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Vulture Watch Is the music winding down? March 22, 8: I like America idol I also would like to see dancing with the stars back on Mondays nights. March 20, 2: February 24, 1: I hope to see Mark ballas return to season 26 with Derek hough and Sharna. Still my favorite reality show. Looking forward to both shows. December 30, December 13, 1: Whichever pros are back will all be paired with athletes in the spring mini season. November 22, 5: December 28, 9:

Famous Movie Robots - Illustrated History of Film Robots

In typical Cromartie fashion, he doesn't realize it, nobody else seems to, either and he has a really soothing voice. When his kid brother shows up, it's implied that everybody knows, but they consider it a personal matter for the Mechazawa family and not polite to discuss in public. Kurogane Communication has five for the main character: Due to their Empathic Weapon nature, most Intelligent Devices fall into this category for their masters.

With his constant floating, mono-eye, cylindrical body, and wire for arms, he kinda looks like a tiny Type I Gadget Drone. Is so far shown to have picture-taking and spying capabilities. This later turns out to be a subversion.

Iris isn't actually an A. The television set from FLCL. The various Gundam titles have Haro. Its size and intelligence varies between continuities. There's the original green Haro which is the largest in the franchise. Her favorite is a pink one. Lockon has his own orange Haro and his Gundams are designed to interface with it.

This one is arguably the most intelligent of the bunch as it frequently snarks at Lockon, calls Nena's Haro "nii-san" "Big Brother" in the dub and mourns the first Lockon's death by constantly calling out to him for a while. Nena's purple Haro is as foulmouthed as Nena's brother and not only outright insults Lockon's Haro, it even knocks the latter away.

Plus its extremely creepy when it starts talking Machine Monotone in Ribbons ' voice. In the second season, Saji is usually accompanied by a red Haro. It even assists him in piloting the O-Raiser and at one point foils a hijack. Space Dandy has QT, an outdated but loyal vacuum cleaner robot, as Dandy's. Telemachus' robot Nono in Ulysses Obami from Yu Gi Oh Zexal. Orbital-7 is one for Kaito, although Kaito is an Anti-Hero at best. Lucky Beast in Kemono Friends.

Presumably intended as a park guide, now mostly a source of exposition. Zark even had his own robot buddy, a little robot dog named 1-Rover Booster Gold 's Robot Buddy, Skeets.

He began as a service droid at the museum Booster worked at in the 25th century until Booster stole him. Skeets is one of those closest to Booster, and if he's damaged in any way Booster tends to get very upset. The New 52 reboot changed Skeets to a headset. In later years the robots became more machine-like in appearance with the exception of the Eradicator, who briefly replaced Superman after he died. Excalibur had a Robot Buddy named Widget, but the circumstances surrounding him were complicated.

After being on the team for a while like the typical Robot Buddy, until regaining her memories and true body. Widget himself remained, and apparently is now Kang the Conqueror's Robot Buddy, although how they came together isn't known.

This is more or less the entire point of DC's Metal Men. Complete with the Heroic Sacrifice in their original incarnation, they were all destroyed by the end of every single comic, and the last panel would be their scientist creator quietly picking up all the pieces for reassembly. Biotron and Microtron from The Micronauts , who each got destroyed and rebuilt at least once. Biotron even got to come back as a Living Ship for a while. His exact origin varies depending on which continuity it is, but the Ninja Turtles have one in the form of their ally Professor Zayton Honeycutt, aka the Fugitoid.

A brilliant scientist whose physical body was destroyed only for his mind to be transferred to the body of his Robot Buddy, Honeycutt adapted remarkably well to his condition and became a potent ally of the Turtles, his robot body having a wide variety of useful functions which again, depend on the continuity.

In DC One Million , the Batman of the far future has built a robot version of Robin, which as the robot tells "our" Batman represents his lost childhood an even more tragic one than Bruce Wayne's where he was Forced to Watch as his parents were murdered by a terrorist and keeps him sane. Luther Ironheart, the robotic deputy in American Flagg!

Gold Digger has the Peebo Scouts; three AI-controlled mobile bombs Brianna programmed with the personalities of herself and her sisters, as a way of vicariously living through a childhood with Gina and Brittany. As with most children, they mostly get into trouble. In one Astro City story, white-haired Ellie Jennersen has an entire roadside museum full of these, providing her companionship and help whenever she needs it.

It is later revealed that this extends to almost every robot in the setting, as they were programmed with her mental template. It helps her, gathers and analyzes data and information, and follows Taylor aroud.

Carl in Meet the Robinsons. BEN from Treasure Planet. Bubo the clockwork owl from Clash of the Titans. Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet epitomizes this trope, and may have done it first in film. The trope is played with very casually in Funny People. No footage of the film-within-the-film is shown, nor is it ever mentioned in dialogue. We can glean from the poster that it also stars Owen Wilson, but there's no telling whether he or Simms played the robot.

Interstellar features TARS and CASE, the former of which is more prominent due to his witty and snarky programming though his humor settings can be altered. DUM-E's the one with a grip which saves Tony's life after his new arc reactor is removed , or in some infamous cases a fire extinguisher; while "U" is usually tasked documentation via a camera that the film sometimes switches to.

One wonders why Tony even bothers to keep using him at all, unless you pay attention during the magazine cover montage in the beginning of the film and see that he built that robot when he was in college, implying to be the first major invention he made.

At the end of the third film, we see him return for "DUM-E" from the wreckage of his home. Charlie in Making Contact. He's next to useless, but cute and inoffensive and seems to represent Joey's connection to his dead father in a way since Charlie was given to Joey by his father as a Christmas present.

Kelex and Kelor in Man of Steel , floating droids serving the El family. The former is more prominent. Michael in Pixels is an android who's Violet's assistant and secretary.

His behavior, however, is noticeably mechanical. Robot and Frank is the heartwarming story of a curmudgeonly old burglar who teaches his trade to his robot buddy. One of the signs that the Rocky franchise had gone completely off the rails was the weird and bewildering subplot in Rocky IV in which Paulie Rocky's brother-in-law gets a robot wife.

When he is hit be lightning it imbues him with an innocent, curious, childlike personality that quickly becomes a wise-cracking pop culture junkie. He also develops a tremendous respect for all forms of life. Huey, Dewey and Louie no, not those three! Bumblebee in Transformers takes this role on occasion. He gives the impression of actively trying to invoke the trope; Sam accuses him of faking muteness at one point to try and be endearing.

The third movie gives an almost darker version of this trope, with Soundwave and Laserbeak being "clients" to the human Dylan. However, it's more of a mutual respect than an actual friendship, as back story reveals that Soundwave respects Dylan because the human has an almost similar personality to his true master, Megatron.

Erek King from Animorphs. But he and the kids have a falling out at the end of the series, because Jake blackmailed him into fighting, which he's programmed never to do. Conversely, the kids blame Erek for the death of Rachel, as Erek drained the Pool ship's weapons. Erek and the Animorphs never reconcile.

Keith Laumer created the soul of a robot buddy and Warrior Poet in the Bolo. ERK in Chrono Hustle. Robik was designed and programmed to be Ion's friend and protector, which became a bit of a problem when he actively sabotaged a rescue mission Ion was involved in, as it put Ion in danger. The drones in books about The Culture by Iain M. Banks are loyal companions, but very deadly if they work for Special Circumstances.

If they don't, they usually have attitude problems. He was built and programmed as Robot Buddy, but after freak accident he went A. Is a Crapshoot and ran away. Heart of Steel has a lot of these, all of them designed and built by cyborg Mad Scientist Alistair Mechanus. Tik-Tok from Ozma of Oz is the earliest example of this trope. The Machineries of Empire has drones, animal-shaped sentient robots who assist Cheris and are friends with her on the basis of Because You Were Nice to Me.

Norby in his titular series by Isaac and Janet Asimov. Telepathy, Hyperdrive, and Time Travel are just a few of his abilities. Incidentally, as it was made in , he may be the first of the Deadpan Snarker bots.

Lando got a starfish-shaped robot buddy named Vuffi Raa in L. Vuffi turned out to be a member of an extra-galactic droid race called the Silentium.

The X-Wing Series has more than a few pilots' astromechs that fit the bill. Corran Horn's droid Whistler offers electronic raspberries when he thinks Corran is being stupid, is packed full of useful programming from the duo's days on the Corellian Security Force , and will refuse to eject when going into a lethal situation. Myn Donos's droid Shiner was the only other survivor from his original squadron, leading to Donos's Heroic B. Galaxy of Fear has DV-9, who feels like his talents are wasted on babysitting and resents this duty , and is the most worlds-weary of the cast, but still feels driven to help his charges and his master however he can.

Still, he elects to be Put on a Bus halfway through. Christopher Stasheff's Warlock of Gramarye series has Rod Gallowglass' companion Fess, a slightly-malfunctional robot retainer who often wears the body of a Mechanical Horse while on undercover missions.

Battlestar Galactica The original Battlestar Galactica had a robotic daggit, which was mostly a Replacement Goldfish but occasionally proved useful for crawling through ductwork or whatever. It had artificial fur and the most obnoxious synthetic bark imaginable. Cy, from Galactica In fact he's often viewed as the only good thing about it.

Twiki from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. He may not have any internal tools installed, but any droid who can operate a fighter craft designed for humans and do it well in combat is not to be underestimated. Another of his roles in obvious reference to R2-D2 is as an electronic lockpick, which nobody but Buck ever seems to expect an ambuquad to be able to do.

Theopolis is almost a subversion, since as a member of the Computer Council that governs Earth, he's actually the highest ranking member of the cast. None the less, in practice, he seems to mostly just like riding around on Twiki's chest helping his human buddies save the day. The second season added insufferable genius robot Kryten, who counts as an early example of the snarky, sarcastic robot archetype. The show's most prominent example is robot dog K-9, who the Doctor later passed on to companion Sarah Jane Smith.

In the old series, there was also Kamelion, who was a humanoid robot who, like his name suggests, could impersonate people. Unfortunately, this wasn't used to its full potential because the man who designed the prop and thus, knew how it worked died before he could pass the instructions on to anyone else. Thus, he was Put on a Bus every episode up until the one where he was killed off. Gadget in " The Waters of Mars. Does it have to keep saying that?

I think it's funny. I hate funny robots. In The Twilight Zone , collecting enough robots lights up certain bonuses, such as the Extra Ball shot. He got better, though. Creator from Radiant Silvergun. In fact, it's what created and recreated mankind in the first place. Hour of Darkness , the cliche superhero Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth comes complete with the Robot Buddy Thursday, who fits the description right down to having a self-sacrifice attack named Arigato Roboto "Thank you, Robot".

Incidentally, his character type is not Robot Buddy. No list of Robot Buddies would be complete without Floyd from the Infocom Interactive Fiction game Planetfall , called by those who played the game one of the most endearing and memorable characters in game history.

Another Floyd appeared in Jet Force Gemini. This one rebelled against the big bad and saved a few tribals but needs you to fix him up again. A friend can even control him afterwards to help fight enemies. Quickly becomes averted if your buddy starts shooting the tribals however.

Joey from Beneath a Steel Sky is the main character's robot buddy. He's also a bit of a Snarky Nonhuman Sidekick in that he enjoys the company of humans, but frequently mocks their frailties and thoughtlessness. He is also rather versatile, able to be transferred to a different robotic body when his circuit board is placed into it. Dog also written as 'D0G' from Half-Life 2 , a giant, gorilla-shaped robot who throws vans around, beats the snot out of Striders , and communicates via beeps and other robotic noises.

Dialogue explains that he was initially built by Eli as a 4-foot-high protector. Alyx had been upgrading him over time, up to what we see in-game. Puck in Rama , a tiny Shakespeare-ish android who lives in your inventory. He's programmed to analyze items inside the titular alien ship, with a thirst for adventure to boot.

He joins you in your quest to find his creator, Hans Voralberg, with the use of a clockwork train he was programmed to operate. Automatons in Final Fantasy XI , while indeed a puppet for the Puppetmaster class, seem to possess unique thoughts of their own, and in at least two cases, personalities!

Cardians, which are the pride and joy of Windurst, are a lot less rigid compared to Automatons. One cutscene has a Cardian trying to look for an EXP party! Robo from Chrono Trigger. He manages to get himself totaled within minutes of his first appearance, though it's a Heroic B. Once the Gadgeteer Genius has her way, he apparently continues to serve the party with technology-based attacks and futuristic knowledge.

Pipo from Over Blood. The protagonist of Chibi-Robo! In Snatcher , we have Metal Gear Mk. Unlike most examples of the trope, although loyal to Gillian, Metal does not hesitate to call Gillian out on some of his questionable behavior , and insult him semi-regularly. This little robot buddy was transplanted into Metal Gear Solid 4. Metal Gear Solid V: Bladewolf from Metal Gear Rising is another example, though he ends up bickering with Raiden for most of the game.

Scrapper in The Legend of Zelda: The Robot Sentry, while only active for about one and a half levels in Doom 3 , works like this, its beeps and boops and overall design being a cross between a cockroach and a puppy.

However, he also possesses the added distinction of being programmed to try and kill his master periodically, as a form of training. In the second game, they are joined by G0-T0, the personal droid of crime lord Goto, or so he says. G0-T0 is more of a chessmaster than a robot buddy. His miniature counterpart on the other hand After he was freed by sympathetic scientist Dr. Mulligan Richard Hammatt , amnesiac Daryl lived with adoptive foster parents, a childless couple named the Richardsons, for awhile.

With them, he learned human socialization skills and traits, and some new emotional responses. When Daryl's whereabouts were discovered, he was returned to the top-secret government facility where he was created, to be examined by military scientists. In the disquieting, disturbing scene, Daryl was wired up for tests and exams on a table and scans were completed, to see why he was "malfunctioning. Jeffrey Stewart Josef Sommer "No tests, okay? However, other scientists and the military judged the D.

As one general put it: That's all right for America, but hardly what we need in the Department of Defense. The Joint Chiefs have made their decision in light of this report.

Youth Lifeform Project as of now is terminated. Instead, the military chiefs wished to create an "adult version" of the D. In the film's exciting conclusion, Dr. Stewart was mortally wounded during an attempt to free Daryl and return him to his foster parents. Prior to this film, Tik-Tok had first appeared in literature, in L.

Tik-Tok was one of the earliest 'robots' to appear in modern literature, although the term was not popularized until later. The round-bodied Tik-Tok was made of copper and had jointed arms and legs. He required his inner springs to be wound in order to function. There, she encountered a round-bodied, mustached, mechanical or clockwork man named Tik-Tok voice by Sean Barrett , representing the entire Royal Army of Oz. In this fourth film of the original franchise of five films, heavyweight champion boxer Rocky Sylvester Stallone bought a life-sized robot named Sico voice of Robert Doornick with moving arms, an oblong head with blinking lights, a digital read-out, and a built-in stereo , and rollers for wheels.

Sico was first seen presenting his cranky brother-in-law Paulie Burt Young with a birthday cake. Paulie called the robot a "walking trashcan.

Later, the 'female' robot was taught to bring Paulie beer, to speak to him lovingly, and to be a companion to Rocky, Jr. As Paulie packed up to leave for remote Russia to accompany Rocky for training in his climactic fight against Ivan Drago Dolph Lundgren , the distraught robot bid Paulie farewell, reminding him: You know how tobacco stains your teeth," to which Paulie brashly replied: Stop busting my chops!

At the end of the film, the robot cared for young Rocky, Jr. The two decided to use Wyatt's computer to create a "perfect" woman after watching a colorized print of The Bride of Frankenstein They also connected electrodes to a plastic Barbie-doll figure. The computer started to act on its own while connecting into a government mainframe as it assembled the data - and an electrical storm activated the doll. Suddenly after lots of explosions and wind, everything stopped and the door to Wyatt's room began to bulge inward, before finally exploding.

Out of the red-lit, foggy hallway entered a sexy, leggy red-headed Ultimate sexy woman named Lisa supermodel Kelly Le Brock , wearing nothing but micro-panties and a small white muscle-shirt top.

She stood in the doorway, as Dr. Frankenstein from Frankenstein shouted from their television: In the subsequent scene, the two wide-eyed boys ogled her as they shared a shower with her, as the camera panned up and down her naked body and she commented: I didn't come from anywhere. Before you started messing around with your computer, I didn't even exist.

By the way, you did an excellent job. Showering is real fun, isn't it? If we're gonna have any kind of fun together, you guys had better loosen up. The film's concept was later expanded as a TV series in the mid s, starring Vanessa Angel as the red-headed fantasy "magic genie" and John Mallory Asher and Michael Manasseri as the two teens.

Lance Bishop B, or simply Bishop. In James Cameron's action-packed sequel to the original Ridley Scott film of , Lance Henriksen portrayed an upgraded A-2 model android, a knife-carrying synthetic humanoid, who served as the Executive Officer of the warship USS Sulaco investigating the missing colony on the planetoid LV As the Sulaco was on the way to its mission, he performed an impressive knife trick, stabbing it between the open fingers of Marine crew member Pvt.

Hudson's Bill Paxton hand. Bishop personally preferred the term "artificial person" rather than "synthetic. That could never happen now with our behavioral inhibitors. It is impossible for me to harm or by omission of action, allow to be harmed, a human being". Later while volunteering for a deadly task, he admitted: In his demise after rescuing Lt. Ellen Ripley Sigourney Weaver and young orphan Newt Carrie Henn and redeeming himself, he was impaled in his midsection by the tail of the stowaway Alien Queen, causing him to spew whitish blood.

He was then ripped in two by the creature, but kept struggling. Bishop also made a reprise appearance at the beginning of Alien 3 as an irretrievably damaged android, and at the film's end as an ambiguous representative of the Weyland-Yutani Company. Chopping Mall aka Killbots.

In this short, low-budget stalker-slasher, Roger Corman-produced film with the tagline: The motorized security guards became murderous and malfunctioned after several lightning strikes struck the central roof-top computer, and went on a rampage against a group of teens having a wild and drunken after-hours sex-party in the mall's furniture store.

They were equipped with close-range sleeping darts and electrical shocks, but could also shoot lethal pink laser beams that exploded a human head. After each kill or demolition, they politely said: Bee Bee Samantha Pringle. He was able to build a yellow, round-headed, semi-autonomous robot that he named Bee Bee voice of Charles Fleischer , designed with an AI microchip.

When Paul's next-door neighbor girlfriend Samantha Pringle 16 year-old Kristy Swanson in her first major role suffered brain-death wounds from her abusive father Harry Richard Marcus , Paul implanted Bee Bee's microchip into her brain to reanimate her. Now with dark circles around her eyes and a zombie-like 'deadly' stare, Samantha had vision seen from her point-of-view and superhuman strength. She subsequently went on a vengeful murderous rampage, first killing her father, and then she avenged herself against neighbor Elvira by a swift, decapitating basketball-toss to the head.

When pursued by police, Samantha also picked up motorcycle gang punk-bully Carl Andrew Roperto with two hands above her head, and tossed him into the windshield of a police car.

Shortly later, Samantha who was appearing to become more human took a policeman's bullet meant for Paul to save his life. In the shock ending set in a morgue, Samantha grabbed Paul's neck as her outer skin was stripped away from her face and arms. She entreated him to join her: As the film ended, his neck was snapped, and Samantha was transformed into a more evil and psychotic version of Bee Bee.

The evil android had been growing inside of her all along. Mandroid, and pet robot Spot. Director Peter Manoogian's sci-fi film was a combination thriller, adventure, action and fantasy film. Each one a specialist. There was an unofficial spin-off called Mandroid In the plot, time traveling experiments were being conducted by megalomaniacal scientist Abbott Reeves Roy Dotrice in a hidden fortress within the jungles of Mexico, with his evil henchman Ray Peter Schrum , and assistant Dr.

He had constructed a half-human, half-cyborg amnesiac named Mandroid Patrick Reynolds , whose invincibility meant he was making the frequent time-travel trips. Reeves' crazed plot was to go back in time and become the Emperor of Rome, in order to rule the world. The Mandroid cyborg, looking like Robocop , had laser-blasting hands, and detachable legs interchangeable with mini-tank treads as part of his "mobile unit". Against orders to dismantle Mandroid, Takada released Mandroid and assisted his escape.

Mandroid was having flashbacks about his life as a human. He partially remembered his former life as pilot John who crash-landed, and was restored as a cyborg by Reeves. During the escape, Takada died, although he was able to urge Mandroid to seek Colonel Hunter. Her designs to build Mandroid had been stolen earlier by Reeves, who was thought to be dead.

She launched an expedition into the jungle to combat Reeves revealed as a cyborg himself, with Roman armor , both by water and land, with: They were besieged by Neanderthal cavemen and Roman centurions brought back during Reeves' time travels. Max, and a robotic assistant named R.

This light-hearted Disney science-fiction, fantasy adventure film from director Randal Kleiser was designed for young audiences, and to appeal to those who enjoyed E. The Extra-Terrestrial it even borrowed the phrase: It told about 12 year-old David Freeman Joey Cramer living in Florida in the late s, who was knocked unconscious and reportedly abducted on the night of July 4th by an alien spaceship in a ravine near his home.

When he awoke from unconsciousness, eight years had passed since he was reported as missing. David hadn't aged, and according to police reports, he had been declared legally dead in the interim. NASA scientists determined through brain scans that during the alien abduction, David had been taken to a distant planet named Phaelon, light years away on a 2. They discovered that he had served as "Navigator" on the advanced spaceship during the journey, with star charts in his head.

At the same time, a similar spaceship crashed into an electrical tower, and NASA claimed it was one of their spacecraft, although it was the alien UFO. Schematics in David's head were for the crashed spacecraft just discovered. Realizing he was being confined and lied to by the experimenters, David escaped from the facility by hiding in the robot R. He boarded it and took off, again commanding the UFO after realizing that the special data placed in his head made him its 'Navigator.

Pee Wee Herman's Paul Reubens served as the wise-cracking, robotic voice of the crashed spaceship's computer, with a periscope-like extension, that guided the spacecraft and befriended David. Through a mind transfer, Max wanted the star charts in David's head to complete his mission and return to Phaelon. Meanwhile, Max learned various human colloquialisms of the time:

These news stories sometimes had titles such as 'his breakdancing robot is going to overlords Aussie and Finnish our new robot masters 1. Within months this different dance concept began to be noticed and imitated by others. That is where he first met Charles Washington aka Robot Charles. In the original Mega Man series, the term "Robot Master" refers to a special kind of robot or .. DWN Top Man (タップマン), Originally a dance robot, Top Man can spin like a human top due to his auto-balance system and throw spinning tops.