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Bathurst fucks girls

Bathurst fucks girls

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Bathurst fucks girls

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No, Do you think he can put on armor and fight for the fairest maiden in the land and yes that could be you.

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Bangkok Dog Show Slave — Part 2. Contact me shabbadew ca. Cassandra Ackerman, a pretty young, 23 year old blonde Australian, on vacation in Thailand, lost her money, and wasshanghaied into working as a sex slave. After 18 months, her handlers sold her to a Yakuzacrime family in Japan - the Aizukotetsu-kai , in Kyoto. Read the story of her enslavement in Bangkok Dog Show Slave. Life in Japan was even harder Cassie tried to look out the window of the plane to see the clouds, which seemed very far off in the distance.

She wished she could just fly away - beyond the clouds. Her life had taken such an unbelievably painful turn and the safe, sane life she once knew now seemed as far away as the clouds.

A trip to Thailand had been her gift to herself. Things spiraled out of control very quickly in Bangkok. She was robbed, tricked and then systematically broken down and made to perform in sex shows. She did hard time as a prostitute. But the final outrage was when she was bound to a cart and fucked by a dog for the amusement of perverted Thais and tourists. Made to perform against her will by cruel Asians, she was still sweet, blonde beach girl from Newcastle, but somewhat less innocent.

Her life in Australia seemed like it a dream. Lao Chai, the boss of the 13K Triad, the owner of the the brothel she worked in, sold her ass for the equivalent of five thousand Australian dollars. She had been subjected to mind-numbing humiliations and torture during the 18 months in Bangkok. Now, she was sitting on a jet plane between two young Japanese men who sat mute. The had barely spoken to her since they picked her up. They were two young Kobun , made men who did most of the grunt work in a Yakuza family.

Both were from the lower class and one was Korean. Likemany Yakuza, they had started out in high school as common street thugs. Cassie felt like she wanted to cry, but she was too emotionally exhausted to do even that.

The thing that caused her the most pain: Little did she know. The plane landed in Tokyo and then they took a short flight to Kansai International Airport. Yoshida and Ito were all business and hustled her through the airport and then through customs. The right money had been paid to bring her under the control of Tanaka, the Oyabun head of the family. Cassie, who knew nothing of the language and had only visited Japan once as a teen, was lost.

When the plane landed, there was a big, black sedan that whisked them to Kyoto. Maeda had been married to Hiro Maeda, the Wakagashira , second-in-command who governed several gangs in Kyoto and who had died of a coronary. She was now in charge of the lucrative prostitution racket that the family controlled in that part of Kyoto, catering to businessmen.

Cassie was brought to a warehouse in an industrial district. She was hustled to a small office to appear in front of Yamamoto, the headquarters chief.

He was a man in his sixties. He barely looked at Cassie when she was ushered in to his office; instead he looked over the papers Yoshida handed him. Only after studying them, did he look at Cassie. It made her blood run cold. He looked at her as if she was a slab of Kobe beef. His eyes seemed almost reptilian. He spoke perfunctorily to her two escorts and then he dismissed them. Next, Cassie was driven to an attractive house in a residential district.

As she sat in the back seat of the sedan she kept looking out at the buildings and trees. The mirrors on the telephone poles to alert another driver of a car in a narrow alley amazed her. When they arrived at the destination and Cassie was taken inside, she was impressed with the simple elegance of the place.

This was the brothel, but it was very different from what she knew in Bangkok. And there is where Noriko held court. This was the Chrysanthemum House. She was in her fifties and an imposing heavy-set woman. She was famous for her iron will and was highly regarded by the men of the family.

She spoke some English. Around her were a small army of flunkies. Cassie was immediately impressed with the business-like atmosphere and the manner of the Japanese compared to the Thais.

When Cassie was brought in to Noriko, the older woman crooked her finger at her and motioned for her to sit on a cushion on the floor in front of her. Maeda was seated at a Western style desk. Your contract has been purchased. I have a report of your performance in Bangkok. You will be expected to work hard here. But for now, you are a working girl. If you do not obey, you will be punished. Cassie now knew that she was going to be in similar straits as she had been in Bangkok.

If anything, these people, the same folks who had become so dominant in international business since World War II, were going to be very hard taskmasters indeed. A few moments later, a flunky escorted two men into the room. One was older, in his fifties and other was a young man in his early thirties. He is in charge of punishment, if you disobey.

Cassie stole a peek at the older man. He seemed like a nice Japanese father type or even a grandfather. He had a meek mien about him.

The truth was that all the girls of the Chrysanthemum House shivered whenever his name was mentioned. The other man was young and virile Maeda introduced him next If you do not, he will punish you or give you to Hayashi Sensei. You will get very hard punishment. Cassie just kept nodding. She was overwhelmed by all of it. The flight had given her a case of jet lag. She was tired and frightened by the foreign surroundings.

And Noriko Maeda had now thoroughly intimidated her. She had nicely shaped lemon-sized tits, wide hips, long legs and a full, round bottom. Her dirty , blonde hair was thick and blunt cut at her shoulders. She had been spruced up some before she left Bangkok but herbrown pubic hair had grown in fully to a high hedge, bordered by stubble.

She had always trimmed it to wear a bikini when she was home. Her legs and underarms were shaved and she was wearing make-up. She felt tired and looked a little haggard, but Noriko was pleased with her. She had Cassie stand up and twirl around for them. Cassie felt naked even though she was fully clothed. Noriko then dismissed her and Sato took control of her from Yoshida and Ito.

He led her upstairs to a bathroom and told her to take off her clothes. Cassie was a little embarrassed, but she had grown used to being given such orders and quickly complied.

Sato watched with interest as she took off her dress and then her bra, panties and shoes. Then after the shower two young men came in and took her to a locker room of a sorts. There were three other white women in the room. A Dutch girl, an Englishwoman, and an American. They shot Cassie a look, but when Sato looked over at them, he barked something and they quickly looked away. Then, Sato came over and began running his hands over Cassie like he was feeling his goods.

A man, in a lab coat, obviously a doctor, examined Cassie including internally to see if she had a coil or cap. He then inserted an IUD into her uterus.

Then this doctor measured every part of her body.

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After the shower she helped wipe me again paying attention to my anal passage , I asked what she had in mind, I lick you she said ,I have not been a big fan of rimming but decided to let her go after her preperation and I must say enjoyed her masterly tongue and she managed to get me hard as a rock. I then gave her sweet pussy a good tongue fuckin which got her nice and wet beggin for my hard cock, she jumped on bb and rode hard making sure she got the full length inside we fucked in all positions but she wanted me to cum in her mouth which I obliged and she gave an awesome blowjob.

After I wrote couple reviews on pymble, I thought what a pleasant way to spend lazy Sunday evening and visit one of my favourite ladies Lucy at another establishment, I sms her to see if she was available, reply yes, quick drive to shop, greeted by the receptionist, paid the funds and into the room, where Lucy enter as I just finished shower.

No need full details as her and I go way back and our encounter is always intense and pleasurable, cheers the original RZ. Stayed half hour with Michelle today, she responds well to been touched gently and loves to kiss with a little DFK, onto the bed for some nice BBBJ, after about 10 mins I pull her up towards me and she jumps on top bareback, 10 mins later I finished up inside her. If anyone is up for arranging a 3some, 4some or gangbang then message me at jamesj gmail.

List what they do and what the are good at. Rocked up yesterday evening and tried Lucy for the first time after reading good reviews here. Boy oh boy — she gave good head and it was so good I think 75 percent of my 1 hour booking she spent with my cock in her mouth.

She loves to slobber, lick balls, pretty much clean your pole out. Enjoyed cim to finish. Experience without the condom is great but just wondering if you regular folks have ever caught something serious? These ladies seem to take care of themselves. YES folks primed and ready to go out and dump a load. Not sure where heard this place has shut shop so il find out later, Good to see the reviews still going on all the good wons and a stack of bad ones.

Lucy here at this place will lick your starfish like theirs no tomorrow, shes no oil painting but while she got her head buried in your groin she could be MIranda Kerr. Ok folks im jumping in the cot i will report back later on what Gem i found. I should be pretty wound up if the girls are surfing at manly in their little bikini bottoms LOOK out!!!!!!!! Does one get to choose whos available or just assigned the next WL off the rank? Hi all, had a wonderful session with Lucy last Saturday, I am a fan of mature ladies and Lucy is on top of my list.

I have being seeing for many years, many years, either here and artarmon, the service is quality, she loves a good fuck, suck, daty and bbbj, bbfs, overall experience is awesome, and always walked away satisfied, Please treat all women with respect, Cheers RZ. When Lisa walked in I could not believe my eyes, Lisa is a pretty girl, ish tall girl, B size breasts, nice figure and is 35 years of age. Lisa likes to light DFK likes her nipples being sucked gently but also likes to be in control.

Nice girl who I will spend an hour plus with next time. Hi — looking for any info on girls here who would offer anal? Can anyone give me some recommendations? I saw Michelle last Thursday afternoon, laid on the bed and straight into DFK, I then started to play and lick her pussy.

Michelle got wet and super horny, no BBBJ today she jumped on top and put my cock in bareback. Michelle was super horny and came quickly, I followed not long after and left a large amount of cum inside her. Then a nice message. I will be back. After about 10 mins I pulled Lucy up towards me she said sex now, I said yes, she jumped on my cock bareback and it felt great, she was a little tight.

I will be back for more. Not bad looking, probably early forties. We started off with a bbbj which wasent that grt. We moved to 69 position, she has a nice arse, grt to look at while she sucked me off. Told her I wanted sex, she straddled my cock bareback in reverse cowgirl. Loved looking at her arse while she rode me.

We moved to cowgirl and were in this position for about 15 minutes. She has nice breasts that were good to fondle. We finished in missionary and she asked me to pull out before I came. Ended with a massage which was average. Overall performance was average. I paid for an hour and only got 50 minutes. I miss Heidi and Amy. Will be going later tonight. Feeling horny and very silly so i visited this place again on friday night. I know i shouldnt of but i did given the choice of Kugi. She was ugly fat i know i need my head read.

Showered layed on bed for not bad polish star fish lick then she rode the party pole and i said how bout i dump my load down your throat. She agreed and the man sauce flowed. Look she didnt look great late 30s asian cross maori lookin big thighs bad head if i didnt have a few schooners under my shorts i would have walked.

Davo the gun is going back into the holster for a short period of time just to reload and plot my next venue. Hi guys Thinking of going here on Monday any recommendations of girls to see and what to get from them? Folks im back feeling healthy and ready to dump a few more loads. And thats exactly what i did here today with Tina dressed in a wonder woman costume she was no Linda Carter her sagging gut tits flabby arse werent the greatest i dont know what i was thinking! Average heady didnt take as much as she could have half hearted pouch suck overall was not very exciting.

She is scratched off the list i think its time to pay a shade more for better looking merchandise. And folks leave AWARE alone hes just old an seen a whole lot more than us young ones hes geniune if he wasnt 77 and 37 i think he would understand a little more after a hard stinking crap week in this shit town these days a few beers and a good fuck is what you need to wind down its tough out there and thats all we got!

Dropped in here last weekend based on the feedback from this site. Basic place in a quiet industrial location well it is on the weekends at least and was greeted by a friendly older woman. After a quick shower she started with a wet and willing bbbj looking to take as much meat down the throat. After getting covered we moved to some missionary and cowgirl fun although I must admit this was some pretty average sex. After trying to swap around a couple of other positions i suggested that she just continued with some oral.

After whipping of the condom she started to suck with all her might, trying so very hard to extract whatever man sauce was being kept in those balls she was massaging in her right hand. No more than two minutes later I could feel that I was about to explode so I did the gentlemanly thing a warned her I was going to blow.

To her credit she then went deeper and harder pushing me to the point of no return and let me blow my thick wad straight into her willing mouth. Lucy is nudging 40, but has a slim body and smaller breasts.

A lady called Amy, works on Sunday, is probably the best root you will ever have. Folks it may of been wet outside but let me tell you it was just as wet inside. Seen Lucy today she licked my crotch silly. Sucked the pouch and the wand give the exit door a slurping like there was no tommorow! She got a little bit of a belly on her late thirties over all not to shabby.

Bareback is on offer if you want you can dump your load down her throat if you need and if you are tiny u get anal which ruled me out. Went on Wednesday,saw Cassie. Very good service and she is very horny lady and it was worth the money. Either way, spent an hour with her. Slipped on a dom, rode me cowgirl, missionary and then doggy.

Definately will go back again. If all goes well, will have to try this place out. I am going to try and see Cassie here on Tuesday next week. Apparently she is on the youngish side under 30 when compared with the rest of the ladies here. Looking forward to it and will post a report. Heidi was definitely the better looking of the two and really seemed to enjoy a shagging. Looking forward to trying some of the less crusty women here.

Great value for money! Went here and saw a tiny size 6 chinese milf named Michelle, had big D Cups enhanced but such a tight pussy. Works mon , wed and thur. Went straight for bbbj in 69er position for a good 10 minutes.

Was hqppy for me to finger her but could only get 1 in as she is very small girl and would be one of the tightest WL that have been with. Finished off and creampied her pussy. She let me watch the cum drip out of her pussy, gave me a 5 min massage then showered and on my way.

I went to this place on Saturday I saw Lucy as a mate said She gives good head. So went up stairs place smelt of sex lol Waited in a room 15min in comes Lucy and straight into work kissing touching The.

She goes deep throat for about 10mins I pretended I was going blow so she would think oh yeah this one will b quick To steps ahead of u hun Then we had sex she moans and it sounds pretty funny I started to laugh it was like a Oprah singer lol. Folks its been a dirty long weekend still needed more loven so ive just got back from seing Heidi.

Shes younger than the rest of the rabble chinese early thirties average bod She give me natural polish no sign of rimming and wouldnt take it the backdoor unless maybe if i had a little wand.

So i was out of the equation there overall just a very standard experience she went through the motions put the man sauce in her mouth and that was it.

When does this place closes? I noticed that this place actually closes earlier than some of other places. Went the for the first time. The service is also very bad. Will never come back. Do not waste your monney in such place. Shagga that big thing her nickname is Bundy Bear. She is a massive unit folks if you like your girls big and bulky she fits the bill!

To this place yesterday 3 girls working. Sunday is best bet with Heidi She looks a bit younger. Looking to cream me a WL any recommendations? Asks you to finish on the outside though.

Folks its been too long since my last review. I had the chance to fire in one today. Found myself in Ermington stopped of at the hotel to wet my whistle. While I was there the half decent bar maids were G in me up so I thought I would relieve some built up anxiety at this place. Just off Vicky Rd west bound before the bridge this place lurks.

Looks like a old shed in the industrial area. This place is certainly no palace. It could do with a bit of love there was a massage bench in the room I was in looked like the back seat of my school bus!

The host give me 2 ladies to choose. I chose Linda early thirties Chineese I think average body average head. Had a shower laid on the bed she give pretty good natural blow job.

Did her best to get the whole of my wand in her throat she managed three quarters of the monster I havnt seen a girl do that yet so she deserves a pat on the back for that effort. But sadly it was all very clinical after that did her front ways back ways she was whingin that i was pounding her too hard and that I should hurry up and cum soon. If I needed to hear complaints I would go and get myself a bitch! Anyway the more moanin the more I ploughed on and in eventualy making a donation of the man sauce.

Lilly I have seen before at a place in Burwood, under the name of Shelly. She will give RIM and seems to favour just blow jobs, of which she excels. Might check that place out sometime this week who knows. Just came back from there. She smelt like smoke but as a smoker i dont really care. After some 69 and rimming told her i wanted her ass, she let me cum in her ass without a dom.

Best punt i think ive had all year. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. March 9, at Reply link does not work in your browser because JavaScript is disabled. January 2, at November 3, at 8: September 29, at 2: Big Lebo Gherkin says: September 29, at 6: October 14, at 9: January 19, at 4: March 25, at 8: August 3, at 8: August 3, at 9: August 3, at August 3, at 3: August 3, at 6: August 11, at August 3, at 7: January 17, at Bwuce, who are the girls that do it?

All I know is Sala that does it in that place. July 7, at July 7, at 5: July 7, at 9: July 7, at 2: July 3, at July 3, at 8: July 3, at 9: Slamming Micro Prick says: July 5, at 7: July 2, at 8: April 1, at 6: May 27, at 5: Anal anal and CIP too.

Cute Little Sausage says: May 27, at 7: February 1, at 3: Anyone tried a WL name suni or soni? January 23, at 1: December 23, at 3: December 17, at 4: December 12, at 9: November 18, at 1: October 19, at 9: October 10, at 3: October 6, at September 18, at July 2, at 7: July 1, at 7: July 1, at 1: June 29, at 8: June 26, at 8: June 22, at 6: May 27, at 8: May 24, at May 14, at 5: May 1, at 4: Went to Julie today Had a really good time.

She is about 40 but the service is amazing. April 16, at Had a session with Lucy. Nice service I had a BBJ and nice see session. March 6, at 2: February 14, at 3: January 26, at Has anyone been with Liliy or Sala Recently what are there services like?

January 24, at January 10, at 9: January 7, at 8: December 27, at 8: December 8, at 5: November 29, at November 17, at Does anyone have any concerns about diseases here? November 9, at 2: November 6, at 3: November 5, at 1: November 5, at 9: November 4, at Do i get to see all girl first or do u just send randomly. I dont like old ladies. Whats ur youngest girl and her pic? October 29, at 6: October 15, at October 15, at 4: October 14, at 3: October 13, at 9: October 13, at 1: October 10, at October 9, at October 4, at October 1, at 7: September 21, at 9: September 20, at September 17, at Hello, will they still give me bbbj and cim even though I have s love of pubic hair?

September 15, at 7: September 13, at 8: Hello, what days and what times is Michelle working? And what does she offer? September 10, at September 9, at 9: September 3, at 5: September 2, at 8: August 17, at August 10, at 3: August 6, at 8: July 28, at 6: July 15, at 1: July 15, at 7: July 5, at June 27, at June 2, at 3: Start doing them while sticking out of the pussy and stick it in for deep throat with condom Has anyone done this before? May 25, at 2: Is there any guys want do there have 3p with Tina this afternoon around 5: April 29, at 5: April 25, at 6: Hey john matrix, Did you get it from bbbj?

April 22, at 7: March 31, at 6: Why not get me outta this place: With her talking in the phone and rushing me fuck that! March 30, at 8: March 30, at 6: March 29, at 5: March 24, at March 16, at 9: March 11, at 1: March 9, at 3: March 1, at 4: February 24, at February 22, at 8: February 14, at January 30, at January 12, at 9: Sato pushed her off the stage and into the clutches of the men closest to her.

Over the next hour, they used her like a doll. She was pushed into various positions: Men shoved their cocks into her mouth for her to suck and unceremoniously rammed their dicks into her pussy.

In between fucks and gagging on cocks, they worked on her with the Hitachi wand, keeping her on the boil. It was all a blur as they relieved themselves of their lusts, using the slim blonde girl to the fullest. When they were done, Cassie lay on a table, on her back, staring at the ceiling, her mind a blank. Her thighs opened and closed revealing a rivulets of semen drooling from her swollen, reddened hole.

There was semen all over her cheeks, nose and mouth. She had been ridden hard and put up wet, to be sure. Some men had her twice. Thirty-two men fucked her more than 50 times in her pussy and 12 times in her asshole. She was shamed totally, because she had several orgasms as she was raped and sodomized. Her cries and moans left no doubt that she received pleasure from her debasement. The experience was very intense and overwhelming - something out of hell.

She had been tested, once again, to her limits as a woman. She lay on the table in a puddle of semen; her legs splayed wide; her pussy purple, swollen and gaping open; her breasts bruised and showing bite marks; her nipples swollen obscenely She stared vacantly at the ceilingas she lay there exhausted. She heard men laughing and joking - she felt someone pulling her up and, staggering, she was led backstage. Sato, Hayashi and the flunkies had wheeled out a contraption onto the stage.

One of them came and got Cassie and dragged her away. A while later she appeared on stage again. Sato had given her some brandy and popped an Amyl nitrate under her nose to revive her.

They had stripped her of whatever clothes she still had on and brought her over to the contraption. It was a rack with a chair underneath. They strapped her to the chair. Then the two Greek chorus flunkies got into position and a gong was heard. They began to read from a card, and this got most of the men, sitting down again. Now that Cassie was back on stage, they were mildly curious as to what divertissement was next.

Then, there was a commotion, and everyone turned to look. The Red Devil was leading a little pony, a small stallion with a smooth black coat, about half the size of a horse. These were bred in Japan in the old days to haul coal in the mines. They were twice as strong as a horse, but only weighed about kilos lbs. Sato took the bridle from Hayashi.

When Cassie saw the pony, her hand went to her mouth and she bit her knuckle. Her mind was racing and she began whimpering in fear. Sato brought the pony to the rack. He and the flunkies got it to rear up and get its front legs over the top rung. A flunky brought out a sealed container. What it contained was a rag with the urine from a mare in heat. It was mottled pink and black in color and soon hung down until it seemed like it would touch the ground.

It happened so quickly that it was almost comical. But it startled the blonde girl strapped to the chair who was, in effect, underneath the animal. Hayashi then brought out a sheath. By now, every man in the audience had stopped what they were doing and were now watching, with great interest, as the scene unfolded. It seemed everyone put their drink down on the tables to see what was developing. Hayashi and Sato had prepared well.

The animal reacted and the rack shook a little as it tried to move or get down from the rack, but it was not to be. Its rear hooves were resting on a shelf that had been designed to keep the animal stationary.

And its front legs were immobilized by being over the upper horizontal bar. The strap kept the pony from backing up or getting off the contraption. It was already drooling a thin white cream. Struck dumb, she could only stare Sato barked at her to open her mouth and brought her out of her trance. She hesitated for only a moment, because it was hard for her to open her mouth for such a monstrous organ.

The head was twitching and looked so big and alien. Whimpering, she submittedand took the obscene cockhead in her mouth. The little stallion pulled back its haunches only a little as the adjusted its pelvic thrusts to the available friction. As she got it back in her mouth, in the next moment There was so much it seemed to drown her.

The first spurts were thin and watery, but as the animal continued to ejaculate, the continuing torrents were thick and gelatinous like glue. There was a lot and she just kept swallowing and swallowing it, but as the beast kept spurting, it filled her mouth faster than she could gulp it down.

Some dribbled from the corners of her mouth and dripped down onto her tits. She gasped for breath, through her nose, as the hot fuck-slime filled her mouth faster than she could swallow. As the pony continued to ejaculate, Cassie was dimly aware of the excited murmurs and comments from the flunkies as well as the men in the audience.

Her cheeks ballooned and she gagged as there was so much. She struggled not to vomit. Ropes of horse jismhung from her chin. The flunkies grinned, laughed and pointed at her.

She had swallowed most of the thin, milky cum and the gelatinous cream, but she had gotten messy in the process. When Sato took his hand from the back of her head, Cassie looked like she was going to vomit. He told her to get control of herself. But, she had swallowed a lot of horse cum and the fishy taste and gluey texture made her feel sick.

With one hand covering her face and the other cradling her belly, she struggled to control the urge to vomit. The thought that a horse had cum in her mouth was strangely arousing. And the shame of having this forced on her in front of so manyaroused her as well.

She was strongly aware of the men whooping, laughing and mocking her. Finally the pony seemed to be done. She felt like a rag after having been forced to do something so depraved. She had become very accustomed to having someone take control of her body and make her do depraved things.

Of course, the program called for her to be fucked by the pony. The contraption was designed so that a harness could be added to suspend her beneath the animal. It got another erection.

When it got a whiff of the sex odor, it cock stiffened and got was fully erect in a flash. Rigid, as it moved as much as the contraption permitted, it hooves could be heard clomping on the shelfand it cock was heard as it slapped against its belly. Cassie heard it too. Sato grabbed her by her hair and made her look at it. Now fully erect, the head of its cock seemed to be as big as a plum, and the monstrous shaft as long as her forearm from fist to elbow.

She knew that any moment she was going to have that humongous dick inside her and she got worried it would tear her vagina. This emotion added to the excitement and shame she was feeling. All of this propelled her to new depths of masochistic submission.

The little stallion , on its hind legs with its forelegs over the upper bar , was ready to cum again; ready to thrust its cock into a warm, wet hole. Hayashi grabbed its cock and Sato made Cassie spread her legs widewhich made her pussy gape open; and hold onto the harness suspending her with both hands. Cassie felt the cock head touch her pussy. Inside now, the animal began humping, pushing her back.

As it dilated her, and the head slid inside her warm, wet cavern, Cassie groaned loudly. The opening of the vaginal sphincter and the stretching of her pussy tube was an eye-watering experience. And she was only able to take about two-thirds of the mammoth cock in her cunt. The big head plowed in, touched her cervix and went deeper into the pocket at the end of her cunt - stretching her totally.

She felt a combination of pain and pleasure. She tried to pull back when she felt the pony trying to force more inside, but there was nowhere to go. There was so much cock inside her and as it reached bottom, she cried out. The penetration was mind-boggling and she groaned so loud that it made the audience react.

The massive cock stretched her sex hole to the max. Then the pony pulled out, giving her a chance to catch her breath, but the respite was brief as it just rammed it back in again. A very hard thrust. Just slammed it in.

It was hard to believe she had room for a cock that big. It was like having her forearm, from fist to elbow, shoved in her hole.

She groaned like it was about to come out her mouth. The flunkies, standing behind, crowded closer to see the huge cock penetrate her. The pony had erected to its full length and girth and two-thirds of it was inside her hole. The cynical Yakuza men, who had seen and done everything, were awed. Everyone was mesmerized by what they were seeing. The penetration was totally beyond any Cassie had received before, even from the dog in Bangkok.

Her whole pelvis felt invaded , filled, stretched and distended. The pony, neighing, snorting and whinnying, now began to fuck her harder. She could feel its flared cockhead stretching her. There was no part of her hole its cock had not touched and stretched. Her cries left no doubt that it hurt when the animal slammed hard into her with kilos of flesh and bone behind it.

Its humping was so energetic that its rear hooves scooted forward on the shelf with the force of its powerful thrusts. The pony would fuck her for a bit and then it would stop, pull back and its cock would slip out. The big dick would wave around and then the little stallion would hump and with help from Hayashi, find her hole again and penetrate her fully and painfully. The beast fucked the shit out of her for maybe 20 to 30 seconds at a time. As the little stallion drove its huge phallus in and out of her pussy, she began to feel the stirrings in her loins that told her she was going to cum.

Her orgasm started to build. Sweat poured off her. As the pony fucked her for about 20 seconds straight, Cassie had an orgasm and showed everyone how it felt as she screamed like a madwoman. The men, drinking and enjoying the show, looked on in wonder and delight.

Everyone watched as the beast kept humping its haunches back and forth in a monstrous mockery of human sex. And Cassie was out of her mind. Occasionally, she stared at the beast above her.

Other times, her eyes were closed. Her hair became sweat-soaked and was splayed all over her face. The little stallion was also getting close to cumming. By instinct, the animal shoved its cock in as deep as it could trying to push the flared head to seal off her hole.

Its cock had stretched her pussy to unbearably painful dimensions. Even though as she cried out, yelled and screamed, the thrill and excitement was mind boggling. Its cock had reached beyond any previous penetration she had experienced. The problem was the stallion kept mounting and then remounting her. She would feel herself approaching another cum, and then the pony would dismount.

Then at some point, the head of its cock created suction and Cassie felt the pull on her uterus. Since the cock was tight in her vagina without any air gap, it produced suction that pulled on her cervix and uterus. It was like her womb was being pulled out of her body. This was both somewhat unpleasant and pleasurable at the same time. This pushed Cassie over the edge and she had a massive orgasm that went up to her breastbone, all through her pelvis and down her thighs.

The pony finally ejaculated, and thick gushes of hot cum filled her hole. Cassie felt it hot and wet inside her. Over and over it spewed. Hot cum dribbled down her ass crack. The pony was not moving now , her pussy stretched tight around its shaft, as its orgasm subsided. It flexed a final time to squirt the last drops of semen into her stretched hole.

Cassie and the pony were both panting as they waited for the swollen, flared head to subside. The pony pulled back slightly, making her grunt, as the cock did not come out. Her pussy was stretched tight around the engorged column of equine cock meat. The pony pulled back and this time, its cock popped free. The stallion whinnied, shuddered and flicked its tail.

Cum now ran from her hole. Some men got closer to look. Her vagina was open. One man said to his comrade that he could put his hand in her hole now. But the little pony was not done. It still had lots of cum in its balls. After a few minutes, the mating was repeated; and the little stallion remounted her two more times in the next 15 minutes. Each time, it fucked the shit out of her.

On the second remount, she came again. Each time the pony ejaculated, it filled her pussy full of cum. Finally, the animal was done and Hayashi and the flunkies got it down off the contraption and two boys led it away.

Cassie was exhausted…a mess. Cum dripped from her hole, but it was tinged pink from blood leaking from small tears in her vagina, which was inevitable given the size of the cock that had raped her. Her crotch was wet: Some of the Yakuza men actually applauded when Cassie vomited.

It was the last humiliation of the night as a big gush of smelly, foamy whitish-yellow slop cascadedfrom her mouth like a fountain. She came to enjoy these nights sometimes. When she was there, his attention was all on her, and working as a whore everyday deprived her of real human contact, so any attention was better than none.

It was the old Stockholm Syndrome: And she discovered that she could best express her feelings when she was in his bed by giving him a great blow job. Cassie had become a master at sucking cock. The payoff, when the man dumped his load in her mouth, had become a treat for her; the reward for a job well done.

One night she gave Sato a simply exquisite blow job. She licked his anus and his nuts and laved his cock with wet love. She used her tongue to tantalize him and then sucking and jerking him off, she made him have a spectacular cum. Sato was in heaven. When he came hotly in her mouth he felt his whole soul had spurted thru his penis. Afterwards, he even cuddled with her, but she made the mistake of trying to kiss him.

This was a no-no. Not a mouth that had been where hers had been. You have a dirty mouth, whore! Cassie was hurt emotionally. She went from enjoying his affectionate snuggling to having him kick her out of bed to sleep on the floor, like a dog.

A metaphor for what had happened to her since her vacation in Bangkok went awry. However, it was part and parcel of the hard life she had been sentenced to. The one bright spot was that she came to be close to the other girls in his stable. They were the only friendly faces in her world.

Greta and Vickiewere her closest allies, but she liked Carol, the plump American redhead. Jillian, the English girl, washard to get to know. She was more closed off and only Greta had any real contact with her. As the months wore on, Cassie realized that the girls would talk about what happened at the Plank, as they were all bound next to each other. It was just too shaming and embarrassing.

Some of the customers who took Cassie to a private room truly disgusted her too. There was the older accountant, a Mr. Kichida, who liked to jerk off on her face. After that, he wanted to have Cassie kneel before him, open her mouth, take his piss directly from his cock and then swallow. The piece de resistance ofhis sessions was for him to defecate a turd onto a plate and then have Cassie lick the turd, getting it wet with her saliva.

She was not to score the turd with her teeth or bite it, just get it shiny with her saliva. He liked to have a whore taste his shite. The first session with Kichida did not go well. And this is what Kichida San wanted to see as he jerked off. This is what got him off Kichida complained to Sato who got furious with Cassie. Cassie was made to lie naked on he back on a metal bed frame in a storage area.

Her limbs were stretched in four directions, tied with strips of cloth and then secured to a bedframe. Her whole body, except her head, was tightly restricted. She was kept bound naked this way for awhole day.

She lost control of her bladder and bowels during the ordeal adding to her humiliation. Two older men bought Cassie one afternoon. Her tits fascinated them. There, Sato gave them a kittee, an Indian torture device that corresponded to the European thumbscrew.

It was a wooden screw press somewhat like a lemon squeezer. To this terrible torture, they added a refinement. She had rose colored nipples with medium sized areoles. But her nipples were as big as peanuts. This is why they had selected her. They were fascinated by their spectacular size. The younger man grabbed one in the jaws of the pliers and squeezed making Cassie wince and cry out.

Then he did the same to the other nipple. He went back and forth and soon added a sickening little twist to the routine. At one point, they took the kittee off and using their hands they slapped her tits unmercifully. One of them stood behind and held her by her shoulders as the other beat the shit out of her tits.

He started off by giving her little smacks across her sore nipples, but soon he was just wailing on them — hitting her whole tit with hisfull, broad, heavypalm. When they had worked themselves up to a fever pitch, they turned her over on her stomach and took turns fingering her until they made her have a shiofuki a female ejaculation. Then, the older man worked his fingers back into to her dripping cunt, one-by-one until he had all four fingers in her, making Cassie groan.

He curled his thumb to his palm, and curled his fingers so that he had made a fist inside her holewith his wrist encircled by her vaginal sphincter and hot, pink labia. Cassie moaned when he did this and then groaned very loud when he began turning his balled fist around. He went this way and that and each time he did that, she groaned and squealed like a stuck calf. He got it in all the way and then began pumping his fist in and out.

He fisted her until she had another wet shiofuki. She had never been fisted before, but since her pony fuck, her pussy was becoming used to being stretched. Then, they took turns fucking her in her asshole, using only their saliva and her secretions to lubricate her tight passage.

They took them out and then reinserted them slowly raping her tiniest hole. Cassie found it weird and terribly unpleasant. Sato came in at one point with a rag and smilingly asked the two men to gag the poor girl. Which they did, so that they could continue to have more fun.

They finished off by jerking off on her face, but made her take their cocks in her mouth toswallow some of the load. This was another hellish night for Cassie. The setting was a dinner party for a small software company: They were seated around a low table, they enjoyed drinks for awhile.

Then dinner was served. After dinner, when the table was cleared, Sato and Hayashi brought Cassie into the room. First, she had to do a striptease for the men. She wore a very short skirt and a low top that accentuated her tits. With her hot red lipstick and blonde hair, she was suitably exotic for the these men. Cassie had a simply beautiful pink-lipped pussy with the cutest clitoris peeking out from under its thin hood. Sato and Hayashi bound her spread-eagled and naked to a low table.

Hayashi inserted a blunt shaped copper cylinder into her vagina just behind her pubic bone and it filled her hole nicely. Every sensitive spot on her anatomy was then clamped or received the invasive insertion of a probe.

A thin corkscrew electrode was screwed into her urethra. The hood of her clitoris was retracted and an alligator clip was used to clamp the organ. He clamped her nipples last. Sato connected the leads to a transformer. They were synched up to create four circuits. One circuit connected her pisshole and her rectum. The second connected her clitoris and her vagina. The third circuit connected her nipples and the fourth circuit consisted of the electrodes on hertongue.

Sato handed outfoursmall wireless controllers. Sato gave a demonstration and soon all the men were having fun torturing her. They exchanged controllers so they could enjoy shocking different parts of her body through the four circuits. Cassie was subjected to nearly an hour of low-amperage electro shock torture. Cassie shuddered, twitched, shook and writhed on the table. It was excruciating and humiliating. She drooled and fainted twice. Her nipples swelled up as big as cashews and turned bright purple and so did her tongue and clitoris.

She had been transformed into a doll, an inanimate object. When this was activated, the pain was intense and her hips came off the table like she was trying to fuck the ceiling. The next hottest charge was the circuit on her tongue, since the organ was wet with saliva. These hurt terribly and made her feel like she was going to lose her mind and her eyes would pop out of her head. The weakest charge was the circuit that connected her clitoris with her vagina.

When she was shocked there, it was a weird combination ofunpleasant and arousing. It gave her a hot, buzzy, itchy feeling that felt stimulated her; and made her pussy drool. The men were fascinated by what the three controllers could do and they played with them and passed them around as each man wanted a turn. And it went on and on, until with bulging erections, they were ready to dump their hot loads in her. Sato, seeing that it was time,removed all the electrodes and got her on all fours on a coffee table.

One man got in front of her and another took his place at her ass. They humped her like a toy for an hour. When it was all over, poor Cassielay slumped on the table in a wet heap leaking from her cunt and cum on her lips, cheeks and chin. Her tongue, clitoris and nipples had swelled to comically obscene dimensions and made her look disfigured. She could barely talk with her tongue swollen. She pressed her pussy against the cushion and rubbing it hard, she came!

Being forced to masturbate in front of someone was always the most degrading thing of all. It exposed her totally and made her a participant in her own debasement. She looked up with weary eyes and wondered what else he could make her do Cassie groaned, but got into position. With the men cheering her on, Cassie performed like a trained animal.

She was numb when it was all over. The next day, Greta caught Cassie looking at herself naked in the mirror. She was touching her tits And you know what? All I see are my tits, my ass and my cunt. A wealthy couple, Mr. Her name was Maria and she had been a bar girl in Manila, before coming to work in Japan. She was full-figured with very brown skin, an absolutely beautiful mouth, thick black hair, big dark nipples and a hairy pussy. They wanted to witness the cruel torture of a Catholic woman.

This is why they selected Maria. Afterwards, they would go home and, reliving the experience, masturbate in front of each other. For Maria, it became a session that took her out of action for several days. She was dressed up in what would pass for prison clothes: Asshe was sentenced in Japanese and English, Maria began to weep as Sato had not told her what the session was about.

She was hearing it for the first time and her wide-eyed shock was catnip to to the Fukudas. Standing there, shivering in her prison clothes, Maria grunted with the strain when two flunkies put a heavy beam, weighing 25 kilos 56 lbs. It would prove to be a torment to carry. They force-marched her outside into the courtyard. The beam was heavy and Maria stumbled as they made her march around the perimeter.

Then, Sato and Hayashi brought her to stand in front of a square pole sunk in the ground. The pole had a two-inch block cut from the top where the crossbeam went. The flunkies took the beam from her shoulders. Hayashi and Sato made her take off her cotton top and pants.

The garments were wet with sweat from her exertions of carrying the beam. Her big, brown nipples and hairy Mons were now visible to the couple. Hayashi had orders to prolong her agony, and as a great student of torture, he had read how the Romans had refined crucifixion into an exquisite torture. To this end, Hayashi had fixed a curved rod topped bya knob to the pole about hip height. Hayashi greased it as everyone watched They made her lie down on the ground and then Hayashi bound her wrists to the beam.

He and Sato got her on her feet and walked her backwards, with the beam sitting heavily on her shoulders, to the pole. They lifted the crossbeam to the top of the stake and sat her down on the greased rod, so it penetrated her anus and slid up into her rectum. Hayashi bent her legs and then placed her feet sole-to-sole on the front of the pole.

In this position, which flexed her thighs and exposed her crotch, he lashed her heels to the post. She was now secured to the post by all four limbs and soon felt the full, cruel agony of her position. Crucified, she was soon feeling total body agony. With her wrists bound, her arms stretched and her heels lashed to the post, she could only move up and down through a limited range. Her orange-sized tits wobbled and jiggled with each movement of her body. Her head lolled back and forth; then she hung her head in shame and futility.

Shemade eye contact with the Fukudas, but was sickened by the lust etched in their faces and turned away. It soon became difficult to breathe , and the pain of her bondage soon forced her to stand up on her heels and pull herself up by her arms to relieve the pressure.

She took in a breath when she stood. But soon, the pain and the fatigue in her thigh muscles became unbearable. So , she allowed herself to hang by her wrists again.

This forced the rod deep into her shit-hole. She went up and down Maria hung for as long as she could stand it; then pulled herself up. Holding this position for a few moments allowed her to relieve the pain in her wrists and get air into her lungs. Then, this pain became too much, so she sagged and the rod went far up her asshole again. Going up and down, up and down Sweating in the sun, she soon became dehydrated and thirsty.

Satohad a flunky piss in a bucket, soaked a sponge in the urine and then held it up to her lips. The smell made Maria shake her head in protest, but she was thirsty and knew that it would only be worse if she refused so, she bit on the soaked sponge.

The Fukudas were beside themselves. The poor Filipina writhed and squirmed and this only hurt her wrists and heels. As the afternoon wore on, Maria cried out. She cried out in Tagalog, English and Spanish as the agony of her position overwhelmed her. The Fukudas were ecstatic. Having her cry out to her Christian God was just the frosting on the cake! Each cruel stab produced a groan of anguish and more begging for Jesus to save her.

Soon, her tits and her big, brown nipples were stippled with dozens of tiny puncture wounds. Asami Fukuda, the wife, looked as she was about to cum He used a little brush, paying special attention to her ears, nose, mouth, armpits, pussy, clitoris, ass crack and anus.

The flies and gnats soon arrived. Just a few at first, but attracted by the sweetness of thesugar water, they began to swarm. Maria had been sweating heavily - adding salt for the insects to feast on. The flies were soon crawling all over her, and began to invade wherever there was an opening.

As the teaming horde overran her face and crotch, she nearly lost her mind. Her dripping armpits, her nose, ears, mouth and crotch were soon well infested. This was one of the most effective tortures as it opened up her most private orifices to pollution and invasion by insects. Maria began sobbing and bawling as the flies had their way with her. She began babbling like an idiot after awhile, as if she was losing her mind Later, Hayashi forcibly inserted a thick wooden rod into her vagina several times and then redrew it, raping her cruelly.

To add to her suffering, he worked a thin rod in and out of her urethra making her writhe in agony. He then pressed the urine soaked sponge against her lips again; and she was so parchedshe drank the piss. Maria tried to control the pain of her bondage by changing positions, but at some point she realized there was no relief - only endless agony going up and down on the pole.

She hung her head, mumbling and sweating in mindless agony. Periodically, she would raise her eyes to heaven and begin praying Sato took the initiative and masturbated her. He rubbed her pissflaps and clitoris until he had her writhing and crying out.

She was so ashamed, but it only got worse when he made her cum and not long after, she even lost control of her bladder. Fifteen minutes later, the Fukudas left. They were both so excited, so worked up As for Maria, it took days for her to recover. It had been a traumatic, harrowing experience. But she felt closer to her God by undergoing the same suffering her Savior had and this was a mildly comforting thought.

In her home country, many worshippers during Good Friday consent to being hung on the cross, as a religious experience. For Maria, however, it was much more shaming One night, Noriko Maeda paid a call on Cassie. She had Sato bring her to one of the private rooms. Cassie was surprised when Noriko walked into the room andbegan taking off her clothes.

She was wearing a navy silk suit and a pale peach silk blouse. Her tits were large and hung down. She kicked off her shoes and dropped her silk trousers and nylon bikini panties. She had a big butt, a protruding belly and was very hairy between her legs.

Her pubic hair went almost up to her navel and grew on her inner thighs too. She cradled her tits in a self-satisfied way and then went to a cabinet to pull out a strangeapparatus. She set it down in the center of the room. She crooked her finger at Cassie and pointed to the device. It was a small tripod with a padded seat. She got Cassie lying on her back with her head on the seat with her hands, palms down, under her buttocks. Cassie was facing the ceiling and as she lay there apprehensively, Noriko straddled her face and got her crotch right over herface.

The older woman had a nice sex odor and her hairy pussy parted a bit as she squatted so that Cassie could see her plump labia and peanut-sized clit. Her inner sex lips were fat and asymmetrical. Her yellow-white skin was a contrast to the dark grove between her ass crack. The she just sat there.

Cassie had all she could do to breathe. It was very humiliating. Noriko sat there for 30 minutes reading. She grunted softly as she worked her hips back and forth. Cassie could barely breathe. And then Noriko began jerking her hips back and forth in a way that let Cassie know she was about to cum.

She tensed up and came; and her discharge flooded Cassie. She swallowed the slippery pussy juice; she really had no choice. Norikogot up and dressed, very business like, and left without saying another word. He was a doctor named Saitou. What sort of doctor was not known by anyone at Chrysanthemum House. Everyone thought he might be a gynecologist.

In any event , he was middle-aged and non-descript in appearance. What he liked was scaring girls half to death. There was a gynecologist table. Sato and a flunky strapped her to the table with her legs in the stirrups and her wrists by her side. They also used a strap around her mid-section. Cassie was very fretful as she was being bound for something terrible, she felt.

The Doctor was escorted into the room; and asked Sato if he had gotten the vibrator he wanted. He had requested a certain model with a small bullet shaped head.

He brought his own speculum. It was perfect for his type of fun. Sato then handed him a long plastic tube which Saitou inserted into her dilated vagina at an angle. Saitou asked that the table be adjusted so that Cassie was brought into a half-upright position. The flunky cranked the table so that she was sitting at a 45 degree angle. Now shecould see the tube in herpussy; and stared down at the apparatus in her cunt.

He turned to the flunky who reached down and brought out a plastic bottle. Sato took the bottle, held it up, shook it a little, smiled and then handed it to the Doctor. Sato bowed and he and the flunky left. The Doctor smiled at Cassie and her blood ran cold.

Cassie looked at him.

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