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Female seeking discreet sex in Big bend California

Female seeking discreet sex in Big bend California

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Adults friends wanting american single dating I'm submissive and want to find ONE woman to serve I'm looking for someone to share my fantasies with, preferably attached, who loves his wifesignificant other treats her well. I'm a middle aged man in great shape who likes to do things.

Relationship Status:Newlyweds
Seeking:Wanting Real Sex Dating
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Female seeking discreet sex in Big bend California

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Need a woman that can handle a THICK 8. Do you like to cook.

If your into it lets hang out. I won't get into that.

I am a very easy going and fun guy. I have many hobbies and interests such as: I like to travel and see different areas of our beautiful country as well as other countries and cultures. I am very oral. I love pleasuring ladies orally and drinking their sex juices. I love to bring her to a wonderful orgasm orally, as well as pleasuring her any other way she wants me to.

I like giving massages and I could use some sexy ladies to practice with. I am selective of whom I play with and I prefer bare back. I will use condoms if she prefers. I am vasectomy safe, and cut. If something I say below pisses you off most likely we won't work out. However if you like or understand why it??? I travel for a living so sometimes it can be hard to hang out when I want to, but I am still looking something more on the regular basis, a steady couple or group to play with, as well as meeting new friends when I am on and off the road.

I am a straight, Collage educated, single black male with 5?? Again not bragging just the facts. I am somewhat experienced in this lifestyle 5 plus years, very versatile and welcome almost all kinds of Situation play. There are many aspect of play that I enjoy it depends on my partner,?? So there is a greater change that you will have a fore filling sexual experience with me, at least this is what I have been told.

I travel a lot, from September - May, and about every 5 days I am in a new city, I tell you this for you to understand that I like to meet people; it has become more important to have a great conversation, then to have Sex. If I have emailed you about getting together, I will probably be in your city soon on business. For those of you who only play with locals, then I apologies for contacting you it was an oversight on my part.

Even thought I always expect to play safe there have been some occasions when I have gone without condoms, I am NEVER embarrassed to talk about preferences. I know that some people don??? I am also Drug free, in this area I believe to each his own, however I don??? There nothing likes a women organism. I am just as perverted as the next man and I like to look and reminisce also.

Will meet with other couples around our age and see what we might all like to do together. No orgies, no group situations and No single men,?? If you cant keep a girlfriend or wife what makes you think you have what it takes to make her happy??? Thats a rhetorical question we dont want your answer! Lets meet for a drink and if the chemistry is there no telling what might happen.

Oh and the size of your boobs and dick is no indication of?? She is looking to meet?? NSA afternoon or night fun?? She is very friendly, and likes to talk to everyone. You can see the pictures not shy at all. Listed as Bi, but Bi-comfortable is more like it. He is a perfect gentleman and protective but once he gets to know you your family.

His biggest pet peeve is men who feel that it is okay to touch his wife with out even acknowledging he is there. Like we said She is very friendly and talks to everyone. Please if you see us feel free to say hi, but please don't take friendliness as an invite to touch. We have been together for 22 years and married for 16 years.

We have been in the lifestyle of and on for about 4 years. We just heard of this site and want to see what it is all about. I'm a passionate, professional, handsome, educated, fun guy who knows how to treat a lady. I'm , , brown hair, hazel eyes, goatee and in great shape. My sense of humor is quick wit mixed with a little flirty fun and I love a woman that can give it right back to me.

I'm looking for an intelligent, fun, affectionate woman to share some passionate, exciting adventures. Home Signup Contact Terms of Service. Both are educated, college degreed.

We work hard and play the same way as well. We enjoy traveling doing weekend getaways, going out to dinner, movies, drinks, and more. We enjoy meeting other open minded couples, to have fun with and enjoy their companies in all facets of the lifestyle. Someone who we can not just be physically attracted to but mentally as well. Intellengence stimulates the mind. If interested in wanting to get to know us more, feel free to hit us up on yahoo IM, by same screen name.

We are a MWC of 19 years in the Philadelphia area. For us, this is an activity that enhances our already steamy sex lives. We enjoy playing in Private Settings , but also love a Group Party as well. Sure some would call us??? The Question now is, "is that because we have fun or because we??? To meet other people for sexual fun! Its real simple with us, If there is an attraction lets meet. She is completely naked down there and appreciates people who are as well. She sure is and she loves pleasing a woman who is as well.

Rette mixes best with people who know how to let loose and have fun. She's not into people who have inferiority issues or have to have her attention the whole night. She's into Stroking cocks , Not Ego's. He understands some guys are and that??? Other than that, How is all about the ladies, what they want, their desires, fulfilling their lusts. Please feel free to take your 9??? Again, just in case you didn???

Go find yourself a couple that is stupid enough to believe that the forged document you have claiming you're free of STD's is legit. If any of the below pertains to any part of you, your spouse, or your relationship, please don??? We have Absolutely No Interest in experiencing either yours or your spouses??? We have discovered over the years that we have a very low tolerance for Rude, Inconsiderate, Condescending, Obnoxious, Loud-Mouthed, Pompous Assholes that need their ego stroked just right.

We have no time for people who act like they??? This list is also extended to acts involving Kids and or Animals in which we would advise those into that sort of play to seek help immediately. I she do not play without my husband. We are in good shape and love to have a good time with our friends. We spend a lot of time prepping ourselves, please be the same way. We are fun couple and are looking for other fun couples and singles. We love to laugh and cheer on our Eagles.

We enjoy the shore, and a quite night at home. But we really love Vegas get out there as much as we can. We are both professional, educated. Outgoing, love to have fun, friendly personality, we make friends easy and we love life We both love to dance, especially to latin music, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, etc.. So please ask us to dance..

This is a Mayor Ice Breaker for us Looking to meet sexy, interesting and pleasant people. We are a married couple for over 25 years. We are at the Jersey Shore most of the summer. Please be for real, we do like emails but we are here for one reason as most people are, we want to meet. We have played on first night but we don't expect to. Down to earth mixed couple looking for fun times. We are an open, laid back, mixed race couple.

We have both been in the swinger lifestyle for sometime and have experience with couples and single ladies. It is just not our thing.

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About that time an excruciating pain hit me in the chest and I went out like a light. I just hope my next ones are more pleasant. Yes, Robbie and the girls say I might have to die several times before all this is over. When I was revived latter, I found out I was now officially Jewish. The Marines do not allow you to be an atheist. Every time I got bored I had new dog tags made and tried for Anyway I found that Jews have some peculiar death and burial customs that Robbie and the girls made use of.

No autopsy was done on my dead body because of my religion and my family doctor signed off on my death certificate. That taken care of, my body was released to my grieving Granddaughters for burial the same day. The wonders of the modern age where everything can be done over the telephone, even robbing a bank.

I even had full documentation to prove that I was my own son, my father even had a tombstone and plot at Riverside, who knew. Now I needed something to eat. Oh, the important things in life. I figure you were probably the last person that knew anything about Project Alice. You just officially died Harry. We then kept you apparently dead for several hours Harry. I had your nanobots bring you back without any damage to your heart or body when me and the girls had all the loose ends tied up.

Midnight, the witching hour, several days latter found the four of us parked in front of an apartment complex in the hills overlooking Mission Beach. We were in a late model dark blue panel van marked up as a pizza delivery truck, that somebody had done some heavy modification to. Well that is unless they had started making auto glass that you could turn completely black with the push of a button.

We could look out but nobody could look in. There were a few other gadgets that I figured were not stock. Robbie also bragged that he had modified the lights to not give us away if we had to tail somebody. He said that he got that from watching reruns of cop shows from my era he proudly informed me. It feels like they were designed, no I guess you would have to say genetically engineered for a particular type of client They were real working girls where they came from Harry, ha, ha.

In their case they were working as real plumbers where I got them from. You could say they were bioengineered for their job. They were designed to be small and compact and are much stronger than they look Harry.

Where they were when I found them they could only dream of being owned by a real Master until I offered them the chance. They are just like a bitch dog in heat, openly expressing that they want They are different from most of the others though, because they were given nanobots, and actually trained and educated to do a job. Before their kind, all sex slaves were born sterile, were never educated, and died relatively young for their kind. They were just trained with the nanobots, but never, never, ever allowed to keep the nanobots after the initial training was done.

Where I found them they would never have even seen a man, more or less have a real Master of their own. You yourself was one of the main reasons it was so easy for me to recruit them. I promised them if they came with me and served me fatefully, I would give them their very own Master. He turned Man into a pet and found out he needed Man when he met another Singularity in the future, but by that time it was too late for US on that time line.

OUR future Harry is up to us now. Call this his atonement. HE will probably never even know if you succeed. Well maybe the human race anyway. The interior of the car lit up as several displays came online and lit up the interior of the car. Not light or sound or anything you can scan. One screen seemed to follow Susan into her apartment, where she finished her call on her cell phone, dropped it on the table beside the door, and began to shed clothes even before the door fully closed and locked behind her.

By the time she reached the bed in the next room she was fully naked and just dived onto the bed face down. She seemed to go to sleep the minute she hit the bed. Susan appeared to be a very uninhibited girl. Walking silently to the bedroom door one took out a modified CO2 air pistol and quietly shot a feathered dart into her pretty little exposed ass cheek. Other that a little shudder Susan never even moved or uttered a word.

The shooter waited a little while longer and then approached Susan. Checking her neck for a pulse he gestured to his partner who went out into the hall and rolled in a large trunk. Laying it down they opened it and took out several things. Finally prepared they lifted Susan, placed her in the padded trunk and strapped her in. Then they put something like a gas mask on her and attached a tank to it. When the trunk came out it was loaded into a waiting marked Orange County utility van and off we all went to see the wizard.

Hundreds of surplus ships from W. II and latter Korea. Too old to see active service, but too new to just scuttle someone up there figured. Sometimes just used as target practice by the Navy to test new weapons systems. So the Navy anchors them and gives the Marine Crop the dubious duty of guarding them. Among them are several hospital ships.

We traced Susan to one of the Hope Class hospital ships. We always knew that Susan was duplicated, just like we knew you died. Those facts are fixed in the time line they came from. In fact Ann and her sisters are some of her great, great, great incarnations.

Now we know it was on one of these hospital ships. They would make a perfect base for them to operate from. They are really small cities. They could have even moved them around later to throw off any investigation that got too close. No wonder they never found where the copies were coming from. Can you forgive me Somebody must have shot me again, because the next thing I knew I was awake in a strange bed with Ann hugging my back and Becky curled up in front. A real sexy situation, we were all still fully clothed in T-shirts, jeans and light jackets, with our running shoes scattered all over the room.

Now does someone want to tell me what comes next. We assumed that they were operating from one of the big college labs or Silicon Valley startups up north in LA.

Now we find out that they have commandeered an entire Hope Hospital Ship down here almost on the Mexican border. An entire freaking Hope Hospital Ship, maybe two or more for all we know. Who could have figured this? Anyway Robbie has changed everything now. We are now going to steal their entire operation, lock stock and ship.

Then lunch on the pier next to the jetty latter or maybe try out one of the new Roach Coaches that are always showing up in the parking lots on the edge of the beach. I soon discovered that the girls had two gauzy pullovers that made what they were almost wearing legal in most states.

Even being dead I still looked like a younger version of myself, but way too old and pervy for this jail bait I was with, ha, ha. Five engineers, five medical doctors, ten male nurses and five muscle headed grunts, along with the rouge AI. That makes fifteen copies that we have to deal with. As they are now they are no good to anybody. What we have to decide now is, what do we want to do with them. By the time they came along there were laws that deprived them of any right, they were sterilized at birth, well when they were created anyway, and at the end of their useful life contract they were quietly, but efficiently automatically terminated by another implant which appeared to be a natural heart attack They are only five of a batch of one hundred that were made from their original.

By the way, the original was part of a small breeding pool of females artificially inseminated with a tailored sperm specimen from a large frozen sperm bank. Originals were never educated, but were treated well for the most part. When they were judged mature, ripe I guess you would have to say Harry, they were popped into your machine and duplicated by the hundreds.

I answered with a shrug and observation. I read this story in an Norton Anthology once that put forward the premise, that for some reason people started breeding people to replace cattle as a food source for some reason. Do you understand Robbie, at birth they were maimed and branded. At birth these children were deprived of the ability to communicate with the world around them, or manipulate objects. I paused and allowed Robbie to continue.

Yes, it would be Harry, but effective Harry, very very effective. Expect the worst and you will never be disappointed in your fellow man I always say, ha, ha. We seem to forget history awful fast. And so started our infiltration. After a week we had the Hope ship itself completely isolated and we controlled everything and everyone that went in or came out of the ship.

I was beginning to doubt that there was an AI involved. Nothing I had learned so far precluded a purely human agency from doing all this. So I became restless waiting for Robbie to act. When I came in form the beach the next day, Ann was waiting with a large bound volume of computer printout.

It turns out you can do just about anything with Nanobots. So I decided to give them the same full organic package I had gotten, plus some added features like the ability to control their facial muscles, control of the mellin or skin color, hair color, even the ability to mask or change their fingerprints, and a few other necessary things that I could give them right now.

There were other things that would require time and patience on all our parts. The place to start was the skeleton itself and work outward from there. With the right dietary supplements and a plan of action the bones themselves could be strengthened, modified and reinforced.

The same can be done for the musculature itself. Not only can you grow bigger and better muscles you can add things like carbon to the tissue around vital organs to make them bullet resistant, bulletproof is a much overrated term.

I was intrigued and as a joke asked Robbie if the girls could produce chocolate milk on what I thought was our private channel. I was shocked and embarrassed when all the girls replied that they would think about it and see what they could think up. What kind of Frankenstein monster was I creating? It turns out that individual nanobots are intentionally made rather dumb on purpose. Working as a group like bees or ants they can do just about anything given enough time and the right kinds of raw materials to work with.

In fact removing those specific poisons is the only true function that is actually built into all the nanobots. After that they are directed by an external computer to do or construct other things, Robbie in this instance directs them. In our case they then construct small semi organic computers in different parts of the brain. Because of the communication protocols, Robbie still has the ability to direct all the implants and nanees, unless he intentionally terminates that control.

Robbie explained that the protocols are so deeply encrypted that it is virtually impossible to hack his, well our, implants now.

This had not always been true. The first Nanobots had been developed to remove certain cancer cells. Soon the patients were all dead. Even with their new brain implants it would still be months, if not years, before my fifteen new recruits were intelligent people again.

It would be at least weeks, more likely months, before they could even feed or cloth themselves, more or less hold an intelligent conversation with any of them.

In fact I began to suspect that Robbie knew this all along and had planed it this way from the start. It was too deeply entrenched in the government and military systems to attack directly with any success.

Recording and transferring personalities is much more dangerous than the teleporter ideal ever was. How many people would pay to wake up in a brand new younger body. I would never consider it. The ME would have died. That is not me. With the push of a button all the key human personnel on the base and ship froze in place.

Ann took over the gate and Edith handled the phones. Then under our instructions it was towed to a new position across the bay where it was re-anchored.

The tug then left our area on a new assignment. As soon as the tug was out of sight, Candy and Diane started painting new numbers and a new name on our ship, which now existed in those same computers. In mere hours one entire Hope Hospital ship had effectively disappeared and a new one was created.

Another push of a button and the base personnel resumed their duties, not remembering anything had happened or any time had passed, while the bad guys on the Hope slept on. The blocks will keep them out until we want them to revive and they will not remember anything. The upgrades Robbie gave our implants made us even smarter, but this is just us.

Nobody wants an old overly smart sex slave. Here I had thought they were all teenagers and I was going to be lucky if they were even legal. At the same time I knew that I was going to have a hard time convincing anyone else that they were that old.

Make that impossible, ha, ha. Now I had inherited fifteen more barely legal aged that were going to be just like them in the end. As it was I doubted that any of them would ever be able to buy a beer, or get in the local bar if they were carded for that matter. Even with a proper California drivers license, nobody would believe they were twenty one no matter what the drivers license said.

All it did was split and amplify the original signal through something as simple as a crystal prism. Once the 3D printer part of the process was perfected that was as far as I got with their new part of the project. Mind control and brainwashing did not enter the picture here with the copies anyway. We, well anybody really, with the proper knowledge and drugs can erase short term memory, but we are still years away from being able to transfer long term memory wholesale.

Our problem was filling their empty heads with what we wanted. We needed to figure out how to educate them in the fastest most efficient way possible.

So we started our studies of the most efficient ways to pump information into those pretty little empty heads. Something that Robbie had apparently already given a lot of thought to. We finally decided on an immersion rig and drugs, along with deep hypnosis.

That combined with their implants that allowed us direct access to the proper parts of their brain should speed up the process considerably. While researching these methods we came across several internet sites like Erotic Mind-Control Stories Achives, that gave us all kinds of information and ideals on producing better sex slaves or as they called them Bimbos, but very little on freeing or educating sex slaves to be people. Twisted Minds Limited had a lot of valid rules to follow in maintaining a Harem.

In fact I found that the story, The Perfect Master, by br0dband and Uncle Joe, by b4uweremine , that Candy recommended I read, did give me insight into what all the girls wanted and were feeling about me. For them this was what they were born for, a dream come true. They must sense though that there was a part of me that wanted, no demanded that I free them. That part of me insisted it was wrong to keep, well own another person. I guess we had a lot to work through. They were what was to become my original girls, or First Pod, all the time now.

Yes, I knew in the back of my brain, it would be expected of me at some point, I continued to put it off. No matter how I rationalized it to myself, that part that society had programed, well really conditioned, said these were under age girls, proverbial jail bate. Right now I was happy for the distractions from my odious duties, but do you realize how much time it takes to feed, wash, and diaper fifteen adult babes, when there are only six of you to do the work.

Until now I had never realized how UN-sexy a full grown adult baby could be. I was just thankful that they now make Pampers disposable diapers for adults and we were based on a hospital ship. I also have to say that they certainly smelled almost as good as the bacon did first thing in the morning. Once I commented that they smelled good enough to eat and almost got mobbed. Robbie seemed to think it was extremely funny at the time.

Another six months and they were High School equivalent. So we quit requiring them to submit to the immersion rigs and drugs and just let them study what they wanted to on the Internet, with the addition of a little light hypnosis to help their concentration. Each of the copies was fiercely loyal to me and the group by now. When I took their program apart I found they were programing the copies to be sex slaves just like them, or what they approved of as a sex slave anyway.

I became concerned and tried to stop it, but the programing was already pretty much done and always seemed to mysteriously reappeared as soon as my back was turned.

I tried my best to take it out, but it always wound up back in and finally it was done. It appeared that this Master had very little control over his slaves, Twisted Minds Limited did not know everything, ha, ha. Holzer, that was more like my situation I thought. We had long ago packed up the baddies in boxes and took them off the boat four at a time. We loaded them up into the gray unmarked Navy vans we had requisitioned and drove them out into the sticks somewhere and un-boxed them.

Leaving them on the side of the road waking up as we drove away. Finally they were all gone and I got around to questioning Robbie about where the money and supplies were coming from. What do you have in mind? China, Japan, Korea, the best of the best. They need you to use them. Who am I kidding they would probably love it. They have restrained themselves, at great personal expense I might add, for over a year waiting for you to make use of them.

By the way the copies are all fertile, for some reason they were not sterilized. All six of us met in one of the large exercise rooms on C Deck, with all the other girls either there or tuned in. Twenty terrors I had let loose from either Heaven or Hell, only time would tell which. Think of every sexual fantasy or dream you have ever had, and yes they had had direct access to my deepest dreams and fantasies for over a year now.

Yes, think about it, every dirty thought or repressed memory rattling around in there and imagine that multiplied by twenty and directed directly back into your own head. I was instantly hard, no make that harder than hard. They wanted sex, raw sex, adventureous sex, romantic sex, anyway you can imagine it sex.

They let me know in graphic detail and in living color, smell, and even touch, what they wanted form me and what they were willing to give in return for that pleasure. They needed direct skin to skin contact. They needed to be held and cuddled and told that I loved them.

That I wanted them for themselves and needed them. Most of all they wanted to be loved and needed as persons. Sex is no substitute for love and they wanted to be assured that they were loved and valued for themselves as a person not as an object.

We have waited impatiently an entire year for you to adjust to your new body. We need you now. After mentally conferring among themselves.

They had their own private channel it seemed. They posed me another question. Now what do we do about the copies.

The copies can change their faces, skin and hair color and weight. From now on we will tell you what we need and you will try to fit us into your schedule. We, by the same token, will try to be flexible. To help you, we have helped each girl That day will be devoted entirely to that girl. You can do any activity you want with her.

Play putt putt golf, Hell take up golf itself for all we care, but at the end of dinner that night you will tell her what you expect of her for the night, and then take her to bed. In bed you will have sex with her and sleep with her until the next morning. You will hug and cuddle her all night telling her how wonderful she is and how much you love her.

You are not to worry because every girl has now been implanted with a birth control device in addition to the nanees themselves.

None of your so-called girls will ever become gravid with an unwanted pregnancy Master. We can read your mind all the time Master. We are always tuned in to you Master. We have given you an entire year to regenerate Sir. You could now pass for the age on your drivers license Harry Junior, age 38, ha, ha. Your nanees have regenerated and improved everything, and they are still working on your body.

You are repressing your sex drive Sir. Let go, use what we have given you. Live the dream Harry! Maybe I should explain a few things about what goes into making that beautiful body you are now seeing. There are programs out there that researchers have put together to do just that.

So now we have his likes and dislikes. This is all subjective, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is something to build on, and we find that a lot of it is Jung Gestalt Archetypes, or primordial images, as he first called them.

Even now I can remember my first live sexual fantasy. Now with the nanees the girls could have any body or face they wanted and test it out on me and compare notes with their sisters the same day. I admit that like everyone else I was influenced by events in my youth, those formative teen years. Being male I just admired without any conception of what a female had to endure for male gratification.

My only instruction to the girls was to try for a body that was pleasing to both themselves and me. They promised they would try. So years later I sit here and remember my first experience with world class knockers. I was an Oh so ancient twenty three year old Marine Lance Corporal at the time, trying to talk a big titted Vegas showgirl into going to bed with me. I had been a high roller at the Black Jack table and was more than flush that night.

I had flirted and tipped well and was finally able to wrangle a date and be invited into the dressing rooms back stage. At that time some of the dancers costumes were more like a straight jacket than a headdress.

The headdresses could be four feet high and weigh a ton. This was shortly before every aspiring actress or trophy wife could have both silicone breast and butt implants in the same operation. Then before the honeymoon was really over they could later argue about the custody of those same implants and pet in the later divorce. Oh, hell who am I kidding, the first time I groped a girl on a date in the back seat of my 56 Cheve Bel Air I discovered she had stuffed her bra with nylon stockings and later when she grew up, ha, ha, she bought molded foam rubber falsees.

Sue, Barb, and Jane, the three show girls, that invited me back stage, and who I got to ogle as they changed costumes was a real treat. As an experienced sophisticated man of the world, who am I kidding, it was all I could do not to openly drool like that cartoon wolf with his tongue hanging out howling and panting after the eye candy surrounding me.

Now we call them models. The three I was romancing were just under six foot tall in their stocking feet, naturally slim without dieting to get there, and only a inch shorter than me. Compared to Jane, Sue and Barb were flat chested, and were very much aware of it, even though they were anything but flat chested really. Because of my winnings both here and at Twenty Nine Palms, better known as Twenty Nine Stumps, I had a weeks leave and the papers and base passes to show to prove it.

I had ten days before I had to make formation on Monday morning. In other words the poker game they were running in the barracks was crooked. So I headed for a back to back week in Vegas. I could lie to you and tell you that I played the Black Jack table and won a fortune, but that would be a lie.

As they are quick to tell you this is not entertainment for them, this is a days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day business for those that live here, your only a visitor here. Your just a tourist passing through so keep it that way. Anyway this was a kinder gentler time in Vegas. Viet Nam, better know as just Nam to everybody back then was in full swing. Air America was flying high, and Vegas was doing their patriotic duty as they saw it to entertain the troops.

The rest of the good citizenry were sending their favorite sons and daughters off to Canada to avoid the draft and the more civic minded seemed to be camped outside our gates down at MCRD San Diego protesting the war. First they offered to sprit us off to Canada to desert the unpopular war, then they would spit on us when we laughed at them.

Vegas on the other hand seemed to love us. It was nice of Jimmy to welcomed all the deserters back with open arms to heal the wounds. We all asked what wounds? I guess it was all those holes we all had in our backs? Their grass was always premo, their chocolate brownies loaded with THC additive, better known as marihuana oil, and their women were often uninhibited. Except for the rare exception like Charlie Mansom, they were nonviolent.

One of my most disillusioning moments latter in my life, was when the Hari Cristas became violent. It could be an interesting weekend in San Diego if you wanted to play the game with the Flower Children while you went to electronics school there. Just be sure to bring your own prophylactics, better known as a rubbers. How dare you damage that valuable piece of government property. Anyway back to my wild week in Vegas. If you played your cards right a serviceman could live it up in Vegas if he was smart.

The dealers knew we were the ones with the almost skinned heads weather in cives or uniform, I guess I had a whole inch at the time, a real inch not a Jarhead inch either. The dealers would even let us know that they knew we were Marines and would subtlety tell us when we had reached our limits at their table, if we took the hint we got to keep what we had won.

Of course if we pushed we would start loosing, loosing fast. You had to look at it this way, as long as you was gambling it was free food, liqueur and entertainment. This week I was doing real well. I had started at the smaller casinos and worked my way up the strip. Vegas is constantly renewing itself and reinventing itself. Filet Mignon, baked potato with sour cream, followed up with Longuesta, better known as Cuban Crawfish tail in butter, the Southern version of Maine Lobster, but without the big red claws.

Naturally Jane, Sue and Barb joined us midway through the meal. Before I knew it I had a complimentary suite, and tickets for several of the headliner shows. Late that night I found myself back stage with a bunch of naked, well seminude at least choirs line girls changing between shows waiting for their shift to end.

Vegas itself never sleeps, but us mere mortals have to. Prostitution is legal in Nevada, just not in the city limits of Vegas, which has nothing to do with sex between two consenting adults, though there are a lot of laws on the books about prohibited unnatural sex acts and what they were, even in Nevada at that time some things were frowned upon. I will admit if this had been before my induction into the Corp I would probably have been hiding under my chair not sitting calmly in it.

So finally the girls backed off a little and a few of them sat down and started telling me about how us males did not appreciate what they have to go through to support that impressive rack. How they would do anything for just a little back relief sometimes. They all had even contemplated the radical new breast reduction surgery the AMA was lauding as the answer to all their complaints, but most admitted that they were as hooked on the attention their breasts get them as I am.

Most would admit that since puberty struck, and they sprouted early, they had always been special because of their breasts. After that it became a conditioned response, want something thrust out those breasts. Most would even admit they got high on the male response to their breasts, which became a conditioned response in the men they flirted with and dated.

From their perspective, in a world full of other women they were special, without their breasts they would be nothing, the loss would completely shatter and destroy their whole world view, leading to depression, suicide attempts, and eventually death as a probable outcome. That is why breast cancer is so devastating to most, if not all women, and why reconstructive surgery is so necessary and important to cancer survivors.

For a moment I was confused. There were only women around me, I had thought. I was to learn that like in the ballet and opera, men, transvestites, better known then as queers, were the main stay of the chorus line on most of the Vegas stage shows. They ran as a group and wandered downtown where they managed to get picked up by George and company.

Weeks latter they came back to MCRD and bragged about these hot chicks they had met and had hot sex with all weekend up in the hills. While describing them I realized they had gone home with George and company.

I waited and finally it was confirmed so I let them know at our weekly poker game that their hot dates were really men. That the hot pussy was a dick. I admit I thought, well really hoped I guess, they would come after me. Unknown to me they had been shacking up with George and company on a regular basis for weeks. The next thing I knew all three of the good old boys were in the hospital. George had beat the shit out of them and then, talk about insult onto injury, he then had them arrested by SDPD and then turned over to the Navy Shore Patrol.

After that the group broke up and I never turned my back on them again. Of course they never gave me anymore trouble after that either. As a foot note to this, Miss Sid was later shot in the back, it was in all the papers in Alabama at the time. I understand he was shot four times in the back with a The State had to send down a special prosecutor. It was admitted that Sid was leaving and had not threatened the man that shot him in any way.

On the stand the shooter stated that he had to kill the queer and the only way he could safely do that was to shoot him in the back. The good old boys on the red neck jury found him not guilty and released him, ruling it self-defense.

To put it simply, the human body is not really designed to support big breasts and walk around upright. With enough injected silicone breasts could be enlarged, butts padded, and the face structure changed. As a result of the immune systems attack the silicone was encapsulated as a foreign body and the human body tried to rejected it. The result was the recipient became extremely sick. A few years later some of the bigger plastics companies like Dow developed the first so-called silicone breast implants.

Notice I said resistant, not immune. Everyone knew the implants would eventually start leaking and have to be replaced, but that was in the future. As a side note let me point out that heart transplants only became possible because of the anti rejection drugs they later developed. The operation itself had been perfected years before. Nobody died of the operation anymore, they died of organ rejection.

With the nanobots, we now all had, it became possible to design both the breast itself and the underlying musculature to handle them and even modify the spine and ribcage itself.

When I was young my Mother bought us a set of Encyclopedia Britannia. Each transparent page, like the skin of an onion, could be peeled back revealing everything under the skin, muscle, fat cells, blood vessels, organs, everything.

When altering the face or breast there are many ways to go about it. With the nanees you could grow or alter bone, grow or alter muscle or add fat cells, or variable amounts of all these and other things with the same results, but different feels or textures.

My girls made a study of wiggles, jiggles and sways with and without bras. They even experimented with lactating to see my response. Finally, inevitably, they got around to morphing into girls I had had a crush on in high school. Yes they knew them all. Then they got into young girls, girls in Catholic school girl uniforms, cheerleaders, finally girls that were just obviously jail bait. That was where I finally drew the line.

The line between fantasy and reality can become really really thin and with absolute power comes absolute corruption, which I tried to avoid as much as possible.

Before you get all sanctimonious on me about the age of consent thing I wish to point out a few things from a lawyers point of view. Not as a debate on the subject mind you, just facts. First, the age of consent is not fixed in stone.

I think we all remember Jerry Lee Lewis and just the other day a 10 year old was married off, with her parents consent in Mississippi. At least 48 states are trying to pass laws to make the age of consent uniform. It was a unrebuttable presumption that a juvenile young person could not form the intent necessary to commit the crime. Fourth, there are certain images that solicit involuntary male responses and seem to be Jung Gestalt Racial Archetypes, certain Primal Images.

Fifth, until recently women were protected in much the same way any prized breeding stock is protected, and not even allowed to vote or own property. These are just facts, deal with it. There is no one size fits all. After working for years to pass laws and get habitual drunks off our roads God save us all from the drug addicts out there today and prosecuted for intentional homicide.

We got a three time loser, no license, not even supposed to own a car, who runs over a man standing in front of his own mail box. Everybody is aware of Maranda, of course nobody remembers the next man that appealed a case that was exactly the same as Mranda. Only blacks have Civil Rights. Civil Rights are not equal rights for everybody. Now enough soap box, I finally wound up with all three girls taking me back to their economy apartment instead of my suite. Really there were two large rooms and a bath shower room, closet, whatever.

They had two twin beds and one queen size. The room divider acted as their coat hanger and a sofa that pulled out made up a fourth bed for guests. They also had a small box refrigerator and toaster oven. How they wanted to know. I know nerve clusters and pressure points and can massage out all your kinks and teach you how to do each other I bragged.

If this had been back at base it would have been the ever popular evergreen smelling mentholated A Bomb the medics handed out. Here I warmed my hands over the chafing dish food warmer things flame, something that one of the girls had come up with. Unlike us macho men girls are delicate little things. Of course she was face down on her single bed while I was doing all this. I started from the soles of her feet and worked up from there. As I worked I pointed out the major muscle groups, nerve clusters and other parts of interest along the way.

Then I explained how to get them to relax and relieve the stress and trauma those muscles were under right now. Personally the two areas I had the most experience with are my own groan muscles, strained from over extended kicks and too much time trying to maintain a full lotus on the mat. Plus the insides of my arms and legs developing knotty Charley Horses, gifts from my instructor as punishment for missed blocks.

Pain is good young man! Pain lets you know your alive! So after I did them both, I sacked out on the sofa with a pink blanket one of the girls had been kind enough to provide before she zoned out.

I was so wasted by then I went right to sleep, not even having dreams of naked women jumping over the moon, or anything else for that matter. When I rolled out of bed the next morning I was surprised to discover the girls still sleeping like I had left them last night, still snoring.

Hey, girls snore too. I left them like they were and did a little stretching exercise of my own to remove a few little kinks from my own spine. After they got up I found that they had some hard and fast house rules, nobody brings home a date, no sex in the house, and any male they brought home has to be gone before they lock up. Technically they had violated all three rules, because they all agreed my massage was much better than sex and they wanted more, but right now they were starved and needed to be fed so come along.

Turned out that the employees of the casinos ate free from what was left over, much like the Corp and midnight chow. Breakfast was like a giant smorgasbord. The steam cabinets were full of just about anything you could imagine and that even extended to drinks. Some of the wine bottles had never even been opened. Though I never had intercourse with any of them, management actually discouraged it on the premise, I got to play with all of them as long as I followed the rules.

If companionship had not been enough, I told myself, I had money now and there were several whore houses just outside of city limits if I just wanted sex. It was an interesting week never to be repeated, but always remembered. He liked to brag he had been everywhere, seen and done it all. Then he had started on men the same way as the women, and in the same order probably. He had probably tried alcohol too in his youth, but never became addicted to it, just familiar. Latter he had indulged in most of the other so-called recreational drugs which he understood and avoided using most of the time.

He found they had no control over him, though there was probably a ready supply close at hand for his special friends and guests. The same was true of the beautiful women, and men for that matter, that surrounded us right now. They were just objects that had lost their luster for him.

They were just lures nothing more. Sex has become a game and he has come to rely on the little blue pill to get and keep it up.

At one time psychology said people were one of three things, social, antisocial, or asocial. Latter asocial became psychopath, an asexual person will screw anything that walks, crawls, or slithers across his path if it catches his interest. I will let you choose where to put John on the list, knowing that he has never forcibly raped anyone yet.

Before the end of the week Johnny had made his move and sprang his trap. I had drank his Scotch in moderation, declined his drugs absolutely, and avoided the always available supply of pills within reach. Usually there was a big bowl set out on a nearby table full of every color of pill you could possibly imagine, every color with a name associated with it, like reds are Reds Birds and the yellow and purple ones are Yellow Jackets and on and on. In the end I had chosen not to experiment with the other sex or get too kinky with the women.

I parted company with John on amiable terms on Saturday in my 56 Cheve Bel Air v8 headed back to base. I still had an open invitation to visit him at his small home, estate in Palm Springs if I ever decided to try out the style. I now had twenty hot women to satisfy. Hey, they are my household now!

Now honestly I ask you, would that have been any better a name? So it came as no great surprise when Ann and Becky set up Sex Education , with Edith and Daine as teachers and Candy as our ever so delightful demonstration model, that evening. After we all divested ourselves of our unneeded clothing, Candy was lain out on the bed and I was given the grand tour of all her most sensitive erotic parts by Edith and Daine, finally winding back up at her clit and pussy lips.

There it was, no doubt about it, a healthy, intact annular hymen just like Robbie, Edith and Daine had said. They were all virgins.

Her vagina was smaller than normal I judged, and shiny with vaginal excretion and exuded the odor of her excitement for all of us to smell. The clitoral shaft was deep and pronounced, the hood short, and the clitoris itself fat and extended with excited arousal.

It was also low-set Penthouse Forum, the so called expert in these matters as I remembered it, says that about seventy percent of women will go through an entire lifetime failing to reach a full orgasm during coitus naturally. Just think about that, she would never have a complete orgasm through normal regular sex because of a mistake of Mother Nature. Young Candy here though, and her four other identical Pod sisters, were built, no make that genetically engineered I reminded myself, for pleasure during intercourse it seemed.

I personally had no experience with virgins and only knew there might be excessive bleeding when penetration occurred Well the gospel according to Ann anyway, is that bleeding is mostly due to abrasion from lack of natural lubrication, who knew? He was also the one that introduced us all to oral sex with the opposite sex in the first place.

According to him eating pussy is similar to eating raw oysters out of the shell, in both cases the taste and texture are the same he claimed.

Honestly I had never cultivated a taste for raw oysters until now either. I was really beginning to get into this hands on practice training now that we were getting to the good parts.

Usually, it is not this visible, but when a woman gets aroused, it pops out of its hood. The trick of getting her off is to not touch it too much. Rubbing the base of it through the folds or gently flick it in a teasing manner with a finger or better yet a tongue is the ticket to getting any woman off.

You really need to remember what a woman really wants is variation, variation, and more variation. There are other parts down there that are sensitive too, like the crease between her inner and outer lips. The clit is the little bump above the opening. Wet your lips, put your lips around her clit, and suck it into your mouth gently and keep sucking just a little harder Giving Candy a number of tentative, testing licks, I soon found the nubbin and wrapped my lips around it, as directed, then using two fingers and then three to penetrate her pussy lips I reached first base as Edith wanted to call it.

Pushing in and out at a steady pace while increasing the strength of my suction and tongue action I worked on the squirming Candy. Something I had been looking forward to all along. Now that I had satisfied them they wanted to satisfy me, which I was more than ready for now. Breasts, nipples, the hollow of her neck, even her belly button, and never forget that most important, the almost mystical G-Spot.

All of these are an erotic turn on for women. While I was out they had run a series of pictures and short video clips by me. They downloaded all this from the internet and other places. Women from every segment of society and parts of the world both past and present.

They had done this with dressed and undressed versions of them, short and tall versions, large and small breasts, high heels and flats and other things.

They cataloged my reactions while I was under the influence of the drugs and nanees, and by this time they knew more about my sexual preferences than I did. With that information the girls were then allowed to create their own character. It was somewhat disconcerting for awhile.

I would start out my date in the morning with one girl, arrive home with another, go to bed with another, and wake up with yet another, only to realize as she was leaving the next morning it had all been the same girl.

They read my mind and adjusted their bodies to meet with my approval. Sure the changes were small subtle things, not major or drastic for the most part, but all together they were disconcerting. If I liked blue eyes, how blue. Blond hair, how blond. White skin, how white. Black, how black or what shade of black.

Then we started on breasts, areolas and nipples and their variations. It was disconcerting to watch the girl of your dreams, become the goddess of your dreams before your very eyes.

To say that the next month was interesting is the understatement of all time, I never stood a chance and they all knew it. I would be more than happy when they finally settled down into a permanent face and body. We started life at the same moment of creation for us. We had the same thought at the same time.

Discovered each other at the same time, and discovered our other sisters at the same time through the implants. I have been chosen to record our first memories of our new lives. What makes us tick as Robbie says. Master, Harry Evans, has explained what happened to us and I even think I understand most of it. All my loyalties lay with Master and the Hive now.

Both A and B Pods are from the foster care system and have nobody, but us now. Ann and the First Pod has explained that we are more than human now.

We are a gestalt, a collective of the ego , the personal unconscious , and the collective unconscious. Jung believed that the human mind retains fundamental, unconscious, biological aspects of all of our ancestors. These primordial images, as he initially dubbed them, serve as a basic foundation of how to be human, or as now more than human. In our case we were female, primal female, for one man our Master. Together we are the syzygy Jung said represented completion, unification, and wholeness.

In other words we are his females. WE chose to complete the entire course of sex slave training First Pod set up. There was no other real choice of action for us that we could see. Creating the self in us occurred through a process known as individuation, in which the various aspects of our personality was integrated into the whole of the Hive. It is the self that lies at the center of personality that encompasses not only consciousness, but also includes the ego and the unconscious mind.

You can visualize this by imagining a circle with a dot right in the center. The entire circle makes up the self, where the small dot in the middle represents the ego. We are the Hive, but Harry is our center. Everything grows from that. Maybe one day we will grow into something else, something different, something better even. Nothing stays the same forever, everything evolves or dies, but for now this is the only way we can think of our new world.

What we feel for Master is not love like the First Pod feels. We can feel what they feel, but ours is much deeper we all feel. For us it is more than love, it is a need to strive for completeness, a need to belong to be whole. To be all we can be for Master Harry and the Hive. After the inventive application of maple syrup and pineapple slices on you girls that first night, I mentioned to Cherry that once I saw this one movie where the girl was suspended from a chandelier and the next thing I know her and China were trying to get one for their next dates.

Could you tell the girls that I like variety. With those friends to sponsor us everybody would look the other way about such things as false identities and spotty pasts. Heck your even a former Marine in your new life too. It also seems that the records in the computers were somehow purged and nobody can account for where the money went or what it was spent on. The powers that be would prosecute, but the doctors have declared the researchers to be mentally incompetent, unable to stand trial in their current condition.

You know nanobots are impossible Harry. Besides what nanobots Dr. You just have to think that command, you understand I cannot recommend it, but it might become necessary at some point. The girls on the other hand are programed to fight capture, but if captured and about to be tortured the girl lapses into a short coma.

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