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Wanting to fuck Carrillo

Wanting to fuck Carrillo

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Wanting to fuck Carrillo

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Sitting on the beach with a campfire while cuddling together and talking. Long overdue here too.

No equals no reply so don't be shy.

Los beltran leyva are very much alive well organized group and should very much b feard puro beltran leyva!!!! Mejor ke la chivis ponga un article de como le gusta el camote.

Who is the leader of la mochomera? And who is the leader of mazatlecos. The whole state of Nayarit is where H2 controls. The guy at the top of both groups H. Esos vatos, no valen verga. Eran mas de kon ak47 cuando le tiraron al director de ahome y se les escapo' eso weyes ala verga ala verga.. Puro chapo puro efecttivo. Alfrrdo jr son of Alfredo Aka el mochomo is nephew of el chapo Guzman that's why he runs with Cds but I'm sure he's more loyal to his dad so things are changing.

Hector,wherever he is,is moving crap,shit, and assholes,but like z40,did he snitch on la Barbie to save the blo empire? It is a pity that family ain't family anymore because everybody got greedy,and so many people died for being the eloteros and carwazherz,the real narcs would have are so much more money if it had not been for a few greedy assholes that maybe pushed "the business" too far. You guys are both wrong. Let tell you guys what really happened.

Mochomo got arrested at 2 am in Culiacan,Sinaloa mochomo controlled culiacan it was one of his many plazas so when he got arrested everyone knew it was and inside job. Arturo always cared for his brothers as if they were his sons so he immediately seeked revenge at the end arturo ordered the death of Edgar Millan he was the highest goverment official to be killed at that time,in front of his house but before all that l,he had a meeting with his partners,Chapo,Mayo he told them that he had a plan to help Alfredo escape,but Chapo and mayo said that wasn't going to be possible.

It was going to bring way to much attention. Arturo extremely mad and disrespected Arturo was the one who ran Chapos business when he was in jail,they are distant cousins and Arturo had been the one in charge of helping finance chapos escape from prison he saw this as a back stab and openly declared war on Chapo and Mayo.

That's what really happened. Don't bother to ask hoe i know. As a matter a fact believe what you want. No disrespect,but your style gives you up,don't give in to the naysayers,like chivis,Havana and others,embrace your cross, you love BB,so keep it up an post to your heart's content,I don't know nothing about anybody,but am always here, watching and learning, best luck Yea the guy 2 above me is right! That's how it all started and now Hector is the only one free and alive.

And chapo isidro is leader of los mazatlecos while mochomo is of mochomera. H2 uncle of h9 are just soldiers not sure if for chapo isidros armed wing or just for mochomo in general. Of course he is a snich , remember he is a criminal ok a fucking criminal , there is no rules on the criminal world everybody just do whatever is on their best interest.

When beltranes had plazas everything was calm even sonora los numeros wer operating ther and everyone worked together and made money together but then snitch got mad that los beltranes wer getting money power respect and fucked everything up!!! Yeah and now Beltranes are aligned with the filthy disgusting, women raping, children killing zetas, smart move mochomo Your just making a fooled of yourself If given an inch,yeah?

In the end strategy sucks,it is only a matter of how long you lasted. Barbie turned himself in. Hector made it his mission to kill Barbie,so much that after el H declared la Barbie as a traidor for the death of his brother,la Barbie started putting narcomantas saying how is it possible that Hector Beltran Leyva is able to use the Marines as his armed wing. La Barbie did not know higher ups like the beltranes,from the art world,to televisa and federal forces,from the president to army,air force,navy,police etc, if el indio was his best card to take over BLO, he was fucked up before he even got started.

Barbie's grampa, el gitano,was never much more than a sicario,if highly regarded,so what you do when the boss goes kookoo, you plead your allegiance and move very far away,or arrest the boss for his and the organization's own good,Arturo would have been grateful for the cold Turkey,of course it takes a real man to know what to do with a spoiled baby boss on a timely basis,instead of expecting for the leftovers to fall on your skirt as a bounty.

Surrendering when cornered,is always your best chance to live to fight another day,except if you are z40,then you surrender to get it up the ass for the rest of your life, I hope the ardilla gets to him, for lazca's death,for his imprisonment,and for all the money z40 stole from the zetas. Cds also kills innocent people and rape women and all.

I know this because they kidnapped my cousin and killed him and raped my cousin, his sister and also killed her. That is why I hate chapo and cds and barbie created his own cartel after mochomo got caught and the cartel separated some what but barbie still went against chapo.

And mochomo went with zetas because 1 they are if not the biggest, one of the biggest cartels in mexico and 2 they were both against sinaloa cartel. Makes me want to be a BL sicario they living a lavish lifestyle and you rarely hear them being killed by contras Or maybe it is the days of being a cheap bitch for no other reasonnn?

The song is about tito beltran. Alfredito beltran guzman the son of mochomo. They say he is related to the guzmans. Those pictures and videos are straight from Tito Beltrans, R6's, and Tito's gunmen's instagrams. Only you guys fight about which cartel is more powerful while they drink together and party it up with their ridiculous Christian Louboutin shoes. They may be expensive shoes but they are awful.

You can look for their instagrams, ahi se los dejo de tarea. El mochomo fuck chapis cousin so tito was born but anyways fuck chapo. The picture in the background. Looks to me like it's just an enlarged screenshot of the same picture when you scroll down. Plus the vegetation in the so called camp is of a humid place. As for the trees of the one where the individuals are standing is more arid. The day he dies is the day the world comes to an end Lo es y sera' Sounds like you're fucked in the head.

Is this where they worship the Devil at? Tito es el dos banderas el no esta a favor de nadien pero tiene el apoyo de los 2 carteles.. If you go to YouTube and put equipo Beltran leyva you can see pictures of top sicarios el guero Saba and many pictured of the leader of Los mazatlecos el 14 and other BLO sicarios with aks bazookas.

Nigga tito is with chapo and beltrans and guzman are related. Hes prob a from the Bay Area or middle of nowhere Missouri. Or el broli's boyfriend? There seems to be too many ninos de oro, or the people are running out of ideas,at least give them numbers like 1, 2, The only guys that have beef with el chapo are the H's from Nayarit and los Gonzales, and Isidro.

I have never understood what Hector Beltran Leyva's views of el Chapo are. El mochomo willingly went to jail that is well known, Arturo fried his brains with coke and other drugs, even la Barbie feared him when he was cookoo. Arturo was a real boss of bosses, but his drug addictions cost him la plaza de monterrey and his empire to crumble, look at Monterrey for example, its filled with Zetas and everyone else. El mayo was asked by el chapo to hand him el nino for ordering the hit on la empratriz's son which lead to Edgar's death but instead they worked out his arrest.

This was the smartest move by el mayo, when all the dust settles el nino will have avoided all the cartel wars, lived well and safe in jail, and come to take over the cartel along with the other juniors.

While also taking pressure from the mexican government to catch sinaloa top bosses. And no it was not el borrado who killed Edgar, Cesar Ariel, it was an ordered hit by el nino. When this all comes to end, the bosses will be alright while all their gunmen dead from this war. Ahi se los dejo de tarea. Y cual Borrado te refieres?

El Borrado de los Texas que operaban en Nuevo Laredo? Y que se sabe del Texas? Que no ese wey es compadre del Chapo desde el puente grande? Por cierto al Borrado lo dejaron echo mierda aquel comandante de la Judizzzial cuando vino a Nuevo Laredo y al Texas les quemaron sus casas y le desparecieron a familiares.

This don't look like a sicario camp most live in the mountain the brush and it abandon houses this looks more like when rich people say they'r going camping with there cabinet it just looks like his sons retreat peace LoKs. Kuz it seems like c. El Macho Prieto mando ala chingada tu Resortera 5 por puto! El MP estaba con Los Beltranes! Oyes Chivis un comando entro a la casa de la periodista Anabel Hernandez. Segun eran Z vistidos de Federales. Ahi en el canal de youtube de Grillonautas2 esta la info completa.

Creo que esa info si esta interesante saludos Chivis. I heard chapo and mochomo are gonna over throw el mayo because mayo gave the go to macho to kill who ever was in that parking lot aka Edgar Guzman death idk if it's true just throwing it out there some one clear it up? El Peinado supposibly killed, bit still running shit in Durango. El piendado just posted a comment on his instagram not even 10min ago?

A big framed photo of drug lord hanging up on the wall. This picture was taken by authorities upon his arrest and escorted by soldiers. He looked pissed off. Los numerous en sonora.. Any word on who was killed in Matamoros at the end of last week? What Mexico needs is a radical, nationalist leader, a purge of all it's undesirable people criminals of any kind, the mentally ill and drug addicts.

Mexican is not a race, it's a nationality, it's culture and it's being destroyed by the rich, the privileged and the criminal class Funny how the majority of fuckers who post shit on this blog and admire all of them coke head, greedy traitors so called "drug lords" do not even live in Mexico, funny how the majority of them is what Americans would call "Hillbillys".

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I WORK SOOOOO HARD AND NEVER PLAY. Developing a comfort level can be determined over a glboobies of wine. Wanting to talk and see where it takes us stuck in the house today and wanting to talk to someone.

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