He may feel really upset about both his good friends keeping something this big from him, and his reaction may cause harm to your new relationship.

I have a fwb and he was my friend first cause he was married when I met him at my job. Shauna, I think that from what you describe, you are probably right. Divorced guys take their time before they commit to a new relationship due to fear and trauma. We broke up, and because we were in the same social circle, we remained friends.

We hung out one on one more frequently, and eventually started having casual sex. This went on for about 6 months, then he wanted to stop and said we should never do it again because of being needy. We went a year without sex, then did it again one off. Another year passes and I get that same feeling again that he likes me, and we had casual sex again for about 10 months until we had a massive argument. We went awhile hanging out in the same hroup but occasionally having little arguments, and things were rough.

I slowly got over it and we have slowly gotten better. Cut to present day and we started having casual sex again since February, once a week or so. My situation is quite different.. I just feel like we could actually have a relationship.. But I really know the moment I say that things will disappear. Is there something to gain from a relationship in this case? Also, make sure to stay healthy and use all protection needed, I would even ask him to be tested for HIV. Five months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend.

So I then initiated the no contact rule for a month. Recently, we made up and decided to stay friends, but the night we made up, we ended up sleeping together. I left the next morning. I think that you are the one that needs to decide what you really want with him: Is it friendship or a relationship?

Once there are feelings involved, a FWB relationship will not work. Both of you know that deep down. Hi, so I have been FWB with my friend since Jan , and suddenly, the whole thing went messy and upside down this May. I panicked, I am about to move to Venice for 4 months and I just wanted what we have to be a defined. We done everything possible any one in a serious relationship would do.

I miss him, so so much. I want him back. I think that if you really had amazing 5 months together, he knows it too. I would suggest, in your case, to do let him be and do the no contact rule for 30 days. I met this guy in early March through mutual friends and same interests. From the moment we met, it was clear that there was chemistry and mutual interest towards one another. Things were great and we had plenty of fun with dates and the sex is amazing.

We were too careless and because we got along so well, the more we got to know each other, we started to do things in public as well. We started to hold hands, kiss and cuddle, even when our friends were around…. It was bound to happen and we developed feelings for each other.

He said that we were too much like boyfriend and girlfriend and so he told me we could no longer show public displays of affection like we did, or it would become hard for both of us in the end…. He already knew of course and he would smile at me, and we held hands before I asked him for a last public kiss, and damn… it was pretty romantic, haha. You both like each other and have feelings for one another. You are not afraid of long distance, but he is due to past trauma. The real test will be when you leave the country.

This is when it gets hard. Right now, enjoy what you have while you have it, and reduce over thinking to a minimum. The following months after this post, me and my fwb became a little distant, mostly for the fact that he was pushing me away, afraid that I would cling to him or let my feelings overpower what we had.

One day, we decided to meet again, I asked him since it had been a while since we had met and surprisingly, he had missed me. This happened two weeks before my trip back to my city. These last two days of us short distance was spent, trying to make use of the time we had left together and I could see he still cared deeply, especially on the last day. After I left to the other end of the world, he still contacted each other, mostly dirty.

I was still hung up on him and I was hurting so I pulled myself away after a few months talking online. In the meanwhile, someone started to pursue me and confessed his feelings, and me being the idiot that I was, I tried to give this new relationship a chance, even though I knew there was still someone in the back of my mind.

Be aware that I did tell this new boyfriend about my past experience with my fwb. We started talking frequently with each other again but this time without implying anything sexual. Being the only person he relies so much on and talks about his private stuff, I later found out he had had a rough year and was currently going through a horrible situation, with me spending the whole night with him on social media to try and comfort him in his miserable state.

He was well aware I had gone for his sake and he took my surprise arrival so well, we spend so much time together just being friends. That time helped us bond in a way that we became very close. We have a strong connection as close friends and there is still sexual attraction between us in which we offer to help the other when they are in the mood, doing what we can over the internet with the distance still there.

So I have been friends with benefits with this guy for years already. The fwb relationship started right after my ex and I broke up. Every time I try to let go, I end up coming back. I am a 23 year old girl.

I have a friend that our friendship turned to be a friends with benefits relationship friendship without benefit lasted for 3 years. We had sex several times and we see each other in the university every day. I mean last time we had sex I asked him when the next time will be and what day is good for him because we always have sex in his apartment.

I texted him and asked him again. He shortly told me he will tell me later. Now it has been three days without any message or call. I am really upset because tomorrow is my birthday and I had plans for it. Should I call him again? Should I wait until he calls and explains about his absence? Should I wait for another days and then call him and tell him how upset and depressed I am? I think that he has panicked.

He see that this can turn into a real relationship and as for this moment, he is not interested, probably because of fear. Make other plans for your birthday and see where life takes you. If you want any chance of this to work, you must focus on yourself right now and live your life without considering him and making plans.

All this disappointment comes from us using our imagination and seeing a future that may not have anything to do with reality. Lower your expectations and maybe one day things will work out better for you two.

It has been like 10 days without any contact between us. I think our relationship has been finished. To be honest I feel depressed. I think I have been used. Did I tell something offensive? He just ran away instead of dealing and talking to you honestly. I am currently still in a FWB relationship, it been going on for almost a year. He responded rather negatively to that, referring to what i told him as stressful and nonsense.

I think that you should do what you think is right for you, BUT while remembering that he means what he says. Hi, im new to this FWB. I met this guy through a friend we would talk but just as friends until recently that we started the whole fwb thing. He also told me that he likes me but to see where things go from here. Also he mentioned that he is scared of commitment. At this point i just dont know were i stand or what to do, and it has become really stressful for me. He has told you that he needs time to see where this is going.

He also shows good signs that he is really into you. You have a chance to get exactly what you want, but only if you take the pressure and the stress out of this relationship. Not just by not telling him anything he knows without you telling him but by really letting go of the future and outcomes and just living day by day.

The more calm and relaxed you really are, the more he can feel at ease to slowly commit and get attached to you, just like with the beginning of any new relationship.

Thing is I dated his close friend before I knew him but it was a really short relationship, 3 weeks to be exact and my ex ended it. We started flirting via text all the time and when we had our 2nd movie date we kissed. He once said to me that I should be careful because I might just start liking him. I would believe him and move on until a better time comes for you two.

At the beginning, neither of us wanted a relationship: But now it looks as we have become one: The answer is inside your question.

If you want him to value you more, you have to value yourself more. He is reflecting your self esteem back to you like a mirror. This is how it works. Work on loving yourself more, and he will love you more.

I am absolutely in love with my FWB. In the beginning it was agreed upon and I was totally ok with just a physical relationship. I have told him one time that I have feelings. You want something else.

Do you understand what I mean? The decision you have to make is either accept what you have and be content with it, or take a chance and tell him what you want. By the way he already knows how you feel because you told him. So I met this guy online, we have been FWB for 4 months now. I met some of his friends already at a sports bar on the second month.

H e is living with his dad, however I just met his dad once accidentally when we were about to go to the pool. We watch movies, eat outside. I gave him a gift on his birthday then we ate at a restaurant. We always have sex whenever we see each other, and we see each other times a week.

We text maybe 4 days a week but just messages. He never kisses me in public tho like just one time when we were at the bar.

Maybe he thinks the same about you? I would give this a little more time to figure out how he feels. Think positive and value yourself highly always. This summer, I met a guy online from a university app and we basically talked every single day since then.

I met him at his house 2 weeks after and we made out. Before he met me, he got dumped by his ex gf who cheated on him. They dated for 4 years. I think that he has feelings for you but is afraid to show them and afraid to make a commitment at this point.

It could take him a month or a year to stop being afraid, The question is how good it is for you, and is it worth waiting for.

If you can manage to stay with him, without expectations, just enjoying your talks and your relationship, then I would say give it more time. If ot, break it off completely, without staying friends.

You know how you feel, even if you tell yourself not to. I started seeing this guy from work. When we were going to school together, we pretty much had the same work schedule and I began spending the night at his house almost everyday. Now I tend to spend the night times a week. I repeated it the next day however. So what I want now is a relationship. One big thing that bothers me is that I tend to reach out to him about 80 percent of the time.

I love him and I want to be with him but this situation is driving me crazy and beginning to hurt me. Do I let go because I love myself or do I hold onto this because I love him? I would take a break, and tell him you want to take a break to figure out what you want. Hi Lisa So I met this guy, we bumped into each other and he asked for my number. After a bit of persistence I gave in. Like we still speak often, but not as much as we used to. I just feel like cutting him off.

And even if I do ask him, what do I say? You can do it. Cutting it off is just running away. You can do better. I was wondering if I could get your advice! You see, I have known this man for about a year now. People say that he is no good. But, I see a softer, vulnerable side to him and I enjoy spending time with him. We hang out after we have our benefits, talk about politics, music, books, life. We feel okay with on another. After we do get intimate, I like to pull away and think things over and he likes to eat, usually.

He always kisses me goodbye, hugs me, calls me sweetie, sweetheart, honey in the bedroom, of course. I just wish I knew if he eas thinking about me.

In our fwb way. I tend to think that every guy who says he is not interested in a relationship, means it in every possible way. If you want a committed and exclusive relationship, tell him. This will give him a chance to see how life is without you, and whether he wants life without you. No guts no glory. This is my opinion, and I hope it helps. I met my guy about a year and a half ago. About the second time I hung out with him and his friends I realized I was developing a little crush on him and one night we hooked up.

After that first night he was actually pretty committed and would text me about every day. After about 2 weeks it started dwindling down to no communication besides texting to hang out every weekend. The next step depends on what you can live with. If you can stay satisfied and happy in this situation, than let go of all expectations and future plans. After all, all we have is now.

Hi, I have an interesting FWB situation. We have been friends for about three years and he is currently going though a divorce and I just got out of a relationship of 6 years. When big news happens I am the first person he tells and vice versa. We eventually decided to start hooking up. We had set rules, no sleeping over, cuddling, etc. But I have been getting mixed signals. I even joked one time and asked if had feelings and he told me no. We text daily and everything is comfortable with us.

My friend told me I should spill my feelings but I am hesitant to because I am more confident in him not feeling the same way. The whole thing sucks and everything was fine until this career change. When he says he is not going to date someone living 2 hours away from him, he means it.

This is how he feels right now. When he moves, his feelings can change. But this is how it is right now. I think he already knows how you feel for him without you saying it in the exact words.

But if you feel you want to tell him, than tell him. Maybe this distance will be the best things that happened to you both. It will allow him to understand that you are his best friend, and he is attracted to you, and this is how it feels to be away from you.

Can you imagine that? If you can, it can happen. So I had a major crush on this guy since 5th grade. We had mutal friends and he lived in my block. I knew he smokes too so randomly asked him, we meet in for like half hour and smoked up. We connected so well, it was like natural, no forced conversation no forced laughs, genuine fun. We started doing daily, we used to meet up for a smoke up sesh everyday and go on long drives and countryside.

After 2 weeks we started FWB thing. The 1 and a half months we spend FWB we did it like daily, then we used to go get breakfast, he introduced me to his friends my friends know him too. He used to call me after I got home from just meeting him and we talked till the sun came up.

One day he was talking to me and his gf calls in between so he put me on hold to pick it up. It got me mad n we finally had the talk that he either commits or we part our ways forever. So, at first you were o. He will now be forced to make a decision. What you have to be is o. His decision will not have anything to do with how much he loves you, or how valuable you are to him.

He will choose according to what is convenient to him. But stick to your decision, because it what feels right to you. Just be prepared to accept the result without anger or hurt. This is all I can tell you. We started foolin around a couple months after he got out of a relationship and I was well on my way out of one. We have casual conversations about work and having a 3some. This is all fun to me. Im not looking to date, but then again.. Once he brought up that question during sex… It started to get me thinking.

I think that you should accept the way you feel right now and follow your inner voice. As for things getting awkward at work, this is a risk both of you took the first time you slept together. But you two have full control on how this is will turn out, and how positive your relationship will be, whether right now or after it ends if it ends…who knows? Just my 2 cents. My boyfriend of 5 months broke up with me October 18, I came up with so many possibilities as to why things ended without warning: Even though we were together 5 months before that we knew of each other for his family frequently dined at a restaurant I worked at where he said he had a crush on me for the longest.

Something is obviously bothering him or scaring him and it has nothing to do with you. It really depends on you now: Does it fit you or not? Hello, Just wanted to give an update. Just so you know I do so if we rekindle us just know I want children. Break ups are hard, but wanting him back for the right reasons are key.

He broke up with me again! Yup, January 7th ! We were off from work due to winter break we both work for the school district. This is the week where I felt something was off like he was resorting to his old ways…. That inevitable cycle where the breakup is around the corner.

That Mon of breakup week was my last Good morning my beautiful girlfriend text. Tuesday I asked if we could meet up? Wednesday he said he was going over a male friends house. He said sounded good. So I decide to make a cameo appearance at his house Saturday night Jan 7 I looked bomb! I said I already know. I asked him if he loved himself?

He says he thinks so. He watches me drive off. Sun Jan 8th we meet up after 7pm to exchange our belongings. Had over a 2 he conversation. I told him all of our stupid petty arguments can be easily resolved. I told him I was a good girlfriend: I asked him how long has he felt this way?

He gave me compliments on how I looked. But you have to take this time to focus on yourself, and not wait for him to contact you.

I met J last summer. He was the first person to ask how I felt about him. At the time I was talking to a lot of people so I wanted it just to be sexual. He went back to school and I dated someone. Winter time J and I continued on.

This summer I asked twice if this is all he wanted or saw it ever being. Not so direct but pretty much. We stopped talking for maybe a week because he said he was wanting to start dating a girl guess that ended quickly. I was not aware of how deep I was in this drama until he told me this.

I had a melt down in front of him. He went back to school and I was able to recheck myself. At one point he began to tell me that I loved him. I laughed it off. Well after the sixth time of this I finally asked why do you keep saying this? He never really gave an answer.

I got upset about this because theres no reason to talk about love when he clearly doesnt want anything further with me. Other than to be cruel. He texted love you and I told him he was full of it.

He said this is what he wanted again Just fwb. I tried to ask him in person but I was a nervous wreck lol he even commented that I was nervous? He has texted me but I feel as though they are only for FWB situations home again. I have always had feelings for RW. RW moved to Alabama 2 years ago for 2 years. I thought he was gone forever. But anyways afterwards we sat on the couch watching TV together for a few hours until I had to go home. I suggest you wait with telling him, until you see him for a few more times, and only after you end your relationship with SB.

Until this very recent one. My trail of broken men iv left behind suddenly tables were turned. Hi, I met my Fwb just over 4 months ago online. We hit it off in most ways… and sexually incredible and compatible for both of us.

He contacts me most other days still through text or snapchat basically. Sends pics and talk about our kids and mates and social outings. We have never gone out anywhere although he has mentioned last weekend while out somewhere that he wished he had of been able to give me more notice to get a sitter so I could have gone out with him and his mates that night.

He often sneaks away from his outings to come visit me yes and for sex but never stays the night. My reply was what? Please help me put my head straight about what he could be thinking…?? I think that he may really like you, but at the same time he means what he says about not being interested in a committed relationship.

I think you should take this into consideration, along with your feelings towards him, and set your expectations accordingly, to avoid a heart break.

Sometimes I just enjoy the moment I just let it be, but then sometimes I want him to commit. He said he is not going out with other girls but I am not percent sure. I know he cares for me I can feel it. Is he just saying what I want o hear to keep going on like this? How can I make this official? Lisa, I have had a FWB for almost 7 months, within those months a lot has happened. I just had gotten out of an engagement, and he was still in a relationship. This was at the very beginning of things.

He did approach me first about watching a movie. I did give in, and we watched movies, he would sometimes spend the night nothing intimate about it. The following night is when the intimacy started happening, and that was around December.

We did talk a lot more then too, almost everyday all day, and then it started to stop a little bit. Yes, this whole time he did have GF. Weird, and terrible I know. We still would keep on with our weekly visits no big deal, he also became one of my favorite people. I could act like myself, and we laughed all the time, and to me it seemed like we always had a good time.

We also hung out with my sister once, but nobody other than that.. We kept it from everyone else. I just kept telling myself that they will get back together, I still had my guard up. Now we are going a couple months of them being broke up, and we are still talking but not as much everyday, we have hung out with other friends around, but nothing serious. We have slept over, with people knowing about it. He has also asked me drive hours away to see him while away at work, and I did! There I hung out with his work friends..

I also want to let you know that we have been friends for a time, and all of our friends hang out together. I have asked him about it, and he has told me they are friends.

I think that in your case an honest conversation would be the best solution. However he has a child, and is moving to the opposite coast within the year to be with his son. I have just gotten out of a 3. Any advice would be helpful, thank you in advance. The biggest question is whether you can keep a long distance relationship with him, while staying calm and trusting. Only you know the answer for this. But I can tell you one thing for sure: Anyways Z knows about how N and I caught feelings even if we started as something casual.

And we were already doing it. Once he asked me what if he decides to court me. Yes, I think he definitely has feelings for you. Is it possible he only said that because he was curious abkut my answer? Should I stop seeing other dudes?

I have a FWB that has been a friend for over 10 years. We crossed the line to FWB a couple of years ago. I feel as though I get mixed signals. I would appreciate any advice. I think you have to decide whether you can wait until he feels the same — or not. But make a real decision. Hi Lisa, I have recently started a fwb arrangement and I am totally confused.

I am comfortable with a fwb arrangement but I am very careful about safe sex. I have told him this and he agrees and so we use condoms. How do I tell him I want it to be an exclusive arrangement not out of commitment or feelings but just so it makes me feel more comfortable without ruining this? We went on a couple dates and then he kind of disappeared for a couple of weeks. He broke it off with someone else and says he cant imagine trusting someone again and getting hurt.

I told him I really liked him but he expressed to me that he does not want a relationship at this time. He said he would love to still see me and hang out casually but that that doesnt mean he doesnt like me or see me as nothing more than a sex buddy. I told him we could try it out and he was very honest and open about his feelings. I really like this guy…he is someone I normally wouldnt have gone for but I took a chance by going out on a date.

And after we hooked up we talked for hours and he texted me the next day. However, I am now in the stage where I want to text him and I am not sure if he wants to even hear from me. Do I wait until he makes the move? And I know I am doing this with the hopes it could eventually turn into something…do you think I should move on?

I think that if you already took one chance — take another chance and just follow your heart. If you want to text him — just text him. Follow your inner voice and forget about the rules. However, while you do this, lower your expectations to a minimum. Focus on having fun, without asking for commitment and dramatic declarations of love. If you were meant to be, it will come — at the right time. Hi Lisa, So I became fwb with my bestfriend of 2 years, 4 months ago and at the start it was going great however 2 months in we had the commitment talk and we decided to take things slow and see where they would go because we saw potential in eachother.

However whilst seeing eachother he was still flirting and messaging other girls and sending nudes to them including my ex bestfriend and I found out and confronted him, then I broke off our potential relationship due to that. He always assured me he never wants to lose me and he loves me a lot and wants to forever stay bestfriends, however I really want more from it.

It hurts me knowing he talks to other girls but he acts like the best boyfriend to me and is honestly such an amazing guy. Your pain comes from understanding the situation and not accepting it.

This is how it is, this is what he is able to give right now. The question is can you live with it, just the way it is — or not. It has nothing to do with how he feels about you, this is just what he is able to do right now. I am currently stuck in a very awkward situation with my male best friend. He has a Gf whom he has had issues with for at least 10 years. He was drunk and he just admitted he had loved me since the day he met me etc. I hardly see him. He is usually near me once a week but has other meetings and family he visits.

This is hurtful on many levels. What would u do? But I strongly advise that if you decide to become more serious with him — accept him just the way he is — fully — without expecting him to ever change or be more the way you want him to be. This is it — this is who he is — you have to decide whether you can love him unconditionally — or not. Thank you for your reply. I have had this inner monologue soooo many times. We have a family issue now and I have tried texting and calling him to tell him about it.

He is close to my father who is sick. It blows my mind. Yet he can text me asking me if I still have some items at my house he needs. Oh, and he flirts … his moods are so up and down. As a friend I can handle him at a distance but I doubt he will ever change and be more present which is sad because I really felt he would. Especially after that hook up when he admitted so much to me.

Lisa and all — I feel your pain and struggles. We flirt constantly, kiss once in awhile.. Each time he texted me I jumped to my phone. We also had a great fun friendship and just liked hanging out. He was always involved with someone else so we never actually went that extra step. Well a few days ago tha changed. He drank a few and we were together when he just let me know everything.

He admitted his love for me and how I saved him when his was very low in life. Basically he put me up on the pedestal I deserved because he is very narcissistic like a lot of men are. I felt great and very valued finally.

When he drinks, he speaks the truth and it felt wonderful to hear how he felt. The issue is that part of me feels robbed. Well he blew that because he told me since the day we were introduced he has loved me. So now I have a best friend who I feel like is going to disappear because we did take it to that next level. Especially since I know so much. I love him and I care deeply but he just shuts down and disappears like a lot of men apparently , and that angers me.

The dynamic has changed … any advice? Hi Lisa Me and this guy I added him on Facebook as we had a mutual friend and we just began to start talking and we were talking for weeks before we met up face to face we were with other people but then they next day he invited me over to his place to sleepover and watch a movie obviously when we were chatting there was flirting and that continued to us hooking up. My guy has to have a conversation every time we hook up.

Then he accuses me of catching feelings. Super confusing and just as annoying. I think that if he wanted to stay friends I would stay friends but without being intimate. This will show you whether he is only interested in sleeping with you without commitment or he really wants you in his life. I have been friends with someone for many years now. I am currently separated from my husband of 10 years and I have two children who are fairly young.

I am 32 and my friend is I said we could see where it goes, no rush. But then it seemed like he was turning down my suggestions to get together. So eventually I asked him if I was just making things up or he really was avoiding us getting together. But after a few days we agreed to keep going with the physical because neither one of us wanted to stop. Words of any kind of encouragement would just be comforting right now!

I think that he wants to be with you, and has feelings for you, but just like he said — he is not ready to be a step dad. I believe him when he says that. This could change with time — or not. It depends on how much patience you have and how much you believe your wish can come true. Last week when I was at his place he said you can come over, but no sex! Are you testing something? That has me SO confused!

What does that even mean??? I did end up persuading him into having sex though, lol. He always compliments me.

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