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Dewitt Illinois cam chat

Dewitt Illinois cam chat

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Dewitt Illinois cam chat

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Hi Bob, I just took the firearms out of the plastic bags, where they spent about 48 hours. The fit is perfect. The paddle holster with neutral cant is a work of art. Both holsters are handsome and functional. Be assured I have not purchased my last Mernickle holster. Thank you again for great service and a great product. It is everything it is claimed to be. Makes my NM Vaquero disappear! Simple functional and excellent quality.

In a word, perfect. Thanks for a great product. Here are some pictures of your holster.. That I purchased from you about 5 years ago.. It has been a wonderful and working companion for my guide gun As you can see.. I wore out the harness straps.. And had a local custom belt maker, make new ones for me.. And wear that holster.. It truly has stood the test of time.. It has saved my rifle from many a ding, and scratch I thought I would report back about your fantastic work.. I have been using it frequently, and find that it is an excellent fit for this revolver.

I have 5 other holsters from you, and just want tell everyone that there is no holster maker that can compare! Mernickle Holsters are quite simply the finest, highest quality holsters available in todays market! Congratulations to you and yours on such a fine product! Received my double shoulder holsters and belt Saturday, everything is perfect as I knew it would be. The measuring guide was perfect. They were made and delivered fast, earlier than I expected. I met you and Sherrie at the Calif.

State Championships where I got to see your great work, I decided I wanted one of your rigs. Thanks for the Great Job. Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that Cherokee Gal aka my wife, Debbie, loves her holsters. She was very pleased when we were able to add some new grips to her. Seems every time she shoots, she get compliments on her guns and holsters and we are always pleased to say they came from Mernickle as did mine. Thanks again, Roy Sackett aka Phyl Brinkley. I just got my holster for my Ruger new Bearcat and it is great!

Put the gun in a plastic bag then into the holster overnight, perfect fit! The quality of your holster is amazing, better constructed but more compact than my other holsters.

Thanks for your great product. Bob, I just want to thank you for the awesome holster. I have purchased many holsters over the years but none that has matched the quality and workmanship that is in this holster. One of the more impressive things for me is the inside of the holster is as smooth as the outside. I used the break in procedure as recommended but rubbed the inside with a leather lotion and let it set for 24 hr.

Awesome fit, snug but free. Worth the wait for the build, thanks again. Hey Bob and Sherrie, Im really sorry, that it took me so long, to write you a full review. I was hitting the loop on the inner side of the cross draw.. Then i videoanalysed it, i figured out, that the agressive angle is perfect for my stand, but that changes a lot while im trying to reholster on the move. So i bended the loop of the crossdraw a little bit further inside to get about 5 degrees less angle and used the bigger loop space to bend it a little bit more into a wider funnel shape.

After that configuration, i got better and better with the reholstering on the move and way better, then with my old rig i used before. The new crossdraw rig really changed my game! Thank you very much! What i love the most about this rig is the improved metal lining. Its always in the perfect spot! I won the European Championship shooting your rig and really improved my holstering times. In the attachement i added some videos shooting your rig. I wish you a great start of the year and hope to see you soon.

Hi Helmut Thanks for the review. You hit the nail on the head as to what you did. The thing as with most of our metal lined holsters; is you can bend them to suit your style of movement. Once you have that in place you are good to go. So it is pretty much impossible for a maker me included to build a one style fits all product. I will say to you as I do to all users of our products that are metal lined; set it up and then leave it alone.

Some people get into a bad habit of continues bending of the shank. Doing so is only going to fatigue the metal and now there is a bigger problem. Glad you found your sweet spot and congratulations on your win. Beautiful craftsmanship and fits like a glove.

Holds very tight to my body and allows me to carry concealed with just an untucked button down shirt. Thank you and Merry Christmas! I hope you are never tired of hearing this because I am sure you have received messages of this type before.

I just received my new holster set, HP1, KC1 and the ammo holders. Why I did not do this before, I am trying to figure out since I am just thrilled with the items you have made for me. It fits perfectly, and everything about this whole set has me wishing winter was not just starting in Iowa and that the shooting season was just beginning. I still have a few beads of sweat on my brow from pulling the holsters onto the belt, but now I know why the Chicago screws were loose.

I have tightened them up since I have the holsters exactly where I want them. Now if it will just make me shoot faster and straighter, it will be perfect. I certainly will have no excuse that my holster rig is holding me up from shooting better.

Nothing else at this point, just wanted to let you know I got the rig and am very happy with it. This is a Christmas present from my wife and she will be pleased that I am so happy with it. I just got my Bearcat holster from Ruger, and I love it. You guys do great work. I promise this will be the last time I bug you. I got my holster this afternoon and I'm wearing it now. Also won some fastest series. The buckles won last years 4th place all Mernickle rig!! It rides where it ought and I'm not aware of it.

Very very nice and I am well pleased. Thanks for the craftsmanship. I am very happy with it and am now breaking it in. Thanks for a high quality item. I've had leather and canvas loops, but yours is by far the best I've used! It was really great to meet you at Winter Range, and thanks for taking the time to get me the right holsters.

The belt has just arrived in the mail. Have to tell you how great it its and how pleased I am with the fit and workmanship.

It is going to make shooting even more fun. I just want to send you a thank you email. From all of us at Mernickle Holsters - We are proud of you! I got it back in early December. Wanted to say how much I really really like my rig.

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Having a great wife to support me and kids to bring happiness to our life and eventually grandkids Life has been fairly good for us but we have worked hard to get where we are.

Well my wife and I did this starting our American dream in by building our first home in Clinton. Then we decided to dream a little bigger and built a couple others upgrading each time to what we thought was perfect for us.

A place where we could spend time outside if we wished her in her flower garden and me not doing much of anything except mowing and enjoying the out doors.

Now in late after what they say has been going on for several years Tradewinds is wanting to invade our country setting with an industrial wind farm. Taking away the the fantastic sunsets that Mother Nature gives us and instead replacing it with hundreds of blinking lights,and possible health hazards. This of course is denied by Tradewinds who will be giving the farm to an Italian company.

They care nothing about our county or the people living in rural Illinois. Once they are finished ruining the county for the next years they will pack up and leave and the rural home owners will be stuck with their mess for generations to come.

To make a long story short if you live in the rural part of Dewitt county and want to live the American dream you had better do it quick because it will soon disappear,along with your property value. Tradewinds developer says it will come back in a few years after the towers are up. I personally find this statement very hard to believe. It is happening all around us right now and they are using our tax dollars to do it.

Country living will never be safe as long as this practice exists. Dozens and dozens of Dewitt county residents are fighting right now to protect their American dream. Many have already talked before the county board and the zoning board to get the word out to protect their dream of life in the country.

Some counties are closer to winning the battle than Dewitt county,but what I have read it is an ongoing fight. Dewitt county has several good people fighting hard to protect the rural population from the wind farms. Do what you can to support them before the American Dream is lost forever in this county. This Tower offer is pretty much the same. A land-owner could lock in now, a return on their farmland for thirty years.. You and I could estimate and probably agree on the present value of that average yield, in dollars, and add the present value of the tower income to that.

But, let's take a more pragmatic, long term approach to economic development, versus our surrounding Counties, Some time back, rumors circulated that a large distribution center, such as a Wal-Mart, might be looking for a central location, which offered convenient access to multiple Interstates and highways.

A much more viable economic development strategy would be to maintain our County as a Sanctuary County, free from "Turbine Blight".

These will not be shiny new white tall things for very long. Our county would be prime real estate if we were to remain the only wide open expanse of acreage, unencumbered by 30 year leases to unsustainable "Wind Farms" within central Illinois.

Compare our tiny little slice of Bald Eagle refuge in central Illinois area, versus the aftermath of this rapid expansion of tall unsightly Wind Farms.

They want to deface about a third of the State with their Project. Their plan will obliterate the horizon for most of central Illinois, a vast agricultural flatland between St. Technology is changing fast. Hypothetically, what if Apple or Amazon needed a large tract of land, but desired one free of environmental clutter and potential health hazards as well.

You, my friends, would be just about the best place to locate. But where would you get engineers for a scenario like that, the University of Illinois? This Global Energy giant is steam-rolling across one third of Illinois, Forsyth, for example, has now found that they have little to no growth opportunities, with little more available acreage to offer to anyone.

Let's view this for the longer term future of our county. This is a bad deal for the future of our County. Posted About Eight Months Ago. I can distinctly remember my father teaching me to shift gears and work the clutch the first time I drove a tractor.

Those memories run deep, and now that I have two small children of my own, I want them not only to realize the enjoyment and responsibility that farming has brought to my family, but also understand the greater effect our business of agriculture has on the rest of the population. As a young child, the majesty of farming lies in the thought of playing in the dirt for a living. But as a person grows older, a deeper, more fond respect begins to form for the men and women who choose agriculture as a career.

You soon learn that no role in agriculture is too small to go unrecognized. Everyone from the vegetable farmer with a couple acres to the larger farms with thousands of acres each leave their individual imprint on the world of agriculture. As my children grow, I want to teach them how it all ties together. Many of you probably see the semis with funnel-shaped bottoms headed up and down Route 51 every day.

These trucks are loaded with corn and soybeans, grown by local farmers, to be sent to processors like ADM and Tate and Lyle in Decatur. Eventually, they will be made into thousands of agricultural by-products, including food grade sweeteners, ethanol, biofuels and animal feed. I think it is exciting that we can make what we grow here into a variety of things that are used around the globe. But despite the impressive reach of our farm products, the number of farms in the United States has been cut in half since This means that as the population grows, fewer farmers are challenged to grow more food on less ground than previous generations.

It also means that we as farmers are responsible for making choices that are best for the land, and best for our ability to grow food that feeds your family and mine. While these changes may continue to present a challenge for me, it will also be a challenge for my children, should they wish to farm. As generations become further away from farming, my kids will also have another responsibility: Take a visit to a local farm. You may be surprised at the willingness of farm families to give you a quick ride in a tractor or show you around!

With regard to Bald Eagle Breeding and Research: From to , a pair of bald eagles gathered at Clinton Lake each year to mate and give birth to eaglets. Clinton Power Station worked with IDNR to preserve their habitat as two or three eaglets were born each year during this period.

I am among those who are opposed to the project as I believe it will impact the overall quality of life for those who live near the turbines. We need to focus on creating an environment to attract sustainable economic development, including the creation of permanent job opportunities for local residents, while attracting homeowners who would rather enjoy the wildlife in and around Clinton Lake.

The bald eagle will continue to be protected by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act even though it has been delisted under the Endangered Species Act.

Under law 16 U. Randy is a good ole small town country boy who retired after working nearly 40 years at Kraft Foods in Champaign. I am writing to voice my support of Randy Keith, Republican candidate for the office of st State Representative. Randy has served on the Piatt County Board for the last 8 years, and I have had the privilege of working with him for the last 3 years. I have watched Randy handle difficult, contentious situations with kindness and aplomb on numerous occasions. Randy possesses an uncanny ability to bring people of different groups, opinions and goals together to accomplish a task.

We need selfless leadership with integrity in Springfield if our state is to weather these difficult times. Randy Keith embodies the qualities of the leadership we need.

His character and integrity will not fail the people of the st. Please join me in supporting Randy Keith for the st in the March 20 primary. I am writing to offer my support for Randy Keith, Republican candidate for st State Representative.

I have personally witnessed his hard work and dedication as he has worked through the issues facing Piatt County with great results. Randy Keith has strong family values, and a positive view that reflects that of most of the constituents in our district.

As our state representative, he will represent all people of our district honorably and ensure that our voices are heard in the State Capitol. Randy has a common-sense approach and the motivation required to make a difference in the future of Illinois. Posted About Nine Months Ago. Back in the early a company decided to start buying up swamp land in Florida keeping it secret as long as possible and ended up purchasing around 27, acres of land.

Some of it very cheap until people caught on and then the price increased. They ended up purchasing 30, acres. From that land this company built a theme park. In I guess trade winds started leasing ground around a small community to start a theme park of their own on about 30, acres.

I guess you may say that I sort of like going to the park in Florida. Everyday around dark they light up Main Street with thousands of lights on the buildings and trees and it makes for a very nice evening at the park.

If you decide to stay around between the hours of depending on the time of year they have fabulous fireworks and light shows. They last around 15 minutes or so and everyone seems to enjoy them and always wish they lasted longer.

The motion to send wind energy ordinance revisions to full board with no recommendations or changes was a joke as everyone in the gallery knew as soon as he opened his mouth that there had been a private meeting before the real meeting started.

She needs to share that information with the rest of the taxpayers in the county. Trade winds a little bit of honesty would go a long way. I am pleased to write in support of Randy Keith's candidacy for State Representative in the st District. I have observed Mr. Keith in his role as chairman while serving with him on the Piatt County Board.

I am most impressed by his leadership ability. Keith has a talent for assessing a situation and moving forward decisively with what is best for the people we are elected to serve. Tough decisions must be made, and a good leader focuses on what needs to be accomplished while making sure those with differing points of view are included and given a voice.

He is a Republican with conservative core values. Keith is extremely attentive to others' opinions, yet decisive when embarking on a course of action. He is never vindictive toward those opposed to his ideas and is always looking ahead. This skill set will serve him well in Springfield where he will reach across the aisle to achieve consensus on issues that currently divide the legislature. As an individual who genuinely likes people, Mr.

Keith will serve all residents. During this campaign, he has tirelessly worked to meet as many voters as he can. If elected, he will continue to interact with individuals and small groups of constituents to make sure their voices are heard and their concerns are addressed. Piatt County's loss of a valued county board chairman will be the st District's gain. It is refreshing that Randy has pledged to serve just two terms and then return home. During those four years, he will make a difference in changing "business as usual" in Springfield.

Posted About One Year Ago. I am writing this letter with a concern after attending the City Council meeting of October 2, At this meeting the Mayor orally put on file an Ordinance changing the Liquor Code. It was not on the agenda prior. He did state that the proposed ordinance was to allow liquor to be sold at our local theater. I have appreciated the fact that I could take my grandchildren to the Clintonia Eagle and not worry about liquor consumption and the obnoxious behavior and language that sometimes accompanies this allowance.

The proposed ordinance allows for alcoholic sales during the same hours as our other venues in Clinton that sell alcohol. As a result, there is no restriction for the theaters that show children and youth rated movies, nor the free movies that are shown during the summer. With no restrictions, the guardians who bring the children to the free movies would be allowed to purchase alcohol.

For underage youth with older friends, when the lights are dimmed, who will monitor the theaters to make sure that those to whom the liquor was sold are the only ones consuming it?

In case you are not aware, several months ago, the Council amended the Liquor Code and the Video Gaming Code with no open discussion and mention of what was being changed. The original restriction of one bar license in Clinton to restrict the amount of video gaming coming into our community was changed to allow an unlimited number of bar liquor licenses to be issued.

A bar or pour liquor license is required to apply for up to five video gaming machines and was thought to discourage mini casinos. Currently the only local requirement to have five video gaming machines in a storefront is that a physical bar is constructed and that a bar license can then be issued, whether the business sells alcohol or not.

This change has caused the proliferation of video gaming machines in our community and it appears this trend will continue. The Council also changed the video gaming code to remove the local restriction that restaurants were not allowed to have the video gaming machines because they had not had the old illegal ones prior. The code was changed to allow any restaurant with a liquor license to have up to five video gaming machines.

One of the owners of a local restaurant who regularly approached the City in the prior administration about changing the restaurant restriction, finally got his desire with the change of administration. He got his five machines, but they were not enough to keep him in business as he claimed. I would like to see us as a community lean toward family friendly opportunities and activities and try to keep what we have. Will the next requests be made to allow open liquor in our parks and at the youth baseball league games?

Adults have the right to make choices on their consumption of liquor, but we still need to protect the children and youth of our community from the exposure at every turn and show that it is not necessary for liquor to be offered in every venue, business or event our city promotes to make it worthwhile. Miller, here to remininise about our 10 years serving our listeners and advertisers in Clinton, Monticello, Lincoln and the surrounding area. In the 10 years that have ensued, we've installed new transmitters, remodeled the studios at the Big Red Barn, the moved the new transmitters into the Barn, then in spring of we remodeled the entire building.

We thank God for opening the door for our family to come to Clinton 10 years ago. We are blessed with countless friends, business relationships, and people that have been there for us in good and bad over this past decade. There are 2 special relationships we've worked hard to build over the past 10 years, and that is with our listeners and our advertisers. Every day, we strive to create compelling local content that attracts listeners.

And, every day we offer the listenership we've worked hard to build, to local businesses in giving them an opportunity to effectively attract customers to their business. As we begin the next 10 years of service, I want you to personally know how much YOU are appreciated, and that everything all of us at the Miller Media Group do every day, is to serve YOU.

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about Senate Bill This could not be further from the truth. He fought to keep sanctuary language out of this bill and ensured that SB 31 have one purpose: This bill encourages immigrants to cooperate with law enforcement. While local authorities continue to fully support and assist federal agents in detaining illegal immigrants who have broken the law. The rumors of amnesty for illegals, sanctuary status, and federal interference are absolutely false.

SB 31 is good for law enforcement and good for Illinois. Nate Ennis Clinton, IL I have stayed pretty quiet about all the complaining going on, not because I have anything to hide or have done anything wrong, but because I know that whatever is said on social media automatically becomes true to some people no matter what facts they are presented with.

I have just figured it is better to say nothing and try to ignore the worthless drama. I always try and be respectful to others and portray a Christian attitude, but that is really being tested with the comments being made. There is enough hate and discontent in this world, why do a number of you have to bring it into our community? It is such a waste of time and energy. A year ago I put out a statement in a local paper, and I invited anyone to come out and I would explain what we do here, but instead you would rather make statements on social media that are not true.

You know how many people showed up to ask questions? I have heard people say it smells to bad to visit. There are days we have between 50 to people stop by here to do business. Some days it smells here, a lot of days it does not. It is a poor excuse to no come by. So, here are some statements that are NOT true. I don't run the aerators enough. They have been called regeneration pumps but I don't know what that is.

Since I have bought this company I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment and products to put in the water. The aerators that were already on the lagoons were only able to be used when the temperature was above freezing. In the last 2 and a half years I have added 2 different types of aerators that run underwater and can be run all year. I run them constantly. The only time they might be shut off is if we are doing maintenance to them.

The previous owners had problems from time to time also, and it is documented. They had to constantly work on it to keep it in balance also. The smell is not constant and does not cover the entire city. I will comment more on this later. While we do wash more trailers and use more water than the previous owners, we probably put the same or less of actual product out in the lagoons.

I have put tanks here on site to catch a lot of our solids. When we catch a certain amount then they are hauled off and disposed of.

The lagoons have been here for a number of years and have accumulated sludge over this time. With the procedures I have put in place it has stirred them up and is taking a while to get them balanced again. Unfortunately there is a lot of trial and error that we go through. The statement that I don't care is absurd.

This is constantly on my mind. I have been seeking advice and purchasing products from 5 different waste water experts along with constant contact with the EPA trying to find a good solution. I am by no means an expert on waste water, but I am learning as I go. I would like to return to the claims of the potency of the smell. I will not deny that there could be times that it can be smelled in town, in the spring, and depending on the wind.

I am in town everyday and all times of the day and night. I have smelled it around the schools on the west side of town very few times in the 4 years that I have owned this business, and that is it. I do business with multiple places around town and their consensus is the same as mine. I can say that I have been able to smell odors in town from other locations around town, and even as far away as Decatur at certain times.

This is the affect of our way of life. Without these places that may cause an odor at times we would not have the communities that we do. It is a way of life.

I would be pretty certain that any business owner would agree with me in saying that in no way do I want to be a nuisance to anyone with the work that I do.

If any of you legitimately feel that I have ruined any of your days, I apologize. I will continue to work to solve this problem that I have until it is resolved. The problem is I feel most of the complaints are no more than a domino effect of face book. What is offensive to me, way more than any smell, is the way people can respond to a situation in such a negative way. Other people watch us, and more importantly our kids learn from us.

What kind of lesson is learned from name calling and spreading hate? Once again I extend the invitation to come talk to me instead of hiding behind a computer screen. Believe it or not, we grill lunch outdoors 4 or 5 times a week here. Come out, talk, have a hamburger, I promise not to poison it.

Posted About Two Years Ago. This is an open letter to all area businesses that are not yet members of the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau:. Please consider joining Chamber members who pay their modest dues each year for the betterment of our community. The value of the Chamber was recently showcased in its relentless effort to keep Clinton Power Station open. The Chamber recognized this threat to economic stability in the area and had an undeniable role in the seeing the passage of the Future Jobs Energy Bill.

The November veto session is the last chance for the passage of legislation that would save the Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear power plants, which are threatened with premature closure due to their inability to compete with heavily subsidized wind and solar energy sources and historically low natural gas prices. The proposed legislation, known as the Future Energy Jobs Bill, would level the playing field by treating all sources of clean energy equally.

Closure of these two plants would result in the loss of about 4, jobs, which would be devastating for Clinton, the Quad Cities, and surrounding regions. Please take the time today to contact the governor and legislative leaders to show your support for the Future Energy Jobs Bill. Failure to pass the legislation that will save these plants would not only have a negative impact on the economy, it would also be a major step backward for the environment. You live in a constant fear of what will happen if you mess up, if you step out of line.

You feel like he can hear every thought in your head, see every move you make, as if he is as much a part of your mind as you are. Every decision you make from the clothes you buy to the music you listen to, even the people you talk to are based on what he thinks. Love is just one of the many reasons why victims stay in an abusive relationship. Other such reasons include money, children, love, religious and cultural beliefs, fear of retaliation, and fear of the justice system.

Every 9 seconds a woman is battered in the United States. To put this into perspective, by the end of this hour long program women will have suffered at the hands of their abuser. Every year more women are injured by domestic violence than muggings, rapes, and car accidents combined. Every year more than 10 million children witness domestic violence in their homes. With alarming statistics like these, odds are, you likely know someone who is experiencing domestic violence.

It could be a sibling, parent, friend, co-worker, congregation member, or student. I encourage everyone who reads this to please attend our annual Candle Lighting Ceremony that will be held on Monday, October 10th at 7: We will honor both the survivors and victims of domestic violence. The duly elected clerk stated that she does come to the office several nights a week on sometimes on weekends. The county board chairman said he was aware of the situation.

The clerk stated she had a legal opinion on the matter. What she does not have is any sense of decency or respect for the citizens who pay her salary. She should be asked to resign immediately. Those public officials who were aware of this might want to apologize to the citizens for this outrage. Monetary greed is more important than ethics and honorable elected service. The courts are fantastic and more than we ever hoped for here in Clinton.

The new playground equipment is also a great addition to the park. The park offers us a place to not only play pickle ball but to create new friendships and a sense of community. Come out and try pickle ball at our beautiful new facility.. Please note, the aforementioned are not the problem. The problem is the removal of God from our society. When God is removed Satan immediately fills the void.

There is no neutral ground here. Our governmental leaders and the press have willingly suppressed and imprisoned the knowledge of God. Until all of us face up to this truth and vote these godless men and women out of office our country will stay on the path of self-destruction. We have given over our sovereignty to the enemy and we're now being crushed and are slipping into a national anarchy as witnessed by the lies and cover-ups in the government and witnessed by the crime, stabbings, murders, and the listlessness of big populations on the dole in every city.

Hardly a day goes by that we don't read of debauchery, crimes against women and children and corruption in industry, local, state and national government. We have become a huge welfare state taking from the productive and giving to the lazy idlers. This has to stop, and only a moral and educated populace can vote this incompetence out and replace them with men and women of character and honesty.

Many people in our community, and all over the world, have been personally affected by brain tumors. Kadence Taylor, Clinton Junior High honor roll student and cheerleader, has battled brain tumors on her cerebellum for the past six years. Brain tumors can be deadly, significantly impact quality of life, and change everything for a patient and their loved ones.

They do not discriminate, inflicting men, women, and children of all races and ethnicities. The NBTS is strategically positioned at key junctions in the drug development pipeline to leverage their collective resources and knowledge for the greatest impact.

From catalytic funding to intensive research collaborations to advocating for policies that impact those affected, they are ensuring change on every level. Awareness, advocacy and research are essential in finding a cure for brain tumors. As a group, along side the National Director of Field Operations for the National Brain Tumor Society, Craig Strenger, we will collaborate ideas to contribute to advocacy, awareness and fundraising throughout Central Illinois.

If you have any questions, please email Lauren Thompson at laurenthompson gmail. For further information regarding brain tumors or the NBTS, please visit www. I received written permission to use the information verbatim available from the NBTS website.

It would be impolite to not answer the question asked. If not, why not? The mastering of the political process is usually looked upon as a lifelong commitment. On the other hand activism in my view is a responsibility of ever able American. Illinois finds itself short on Activist and long on Politicians, Illinois has the largest local government system in the history of the world, we have more elected officials then we know what to do with.

Maybe in Illinois everyone thinks they do not have to be involved in activism since we have a Politician standing on every corner watching out for us. Everyone needs to become involved, reach out to your elected officials and let them hear what you have to say. Thanks Steve for asking, every little bit of activism helps. Bill Spencer Kenney IL. Election season is here again, but this Dewitt County election may not be an election that our nation was founded on.

The Dewitt County Board race has been divvied-up by the combined parties before the primary, no reason for holding the primary election as no seats will be challenged.

This election will be just a formality it will only take one vote in the primary to decide the final election. This primary will leave No Democrat or Republican running against each other in the main election.

Is combining the Democrat and Republican parties a good idea? One-party governments justify themselves through various means. Others argue that only one party is the true leader of the people, and therefore its right to rule cannot be challenged.

Governments ruled under the one party system will either straight out outlaw opposition parties or limit them to operate as a branch of the ruling single party. Why do we the people of the United States have a two party system and not a single party system? First it allows two separate parties to make efforts to seize control of the government; a single party government always has control of the government permanently.

In a two party system each party creates its platform and recruits members including raising money for the support of its nominees and candidates that reflect its platform. Single party governments have no need for platforms or elections.

Party members in a two party system work within their own party during elections and in the government to get their policies implemented that reflect their party platform.

Single party governments have no problem with implementing any policies as there is no opposition to its policies, as it has no other party or platforms to worry about.

At first glance single party system sounds pretty good, no back stabbing mudslinging name calling, the only drawback might be all the back slapping for a job well done. Maybe we should look at some famous single party governments before deciding if we want to change to a single party system.

Choice is what a two party system gives us; a single party system takes choice away from us. I can live with rough and tumble elections like all Americans that love their freedom to choose.

Bill Spencer Kenney, IL. Her years of experience working in and around the courthouse are invaluable to our county government and to us as taxpayers. She embodies the positive changes our county has worked toward since being overrun by Reform Coalition members, including Circuit Clerk incumbent Pam Barnes. Under Barnes, the circuit clerk's office has seen 12 employees leave the six-person office in the last three years.

This instability only hinders growth of both the staff and making progress to better our community. Michelle Van Valey will bring stability and customer service back to that office.

She has the full support of Better Government for DeWitt County, a bipartisan group of local citizens, and an organization I am now proud to lead as chairman..

This letter is in response to David Newberg's letter recently directed at me and my candidacy for the office of DeWitt County Circuit Clerk. A few months ago Mr. Newberg came to my office and wanted to sit down and chat. He stated that he looked forward to working with me in the future now that he was Dewitt County Chairman. This would have been a perfect time for Mr. Newberg to describe to me how I had been rude with residents, but he failed to do this.

As Chairman of the DeWitt County Board I would have expected that if indeed people had come to him with a complaint that he would have had the common courtesy to tell me what the complaints were about but he decided to wait until a week before the election to bring this to the public's attention - great timing.

Prior to meeting with the finance committee chairperson in November I was told that all departments were being asked to make substantial cuts. I had nothing to do with the "reform coalition's" decision which led to Area Disposal's withholding their million dollar a year fee to the county. I was not permitted to hire a 6th employee in my office because the county finance committee went against a memo from Judge Finson which stated that he was of the opinion that 6 deputy clerks were necessary in my office..

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