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Bored lonely just chillen in Mexicali

Bored lonely just chillen in Mexicali

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Im waiting for a country woman who lojely values, sincerity, lovekindness, a giving heart, sex appeal, cute, smart and all kinds of good Bored lonely just chillen in Mexicali. If you can enjoy laying around the house and eating pizza and watching cheesy comedies (especially Will Ferrel movies), I AM your dude. I like a glboobies of wine at night and hate to drink alone.

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Bored lonely just chillen in Mexicali

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Looking for fun m4w Looking for some NSA fun. I am waiting for a real date to begin as friend first I am waiting for a date and wouldn't mind us to begin as friend.

They'll write about how much I cared for the people I loved in my life. BBC 20yo any age of women m4w im waiting for some nsa good head, handjob, or sex its your choice im leaving monday morning Your friends and family will never know about it.

Technology, Hardware, Software, and Deals. Its 3AM I must be lonely Mar 23, Messages: American Literature paper due in 6 hours. Dec 14, Messages: Apr 10, Messages: I jsut slept too much this weekend.

I can't seem to sleep. Jan 22, Messages: Dude, Im at work - its - only 7 hours to go! Feb 18, Messages: Dude, it's one of the only quiet times I can get in my day. Apr 7, Messages: I went to sleep at midnight, woke up at 4 to go to the bathroom, and I'm wide awake now at 5: Tossed and turned in bed for a while, but couldn't get back to sleep. Don't have to be anywhere until noon so I don't wanna sit here for the next 5 hours bored but I can't fall asleep.

Mar 5, Messages: I spent the night at work just chillin' And i get paid for hours i spend here So now i get the message that my university cancels classes because of the storm that is supposed to hit New England this morning. I guess i am Luckeeee. Jan 25, Messages: She says it's cold outside and she hands me my raincoat She's always worried about things like that She says it's gonna end and it might as well be my fault And she only sleeps when it's raining And she screams and her voice is straining chorus She says baby It's 3 am I must be lonely When she says baby Well I can't help but be scared of it all sometimes Says the rain's gonna wash away I believe it She's got a little bit of something, God it's better than nothing And in her color portrait world she believes that she's got it all She swears the moon don't hang quite as high as it used to And she only sleeps when it's raining And she screams and her voice is straining chorus She believes that life is made up of all that you're used to And the clock on the wall has been stuck at three for days, and days She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway But outside it's stopped raining chorus.

Have a smoke and then go to bed. Oct 9, Messages: I just came back from central california in the driving rain. Now its time to hit the sack. Jul 12, Messages: May 4, Messages: It's coming up on 3am here and I'm just workin for the man. It is now lunch time. Oct 16, Messages: You must log in or sign up to post here.

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General Reports

I'd still have my license and enough money back at the car to pay for parking and a late night burrito de carne asada at Roberto's. Comments, critiques and suggestions always welcome. Bunky and quaksup great reports lots of info and just enough to make a monger go there more often, armed with the knowledge shed here, and using it to your advantage surely will make for a great trip.

The money in hand advice is very good. I've had several girls tell me the same thing. They say it's rare that they will demand money out of your hand, as it were, but bills suddenly "missing" from your wallet are very common.

I always catch the mesero's eye and say "veinte dolares" or "mil pesos" or whatever. They are forced, at that point, to acknowledge that I know what I've given them, and I've never been short-changed. And just to take off on a tangent for a second, I saw a friend on my last trip who has started carrying a sort of black trash bag instead of a purse. She calls it her "bag bag. Also, she insisted that it's now best to carry one's cell phone inside the waistband, or in a pocket.

A lot of us here probably don't carry a purse, but I know I now think twice before I bring my cell phone. Traffic was wide open. I expected it to be rather empty in TJ this holiday, both because it's a family-type holiday and being in the middle of the week. I arrived around 1: The cab was a newer mini van and probably the nicest cab I've seen in TJ. The driver was a young guy who spoke English well.

I got in the front seat and asked him to take me to the Arch on. My story in these situations, is to say I'm meeting my friends at the Arch. I repeat that about three times before he gets the idea. So, we're heading up the on ramp onto the highway or overpass when we merge into a small pickup truck. I don't know whose fault it was, it is surely an art to drive in Tijuana, but at any rate the guy who bumped into us never flinches or looks our way but simply zooms ahead.

My taxi driver is pissed. So, he steps on the gas and surges forward on the shoulder of the road catching up to the truck. He then purposely merges sideways into the truck. Both cars lock together. We all get out and both drivers are immediately on their cell phones.

Twenty seconds later, the police are there. Two lanes of traffic are blocked, you can imagine the chaos. I flag down a passing Libre Taxi and hop in, leaving that mess behind. I get a room in the alley and get settled in. They're thin and strong. She works out of Hotel Mini and is one of my all time favorites. She's looking at her cell phone and shuts it as I walk up. I ask her to show me whatever photo she had been looking at on her phone. She laughs and says "Dios" and sure enough shows me a snapshot of a painting of Jesus!

We greet each other warmly. She knows I'll tap her first thing in the morning tomorrow. She'll show up for work extra early now that she knows I'm here. I only see a couple of other girls I know as I continue on my way. Even girls who normally work at this time are no where to be seen. But Wednesday is slow and lots of girls take the day off. I stop by several clubs, and eventually settle in at the only place with anything happening, Adelita Bar.

Really, that was my first mistake, stopping at Adelita Bar. Well she was a bit older and had jumbo tits, a skinny waist, and wide hips. Big curly hair and olive skin.

She had naked pictures of herself on her cell phone. And she talked a hell of a game, working Mr. Happy to attention and filling my big head with lots of promises. She did everything she said but was just very mechanical and, of course, a bit flabby when the clothes came off.

So, I was kind of disappointed, I really should know better by now. Afterwards, I decide to find a young woman to make out with just for the fun of it. I stop at Las Chavelas to scout the scene but after waiting around there for a while I don't see anything worth my time and I cross the street Calle Coahuila over to Tropical Bar. I stand around there for a bit and see two or three possibilities.

So I have seat and order a Bohemia beer. I ask the waiter to bring over a cute girl that's sitting off to the side. She's young, very light skin, has a pretty face, but a bit of a belly. Her story is a typical one, had a kid six months ago, the father bailed out, and now here she is working in Tropical Bar.

Her name was Mira or Mirea. She's warm and friendly. We have a couple beers, kiss as much as I can get away with her lips were so soft , and then I bailout. Kind of what I call a reverse fiche fuck. You know, get as much from her at the table as I can in a short period of time and then leave without going arriba. She had such a cute face that I did get a Polaroid for my collection. I looked at my watch, told her I was meeting a friend and had to leave. So we left on good terms, but frankly, there are better deals to be had in the Alley where I already have a room.

End of Part 1 of 2. Hey fellow mongers, Next time you enter TJ to head to Revolucion Avenue, watch where the locals go to get there. Once you forego all the taxis waiting to play out, walk past on continue to find the buses headed the same way. But it costs nothing to make the twenty minute to Revolucion: I remember them costing me fifty cents in their currency or more coins in dollars. Also, if you have patience, the taxis waiting to return back to "La Frontera" should cost a dollar roughly depending on the time you're leaving.

The Special taxis, I suppose this means the reserves, cost five dollars. Don't forget to hop in Senor Frogs restaurant while you're there. By the way, are the massage parlors still prevalent? I preferred only to frequent those cathouses than the usual Adelita deal. Why not tell us about a few trips you made to the Zona? Had business in San deigo so I dropped over. The girls I thought were as good as anywhere. I have no idea where they got the idea that they should keep thier top on.

Sin Ropa is needed almost as much as chupla sin condom. Only problem I had was touts hustling you into bars and screwing you with the change. Never give them more than the cost. Twice I got into agruments which I lost. Once with a 10 on a 2 beers for 2. Unfortunly the exchange rate and rude americans have messed up rio. But the line up down the street is neat.

Sorry that you got fucked on your money, things are slow in TJ and have been for a while. I fear the slow trend will continue for a while until TJ stabalizes somewhat and there is NO estimate on when if ever that might be. They laugh about it. They don't care if you up and walk out. Another gringo will be there in five minutes to take your place. Their short-sightedness prevents them from believing that there is a long term affect on the customer base by their bad behavior.

They believe that they must turn up the heat ont he customers that DO show up in order to make up for lost revenue because of the ones that DON't show up. So it's "every man for himself. If you agree, please post in the request thread: I walked on the bridge must've been around am and saw two TJ cops shaking down two guys, midway dark section of the bridge I quickly walked past them. Got to the end of the bridge and as NE suggests, take the stairs N.

Just wanted to write up a quick report, nothing much to say so far so I'll just keep this short and sweet. I'm in TJ right now and will probably be here until Friday or so, then it's off to Ensenada. Hit up Adelitas today, looks more like an American Sports Bar than the last time I was in there, which was about 4 years ago or so. The hustle is still the same though. Watched the stage show, talked to a couple chicas for a few minutes until I got hit up for drinks downed my beer, and left.

Spend about 2 hrs of my life there in total that I'll never get back. Don't get me wrong, there are some Super hot women that work there, no doubt about it.

But everything else about that place sucks. Then I decided to check out the street girls. Overall, the selection wasn't great, but it was late Monday afternoon, so that might have been why. Still there are a few hot women out on the streets, enough to take some time to check them out. On a side note, does anyone here remember that guy Statman that posted some pics in the photo gallery of some chica he was going to marry and bring her back to the States?

Uumm, yeah she's still working the in the alley. I guess it didn't work out between her and Statman! I finally decided on a dark skinned girl named Yvonne I think, 20 years old from Veracruz. Was standing right infront of the Hotel Michocan sp?. Quoted me mxp and I talked her down to mxp plus 50 for the room. Lots of guys seemed to like my rating system I used in the Ecuador thread, so I guess I'll do that here too. Ass was a little too small for me though.

BJ- no score, forgot to negotiate it! Tightness of soft taco But used too much lube, way too much! Price mxp Ezinho recommends? Not sure, need more experience with Tijuana SGs before I can recommend.

I guess I have my homework assignment for the rest of this week! I cross over and start the night with friends at Senor Frogs. Cesar2 was waiter and I purchase drinks from him. Go to my friend Don's room at Hotel Pueblo Amigo and do some shots. Go back to Senor Frogs but the cops took the place over, did not go back in. Don and I go to Progresso in Coahuila and hang out with Jose and various chicks.

Cassandra comes when I was in front on the street. I take her by the hand to Don. They leave for Pueblo Amigo about an hour later. He had her before. Jose and me kick it with some new chick's upstairs. Eventually go to Playboy upstairs.

Not for everyone but I like there. Watch the lesbian show with two girls whose names I do not remember. Later, I see Caroline on the Dance floor. It looks like she is kickboxing. Real cool, do not see that type of exotic dancing just anywhere, even in TJ.

Get up from the bar, walk to the dance floor and say "vamanos" she agrees. I leave first and wait across the street. Don't remember much in-between but we agree to kick it at La Mansion. Jacuzzi, room service and porn, you know. She throws in a little crying about her life in Coahuila which I take a sincere. Anyway it was my idea for her to get more cloths and be comfortable. The sun is just coming up. Whether she came back or not, I don't know. A Taxi Libre pulls up and Diana steps out.

We go to her room. After fun with her tight pussy and a little sleep we go out for breakfast. Four cops nab us. They searched us and of course find nothing. They take our cell phones and put us in the back of the covered police pick-up.

We go for a short ride that feels like we are in a street race. They join us in the back. They are in good spirits as the cops search there truck to find MJ in a CD case. From there we drive to what I think was a Police Station. Focus seems to be on the four guys. They are all still in kind of good spirits.

Chuckled that they didn't have the money. I decide to put my card away. Eventually all four guys are removed from the truck leaving me and Diana alone. I'm thinking that as more time passes, it's going to get hot back here.

Anyway the girl cop seems to be the only one interested in us. Diana's crying is consistent and probably effective. We are dropped off in the ally in front of La Tropa. We take a cab to a hotel across town to see Dacia, Diana's friend. We kick it for a while. Then it's back to Coahuila and Diana's Hotel and more fun. Eventually Diana's friend Jesus stops by and after talking for a bit I suggest we go out for a drink. Five of us me, Diana, Jesus and his girlfriend and a small child pile into a cab.

We stop at Progresso first for my favorite beverage "Tacate draft in a chilled mug". First one of the day. Jose sits with us and we reflect on the morning cop adventure.

We then go to the plaza by the bridge on the border side, sit outside and have a few more. Then back to Diana's room for more fun and a little sleep. I wake up at about The next day starts with breakfast. Take a cab this time. We do walk to the Plaza again for some drinks. Go back to Progresso for a few more of my favorite beers. Diana drinks Baileys and milk. We go but her friend is sick upstairs. Diana leaves me at the bar to go upstairs and visit her.

I tell her to take a picture. Left alone, I think of the several times that I am kicked out of similar bars by drunken customers for being white. Nothing happens, Diana returns with the picture. I am not impressed. We decide to stop by the church to pray for each others souls. We go and we pray. Afterwards we decide to get a local room with porn.

I suggest the Hotel next to Pollo Bar. We go but walk apart. On the way I see Hector outside Playboy. He said he just rented an apartment and offered it for the rest of the day.

We go there instead and kick it with him for awhile. The manager has him switch units while we are there. We kick it some more and Hector eventually leaves us alone. I can't figure out how to lock the door. Only porn here is two novellas, one in cartoon. It's dark now and someone is at the door and pushes it open. I grab control of it and hold it back. It is a kid trying to sell something. As always, I am paranoid and look for weapons.

A bar that is used to lock the window feels perfect. Just as I am contemplating fighting our way back to the street and a Taxi, Hector returns and walks us out for a cab. I drop Diana off at her Hotel, and then stop at Progresso for one last cold one. Jose tells of his conquest the night before, a new girl at La Tropa. I finish my beer and head for the US. Luckily for me I was able to work part-time some days and not at all other days. So I ended up spending quite a bit of time in TJ.

As usual all of the informaiton I learned here is helpful in getting the most out of a TJ trip. After working some time I headed down to TJ for the evening. AB was not very crowded on a Monday night and the rest of the places were fairly dead. I had planned to spend some time in Bar Tropical here after the various reports and information from CJ.

I was unable to find any suitable chicas there this entire week. I really don't like the place much with the lack of a strip show and mostly chicas that speak no engligh.

I did buy several chicas a drink in here hoping to find one and they were mostly polite and not pushy. In fact one sat in a booth with me for 20m while I felt her up but I just didn't see any interest there.

A few asked about the room but I just wasn't in to it. The first night in TJ is like overload for someone who gets there nights a year. I spent almost 90m in AB looking over the options. The usual chicas are there but damn it is hard to choose in that situation for me. I also checked out the show at HK.

They had the shaving show up stairs. I actually bought a lap dance from one of the women I like there. She is an excellent dancer and all things are one during the dance. I ended up with a SG the first night. She was OK but nothing great. The CBJ might have been 60s so that was lame. She wanted a tip but I just laughed. I headed home around The line to cross into the US was around 45m. Monday I had to work most of the day.

By the time I make it back to TJ it is almost 8: I stop by the pharmacy right past the first exit to TJ. I head down to AB. I have a few beers in the joint. I also spend some time in CC and Bar Tropical. I again find no talent in Bar tropical that I would pick. I talk with a real hotty from AB. I was planning on 2 chicas tonight and the first was the hottest one I could find regardless of all else.

I am shocked by this one. She is a real stunner and I saw her other nights but with fake tits. I am pretty wild but that is crazy. She kept saying best service. I skipped her entirely after buying a drink as I am thinking of what she may have. I find another chica named paoline. She is about 5'6" with great waist and large fakies. She is really very average in the room and starts rushing after 10m. She is a 9. I catch a cab to revolution to a pharmacy.

I laugh and walk around. As I waste some more time in HK waiting for the see to work I have another drinks. I am pretty buzzed by now. I try out tropical again but don't even buy a chica drink this time.

I find a nice chica in CC. I would say she spent about 15m with massage and dancing before the CBJ. While she is only average body with an average face the service is great. Her name was Laura I think. It took me a while with pop 2 so I am glad she was patient. The border wait was pretty bad again tonight.

I waited over 30m at 1: I had missed the trolley so I had to take a cab back to downtown SD. So overall after 2 of 5 days I have had a good time. I head back down Wednesday after finishing up my business in San Diego for the week. I stop by and get the usual Vitamin see on my way down.

AB is handing out baloons that are green and white. The place is really tuned into the game. Many of the chicas are not really working but watching the game. Almost all locals watching the game. Very quiet in here also. In HK it is different. I watch most of the game in AB and then try bar tropical again. I find a tall chica I like.

I buy her a drink. She is very cold in the booth. I try to feel her a little and she moves away several times. I was thinking is this a LV strip club?

After about 10m she never touched me she asks about the room. I almost start laughing. I leave tropical again without a chica I want to take to the room. Of course I can always find something in AB after the game. I find a small lb chica. I have always wanted to try a really small girl and this was it.

She was very wild in the room when she was on top. She complained a little when I was on top so I finished doggy. Overall a pretty good experience. I can't remember her name. I bought a cigar in AB and smoked that before I left.

The line crossing the border was worse again tonight. I waited over 1h. Some young Gringo puked right past the agent stand. They shut my line down and we had to get in another line. I barely catch the last trolley back to SD. On Thursday I check out of my hotel and head back down to TJ. I plan to stay at the Pueblo Amigo hotel for 2 nights. The hotel allowed me to leave my car there for 2 nights so I could take the trolley down to TJ. I have a small bag to carry a change of clothes.

I catch a cab and feel better when I check into the hotel rooms early so I can leave some cash in the room. This hotel is very nice. I would not bring a chica here but the staff and rooms are great. They also have a caliente racebook on-site. I end up doing very bad at the book today and head out to AB around 5: I walk to the pharmacy right by the border and get my Vitamin see. I head to AB. While I am hanging out there I see this great dancer. She is very friendly and looks real.

I give her many tips and ask her to come over when she is done. She is from Guadalajara and her name is nicoline. She has pictures of her dogs and kid on her phone. In the booth she is very nice and warm. I decide to be nice and just pay her the full amount. She has hair extensions which I can feel but she is otherwise real.

She dances for 5m before doing a massage on my chest with her tits. The CBJ is really great and I am totally into it. She gets on top and has great control. When we switch to doggie to finish. I head back to revolucion for dinner and to relax. Watch a few mediocore strip shows and got another vitamin see for the evening. I again find nothing in Tropical that I like so I have given up on this for the trip, sorry CJ just not my style.

In CC I do't find anything so I keep loooking. I was pretty drunk and bought a few more dances in HK. I end up right when the knock comes. On Friday I did very well at the racebook. I have about 2h between before the night races at Hollywood park start so I head over to the pharmacy. I pay a cab and tell him to wait for me and I will give him a tip when we get to AB. I had to get another cab to AB. I watch a few trip shows and then I see that nicoline is dancing.

I get a seat at the far bar. She eventually sees me and comes over to dance. I tell her to come over afterwards for a drink. She comes over right away and I can feel a little sweat on her back from dancing. While in AB I see this old man in the back booths. He has around 12 chicas at his table the whole 45m I am there. She tells me he comes in every week or so and pays for all of those chicas to hang out with him.

He may be 60 or so. He must spend a ton as they are all drinking. I have not seen him before. He is there when I leave.

The report performance with Nicoline is better than Thursday. I pay for a 1h room as she promised great service for entire time and would earn a bigger tip today. The next 50m is by far the best I have ever had in TJ. We took a shower together with lots of rubbing.

She asked what she could do to get me excited. I told her I wanted to watch her play with herself which she did for 10m. By that time I was really ready to go. I didn't last as long as I had wished but he service was great again. Afterwards we spent about m cuddling each other. I bought a cigar and smoked it in the booth with her.

Overall I would do her every time if I could ever find her again. The last thing I learned on this trip is that the caliente books have a bus you can take each way. It stops right across the border by the circle driveway next to the trolley. It also gets back across the border fast and you will miss the police.

I didn't use it but another american told me about it. You have to buy a voucher to bet but I don't know if you have to bet or can just cash it in. I will probably do this next trip in September. I will probably give bar tropical a try again. I was wishing I just tried a chica to see the difference. How likely are you to catch something from a SG or BG? Even if it is treatable?

And are there ways to limit one's chance from catching herpes, etc? Have most of you experienced mongers caught something, and has anyone avoided getting an STD altogether? Are the medical cards to be trusted, and even if so, what are they tested for?

Bring your own Trojan condoms; stay away from the cheaper brands like Durex, Shiek, etc. I've had Durex break on me with a girlfriend before. Herpes contraction can be limited by never eating any of the girls out or french kissing them on the mouth. Also look over their genital area as well before jumping in. Check out the Street Walker section also. A health card system does exist but you can't rely on that. I don't want to spit in anyone's soup, but sex with protitutes is dangerous.

It's one thing to look for signs of trouble but it's quite another to actually know what you are looking for. There is no hard and fast rule except that the risk is very very high. Good condoms do much to prevent the spread of STD's but before you lose your innocence, you should lose your ignorance and study up.

Google it and look at pictures. I have never caught any STD in my life. I have friends in porn and though tested monthly, I think the risk is higher due to no condom and outside interests. Good luck, and happy mongering. Has anyone visited Purple Rain? If so, what was it like? How would you compare it the AB, HK, and the likes.

I always drive past that place at night's end. They are clip joints with below average strippers and expensive lap dances. How they survive next to Hong Kong and Adelita is a surprise to me. Another would be Pollo Club in the Zona. I would advise anyone to avoid these two places in particular. It's like a non-stop party that just reset and started all over again.

Pls use condoms without fail. How about you just shave all your pubic hairs off? No hair no lice. Lice can't hang-on to skin alone. They could hide on your clothes though. I don't shave down there but I trim otherwise it would look like a jungle.

I suppose there is still a possibility of catching lice but less so cause less hair. And if I did catch them, I could easily see them since I have very little hair. Most of the chicas I've been with usually shave completely anyways so they wont hold lice to begin with. By the way, what's "SO" sexual organs? You didn't have to boil your clothes and sheets. Just put them in the washing machine, use a lot of detergent put it on the long rinse cycle and select to use hot water.

I used to have lice on my head when I was a little kid. Hey it was the eighties and big hair was popular. What I did to get rid of them was dunk my head backwards into water so all the lice would drown.

Use one of them lice shampoos as well. Then I used a lice comb to get rid off all the knits egggs. I almost got stranded in tijuana! I went yesterday for some fun, but when I returned to the border I was told I was not going to be allowed to cross. I was almost going to freak out. I got to the inspection point and showed the guy my drivers license. He quickly glanced at it but he was obviously more interested on me since he kept looking me over.

Then he said, "declare your citizenship. Said I was a resident. So he asked me for my residence green card. I told him I didn't have it. He told me I couldn't cross without my residence card. I was about to freak out. Of course I holding back. So I started telling him that I had never heard anything about needing a residence card and all the other times I've passed that they've never asked me for one either.

This was the first time I've ever been asked to show it. I told him, "Why do you need it anyways? My ID should be enough. Asks me where I live. I tell him, "its the address on the id card. It's exactly miles. Guess he wanted to test me to see if it was a fake id or something. I then tell him, "I should have just told you I was a citizen and you would have just let me through huh? He tells me I have two choices.

Then he also says, "you can make a fuss if you like that they need your residence card. But I can't tell anyone that I am in TJ. Or to go pick up my card and drive the miles just to deliver it. So I tell him I have no choice but to pay the fee waiver. So I asked him if I could pay with my credit card. He said I could. Then he wrote something on a small orange receipt and put in the notes section that I didn't have my INS card.

As I walked to them, I realized I passed the check point and I could just easily walk on by instead of giving them the receipt. I really wanted to. Its not like they where waiting for me or I was sent through some special aisle that leads to them. I was just passing by like any other person that had already passed the check point. But I decided not to at the last minute.

I hand them my id and receipt. They start questioning me, "why don't you have your resident card. I told the lady there, "my id should be enough.

The guy holding my drivers license asks me what I want to do. I told him I'll do the thing of pay the waiver. He starts to walk away from the table so I followed him then he says, that he doesnt know how paying the waiver its handled since he's never been to that part of the office.

So he tells me, "just go through this door and make a right and you'll find an office that will make you sign some papers and take care of it for you. It leads to the outside where the cars are passing by and the doorhas signs that read, "this is not an exit. It just led to outside.

I could see the signs that said, entrance to the 5 and freeways. I look back inside the check point at the guy which was already back to doing his job. So I walk out. To make a right, I had to squeeze next to a trash can and follow the little path which quickly ended. A huge fence was next to me and I was basically walking on the entrance to the freeways.

I followed the fence all the way and somehow ended up back in the USA. I could see the McDonalds and the long bridge entrance to TJ. I never found any office. Either I really took a wrong turn or the guy had pity on me and decided to let me go but through a different way as to not let others think he was letting me off. I then realized that I wasn't even carrying my credit card and I had already wasted every cent back in tj, so even if I was to pay for the waiver, I had no money to do so.

I just started laughing as I walked back to my car. I had to get a prescription drug from my doctor who babbled about my predicament to anyone who would listen.

I wanted to kick the asshole in his balls. Confidentiality is sacred in the medical profession. Anyone out there who knows for sure? I know what the knits are like. I used to have them on my head as a little kid. Unless you encountered some new kind of breed, the eggs do stick but they only stick where the mother lice layed them.

And thats only on hair. I've never encountered them being layed on the skin. With the way skin is constantly moving, they will end up falling off if they where layed on the skin. The same goes for lice cause they cannot hold on to the skin.

Their hands are made to hold on to hair. Andlice do not like hair bare hair. They will only stick around if its bushy hair where they can hide.

Something like arm hair, they won't make a home into unless you constantly wear long sleeves. So who was this classy Beverly Hill lady?

How does one even get in contact with a classy Beverly Hills lady? And did you tell her afterwards that she gave you lice?

I doubt you can drown them. They would probably be happy with the water you give them. I would never wanna be infested with crab lice again. No girls are worth the cost of these 3rd-world hygiene problems, which I got from a classy model in Beverly Hills.

I laughed my ass off at the thought of crabs being happy. I had just never thought about happy crabs before. Had them maybe 3 times in my life. Not a fun thing but if you catch them in time they are much less bothersome and easier to get RID of. Didn't get a chance to head down this weekend but went this past wednesday.

But I've been periodically checking the TJ threads today and find this ongoing "lice" discussion to be pure comedy.

Mainly the posts by Efjayel and One Wing Low. I remember this one time in elementary school, the nurse's office was performing checks of all the kid's heads for lice.

After the nurse checked my head, she told another nurse that nothing could survive on my head; my mom always kept my scalp and hair highly moisturized.

And it's the classy bevery hills model types that'll give ya the shits, huh. I should say "was" classy. I've dated some real hot model types and some of them do get around. But anyways, very entertaining. Bad part about me having lice as a kid was that they did do routine check ups on us kids. Once they found it on me, I was told to stay home until I got rid of them. Not sure how it happened but one time, when I was sent home and had returned lice free, all the other kids knew why I was gone.

That definitely wasn't fun D: I had them a few times. I believe because while we got rid of them from our heads, we never really got rid of them at the home until some time later.

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