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Adult Bad Laer finder Bad Laer

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It might be noteworthy to note that the song is a case of divisiveness in some circles. A word of warning: It's also worth pointing out that this got started on YouTube , not YTMND , despite consisting of a looping animation accompanied by looping audio. A sign of the times, it seems You can really find anything for it, for example Sub-trope to Animation Meme. You need to login to do this. Also, for some reason, most examples are female. Most of the time such Snake People are depicted as slithering upright like a cobra about to strike, instead of slithering face-down with their whole body.

Female Snake People are almost always depicted with Non-Mammal Mammaries and often with Non-Mammalian Hair ; they're almost always bewitchingly beautiful. Snake People may have some proficiency for aquatic movement as well, either being superior swimmers than other species or actually being able to breathe underwater, in which case they would be a subtrope of Unscaled Merfolk , with the best of both worlds.

They may or may not talk in Sssssnake Talk. Or they were already villains who just turned into snakes. Traditionally, Lamia was a Libyan queen who ate children, but John Keats might have turned her into a snake woman even though she wasn't originally , possibly combining her with Lilith, who was associated with the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

In Hinduism and Hindu Mythology , Nagas more properly nagin or nagini if a female are a very diverse group of snake-related entities, ranging from nature spirits to gods. Though the Naga of Hindu myth themselves usually only have two arms or none. Sometimes they have multiple heads. Because Snakes Are Sexy , this happens quite often even though snake people are, like mermaids, frequently subject to the Mermaid Problem.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. In Amatsuki the demon Byakuroku usually appears as half beautiful man and half white snake. She can also conjure up snakes to attack with. The Antarcticans from A Centaur's Life are called 'Serpentines' because of their snake-like appearances, but they are not reptiles.

Biologically they're related more to birds than snakes. While all shown characters are females produced by the queen, unlike most examples they are essentially huge big-headed snakes with humanoid limbs and no trace whatsoever of human faces or breasts. Some have both arms and legs, some are huge with four arms and slither around.

Antarcticans are up to all kinds of things behind the scenes, but the member of the main cast, Sasasul, is a very nice and timid girl. In Claymore , Ophelia's Awakened form looks like one of these, only she has what are like gigantic blades coming out of her human-looking back.

Early on, it hits him that she's pretty much half-human, half- anaconda ; if she ever completely lost control of herself, she could easily crush him in her coils like an empty soda can. Fairy Tail has Kinana, a girl who was unwillingly turned into a giant snake and given the name Cubellios. Eventually she's turned back into a normal human, though she later started learning transformation magic.

The guild Lamia Scale has, as the name implies, this creature as their mascot, though their members are humans and not Lamias. Gundam In Mobile Fighter G Gundam , India's Cobra Gundam takes this form normally; the pilot can separate the upper portion into a standard humanoid mecha while the tail portion is controlled by his pet snake.

InuYasha The twins Kinka and Ginka, who have human-looking torsos and very long snake tails which end up encircling each other. They are from a species of Youkai always hatching with two heads, but usually with the stronger one devouring the other head early on. In Pet Shop of Horrors , one of the very first "pets" was a basilisk that looked like a beautiful snake woman. This particular variety was albino — but looking into her eyes meant instant death. The title protagonist of Vampire Princess Miyu fights against a terrifying snake woman in one of the episodes of the TV series.

A Trap Monster, as the name suggests, is a Trap Card that functions like a monster once activated. Ironically, this one is the weakest, having no other effects, but it gained notoriety for being the first. Ushio and Tora has two rather unusual examples in Hitotsuki, the eastern "jashin" serpent god and his western counterpart: His western counterpart Shibumori is even weirder, looking like an odd-eyed old monk with a giant winged snake wrapped around his abdomen and the serpent head is split in four , acting like four separate heads.

She also has a more sinister and demonic form when she's Brainwashed and Crazy , including one where she turns gigantic and resembles a Hydra Person. Minor Spider-Man villain Yith. Hellboy 's Hecate turns into one. There is an obscure Marvel Comics villain called Slither who is, as you might guess, a snake-man.

He was usually associated with a fairly obscure team called Mutant Force, which originated as a short-lived iteration of the Brotherhood of Mutants. The Viper Madame Hydra , a regular foe of Captain America , launched a hostile takeover of the Serpent Society so she could use them to carry out a plot against Washington, D. Slither was her right-hand man for the operation.

Snake Woman by Virgin Comics involves Jessica Peterson, who transforms into one whenever she is put under considerable stress. She's described as something "not quite snake and not quite human.

Detective Comics features a villain named Lady Viper who is a naga. In issue Batgirl gets bitten by Lady Viper and later has a nightmare in which she has grown her own serpant tail replacing her legs. She awakens later relieved it was a dream only to discover to her horror that she has become half snake in reality as well. In issue Batgirl in her naga form manages to defeat Lady Viper and finds a way to become human again. Robin Series villain Tapeworm is structured like a snake person but with a long tail of detachable regenerating flat segments rather than a scaled tail.

In Athena Voltaire and the Brotherhood of Shambalha , the way to Arharta is guarded by a statue of a four-armed, sword-wielding naga, and opening the way brings that statue to life.

Ethan Storm believes that his ritual will control her; either he's wrong or he's treacherous, because she promptly kills his allies. Methraton's servant Serpent is a half-snake warrior usually seen guarding his master's temple in the clouds. He also makes noticeable use of Sssnake Talk. Mamba is a giant green-skinned snake goddess with a human upper body.

Kordora et Vulla The Twins' fan-made female equivalents , who are also their love interests, making them practical double in-laws.

In the Shadowchasers Series , the first Shadowkind seen was Hebi-Na, a member of a race of Snake People called ophidian; she was also the first serious enemy character. The ophidia including Hebi-Na were serious villains in Shadowchasers: Power Primordial , and Hebi-Na was the main focus of Shadowchasers: The mutie biker Harley from the Dredd fanfic Highway Don't Care is never described as a snake woman, but the scales, fangs, unhinging jaw and slit-pupilled eyes rather give it away.

Also described as being fairly easy on the eyes. In the Jackie Chan Adventures and W. Most of the Viperinin are shapeshifters like Cedric, whose human form is his alternate form. The goddess Kanako Yasaka from Touhou has power over weather and snakes, and so is occasionally represented as a lamia. Oddly enough, her fellow goddess Suwako Moriya former mountain goddess and has a frog theme is rarely represented with any frog traits other than an Overly Long Tongue.

Pheela from From Exclusion to Fantastic Zones is of the "human top and snake below the waist variety''. She is first rescued from slavery by a stalker who stumbled into Falmart through a gate he found and becomes a BFG-wielding Action Survivor. They were intelligent enough to do so without riders compared to the pegasi. Medusa in the original Clash of the Titans and the remake. In The 7th Voyage of Sinbad , an evil magician temporarily combines a woman and a snake to create a four-armed woman with a snake's tail.

Beetlejuice, except with no arms. The woman who gives information from behind a screen turns out to have a lower body consisting of several long tails. You see, one of her ancestors was raped by a dragon Star Wars has Thisspiasians, specifically Oppo Rancisis in the background of the Jedi Council scenes in the first two prequels.

Dreamscape features no less than three Snake-Men. Alex meets the first one in Buddy's terrifying nightmare. Later, Tommy Ray transforms into one to terrorize Alex when they both enter the President's dream. Finally, Alex himself transforms into one when he dispatches Bob Blair. In the filipino Shake Rattle and Roll XV the A-movie "Ahas" features a murderous half-snake woman, the result of a dodgy fertility drug that a couple took so that they could conceive a child.

She is hidden away by her father in the depths of a shopping mall and things go downhill from there. The Star Wars Expanded Universe has other lesser known snake-like races such as the Ipharian-Da'Lor, who have a similar body structure to the Thisspiasians minus the excess facial hair and second pair of arms. A naga-like one of these called "Man-Serpents", having human heads with snakes for hair on purely serpent bodies, to differentiate themselves from "Serpent-Men", who have scaly human bodies with the heads of snakes appears in the Conan the Barbarian story " The God in the Bowl ," sent in a large jar to a man who dabbled with secrets he shouldn't have touched.

There are no nagas in Harry Potter. However, the legend may be known — Voldemort's snake familiar is called Nagini, which is either a reference to the naga or to Kipling.

Xanth , Fantasy Kitchen Sink that it is, is home to a race of Nagas, the princess of which ends up as a Love Interest to one of the characters. In the Star Trek Novel Verse , there's a race known as Resaurians, who are essentially snakes with upper grasping limbs. They're usually quite friendly.

In The Echorium Sequence , one of the four races of "half-creature" are naga: Upper torso of a human without ears and nose, short snake tail below. They don't crawl, they fly with magic, albeit no higher than yards above ground. Desert dwellers, unsurpassed archers of the Cold Sniper variety , who like to eat sentient creatures , especially Je'arre winged people.

According to legends they used to be Je'arre too, but revolted against their god, and he took away their wings and souls; they die the final death and don't go to the Blessed Gardens or Abyss. Considering that god's general disposition , one has to wonder what the Abyss they did to make him act.

Or maybe that wasn't him at all. The Sssstamne of The Rogue King. The Laer practiced extensive bioengineering so that every member of their race was perfectly adapted to their role in society, leading to a number of different types of snake people including winged and aquatic versions. Sibone, a Caffeind and old girlfriend of Aahz from the later Myth Adventures novels, has this sort of anatomy. Being a green-scaled Pervect himself, Aahz isn't put off in the least by her serpentine lower body.

The supplement Out of the Pit describes the Caarth and their elite warriors, the Serpent Guards , a whole civilization of Snake People living in the endless desert wastes of the world of Titan. They're rumored to be responsible of the curse laid on the Serpent Queen. In the Lone Wolf series, Darklord Taktaal is described as having the body of a snake, covered by disease-ridden hair.

He also has clawed hands and a smooth, ice-white head with a muzzle filled with rows of razor-sharp fangs. Mentioned in the introduction, John Keats ' Lamia involves the god Hermes helping restore the titular character to her human form, in exchange for help in finding his love interest a nymph. At the end of the poem, however, the sage Apollonius reveals to Lamia's lover Lycius that she's still a serpent—she suddenly vanishes, and Lycius dies instantly.

The Shas-saaree of V. Ivanova's Rainbow on the Ground. Also called "snake-people" or "serpentar" by other races, the shas-saaree or "shask" for short are mostly serpentine in appearance, but have some characteristics found neither on humans nor on regular snakes. While their bodies are covered by scales, the shasks have crests along their spines and unfolding crest-like membranous sensors in place of mammalian ears.

Unlock this item by beating the Depths 20 times and killing the Gish boss. Unlock this item by collecting two of the following items: You may see more or less than this on the Found HUD overlay, however this number varies based on your other damage increasing items. The Fallen boss pulls items from the Devil Room Pool. Blue Baby, The Lost. In Afterbirth this item synergises with Brimstone and Tech, allowing them to do more damage the further away the enemy is.

After picking up a coin he has a random chance to drop pickups, including hearts, keys, bombs, coins, pills, cards or trinkets. In Afterbirth this is one of the 3 items required to create the Super Bum familiar transformation. If your speed stat is already higher then that value is still used.

Unlock this item by collecting 3 Guppy items and transforming into Guppy. In Afterbirth this item gives a random tear effect every few seconds, not every room. Unlike the Cube of Meat, it does not block enemy shots. In Afterbirth this orbital can now block shots, making it equal to the Cube of Meat.

After which, the only way to access an Angel Room is via the Sacrifice Room. See the dedicated Devil room page for more details.

Unlock this item by picking up 2 of the following items: However with lasers such as Brimstone this point is no longer true. If the heart is hit, Isaac will take damage. This effect does not happen until you get a new orbital after Big Fan. Mulligan can be hit by enemy projectiles, making him a good shield. When the pool is empty, it will eventually re-roll all your items into heart containers. In Afterbirth using this with the?

Treasure Map floor layout , Compass map icons or Blue Map secret room locations. Unlock this item by beating Krampus Krampus is unlocked by taking 20 devil deal items. However, If you also have flying you will always take damage. Soy Milk can lead to interesting synergies. Half hearts heal a whole heart and full hearts heal 2 red hearts. If you get hit while Cursed eye is a solid black colour you are guaranteed to be teleported to another random room on the floor.

If you get hit in either of the other 2 states you will not be teleported. Unlock this item by beating all bosses and completing all post-it note marks in hard mode with The Lost character. Flies spawned from a Mulligan dying. Dead Bird then Box of Friends will cause it to spawn but won't create duplicates. Mom's Foot boss counts as an explosion and is therefore prevented by Host Hat. The longer the button is held the faster Gurdy will fling itself across the screen.

Every 6 coins Bumbo will evolve to a new form except for level 4 which takes 12 coins. Bumbo gains a body and crawls around the room, sometimes dropping random pickups. Bumbo no longer fires tears but instead will chase enemies slowly and deal contact damage. It will also sometimes randomly drop bombs. Fetus, this item will also cycle through random Bomb Modifiers e. Butt Bombs, Hot Bombs.

Snake People, Naga, Lamia or "Sneople" are a type of liminal being usually depicted with a human head, arms and torso with the added twist of a snake's tail as a lower body, similar in many respects to a mermaid, centaur, and some like this can also involve more exotic bodily configurations such as wings or changing the ratio of snake . “The Millennials I know who desire independence are bailing on expensive housing markets and starting adult lives elsewhere. Their idea of success is not becoming a debt slave to an expensive cookie cutter tract house in some bland subdivision. Some time after the Speedy Techno Remake, called the "Speedycake Remix", of "Caramelldansen" by Caramell was released, someone made a video from the Popotan H-Game opening, which was two girls bobbing up and down while flapping their hands (pictured right), and the video synced the dancing to an.