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In June of , representatives from more than 80 countries promulgated a Child Survival Call to Action, which called for reducing child mortality to 20 or fewer child deaths per 1, live births in every country by To address the problem of ending preventable child deaths, the U.

Six evidence review teams were established on different topics related to child survival and healthy development to identify the relevant evidence-based interventions and to prepare reports. This article was developed by the evidence review team responsible for identifying the research literature on caregiver change for child survival and development.

This article is organized into childhood developmental periods and cross-cutting issues that affect child survival and healthy early development across all these periods. On the basis of this review, the authors present evidence-based recommendations for programs focused on caregivers to increase child survival and promote healthy development.

Last, promising directions for future research to change caregivers' behaviors are given. In June of , more than 80 countries represented by governmental officials and partners from the private sector, civil society, and faith-based organizations gathered for the Child Survival Call to Action http: This Call to Action challenged the world to reduce child mortality to 20 or fewer child deaths per 1, live births in every country by The current rate is approximately 49 children per live births UNICEF, ; therefore, reaching this historic target will save the lives of an additional 45 million children by In addition to enhancing child survival, it is also important to make sure that infants achieve healthy development.

It is widely acknowledged that poverty and its corollaries e. On the basis of this review, evidence-based recommendations for programs focused on caregivers to increase child survival and promote healthy development are presented.

Last, promising directions for future research to change caregivers' behaviors are presented. Parenting is one type of caregiving to a child in a caring relationship and is not limited to biological parents.

This article addresses interventions at the level of the caregiver who can be a parent, foster parent, relative, or someone who assumes the parental role. This article is based on a systematic search of the published literature, nominations of documents in response to the call for evidence i.

Primary documents were published articles and gray literature reports published since that evaluated behavior change interventions targeting caregivers and children implemented in lower- and middle-income countries LMICs. In addition, interventions designed to be delivered by health care providers that could easily be adapted to be delivered by caretakers were included. For the most part, studies were included that had child health outcome data and that had a comparison or control group that allowed ascribing better outcomes or behavior change to the intervention.

A supplemental literature search was conducted by the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. The search focused on caretaker and parental interventions to increase child survival and promote healthy development.

The behaviors of parents and other family members are critically important to child survival and development. Mothers need to seek prenatal care, and if they are HIV seropositive or have other health problems, they may need to adhere to a treatment regimen to ensure a healthy child Le Roux et al. To prevent early childhood death and improve development, individual mothers and caretakers must change their behavior, but there are major challenges to initiating and sustaining individual-level behavior changes Fishbein et al.

The first step is knowledge development; caretakers must understand that there is a causal link between their behaviors and the survival and development of their children. The next step is the perception of risk; that is, caretakers must be aware that these issues are a problem in their family and community. Then, the caretaker must experience self-efficacy and be confident that they have the knowledge and skills to intervene to ensure child survival and healthy development.

Contingencies must be in place to reinforce the desired behavior. Last, caretakers must locate relevant resources to overcome environmental constraints and must decide to engage in more beneficial practices every time they are faced with a health and developmental issue associated with their child.

Interventions to change caregiver behavior are only one part of a comprehensive strategy for enhancing child survival and development. They need to be complemented with interventions targeting communities and health care systems Elder, ; Pequegnat, Other articles in this issue of the journal focus on these other levels of analysis Farnsworth et al.

There are different developmental challenges and susceptibilities to illness during each developmental period: In the earlier developmental periods, such as the first 1, days, it is essential to concentrate on interventions for the mother or caretaker.

The organization of this review follows this developmental trajectory by first examining behavior change that primarily affects child survival and then considers behaviors that are more critical for healthy early development.

This distinction is arbitrary given that many relevant behaviors e. The first 1, days is a critical formative period for children's physical, mental, and socio-emotional development. Low birth weight is an important underlying indirect cause of death Liu et al. Almost all of the babies who die each year can be saved with low-tech, low-cost care procedures that caregivers can be trained to deliver. An important strategy to prevent unintended pregnancy and help ensure newborn and child health involves healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies.

Women can time and space their pregnancies to ensure that pregnancies occur at the healthiest times of their lives when they are physically, socially, and emotionally ready.

Bearing children at these times reduces risks of pregnancy-related adverse outcomes for both the mother and child. Studies have found that two pregnancy timing and spacing behaviors are associated with the healthiest outcomes for mothers, newborns, and children: Having a baby late in life advanced maternal age and high parity can also have adverse effects on birth outcomes, but we do not focus here on these topics.

A study examining adverse pregnancy outcomes in women admitted for delivery in health facilities in 29 countries confirmed that there were higher and statistically significant perinatal outcomes, and higher but not statistically significant maternal outcomes mothers Ganchimeg et al. A systematic review of 41 randomized controlled trials that enrolled 95, adolescents found that interventions combining education and contraception promotion provided significant evidence for preventing unintended pregnancy over the medium- and long-term follow-up period Gilliam, Only three of the trials were conducted in Nigeria and Mexico, whereas all others were conducted in developed countries.

A key conclusion from this review Oringanje et al. Furthermore, interventions that encourage stakeholders, parents, health care workers, teachers, church leaders, and even pregnant adolescents to participate in the design of culturally appropriate programs are more effective. On the basis of a review of interventions from 18 LMICs, the World Health Organization's guidelines on preventing early pregnancy and poor reproductive outcomes in adolescents in developing countries concluded that there is compelling evidence that with coordinated action directed at the levels of policies, families and communities, individuals, and the health system, that access and uptake of contraceptive information and services can be increased World Health Organization, An integral part of efforts to prevent unwanted pregnancy is providing emergency hormonal contraception.

Married young people were reached through special events to celebrate newly married couples, which included activities emphasizing the benefits of delaying childbearing and couples were provided with a small supply of oral contraceptive pills and condoms. Furthermore, male and female change agents counseled young married men and women individually in their homes on the benefits of delaying childbearing and on other reproductive health topics.

Preventing child marriage needs to be a key component of an overall strategy to ensure delay in pregnancy and motherhood among young women. A review of 34 evaluations of 23 child marriage programs implemented in developing countries identified three types of program strategies to prevent child marriage: Only four studies were categorized as rigorous included randomization, before and after measurement, controls for selection bias or confounding variables, and reported results of statistical significance tests.

The investigators concluded that programs aimed at empowering adolescent girls and providing them with economic incentives to delay marriage have been most effective in preventing early marriage and consequently early pregnancy among girls in LMICs. We identified 63 studies of interventions explicitly designed to prevent rapid, repeat pregnancies and help women space their births.

The studies measured pregnancy rate, or family planning use, occurring at 6, 12, 18 or 24 months after childbirth. Most of these studies were carried out among various at-risk populations in the United States low socioeconomic and educational status, unemployed, low self-esteem by domestic agencies between the late s and Of these, there were 13 randomized controlled trials Barnet et al.

These studies reported that the interventions had a statistically significant effect on reducing the rate of rapid, repeat pregnancy at 6, 12, 18, or 24 months after birth.

The caretaker behaviors to help women space their births that are reflected in these studies are discussed in the summary section of this article. In conclusion, strong evidence suggests that multidisciplinary programs that empower women and adolescents through skill development and goal setting, carried out by highly capable caregivers, are more likely to achieve positive reproductive health behavior change compared with programs that do not include such elements.

One of the barriers to remediating early child death is the belief that only high technology, clinic-based interventions can reduce mortality Darmstadt, Kumar, et al.

An example is diarrhea, where many health care providers believe that only intravenously delivered solutions work and that this treatment is expensive, requires skilled care, and is not easily available to poor mothers in LMICs; however, most mothers can treat their children with packets of oral rehydration salts, which are sold locally at minimal cost.

There are several studies of interventions that have been shown to be effective in changing caregiver behaviors with demonstrated health effects. A study in Bangladesh compared the home care model where trained community health workers delivered behavior change communication and essential newborn care in visits to pregnant women during the antenatal and postnatal periods to promote preparedness for birth or newborn care, provide iron folate supplements, and counsel on breastfeeding issues.

The community health workers also provided home screening, management, or referral of sick newborns for additional care. In another study, community health workers provided an essential cost-effective newborn care preventive package using behavior change management through group meetings and home visits in India Darmstadt, Bhutta, et al.

The study demonstrated improvements in birth preparedness, hygienic delivery, thermal care including skin-to-skin care , umbilical cord care, breastfeeding, and care seeking in the community health worker intervention condition. Other evidence-based interventions on the effectiveness of other thermal care are associated with stimulation to improve immediate newborn care Belsches et al.

In newborns, a skin-to-skin intervention to ensure thermal sufficiency is especially important immediately after birth and it is associated with early bonding between the mother and child that stimulates the baby and is more likely to lead to breastfeeding. They were concerned with a shortage of incubators and the impact of separating women from newborns in neonatal care units. Skin-to-skin care can prove highly acceptable to women after exposure to behavior change communication messages, as evidenced by a study in India, whereby community health workers provided community mobilization promoting birth planning and essential newborn care including adoption of skin-to-skin care Darmstadt et al.

In addition to providing thermal and touching interventions, teaching caregivers to identify symptoms of illness and to seek immediate care is crucial for survival of children at all ages but especially important for neonates. There is limited evidence on effective interventions to improve knowledge of signs of complications or appropriate care seeking.

In one study in Benin, job aids were used during antenatal care to provide information on danger signs of complications, birth planning, clean delivery and newborn care. In a review of antenatal newborn care interventions, the investigators concluded that the benefits of various antenatal newborn care education interventions remain unclear. Caretakers could be alerted to symptoms of sepsis. One study conducted in Bangladesh assessed education for health providers and caregivers on infection prevention in a tertiary care facility.

The investigators demonstrated declines in episodes of suspected sepsis and deaths with clinical or culture-proven sepsis Darmstadt, Nawshad Uddin Ahmed, et al. In community and primary care settings in developing countries, chlorhexidine application to the umbilical cord reduced neonatal mortality and omphalitis. However, in hospital settings, there is insufficient evidence to support the application of antiseptics to the umbilical cord when compared to dry cord care Imdad et al. There was a positive effect on reducing cord infection among women who received and used the kits, but it was not significant.

One high quality study in Kenya and Tanzania assessed an intervention to improve neonatal tetanus incidence in an area where tetanus toxoid vaccinations were not available. The study team worked with local village leaders and traditional birth attendants to develop messages on appropriate materials to apply to the umbilical stump after birth.

Traditional birth attendants were trained to apply plain water or milk in the absence of water to the stump, as opposed to cow dung. Another important behavior of caregivers that contributes to child survival is using the correct infant sleeping position. More studies are needed in LMICs where cultural preferences around sleeping position may be difficult to change. In summary, there is evidence that education, counseling, and community involvement are all effective interventions to promote neonatal survival and health.

The World Health Organization and UNICEF released a joint statement on the home-visit strategy for the newborn that recommends at least two home visits after birth. Training of health care workers in clinics and the community in antenatal newborn care is an effective way to promote safe birth practices, prevent infection, and provide resuscitation skills.

For neonatal care, home visits by community-based health workers to provide counseling, to caregivers to assess the newborn, provide first-line treatment, and refer for facility-based care are effective interventions for neonatal health and to promote breastfeeding. Many of these interventions can be provided by family members or caregivers during labor and delivery, and the postnatal period, to reduce neonatal mortality. The majority of these interventions are based on supportive behaviors among family members and caregivers.

Nonetheless, given that health behaviors and early caregiving behaviors are often rooted in traditional and cultural beliefs and practices, they can be difficult to influence Winch et al. These early experiences establish the basis for later performance and outcomes in adolescence and adulthood Barnett, ; Grantham-McGregor et al.

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Lights and warning cross on unguarded level crossing in rural Andalucia Courtyard of rural hotel, night view. Baena, Jaen province, Andalucia, Spain. An elderly man from the south of rural andalucia poses for the photographer with interesting pose. Cultivated olive trees on the hills above the Rio Grande in southern Spain with views to Cartama and the Sierra de Mijas Andalusia countryside landscape, stud farm paddocks, fields, green meadows on a hills in southern Spain.

Young girl in bikini, chatting to an eldery local. Dinning room at Lagar de Luisa. Castellar de la Frontera, Cadiz province, Andalucia, Spain. Room at Lagar de Luisa. Outside of that everything worked, the wifi was great, and we had no issues. Also the location is awesome and accessible to everything you want to see. If you need to be picked up at airport, Juans son can come and get you for a reasonable price. He was very helpful. Also Juan is very responsive through email and even went out of his way to mail my wifes earring back to us in the states.

I would recommend staying here. We received a very warm welcome from the whole family. Juan junior collected us from the airport and Carmen drove us back for a small extra charge.

The apartment is spotlessly clean, well appointed, and has lots of natural light. The location is very central, but on a very quiet pedestrian street, so no traffic noise. The only sound was from the many surrounding church bells, which continue to ring through the night. Juan's place was very nice and clean, in an amazing building located in the perfect part of Seville. Overall we had a great time. We would definitely stay again. We could not have asked for a better host, apartment or location.

Only wished we had more time to spend in Seville. The apartment was very well equipped. The host,Juan, was easy to contact and quick to respond to us both before our arrival and during our visit. He gave us very good and useful information about what to see and do in Seville. He knew our time in the city was limited and HE contacted US when he learned that his next tenants would be arriving late.

He offered us extended use of the room so we would have safe storage for our luggage after our regular check-out time. I hope this apt. Juan and Juan Jr. I was always concerned when I read all "glowing" comments about your unit before I came but now I understand.

The proximity to everything in most of the city of Seville makes this location the perfect place to use as a base to work from. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I found some food meats and cheeses and breads stocked in the refrigerator upon our arrival. I would recommend this owner and this unit to everyone. Slipping back into history as you cross the threshold and walk down the marble hallway adds to the entire concept of being in a different country.

The center courtyard greets you everyday with greenery that sets the stage for the rest of the day. It does not take long to get into the groove of siestas in the afternoon, and tapas and sangria in the evening hours while enjoying seeing the city come alive in the local cafe's or squares. This is a super place in an excellent location in the old town close to the Cathedral and lots and lots of restaurants. The apartment is lovely, grand and very clean.

The bed was very comfortable and Juan was an excellent host. I'd recommend this place very highly. Our recent stay at Juans apartment in Seville was wonderful. The apartment is in an old Convent, which is a stunning looking building Juan jnr met us at the train station and after carrying our extremely heavy luggage up the stairs, settled us in. He suggested places to see, cafes, minimart, Flamenco show's etc. We enjoyed our few days in Seville very much.

Such a beautiful city to visit though very hot this time of year, the apartment has good cooling. We all very much appreciated Juan jnr taking us to the Airport so early in the morning Many thanks Angela and Ross Australia.

Words can't do justice for this flat, perfect wouldn't come close, I went to Seville to celebrate with my girlfriend and we were greeted by Rafael who got a bottle of Champagne, strawberries, truffles and wine for us.

The flat is in a great location located only 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral but far away enough that you are not disturbed by all of the crowds in the Center. Upon arrival Rafael talked us through the city and gave us a list of all places that he would advise to eat as well as the places that we should see.

The apartment is better equipped than most others that I have visited. There is a reason that Rafael has such amazing reviews and I will be recommending him and this apartment to all my family and friends. Rafael is everything an Airbnb host should be.

He was very easy to communicate with, his advice on restaurants was fantastic, and the apartment was spotlessly clean. He also provided snacks, and a bottle of wine, which was delicious. We spent a week in Seville and never ran out of things to do. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. It's central to all major interest points, it's easy to locate, exceptionally maintained, and whole heartedly the best dwelling we stood in while in Spain. Lola was very accessible via what app and provided detailed information upon arrival.

I highly recommend this apartment. If you're looking for a quiet, sweet and cosy apartment It's very close to the centre but absolutely quiet! When my boyfriend and I came into the apartment we noticed that it is made with so much love! And Rafael is the perfect host. He prepared a bottle of white wine to welcome us and offered his help if we had any questions.

He gave us a list with the best restaurants and had a lot of tips for us where to go in Sevilla! Thank you again Rafael for making us feel like home: The apartment was very nice, clean and cosy. It looks exactly as in the pictures and is located very centrally. The owner, Rafael, gave us a very good welcome: We felt very welcome!

He also left some recommendations for good bars and restaurants nearby, left his telephonenumber and one of a friend that lives nearby. During our stay Rafael emailed us to make sure that everything was OK, which it was! Rafael's apartment is well-located in the Casco Antiguo of Sevilla. All the main sites my girlfriend and I wanted to see were well within walking distance. Additionally, Rafael provided recommendations on nice restaurants and bars nearby, and one of his recommendations the tapas section of Eslava was our favorite dining experience while in Spain.

The apartment itself was spotless and well-furnished. My girlfriend and I very much appreciated the effort that was made to decorate the apartment and make it feel cozy and welcoming. The apartment also included access to a washing machine and a very nice rooftop view, which we both very much appreciated.

Finally, Rafael and Lola were extremely friendly and helpful. In addition, he came by as we were leaving to personally thank us for our stay and to make sure we were all set on how to get to the train station. I absolutely recommend his place if you are planning for a trip to beautiful Sevilla. Rafael was a fantastic host! He made me feel so welcome after a very long and hectic trip getting to Sevilla, and carried my very heavy bags up the stairs for me! I was so grateful. He was also so available during our stay and offered his help should we need anything.

I stayed here with a friend for a few days and it was absolutely perfect. Lovely area to return home to at night. The apartment is so cozy and perfectly clean. Everything was so well kept- the kitchen was fabulous, the bathroom was totally clean, and the bedroom was very comfortable. Alberto is friendly and hospitable. Place is simple, but was sufficent for two people. Clean and good located. The landlady , Monica, greeted us with lots of useful advice about where the best haunts were in town and our room was clean, comfortable and secure.

Ideal for anyone who wants to have a self contained base from which to explore the city on a low budget. Heating and air conditioning are both provided but we found the temperature of the flat fine even in January!

Alberto was very nice! He didn't have a large vocabulary of English, however, he was so helpful in showing us where to go in Sevilla. Also, his wife spoke English, so if there were any major problems we could contact her. Also, the apartment was very nice and very clean. This place is very close to all the places you would want to visit in Sevilla. Alberto was very nice and gave us several tips for the stay. I recommend this place for a stay on Sevilla.

The place is awesome and very well located. The flat is beautiful and very clean with all we need. Check-in was easy to do, Alberto was there to give us instructions and everything. Everything was just perfect, we highly recommend! Good location, very friendly host, good tips about local places for tapas and drinks. It is good in general for a few day visit and for a resonable price.

Alberto was a great host, the apartment was very clean and comfortable, there was air condition and all the stuff you need. Plus he let us to leave our luggage after the check-out time. This place is amazing. I really love its architecture and design. It's also a walking distance from the city centre. I'd definitely stay again. Because the temperatures in Sevilla are pretty high 40 degrees during the day, 30 at night use the AC wisely.

It's just a note for people and has nothing to do with the host or the apartment. Arturo was a lovely host, he arranged airport transfers for me and my friend and made us feel very welcome when we arrived. The apartment was in perfect condition and had everything we needed including a few necessities in the fridge and cupboard. Arturo was a very gold host. The Appartement is fantastic, just near the old wall and easy to walk. Everything you need while travelling was there.

All in all a convenient place and the host was prompt with his communication, however he only speaks Spanish. It's a little walking distance from the centre of Seville, so be prepared for some walking. Lovely place about 20 mins walk from the center. Clean and had everything we needed. Arturo was friendly and very helpful, would definitely recommend! Arturo's flat was gorgeous, fully equipped filled with snacks and chilled water and located just outside of the walled city center.

A little further from the Alcazar but an easy walk. He was in contact with us and provided great communication. Jose's apartment is super cool! There's more than enough room for 4 people, with space to also have someone on what looked liked a pull out couch. On top of all of this, Jose could not have been more helpful. Jose's apartment really helped add to our stay in Seville!

Jose Manuel was a perfect host! He was airing for us upon our arrival, and explained every detail of the apartment and the neighborhood. The apartment was well equipped, even up to band-aids! We were 4 people and felt very comfortable throughout our stay. The apartment was near public transportation, and within Lots of markets and restaurants nearby.

Apartment was well stocked with all the amenities a traveller could need and Jose even provided water, juice and milk for us! The apartment in Sevilla is beautiful. Everything is brand new, clean and comfortable. Jose was even nice enough to leave us coffee, tea and juice for breakfast.

The neighborhood is also perfect. About a 10 minute walk to the main center near the cathedral. It felt very safe and was easy to get to. I hope to get the chance to return. Sevilla is a wonderful city and everyone should experience it. We stayed with 5 girls in the flat and absolutely loved our stay. The flat is cosy,modern,neat and very user friendly kitchen tools, coathangers,hairdryer, The communication with Jose Manuel went very smooth and he s a perfect host: We really want to go back!

Queremos volver, nuestra estancia era perfecta y nos encanto el piso! This apartment was beyond amazing! It was extremely clean, well designed and equipped with everything we needed e. All the sheets and towels were so clean it seemed like they were just purchased for us, and Jose's art was interesting and pleasant. In fact, we were excited to come back to this apartment every evening. Jose was also a great host. He bought two bottles of water, milk and juice for us and had coffee and tea ready in the kitchen.

He also left a list of great restaurant suggestions. The location was good too - it took us around 15 minutes to get to the main sites. Overall, we are so thankful to Jose for making our stay in Seville an unforgettable experience!! Jose is an amazingly warm and great host. Just before arriving at his very nicely decorated and furnished apartment, he made the effort to thoroughly clean the apartment.

In addition, he also helped when I made an online purchase. I booked his apartment months ahead and never had trouble communicating with him. Extremely responsive and helpful. Extremely high value for money for a great apartment. One of my best experience in an AirBnB without doubt. I am extremely confident that anyone who stays here will enjoy this great apartment. Many thanks to Jose for allowing me to enjoy a great stay in Seville.

Jose made us feel welcome from the moment we booked this airbnb. He answered all the questions we had and there were many! His loft is beautiful, perfect for a trip away with some good friends, or even a romantic holiday. The AC was much appreciated in the 40degree heat! On arrival, he provided us with maps and recommendations for places to eat, to see Flamenco and other things to do. It was very helpful. The flat is in a good location, about a 20 minute walk from the Cathedral and main sights.

A walk through beautiful buildings and narrow streets. This turned out to be a highlight of the trip for me. It also meant I got to know the geography of Seville very well, which is something I like to do. This space was perfect for our quick trip to Sevilla - clean, close to the sites and equipped with everything we could need! When we arrived we were provided with a map and tips for what to do in the city, which was super helpful. Our hosts were extremely helpful and attentive - when the wifi was having issues they came immediately and fixed the problem, and even held our bags for us on the day of our checkout since we had a later flight.

Overall a great experience, and we would definitely stay here again! Both the accommodation and host were lovely. We were received very warmly and made to feel at home. The location is perfect, as it is a short walk away to centre and all the main landmarks in Seville. Our host was really helpful on arrival, highlighting the main things we had to go see on a map, and showing us how to get there. She was also really helpful in allowing us to leave our suitcases at the AirnBnb after checkout, as our flight was late in the evening.

And even printed our boarding passes. I definitely recommend staying here: Real nice place to enjoy Sevilla! The host give you a map with all the good address to have a nice stay in this beautiful City! The climatisation is also a real good thing to survive the hot weather in the Andalousie!

The location is excellent and makes exploring Sevila on foot easy. The manager was flexible with a meeting time, which we appreciated. The kitchen worked well. There was no soap or shampoo provided and the apartment had a musty smell. Nice and clean appartment with a great location in the city center; walking distance to all the shops, restaurants, etc, and also a max.

The appartment has all the facilities you need, only wifi is not working well. We really recommend this appartment to anyone who wants to visit Sevilla. Meanwhile, I received a 1. I enjoyed all the recommendations that Sevilla gave and they are all super nice matching my taste. Strongly recommend this place to you all if you are lucky enough to book it as it usually occupied.

Fabulous location and wonderful check in welcome! Just all round super! My husband and I were greeting in Seville by Joaquin. We had a little trouble finding the apartment, due to it being pulled back from the street, but he was very friendly and helped us out. I was a little put off by the maintenance man working in the entryway and his chain smoking which left or apartment filled with cigarette smoke, we attempted to open the window but due to the bar below there was even more smoke.

The apartment itself was in a great location for shopping and walking to he cathedral. I would like to mention there is black mold growing in the corner near the window, which I don't remember reading about in other reviews And unfortunately the bedspread provided was covered in questionable white stains. I am typically not super picky, but a few of these things just really turned me off.

If you are looking for a place with a good location. If you are looking for a clean, quiet place to relax after a long day of sightseeing Joaquin was extremely nice and welcoming! The location is amazing. By car it could be difficult as it is in a walking only area.

But everything is close by, 5 mins to the cathedral, the alcazar. Great restaurants walking distance. Joaquin even prepared a l'ost of tapas restaurants which we tried and were not disappointed at all! Perfect for family of three! The apartment is perfectly located within an easy stroll to all great plaza's and sites. We really enjoyed our stay, the apartment was exactly as described, had a fully equipped kitchen and very useful washing machine!

All communications prior to our arrival were promptly answered. The instructions on how to arrive were excellent. If you are sensitive to noise just be advised the apartment is in the heart of a shopping area and there is significant street noise throughout the day and night.

For us it wasn't a big deal, the convenience of the location and great accommodation made up for the noise. Definitely hit some of the Tapa's places Joaquin and Natalia recommend, the one in Triana was a highlight for us!

We would definitely stay here again! Joaquin was very nice and gave us some informations of Sevilla: His apartment is very nice and comfortable, located in the city center, perfect place! I recommend Joaquim's apartment!

We liked this apt. In Sevilla very much! It was clean, neat, and had everything visitors need, plus its in a super location, right near many tourist attractions, tapas bars, shopping, etc. Joaquin and Natalia's place was great. We found it to be very conveniently located, easily within walking distance of the main sites. The apartment was clean, small but perfect for us.

Joaquin met us outside and suggested some nice places to eat and see flamenco. Check in and check out very straightforward. We would definitely stay here again. This apartment is so perfectly located. Joaquin was there to greet us and give great tips and restaurant recommendations.

The apartment was as it appeared in the pictures. For the location alone, this apartment is a great choice. We could get to most attractions in Seville in just a few minutes of walking. Discover your own tapas crawl! Such a solid spot.

Great recommendations and such easy communication. Perfect spot to set out from. The apartment is small but it has everything you need for a city trip. The location is great so you can explore the city by foot and find a lot of nice bars and restaurants near the apartment. Javier is a great host, very frienly and well prepared.

We can really recommend staying at Javiers place. This place is in a great location! Very close to all the bars and within walking distance to all of the monuments! Javier was very welcoming. The apartment was very well located near to the bars, the shops and the monuments. The apartment was very clean and very modern. We recommend without hesitation this apartment.

He was so kind. Javier was very helpful both in recommendations and directions. We had a later flight and he was very good with accommodations. The flat looks exactly like on the pictures. It's a great little studio, in the centre of the town which allows you to reach every places by foot. You will find everything that you need inside, speaking about furnitures, washing machine Javier is a very nice host, giving you tips about places to go for tapas and drinks, touristic monuments, etc Javier is a great host!

He met us earlier in a very nice apartment, it is small but very well equipped, it has everything you need and situated in the very center of Sevilla, which we really enjoyed! Javier gave us an advice of some places to visit and all of them were really good, delicious, authentic and lovely!

We had an enjoyable stay and we definitely will recommend Javier's apartment to explore beautiful Sevilla! We spent a lovely time in Seville.

The flat was great to visit all the city on foot. The district is perfect, close to a sevillan and touristics places. You have evrything you need to cook. With ear plug is perfect. This place is fantastic! The neighborhood is lively but the street is quiet. It's the best of both worlds! Concha was very communicative.

Thank you for a great stay! Concha was very hospitable and helpful. Apartment is very centrally located and value for money for the area. Building is little old but it has its own charm. We really enjoyed our stay in this apartment. It is in a great position; central and close walking to everywhere but still in a quieter area with local bars and restaurants. Driving in and parking the car was quite easy, and this was a bonus.

The apartment is small, but quite comfortable. Everything works well - wifi, washing machine, kitchen appliances. Value for money is very good, and this should be kept in mind when booking.

The complex is quiet and private, and there is a cafe on site. Concha was a very good host with all communications very quick and friendly. We had a wonderful stay. The apartment is very well located near the historic center, restaurants and pubs.

Concha will help if you need anything ;. Everything was exactly as we expected. A great place to rest after touring amazing Sevilla all day.

And the parking was a welcome bonus! The apartment is beautiful and clean and has a nice balcony. Concha is also really kind and communication was good. We had a very nice stay. Chelo was very helpful for check-in and out time schedule. Her flat is perfect to discover Sevilla as it's very well located and very pleasant and spacious. She gave us advice to where to enjoy the most the city and good addresses. Hi this is a very cute and comfortable apartment and in a great location.

We only stayed one night but everything was great. Chelo was very welcoming and made sure all ok. We enjoyed our stay. Airbnb was very cool and accommodating. Chelo also provided a great list of recommendations for restaurants. Location was fine, but can take up to 30 minutes walking to certain destinations. Walking is the primary way to get around and some streets are quite narrow.

We stayed in Chelo's clean, modern, comfortable and compact studio apartment for 3 nights. We could easily walk to all the sights of this great city and even walked from and to the train and bus stations about 15 mins.

Communication with Chelo was excellent and everything was as she described except the cooking amenities are limited to a 2 ring hob and microwave. Chelo was wonderful and provided some very thoughtful recommendations of sites to see and places to visit during our stay. We felt bad that we didn't speak Spanish so I can only imagine she would've been able to help even more had we been able to communicate better.

Regardless, we absolutely loved the place and the neighborhood and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to stay while in Seville. A super adorable unit with a fabulous host. Chelo was so nice; she left a bottle of wine and some sweet treats for us. Her recommendations for where to eat were amazing. We loved the unusual lofted layout. It was a little bit of a walk from some of the main sights, but well worth it. Chelos place is amazing. The loft looks like it does in the pictures.

Chelo is very friendly and her local tips are very through. Every place we went to was affordable, stylish and very chic just like the loft. As an added bonus the shower pressure is very good.

We would recommend for people to stay just for the local tips alone. Everything is within minute walk. Great location, walkable to bars, restaurants, tourist sites. Host provided special amenities and breakfasts, snacks, etc. Maria, Chelo's friend , was very helpful at check in. Washing machine very useful for longer stays. Really enjoyed our 5 days here and recommend!

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Hotel Sierra de Aracena This rating is a reflection of how the property compares to the industry standard when it comes to price, facilities and services available. Most recent booking for this hotel was yesterday at Our host Cinta was extremely helpful and the breakfast in the morning was simple, homemade and very delicious.

We had the best view from our bedroom to the sierra beyond. An excellent stay all around. We have recommended to all our friends to definitely stay here if they are in the region.

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Register — opens a dialog box. Sign in — opens a dialog box. Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche. Casa Rural Villacinta Reserve now. We had an excellent stay at Villa Cinta. La casa en general.

Todo estupendo la propietaria muy buena gente muy cercana muy ospitalaria Manuel, Spain. Un lugar con encanto, tiene unas habitaciones muy amplias, acogedoras y bonitas. El desayuno muy rico. Experiencia para volver a repetir. Son unas personas maravillosa trata al cliente como su propia familia y una limpieza excelente. Aconsejo a todos mis conocidos a que valla. El sitio, la terracita, el desayuno y sobre todo la amabilidad de cinta. Muchas gracias Cinta por tu generosidad.

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