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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of " List of original minister's accounts preserved in the Public Record Office. Vols between and ; Vol The manuscript amendments in this edition are British Crown Copyright The suppression of the religious houses, the attainders which followed in the wake of ecclesiastical and political changes, especially those of the Pilgrims of Grace, and the numerous purchases and exchanges which were made in pursuance of the royal policy of concentrating its possessions in so-called honours, such as Ampthill, Grafton and Hampton Court, effected a great change in the character and extent of the crown lands.

This is forcibly illustrated by the accounts comprised in the present list ; those of the reign of Henry VII. The change in character is indicated by the fact that, whereas the earlier accounts are grouped in relation to the former tenure of the lands with which they deal, with a subordinate local arrangement, towards the close of the reign of Henry VIII.

In order to meet the burden of work entailed by this increase in the possession of the crown, the Court of Augmentations was established 27 Hen. On its first erection, the Court of Augmentations adopted a method of dealing with the lands under its survey which was consistent with previous usage, but which soon proved cumbrous and inadequate. As the muniments of each dissolved monastery came to hand, nothing was more natural than to treat its possessions as a whole, without regard to the locality of the lands themselves.

An arrangement by counties was accordingly instituted, in which the determining factor was not the situation of the land for which account was rendered, but that of the religious house to which it had belonged.

There were, however, few of the larger monasteries which did not hold possessions outside the confines of their own respective counties ; St. The result, as far as the following list is concerned, is that searches among the dissolution accounts must be based on the locality of the monastery and not on that of the lands ; for example, post-dissolution accounts of Kidderminster will be found, not under Worcestershire, but under Wiltshire, this place being part of the possessions of the priory of Maiden Bradley.

An additional complication was introduced in the case of certain counties, notably Northumberland and Worcestershire, by the fact that, a division of England and Wales by the Courts of Augmentations and of General Surveyors into a number of circuits having been instituted, accounts relating to several IV PREFACE. Rolls of this character have necessarily been placed among those of divers counties.

A change of system, the workings of which are not seen in the following list, was immediately instituted ; the situation of the land became the dominant factor in every case, whatever the previous tenure might have been ; a clear arrangement by counties was evolved, and from that point the difficulties of searching are lessened, and a continual tendency to include all the possessions of the crown in each county in one roll increases the simplicity of arrangement.

The suppression of the monasteries being accompanied by the confiscation of their title-deeds and other muniments, a considerable number of pre-dissolution accounts have found their way to the Public Record Office.

In the following list they are arranged, as far as possible, according to the locality of the lands themselves. The most conspicuous survival is that of the muniments of Syon abbey, which appear to have been preserved comparatively intact in the area sive cistula, to which Tanner refers in his account of that monastery.

The following list falls into two parts. In the first part pp. In each county non- monastic accounts are given first, possessions of ecclesiastical corporations, whether episcopal or monastic, come next, and the post-dissolution accounts form the conclusion. In the second part pp.

The following List has been prepared by Mr. Page 6, column 3, line 7. Possessions of Elstow abbey including accounts of kitch- ener and of the abbess as treasurer. Possessions of Elstow abbey including accounts of: Possessions of the Duchy of Lancaster. Books, tt — 24 Hen. John ,, Sottewell St. John ,, Stonor Breadstone Satwell St. Possessions of the dissolved , religious houses of: Possessions of the attainted abbey of Reading and of its cell, Leominster.

Oxford Caversham, bailiwick Hen. Possessions late of Richard, earl of Warwick, and of Anne, Iris wife, in the hands of the king by reason of a fine levied by the said Anne. Possessions of Syon abbey Hen. Lavenden Marlow Medmenham St. Possessions of Barnwell priory, etc. Runcorn Moore ; Widnes, manor ,, serjeanty Whitley i Congleton! Possessions of Barnwell priory.

Accounts of prior and receiver. Paper book ; Possessions of the King's college of St. Possessions of Ramsey abbey Paper. Possessions of the dissolved abbey of Ely. Possessions of the dissolved religious houses of: Honour of Halton, parcel of the duchy of Lancaster. Possessions of the Duchy of Lan- caster. Crown lands, including accounts of sheriff and escheator of the county.

Possessions of Arthur, prince of Wales, including accts. Crown lands, including accts. Macclesfield, hundred Hen. Possessions of Arthur prince of Wales.

Chester Macclesfield hundred, Hen. Chester and Hen. Chester and — Hen. Malbanus Malpas Hen. Possessions, late of Sir William Hen. Flint] Flint Chester, etc. Dutton lands Ridley Huraduke Orton [? Overton] Madok Worthenbury Nantwich, etc. Hiraduke Nantwich 24 Hen. Possessions, late of Sir William Stanley, knight, a rebel.

Possessions of William Brere- ton]. Possessions of the dissolved abbev of Vale Royal. Possessions of Edward Court- enay, earl of Devon. Cornwall Brongalowe Hen. Possessions of John Tretherff, Hen. Possessions of Syon Abbey. Cornwall, late the possessions Launceston priory.

Germans Launceston Bodmin Possessions, etc. Cumberland , , , , , , , r I Places. Crown lands, purchased from Henry, earl of Northumber- land.

Crown lands purchased from Henry earl of Northumberland Receiver. Possessions of the honour of Tutbury in co. Derby Duckmanton Hen. Possessions of the dissolved 00 Or Hen. Devon Combe Martin, etc. Possessions of Sir Thomas Darcy, ,, lord Darcy, and of lady Edith, his wife, late the wife of lord Ralph Neville, eldest son of Ralph, late earl of Westmore- land. Possessions of John, Bishop of Hen. Possessions of Syon abbey. Dorset "Kingston Lacy Hen. Possessions of the duchy of Lancaster.

Crown lands, late the possessions of Henry, Duke of Richmond and Somerset. Dorset Cranborne, manor Hen. Possessions of Netley abbey. Possessions of Glastonbury abbey. Melcombe Regis, Friars Preachers. Durham Barnard Castle, itin- Hen. Lordship of Barnard Castle. Possessions of the Duchy o ,, 98 Cornwall.

Possessions of Henry duke of Richmond and Somerset. Crown lands, late the possessions of the duchess of Suffolk. Essex JJ Description. Possessions late of Edward duke of Buckingham, attainted. Forde Dale Hall poss. Possessions of Margaret countess of Salisbury. Lands late of lord Audley, assigned for the execution of his will.

Leger and Sir Thomas Boleyn, knight], Receiver: Crown lands late the possessions of Thomas Cromwell, earl of Essex, attainted of high treason.

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