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UK fracking firm Cuadrilla pauses drilling after tremor The only firm drilling for shale gas in Britain has temporarily suspended fracking after a mild earthquake. Lawmaker sued for banning 2 constituents from Facebook page Rep. Jim Walsh has been sued by two constituents who argue their First Amendment rights are being violated because they've been banned from commenting As risks outweigh growth, Wall Street looks for value Risk versus reward for high-growth stocks; a new calculous on Wall Street knocks stock darlings down a peg, maybe more.

Apple iPhone XR hits stores worldwide Apple's latest smartphone has positive reviews and a low price point. Google app tested in Venezuela takes swipe at press censors Google has unveiled a tool meant to help fight against press censorship around the world, testing it first in Venezuela, where journalists say they're Google reveals 48 employees fired for sexual harassment Google has revealed that it has fired 48 employees for sexual harassment during the past two years and sent them away without a severance package.

China building boom uncovers buried dinosaurs, makes a star China's rapid city building has churned up a motherlode of dinosaur fossils, and no one has seized the scientific opportunity more than one Oregon governor joins other states in offshore drilling ban Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has issued an executive order blocking offshore drilling. Water out of thin air: Google corporate parent's 3Q disappoints jittery investors Google corporate parent releases 3rd-quarter report that adds to investor anxiety about future prospects.

Jerry Brown has been named executive chairman of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a group that measures manmade threats to human Government ranks 18 US volcanoes as 'very high threat' A federal agency is updating the threat from US volcanoes, finding a dozen of them have increased in danger. Brown warns of blindness toward nuclear threat California Gov. Jerry Brown says the Trump administration's plan to withdraw from a nuclear arms agreement with Russia is wrong, dangerous and stupid.

Norwegian fund, German utility exchange barbs over coal mine A Norwegian pension fund is doubling down on its criticism of German utility firm RWE over its long-term plans to use coal. Europe backs own space launchers amid growing competition Major European countries are backing a new generation of home-grown launchers amid growing competition from private space companies and developing Trump to develop national strategy on '5G' wireless networks Trump to develop national strategy on '5G' wireless networks.

Russian rocket lifts off for 1st time since failure A Russian Soyuz rocket put a military sattelite into orbit. Egyptian archaeologists find parts of pharaoh's booth Egyptian archaeologists uncover parts of booth with seat belonging to famous pharaoh Ramses II. Twitter user numbers fall but profit soars Wall Street OK with massive user purge at Twitter, shares soar. If so, personal data won't be protected, creating a treasure trove of personally identifiable data, creating a Surveillance City, not a Smart City.

It's not a technical problem at all — it's a matter of will. It sounds like he doesn't want to be bound by the need to de-identify all data, at source. A great story washingtonpost story and Frontline documentary on the costs of Facebook's failures in Ukraine: His government had been urging Facebook to stop the Kremlin's spreading of misinformation.

Picture a group of Harvard frat boys and their employees, at a streamed video event, pretending they're a television network, laughing amongst themselves when at a Head of State writing in, desperate to stop a political tsunami against his country. Introducing Navigate on Autopilot. Tesla rolling out new navigation feature for Autopilot. Everyone Was Wrong About Tesla. Tesla Navigate on Autopilot update rolling out to vehicles now.

Tesla cars inch closer to their self-driving future with a big update to Autopilot. Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot update is now live. Tesla drivers in N. America will soon be able to put lane changing on autopilot. Tesla releases demo of Navigate on Autopilot with details on the rollout. Automation and AI will change the pace of business - here's how.

But its true impact comes to life when combined with human ingenuity. That, at least, is what she tells me, and that is the impression she gives. After months of anti-gentrification protests …. Google abandons Berlin campus plan after locals protest.

Google drops plans for Berlin campus after protests. How a Berlin neighbourhood took on Google and won. Berlin protests halt Google plans: Google abandons Berlin campus plans after local protests. Google scraps plans for Berlin campus after protests. Google won't be setting up shop in disused Berlin electrical substation. How a grassroots group in Berlin Kreuzberg took on Google - and won. Google drops plans to open campus in Berlin after fight with locals.

Google Suffers a Salutary Setback in Berlin. Success for besetzenberlin and to all who campaigned for GoogleCampus not to set up in Berlin. With Tags, you can analyze recordings instantly and save the time and effort …. We built Chrome to help you do that as quickly and safely as possible. Who's Hiring In Tech? Toys are preludes to serious ideas. Leading cloud-based construction apps. Inc 19th Fastest-Growing Private Co.

Talented People Thrive Here. Turn the impossible into the essential. Code the trusted cloud platform. Be you, with us! Listen to Techmeme's Podcast: Interview with Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman on Tezos's management problems, negative press, her experience starting a new blockchain, big ICOs, and more Find.

Ann Cavoukian, a key privacy expert in joint Toronto and Sidewalk Labs smart city project, has quit, citing opposition over proposed data collection practices Find. Researchers detail how state-owned China Telecom, the third largest carrier in the country, regularly hijacks internet traffic passing through the US and Canada Find.

Online hatred, trolling, harassment, and conspiracy theories are spilling into the physical world with ever greater and more alarming frequency Find. Ukrainian officials recount their efforts to get Facebook's attention and help stem the flood of disinformation in , in the middle of Russian invasion Find. A look back at 15 months of projects supported by News Integrity Initiative, including work on civic dialogue, building trust, and fighting disinformation.

Upcoming Tech Events Oct How Saudi government-related funds, like the country's main tech university endowment and Aramco's Wisayah, invest in US VC firms, often confidentially. Silicon Valley's sovereign wealth problem. Recode says Travis Kalanick was in Riyadh during the investment conference http: Lots of different funds with different strategies. One big Saudi investor in lots of top-tier US venture capital funds: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

Has been in some big funds like Sequoia. Sam Altman tells me there has never been Saudi money in any YC fund although he has tried to build a strong relationship with the Saudis, per sources.

A look at how AR has found popularity in the enterprise with industrial deployments in automotive assembly lines, quality control, training centres, and more. A look at AI-related research for predicting earthquakes by using seismic data, which scientists say is similar to the audio data used to train voice assistants. If AI can predict earthquakes it can predict stock market crashes. The science of the two is surprisingly similar. If friction overcomes tension you have a tremor or a correction.

If not you get a quake or crash. Scientists are now analyzing seismic data times faster thanks to artificial intelligence. Some hope these experiments will help predict future earthquakes. New DMCA exemptions will make it easier for archivists and museums to preserve video games, provided they acquire original game and server codes legally.

New copyright ruling protects right to repair gadgets and archive video games. September was the biggest month in its history. Beto O'Rourke is the biggest beneficiary, in sheer dollars, of out-of-state cash routed through ActBlue. Amir Shevat, the VP of Developer Experience at Twitch, talks about new ways of monetization for streamers and developers. You already stream your heart out.

Soon, you can sing your heart out, too. Welcome to Twitch Sings, a new game built just for Twitch. Want to help us test the closed beta? Sign up for access today: Pretty damn good Keynote this year. A lot of things that we've been asking for for long time finally getting implemented.

Super stoked to see the changes go live. As children of Silicon Valley's elite move away from screen-based schooling, US public schools are touting devices with screens, presaging a new digital gap. Panic in the Valley: Parents, nannies and iPhone vigilantes. Dark consensus about screens and kids emerges in Silicon Valley. Just not the way we thought. In fact he wrote it as a way to learn Bignum division, which is way cooler.

And it seems that much of the interesting eavesdropping here is passive. To deal with this the NSA would have to subvert the software or break the encryption in some other way. Can you please elaborate on this: Using such a cert for a man in the middle would run the risk of being noticed by highly savvy users who check the certificate fingerprints they receive against ones obtained through other channels, but I'm not sure if anybody does that….

I should have mentioned this in the first place. But I've updated the post to mention this. In 90's NSA made the mistake of trying to backdoor things openly — through mandating that in law. So they switched back to good old HUMINT, that was seemingly not very much respected by the techies, and it seems to work much better. And that's actually something that you would expect an electronic intelligence agency to do, because that's what they are paid for.

I'm pretty sure everyone — Russia, France, China — do it exactly the same way, with the difference that in countries like Russia or China it's much easier, as the security industry is saturated with people in uniforms.

Plus citizen control is much weaker, and there's virtually no whistleblowing. Generate a bit random number. Hash it to bits. Encrypt the time of day in milliseconds with a key known to you and exclusive-or it with the hash. It is not stated how it was derived. The standard curves of NIST do not specify constants but coefficients that define the curves — I assume. Some elliptic curve specialist should give us light on this matter. First, the Certificate Authority angle is silly. I would suggest removing it or at least rephrasing lest some readers conclude self-signed certs are more secure.

Second, I will ask the same question here as on Twitter: Why so much confidence in elliptic curve cryptography? Yes, finite fields have more structure… But that structure has been explored publicly for centuries.

Guess which key exchange algorithm the latest OpenSSL prefers by default? In light of recent events, I cant' help but feel with renewed emphasis something I've thought for a long time now: Its' time for a TLS 2.

TLS has grown into a beast of a standard; some of the core parts of the design are, in a modern light, at the least questionable. What we need is a simple, concise security layer, easily analyzed and easily audited. TLS is not that. We should take TLS1. You must be kidding…. Matt, I didn't mean CA impersonation attacks. Look at the diagram in the Guardian article. Our friends in the TLAs do indeed like to keep things passive. Man-in-the-middle attacks are easy to detect after the fact, making them risky on a large scale.

And they are totally unnecessary if you have effective passive attacks, which NSA does. If you think this is how they snoop on SSL, then you have too little imagination about their true capabilities, in my opinion. Here is the text of the podcast from TWiT: That sounds to me like either some mathematical breakthrough affecting only some keys, or an implementation error. Bull Run refers to this: Looking forward, is there a need for a mechanism that can harness true randomness not pseudo randomness to maintain security?

For example, ideas as presented in a recent book, Dynamic secrets in Communication Security Springer? The idea of the book is to extract randomness from the environment and use it to refresh keys so that a third party NSA cannot keep up without either a major expenditure of resources or a greater chance of being detected. The picture posted in the blog with yellow lines is very interesting. One of the last goals of NSA for this year is to: Are we to wait some journalists to praise questionable crypto products?

What are NSA's tools in this game? Great article…wish Professor Green was my lecturer at uni, or wrote all the books in the library. I'd have a PhD instead of a run-of-the-mill BEng. Oh for Pete's sake, you want to have an encrypted, secure discussion? Get off the grid. Go back to good old face-to-face communication, preferably in a quiet, out of the way place, maybe with coffees or teas or, better, ice cream. Substantially greater… and increasing monotonically over time.

The quantum folks mean one thing, information theorists another, statistical mechanists another, and so on. And, no, it doesn't at all seem probable in this one systems theorist's mind, fwiw that there's an eventual convergence — a Grand Unified Theory of the Random — lurking out there.

Cryptographers — such as our esteemed host here, Dr. That definition works just fine in this application — but it certainly doesn't generalize. Years ago, a professor of mine made this point by stating that a set of data are not random if there is an algorithm smaller than the data themselves that can produce those data. How do we know whether there's such an algorithm?

Well, if we can discover it — somehow — then we know it exists. If we don't discover it… perhaps it still exists. This is the quintessential incompleteness finding, or if you prefer a pure-form example of Turing's halting paradox. I could go on, but I'll spare readers with less desire to dive down this particular rabbit hole. It's perhaps sufficient to acknowledge that randomness is a scalar, not binary, variable actually not even that — more of a fuzzy matrix of systemic attributes, etc.

The trick is doing it without getting caught. Google embeds it's own public keys or there hashes in chrome, that's how they found the Iranian gmail mitm attack that used a cert from the comodo hack.

PPTP is worth mentioning — we've known mschapv2 was useless for a while, see cloudcrack. When a CA generates the key pairs for their clients before signing the public one, storing the private one and transmitting it to NSA would be possible, though.

But then the user should be aware of this. Except it doesn't because in later podcasts he corrects himself stating that the way he thought the exploit worked wasn't entirely correct and that you didn't need to pass an unexpected value to make it work.

Basically, everything he asserted in that podcast wasn't true. Other than the ones already detailed in the documents, the only one I can think of is to publicize fatal flaws in a cipher scheme or implementation, encouraging the use of ostensibly stronger alternatives with privately known weaknesses.

This would be consistent with some commentators' suspicions that Snowden's disclosures could be part of a limited hangout operation and this is all a bid to get us off of RSA for nefarious reasons , but the consistently strident tone of those trolls advancing that theory leads me to believe otherwise.

Great article, thank you very much. I was reading this sentence: I was disappointed instead to see that it was just a tweet from you saying pretty much the same thing! Allow me to suggest that is not, in fact, a good use of a link… perhaps you learned this little nugget in personal conversation with the author? If so, by all means, say so; but if not, perhaps you could link instead to another source that documents the claim. Schneier has been saying in the past few days he doesn't trust Elliptic Curves because they are based on constants of dubious origins..

Seriously… Tinfoil hat is off. Is quantum computing the development that has given them the ability to decrypt previously secure encryption on the fly? ITYM key theft of the server's private key alone would not work. However, poorly constructed client private keys are vulnerable to either theft via maliciously installed software, or possibly other mathemtatical means. A web browser does not check whether a site's certificate has changed, only that it is validly signed by a Certificate Authority.

If the NSA has control of one or more Certificate Authorities, which is extremely likely, then it can routinely perform MITM attacks on traffic between browsers and web sites — even ones whose true certificate is signed by a different Certificate Authority. To conduct the surveillance, the NSA is temporarily copying and then sifting through the contents of what is apparently most e-mails and other text-based communications that cross the border.

You're right — looks like an MITM attach is being described. Missed this the first read. Is this the blog that JHU wanted taken down? I would be highly curious to know who inside this educational institution would practice such a rank and base form of censorship. I don't see how that's possible, since commerce is one of the fundamental areas that are impacted by this news. I manage the capital markets practice at a mid-size hedge fund.

You better believe we're transitioning away from any closed-source U. The larger funds already do most everything in-house, but you'll see smaller and smaller funds choosing open-source and bespoke solutions going forward.

Now, all that tech business that has driven the economy the last 20 years is going to go elsewhere. The NSA is also saturated with people in uniform. The only difference is that they do not wear their uniform.

Such active attacks are more risky, however, since a colluding client and server can detect it. And what happens when there is ubiquitous surveillance along with sufficient computing power to automatically create computer-analyzable transcripts of the conversation?

Microsoft probably has the most 'splaining to do, although there is plenty to go around. We always knew the telco's are complicit.

Yes, the parameters in ECC are the coefficients of the elliptic curve. But since they are are hashed, there is a limit to what they can do. Green is a public figure, writing in his own name and teaching publicly at a non-secret university. Yeah, he certainly could stick it on a server buried within Tor hidden services, require folks to find him on bitmessage to gain the address, and confirm visitor authenticity using some clever implementation of blockchain validation or whatever. That sort of thing might impress a certain class observers, but it has nothing to do with the guts of genuine security debates.

A big part of the battle — for those who really do live and die based on security implementation decisions — lies in finding clarity as to what is sensitive and what is not. Anyone who is trying to keep everything private all the time is going to be spread thin relative to someone who chooses what matters and focuses her efforts primarily on those areas above all else.

There's very few academic practitioners in Dr. Green's category of competence who are willing to stand up in public and offer the kind of cogent, deeply-sourced, hands-on advice he's providing here on this blog. Undoubtedly, there's second-order costs he carries in sharing this kind of knowledge broadly on a public platform — costs which most folks would avoid simply by staying silent in the face of official intimidation.

Which is to say: I'd love to know but I doubt we ever will , how much irony was involved in picking those codenames. I'd love to see an organization like Google, for instance, stand up and tell the NSA to that if they want a fight, then, in the words of George Bush, bring it on. You have your hackers, we have ours.

May the best man win. Like Apple vs Samsung, it takes a group with the same financial resources, manpower, and talent to go head to head with an adversary like the NSA, and Google is probably the best candidate.

Sergy Brin and Larry Page are libertarians at heart, and you can bet they have no love of the NSA and the games they're playing.

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