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We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Home News Sport Business. In an ideal world, all MPs would have second jobs Daniel Hannan.

All totalitarian ideologies are collectivist Daniel Hannan. Lift this injunction and reveal the facts Telegraph View. Police must be visible and show zero tolerance Telegraph View. Letters to the Editor. Theresa May has proved herself incapable of honouring the Brexit vote Premium.

The EU claims to be more popular than ever, but it is being slowly destroyed by populism Matthew Goodwin. My low-cost private schools could transform Britain James Tooley. There's a surprisingly simple way to destroy the cult of Corbyn: Britain's wretched civil service is medievally enslaved to EU masters Quentin Letts.

European courts risk corroding free speech to create special status for Islam Tim Stanley. Can we please return to an age in which Britain had a sense of humour? Ignore our colleagues' beauty parades, Chancellor, and deliver a truly Conservative budget Priti Patel.

Our attitudes to sex and swearing show how very modern it is to be Victorian Charles Moore. Parliamentary privilege can play a vital role in exposing abuse of power Premium. Britain shouldn't tie itself into a voiceless pact with an EU that is changing fast Juliet Samuel.

If we needed proof that MeToo is far from over, then this week was it Claire Cohen. A Norway-style Brexit should be enough for a country as divided as ours Tom Harris. Plenty of Tories want Theresa May's job, but could they secure a better Brexit deal?

Stonehenge is irresistible because it is unknowable Harry Mount. If adverts told the truth about driving, no one would ever buy a car Angela Epstein.

WTF is the point of trying to ban swearing? Bono has every right to bash Brexit onstage — rock is meant to provoke debate Neil McCormick. We've noticed you're adblocking. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Thank you for your support.

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Well, Wiley, Obama is just one of those who inspires visceral hatred in many people. Bush DID do a lot of evil, including the stuff you listed above. I still remember that quiet October day in when he quietly signed the law passed by Congress effectively suspending habeas corpus for everybody.

What are you going to do? Of course if your pockets are deep enough, you can hire custom designs and construction or take your chance with an off-the-shelf bunker that may or may not work. Why should we concern ouselves with blast and radiation shelters? I assure you that our.

If our leaders are protected why not us? The scientists who designed the bombs also knew how to protect against them. There is a substantial literature on the subject. It has a bright green cover. You can inspect an on-line edition here: I saw a pretty good idea for a quick and complete shelter: He then drove an RV into it and poured the 4th side and the ceiling.

That was waterproofed and covered with dirt. But he quickly and relatively cheaply had a bunker. Many of the basic bunkers cost far more. A variation of this would be to gut an RV and use the parts but then your have to gut and re-assemble all the parts, wiring and plumbing etc. My only problem is the propane pollution in a closed environment.

I would prefer all electric but then you have issues there also. Still it is a creative idea and with a few people working together the technical issues could be solved I think. Two neighbors who each build a similar unit could sink a 40 foot cargo container between the 2 basements as a connecting walkway.

That is way out of my league but I am sure some of you out there could do it. I have a follow-on post in moderation that has live-links to some resources. It has many suggestions for expedient shelters and a treasure trove of information. There will be a direct link to an online version when the post emerges from moderation.

Another good bunker setup is to bury a shipping container or two or??? A friend of mine actually burried 3 40 footers side by side then covered them with Geotex fabric and filter rock then poured his house slab over them,. They will not take the load. Mythbusters tried it and it collapsed. Also on the Steel ones, it depends on how deep you go, and how much earth you stack on top. One thing nice about the full steel containers is, you can always reinforce with additional steel supports , a grid work of internal or attached external steel will greatly improve its external loading capabilities in order to go deep and load more earth on top.

The ones i saw buried had a structural slab poured over them, so once cured the loads were taken up by the grade beams in the slab, and i believe they did some poured fill at a few places along the length of the containers to act as columns under the grade beams and to prevent too much of a load on the walls of the container.

That corrugated steel they use is pretty strong stuff though. Good point though, the other thing is corrosion. Kula, shipping containers are not designed to be buried. The top loading will compress them. Your culverts are designed to be buried. Talk to an engineer about the conexes, see what depth you can get away with, and heed that advice. They will take more vertical load than sideways load, since they are usually stacked pretty high at docks.

If buried, they need a lot of horizontal reinforcement. There has never been a plausible explanation as to why the vatican needs to operate any telescopes….

What are they looking for? Or is it scientific curiosity? Do they know something…You can bet your life on it! Just a little addendum to this theme… Admittedly, it is a bit gratuitous that this appeared on BIN…hey…. You guys out there getting ready for some people slowly turning more violent on each other.

Do you notice people are not nice as they used to be???? Drivers are getting more aggressive on the east coast. THe cost of goods are going up or to do anything and people will start stripping anything they can get ahold of for money. In Wisconsin on some of the resorts people can leave their equipment out, fishing poles and all sorts of things and nobody touches or tries to steal stuff.

We will start to see more people stealing to try and pawn or sell online. Nobody in Washington is getting fired. Its out of control and we do Nothing!! Alex jones showed nothing on the american spring why??? We see Doctors, cops, courts becoming out of control to control us and strip everything we have.

DO NOT put all your weapons in one spot. Spread them out in different places if you can, if you do one issue they will take all of it and good luck getting it back. That is theft and you police that do it need to be dealt with!! Tired of the theft and the lack of freedom that we have anymore. We have online facebook BS that posts all their workouts or their kids move to the kitchen then to the toilet then to school and back home.

Why are we letting these mob people control us why we work and they steal all we have. This is not freedom or America. We have to do something. Remember too Never stop at a roadblock in a crisis or ride alone if you have weapons, they will strip them and your going to be detained until they decide you are free to go.

We have to fight back people. Make sure you have clutter in all your home entrances to protect you with some time to arm yourself from rouge police. Buy a plate carrier for less than bucks and ar steel plates for about bucks online unpainted. I tested them against all my rounds. Some of the new ones do not have the steel core and are basically just lead. They do stop both just to let you know. I tried them with my laupa and of course they did not stop them but was a hell of a fight.

Be ready and get into shape, do some short quick sprints for quick exits if its possible. Tannerite 5lb range does a great job for lots of fun cant say it. And yes it can be ignited without a high powered bullet. Back in the old days people used to take black poweder in a tight tube and run a wire to it with a resister from radioshack and run currrent which would overheat the circuit and make a flame which would ignite the blackpoweder for a fireworks display show to blow up rocks so they could clear roads for railways or a road.

That was hard work back in those days and was dangerous work. I guess these didnt have radioshack back then. I think you got my point. We need America back and good hard workers and honest people. We all could be happy if it wasnt for greed and money,. I guess the bible is right about corruption and greed. So whats going to happen a miracle or a revolution by the people because we are at that point.

How long do you guys think before people lose it???? This is a post from the previous topic. I thought more people would see it here and that you might like it. Arguments of law, history, common sense. Resort to the ballot box. Heck, I still do that today. But I came to the realization, probably because I used to be a collectivist myself, that such people would not ultimately be persuaded by argument but only would be deterred by credible threats of countervailing force, and by the absolute certainty that the Three Percent represents an irreducible determined minority that cannot be intimidated, cannot be persuaded, but only killed.

By our defiance, we force those who evince an appetite for our liberty, our property and our lives to consider the personal costs to themselves of those tyrannical compulsions.

Believe me, it is the only language they truly understand. Well, does anyone know if anyone actually showed up the the OAS? Was it a dead end, like the trucker protest before it? Not even the web page has been updated as far as I could see. We are way beyond being able to vote, protest, or lobby things right in this country, the only thing that will change anything will come out of the barrel of a gun.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Clint Im with you on this stuff, It feels like everything we were taught about our country was a lie, Is real frustrating, disappointing, and also infuriating,.

All kidding aside no societal avenue looks good, we each individually and internally sift through the news of the day and arrive at conclusions. I am doing a little road trip vacation this weekend and I dare any SOB government puke to challenge me on my way. Hopefully, there will be none, as I plan to flow with the traffic and avoid any accidents. The Quickening is about to happen. Nothing we can do about it, except prepare spiritually, mentally, financially, and other stuff.

When the World goes full force, we will all be caught. Good luck and keep the awareness factor going…. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. If He had not intended for us to use it He would not have put it in our souls. I for one do not want this fight… but will not shirk away, except to fight asymmetrically…thank you DoD…. You have a few good points but you used like 3 of them to chastise people for not bowing down to God.

The people that do are no less of a problem. I find it amazing every day just how many people have absolutely no clue as to what is going on around them. They can tell you though every stat in sports. Distractions keep the non informed in a state of bliss, and when TSHTF they will be in a complete state of chaos.

Urban areas are going to be hell when the. Personally, I prefer to be informed and realistic. There is a stark difference. They say America is going to hell in a handbasket. And why are they always going to hell? Have none of the handbaskets been saved? Are they really that evil?

Change you ways while there is still time!! Hand basket is similar to a Picnic Basket. Straw construction with lids on both sides of the handle. Heavy leather boot which extends over the calf of the leg.

Military uses by the Russian and German armies during WW2. I thought we were going down the tubes, I been looking for the tubes we are supposed to go down, but alas….

I have been looking for the handbasket for more than 10 yrs. I live in a community of seniors in the Phoenix area. More than 40, of them. I keep asking them if they have seen the hand basket? The looks and reply is very common. No clue what I mean, or am I out of my mind. Done ruined there day! Time to play more golf or play tiddlywinks. I think it is coming. Short of Divine intervention we as a nation are in trouble that grows worse daily.

Corrupt leaders that have no morals is only the start of our problems. Falling away from God and core values is another. I hope we can get back on track soon. This Texans had enough , looks like you got some rain coming. Hope it is the start of a trend. Swinging Richard- there was a lot of rain in some places west and north of us last night.

Not a drop here, but we have good chances for rain for the next 5 out of 6 days. Nobody who lives in this area will complain if their Memorial Day cookout is rained out!

I agree with Clint in that people seem to be discouraged and much less civil. October-November, this year do you think? C, or an intrusive and bossy state government or all of the above, but we can feel it, too. I was so very disappointed to see that Kentucky, a normally sensible state, re-elected McConnell.

Never, ever, vote for an incumbent, which will at least put a kink in the plans. Religion is a tool and has been used to brainwash the so called sheep into complacency and pacifism.

America is fastly becoming a third world shithole of crime, filth, and disease, and guess what you allowed it all, voted for it, and supported it with your dollars, and now that the dumb sheep is finally waking up you cry foul but its too little too late, your govt is preparing for an insurrection and riots according to a recent pentagon analyst.

All agencies of the govt is preparing for a revolution, civil, race war that they know is coming and have known for years and have been preparing for it, they now have the means to control you and you will see more and more tyranny as the dumb sheep begin to wake. You have supported the enemies of America, with your vote and your money, you as Americans have sold each other out for a job and a few dollars and a retirement that you think you are going to get but it is going up in smoke soon.

The bankers of the country and wall street have robbed the country and your leaders have helped them and soon all that you have worked for will be gone. The bottom line is americans have been fools and now you are going to have to pay the piper, and the bigger part will pay with their life, and when the dust settles and the smoke clears, there may only be ten to twenty five percent left alive in this country. At this point after years of trying to wake the dead, personally im few up with religious fanatics, newagers, and liberals and even so called conservatives who have destroyed our country, so im taking my dog out of this fight, America as I have known it is over and will never be again just like others before it, the handwriting has been on the wall for America and americans for a long time.

This article might have had more credibility if it had been adequately edited for spelling errors, vulgarity and grammar. Aside from that, I dispute the contention that China has overtaken the U. Contracts mean nothing in China and it is not uncommon for a contract to be abrogated before the ink is dry. And to think that a third world, fully and longtime communist system could overtake us, even WITH Obama in the White House, is, in my opinion, just a clever attempt at propaganda.

You hear it even in U. And to encourage people to take some type of action on an urgent basis without much fact to support the encouragement smacks, to me, of manipulation. Perhaps Mac needs to hire an English teacher to check for grammer, punctuation, and spelling before posting. The US has been in a slow decay for the past two decades at least. It seems to be the country has to be thought more of islands of prosperity and dynamism — world-beating in fact — surrounded by an ocean of depression and failure.

It seems as if the parts of the US that saw the opportunities in the global economy are thriving, while those slow to wake up to how the world has changed just got lost in the shuffle. It is perplexing for foreigners to watch because the US is still clearly very wealthy and very powerful. Bases are opening up all over the world and there are drones and spy devices everywhere. The US security apparatus is very generously funded and thriving.

You always know a US base because it has the best equipment and is very modern and luxurious. It is hard to square that with the sad sacks back in the US wandering around in a zombie daze in the ghettos and sprawling urban poverty centers. There now seem to be two Americans: Through intense Zionist intrigues, bribes, threats, and intimidation, Congress handed over the power to coin money to the Federal Reserve System, a consortium of Jewish banks controlled by the Rothschild Dynasty.

This was effected through the Federal Reserve Act Of Sure, blame the Jews like every other satanic muslim nazi does. If that is what you are saying, please post what you think is not true in his post and why. No more name calling barncat. Post some facts showing his post is not true. Tiresome name calling is a part of communist tactics. Cant destroy the message? Then by all means try to destroy the messenger. People are catching on to this barncat…….

Good content but horribly written. This detracts significantly from what the author is trying to convey. Even Donald Trump said: The United States could soon become a large-scale Spain or Greece, teetering on the edge of financial ruin. They had a similar event here last year.

Faux news local station reported it as a routine event in the war on terrorism. What war on terrorism? I am the pregnant one. Bush is going to regret making birth control unavailable when my 27th or so child comes along. Hey Lisa,This is great news! It sounds like your help was certainly appreciated. Congrats on a job well done! Ooooh count me in!!! I love a good styling book. I do hope you feel much better soon too. Nothing worse then struggling with your health.

Does anyone know what has happened to Rob from Buffalo? Flott innlegg med nydelige bilder som alltid! The percentages next to the videos are based on a ratio of voting results YouTube is delivering. Fuller, the few are used to showcase false representative success of the entire group. Yet if people are not exposed to works of Moore and others, they will never know these things because most are certainly not going to the direct sources themselves.

Therefore, TV and radio hustling misleaders, and those they mislead, will never be able to present a factual argument that can withstand informed scrutiny. Rob Bethea, The solution is the truth. These are processing centers, not banks. Arya is the favourite in this household as well. So glad you enjoyed it.

Law StudentIt is obvious that Apple will get a big fine from the Commission by having these exlusive selling arangements within the EU. Of course Apple has good econimists an lawyers that have allready calculated out the very good result Apple will make by having the exlusive operator deals. May maintain returning once again. I will oftimes be taking the particular feeds furthermore….

I am still pretty excited about being able to use one. The record player, stand and records were my grandmas too. Actually the painting on the wall is too. The record player isn't vintage but the stand is and all the Elvis records that she bought brand new. I think I need to do a blog post about all her little treasures that I have now! No more slaps on the wrist for her…. I hate to have things go bad! With me, however, that is not too unusual…I choose my books carefully—no time for rabbit trails.

So what about the jamaats in our midst? And how close are we to a situation such as Beslan? Such lack of coverage covers up the truth. Probably the last time Polish guys seduced English girls was WWII, but those guys not only spoke English and were well educated army officers but could also be gallant. BTW, my friend from Barbados has a Polish husband. Her first husband was also Polish. Well, statistically this may mean nothing but anyway… ; On the other hand, congratulations Bartek.

The results are not revisions, or changes, but outright replacements with different emphasis, practices, and content. The current issues in controversy are the symptoms of those replacements. Without that, anything is, and has become possible. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for beginners. May you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post. Kami semua berjuang untuk rakyat.

Bukan untuk songlap duit rakyat. Tapi UMNO dah 50 thn dok songlap duit rakyat. Tak paham betui la penyokong2 UMNO nie. Maybe you can learn a few stock tips from the scripts and make money off of that…lols! There are 2 flight test hours spreadsheets on your site, the fist is mid way down, the second at the end.

Dear Wackes Seppi,Thanks for your comments. Yes, "frivolous" was used in specific connection with indian patent law and standards. Secondly, although this is a but a small dataset—it is the only dataset we have publicly available. I think that qualification was pretty evident from the post itself. But at the very least, some numbers help us to place the debates on slightly firmer footing than plain rhetoric and surmises. I love reading comments from people who have the same take on the whole food thing as me excuse the pun… I am in London, England, and I find so few people who know anything about or care about real food.

Is there anyone else having similar RSS problems? Anyone who knows the answer can you kindly respond? Unexpected World-wide-web wood…Regards with regards to kinds auspicious writeup. It again surprisingly might be basically a quantity of delight survey this specific again. Take almost any seem designed toward noticeably further enjoyable because of most persons! Buna Laura scumpa, minunate prajiturelele tale! Am salvat reteta ca sa le prepar de Sarbatori La mine pe blog te asteapta un premiu nostim tare Cand poti, sa treci sa-l ridici!

Multi, multi pupicei si Happy Cooking pentru Sarbatori! Our weekend classes are starting from 2nd June — For details. Looks like the arch-enemy of Judaism, Richard Silvershmuck, has called your website a "hate site" because it's pro-Israel. Let there be more just like yours! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. It takes a long time to build a platform. Good for you for displaying it.

You are going to share FMF?!?! How generous of you! Hopefully someday I will be as talented as you! You are right — local police departments with perhaps a few exceptions, eg, Berkeley still harbor a lot of red-government subversives. But they also have a large superstructure of blue government, notably the judicial system, to throttle any rebellious tendencies. Do youve a spam issue on this web site; I also am a blogger, and I was wondering your scenario; we now have made some great strategies and we are looking to swap options with other folks, be certain to shoot me an e-mail if serious.

Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would really benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Thank you for the article! I think it perverts the Gospel of Jesus Christ for churches to involve themselves with politics. The whole mission of the church is to lead people to Jesus and our hope does not rest in the presidency, congress, or the Supreme Court.

The hope of our nation and of us as Christians is Jesus Christ. Hi Jonas,The trick is not to try and find comfort in escaping to another world, but to try and make human life better. Stackars dom och stackars eleverna.

I'm praying for the people that suffered in my beloved NY and all the East coast affected by the hurricane Sandy. I never thought I'll live to see something as devastating in the EC!!! I'm happy that my family in NY and NJ is safe and didn't go through hard times with this. Very cute features and thank you for hosting yet, another great party at WUW. This seems like a good book to get then.

The chicken LOOKs amazing. Deanna I remember enjoying the malts and an occasional burger when living a block up St Clair about a decade ago. Other than the predictably good malt, the best item to grace our table was the guacamole that came with the chicken quesadilla appetizer. You are so intelligent.

You realize therefore considerably with regards to this matter, produced me individually believe it from numerous numerous angles. Yer pair of silly buggas! The cat's been looking at me wondering why I'm chortling away at your video!

But get Jon to carry yer over the field! Go orn Jon ya know ya want ter! In the Dark Knight returns, Robin was a girl. It is set in the future. Also, Nolan used Batman: Year One as his inspiration for Batman Begins. Same author, different part of the mythology. Who cares if it wasn't a spectacular five star read! If it made you laugh and it was fun it was worth it! I haven't read a snorting laugh book in awhile. I really need one!

Still talking about a 30 year old rock that no one at the WAPO or other leftwing media types have ever seen? Or have pictures of? Everyone knows Obama went on a "blame America first" or "apology tour".

Obama dosen't view America has exceptional. Today, I went to the beach front with my children. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone! Existem muitas coisas que voce nao ve mais existem, e sao milhoes de vezes mais fortes que a sua humilde compreensaozinha das coisas.

Oh man, it is so true. We have 5 ranging in age from 28 down to 14, and it is NO joke. Their pain is real. But all we can do each day is our best, ask God to forgive our failures and shore us up when we are weak. And do it again the next day. Loving them all the way. Tengo varias dudas, he intentado comprarla 2 veces y me ha dado error, llego al final de la compra y me dice q no se ha podido realizar la solicitud o algo parecido.

Lo intentare hoy otra vez a ver que pasa. Hati-hati, disini bagian yang seringkali menyebabkan sagu keju kita meleber karena kocokan mentega yang sungguh terlalu itu …. Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that.

And he just bought me lunch since I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that: Keep up the quality posts. If every non-Christian has a lawyer these days regarding public school policies not adhering to their diversity issues, why shouldn't the Christian child have one too? If 'God' isn't allowed in schools, neither should 'Allah' or whoever else people may worship. I am a usual visitor even more like addict of this website sadly I had a is sue. I get comments day by day.

Can you assist me? Thanks for the tips! Also, regarding one of your prior comments. It doesn't seem possible to accumulate capital without consumption even someone stockpiling logs for his fireplace in the winter has to consume the forest.

Usually I do not learn post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice post. What beautiful photographs, very creative. I usually create my creativity with photos as well. This post was mentioned on Twitter by Has, Susi M. Alien Tango by Gini Koch. Wow, superb blog layout!

The overall look of your web site is great, let alone the content!. Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing. I think this is a great idea. Have you considered possibly contacting your local public TV station about creating a show? It might be a great opportunity…. I simply could not go away your web site prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the usual information an individual supply to your visitors?

Is gonna be back often to check out new posts. Gab's keine Probleme mit Heimatschutz und Ortsbild und so? Viel Spass mit der neuen Aussicht. Very well done on the presentation and photography fronts. More evidence that one doesn't need to go to the Louvre to see beautiful art. That ad is from about 4 years ago….. Bet you hope you get that brief. I would love any input on my issue.

On my Ecommerce site in webmaster tools I have crawl errors showing product pages. But the urls its giving match products from another site on the server. How is this possible? This is sad to see. The bank of the land my parents used to own no longer has the 50 foot of water to the lake attached. I was just seeking this info for a while. After six hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your site.

Normally the top sites are full of garbage. That video is heart-breaking. Is that ALL we can offer our children? Jump off a bridge, string a noose around your neck, or blow your brains out—just to get Over the Rainbow from where life is a living Hell? Not at you, Doug. Nor at the people in the vid. Sinon vous retournerai lire le dernier article avec les commentaires qui vont avec. Hi I like your blog site. Do you want to guest submit on my own someday? If so please tell me by way of e mail or just answer this comment because We subscribed to announcements and can know if you do.

It would be great to get googles feedback on the latest update and its progress and their satisfaction levels. Can we push google for this? I just want to know if this current update at present is right in their eyes… I think its a fair question. My new favorite way to cook bacon is with brussel sprout. Jeg redigere alle mine billeder i CS5 photoshop. Looks like Murdoch read your blog post. There [ableist slur redacted] make life for both genders a nightmare.

I know naming and shaming is [heteronormativist slur redacted], but if we could get these [ableist slur redacted] and name them, then maybe they could feel guilt, especially when their families find out about their behaviour. Thank you for the article[Moderator note: Y'know…if Old Media actually wanted to crawl off into the woods and breathe its last in peace, I'm sure that most of us would let it happen. Y'know, out of, um, respect and such.

Thanks so much, Mary! Kevin has taught me all the things he is talking to you about on the blog. Here are a few things to recap: Thanks for the incredible time on this journey Kevin as it is much appreciated.

I feel blessed to be able to call you my friend. PrO saD tO say.. Kasi bATa pA sIya.. Kelly HarmsFebruary 2nd — 3: This is a giveaway just made for me. The video makes it look so easy, I would love to try my hand at it. I love the way she throws the consciousness question right back at you, I don't know if you are but how will you know if I am?

That, I feel, is the big question. Beneath are some webpages worth checking out. Wed, Jan 20, at 7: How do I find out about them? The comic strip is attractive, your authored material stylish. They only lost to the two finalist, so they can be proud.

The last game against Chelsea however also showed that some serious work still needs to be. The subsequent time I read a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I imply, I know it was my choice to learn, but I really thought youd have something interesting to say.

All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you can fix in case you werent too busy searching for attention. Hello everyone, how are you? It is still easy to find black and white movies.

I really do not know … For me, digital photography is still far from having the same quality of an analogue photography, we all know …. Hi Andrea,A clean uncluttered desk is the sign of a sick mind. It usually is accompanied by a celebration with the Windex, only to be returned to the paper strewn mess it was only moments before.

Vilken buskille, hade en buskille hos mig med idag.. After looking over a handful of the blog posts on your site, I truly appreciate your technique of writinga blog. I book marked it to my bookmark site list and will be checkingback soon. Please visit my website too and tell me what you think. Would much rather lose Warner then Grabavoy who is one of the most underrated players in the league.

Warner never impressed me when he got his chances. Thank you so much for sharing this! Obviously, considering the fact that everyone in the world trades with Saudi Arabia because of oil , Israel does not have much leverage. How would you feel if Saudi Arabia enacted the same rule vis a vis Canada?

By extrapolating this trend toward non-disclosure I think we can deduce that in the future The Powers That Be won't let us know our president's name or see his photo. You have a good, imaginative sense of humor, friend. That falls right into the "funny because it has a big grain of truth in it" category. One can almost see that happening, candidates and presidents having their identities "protected" for "reasons of national security.

That would be so awesome if I could get one. I think I would just cry if I won this giveaway. This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your posts.

Merci de me guider et merci pour les commentaires. For years we have been going to Buds pumpkin patch on No. Later we carve together as a family and consume a large amount of donuts and hot chocolate! Unfortunately, we still have in Europe a few months before doing decent flights.

If you are looking for somebody to get your software translated into French from English , let me know. The biggest savings come from using store brands, avoiding processed foods, planning ahead, and cooking more meatless or low-meat dishes.. Yahoo for a great Babymoon in the Big Apple! I'm so glad you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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I saw your website when I was looking for something not related at all, but this post was one of the first sites listed in Google, your site must be insanely popular! Continue the awesome job! Copernicus' haplogroup being putative R1b or his eye color has little to do with his genius and his addition the total sum of knowledge of mankind.

I just hope for all the kerfuffle about his haplogroup, ethnicity, nationalistic tendencies and eye color not in keeping with his portraits, that the remains are those of Copernicus! One point I can add in this video is the commitment of traders reports. It shows the commercial interests are short gold and long the dollar. Aww, Ashley, thank you! In moments of clarity, I am certain of that abundance. In moments of doubt… I have to remind myself and re-consult my extensive moleskine-ponderings!!

I absolutely agree — no need to be fearless. One more next-step is all that is needed… xo! Haha, this was great. I just read The Lipstick Laws and reviewed it last month and I really enjoyed it.

So, it was nice getting to see this fun little five facts about the author. If you get a chance, check out mine. I bet you all have a blast. I hope you post some pictures of our fun time to remind others that it is okay to let lose, let it all hang out well, not ALL , and have a blast!

I have geranium…lemon…and some lavender, too. You gave me the idea to order online…which I do now! Of course I check in regularly…especially Fridays!! You do such a good job of giving links that are fun and entertaining! Checking in is always a treat!! My brother and sister-in-law took a boat out to Dun Aengus located on the Cliffs of Inishmore. Incredible that someone would build a fort in such a wicked place! Can someone explain glycemic index GI? I was reading a magazine article that talked about GI and how it helped people lose weight.

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Really, the house seems fairly priced. Actually a rare sight these days. However, what about the bottom line? Are you sure concerning the supply? Recenziile mi se par foarte bune, totusi am o intrebare: Merit si Ethan sunt personajele principale in toate volumele, nu? Adica din primele nu prea mi se alege cine este personajul feminin, deoarce recenzia etse scrisa la persoana I.

Ah, si Madalina, daca ai putea schimba fontul la ultimele doua carti, ar fi mult mai usor de citit. There needs to be more places for homeschoolers to gather and be welcomed. I am currently working on a project in that vein and would love to hear feedback and requests. Feel free to drop me a line. Big Hugs to you Lori! I was 28 when I attended my husbands funeral, turned 29 the day after! Tomorrow is another day, where you will wake up and for a split second think "shit I had the worst nightmare last night", then realise it wasn't a nightmare, it's real.

Hugs to you and to your children on this really really hard road you are travelling down. But on the other hand, my husband insisted they are his sunglasses and I stole them from him.

So, I say Unisex. As far as I know Aljazeera is available in the US. Dont make vague statements. HamkaJe blijft me telkens verbazen met je columns.

Ik heb me deze keer ook stuk gelachen en kon alles erin herkennen. Vooral dat gebeuren met schrift en pennen. Mijn god, Alatief het is alsof je ze vraagt een stukje van hun leven te geven. I can't help but notice that 1, 2, 5, and 6 could all be true stories Here are my contributions:.

A small group of analysts in an Israeli intelligence agency realise hat an unhealthy obsession with "fiat money" and banking conspiracies are starting to rise among their primary monitoring targets. After a few days of discussing possible uses for this, someone finds a print-out of a paper from the 80s, about digital currencies, next to an explanation of the inner workings of Git, goes "huh, wait a minute Four weeks later, though one of the agency's VPN end-points in the US, they upload a description of BitCoin, and a rushed initial implementation of the software.

In order to further cloud the trail, the group adopts the cover name "Satoshi Nakamoto". While I know that Russia has also been developing supercavitating torpedoes and all that, what I am wondering about now is whether these are genuine threats.

In general, if they're selling it to overseas customers, it's real. Russia's arms industry is one of its few successful non-resource-extraction industries and customers don't generally pay real cash for vapourware. The supercavitating torpedo actually goes back to the s and is now in its second or third generation: However, due to the infrequency of submarine dogfights since nobody really knows if it's militarily useful — it's very fast but unguided and short range a newer version pauses every so often to ping using sonar, but sonar doesn't work while it's running.

The nuclear-powered torpedo of yesteryear fits a certain insane strategic weapons niche. Ditto the nuclear-powered cruise missile, and even if Russia doesn't have one it's technically plausible insofar as the US nearly built one inthe s — Project Pluto. If these are psyops, they're aimed at the Pentagon budget, to induce spending on pointless countermeasures, not the regular citizens of the USA.

It can also uncover real phenomena that are not explicable with any existing theories; biology and medicine are particularly prone to that. But, when done by a suitable person, 'gut feelings' can be pretty reliable, even when they can't be put into a precise formulation; the subconscious is, after all, where we do most of our information integration. I don't have a useful feeling about bitcoin's origins, unfortunately, except that the standard explanations don't feel right.

Actually I mostly agree. I'm however not sure he was against re-armament because it went against the Treat of Versailles. IIRC in principle he was for it but believed Nazi plans called for a re-armament so fast and so massive than German economy wouldn't be able to support it for long due to several reasons, amongst them runaway inflation and the collapse of imports for lack of foreing currency.

Re-armament by definition erodes exporting capacity because it sucks money, resources, engineers, etc, from producing exportable goods to weaponry. You can export weapons, certainly, but should you export many of them you wouldn't be rearming Always question a person's sexual preferences without any real reason. I have also heard anecdotes suggesting that Star Wars was designed primarily as an economic weapon, and never really intended to provide a serious missile defense unless that happened as a serendipitous bonus.

Treat the former as something I'm reasonably confident I read Pournells saying, and the latter as anecdote stored in an aging and flawed memory. So Putin's plan, if such it is, is plausible and would be deeply amusing revenge if it works. He gets realpolitik, and is playing the great game quite cleverly if one ignores his domestic failures -- which are increasingly hard to ignore.

He was roundly mocked for his suggestion that the U. Me, I think he was just 30 years premature with his warnings and we're now seeing the early signs of that collapse. But I admit to being a pessimist.

Neither paper mentions whether any history of meds or pre-existing conditions that could result or facilitate in these symptoms. And there are a lot! Nor any mention of inner ear x-rays. Yes, they mention neuro scans but that could mean they only examined soft neural tissue and not bone. Also - why look at only one possible 'cause' at one time? If the objective is to do harm and get away with it, wouldn't the bad guys check to see if there are combinations of 'safe' as in unlikely to be suspected things that when combined cause this type of specific damage.

But Putin is only 6 years younger than me - he's Even when he "wins" the next "election" - is he going to be there, at my current age for the next "election"?? Agree re "playting the game - like I said he's really learnt for pre-'up-to Imperial Germany in dicking with other people's politics, "merely" to cause complete havoc.

But even there, it can come back to bite you. Nakamoto is a standalone complex along the same lines as Luther Blisset or Monty Cantsin. Every action by Nakamoto has actually been taken by someone completely different, acting independently under the name, with no coordination. The Nakamoto moniker in the original whitepaper was used because, due to a typo, the author believed he was taking on the mantle of an existing well-known personality.

So, even the very first use was a copy with no existing original. Furthermore, everyone who has ever claimed to be Nakamoto is telling the truth. That's not really a story. It's just the most interesting possible answer to 'who is Satoshi Nakamoto'.

Were you thinking about something like this? Regarding your [6] and the whole trade war thing, it reminded me of a story from just a few weeks ago.

There are pictures of the place in Mexico, a plant basically overflowing with aluminum. I think the implied fraud was 1. The thing that smelled fishy to me, that was never mentioned in the article, is that the Al plant in Mexico is basically in the middle of Mexico's Detroit [1]. There are a ridiculous number of car factories within 50 km. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, it turns out the report had secretly been generated by Muddy Waters, hoping to profit from shorting the stock [2].

My point is that the suggestion that the trade was came about in a fit of rage after the Hope Hicks testimony and decision to quit the WW is ridiculous, somebody is making a lot of money out of this. It was actually a reference to an earlier scandal that had a full US Senate inquiry to look into it[0]; today the United States Secretary of Commerce, Mr Wilbur Ross, went on national television and held up a can of Cambell's Soup[1] bought from a store.

The joke was that the Goldman Sachs scheme relied upon the fact that in the USA aluminum used for making tin cans is different to LME traded commodity aluminum[2]. As in, they are literally different piles of the same metal but treated as completely differently in finance versus the production side.

You can store aluminum anywhere, in your garage if you want, it is the easiest thing in the world to store, it just lies there. But you can also store it in what is called "on-warrant storage" at a warehouse regulated by the London Metal Exchange. The metal in the LME warehouses can be used for delivery under LME futures contracts, so it is the foundation of the system for trading aluminum for financial purposes like hedging or speculation.

Part of the scandal was that the two had separated in price significantly the Bloomberg piece is old, but worth a read. So, either Mr Ross doesn't know the difference between the two or the old theatrical 'show and tell' is being used to 'muddy the waters'. The Russian video shows a missile hitting Florida.

I think that message was only intended for one recipient who owns a large property in Florid. Thanks for the comment, that was very illustrative and Matt Levine is always great.

It feels to me that at some point economics abstracted a bunch of stuff no need to have a guy running around gold carts in the reserve once you move out of the gold standard , which lead to things like negative interest rates that seem completely outside the physical world, but then there was bleed-in to the commodities market or maybe there always was, re: Then again, all of it could be true and it paints a plausible, internally consistent picture of an administration in crisis My read on the deep state v.

Trump struggle is that it's largely one of "dumb insolence" — the deep state apparat will obey orders to the letter and absolutely no more, rather than supporting the regime enthusiastically as is normally the case. And if, by obeying lawful orders, they can hasten Trump's ejection from the wheelhouse of power, they will absolutely do that.

But the idea that the deep state is liberal-dominated or willing to engage in an active coup is just garbage: Edmund Dantes at one point substitutes a message into the French sempahore telegraph system, knowing that there is a regular leak of official government messages via a mid-level functionary to his mistress to her husband, a financier which allows them to make what are effectively insider trades.

Who sold US steel stocks just before our good friend the president started talking about steel tariffs? It's a hack that relies on social engineering. Is Dantes then an early example of a hacker in fiction? I guess it's now Putin's turn. Looking at the numbers, it worked. A few folks made a few millions today. Can you guess who they were? I love y'all, but you're going to get turned into mush if you can't even do this basic level manoeuvre stuff.

I would love nothing more than to see an impeachment, but given the need for 67 Senators to vote for removal, I can't see the House voting for articles even if the Democrats control both the House and Senate. I can see a Democrat-controlled congress making life such utter hell for everyone in an appointed position that they effectively kneecap the Executive until the elections. If nobody's willing to stay and serve and nobody can get appointed, it leaves Trump isolated to the point of futility.

It also sets yet another horrible precedent but the given the alternative If nothing else, it would leave the Executive branch in the hands of the 'permanent staff' for anything short of the broadest policy pronouncements.

At which point we'd really get to see government by Tweet. This is where we get into the problem of the Imperial Presidency again. If the legislative branch doesn't do its job, the executive branch has to order things done. Personally, I hope that things get bad enough to bring down the imperial presidency naive fool that I am , because three authoritarian leaders in Russia, the US, and China playing brinksmanship is one way we could accidentally get ourselves into a nuclear war.

Far better that everyone get humbled by all us revolting peasants. Are you on crack? Did you miss the part where most high level USA positions are either not being filled or filled with ideological idiots? This is literally not what is going to happen, at all. It doesn't matter if the Tariffs are real or not spoilers: It's a done fucking deal now. Xi Pinguin just creamed his pants as well: Global Autarchy is now Live.

Gotta have mercenaries in this story. That's from page 73 in unsearchable pdf Testimony of Erik Prince Used gscan2pdf, for anyone so inclined. Might want to jail it if in the habit. Or [insert endless chains of projects]. The "Crop duster with a machine gun" is going to be more like a Sturmovic with a turboprop if it's expected to survive small arms fire.

Consider the F in the Korean conflict. That was sloppy of me; I just wasn't able to cleanly copy the text for quoting and didn't feel like retyping it. Re DJT's mind stochastic style, brain increasingly addled by senescence and induced redlining , fwiw I'm still unclear on the current main players, the timeline, endgame and timing thereof. Out of curiosity, is this: Von Economo neurons of the anterior cingulate across the lifespan and in Alzheimer's disease abstract without access, 1 Feb relevant?

Still looking for a bitcoin angle. Catching up on reading: Strong control of Southern Ocean cloud reflectivity by ice-nucleating particles Full paper, 28 February, Implications for accuracy improvement of climate models. Specifically, we show that the clouds that are most sensitive to the concentration of ice-nucleating particles are low-level mixed-phase clouds in the cold sectors of extratropical cyclones, which have previously been identified as a main contributor to the Southern Ocean radiation bias.

The very low ice-nucleating particle concentrations that prevail over the Southern Ocean strongly suppress cloud droplet freezing, reduce precipitation, and enhance cloud reflectivity. The results help explain why a strong radiation bias occurs mainly in this remote region away from major sources of ice-nucleating particles.

Try this - still works for me: Ah well, could be worse, he could have tried to nuke North Korea instead. No more than the racist Republican ultra-right did in Obama's last 2 years. Kettle Tu quoque etc More bizarreness in how the Cuba story is being handled: Every thriller plot will therefore have to have at least one leg in Anguilla, and use the machinery of climate change for partial propulsion.

If the timeline covers , then Brexit fallout is clouding the prospects for a clean conclusion; if is included then prospects are even stormier and a cliffhanger ending is called for.

The classic one is quinine, which is one possible reason for my deafness and lack of balance. However, there isn't enough in tonic for that to kick in before the alcohol kills you: People DO love conspiracy theories, don't they? While that's not provably wrong, it implausible on many grounds. Trump doesn't seem to do logic, not even to that extent, and seems incredibly easy to manipulate. We know that Saudi Arabia has been ramping up the proxy war against Iran and the pogrom against Shias , and its published conditions SAID that it was bullying Qatar into abandoning neutrality and becoming one of its vassals.

Fundamentally Trump does not care what the Saudis do to Qatar. Unconditional backing of the Saudis is hardly a depature for American foreign policy. So the most likely scenario is that the Saudis pushed against Qatar, Trump fell into line and that was that. It just looks corrupt because the worldwide family real estate and other businesses have links everywhere and Trump family members are close advisors to the presidency.

The problem is that it is impossible to know if anything is above board or rotten, and that includes people trying to influence American foreign or deomestic policy and ALSO Trump family members. If I'm Kushner am I getting a good deal because my people have put together a compelling investment and the family name is high profile or is someone trying to bribe me?

How can I tell if the comments from the investors about regulations are just usual business chit-chat or a quid pro quo? Carl Icahn, according to various newspapers , right before the Commerce Department released a report in mid-February raising the prospect of tariffs.

According to the LA Times, "Icahn could not be immediately contacted for comment. Yes, I suppose Dantes could be considered an early hacker. Especially his use of steganographic encoding of messages masked into errors in the legitimate traffic! Charlie's interest in technothrillers vs.

SF, you might want to throw financial thrillers into the mix. The rise of algorithmic trading, flash trading etc. Shades of Rule It's a long time since I read it, but Zero Coupon by Paul Erdman involved some sort of sub-plot with a bunch of IT geeks in a compound in the woods. I'm not recommending these. The whole sub-genre seems oddly joyless, and can't compete with the non-fiction section when it comes to bizarre financial catastrophes and bad behaviour.

Uh, Rule 34 excepted, obviously. The winds in D. The question is whether or not the players know it or not. Ross suspected that President Bush, a free trader, would soon enact steel tariffs on foreign steel, the better to appeal to prospective voters in midwestern swing states. A few weeks later, Bush slapped a 30 percent tariff on many types of imported steel—a huge gift. Never mind hedge funds.

Wilbur Ross gets rich the unfashionable way—in steel plants, textile mills, and other stuff nobody wants. New York Magazine, If you're wondering if the man holding the can on the teevee made a lot of money from Bush era tariffs that many consider as responsible for major job losses in the USA steel industry via bankruptcy deals I'm wondering if Icahn was burned deliberately, with malice aforethought, but I don't know enough about his relations with Trump or possible anti-Trump elements within the Commerce Department, for that matter.

The former action is clearly informed speculation; the latter might well be insider trading. The possibility of nonlinear mixing aka parametric mixing aka intermodulation had occurred to me, though more in the context of a deliberate effect, should the evidence ever point in that direction.

Which, IMO, it hasn't yet. That it might be an accidental result resulting from mixing of ambient sounds is an interesting idea. Icahn sold his shares of the company, the shorting stuff was Ackerman while he held Herbalife positions. Directly selling stuff is a tad harder to prove as malicious rather than taking a short position with prior intel. I mean, it's obvious, but accidents also happen: Ross is one of the original Vulture Capitalists[1], and claims that the tariffs had no bearing on his purchases they were certainly helpful, however, and Bush wanted those mid-state votes..

YMMV if you think he had meetings or prior knowledge or not. If you see that as predatory or the market efficiently saving as much as possible of a dying corpse is your usual ideological frame-work. Kevin Hassett is mentioned as being in support of tariffs. The question is who the real 'bad actors' are in all of this: Likewise, Canada is 1 for aluminium, China is only 4.

This financial alchemy is not all that hard to understand. It's amazing how much you can improve the bottom line of a company when you simply wipe mountains of debt off the books and stop paying for pensions and retiree health care. We're left hoping these are ecological protestors, not criminal BitCoin thieves, but still.

There's a nice plot twist: Could be personal The Donald's vs. Justin's appeal or the lack of sucking-up whenever Libs are in power in Canada. Maybe the way to trace the ownership is to plant traps in other likely countries. We know that there are multiple e-currencies out there. Is this like parallel universe creation with all of the lines of code being merged - therefore duplicated ad infinitum - with each 'exchange'? There's very little the Democrats could do about the positions where no one is appointed, but if they gain even a simple majority in the Senate they could at least block confirmation of the "ideological idiots".

But apparently they mostly all work on the same 'return curve' model. Eclipse recently for Ethereum. Lots of serious filings taking place, lots of scared Libertarians and lots of chances for a massive implosion. The reasons for this are manifold, but a because ICOs are often scams and b they're acting as exchanges without any safeguards and c don't poke Wall Street it has sharp pointy teeth. There's a reason Wall Street has its own fiber. The USAF doesn't want them.

If they buy light attack aircraft whose only purpose is to support ground forces, sooner or later someone is going to expect them us use those light attack aircraft to support ground forces. The USAF doesn't want to support ground forces, they want to eliminate them altogether. And they sure as hell don't want the U. Army to have any fixed wing combat aviation assets, so you won't be seeing anything in the budget for them there. I was being rude. I don't think anyone is on crack.

Trying to sound like a Wall Street Trader for the content. They rolled over on the Judge issue and are about to enact Banking reforms that basically mean a crash is inevitable. Despite his crudity and so forth, smarter minds than Donnies' are turning. And they seem to be betting on a It's a MLM pyramid scheme that's designed to cannibalize the social lives of its users, and it's not even in the worst case stuff Betsy Devos etc. Democrats would have to take control of both houses to impeach Trump.

By the time they managed to accomplish that, Pence would have less than two years left on Trump's term. The big Bitcoin miners in China have been secretly taken over by organized crime, with backing by officers in the Chinese Army.

The gangsters are using the combined compute power of the Bitcoin miners to forge blockchain transactions. Their initial tests were covered by simultaneous hacking of Bitcoin exchanges so it looked like the Bitcoins were stolen instead of forged. She became suspicious when she was asked to work on coordinating computations with other mining operations.

There is no way she can stop the gangsters directly, and it's too dangerous to go public. If any group can find Satoshi Nakamoto, it would be science fiction fandom. Maybe they can warn him before it is too late. Of course, the first thing the Nakamoto search group does is split. The libertarians want to find Nakamoto to save Bitcoin and freedom.

The environmentalists want to find Nakamoto to bring Bitcoin crashing down and stop the mining in order to save the Earth. And it's not going to be long before the NSA finds out about it. When it involves the Trump crime family, appearances don't lie. If it looks corrupt, it most assuredly IS corrupt. BitCoin was designed to make it difficult to "mint" BitCoins, in that it requires a lot of computation to create one. Other crypto currencies have tried to make minting new coins require some other "investment" than CPU power, especially with environmental causes being popular among the Western audience they hope will adopt cryptocurrencies, but it has to be difficult and time consuming somehow.

If not, the first person to hook a GPU cluster up could mint every coin into existence on the first day and own the entire currency. Transaction costs are where new crypto-currencies are trying to distinguish themselves by being lower than for BitCoin. I believe there's a limit of around 14 transactions per second for BitCoin across the entire world, which obviously isn't enough for eBay or Amazon or iTunes, probably not enough even for ambitious black market drug merchants.

For those who can't get enough weirdness, this article preview has been floating on hackernoon. Which has potential to make Brexit look like a well planned military enterprise. As the accumulation of assets is gradual over the life cycle, younger generations measured here as 16—34 years old hold less than 5 percent of net wealth in Europe, and their median wealth is one-tenth of the median for yearolds. They also have the highest debt-to-assets ratio 49 percent across age groups and are most likely to form part of a credit-constrained household What is a Brain-Chain Interface?

I think it's a sarcastic piece on Hive-Minds. Nope, he's just a sub-par TedX minus the actual charm, skill and publisher deal of Harari: Simplified Evolution of Societies Hint. Popularised by Kevin Kelly, Up-creation is self-organisation that brings forth an emergent level of complexity that encompasses, without destruction, the previous lower levels of organisation. This a hope we must call an act of faith. And it's not a paradox. It's not even close to a paradox.

It's not even something that's not been tested in a lab for industrial purposes:. Well, perhaps not military, but it was assuredly planned and successfully executed, over the past three decades.

Not, perhaps, by who you think it was depending on how carefully you have looked , but that doesn't change anything. Which process has dominance: What happens then re: If the latter, then possibility of bogus 'splits' are a certainty which could take everything down. Lastly - for the past 40 or so years US corporations have been gobbling up each other esp. Can't keep up with the WH staff merry-go-round - Munchkin was head of the Treasury but was fired?

And yeah - Munch came from Wall Street. Campbell Soup will close its factory in Toronto within the next 18 months and shift production to the U. They're not clever, they're not subtle, they're just old men running out of date wetware. Holding a soup can in a brazen silly "fuck you" to Canada? Crash already happened as well.

It's called a Fork. It's merely about control. Not to mention start buying up most gaming GPUs produced per year. Think Visa, Mastercard, Square etc etc. Look the million of miles of fiber laid for it.

So, let's talk about how 'decentralized block chains' will change the world. They love their Cadillac SUVs. Years after things settled down from the crash, the empty dealership building was bulldozed and turned into a gas station.

Environmental clean-up for an Office complex would have been outrageous, so a gas station. We have tax laws that favor low taxes on the land that car dealerships sit on. They are not treated as Prime real estate, even in the middle of town. That can act as a hedge to protect your money. If the crash occurs, your money is safe in low tax real estate. If the crash does not occur, it is a simple matter to drive the cars off the lot and build luxury condos on what is now Prime real estate.

You had to collect enough rent to make the monthly mortgage payments. The Big Short Official Trailer 1 BTW, Watch the movie a few times and notice that none of the guys were able to cash in their bets. None of the issuers would pay out. They had to sell their bets to make any money.

They made pennies on the dollar as opposed to an actual payout of the bet. Yes, they made a huge profit, but would have made more if the issuers had honored their bets. In they sold that part of the business. And of course, we had to bail out GM later on. It was also "Too Big To Fail". They sold off the Bank, reporting trouble lately, now they are looking at breaking up. They talk about the corporate break ups as good for business, and the dangers of Lobbying. Nightly Business Report - February 22, Pay attention to Tyler Mathisen.

He has never been this active in his questions. They do not do this kind of thing. For Tyler to talk this way is unprecedented. He usually only has a minute on such subjects. They gave him four whole minutes, then he went soft the rest of the program. You can see his tone and body language change. They are constant advertisement for "workshops" where you can learn the tricks of the flip. Basically, these are about flipping foreclosed homes with other flippers. Nobody lives in these houses.

The housing industry has "recovered" since the crash. Even apartments being built are "luxury' apartments, not "affordable". NBR - Luxury apartments - The video starts before the piece. No one actually lives in those homes.

I think reverse cold war psyops is a bit naive in this case. I don't think the message was aimed at Trump, after all the one constant for him has been acknowledging ownage not a single critic, constant adulation to Putin, etc.

Here's an interesting story to show to any of your friends that suggest buying GPUs for mining is a good idea [0]. Keep in mind that this was , which is like years ago in crypto years.

Rumours these days point to high end FPGAs coupled with exotic memory: And very silly at times on set too Tennant hamming it up superbly as Crowley was v entertaining to watch. Or is that the intention? Planned by the US ultra-right, with "Help" from this side?

Other people on the thread have seen more of the stigmata than just the ones I mentioned. See my OK - when? A "religious" clampdown - a lot easier in the US than here, but it will be messy, nonetheless?

No, but by people whose attitudes have a lot in common with them, but more in common with the nastier side of the 'western' military-industrial complex.

I doubt that there was a formal conspiracy, but they all 'just happened' to work together. The main truly foreign agent was, of course, the Dirty Digger - most of the others that I know about were home-grown extremists, bigots and arguably traitors and, no, Farage was not a agent, but merely a useful idiot.

I have no idea what the multinominal one is blithering about in , but it has been taken in by the surface analysis in I have known that Brexit was being planned and was a near-certainty before for at least a couple of decades, and was not surprised by the result - I had given it an evens chance. Greg, you are being rational and logical.

You are waiting "for" something to happen, when the system of controls has been in place for decades. When I mentioned "Poverty TV" that shows the system of control that we are already under. Poverty TV are those channels that regular people watch.

Strangely they have great shows in rerun. They basically ask how much do you have, then set the price of the car to that amount, even if the car is actually lower. If you miss a payment, they take the car and sell it to the next person at the same inflated price. They will sell a car four or five times before someone pays the full amount. Note the "non medical" part. They are essentially baby sitters, not allowed to help out medically. These are the growing "Service Economy" jobs they talk about.

You pay a huge hourly rate to the service, minimum four hours, and the worker is paid minimum wage. If you have a Medicare card many of your prescription drugs and devices are free. All the while the wonderful visual images of the commercial play out, showing a great life, they have a fast paced talk of the countless side effects, including death, if you take the prescription drug, but if you take it you can live the wonderful life they show.

If you lose the case, you do not have to pay the advance back. If you have "broken" jewelry that you want to sell, they will give you top dollar. This I need to explain a bit. If you have "broken" or "unwanted" jewelry you can sell it for cash. This is a classic commercial that sums up what is happening:. You have a mother and daughter having lunch someplace.

The daughter offers to pay the check. The mother asks, "Where did you get the money. Forgive me if this offends, but if you accept money for sex, it is prostitution. But if your "boy friend" gives you gold and silver jewelry there is no crime.

They have a credit card, but did not get it through a bank. Most people do not have Bank accounts. Large parts of American jobs are "cash" or at most "paycheck". Few people get direct deposit from work. The Gray Economy is a deep part of American business. Huge parts are "off the books". Cleaning staff, landscape services, home maintenance, baby sitters, etc Most of those businesses run their shop with up to half of the workers not on the books.

Think Greece, but we can print our own money. Where if you have direct deposit, it can go to a "check card".

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