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Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Connection is at the heart of Announcing the CMO50 for Making the most of martech for revenue and Australian CMOs are some of the bravest. Popular Undergoing a digital marketing renaissance Natasha Daly leaves Ola Making the most of martech for revenue and CX Going beyond chatbots to avatars: Michael Jenkins Founder and director, Shout agency. Designing for a cashless society More movement has been made toward a cashless society recently, and already we are starting to see enormous implications across our society.

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I was very young when it was around in the 70s but I thought it was sooo cool because it had two kitty corner entrances. Newberrys was a five and dime. They had a great notions dept. I loved the basement of that store. I think they were where the Old Navy store is now. I remember when my best friend walked into and through one of the doors of the Chandler store.

Before they required the cross bars and safety glass. I remember playing on the pinball machine in the back. November 12th, at 8: Michelle, also remember that Newberrys back then was was much larger in terms of selling space than what it ended up as by the time it closed. At one time there was an outside entrance that was eventually walled off.

Bill taylor March 15th, at 5: I remember the west wing had a liquor store and a magic shop. The mall was managed by Franklin Frank and his son Kenny assisted him. I believe that the original Petland was there and they kept their tropical fish stock in the basement for the mall location as well as other branch stores on Long Island.

Mike May 19th, at 2: Thanks for the memories! One of the outparcel restaurants was a Ground Round, where my wife and I went on our first date. Mike, I see a much different Hicksville than you all do. I remember when they built Division Ave and the library by the old high school on Jerulsalem.

I grew up off 5th Ave and Brooks Street. We grew up in jericho and the Gertz parfait was always the highlight of going to the mall. It is one of those memories that I have to wonder if it could have been as good as I seem remember it being — but judging from these posts it must have been! The most original and delicious pizza around. Thin crusted sicilian rectangles with a rectangle of cheese centered on each slice. Crispy, bubbly, and hot. They were not too big;my brother and I would eat 5 slices each.

I have been hunting for its equivalent for years and have found some close, but not quite as good. If anyone knows of anything close, please post it here. Does anyone remember the pizza place in Roosevelt Field that had very similiar pizza? Was it called Supreme? I remember a green sign….

It is the same Pizza. I go at least once a month. I guess nobody knows the recipe or the people who created those parfaits they were never duplicated-I returned to that mall recently sad that nothing stays the same. Richard September 21st, at My dad put me on his shoulders and we were only about 30 feet from the podium they were on.

Second, Any one remember the slot cars down stairs? I do, went there often! November 9th, at December 29th, at 3: Jim, So where is the recipe? Did you ever get a reply from Richard? I would love to get the Gertz malt recipe too…Pass it along if you get it…thanks Jim. Richard October 16th, at 3: Surprised that nobody mentions the large Chinese restaurant, Longs, that operated in the western part of the mall for years. It was popular for take-out, and I remember well having to walk into the kitchen to pick up the order, which always came in a brown paper bag with the menue and bill stapled at the top.

Kress and the Kresges stores, as well as Frankels and Franklin Simon. Lastly, I will bet nobody remembers this. Just before the mall was built in the 50s, the Ringling Bros. The elephants and entire show unloaded at the Hicksville train station and moves over to the open site. I also remember the very good malted Getz used to sell in the western side of the store on the main floor. You could get strawberry or choc syrup and all for 15 cents! March 10th, at 5: Yum, I wish I had one right now….

Tom December 7th, at 6: I grew up in this mall. Some of my ear;iest memories are inside that old Korvettes. I ;oved that store. I actually got in there when I was about 10 years old in We had some Cub Scout function outside the mall entrance to the store.

They opened the fogged up sliding doors to the store a liitle bit so we could store supplies. I took the opprtunity to explore as some of the lights were on inside the store. The place looked like it was stopped in time! The place stood empty for another ten years. Frankels was next to Korvettes. Remember when the building was white? The old Ground Round out on the street was the besr as a kid. Who remembers the DMV office downstairs This was when each mall had its own personality.

Nick December 15th, at Hey Tom, I remember everything you remember. We were in Troop in Hicksville and I was at that cub scout troop! I worked in the mall for 9 years at the Ice Cream Corner.

My friends Mike and Barbara owned it. We may know each other if you were in my troop. January 27th, at 9: Sandra February 4th, at February 14th, at 1: April 12th, at Ed Moss February 26th, at 7: At the present time I am freinds with a number of Simon potential new owners family and employees. These pictures and comments bring back very fond memories to this old man. At the present time am freinds with a number of Simon potential new owners family and employees.

Thes pictures bring back very fond memories to this old man. Jennifer March 2nd, at 9: I grew up at this mall too.. When I was a kid however my greatest memory was seeing John Travolta at Korvettes. He had just put out an album and was going to do a record signing. The crowd was too large so they rushed him off to the roof and the crowd gathered in the lot and he did the Barbarino dance from the room top. I remember this so clearly because it was the same day that I was making my communion and wore my communion dress to the occasion…boy do I miss the Plaza!!

Robby July 15th, at 1: I discovered the mall in , after I was all grown up. It was still called Mid-Island then. I made the scene too late for those wonderful-sounding frozen custard treats, but now I want one. But it was worth it now and then to go to My Pie, the only deep-dish pizza on Long Island. I could spend hours there. Oh, when I was young and stupid. I worked at the Mid Island shopping center in at the S J Kleins department store as an 18 year old Security Guard, standing at the doorways, watching for shoplifters.

I also knew a guy at the B Dalton bookstore named Steve, a real nice guy. Gertz was also there and 2years earlier, at the age of 16, my brother 18 showed me a book called the Primal Scream, the Cure for Neurosis.

It became our bible as we had had a very rough childhood and felt we needed emotional help and we decided that we would seek this therapy out. Mid Island Plaza Shopping Center is how we called it. I used to go to Agway and buy gardening supplies.

As a kid, gardening was my hobby. I used to pick up peat pots and seed starter mix. We spent many days at Mid Island. We lived in Levittown and it took us about 15 minutes to get there. This shopping center was one of the few happy places of my childhood.

Yes, I remember the pizza place in the center of the mall. Thanks for reminding me. Ice cream malts from Gertz — the best treat to think they were only 10 cents when I was a kid. I am 66 years old. I believe it was in the basement at Gertz. I would bring my little sister there by bus from Carman Ave. Life was so much safer for kids then. Dan August 28th, at 7: It has made me so nostalgic to read these comments! Kenny Rohan September 1st, at 9: It triggered a lot of memories which led me to search out this site.

I grew-up right behind Sears on Bay Ave. My brother and sister remember Sears as a potato farm and then and abandoned field which they played in. I was to young to remember that. We lived so close we usually walked to the plaza unless the car was required for heavy shopping.

I too have the same fond memories shared by others on this site. It had a large tree in the middle and small kiddie rides around it. It was in front of the Twin movie theaters where Ikea is now. I think it ran only in the warm months. I think it ran for a couple of years, though. Bill, …and yes, I remember the big, weird tree. It was sort of like the rides kind of grew up and around it. I think the merry go round actually had a brass ring you could try to grab.

I was very little and was terrified to reach out for it, but the big kids could. November 9th, at 3: Karen October 20th, at Still live in Hicksville. Go on Old Country Road heading West. Go over Wantagh Parkway and make the first right onto Frost Street. FF was all the way at the end.

Those were the daze!! Bus 35c to the mall!! March 15th, at 6: There was a time long ago the Pizza and a cold draught beer in the bar at The Coldstream was pretty darned good! Bill April 6th, at 5: Then it became Boston Market which I think it still is. The corn on the cob was good. Whenever I had them, they were from the Hicksville store, and they were downright foul!

I think they never changed the oil in the fryvats, they only kept topping it up. Melinda April 19th, at 7: Big brother does to the point of describing the spoon was like a long-handled teaspoon with a twist in the middle , but not me.

June 12th, at I have read most of the posts here about what it was like. One time a saw the blond haired lady adding more of the mix to the machine that made it. She put several half gallon containers of a premixed milk based product into the machine and turned it on.

I have tried to recall or read about what the true name of the dessert was called originally, but have not heard the right name. October 16th, at 9: Chris July 11th, at 5: Many people have good memories! I worked at Gertz from April November Back then, Gertz used all 5 floors, for selling, with the fifth holding toys, sporting goods, cameras, records, books, stationery and housewares.

Of course there was the basement store and Long Island restaurant. The upper level was added at one of the wings in the 90s, when the movie theater was located upstairs along with the food court. Gertz also had two outside buildings. One near the store which over the years served as furniture outlet, garden shop, and various other departments, and further out in the parking lot a tire and auto repair center. Beth August 31st, at It was some kind of whipped ice cream or custard. Matt September 4th, at 9: Thanks for all these memories guys.

Standouts for me were like, Nuberrys, Hurdy Gurdy. Chas October 13th, at 9: Fond memories about the Gertz parfaits. Also, this dessert made me thirsty. Do you remember the water fountain that was there? FlyByNite January 2nd, at I remeber this went up that summer and was taken down shortly thereafter. I remember walking through as a small kid and even then thinking how tight it was for a store.

It was pretty cool to see the cockpit open for observational gimick I suppose. February 11th, at 8: Robin April 11th, at 8: I grew up in Hicksville and still shop at the Broadway Mall. I have fond memories of Mis Island Plaza, which was adjacent to my elementary school. And a Kosher deli. The electronic store was Lectronic City.

Gertz had a snack bar near the mens department entrances that sold soft ice cream with syrup for ten or fifteen cents. SEAN August 24th, at 8: There just happens to be one in Carl Place 1. As a footnote on Roosevelt Field, a new wing featuring Nassau Counties first Neiman Marcus is scheduled to open in August 26th, at 8: Jack Bellan October 19th, at 8: My father was the corporate physician for the department store.

He started in Jamaica and moved to Hicksville because of the Gertz at the mall. Yes Gertz had a more fomal restaurant and snack bar. Some stores in the mall were EJ Korvette at the north end. Andrews Men clothes and Lorrys Mens Clothes. My father bought clothes at both. JJ Newberrys had the worst smell from popcorn and candy sold at the entrance.

ABC records-where in the 70s a group of ypung girls were looking at some records and saw Paul McCartney and Wings albums and then commented that he was also in some group named the Beatles, they never heard of them.

Must have been mids. It will always be Mid-Island to me. Eric Williams October 19th, at 8: I remember my manager was a tough young woman who like a football coach whipped the staff into condition. I worked both the stock room and jewelry and during my last years a really great manager…John took over. Consumers became the present day …Amazon! Rocky November 22nd, at No conversation about Mid Island will ever be complete without talking about the Sunflower Shop, the first store on your right when you entered the mall from the East main entrance.

In the back of the store was a black light room, with black lights and black light posters. They had chairs in this room dso you could go in and sit dow. Was pretty sick when I think back on it now, but you were really cool then if you had the cajones to go sit in the Sunflower Black Light room.

Import Alley opened soon thereafter in the northern wing of the mall, and it was a really innocuous store of cheap Asian imports…but what paid their rent was that they sold pot pipes! Next to the Twin Movie Theaters was an outdoor type place, sold fishing and hunting and camping gear…you had to enter from the outside, there were two levels, one at street level and one down a flight of stairs…not a great business, but the owner got rich in the course of a two year period in and 72, because he had the only store in the area that sold these hideous looking drab pale green parkas with a fur-lined hood.

For some reason, these parkas became a fad among Long Island teens, and this guy could not get them in fast enough to meet the herd mentality of teens. One of those strange things you remember from your youth…like the streaking fad in The woman who was the head of mall security, always dressed up like a Canadian mounted police person, her jet-black hair looked like it was cut by putting a bowl over her head and cutting around it.

Spent some of the best years of her life chasing kids out of the mall on Saturdays…that was her contribution to the world. I think she was probably the first lesbian I ever saw, maybe the second after the elementary school gym teacher who looked like a Russian weightlifter.

And then there was Deutsche Jewelers, a couple of store to the east of Gertz…they made a lot of money selling those sterling silver i. March 1st, at 9: Or something nearly of the same description and it would absolutely have had a liner and fur lined hood if it was the real deal.

Today they are hard to come by, expensive, and reissues by Ben Sherman etc. Just conjecture but they would probably have been heard to come by in those days except a good solid Army-Navy shop, etc.

Or mini-bikes the smaller motorized motocross style bikes with wide but short deepish leather thick seat etc. Susan December 15th, at 4: Spent much of my childhood at Mid Island Plaza.

From the dessert at Gertz to Pizza and going next store to buy a single record at the record shop life was good Arround through worked at the movie theatre as a candy girl. Th ushers would help people to their seats and wore tuxedos. There was a guy there that I thought was so cute.

Black hair blue eyes. To this day I thought it was Alec Baldwin. When I was 14 my mom would allow me to take a bus from the back of the mall to Jones Beach. I remember when the Hicksville Mall was built. In I was working as a window trimmer and we had Andrews as an account. Back then it was a corner store near Gertz. Later when the mall was closed in it moved to a more central location.

The owner of the store got his start selling clothing at the Farmer Market. The Hicksville store was his first one. He later opened two others one at Roosevelt Field and the other in Bayshore.

Alison January 1st, at Born , grew up in Syosset, now I live in Hicksville. I especially remember the giant star. Does anyone know where there are old photos I can show my kids? I remember a slot car racing club in a basement. I think that building was demolished? Syosset still does not have buses!

I also remember a tool store by where IKEA is. February 12th, at Alison, That tool store was called U. Rick Levenberg March 10th, at My grandmother took me to the Gertz in Queens for the frozen custard with the chocolate syrup a few times and my mother took me to the Gertz in the Mid Island Shopping Center in Hicksville many times in the s.

For those of you who never had the pleasure of having this delicious frozen dessert, it was not a drink and it was nothing like an egg cream. I remember it as being vanilla flavored very soft custardlike ice cream. I do remember that they washed the tall glasses right there and I do remember the glasses being warm a lot of times.

I only tried the strawberry sauce once and the other 25 or so times I had this dessert, I had it with the chocolate sauce. I think it was a very fluffy frozen curstard that had a lot of air in it. I had this dessert for the first tim when I was about 4 or 5 years old and I believe I had it for the last time when I was about 8, 9 or 10 years old. I wonder if I had it today, would I enjoy it as much as I did when I was a young child. My favorite moment was when they handed me my Gertz frozen custard.

And I hated it when I was finished with it and there was nothing left in my tall glass. If I close my eyes and think really hard, I can sort of remember the taste, the texture of the Gertz frozen custard. It was sort of like Dairy Queen but more custardy and fluffier. September 4th, at 1: Rick Levenberg, I can remember the taste, too. The recipe must be somewhere. I was 10 more or less. Ken March 14th, at 8: SEAN July 28th, at It appears the building is being refaced to give it an updated look.

Chances are that Vornado will sell the rest of their retail assets to raise capital. SEAN March 6th, at 6: The real estate investment trust said on Feb. Within retail, KKR has bought three regional malls, including Broadway Mall, and one outlet center since it formed a real estate unit in Broadway Mall was built in as an open-air center, enclosed in and renovated in , according to Cushman.

To contact the reporter on this story: Hui-yong Yu in Seattle at hyu bloomberg. To contact the editor responsible for this story: Kara Wetzel at kwetzel bloomberg. Doc Bruce December 5th, at 3: Most of these places have changed pretty drastically, and not for the better. I grew up hanging out here constantly even riding my bike or taking the bus to and from here all the time every week really, from the later 70 to later 80s, when I still lived in Levittown moved out in They did away with the buses to the mall a few years ago, apparently.

I pine for the days of the Hicksville Twin Cinemas that used to be at Mid Island Plaza, where a bunch of us kiddies saw Star Wars for the first time in , it was either opening week or the following one. I still have my orig. SW program book from that somewhere here. Bob B July 26th, at 7: Matt August 13th, at Lived in Hicksville until One was a craft store, Loki Crafts, where I bought many of my plastic car models and the other was Cherry Hill bookstore.

If I remember correctly both of them were on the same side where the Longs Chinese restaurant used to be. The third store was a RadioShack located on the backside of the mall which was only accessible through its own entrance from the parking lot and not from a mall entrance. I remember working at the Bonds clothing store one summer before college. Used all my commissions to pay for my college wardrobe next year.

When people mention Electronic City, all I need to do is look over to the stereo cassette boombox I bought there and I still have. Damn thing still works. I do have a vague recollection of Louie.

One post was about the popcorn smell and Newberries. I can still remember that smell. They had one of the best toy departments so you had to pass the smell in order to get to the toys. I believe the toy department was downstairs. Hicksville sure has changed. The one post that mentioned that it was much safer for children back then sure hit the nail on the head. Going to Mid Island Plaza was an event, something to be looked forward to.

There was another post that mentioned that back then each mall had its own personality. That is so true. Lucky for all the people posting here we can relive good memories in both text and pictures. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

Browse by state to find photos, histories and discussion about shopping centers throughout the U. May 25th, at 7: May 22nd, at 9: I would like to talk to you about the mall. Thanks, Denise [ Reply ]. Paul [ Reply ]. April 5th, at 6: April 7th, at 8: May 25th, at 8: May 3rd, at 8: May 17th, at 5: Those were the days I wish they never went away… [ Reply ] susan kunnemeyer Reply: Does anyone remember the pizza place with the metal trays. A slice pizza and soda was. May 27th, at 7: A black and white was an chocolate soda with vanilla ice cream.

I went on my first date and married the girl and we are still trying to find some place like mi pii…… [ Reply ].

Cheers, Scott [ Reply ]. At one time there was an outside entrance that was eventually walled off [ Reply ].

June 20th, at 7: Does anyone remember when they handed out tokens for prizes for the mall? I am talking about [ Reply ]. April 8th, at 8: It did have a white fence.

In the back, [ Reply ]. It was not ice cream, it had no malt in it, it was not like Carvel, it is not a pudding. I have found anything like it in the last 50 years. You can not make it yourself.

If anyone recalls what Gertz called that dessert, please post it here! Thanks for the fond memories, Rich [ Reply ] Chris Reply: July 11th, at 6: LI NY [ Reply ]. Scott Briggs [ Reply ]. Click to cancel reply. Browse our directory Browse by state to find photos, histories and discussion about shopping centers throughout the U.

Dallas Galleria is not as upscale as it used to be. As much as I hate advertising, I have a retail blog of my own and I am trying to bring traffic to it Does anybody know the names of any of the smaller stores that were in North Hills Mall. I think there was a small This mall will be closed soon, and the rumor is that the new owners will be knocking it down.

I have photos from Photos from Labelscar's Flickr page. Racial identity also held a lot of debate in , after Rachel Dolezal, a white woman presenting herself as a black woman, said she identified as biracial or transracial. Our Word of the Year in reflected the many facets of identity that surfaced that year.

In , we selected xenophobia as our Word of the Year. Fear of the "other" was a huge theme in , from Brexit to President Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric. Despite being chosen as the Word of the Year, xenophobia is not to be celebrated. It was a year of real awakening to complicity in various sectors of society, from politics to pop culture.

From our Word of the Year announcement:. Our choice for Word of the Year is as much about what is visible as it is about what is not. We must not let this continue to be the norm. If we do, then we are all complicit. Everything After Z by Dictionary. These are the words that defined Change It wasn't trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Tergiversate This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us.

Bluster In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for Here's an excerpt from our release that year that gives a pretty good explanation for our choice: Privacy We got serious in Identity Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in Xenophobia In , we selected xenophobia as our Word of the Year. From our Word of the Year announcement: Sign up for our Newsletter!

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