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Beautiful wife seeking sex Birch Run

Beautiful wife seeking sex Birch Run

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Beautiful wife seeking sex Birch Run

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Old Tobias Clark hires a psychologist Kay Parker to help him come to terms with a regretful decision he made in his youth. He gave up love for money and let the haunting beauty Lily slip through his hands.

While working on the case Dr. Verlay probes her own patients to find their definition of "desire," a word Lily used as she walked out of Tobias' life. Kay Parker's performance has created a sensation with many adult film critics. A farm girl longing to get married and moving to the big city, cracks when her sister does so before she does. A woman who has lead a sheltered life decides it's time to live life to the fullest, and explore all of her sexual dreams.

Stephanie Swift has solved the world's Y2K Crisis Saving her love life will be a little more difficult! Georgina Spelvin has some serious money troubles.

Luckily for her, she also has a pair of gorgeously delectable young daughters. She decides to introduce them to wealthy older men and let nature take its course. The only trouble is, the girls have some ideas of their own and aren't always willing to go along with dear old Mom's best-laid plans. The results are hilarious as well as scorchingly erotic. Georgina turns in one of her best-ever performances here, as are Annette Haven and Clair Dia as her breathtakingly beautiful daughters.

In the end, everyone gets what's coming to them -- even Mom gets in on the freaky fun! An undisputed classic of 70s erotica, full of exuberant and enchanting action. Documentary telling the story of one of porn's most popular starlets, and the filmmakers' journey to find her and get an extremely rare interview with The Platinum Pricess. The supposed 'True' story behind the real life detroning of Alex Taylor from her Miss New Hampshire title, and the fallout that followed.

A vision of a possible future where the government has made sex a crime. The only legal release it through toys and drugs…unless you're a deviant. Visit the sex club underground, where the sex fiends risk it all to do it all. Manuel suspects wife Kylie Ireland of secretly planning to divorce him, and he enlists a good friend Mr. Pete to help him uncover the truth.

But are Pete and Kylie unknowingly caught in an even bigger web of deception? And how will Manuel lure Pete's wife Elexis into his sick, twisted game?

A psycho-sexual tale of suspense that will leave you breathless until the final explosive scene. The story of an all-girl rock band turns out to be a lavish spectacle - featuring some of the most beautiful adult superstars ever filmed! Watch their struggle to make it big in the music business at any price. Alexandria Quinn stars as the lustful and angelic Amanda Jones. In limbo, Miss Jones is faced with the age old choice between the Devil and the Angel. Watch this little angel make all the right -- and wrong -- moves!

The Devil in Miss Jones Series. The still virginal Justine Jones commits suicide and, zap, goes to hell. But Satan doesn't know what to do with her. Other than her sin of suicide, Miss Jones has done nothing wrong. The Devil asks her if she would return to earth, what would she do.

Miss Jones says she would live her life consumed with lust. The Devil is so intrigued that he grants Miss Jones' wish. We are then given a tour of almost every erotic sexual position humanly possible. Her erotic experiences go beyond porn into true erotic art.

The Devil in Miss Jones combines excellent acting with a very poignant script that weaves in and out of graphic sex encounters without undoing what the story has carefully developed. This film is without a doubt the finest serious erotic film ever made! And now Justine Jones has earned a life of eternal lust on earth. But Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, and Justine start to make ammends for 10 years of pure Hell without sex.

But to the Devil's dismay, he is hopelessly in love with Justine and cannot find a body in which she will remain chaste But all Hell breaks loose and "Lucy" is in hot water with the "Boys Upstairs. The Devil in Miss Jones 3: The all-star cast sears the screen with an ultra-erotic romp through hell as only the infamous Dark Bros.

A must for every X-rated library! The Devil in Miss Jones 4: A mind-blowing, demon-infested tale of incestuous mayhem! Zebedy Colt plays a puritanistic farmer who rules over his family with an iron hand. He sadistically punishes his daughters, attempting to repress their sexual urges.

The daughter's response is a revengeful pact with Satan. The huge cocked devil possesses the entire family. Identities shift and transform randomly. The mother, father and daughters fuck one another savagely. During an orgy scene 3 demons ravage and drench huge breasted Annie Sprinkle. A man's unsuspecting wish turns his life around, but was it for better or worse?

When Shayla, the Devil's assistant, returns to collect his soul, they recount his rise from "loser" to "the man" in town. When a young woman inherits the family estate, and moves in, strange things begin to happen. Her dreams begin haunt her, her relationship is thrown in to turmoil, and her sex drive is no longer her own.

She soon realizes there is more to her deceased relatives than was known. They were in fact, witches. A house detective at an apartment complex, comes across an evil tenant who uses the power of hypnotism to seduce the female tenants and allow himself to photograph them in compromising positions in an effort to blackmail them or exposing them to their husbands. Billionaire Mark Reeves has everything money can buy During a business trip to Mexico, he finds himself negotiating opposite the devastatingly beautiful, articulate and clever Silvia Cabrera.

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Dial N For Nikki Series. Sometimes a deep, dark night can close in on your like a fist, choking your very life away.

She knows how to handle the night. All it takes is a little radioactivity. Go ahead touch that dial. When you dial up this phone sex line, your fantasies come true as the one your thinking about pops up right in front of you. But who really ends up getting what they want? Upon seeing a psychiatrist, she is instructed to keep a diary of her activities. A woman writes nightly, the script she hopes to make into a hit porno film. The famous video vouyer couple take to the streets of Hollywood to uncover some naughty moments courtesy of some of porn's biggest names.

The famous video vouyer couple return to Hollywood for a second round of filming some of the hottest moments they can find in tinseltown. A nice little college town outside of LA should get ready as America's video vouyer couple invades with cameras rolling. The legendary vouyeristic couple is loose with their camera in Aspen and meeting swingers and getting film of everything they see and everyone they encounter. Detective Trixie is on a man-hunt for a mysterious criminal and she'll do everything in her power to find him.

Luxurious settings, steamy sex and a cast of 80's greats makes "Dick Of Death" a must see! The DP Duo are on the job, saving marriages and other relationships from the evil of fridgidity. The reckless wife of a gangster boss is dissatisfied with her staff and begins to rigorously kill her. Because now only wild sex parties and perverse parties are celebrated at their expense. A couple on their way to the movies get lost and then sidetracked by the sexual antics of those they meet along the way.

Michael Knight is the last of the red-hot lovers. Trouble is, Michael has disappeared without a trace. The women are frantic. The cops are baffled. Honey Wilder is amazing here, as always, and her acting is as good as her horizontal hustle, which is phenomenal. Danielle is slinky sensuality personified and Cody Nicole is simply her legendary self. The Nasty Brothers take us on another ride of no holes barred sex. While in bed with her lesbian lover, Diane talks about the experiences of her friends in an effort to get herself and her lover aroused for another go between the sheets, before calling it a night.

Series of vignettes all centered around sex in the workplace as it seems people fantasize at work about the damnest thing. Eventually they can't take it anymore and make their own sequence. Someone's been sending Christy dirty letters, and they're making her juices run!

Can she overcome her filthy desires, or will she succumb to the will of her admirers? Dirty Lilly starring Bethanna, C. Bolla, George Kane Synopsis: When young Lilly turns 18, her mother throws her out into the world to search for her long lost father. Lilly's adventures take her up and down the atlantic seaboard, as each step along the journey furthers her sexual education while bringing her step by step closer to finding her dad. It's the year , and a group of historians open up a time capsule containing five porn videos.

Since artificial insemination wiped out recreational copulation they watch, fascinated with all the sex from the past. In order to solve the case, she must infiltrate a bordello and pretend she's a prostitute, naturally being unable to say no to any customer, for authenticity's sake. A classic film, this is not one to miss. When a man wakes up with 2 detectives in his room questioning him about the woman he spent the night with, he realizes she's gone, the detectives won't tell him what this about and his home has become a sexual playground.

Is it a dream or a freakish slap in the face by reality. The story revolves around a simple premise - people getting paid to have sex. In almost every scene somebody pays somebody else to have sex.

It's The Old West, style. We're following five beautiful working girls, working their way through four sex-starved outlaws on their way to windy San Francisco, when they are kidnapped by some wanted outlaws. The world's greatest porno script writer is running out of ways to make the world's oldest deed interesting and new. That is until he comes up with an idea. The headmistress of a school for debs that specializes in teaching the students the fine arts of seduction and sexual thrills, finds herself falling for one of the male test subjects.

But the man who stuck by her in the lean years, isn't happy about being shoved to the side. Features Zara actually singing with her real life band in concert. A young couple battle it out in court to end their marriage, amid charges of cruelty and infidelity, and we are treated to all the action via flashbacks.

What splits people up? From the looks of this video, hot, sweaty Thank-You-Sweet-Mama sex with the wrong people. And then getting caught. A couple want a divorce, but with their fine collections of fetishes, they seem like a couple made for each other.

Will they split up? Will they stay together? Abigail Clayton's porn debut is a monumental erotic masterpiece. She plays Dixie, a young woman still discovering her own sexuality but shuttled between her older sisters. This is hard to top for the ever popular 'naive young girl learns about sex' crowd.

Lisa De Leeuw stars as Dixie Ray, a one-time Hollywood starlet whose career has hit the fast track to nowheresville. Her star was on the rise, but now the glitz and glamour have passed her by. Dixie's attempting a comeback, but it's threatened when her ex-husband starts passing around some old nudie shots of her. She hires private eye John Leslie to track down her ex-hubby, get the pics and put and end to the blackmail attempt.

Before you can say 'Sam Spade,' the P. In the end, it's the gumshoe who gets the goods on every single female member of the cast. Or should we say gets the goodies? When a woman has to drive miles to deliver her uncle's car back to him, her friend joins her for a classic road trip. But then again what decent road trip wouldn't be full of meeting new people and gaining new experiences?

Blacklove's clinic as couples come to him and his staff for some hands-on bedside manner! It is definitely a memorable movie! A couple decide to take off on a cross country journey for new and different sexual thrills.

A True Classic of 80's Porn!!! Hustler gave this film it's highest rating. Chasey plays a woman who is married to a man who belittles her and dominates her in every way. One day she snaps, and a darker more dominant personality emerges within her, and this does not sit well with her husband.

She is at his beck and sexual calling and that is excatly as she wants it. He experiments - and likes - the harsh treatment the dominant Head Guard employs on her inmates. But it may all backfire on him. It's the not too distant future, when women rule the world and their angry Alpha leader, Christy, is looking for wild, lost men, to hunt down and have her way with.

The only problem is, once they're spent, they're dead. This is post armageddon and men die once they climax, unless the beautiful scientist Ariana can stop the curse and save mankind.

Christy is in danger of wiping men off the face of the earth, as what little are left, are being hunted and sold off by her subjects. But the cure now exists, and with it Christy's power.

Can Christy put an end to this cure before it gets out? When relationships collide, they stand or fall. Kelly O'Dell has a long-standing relationship with Randy Spears.

They're in love, but haven't crossed the line between platonic and physical. That changes when Randy introduces a friend to Kelly, a friend instantly drawn to her. Retrieved March 9, Archived from the original on September 19, Retrieved April 25, Idiosyncratic, Individualistic, Innovative, Ingenious".

Retrieved December 23, Retrieved December 11, Retrieved May 3, Retrieved May 1, Retrieved April 23, Archived from the original on May 3, Retrieved May 6, While he retains the publishing rights to all his songs, Warner Brothers owns the master tapes to the 20 albums preceding Emancipation.

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Prince, Legendary Musician, Dies at 57". Archived from the original on August 11, Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved March 30, Singer hits back at fansite claims". Retrieved November 27, Chodera — Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice". My Life with Prince. Retrieved April 21, — via YouTube.

The Kansas City Star. British Journal of Anaesthesia. Retrieved June 6, Retrieved June 17, Inside the Purple Reign. The Rough Guide to Rock. The Black Culture Industry. The Music of Miles Davis, — University of Michigan Press. Trying to Get Over: African American Directors after Blaxploitation, University of Texas Press. Chaos, Disorder, and Revolution. An Encyclopedia of the Artists who Revolutionized Rhythm.

Hawkins, Stan; Niblock, Sarah The Making of a Pop Music Phenomenon. When the Music Played? The King of All, Sir Duke: Ellington and the Artistic Revolution. Prince and the Making of Purple Rain reprint ed. Prince's Sign O' the Times. In Moskowitz, David V. The Greatest Bands of All Time: Dance Music Sex Romance: The Sound of Stevie Wonder: His Words and Music. When she had her lumpectomy, Khim Owens-Baggett was not quite two weeks pregnant — but nobody knew that until later.

I knew I was overweight, but that That was the wake-up call I needed. One new mom who is a breast cancer survivor decided to that a sign would be best to tell anyone in the hospital that she was not able to breastfeed her baby when she gave birth. Some breast cancer patients describe a bullying-like pressure from their surgeons to reconstruct after having a mastectomy.

Officials in the state — one of 18 to offer vaccine exemptions based on personal or moral beliefs — had hoped to offer a course informing parents about the risks of not vaccinating. A new study from Orlando Health found that more than half of parents with children under 18 believe the flu shot can cause the flu.

Experts explain why that's a myth. A family in Georgia is reeling from a pizza order that left their 2-year-old with second-degree burns.

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