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Not yet available on DVD. After a successful raid on a jungle hideout where Ramon Rey Malonzo starring as "Raymond Malonzo" and his Army cohorts save women hostages and kill all the guerillas including Ramon's amazing acrobatic backflip off the side of a cliff where he shoots the head guerilla square in the face while in midair!

Before she dies, she makes Ramon promise to quit the Army. Torn about his promise, Ramon decides to take his wife and son on a vacation to visit his old hometown and his Uncle Jose. As soon as they get into town, Ramon gets into a fight with a bunch of street thugs, simply for asking directions. Ramon soon discovers that his old hometown is now under the strict rule of Cmdr. Falcon George Estregan as "George St. Every family must pay their "taxes" which include their virgin daughters for sale to the slave trade to Falcon.

If they don't, the men will be beat-up or killed and the women raped. It's not long before Ramon is knee-deep in shit as the police chief is too scared of Falcon to be any help. Ramon takes on Falcon and his gang single-handedly and suffers a great personal tragedy in the process.

Shamed into action by Ramon's son , the police chief and the town spring into action to save Ramon who for some reason is now called "Cmdr. Besides the already-mentioned cliff stunt, there's also an hilarious scene where Ramon shows his quickdraw skills on a gang of gun-toting goons.

The incidental dialogue by screenwriter Arthur Simon is also a hoot. When a gang of guerillas is walking through the jungle, one can be heard saying, "I killed four men today. When Falcon is interrupted while fooling around with two women, he turns to them and says, "Keep it hot while I'm gone. Hey, this isn't Shakespeare, but it sure as hell isn't boring. Try not to smile as Ramon does the final barrel-roll stunt with the succession of.

Vlassov vows to kill Commander no matter what it takes and, after torturing a VC traitor who was working with Commander, he may finally get his wish. Roger strikes up a deal with his old Commanding Officer to steal some top-secret Russian electronic equipment in exchange for two passports and relocation back to the States. Roger and his cohorts, Buffalo Larry Brand and Warrior Max Laurel; COP GAME - , sneak on-board the Russian ship containing the electronic equipment and steal it after killing half the ship's crew , but Vlassov and his Russian commandos attack Roger's village a short time later, slaughtering nearly everyone, including women, children and Cho Lin's mother and father it's a well-executed sequence with lots of pyrotechnics and exploding bodies.

After Roger delivers the payload and returns to his village to find nothing but death and destruction, he discovers that Vlassov has kidnapped Cho Lin and Vlassov wants the electronic equipment returned in exchange for Cho Lin's life.

Roger and his two buddies retrieve the top-secret equipment and begin a long, arduous trek through the jungle, where they will meet the enemy and suffer many hardships, including torture and the death of Cho Lin and her unborn baby. Roger goes Rambo after tricking the Russians and gooks into thinking he's dead, thanks to some "death pills" given to him by Cho Lin's father just before he died and proves that old adage "Revenge is a dish best served piping hot" by killing everyone responsible for Cho Lin's death.

At minutes, this war actioner may seem a little long in the tooth, but the violence is so over-the-top, you'll forgive the dead patches.

Robinson", offers much violent depravity, including a really uncomfortable-to-watch torture session where Vlassov ties a plastic bag around Roger's head and pours filthy water through the top of the bag until the water is at Roger's eye level, slowly drowning Roger, and then opening the bag at Roger's neck to release the water.

This is repeated several times and lead actor Craig Alan looks genuinely distressed, which is disturbing because it's the best acting he does in the entire film. He's actually the film's weakest asset throughout the rest of the film his acting is simply awful , as all he does is look glum and give the same vacant stare throughout, not to mention he dresses exactly like Stallone does in his RAMBO films.

The action set-pieces are well choreographed, as the gun battles are brutal and the explosions immense. What more could you ask for? This is a winner in my book because it has no other aspirations than being an entertaining war actioner.

Never legitimately available on home video in the U. In any case, it doesn't hurt the film one bit. One year later, the government asks him to return to Laos during the war, he headed a Special Forces called "Black Thunder" to search for possible M. Major Straker travels to Bangkok and immediately gets into a bar fight a prerequisite in films like this and saves the life of a whore who he fucks back at his hotel.

Straker learns from C. Straker and his new men parachute behind enemy lines and recon with their VC guides. They come across a burned-out village which turns out to be boobytrapped and one of Straker's men is injured.

It seems no matter where they go, the enemy is waiting for them in ambush and, eventually, one member is shot dead. The head guide leads them to Hogan, "The Australian" Glen Ruehland , an ex-patriate black marketeer who feeds Straker's men worms for dinner and then drives them to the border in a beat-up old schoolbus during the middle of the night. When morning comes, it's apparent that other American P. Straker and his men break free and rescue the P.

Straker still rescues the P. Straker steals a train and then a jeep, only to learn his mission was a sham. After losing most of his men and all the P. The real action doesn't kick in until the one hour mark, but once it starts, it's non-stop gunfights, hand-to-hand combat and explosions.

I must admit that the leprosy angle was a nice, unexpected touch as were some later scenes, especially when Hogan, who turns out to be a good guy afterall, says to one of Straker's men when he doesn't want to touch the leprosy-infected P. Acute Ignorance Dumb Shit! I believe his Australian accent has handcuffed him in the United States, but that's a shame because he's a much better actor than most American B action stars. His refusal to Americanize his accent like Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman did probably cost him a lot of roles in major U.

They smuggle the cocaine in from Mexico in radio-controlled planes. Five girls on their way to a singing contest in Las Vegas break down in the middle of the desert and are picked up by the gang, who proceed to torture the women with snakes, threaten rape several times and expose their breasts at every opportune moment. Wade must come up with a way to bust the gang and save the girls at the same time. The ending contains a showdown between Wade and the girls and Reaper and his gang.

Wade and all the girls survive and so does Reaper, who swears to get even. The girls make it to their contest in Las Vegas and win as Wade moves in on Reaper's Mexico connection. This is a so-so action film that relies on the sleaze factor to get by. There's a whipping, death by immolization, snakebite to the face, several gun deaths and, of course, the ample samplings of the female cast. The standout cast member here is Juanita Ranney as Skin, who is Reaper's girl, but basically a good girl caught in a bad situation.

She's the only believable member of the cast. Mahailoff emote as if they were in a school play with no sound system. One and only time director Henry Vernon takes forever to get things going and seems to pull back on things when he needed to push them forward. Believe it or not, this film produced three sequels, all starring Williams who also produced all four and co-wrote three as Wade Olson and two different actors in the role of Reaper.

A Charter Entertainment Release. After an on-screen disclaimer read by an uncredited John Vernon warning us that what we are about to see is based on a true story "The names have been changed to protect the innocent Disillusioned with all the violence in the big city, Fletcher decides to close down his store and move to the Oregon wilderness after watching a commercial on TV He places a sign that reads "Moved To Paradise" on his shuttered storefront window!

What Fletcher soon discovers is that Col. Swint and his men are actually rabid survivalists who want him to join t heir militia. The Colonel's heavily guarded compound sits directly in the middle of a valley that is a perfect sanctuary if the United States were to ever be attacked with nuclear weapons which the Colonel believes will happen very soon , but when Fletcher discovers that the Colonel has all the bridges and roadways rigged with explosives to stop people from entering or leaving the valley when the bombs fall, he politely declines the Colonel's offer to join his backwoods band of militia misfits.

This doesn't sit too well with the Colonel or his men, who decide to get rid of Fletcher before he spills the beans on their operation to the cops. After watching Johnny Paycheck perform "I Love Rowdy People" at a local bar and then peppering him with small talk at a table near the restrooms! What Fletcher doesn't realize is that he is being set-up, so when he breaks into Reno's house and Reno ends up dead due to one of the Colonel's forest booby-traps which was meant for Fletcher , he becomes a wanted man by the law, who believe that Fletcher is suffering from "Post Vietnam Syndrome" and has snapped.

Fletcher takes Reno's vengeance-minded sister, Evelyn Karen Rae , hostage when she tries to kill him and they both head into the forest, with the Colonel who has just killed the Sheriff and his deputy after they find the Colonel's explosives under a bridge and his men not far behind. The remainder of the film finds Fletcher using the skills he learned in Vietnam to defeat the Colonel's men while falling in love with Evelyn. The finale comes when Fletcher and the Colonel duke it out in a cave, which culminates in Fletcher burying a hatchet in the Colonel's head.

If I made any of this film sound the least bit interesting or entertaining, I apologize profusely because watching grass grow or paint dry is infinitely more exciting than anything this film has to offer. Humphrey and written by Barry Hostetler, is a chore to sit through. It's not only horrendously acted Roy Jenson is the only actor here with previous experience , the action scenes are also badly-staged and photographed.

Steve Barrett, who looks like Tom Savini's illegitimate brother, has the charisma of a piece of quartz and the acting talent to match, which makes every scene he's in a test of the viewers' patience. Scenes jump from one sequence to the next, sometimes in mid-sentence, with no narrative tissue to connect them. The violence is also rather tame and lazily filmed and includes a bloodless pitchfork-in-the-neck and various bloodless arrow impalements.

There's zero entertainment value to be had here and it's not even good enough for an occasional unintentional laugh, so what's the point? Also starring Buzz London, John G. The film opens up with soldier Duke Carson James Acheson watching VC soldiers shoot his nurse girlfriend when he refuses to answer their questions He screams out a long "Nooooooo! The film then switches to a hostage situation at a restaurant where cop Robbie Rudy Fernandez shoots and kills hostage taker Junior.

Junior's father Martin Robert Arevalo , a local crime lord, retaliates and sends his men to kill Robbie, but they mistakenly shoot and seriously injure his father instead. Robbie quits the force and decides to go after Martin on his own. Robbie's friends plan to rob the Bank of American Express on the military base and they want Robbie to join them, but he declines.

Duke gets into a fight with local gunrunners at a bar where Robbie is having a drink. Robbie notices Duke's fighting abilities and compliments him on them. When Robbie learns his father is going to need an expensive operation, he has no choice but to join in on the bank robbery, but he brings in friends Boiler a marksman and Sausage the brawny muscle for extra insurance.

Martin has his men burn down Robbie's house, nearly killing his wife and kids. Robbie grabs a machine gun and systematically begins gunning down Martin's men, nearly missing the robbery start time. They finally perform the robbery, sneaking into the military base disquising themselves as sandwich men.

As they are robbing the bank, they are caught off-guard by Duke and the MPs, which leads to a shootout Boiler, the marksman, is the first to die and a hostage situation. Duke's new girlfriend Carol Donna Villa , a bank teller, is taken hostage by Ronnie, which leads to a short car chase and another shootout. Duke rescues Carol as Ronnie and his gang disappear into the jungle.

Robbie buries the money and disappears, as Duke goes commando and begins killing all the robbers one-by-one. The finale finds Duke and Robbie shooting it out and neither one comes out unscathed. More plot-heavy than most Filippino action films, this flick set in still has it's share of violent action setpieces, once the robbery starts.

Until then, we are treated to Duke's numerous flashbacks to his dead girlfriend he usually has them while trying to romance his new girlfriend! The funniest scene happens when Robbie's father is shot. Robbie stops a Jeep containing three American soldiers and asks for help, but they refuse! There are plenty of shootouts lots and lots of bullet squibs , outrageous dubbing "If he talks now, we're all in the shit!

I also love how Robbie has a mistress and the film seems to imply that there's nothing wrong with it. Another funny and shocking scene comes near the finale as Robbie is trying to drive to safety with his mistress in the car. With the sound of sirens and the glare of flashing lights in the background, she says, "Robbie, someone is following us!

Maybe it's the police! Liberal parole officer Jake Walker Blake Bahner; SPYDER - , who believes every ex-con deserves a second chance, gets personally involved in this whole mess when Kilpatrick and his squad kill two of his parolees at jobs he just placed them at.

It becomes apparent very soon that Kilpatrick and his squad act more like a white supremacy group than a band of crime vigilantes, as they seem more interested in killing Mexicans, Chinese and Blacks in one scene, a bunc h of Latino and Chinese men are lined up against the wall and repeatedly shot, St.

Valentine's Day Massacre-style , no matter if they are crooks or law-abiding citizens. As more people of the non-white persuasion end up murdered In a GODFATHER [] inspired moment, we watch an assortment of non-Caucasian citizens being murdered while Kilpatrick plays a classical tune on his piano , Jake seeks help from the police when more of his parolees end up dead, but the cops refuse to help him. The Police Captain they really should have given him a name! Kilpatrick and his team execute a search warrant at Jake's house and plant a gun that killed some of his parolees.

Jake is arrested, but released after Kilpatrick makes a not-so-veiled threat against him and his wife, Lana Michelle Berger , letting Jake know how easy it would be to set him up for his wife's murder. Kilpatrick rapes and strangles Lana and plants evidence at the scene to make it look like Jake was responsible.

HEAT - is involved in the conspiracy and tries to kill Jake, Alex shows up in the nick of time and shoots Vincent in the head. With Alex working from within the system and Jake working from the outside, they systematically bring down everyone involved in the racial killings it turns out that Alex and her dead brother Albert are Jewish in a hail of gunfire and dynamite, first at Kilpatrick's junkyard compound and then at the Police Captain's office.

Don't get me wrong, this is strictly B-level stuff all the way some of the sound recording is particularly bad and contains a prerequisite topless lovemaking scene Hey, I'm not complaining! They successfully rescue the ambassador and celebrate at a bar, where they get into a prerequisite fight with a group of drunk patrons one of the soldiers beats up half the bar using nothing but a food plate!

When an Army general agrees to a peace talk with some opposition guerillas, he's kidnapped by a group led by someone called the Professor Boy Garcia. The crack unit is sent in to rescue the general in a commando raid, but first they must be freed from the stockade. The Professor's sister, Adora Elisabeth Rope , agrees to work with The Savage Six from the inside she's a guerilla, too, but it doesn't agree with her brothers politics , while the commandos parachute out of a helicopter and land behind enemy lines.

The Professor is well aware of their presence and puts his camp on alert. When the Professor refuses to listen to his sister's plea for peace, Adora and her group join forces with The Savage Six, but when they raid the Professor's camp, it is deserted.

The Professor then puts out word that his sister is a traitor and calls for all the guerillas in the area to kill her and her group as well as the Savage Six. Almost immediately, they are ambushed by the enemy and must fight their way out of a sticky situation and amazingly, walk away without a single casualty.

The Savage Six rescue the general in a cave, but become trapped there when the Professor and his guerillas surround them. The finale finds the Savage Six and Adora fighting impossible odds to bring the general back to safety. After the Professor is killed by a mortar round he blows up real good and our heroes make it to safety with only one casualty! This may be because some real-life Army generals and personnel portray themselves here, as the Americans are portrayed as understanding, willing-to-make-a-deal patriots, while the guerillas one of them sports a mohawk!

While the violence isn't all that bloody just plenty of bullet hits, a couple of head shots and some stabbings , the action comes fast and furious. Particularly striking is the final scene of the film, a long shot in slow-motion of our heroes escorting the general down a hill while it is repeatedly bombarded by shellfire. It is a striking scene, almost poetic in it's execution. The opening raid on the bad guy's house to free the ambassador is also a triumph of execution, as the mansion the bad guy lives in is quite a set piece and is not the usual choice for explosions and carnage.

While the middle portion of the film drags a little politics, passion and pathos comes into play at this time , it's still fun watching a cast of Filipino pros, including Johnny Wilson, George Pallance and George Estregan billed here as "George Regan" playing members of the Savage Six.

Estregan, in particular, is a hoot, as he plays a ladies man who finds time to makeout with a female guerilla in the middle of a firefight! An International Video Presentation, Inc. Speakman stars as a Special Ops officer who must singlehandedly stop a terrorist outfit led by Ron Silver.

The terrorists have taken control of a research lab in Israel that has developed a chemical weapon capable of wiping out a large city. Speakman teams with a scientist Rochelle Swanson and tries to hold onto the weapon while fighting their way through the terrorists. Some of the sights include: A shotgun blast to the balls, a throat slashing, multiple gunshots to the head and other extremities, various explosions and Speakman's special brand of martial arts.

Both Larry Cohen and William Lustig do not have nice things to say about him. When Hog and his crew begin terrorizing, raping and killing a town of Amish-like pacifists, Duke teaches Cody how to handle a gun like a cowboy, smoke cigars and drink homemade gin.

We soon find out that Cody is nothing like his peaceful brethren he was formerly a cop before the bombs fell , as we see him shoot and kill two nomads who fatally shoot Duke when they invade his ranch looking for food. Cody hops on his horse and sets out for the long ride to town.

Dressed as a preacher, Cody's first stop is the town church, where he kills two of Hog's men he then hops on the church's roof and shoots a rapist in the balls! While Hog is away from town purchasing a large cache of weapons, the greatful townspeople make Cody the sheriff Hog shot the previous sheriff in the head. Cody makes Bolie Norman Bernard , a hungry prisoner not affiliated with Hog, his deputy and together they try to make the peace-loving townsfolk take up arms in participation of Hog's return.

Some people refuse, but will they change their minds when they see their friends and neighbors being killed? The finale shows Cody and some of the townspeople defending their town and defeating Hog. Just when it seems that everything is going to be OK, a new gang drives into town. Is history about to repeat itself? Besides directing and acting in this, he also wrote the highly-derivative script and even grabs a guitar and sings us a song!

It's apparent that Heavener fancies himself as a low-budget Clint Eastwood, as he copies Eastwood's mannerisms, cigar chomping and Western clothing this is like a sci-fi version of Eastwood's PALE RIDER [] , but the sad fact is that Eastwood's shadow conveys more emotion and range than Heavener could ever hope to possess.

Heavener does fill the screen with plenty of nudity Alyson Davis as Shauna, Cody's new love interest, looks particularly fine in the raw.

The violence is bloody most of the blood comes from the plentiful bullet squibs in the many gunfights , but the editing is confusing and choppy Heavener narrates parts of the film to cover-up scenes he forgot to film or did not have the budget to film and makes some of the sequences hard to follow and downright perplexing. The most perplexing part of the film comes when Hog assaults the town during the final thirty minutes and Cody disappears for no discernable reason, allowing Hog and his men to easily recapture the town since the townspeople couldn't hit the side of a barn with a firearm.

Cody then reappears and takes back the town nearly single-handedly, which negates everything Cody has said up till then. When the rest of the town begin to fight back, Cody has already disposed of most of Hog's men.

It makes no sense to me. Now that was an entertaining, action-packed low-budget film. A dying man hands him a chrome-plated.

Chase is forced to kill another man brandishing a shotgun and demanding the. A little old lady sees him shoot the old man and now he is wanted by the police, who think he is responsible for all the killings. Smith , where armed men try to kill whoever is in possession of the. I'm not too sure what the point of the game is, but a shady businessman known as The Chairman C.

Collins is monitoring Chase's progress and the end result seems to be whoever is the last person standing that is in possession of the. Not only is Chase being pursued by a bunch of game players with guns, he is also wanted by Lt. MacGrew the late Jack Starrett , who will do anything to bring Chase to justice or so it would seem , especially when two policemen are gunned down with the.

The only advantage Chase has is whenever any of the game players are near him, the. After a few close calls at his apartment and a strip club, Chase learns to use the beeping to his advantage and becomes a formidable opponent. MacGrew proves to be just, if not more, crooked and deadly as Steele, Chase with the help of Diana and best friend Eddie [Reggie DeMorton] must figure a way out of this mess and the only way seems to be by killing everyone who wants to kill him.

In the finale, Chase gives The Chairman a taste of his own game that he will never forget. Somewhere within this film is a germ of a good idea but, unfortunately, the execution and the acting by most of the actors leaves a lot to be desired. It will come as no surprise then to learn that this is an early film for production company Action International Pictures , who turned out dozens of low-budget action films from the mid's to the early 90's.

Director Prior seems to love using bullet squibs here, so there are plenty of bloody gunshot deaths. I just wish he had a better editor, as most of the action scenes are poorly composed and could have used some tightening. A New Star Video Release. After foiling what they think is a real bank robbery and getting heat from his wife Julia Margaret Gerard , Steve relates in a flashback how he and Rod have been doing reckless things together ever since they were in the Army's Commando Forces during the Vietnam War.

Steve and Rod are taken at gunpoint to the estate of Mr. Culpepper Noel Ferrier , a top secret Australian government official who wants to hire them to perform a special assignment the bank robbery was a set-up to test their skills. After thinking it over for a couple of days Culpepper won't tell them what the assignment is until they agree to work for him and performing some stunts on a film shoot, Steve and Rod take on Culpepper's assignment Steve tells his worried, but understanding, wife, "I get a kick out of danger!

Culpepper who is like M in the James Bond films, complete with a Miss Moneypenny-like secretary named Gloria [Judith Woodroffe], who horndog Rod keeps hitting on wants Steve and Rod to take a submarine to an island in the Philippines and break into the heavily-guarded fortress of international criminal Augustino Hernandez and steal some important documents from his safe. First, Steve and Rod must go to "The Farm", a secret government training facility, to get in shape, but after running through a boobytrapped obstacle course and coming out unscathed and beating their best martial artist, it's apparent that they are already in tip-top shape they both wear t-shirts with "Cunning Stunts" printed on the front during this sequence.

They then take the submarine to the island in the Philippines and begin their adventure. They split up once they set foot on the island; Steve heads for the fortress through the jungle where he has a close call with a land mine , while Rod climbs the steep cliffs on the other side of the fortress. While Rod sets off some explosive diversions and draws enemy fire, Steve uses a hang glider to enter the fortress and then some stung gags to steal the documents, pick up Rod and head back to the submarine to safety and then on to the premiere of Rod's latest film role: As a knight who is set on fire for a deodorant TV commercial!

This lighthearted comedy action film benefits greatly from the chemistry between John Hargreaves and Grant Page. Their comic banter and breezy delivery enhances the proceedings immensely as do the stunts we see Page perform he's a real-life stuntman , including fire gags, building falls and car chases and crashes the illusion of danger is much greater when we see one of the stars actually performing the stunts.

Director Brian Trenchard-Smith, who would make the crazy and even more stunt-filled STUNT ROCK next, keeps things moving at a brisk pace, skipping such important story elements as character development and plot details, but still giving us a little insight into Steve and Rod's personal and professional lives. The fact that no one dies in this film and we never actually meet international criminal Augustino Hernandez or see Steve actually steal the important documents should show you where this film's tongue is firmly planted.

Noel Ferrier the evil Secretary Mallory in Trenchard-Smith's bloody ESCAPE [] plays Culpepper with a dry wit, falling asleep while showing the stuntmen an important roll of film, making comical asides and playing chess with Julia and losing every game while thay await word of the duo's success or failure. Ralph Cotterill also registers as Culpepper's right-hand man listed in the credits simply as "Un-Civil Servant" , who dresses like a gangster complete with white suit and fedora and fancies himself an expert martial artist, only to be upstaged by Steve and Rod at every turn.

A Vestron Video Release. Not available on DVD at the time of this review. Not Rated , but nothing objectionable. The film opens up with a van of wetbacks being massacred by two men with machine guns in the Arizona desert. An Indian who is chugging a six-pack of Coors sees the massacre and ends up getting murdered after trying to help the last surviving wetback. They find the massacred wetbacks with their stomachs slit open.

A DEA agent tells Max that a local drug baron, Angel Melendez Simon Maceo , is using wetbacks to smuggle cocaine in their bodies as they illegally cross the border. The crooked sheriff warns Angel that Max and Stone are looking for the people responsible for killing Stone's uncle. Angel sends the crooked sheriff to kill them, but doesn't succeed. Angel has other problems. Max and Stone break up a drug drop-off and walk away with the cocaine.

Max and Stone must also protect them as well as themselves. Things come to a boil when all three parties meet and fight to the death. I really liked this film. It's well-acted by a cast of relative unknowns and one-time director Paul M.

DeGruccio keeps the the action flowing at a speedy clip, letting enough blood and nudity creep in so that you are never bored. There also a hefty amount of humor in the script by Dan Peacock and Paul Natale that catches you off-guard among the grim proceedings.

Tony Sacco complaining about the type of car that came to pick him up at the airport is a priceless piece of dialogue and editing. And just wait till you see what Tony uses under the wheels when his car gets stuck in the desert.

The effects are also brutal. You will see several bloody head shots, a man shot in the groin, scenes of stomachs being slit open, throat slashings, a grenade being shoved into a goon's mouth and a major character has his hands nailed to a table and then stabbed in the back.

Also, dig the carnage when Angel's girlfriend meets a cactus at 60 mph. I had a good time with this hard-to-find film. It's an almost perfect blend of action, violence and humor. If you can find this anywhere, pick it up! A Raedon Home Video Release. A special Thanks to William Wilson for giving me a copy of this. When Tony and Carlos betray Calvin, Russell and Rex and send the cops to their hotel room, Rex is killed but Calvin and Russell escape thanks to a couple of sticks of dynamite and some police uniforms.

They steal a police car and then pull over three guys and rob them of their clothes, money and car a very funny scene. By chance, they see Tony's girlfriend Margie Margot Kidder walking down the street and follow her home. They make her take them to Tony, but Carlos is waiting with a sniper rifle he's a lousy shot. A chase ensues and they capture Carlos. After torturing him with a lobster!

Everyone finally congregates at a building that is being demolished. Besides fighting each other, Tony and the Dion brothers must also contend with a wrecking ball, a room full of chickens and holes in the floors. With the building falling apart around them, the Dion brothers battle Tony and his goons room-by-room and floor-by-floor, until only one is left standing. Even though the ending is a bummer, you'll find yourself laughing out loud many times before the film ends on a dour note.

This funny action flick benefits tremendously by Keach's and Forrest's performances as two guys completely out of their element. They rob to finance their dream well, it's actually Calvin's, but Russell goes along of opening a fancy seafood restaurant, even though they have never tasted seafood.

They are totally devoted to each other, though neither of them basically has a clue as to what they are doing This is Russell's opinion of school: There's not a mean-spirited bone in this entire film until the finale. Even though there are gunfights, violence and death, it's all so goofy and innoculous, it elicits laughs rather than shock. Malick was also slated to direct this, but dropped out and Starrett took over. It's uncut, but every 30 minutes, they insert 5 minutes of commercials!

In the immortal words of Cal Dion: Go change your name! This Tomorrow Entertainment production was released to theaters thru Columbia Pictures. When are studios going to wise up and start releasing 70's gems like this on DVD? Very few movies can successfully pull that off.

Halicki's productions, Vacek had a better handle than most on how to film car chases and this film works for the most part, even though it stars a cast of non-professionals and has a budget that wouldn't fill the craft table on a Hollywood film. Vacek stars as Smokey, a Highway Patrol cop who likes to drive fast Just before he goes on duty, he loves to race his motorcycle to work, leading the exasperated cops in the next town on daily high speed chases.

It's a game to Smokey, but the cops chasing him take it very seriously, even though they never catch him. Smokey loves his job, but he's not your typical Highway Cop. He and his partner Ed Ed Abrams have fun at their jobs and not every chase ends in an arrest or a ticket. When Smokey and Ed pull over a guy named George George Cole , who's in the repo business, he offers them a job repossessing cars in their spare time.

They take him up on his offer it gives them a chance to drive fast during their off-hours and make extra cash , but they only want to repossess fast cars, so George takes them on a trial run where they watch George repo a car and learn the ropes.

Smokey meets a girl named Jordan co-scripter Patrice Schubert, Vacek's real-life wife when he stops her for driving too slow and he makes a date with her, but he shows up two hours late when he and Ed's first repo job doesn't go as smoothly as it should. Their next repo job is a disaster when Ed repos a Ford Pinto what happened to fast cars only? The rest of the film is a series of car chases, as Smokey and Ed repo cars disguised as lawn care professionals or try to outrun the police that chase them.

Needless to say, there's not a fruit stand, flower shop, stack of boxes full of Styrofoam popcorn or aqueduct that they don't manage to crash into, plow over or hydroplane on, as they try to avoid capture. Trouble ensues when Smokey and Ed discover that they are being played for fools, as the cars and even a sailboat that they have been repossessing are not repos at all; they are actually stealing perfectly legally-owned cars that are being sold overseas or stripped for parts by crime kingpin Lewis Sloan Tex Taylor.

How are Smokey and Ed going to pull their asses out of this fire? With George's help, Smokey and Ed steal a briefcase containing incriminating evidence of Lewis' criminal enterprise, which leads to the film's complex, stunt-filled car chase finale. This is an innocuous actioner that contains no foul language, no bloody violence, no nudity and really nothing offensive at all. Just plenty of car chases and extremely bad acting a lot of dialogue seems improvised.

The film opens with a giant mechanical dragon it looks like the bastard step-cousin of Mechagodzilla , which shoots flames out of it's mouth and spits machinegun fire out it's tail, destroying a rival gang's headquarters. A severely burned victim of the dragon is taken to the hospital, where the Bionic Boy, Johnson "Sonny" Lee Johnson Yap , is having work done on his bionic legs. His aunt, Interpol agent Cleopatra Wong Marrie Lee , waits for word of his progress in the waiting room. While he is on the operating table, Sonny hears with his bionic ear!

When he tells Cleo later on about what he heard, she doesn't believe him she thinks the anesthesia was playing tricks on his mind , but he is overheard talking about the giant dragon by a thug, who reports back to his boss. The crimeboss, who owns the mechanical dragon and would rather keep it's existence a secret, orders his men to kidnap the burned guy so he doesn't talk further.

Sonny spots the goons kidnapping the guy and follows them to a warehouse, where he watches them kill the guy and talk about a smuggling shipment that they are going to pick up at the docks the next morning. Sonny goes to Cleo's house to tell her about it, but she still doesn't believe him, so he goes to the docks by himself the next morning, beats up all the smugglers with his bionic arms and legs filmed in super slow-motion, while an electricic da-da-da sound plays on the soundtrack and steals the metal briefcase containing the smugglers' goods a new kind of radioactive uranium.

With the briefcase as proof, Cleo has no other option but to believe Sonny finally! They both must now fight a succession of goons and, ultimately, the giant mechanical dragon, as the plot thickens and Nazis are brought into the mix.

In the finale Cleo, Sonny and Agent DeLeon fight a bunch of wetsuit-clad bad guys on an island that holds a deadly secret. I laughed, I cried, I nearly died. This goofy, entertaining movie once again proves that Director Bobby A. Filled with wild scenes Sonny outrunning a moving car and punching the driver in the face, knocking him out; Sonny tosses a goon through a basketball hoop and crazy characters including a flamboyantly gay gangster that kisses, slaps and runs around like a total flamer until Sonny hits him square in the nuts with a baseball, knocking off his hat and revealing a headfull of curlers!

The screenplay by co-stars Ken Metcalfe and Joseph Zucchero really doesn't make much sense It involves illegal uranium mining being done by a tribe of loincloth-wearing natives, who are forced to work in the mines by a silver eyepatch-wearing Nazi, who plans on using this unique uranium to create a death laser and take over the world!

Where in the hell did they come from? There's also some side-splitting dialogue, such as when Kurz Metcalf , the Nazi with the eyepatch, has captured Cleo and has her restrained on a big wooden wheel.

Here's his interrogation of her: You leave me no choice. We must spin the wheel! This film opens with a sappy 80's power ballad called, appropriately enough, "Eagle Island" playing on the soundtrack while we watch a group of Russian frogmen exit from a submarine and swim to the title island, where some poor guard dressed in military fatigues is killed with two crossbow bolts. Simon decides he is "too bushed" to check it out he thinks it is just some errant rabbits , so he asks friend Tom Henning Olofsson to do it instead.

Tom is pushed off a cliff by one of the frogmen who are now dressed as black-clad ninjas! The next morning, after a breakfast of fish and beer! Seago , comes to the island by helicopter and relieves him of duty, blaming Eddie for Tom's death gee, news travels really fast, but what about the missing guard? Eddie quits the military instead a reasonable reaction considering the way he is being treated and is told by Col.

Crayton that he has to leave the island in ten minutes. Anna and Helen turn out to be two nosy photojournalists who say they are trying to get photos of rare eagles that only inhabit this island hence its name , but it's plain to see that they're here to try and get evidence of why the military occupies this island. To make an extremely confusing long story short, Col. Why are Clayton and the Russians doing this? Well, you can be sure it's not over the tasty and valuable eagle eggs that litter the island.

It's over an egg of a different sort: The war is on! Not much in the logic department happens during the film's running time but, damn, the film is goofy as hell, with weird fight scenes the fight between Simon and Clayton is one of the unintentionally funniest, weirdly-choreographed fight scenes I've had the pleasure of watching, as Clayton is constantly interrupted from radioing-in to his Russian counterparts by Simon, who refuses to stay down , lines of English dialogue screenplay by Madeleine Bruzelius; co-writer of THE FORGOTTEN WELLS that could only make sense to the Swedish "Everyone on their toes, got it?

Helen is also graphically and rather matter-of-factly shot in the face shortly after she stabs Petrowics in the back when he threatens to rape her. Never legitimate available on home video in the U. They cap off the invasion by decapitating the village leader in front of everyone while Bogart proclaims himself "King Bogart".

Those villagers who are not killed are sold as slaves at auctions populated by rich Dutch Imperialists. Years later, Panji Baron Hermanto and his mother Tatiek Wardiyono , who were the son and wife of the decapitated village leader, break-up a slave auction and save the beautiful Mira Alba Fuad from a life of servitude.

The only problem is that Mira's cure may be worse than the disease, as Isabella Nina Anwar , who is leading a revolution to overthrow the current regime, believes Mira is the only girl that can bring down the brutal Bogart, as long as she is trained right. Isabella puts Mira through a series of sexual tortures to toughen-up her body and mind, so she can become an undercover prostitute The tortures include making her lay on a slab o f red-hot piece of metal and pounding her vagina with a piece of wood until she loses all feeling in it!

Mira has had a previous relationship with James, as he once promised to marry her, but then sold her into slavery once he got into her panties. Mira knows she must kill Bogart, but it is James that she really wants to put six feet under. Panji falls in love with Mira during her training sessions and he doesn't want her to go through with the mission, but her taste for revenge outweighs her love for Panji. When Mira finally gets the chance to bed the horny Bogart, her assassination attempt is interrupted when a jealous Panji invades Bogart's castle and he is captured and thrown in the dungeon.

Mira must now decide what is more important to her: Killing Bogart and Captain James or rescuing Panji from the dungeon. Bogart's main concubine, the undercover Isabella who is really working in conjunction with James to take over Bogart's empire [whew, this is getting complicated!

The finale finds Mira killing James by throwing acid in his face and slashing him repeatedly with a dagger; Captain Tengga offing Bogart with a spear to the gut; Isabella shot through the back with an arrow when she tries to hang Mira; and Panji killing Captain Tengga by planting a sword in his stomach and breaking the blade in the process , God, I love happy endings! Particularly interesting is the way Firmansjah integrates so many sex scenes into the film without actually showing any female nudity the closest the film comes is when we see some women's nipples through their wet clothing as they bathe by a waterfalls.

Mike Abbott is his usual coked-out, wide-eyed self, chewing up the scenery in every frame he's in yet his brutal rape scenes seem nothing more than gentle lovemaking sessions! His death scene, where General Tengga stabs him with a spear just above his groin, is one of the film's bloody highlights. As usual with most Indonesian films, the English dubbing is horrendous and hilarious although whoever dubbed Abbott's voice at least tried to match his lip movements , the violence is over-the-top and any depiction of the Dutch is not in the best light even the Dutch women are portrayed as upper-class cunts , but considering Indonesia's history, this is to be expected.

Another winner from Producer Gope T. Samtani and Rapi Films, Indonesia's main purveyors of sleazy entertainment. This never got a legitimate U. After the "Collapse", the world is a shell of it's former self, as all the cities have become nothing but burned-out slums with barbarian nomads preying on what's left of normal human society.

One such family, the Colts, have saved up enough money to move into a "Safehaven", a self-contained city block where society is civil and everyone lives in peace and harmony. Or so they thought. Once the Colts, which includes father Ben William Beckwith , mother Janet Sammi Gavich , son Jeff John Wittenbauer and daughter Natalie Mollie O'Mara , make it to Safehaven , they will discover that it's rules and regulations are no better if not worse than living on the outside.

As a matter of fact, Safehaven is a living nightmare, as it's leader, Mayor McGee Marcus Powell , runs the place with an iron fist. When Ben and his family are forced to watch two Safehaven residents being hanged for minor infractions, Ben speaks out against the injustice, which doesn't sit well with Mayor McGee and his goons and it puts his family's lives in jeopardy.

Mayor McGee sends his goons to arrest the Colts at their apartment which looks like a hovel and they grab everyone except Jeff, who is out doing some shopping.

Ben is falsely charged with assaulting an officer, head goon Preacher Roy MacArthur , and sentenced to death, so Jeff has to find a way to rescue his father and the rest of his family Mom is put in a cell and Natalie is sent to a whorehouse for training.

Complicating matters is an internal power struggle between Mayor McGee and Preacher Preacher believes the Mayor is being too soft! It's not all going to be shits and giggles, though, as Pierce is captured and tortured, the blind man killed and the underground rebel force exposed.

Pierce is also harboring a secret from his past, which will come into play during the finale, when he and Preacher face-off for a final confrontation. I admire a film that shows how life in a supposedly "safe" environment may actually be worse that life on the outside, where scavengers roam the slum-ridden landscape and life isn't pretty.

What this film lacks in budget, it more than makes up for in sheer chutzpah, as the real scavengers are shown to be those that are in authority; corrupt to the point of no longer acting humane. That's not to say that this film is all lofty ambitions, though. There are plenty of exploitative elements on view, including Pierce being tortured by a topless chick in a dominatrix outfit, some bad martial arts tomfoolery, a smattering of gore including a scene of the blind man being crucified , gunfights and lots of people with big 80's hair and clothing.

Filmed in New York City look closely during the rooftop scenes and you'll notice that the city is not as empty as this film wants you to believe it is. I'm still trying to get it out of my head. On Christmas Eve, a busload of passengers in the middle of nowhere in Texas where, not-so-coincidentally, it's a dead zone for cell phone service are being terrorized and killed by an outlaw biker gang.

The passengers are a varied lot and pack a lot of personal demons: The fun starts once Danny stops the bus to check on the condition of the two bikers he hit.

While it is quite obvious one of the bikers is dead, the other one pulls out a gun and shoots Danny in the head, killing him which is shocking because, up to this point in the film, it seems Danny is going to be one of the film's major heroes , wounds Meredith in the side using her Marine training, she stops the bleeding by sticking a tampon in the wound and sealing it with duct tape!

As the film progresses, the passengers grab control of the bus, crashing it into an out-of-the-way auto junkyard, where our ragtag group must batten down the hatches and defend themselves against the ever-growing number of bikers, while bickering among themselves and discovering each other's secrets.

To give away any more would be doing a disservice to first-time viewers. Let's just say that nearly everyone has their own hidden talents that will be needed to be put into use if they are to survive the night. While the middle section of the film falters somewhat there seems to be too much arguing amongst the cast , it does pick up steam once the passengers decide to work together and begin to kick some biker ass.

There are also some welcome bits of humor, most of it coming from Spanish-speaking passenger Mr. Vargas Everett Sifuentes , who no one understands, yet he manufactures a weapon that comes in quite handy and is used in one of the film's stand-out deaths. All-in-all, not a bad way to spend 90 minutes. Nothing earth-shaking, just solid entertainment with a sense of heart and soul missing from most genre films of this type.

When the mission is completed, the only people left alive are Rosello, another soldier and a baby that Rosello rescues after he is forced to kill it's traitorous mother.

Back at base camp, Rosello is informed by his Commanding Officer that no other soldiers want to work with him because every mission he leads, very few soldiers come back alive. Rosello is then ordered to lead a squad of misfits, con men and criminals on his latest mission, but first he has to get them to work together as a team. That won't be easy. This group of roustabouts have more issues than National Geographic. There's the wise-mouthed black demolitions expert, Jackson Kevin Duffis ; deeply religious Bible-thumper with the prophetic name Elijah Lord Loren Haynes, who also wrote and sings the film's closing tune ; full-fledged bigot Richter Jeff Griffith , who looks at Jackson and says, "Apes ain't my brothers!

Rosello finally leads his men on their first mission: Capturing a Viet Cong Colonel Filipino staple Vic Diaz, in a much larger role than usual and blowing up an enemy bridge. They somehow manage to complete their objectives, but they aren't yet working together as a squad Rosello tells his Commanding Officer after the mission, "They can't even wipe their own asses!

Slowly but surely, everyone begins working together as a team and learn to put their differences aside. After taking a major casualty on their second mission, Roselli decides to take his men for a night out on the town, which leads to a prerequisite bar fight with a bunch of drunken Marines one is portrayed by an uncredited Nick Nicholson.

They all get thrown into the brig, but when enemy forces invade the hospital to free their captured Colonel and take some female nurses hostage, Captain Roselli and the Expendables swing into action in what will turn out to be their most dangerous and fatal mission.

For the first time, Captain Roselli experiences the hollow experience of victory in the face of sacrifice. This is Filipino director Cirio H. As a matter of fact, the weakest actor here is Anthony Finetti as Captain Rosello, who is a newcomer to the Santiago universe. That is why most of Santiago's films, whether good or bad, are at least well-acted. The script, by Philip Alderton, is generic war action stuff, but I did like the inclusion of the deeply religious character, Lord, into the mix.

It allowed for a couple of unusual sequences, such as when Lord pulls his gun on and threatens to kill a naked gook prostitute when she rubs her naked body on him. He also turns out to be the voice of reason during the final attack set-piece, basically telling the rest of the gang, "Hell, do you want me leading you or do you want the reluctant pothead? As much as I despise organized religion in general, it's refreshing to watch a film that puts a human face to someone devoted to their god, without pandering or preaching.

If you are a fan of war action films, you will probably enjoy this. This is the first film produced by Christopher R. Christoper would go on to produce many of his father's later films. Santiago's full-on 80's Vietnam War action flicks, finds Sgt. Stratton fires his pistol in one hand and an AK in the other, Cpl. Leung keeps the enemy at bay with his automatic rifle and Cpl. Ransom shoots his Winchester rifle from the hip.

Danny doesn't want to get fired before he even starts his new job, but the teasing teen is too hot to pass up! Danny gives her the barn house boning she's been craving, but will he get away with fucking the farmer's daughter scot-free?

Horny Raisa gets wrapped up in self-pleasure in this kinky movie fantasy. She is dressed in a sheer top over a sexy black bra, with a black skater skirt and sneakers, and she is carrying a large roll of black plastic wrap.

Cautiously, she enters the building and searches for the ideal spot — then she uses lengths of the wrap to create a mat on the dirt-strewn floor. Next, she strips down to her black-lace lingerie, then removes her panties. Her breath quickens as she rubs her clitoris fervently, licking her fingers to taste herself, squeezing her beautiful breasts and bringing herself to a powerful orgasm.

Today is a hot sunny day thats perfect for some sex. We drove out to the train station where we found this cute girl named Ginebra. We to the talking and we got her to show off her great body before Potro shoves his cock in her mouth. She got naked and sucks cock at a random park that we stopped at. This naughty Euro chick gives up her ass and its great. We see her getting fucked from different positions until she takes his load on her face at the end.

Hot and horny, Monna wants to invite you in with her sweet smiles and her succulent body. This stunning brunette isn't shy about peeling off her clothes and playing peekaboo with the curtain of her hair.

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