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Fuck in suffolk

Fuck in suffolk

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Fuck in suffolk

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Posted by metrolinecoach on Sat Oct 31 Posted by mac on Sat Oct 31 Posted by aznboy on Sat Oct 31 Posted by Easy on Sat Oct 31 Posted by exgreenbusdriver on Sun Nov 1 Posted by ntrainride on Sun Nov 1 I can deal with the schedules and the condition of the buses. But why must the drivers try to act like a "friend" to the riders? It's not a professional attitude and it's sometimes disturbing to hear all that jawing going on. I don't want to be a pal to anybody on the bus, I just want to sit there quietly and enjoy the ride.

But people jump on and greet the driver like an old buddy, and the driver responds in kind. Takes away something from the expectation of an anonymous, efficient ride on a transit system vehicle. I suppose part of that is due to the fact that Suffolk County definitely hasn't lost aspects of its rural past.

I get that "ve're in Hootersville, dahling" feeling sometimes when I ride on some routes out here. It's ridiculously obvious that S. No offense but a being an S. It's like they think they're driving a taxi instead of a bus. Post a New Response. Many systems are like that, its just that the MTA is so strict with rules.

If the MTA takes over you'll get your wish I'm sure. I dont care if the driver is talking with a passenger or not, as long as they drive the bus fine thats all I care. ST drivers seem to do a better job making time compared to MTA drivers. So the MTA's rules do nothing to improve service.

I guarantee you that Suffolk County isn't the only agency that has drivers that yuck it up with certain passengers typically regular. You'll find this is the case in place like Suffolk County where people tend to ride with the same driver daily since the schedule is infrequent.

I must respectfully disagree with you opinion. If people want to talk as they drive safely , talk in a reasonably quiet voice! Just don't bother people who want to sit and be quiet, tis all. I'd prefer it to the cold, emotionless stare as I enter the bus and say "hello" politely, but that's just me. I don't want to go to work and be forced to be as invisible as possible. Asking drivers to do that I feel is actually offensive. If a driver wants to converse with a passenger I really don't see how that's anyone else business.

The real obvious worst thing about Suffolk Transit is their service hours, and apparently the state doesn't give a crap seeing that Mac Levy's pleas for a MTA takeover about 6 months ago have seemingly lead to nothing now.

I had a chatty bus driver on the S74, and it bugged me greatly. Rode it from Tottenville to Eltingville, where I expected to catch the X1. Got to Eltingville just in time to see the X1 pull out of its stop. Yes, this happened in Staten Island, which in parts, is less rural than Suffolk, but exhibits some of the same problems. I sincerely wish all such drivers would take the advice from the title of a popular Rihanna song: Shut Up and Drive.

Levy some months ago. Driving or being "neighborly"? If someone wants to be able to talk with strangers while on the job, get the kind of work that allows for that. Idk, librarian or school crossing guard or What boss wants to allow that? Look at train operators. Nobody is allowed to chat with them, and rightfully so. For the sake of argument, should bus drivers, operating a transit vehicle which has a much greater chance of being in an accident or a collision then a train does, be allowed to be so?

Why encourage something that can distract the operator? It's like, c'mon, man, okay, we'll luv ya to death if you can just get our asses to where we're going.

We digg you, you're madd phat, and we depending on your skills. Why don't you stay in the bar that night I got your numbers. Is there something that you just wanna go ahead and ask me? Frank, look at me.

I'm not the fuckin' rat. I have to come here. I know you have to come here, but now that you're here, what do you want? You want the truth? You know if you lied, you would have an easier time getting what you wanted. What does that say about what you do for a living? I just think we should have a few more meetings before we even talk about prescriptions.

The other night I thought I was having a fucking heart attack. I puked in a trash barrel on the way over here. I haven't slept for fucking weeks. I said it was fucking true. I want some fucking pills and you're gonna what? You're gonna close my file? Is that what you're going to do? No, I didn't close your file. I mean, a guy comes in here against every, every instinct of privacy and self-reliance he has and what do you do?

What do you do, huh? You send him off on the street to score smack, is that what you do? Why don't you just give me a bottle of scotch and a handgun to blow my fucking head off! Are we done here with this psychiatry bullshit?

What the fuck did I just put myself through? I'm fucking out of here. And what if that was a legitimate threat? Think about it fucking hotshot! Come on, spread 'em. Hey, what do you think you can pop somebody and there's a special card to play?

That guy, Jimmy Bags whose jaw you broke happens to work undercover for the Boston Police Department. I'm going fucking nuts, man.

I can't be someone else every fuckin' day. It's been a year of this. I've had enough of this shit! Most people in the world do it every day. What's the big deal? Well, I'm not them, alright? I'm not fucking them, okay?

You signed the papers, remember? Now we're the only two people on the face of this earth that even know you're a cop. How about we just erase your file, huh? How about we erase your file and then bang, you're just another soldier for Costello open to arrest for I don't know how many felonies. What do you say we do that, Captain? How about I fucking kill you, huh? How about I fucking kill you! That was a joke. That wasn't a joke. Just because you play a tough guy, doesn't mean you are one you lace-curtain, Irish fucking pussy!

Goddamn it, stop it! For chrissake, be smart. If anybody's watching us now, how are we not supposed to arrest you? Come on, get in the car. Both of you, get in the car!

Have a seat, Bill. Yeah, sure, he was the president before Lincoln. Lennon said, "I'm an artist. You give me a fucking tuba, I'll get you something out of it. Costello, I'd like to squeeze some fucking money out of it. If you'll indulge me The point I'm making with John Lennon is - a man could look at anything, and make something out of it.

For instance, I look at you and I think "what could I use you for? Put the fucking gun down! Put your fucking hands up! I can get you your money! What did you say? I said I can get you your You have fucking tapes of what? Costello was my informant.

I was a rat? Fuck you, prove it. Only one of us is a cop here Bill. Did you hear me Bill? No one knows who you fucking are! Will you shut the fuck up! I'm a sargeant in the Massachusetts State Police, who the fuck are you? What would happen is this bullet would go right through your fucking head! So you can get the parade? The bagpipes and bullshit? I'm fucking arresting you! That's the stupidest thing you could do.

I could give a fuck if the charges don't stick I'm still fucking arresting you. You accuse me twice You pressure me to fear for my life and I will put a fucking bullet in your head as if you were anybody else.

He reaches under the table and pulls up a gun. He looks at it as if he's never seen it before and then points it at Billy ]. You got something you wanna Yeah, I got a problem. I run rat fucks like you, okay?

I don't like 'em. The day you wouldn't take a promotion, let me know. And if you'd taken care of this, I wouldn't even be here. Fuck yourself, you piece of shit. And I'm gonna need the identity of your undercovers. Blow me, all right? But not literally, though. Unfortunately, there's no promotion involved for you. You mean Stephanie, who was the only one who came to my father's funeral? Nothing much to it, Uncle Edward. Are you trying to prove something to the family?

When you say "the family," who do you mean exactly? You always have to question everything, don't you? Are my kids a mess? Is my wife a money-grubbing whore?

Do you need some money for the funeral? When my mother dies, we don't have any more connection. Great, great; she's a doctor. Marriage is an important part of getting ahead: I'm glad to hear that. Isn't any of your business where we come from, is it, now? Fuckin' delivering cannolis or something? What we generally do - in this country No tickee, no laundry! I mean, what's wrong with taking him on any one of the. I mean, I mean, he murdered somebody, right? The guy fucking murders somebody, and you don't fucking take him!

What are you waiting for, honestly? I mean, do you want him to chop me up and feed me to the poor? Is that what you guys want? No, I'm asking if you lie. Honesty is not synonymous with truth. Are you fucking kidding me? Of course I talked to the FBI. Do they know who I am? I never gave up anybody Do they know about me? I know about you, Colin. You know I'd never give you up. What, like a son? Is that what this is about? So she tells me, "You never finish anything. You finish the police course, you get taken care of again, baby.

Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman. Look at it this way: You're a black guy in Boston. You don't need any help from me to be completely fucked. Remember I told you that we were gonna You better get organized, quick.

Hey, last time I checked, I tipped you off and you're not in jail. Are you listening to me? Do you like Little Miss Thing suckin' on your cock? I'm getting the feeling we got a cop in my crew. I'm kinda getting that feeling too. He's one of yours. Have you seen anything? Frank, I got no access to Queenan's undercover files. He and Dignam run the snitches. I'm doing my best What do you think we're in, the fuckin' haberdashery business? Look, Frank, if you don't relax, if you don't relax, I can't relax.

Now what I need you to do is you get me information on the people who were with you last night. Get me Social Security numbers, get me Well these days, who's reliable? His uncle Jackie was. Yeah, you can't trust a guy acts like he's got nothing to lose. Arnold, you're one in a million. What about your wife, Arnold? Well, I thought she was. Well, she got reliable. Here, this is my card. Nah, I don't need that. No, I'm just kidding, I need the card.

What's wrong with this fucking country? You don't pay much, you know. It's almost a fuckin' feudal enterprise. The question is, and this is the only question, who thinks that they can do what you do better than you? The only one that can do what I do is me. Lot of people had to die for me to be me.

You wanna be me? I probably could be you, yeah. Yeah, I know that much. But I don't wanna be you, Frank. I don't wanna be you. Heavy lies the crown We're the only people who are impervious to psychoanalysis. Some guys don't trust an immaculate record. I have an immaculate record. No, I gotta get out. I can't be doing this anymore.

You know what's gonna happen? I know he's gonna find out who I am and he's gonna fucking kill me. I swear to God I am. I'll get you out of this. It won't be immediately but I will get you out. Two weeks at most. I can't go off, please don't make me go back empty handed. Please don't do this. I wanna help you. Come to my store next Friday. I'll give you the money This is Friday Babu, how many times I gotta tell you?

You keep calling me Babu, it's 'Singh' motherfucker! I'm trying to help you. You keep on telling me 'I'm your friend'. You don't even know my fucking name! Let me buy you an ice cream. I'm getting on a plane unless you put Queenan on the phone. Queenan had a funeral to go to, okay?

This is my shift. Meet - you actually want me dead? They knew you had cameras in the building! There is a leak from the inside! It's real, man, smoke him out!

Yeah, how do we do that Mr. Fucking Genius who didn't even graduate from the academy? Let it slip through SIU that you have a sealed wiretap warrant for Costello's apartment.

Flush it down the pipe and see if it comes out on my end, alright? That's what we do first, we narrow it down. You want to meet up or you got something real, call me back. I don't know, what? You can learn a lot, watching things eat. I'm concerned about a Chinaman who thinks it's wise to come to a business transaction with automatic weapons.

For his own good, tell Bruce Lee and the Karate Kids none of us are carrying automatic weapons. Because here - in this country You get a life sentence for it.

You have been selected from the basis of intelligence and aptitude. This is an elite unit. Our job is to smash, or marginally disrupt, organized crime in the city by enhanced cooperation of the FBI, represented here today by Frank Lazio. And we will do it. By organized crime in the city, you know who we mean - that's Jackie Costigan, that's an old picture. Jackie met his demise. Costello uses three key guys: French - the number one.

But of course the rock star - you know who. We've done a briefing. Books, so read up. I want any and all ideas so I can pass them off as my own. Word hard, you'll rise fast. You're in the best possible position in the department. Let's go to work. I came here to talk some sense into you! You didn't come here to talk, alright. You came here to get arrested!

Are you sure it's me? Not all that talk about whiffing and crawling up asses? Watch your fuckin' mouth! No, you watch it.

Let me straighten you out. In the future, I tell ya to do a thing, you fucking do it, you got that? I got it, okay? You recall our chat? Sucking on their peckers, etc I am as God made me.

Is that your rationale? May I remind you - in this archdiocese, God don't run the bingo. May I remind you - that pride comes before the fall. How's Sister Mary Teresa doing? Had a tasty relationship before she took her vows.

Enjoy your clams, cocksuckers. I'm fucking Irish, I'll deal with something being wrong for the rest of my life. How did you know he was a cop?

Know, bad haircut, no dress sense, and, you know, a slight air of scumbag entitlement. In fact, he'd kill seven guys just to cut my throat, and he could do it. That's maybe something you don't know about William Costigan, Sr. He kept his own counsel. He never wanted money. You can't do anything with a man like that. You're Uncle Jackie - he also would kill my entire fucking family if he saw me here with you.

And I think about this. Did you ever think about going back to school? All due respect Mr. Costello, school is out. Maybe someday you'll wake the fuck up. It makes me curious to see you in this neighborhood.

And if I can slander my own environment, it makes me sad. Plus, I don't know if it's beyond some fucking cop prick like Queenan to pull you out of the Staties and send you gift-wrapped to me. I just can't know. I wonder what they do in that particular department, anyway. You're okay, you'll be alright. Get your hand taken care of. I'm sorry, but it was necessary. As for our problem with Providence - let's not cry over some spilled guineas. He's studying law at Notre Dame.

Where's your fucking boy? Now where's your fucking boy? All cell phone signals are under surveillance, due to the courtesy of our Federal friends over there.

Patriot Act, Patriot Act! I love it, I love it, I love it! Hey, you Billy Costigan? Who wants to know? I know a Sean Costigan, down on L Street. Yeah that's my cousin. I mean no offense. Who the fuck do you work for? All right, all right. Frank, Frank, Frank, I'm sorry, Frank. If you could, please.

If you can just get me that information, what I can do is I can just - I - I - we're gonna handle it. Colin, calm down, or you'll shoot in your pants. I'll get you the records and what not. But listen to me, son. Don't disappoint me on this or some other guy will be putting their fat cock up little Miss Freud's ass. Francis, you really should see somebody. Yeah, shoot a cop, Einstein. I can't wait to wipe that fucking smirk right off of your face.

Wouldn't you rather wipe my ass for me? Like a year-old's dick. You want some coke? Don't move till you're numb.

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