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Are you a business woman in Eskisehir

Are you a business woman in Eskisehir

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Are you a business woman in Eskisehir

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I am self-sufficient, independent, honest, I have a best sense of humor, family friends are very important Are you a business woman in Eskisehir me. If you do these two simple things and include a (a must. So hit me up with some pics and lets see what happens.

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I am posting this to the Istanbul forum only because visitors occasionally ask for small trips out of the city, and Eskishir provides an unique option. Many times while visiting Turkey we like to leave the tourist areas and strike out for neighborhoods where tourists seldom go. We just like to watch how Turkish people live their lives Eskishir provides that opportunity, and was especially important for us because Mr BR's semester project is on Eskisehir , the city where his professor went to university.

We caught the train at Train fare is cheap The train is very nice. We loved watching the countryside fly by as we enjoyed an exceptionally good lunch in the dining car. Much of the route is at the bottom of gigantic granite cliffs. They are building a modern four land highway along the same route, but since there was not room at the bottom, they have made huge tunnels through the granite. The engineering for the highway was interesting, and we appreciated the artistic designs of the retaining walls.

The orchards were ripe with pears. Some had huge yellow pears hanging from every stem, while others were in the process of harvesting. All the agricultural land appeared to be effectively farmed. When we arrived in Eskisehir we took a taxi driectly to our hotel, The Grand Namli. This is a lovely hotel, totally remodeled, and in the middle of the city. We had a Junior Suite which was absolutely huge.

After ten minutes we set out to explore the city. We started in a activities center which was once a stable. You immediately know that this is a college town because almost everyone is under 25 and the activities center had little restaurants selling pizza and several bars as well as a few shops.

We found the river and walked along the banks where there are hundreds of outdoor restaurants taking advantage of the lovely view of the river and the outstanding landscaping around the river. Two hours of walking was too much for me so we returned to our hotel for a brief rest before going to dinner. We had our dinner at a Chinese restaurant, where they made a fresh noodle dish for us. We paid less than 20TL for the three of us, and we had a very satisfying meal. The next morning we went down to a huge display of breakfast foods.

There were more breads than I could count, and I felt obliged to sample many of them, along with fresh honey from the comb, in which I immediately managed to cover myself. While we were eating the time of 9: Along with every other person inside and out we stood and placed our hands over our hearts as we listened to a long rendition of Taps, honoring the date and time of the death of Ataturk.

Next we thought about a boat ride on a gondola. When I saw what I would have to do to get into the gondola I decided to wait. I am sure I would have splashed into the river. Mr BR and Enigma did not go either, but it did look as if it would be lots of fun if one did not have a difficult right hip.

If you are a normally nimble person a gondola ride in this city is a tiny fraction of what you would pay in Venice. Then we visited the glass museum. The free museum showcases glass art from all over Turkey and some countries beyond Turkey.

Never have I seen so much beautiful glass or so many interpretations of what artists can represent with glass. The glass museum was located in a section of lovely restored old Ottoman homes. Following the road outside of the glass museum we were quickly in the meerschaum bazaar.

Meerschaum is that unique light rock so often identified with Turkish pipes. We visited several craft stores and watched the men working on this soft stone. Since we already own a half dozen pipes I had to be content with purchasing a few trinkets. Next we took at taxi to Anadolu University.

I do not really know what I was expecting, but certainly not what we found. The entrance is covered in a forest dotted with picnic tables. The weather was magnificent and students were eating and studying at the tables. The campus was breath-taking. All the buildings were new and reflected some thought to design The outside artwork was magnificent. Every inch of exterior ground has been landscaped with glorious flowers.

I would have loved to attend school in a place like this. We had lunch on campus in an amazing old building.

It was a lovely restaurant with table service and a three course meal. We had tomato soup, fresh salad, Chicken Diana and a baked quince for dessert. We also had a lovely conversation with our server. Our meal was 42TL for three people. I especially looked to see female students, and was pleased to observe that I saw as many women as men.

We saw three ladies wearing headscarves, but none of them were in any buildings. College tuition in a federal college such as Anadolu is provided free by the government. Students must pass a rigorous exam following high school to earn admittance, and they must pay for their own books, lodging and meals.

Nonetheless, a college education on this beautiful campus is a great bargain. Leaving campus we headed back for the river to seek a motor boat. We found the landing for the boat, but it was not there so we headed for a large mall for the remaining half hour of our visit.

The mall was huge and filled with stylish shops, equally as impressive as malls in Istanbul. We returned to the train station at 4: If you enjoy train travel, the ride back to Istanbul was heavenly. Soon after we left night wrapped the train in black velvet, occasionally dotted with diamonds of light. The rocking of the train immediately put us to sleep. We were still too full from lunch to eat another meal so we napped all the way back home. We arrived about 9pm and caught the ferry to Karakoy and then a taxi back to our hotel.

I tumbled into bed. It was a huge adventure for me so soon after major surgery, but certainly nothing I would have wanted to miss. Tourists have yet to discover Eskisehir. A few people spoke English, but menus, informational brochures and all written documents was only in Turkish.

We did not see any other tourists while walking through the town. We saw college students doing the things college students do all over the world, mixing some studying with time at a local bar or music club. We saw women doing their grocery shopping and businessmen going about their daily activities. We just saw a normal Turkish city. What a lovely treat it was to pretend for a couple of days that we were just living in a Turkish city. Not a single person wanted to sell us a carpet or invite us to eat in a restaurant.

The city just absorbed us and we were one. If you just want a glimpse of a unique Turkish city, I would spend a night in Eskisehir. There was not a single event that marred the perfection of the experience. TripAdvisor staff removed this post because it did not meet TripAdvisor's forum guideline limiting each user to a single forums screen name.

We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Hi ArdyadSiregar, If you go by train to Eskisehir you do not arrive until 3: We did that trip last year primarily because we wanted to go some where on a train. We have limited train opportunities in the US.

It was impossible to appreciate Eskisehir in 90 minutes, so if I were going to invest the time to get there I would really plan on spending the night. If you like the vibe of a college campus you will love the town. We spent our careers in the university system, and we have a daughter and son-in-law who work at a university now. I love the atmosphere of culture and learning and creativity that permeates the air, and you certainly feel that in Eskisehir.

Anadolu University is the only college in Turkey to offer distance education programs. They claim to have one million students enrolled through out Turkey, the Turkish Republic in Cyprus and European countries, and it is a very impressive local facility. You can read more about this comprehensive institution at anadolu. In addition, there is a second university in Eskisehir called Eskisehir Osmangazi Universitesi.

It is a slightly smaller campus, but contributes to the college atmosphere. We only saw Eskisehir train station on our recent trip but it was a great experience. We travelled by train from Istanbul to Izmir and changed at Eskisehir onto the sleeper. The second train was delayed so we had a couple of hours to kill there at about 10pm.

Gezi Park protests - Wikipedia

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Posted February 10, at 2: Posted February 18, at 9: Marshall, Big fan…My wife is the one that introduced me to your work. Posted February 24, at 6: Posted March 1, at 1: A general strike and protests organised by five trade unions take place in almost every part of Turkey. Strikes doesn't have any negative effect on the daily life which led criticism of unions and their power. An investigation regarding police brutality is opened and some officers dismissed [] []. Violence and mass demonstrations spread again in the country, after police attacks on thousands of protesters who threw carnations at them and called for brotherhood.

Riot police suppress the protesters partially with plastic bullets and some tear gas bombs and some protesters are detained. There is also a major police intervention in Ankara. Thousands of people stage the "1st Gas Man Festival" 1. The initial protests in Istanbul at the end of May were led by about 50 environmentalists , [] opposing the replacement of Taksim Gezi Park with a shopping mall and possible residence [] as well as reconstruction of the historic Taksim Military Barracks demolished in over the adjacent Taksim Square.

The subjects of the protests then broadened beyond the development of Taksim Gezi Park into wider anti-government demonstrations. The overall number of protesters involved was reported to be at least 2. The range of the protesters was noted as being broad, encompassing both right and left -wing individuals.

Families with children, women in headscarves, men in suits, hipsters in sneakers, pharmacists, tea-house proprietors — all are taking to the streets to register their displeasure.

Kemalists and communists have demonstrated side-by-side with liberals and secularists. Protesters applaud a whirling Sufi wearing a gas mask. Many women in headscarves attended the protests, despite the fact that pro-AKP media spread disinformation that they were being attacked by the protesters.

He went on to say they went hand-in-hand with 'terrorists' and 'extremists'. Turkey analysts however suggested the demonstrations arose from bottom-up processes, lacking leadership. A Bilgi University survey asked protesters about events that influenced them to join in the protests. With the police abandoning attempts to clear the Gezi Park encampment on 1 June, the area began to take on some of the characteristics associated with the Occupy movement.

By evening on 4 June there were again tens of thousands in Taksim Square; Al Jazeera reported that "there are many families with their children enjoying the demonstration that has developed the feeling of a festival. The crowds swell in the evening as office workers join. With 5 June being the Lailat al Miraj religious holiday, protesters distributed "kandil simidi" a pastry specific to the holiday , and temporarily declared the park a no-alcohol zone.

Celebration of the holiday included a Quran reading. Peter Gelderloos argues that the camp was a small, anarchist community that heavily emphasied mutual aid. He also argues that large cultural changes occurred within the camp. He argues that the Gezi Park was one of the most successful examples of social activism in recent history, mainly due to its refusal to be represented by political parties, trade unions and the media.

One photograph taken by Reuters photographer Osman Orsal of a woman in a red dress being pepper-sprayed became one of the iconic images of the protests: Guy Fawkes masks have also been widely used, for example by striking Turkish Airlines cabin crew performing a parody of airline safety announcements referring to the protests.

The protesters have also made significant use of humour, both in graffiti and online, in what the BBC called "an explosion of expression I'm calling the police", as well as pop culture references: Penguins were also adopted as a symbol, referring to CNN Turk's showing a penguin documentary while CNN International provided live coverage of the protests; examples include "We are all penguins" T-shirts.

Shortly after this, democracy forums and meetings spread to many parks in Istanbul and then to the other cities, like Ankara , Izmir , Mersin , etc.

As the protests mostly took place on the beginning of summer, on the time all schools makes their students graduate, the protests and humour have hit hundreds of universities' and high schools' graduations too. As lots of fan associations from various parts of Turkey supported and participated in protests actively on the ground and also supported the resistance against AKP government and its various policies, in the stadiums with their chants, clothes, slogans, banners and posters, the stadiums became practical places of Gezi protests and where fans can do even more political expressions than before, mostly opposing to the government and its ideologies.

As this continued to happen during the off-season friendly and continental trophy matches, government took lots of precautions with an organising law for stadiums that passed from the assembly with AKP votes, banning to bring politics into stadiums, but soon after the start of the Turkish sports leagues, as most of the fans continued to their protests, this time even more organised and loud, first punishments on the opposing fans and clubs were given, but there were lots of criticism both from Turkish and foreigner experts about the law banning bringing "opposition" into stadiums, not "politics", as some fan groups opened banners that openly support AKP in Konya and supported Morsi of Egypt in Bursa.

Demonstrations were held in many cities in Turkey. According to the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey around , people had participated in the demonstrations as of 5 June. Also in Zeytinburnu, traditionally seen as a conservative working-class neighbourhood to the west of the old city, tens of thousands marched in protest. Gazi not to be confused with Gezi Park , a small neighborhood in Istanbul and part of the Sultangazi district, was one of the major points of counter-protests.

The biggest protests outside Istanbul have been in Hatay and then in Ankara and Izmir. Geo-spatial analysis of protest shows support from all over the world and mainly concentrated in Turkey, Europe and East coast of US. The ad featured demands for "an end to police brutality"; "a free and unbiased media"; and "an open dialogue, not the dictate of an autocrat.

OccupyGezi for the World. An Avaaz petition similarly asked for an end to violence against protesters, the preservation of Gezi Park, and of "the remaining green areas in Istanbul. The Internet distributed images of such protest widely; other persons imitated the protest style and artists took up the theme. Even though protests were definitely peaceful in the first days and were generally so but in some occasions, there were accusations of violence and vandalism as the protests continued.

Where they gather ,, I will bring together one million from my party. On 4 June Deputy Prime Minister for the Economy Ali Babacan "said the government respects the right to non-violent protest and free speech, but that it must also protect its citizens against violence.

On 8 June "We are definitely not thinking of building a shopping mall there, no hotel or residence either. The court order was made in mid-June at the height of the protest but inexplicably not released for weeks.

The government has claimed that a wide variety of shadowy forces were behind the protests. Social media was prepared for this, made equipped. The strongest advertising companies of our country, certain capital groups, the interest rate lobby, organisations on the inside and outside, hubs, they were ready, equipped for this.

In late June it was announced that the National Intelligence Organisation was investigating foreign elements in the protests. The Foreign Ministry also demanded "a report detailing which efforts these countries took to create a perception against Turkey, which instruments were used in this process, what our embassies did and what were our citizens' reactions". Pro-AKP newspapers reported that the protests were planned by the Serbian civil society organisation Otpor!

You saw the foreign media's attitude during the Gezi Park incidents; they bought it and started broadcasting immediately, without doing an evaluation of the [case]. He stated that "When it is completed, Frankfurt Airport in Germany will lose its importance.

Hence, in the recent Gezi incidents, Germany, along with agents, has a major role. During a televised interview at one of the pro-government television channels, he stated that some Turkish Jews who did their military service in Israel were Mossad agents and active during gezi protests. Protests intensified after on the morning of 30 May undercover police burnt the tents of protesters who had organised a sit-in at Gezi Park.

As protests continued in early June, tear gas was used so extensively that many residents of central Istanbul had to keep windows closed even in the heat of summer, or use respirators and then struggle to decontaminate homes of tear gas residue. Police were seen adding Jenix Pepper Spray to their water cannons, [] [] and the Istanbul Doctors Association later said that there was "a high but an unknown number of first and second-degree burn injuries because of some substance mixed in pressurised water cannons".

Doctors and medical students organised first aid stations. In some cases the stations and medical personnel were targeted by police with tear gas, and one medical student volunteer was left in intensive care after being beaten by police, despite telling them that he was a doctor trying to help.

Medical volunteers were also arrested. They have been joined by groups of AKP sympathisers with baseball bats. Lawyers were also targeted by police. They were hitting us they were pushing. They built a circle around us and then they attacked. There were also reports of journalists being targeted by police, [] and a Russian journalist "beaten and detained by suspected Turkish intelligence services, as he was taking pictures of empty police cars on Taksim Square".

A spokesman for the police union Emniyet-Sen said poor treatment of officers by the police was partly to blame for the violence: It's irresponsible to keep riot police on duty for such long hours without any rest. On 16 October, the European Union released its progress report on Turkey, with Gezi protests putting a mark on crucial parts of the document.

On 26 November, commissioner for human rights of the Council of Europe released a full report about Turkey and Gezi protests. Although in most cities there were no counter-protests during the first week, some cities e. Konya saw minor disagreements and scuffles between nationalists and left-wing groups.

Lists of prominent individuals who had supported the protests e. As protests continued across Turkey, police use of tear gas and water cannons led to injuries running into thousands, [83] including critical injuries, loss of sight, and a number of deaths. Over three thousand arrests were made.

Foreign media noted that, particularly in the early days 31 May — 2 June , the protests attracted relatively little mainstream media coverage in Turkey, due to either government pressure on media groups' business interests or simply ideological sympathy by media outlets. All of these have tended to steer clear of covering the demonstrations. On 14 February , released video footage revealed that there had in fact been no attack on a woman wearing a headscarf by protesters on 1 June.

The AKP government's handling of the protests has been roundly criticised by other nations and international organisations, including the European Union, [] the United Nations, [] the United States, [28] the UK, [] and Germany. But he needs to understand that Turkey is no kingdom, and that he cannot rule Istanbul from Ankara all by himself.

Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters , during his " The Wall Live " concert in Istanbul on 4 August , expressed his support and offered condolences to the protesters in Turkish, projecting the pictures of the people killed during the protests in the background.

Ozbi, a Turkish rapper and member of the band Kaos , gained national fame by composing and recording a song named "Asi" Rebel.

World-famous alternative rock band Placebo included images representing Gezi protests in the music video for their latest song, "Rob the Bank". During their concert at Istanbul , Massive Attack named those who died in protests on the outdoor screen at their back with following sentences, Their killers are still out there and We won't forget Soma.

In , Turkey attracted more than Tourism has been described as "one of the most vital sources of income for Turkey", [] raising concerns that "unrest would have a dire effect on Istanbul [ It's a public relations disaster with huge economic implications.

Many world renowned and award-winning film-makers were in Istanbul for the Documentarist Film Festival, which had been postponed indefinitely due to the violent reaction of the Turkish authorities to peaceful protests there. The first two days of the festival, 1 and 2 June, did not occur due to the social upheaval and one of the main sites, Akbank Sanat, was unable to show films for an extended period of time due to its proximity to the protests.

Petra Costa , the Brazilian director of the documentary film Elena , and Egyptian director of photography Muhammed Hamdy began filming the protests and reporting from the field.

Since the beginning of the protests, demonstrations had taken place in Mersin , the city which was to host the Mediterranean Games. Just 15 minutes after the tickets went on sale online they were all sold to an anonymous buyer and apparently distributed to various AKP organisations. Other scandals which surrounded the games included: How will we explain it? With what claims will we host the Olympic Games? On 3 June, Istanbul's stock exchange experienced a loss of Best of luck for the next! This is really an interesting blog I love it and enjoyed it so much keep sharing like this.

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