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Ordinary e-mails are welcome. Search only trustworthy HONcode health websites: This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: If you have a Second Life account, please visit my teammates and me at the Medical Examiner's office.

Musculoskeletal Taiwanese pathology site Good place to go to practice. Musculoskeletal Photos, explanations, and quiz Indiana U. Muscle Biopsy Quiz Wash. Muscle Pathology Good photos and text Neuropathology Web.

Muscle Pathology Wash U. Louis Best muscle path site. Duchenne's muscular dystrophy Autopsy view of calf KU Collection. Contrast "demyelinating disease" of peripheral nerves, which leaves muscle unchanged.

Partially damaged nerve is the site of axonal sprouting, with axons from surviving neurons growing into the empty spaces once occupied by other axons. Tetanus with denervation Yutaka Tsutsumi MD. Duchenne's Autopsy muscle Personal gallery. Acid maltase deficiency, child Wash U, St. Acid maltase deficiency, adult Wash U, St. McArdle's Pittsburgh Pathology Cases. Mitochondrial myopathy Wash U, St.

Nemaline myopathy Electron micrograph Children's. Trichinosis Yutaka Tsutsumi MD. Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma Tom Demark's Site. Action hero -- 's Kirk Douglas as "Spartacus". Action hero -- 's. Aerobic training "getting in shape" involves repetitively forcing the muscle to maximum metabolic demands.

You measure aerobic fitness by how much oxygen you can use, for your size, in a minute. Aerobic training changes a number of parameters. Glycolytic enzymes are increased, and there is also talk of increased numbers of capillaries. Different isoforms of the myosin heavy chain seem to reappear that are more efficient than those in senentary adults. The best-established finding in aerobically-trained muscle is the increase in lactate transporter on both mitochondria and sarcolemma; I hope this is not a surprise Am.

It's now clear that how much you can improve this by exercising is genetically determined J. A variety of other ways in which glycolysis, fat-burning, and oxidative phosphorylation are increased in trained muscle are known; they must have something to do with why insulin sensitivity increases J. I look like a rock quarry that someone has dynamited. As I predicted in , the study of the serum autocrine factor "myostatin" has become central to the field of muscle physiology Science The hormone enables fat production and muscle atrophy.

Belgian Blue cattle, which are lean and grotesquely muscled, lack myostatin Nat. So are knockout mice lacking this protein Proc. Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding Lots of helpful terminology Courtesy link.

Universe Contest, pre-steroids Probably about the limit for "natural". Sean Connery is 4th from left Users are willing to take the risks, which include: Short-stature for life if used before natural closure of epiphyses; JAMA Increased LDL cholesterol, xanthomas, coronary and stroke risk well, allegedly; Arch. In addition, women are likely to grow thick hair on their faces and other un-feminine places, and smell as bad as we men do because of the hypertrophy-hyperplasia of the apocrine glands.

You have been warned. One older study cites 7. Parents request them for their skinny, non-athletic sons Pediatrics More recent self-reports now that there's more of a stigma , it's only 1. We won't talk about college, Olympic, or professional athletes. In amateur boxing, which is primarily about speed and smarts rather than strength, and where keeping one's weight down is critical, there is probably little anabolic steroid use.

In a switch from complete condemnation, the pediatricians Pediatrics Today's common-sensical doctor is invited to review the risks and remind Junior that the social benefits of jocking it up i. More common-sensical advice for realist-physicians: The "official" statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics of course still condemns the use of all performance-enhancing substances Pediatrics However, I'd much rather have my own son express an interest in trying steroids under supervision than telling me he has a favorite brand of beer, smoking tobacco, or getting a motorcycle.

The politics of anabolic steroid use, and attempts at control: Only six athletes were disqualified on screening for the Beijing olympics because of banned substances; six athletes were caught during the games.

The Olympics folks now freeze blood samples for eight years, in the hopes that future technology will detect what we can't today. Truth be told, I have known a few gym guys who have tried anabolic steroids, and all regretted it in the long run.

And in my unscientific series, most women prefer a naturally-muscled man. Despite the anecdotal evidence, there are no good studies correlating dosage, drug type, and effect.

Physicians are now sometimes supplementing older men with synthetic androgens, just as we've supplementing older women with estrogens for decades to relieve menopausal problems and control osteoporosis Sci.

The "horror stories" seem to be mostly from people who took very high doses of these potent substances Psych. Today's pediatrician knows that Junior will be offered anabolic steroids and supplements, and it maybe good to remind him that these are much-hyped, expensive, somewhat hazardous to mind and body, and are really more for extreme bodybuilders than for ordinary teenaged athletes Ped.

Life's a matter of weighing benefits to yourself and those around you against risks to yourself and those around you. It's your body and your mind. Perhaps the sports underworld will make faster progress with "gene therapy" than those seeking to treat disease.

Click here to see the author prove you can have fun skydiving without being world-class. Click here to see the author's friend, Dr. Ken Savage, do it right.

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