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Edison New Jersey girl wanted for lunch time fun

Edison New Jersey girl wanted for lunch time fun

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Edison New Jersey girl wanted for lunch time fun

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Some other long-departed stores in NJ: As an ex-Buyer for Bamb's, this was a great store, and nothing like Macy's. Bamberger's started the Thanksgiving Day parade and Macy's stole it. The Newark store was magnificent, a gem of architecture and style. Bamb's saw the potential of suburban NJ growth and never saw a mall it did not like. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Why are there so few pictures of Bam's available? I have shadowy memories of going there all the time in the early '60s with my mom and grandma but would love to see some photos of the store in that period I just found a tie that my great uncle left me that was from bambergers mens store, brand is Robert Stewart.

Yes, it was upstairs nestled in the back of the housewares area. Macy's called the area the cellar. After the restaurant closed, they sometimes setup christmas trees for the holidays in the rooms that made up the dining areas. Were there art exhibitions held at Bamberger's in the 's? My very first credit card when I was 17!! Thank you Bambergers for taking a chance on me.

It was the old charge plate I miss the Bamberger's name. Bamb's was New Jersey. I still have my red and white Bam's card tucked away in my treasures. I worked in the buyer's office small leather goods in I was a cosmetics Buyer form , then was "transferred" to Macy's in the same position, but stayed only 6 months, cause I hated Macy's I have an artwork with a label on the back of the frame saying: I wonder if anyone could tell me what year would correspond to the number and how I could find out more about the work.

Just discovered this site. Was doing some ancestry research on the Hecht and Bamberger families. My husband has ancesters on both sides. He also remembers all the great stores accross the country. I have a China Flower Basket that was supposed to be won in this contest. There is another sticker, like a price sticker, that says "Bambergers" but the rest is unreadable. We stood out front of Bamberger's Newark and sold toilet paper for 1 penny a sheet.

Bam's customers were the best. They knew we were embarrassed but we ended up having a great time. I forget how many sheets were on a roll back then but I think we sold all ours that day. I have an old plate inherited from my mother.

It was made expressly for L. The art on the plate shows Robert Treat directing the landing of next words are worn out Newark, N. It also says, and It is obviously a comemmorative plate.

I have a hatbox from Bambergers New Jersey and it is a great design you can view it on Etsy. Does anyone know who built the upright pianos for Bambergers NJ 40 plus years ago? My mom got hers there for Christmas, I worked at Bam's as a makeup artist in the cosmetics dept. It was so much fun and such a classy store. Once Macy's offcially took over, it went down hill. All its flair was taken away. I miss those days. I'm looking for someone that used to work there. He played the accordion. His name is Mr.

Did you happen to know him? I have a photograph of my mother taken when she was about 5 years old, I had just started my own business and I am looking for an idea to write great New England Uniform, Inc. Please have any suggestions. New England Uniform, Inc. It was around or Does anyone have any photos of it? I used to go to Bam's in Newark with my mother in the 's and 's. One of my favorite memories is of the malted milk drinks we would order at the lunch counter in Bam's basement.

All of these comments make me very nostalgic. I remember my Dad taking a snap in front of Bamberger's in Plainfield, I found it the other day in my old old slide. I'm walking with Mom in our Sunday best, I have a balloon in my hand and am wearing those ever so popular little girl dresses with the white pattent leather mary janes.

My mom as spiffy as ever in her pencil skirt and cute white hat. It was great, we used to dress up to go shopping! Now its dungarees that are falling down with your knickers showing, Ah the good ole days ;.

I would love to hear a description of the inside of Bamberger's-what made it special and unique. NJ when I was 7 and I have vague memories. I do remember Wannamaker's in Philly because I visited it as a teen. That was very different and uniques as well. My grandmother worked at Bamberger's in the late Thanks for any descriptions you can write I tried to email, but it bounced back I saw your question on the Department Store Museum site.

I was a Buyer for Bamberger's for 10 years, from the mid 70s thru the mid 80s, when I was "promoted" to Macy's. At that time the stores were completely separate from each other, with separate buying offices, credit departments, etc. It was not until the late 80s when the mergers started and my beloved Bamberger's went to hell. It was a large store of 1.

The first floor had 20 foot ceilings all hand made wooden fixtures, and it was very much in the Art Deco mode. Most of the floors were designed by famed architect Raymond Lowry and Associates, so there was a masterful sense of architectural beauty and it was one of the first stores, back in the 40s, that utilized what is now referred to as "shop" concepts.

The merchandising in the store because of Lowry's design did not allow for merchandise on top of each other The main restaurant was mahogany wood panel, elegant and had great food.

The key factor to all this was Raymond Lowry's architecture, it had to be seen to believe. He designed other stores such as Lord and Taylor, and the defunct Hahne's Montclair store talk about magnificent , but Bamberger's Newark was unlike any other.

It was the curvature of the lines, and how he utilized it on the floors, the way they flowed and the interior color combinations.

Bamberger's pretty much kept his 's redo until the end, with some updated, such as painting and carpeting, bit the store saw no renovations to destroy his work I hope I answered your question.

If you have any more, let me know. See this, too - http: In the beginning, there was Bambergers And only Bambergers, everything else came later. I remember many Christmas shopping trips trying to find presents for my Mom without her knowlege.

And I remember the big Peanuts fad in the 60s and my normally tightwaddy Mom caving without my realizing it was happening and splurging and doing my whole room Snoopy. Even bought me the mythical Astronaut Snoopy I wish I still had! Back then upstairs there was even a restaurant that had better hamburgers than any of that mall garbage! I shopped paramus before WillowBrook opened.

When Willowbrooked opened, that was closer, until I became a Buyer, and each Saturday would go to Willowbrook to visit my department. Yes,, the store had a restaurant and even a budget store, which became a renovated mens department in It carried high end designers, because the customer base then was far different than today.

As a Macy's, it is garbage. One last thing about my beloved bamberger's Newark also had a restaurant on the lower level named the Carving Board.

New Jersey Events Calendar |

Philadelphia market was the Inquirer, also the Bergen Record would be another. Newspaper back then was the main form of advertising and circulars were inserted especially in Sunday editions. I have an upright Bamberger's piano which I am researching. Apparently the manufacturer was a company called Artist Newark NJ.

Does anyone have additional information on these pianos? In Bam's had a shop on the AP Boardwalk! Does anyone know the location of the seashore delivery station? I started in Operations at the Cherry Hill store and then promoted to helping open the New Brunswick store and promoted back to the Cherry Hill store.

Long hours but good company and made a lot of friends. Left in ' 83 to go to the May Company. Bam's was a great place to work, learn, and grow. The May Company was the opposite. The day it was announced that ADG was purchased by may I went into my divisionals office and resigned. He pleated and I said "NO", my only retail rule.. I went back to Sak's as a buyer. My Grandmother was a secretary on the 11th floor of the Newark branch.

I have memos which are like cartoons drawn and written by her boss "from the desk of Dan Bergman"they are self portrait like and quite unique. My father was happy running Bamberger's sometime in the Fourties and Fifties. I would join him for lunch on Saturdays. Once in a while I would do a little artwork for a sale in the store.

Some time when I was in highschool Macy's wanted him to change to NY. He ended up in Philly running Lit's department store for years. Here is a link to what the Bamberger's building is used for today. Know where that is as the eleveators were only in one location. It is a telling experience to look at this building's new use - It is full of tech equipment.

Look at the ground floor retail spaces on the floor plan and they say "Vacant. Are we becoming robots? The elevator lobby is nicely designed, but the photo, for good reason, doesn't show a single person. That's the world we live in. Ask about the demise of the department store, and this might be a major clue to the answer.

A stout observation to say the least.. These days will never return and now even "malls" are in danger of non existence. I worked at the Bamberger's in White Marsh for 10 years. My husband and I met there and have been married for almost 22 years. There were also 4 other couples that met there and got married. When they went to being Macy's it was down hill from there. I have a glass from the Louie B's Restaurant. I was a cosmetics buyer and opened the White Marsh store in ' The layout at the time was a new format they were trying.

I loved the light fixture that was above the escalators Once the name changed and all divisions were merged it was a quick downhill spiral. I remember going to the Newark Bambergers when I was a kid. I also remember the caged live Peacock. My mom told me when I was young that my baby picture was put up in a Bamberger's baby section. I was born in Newark, NJ.

I've never looked up this store before. I am working on a book and one of the non-fiction characters I am covering worked at Bamberger's with the job of producing the newsletter. Thanks for any help you can provide. You can reach me at stone kathleencstone.

I remember my mother touring the place still full of furniture, clothes and broken toys. It took my mother almost 2 years to refurbish and redecorate, bringing this massive house up from its knees.

Worked at Bambergers Newark got promoted from asset buyer budget furniture to sales manager Willowbrook at stores opening. I was in fact first employee assigned to Willowbrook which opened as a free brandishing store.

The mall came later. Stayed 2 years then back to Newark as asset buyer China and glass. What a great retail learning experience. Was a member of executive training squad and Bill Schuldenfreie' s little red school house! Great people to work for and to work with. Employees stayed forever we had a budget furniture salesman who worked in Newark store over 50 years! Have some great memories and good stories to tell of those years.

My name is Jeff. I can never say enough good things about Bamb's. I too was a department manager at Bamb's in mens furnishings. Retail has gone to hell.

Sorry, should have said a department manager in mens furnishings in Willowbrook store Worked at Bamberger's Newark from to , then transferred to Macy's for another 15 years.

I started working on the main floor Aisle Tables and had a wonderful training experience. Later on was buying office expeditor in a few different offices, more lovely people. Secretary in store manager's office on 6th floor, then to Blankets, Table linens and Bath shop Then on to Macy's. Then assigned to the Book department in At that time Hank Goldberg had a wonderful idea about selling books by the pound.

It was a huge success. If this is the Dolores whom I think it is Anonymous, my first job at Bam's was as the asst buyer in the TV dept. Hank Greenberg was my administrator. Yes Delores there were some great merchants back then who had the courage to try new ideas. Today all the stores do the same thing the same way. No-one at the store level would dare do something new. As a buyer and later sore manager at Bam's, I felt I had the support to try new thing, within reason,as long as I could make it work.

Not so later at the May Company. I had one simple rule I lived by when I was in retailing Then to Men's slacks as an assistant, then promoted to Buyer. I'm from Jersey City and my Grandma used to take me to the Newark store in the 50s and 60s. I would spend the whole time, she was shopping,riding the train that was elevated around the perimeter walls.

That was just the best thing ever! After all these years, I still miss Bamb's. I still have my mother's mink stole, from the Newark store in , has the Bamberger's in script in the lining.

I remember buying tickets to see Richard Gere in "Bent" in their ticket buying service. It truly was a great store. Lord, how I miss Bamb's, Altman's and Bonwit's. I was in Newark recently, walking, and saw that the Hahne's is becoming condos. I live in Manhattan in Chelsea If things continue, I won't be able to afford Newark think Brooklyn! Also, recently I read the entire run of Vogue from Bamb's did a lot of advertising in Vogue, who knew they used to sell Patou, Lanvin, Chanel, Lelong, etc.

I graduated FIT in with a degree in Buying. Just when retail started going to hell in a French handbasket. I might as well have studied buggy-whip making. Bamberger's was more than a store. It was a lifestyle. Simply stated,there was a feeling that each store branch operated like a large family place where co-workers truly cared for one another and everything revolved around caring for the guest. It is a certain something that truly made you feel like you were special when you walked in the door.

We felt very blessed to be able to visit a place where value offered was more than the markdown on a price tag.

Thank you so very much once again! I really appreciated how innovative, progressive, and entrepreneurial working at Bam's was once I left and accepted a senior position with The May Company, which was the opposite. I also believe that Bam's was unique within the old Macy Corp. I thought, basically the same company how bad could this be?

Nothing was remotely thew same and how great Bamberger's was is how awful Macy's was during those years. Bamberger's was the best run of the five divisions back then and had the best people.

While Bamberger's name remained until the s, Louis Bamberger sold the business to Macy's a few weeks before the stock market crash. Beautiful, extraordinary website--so tasteful and well put together. I happened upon it while searching "persistently" for the name of a certain defunct store over the past hour or so. Thank you for your thorough masterful piece of research and recollection, you wonderful man.

Yes, it IS awesome. Most of all, thanks ever so much for what you revealed about your marriage and family life. It is rare to hear anyone speak that way of marriages lasting until death ends them. God bless you and your family, BAK! Keep on being that badly needed example that marriages can work, and that God always has another special someone waiting for widows and widowers desiring re-marriage.

Reading your blog has certainly made this particular day of mine--it being both the anniversary of my Mother's birth and Father's death.

Indeed, God does work in mysterious ways. Thank you for your kind comment - I'd say that you have an insight into my soul. Stan Cohen- I worked with you in Christiana. Great memories of a grand company. Hope you are well. Diane, Hi, nice to hear from you after all these years. Just found out that four key Bam's execs passed this year.

All great people and friends, Sad News. I owe my life to Bamberger's--literally! My parents met there in the s, and the rest, as they say, is history. I have a picture of them on the top of the building during a break--newly engaged. There were adirondack chairs strewn about for people to sit in and enjoy the view. My sister used to be the Design Director there, and she met her husband there as well.

So my nephew is a Bamberger's baby, too. I miss that store, especially during the holidays. I passed the building the other day and it's like an enormous ghost.

I just found an old trunk made by this company. Can anyone tell me anything about that? Like maybe how old it is or what it's made of. There is almost no info on it. I want to refurbish it but I can't even get the locks open.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a dresser set that has El Bambergers on the back, I believe it is made from maple wood. I am trying to see if it is worth some money. I did have an antique dealer interested but what he wanted to pay seemed to be ok but I want to know if it is a fair price since it did belong to my elderly aunt.

Sorry, this site does not deal in antiques, and cannot help in these matters. I post them only in the case someone might see them; but without an e-mail address or some other information, it is impossible to do. I have a dresser set that has the name El Bambergers on the back. I received it from my elderly aunt. It appears to be maple. I was offered an ok amount but I want to make sure I am not being taken advantage of. Where would I be able to find out what it is worth? Long ago, I head an expression, and am trying to dig into it?

When a rich girl went shopping in New York it was the "Three B's". Does anyone remember the names of those stores. Back then I rode the 20th Century Limited in so I was rather young. As a train buff myself, I well know the 20th Century Limited - it ceased being an all-Pullman train in the year I was born, I assume that the three b's were Bonwit's, Bergdorf's, and wither B.

Altman's or Bendel's a fashion retailer. We checked in at an exclusive hotel, the Sherry Netherland. It was near the theater district and we went to see the original musical "Hair" with people cavorting around in what appeared to be the altogether, when they were actually wearing body suits.

It only ran a short time due to Hepburn's health, but what a treat to have been able to see her in it. We went to Macy's and I remembered the s movie "Miracle on 34th Street. Aside from being an architect, I have always had a soft spot for history, not just architecture, but of the Grand Hotels of the US and Europe, and the great ocean liners. I am not a crybaby, but now that I have attained a decent income level, many of the things I aspired to when younger i. One day I will make the transatlantic crossing, but you should be very happy that you had those experiences.

France was the last of a breed, and I always felt she was a modern-day replica of the great Normandie, which died such a sad death due to WWII. Thank you for sharing your interesting experiences with us. In or very close to that , at the age of 19, I was hired by Bambergers in Newark.

I am from Spokane, WA, and once they heard that I worked for Nordstrom here, they hired me on the spot!

I worked on the 5th floor if I recall correctly where they had the TV's, vacuums, etc. I think it was called the "entertainment department? I worked behind the scenes and took "tickets" to the storage area from the phone room to post on the merchandise to be shipped out.

I wish I had checked out the store more at that time. So sad to see it is all closed up. Such a beautiful store. I was a buyer in the Newark store back then. Fifth floor would be about right for that department as they kept shrinking the selling floors. The beautiful thirteen selling floors was reduced to five and all the other ancillary areas had vanished.

The Newark store by the early 80s was less than a former shell of itself, but you could see the beauty that was once there. You are correct that your department was on the fifth floor as all the buying office were moved to the sixth floor in , from being scattered all over the building. It was done to consolidate all to one floor which was now empty, but the main reason was for security.

My office, prior to being on the sixth floor with everyone else, was in a stairwell office on the fourth floor. Not the safest place to be in that store. To add to that above list of defunct New Jersey department stores, S.

Working on Felix Fuld's story - love the above Bamberger's commentary. It is Caroline Bamberger Fuld, the sister of department store magnate Louis Bamberger and widow of Felix Fuld, whom we have to thank for the cherry blossoms that enliven this park every April.

Fuld was an avid gardener and traveller. Impressed by the cherry blossom groves in Washington DC, Fuld wanted Newark to have something similar. The Cherry trees were planted in the northern part of Branch Brook Park because it was the newest addition to the park, and had not been fully landscaped.

Fuld announced her gift of 2, "Oriental cherry" trees. Over the next few years the trees were grown at her Orange, New Jersey estate site of the present VA hospital , until they were large enough to be planted in Newark. It was not until the s that the cherry blossoms really came into their own, and "cherryblossomland" was born. At the time, Newarkers seemed not to appreciate Fuld's gift due to the trees' association with Japan. I remember my mother talking about the great clock in front of Bamberger's.

She said that all you would have to say to your friends "meet me under the clock" and they exactly knew where to go. When the store closed she said I hope people don't forget about "meeting under the clock. On a recent trip to the Macy's in the Willowbrook Mall, I encountered a large metal rolling cart loaded with folded jeans being put out in the men's department.

Nice to know some of the equipment is still hanging around at this former branch store. I would like to know what year Bamberger had a Filene store? I was first employee at Willowbrook store! In I was asst buyer budget furniture. Hal Olsen hired me as sales manager 2nd floor and I stArted there well before store opened. It opened as a freestAnding store and the mall ultimately was built around it. Hal went on to be head of Macy's Kansas City division.

Was a Great guy! The store when it opened pioneered the "shop concept" design, the first Macy store to do so. I remember Jack Strauss visiting at the opening, quite an event at the time. I was a mens department manager in Willowbrook. I lived in Clifton, so prior to Willowbrook opening, we would do Paramus and sometimes Newark.

My career was backwards with Bamb's. I was hired as an Assistant Buyer first, then became a Department Manager vica-versa of the norm , skipped Group Manager and became a cosmetics buyerwhich is where I was assitant buyer.

My divisional and my buyer--who was a legend in the industry, pulled some strings so I didn't have to be a group manager and went straight to buying. They loved me for that as you know the assistants major responsibility were the journals. I am sure that is why I skipped a few steps in the normal corporate ladder. Willowbrook store from the opening day was built too small and once blue laws were lifted except Paramus it was bursting at the seam.

The extension and renovation took the store from ,sq. I was the mens furnishing manager when the "first" new men's department opened--taking the space of the budget store.

Not for anything, but of all men's departments in any store, I thought the layout of the new mens department was the best ever--it flowed naturally and all the adjacent men's area made sense. The "second new" mens department current location is too confusing and the flow makes no sense at all. Would anyone know someone interested in a Pewter Jug "Made especially for L. If so, check this out: Shopped Bams thru the 50s and 60s.

Loved this trip down memory lane. Comments - Please do not comment more than once. Your comment must be approved before it is posted. Another fine book authored by Michael Lisicky - Click to see it on Amazon.

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