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Hot guy in Sioux City Iowa crimson shirt

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Hot guy in Sioux City Iowa crimson shirt

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Some of the gig dates on this page are a little tentative - also there are holes in these schedules so I'm hoping you folk can help me fill in some of these gaps. Have you got anything to contribute to this page?

Reviews, ticket stubs, missing support band info, posters, flyers, missing venue names etc etc - if so, let me. I am very familiar with the venue. It was called the Schaefer Music Festival.

Been there many times. I thought, during the winter months it was, still is, used as a skating ring. How can a concert have been held in Jan there?

Just doesnt add up. Ralph I only initially knew that this gig had been scheduled on this date because I saw a flyer for it here: The helpful folk over at the "Sunshine In" Facebook Page told me - so far as they can tell - it was cancelled: Billy Smith There were few shows there in , the final year of the "In". I doubt that BOC show was ever rescheduled. And I doubt it was postponed due to "improvements".

More likely it was a financial issue Albee Tellone I agree with Billy. It probably was never re-scheduled. Fisher was on a sort of blacklist with promoters from New York City who controlled all of the bookings in the area. BOC opened for Black Sabbath.

I also remembered Black Sabbath being the main act. But, your site did not indicate any shows there before Apr 27, - but I knew that I had been to one - I clearly remembered that concert because I had never even heard of them before, and I became an immediate fan.

I eventually found the date on the Black Sabbath site: Between BOC and Black Sabbath the wooden fence between the crowd and stage got pushed down - I stepped on a nail and went to the on-site infirmary. My girlfriend stayed and I joined her when they released me. Ralph I only know this gig was cancelled as a result of the following mention in the 5 Feb edition of the "Press and Sun-Bulletin" [Binghamton NY]: A spokesman for Entertainment Concepts, the concert's promoter, said lead singer Ossie Osbourne of Black Sabbath was ill.

Refunds are available at the Arena box office or tickets may be exchanged for the Yes concert, scheduled Feb The spokesman said that ticket sales may have been a factor in the cancellation. Only 3, had been sold for the show, which also included Bedlam and Blue Oyster Cult. The spokesman said Black Sabbath had been selling out 12,seat arenas and, all factors considered, decided to cancel tonight's show.

I originally had the following account off the old altmusicBOC newsgroup filed under the "Dunno" section at the foot of this page: I wasn't blown away at first My friends at school just kinda said "Blue Oyster who? When the second album, "Tyranny and Mutation" came out, it was the hardest, loudest, fastest thing I had ever heard and I was mesmerized. That offer was repeated on the next 3 or 4 albums and they always included the newest lyrics plus the old ones.

I blame my slight hearing loss on the left side to "Tyranny". The next few years brought "Secret Treaties" and the live "On your feet The show was cancelled that afternoon, Ozzy was sick Finally saw BOC for the first time a year later in the same arena. Got all but Albert's signatures in the fold-out of "On your feet". Never met a nicer group of guys, and I met a bunch of famous '70s musicians at that job that's a book unto itself.

All through the '70s I was a huge fan, saw them a few more times. My tastes started changing in the '80s but I always kept tabs on BOC and their progress. However, the ever-vigilant Bert Gangl has drawn my attention to the fact that both these reports are clearly talking about the same cancelled gig: Bert Gangl The cancellation he speaks of was actually the cancelled 5 Feb gig you have listed.

And the concert "a year later" was probably the show a year and a half later on 25 Jan , at the Arena. And the time he met the band in , was probably for their 17 Sep show at the same venue. Ralph I used to class this as only a "possible" concert to be added to the gig lists but now that the great Dan Lampinski has posted the actual gig on Dime, I think it's safe to assume it definitely took place!! It's also confirmed here: And regards Bedlam being on the bill It's stretching credulity almost to breaking point to have a situation with those exact same three bands on the bill again, but that's the info I currently have.

My guess is would be that one of these gigs - either the one or this one - has got the wrong info attached to it. Have you got any info that might help??!! Please let me know, if so One of the guys reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out some capsules he called yellow-jackets.

He handed a couple to me and told me to take two, and without giving it a second thought, I did I was coming to, emerging from a hazy fog I'm not sure how much time passed as I faded in and out of consciousness in this manner - at some point I was aware of arriving at the concert, but too late to see Hydra, the opening act. I was surrounded by kids smoking and drinking, just having a good time during the intermission. Then the moment everyone was waiting for had arrived.

The announcer walked onto center stage as a huge "Hooray" filled the auditorium I do recall hearing the announcer's voice as he yelled enthusiastically out to the crowd: I awoke the next morning at a large party where everyone was in some form of near nakedness, sleeping or passed out, with only a few stirring. I didn't remember how I got there or anything of what had happened.

I quickly snatched up my clothes, put them on, and quietly exited the house. I made a personal vow that I would never again risk my well-being in such a reckless fashion of over-indulgence with pills and liquor. My remaining time in the French Quarter was spent relaxing safely, and when the final day of Mardi Gras had concluded, I, like many others, began my migration home. This was to occur in California after the summer of this most adventurous year!

Also, a tape of the Sabbath set from this gig recently appeared on dime and in the comments section was this: I was at the show and recorded it with a hand held palm style recorder and my friend at the time also recorded the show. I did also see somebody on the floor with a reel to reel recorder. The original Lynyrd Skynyrd followed and had dead silence after numerous songs.

One track of Skynyrd's set survived. The biggest applause they got is when a cross was lowered in back of them as they were playing. I understand they were a late replacement for Blue Oyster Cult. The promoter should have been shot putting them in with Sabbath. It appeared for a while that Sabbath would not come out.

Fires started springing up everywhere. Chairs caught fire and a bonfire was created in the middle of the general admission floor. Fire hoses were brought in from the concourse level and sprayed into the floor.

I thought for sure the show was to be cancelled. I was 15 at the time. Sabbath finally came out and Ozzy warned everybody he was sick with a cold. My original master was lost, but I made a copy. Since then tape has been eaten by tape decks a few times.

Most of the recording survived and is about C quality. BOC seemingly were on the original bill, but were replaced somewhat late in the day by Lynyrd Skynyrd - maybe they couldn't make the new date? BOC were playing New Orleans on the 24th, so they weren't exactly going to be "in the area" for this gig on the 25th Here's further proof that BOC cancelled and were replaced by Skynyrd: Boris Badenov - Jul 22, 6: Brought up the house lights and off they went.

There's a time and a place for everything, and sometimes it's other times and other places. Ban KKiller Jul 22, 7: We booed Toto off the stage when they were so, so young. I thank you for booing the Skynard. They went home and went back to work! Boris Badenov Jul 22, 8: Sabbath never had a HIT? How can you have a HIT if we've never heard the song???

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The Aragon stage was only a couple of feet off the floor at that point, but was raised to 10 feet or so shortly afterward. Great show, wasn't it Jeff? Lloyd Callaway I was also there. It was a great show. ME was incredibly loud. My two friends had to leave. Your recollection of the order is correct. Aerosmith was not well known in Chicago at the time. The Sharks were first.

After a few years, there was a split and Jam ended up becoming the major promoter in the area until the late s. I became good friends with George Geranios and Rick Downey at this gig and both are still friends even now. Jeannie Pledger I was at this concert. Myself and 3 of my friends from high school went we were sophomores and WILD!!!!

It was general admission and we managed to work our way all the way to the front on the left side of the stage. All 4 of us did "party favors" in the bathroom when we arrived!!! My friend Kerry's mother and Uncle dropped us off and picked us up later. It was the only way my parents would eat me go lol Anyway, the Sharks came out, and since it was my first concert, I was jamming out as if they were the headliner.

I was wearing overalls and standing the whole time. Some jerk was sitting behind me and kept yelling at me to sit down, and was pulling on the "hammer holder" on my overalls!!!! I turned around and kicked at him, causing a bit of a ruckus, but he left me alone. My friend Juanita got so messed up, that she was drinking cups of "whatever" off of the stage!! Ok, enough about us When Aerosmith came on the stage, I was blown away!!!

Their hard driving rock and roll was totally infectious, amazing, and I have been hooked ever since. It was when they had just came out with Get Your Wings I think.

They have been my favorite band ever since. When BOC came out on stage, Buck Dharma was dressed in all black and silver, he had tall silver platform boots on. I will never forget it. They kicked ASS playing everything I wanted to hear. I also remember that we were supposed to meet Kerry's Mother out front of the Aragon, but the concert ran long, so she came inside to get us!!!

Not a very good place for a parent to be in the mid's, a lot of pot smoke flowing in the air!! Kerry's Mother was screaming at us that she had seen a girl being carried out with "her breast" hanging out!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed remembering it. Thank you so much for this website!! Ralph The only indication that I have that a gig ever took place on this date is the above small stub I saw on eBay Can anyone else confirm it? Punk I was there. It was a big fieldhouse with no seats, you just sat on the floor or stood up. There may have been seats on the sides, like a hockey arena.

We were in the middle on the floor. There were many bands. First some all-girl band - a bunch of big women who rocked We arrived after they started playing.

I think they were the first band but there may have been another before we got there. It's possible Rick Derringer was also on that bill, but again it was a long time ago. Eric had his silver cape on. I remember the Cult ended the show with their 5 guitar jam, I think on Born to be Wild. Then after a long delay, the New York Dolls. I think BOC was the headliner but the Dolls played last of the 5 or 6 bands. Most people had left because it took forever for them to reset the stage.

Even for those days it was a really long time. We were wasted but wanted to stay until the end. By then it was really late and it was a weird crowd. There were people with green hair and boy scout uniforms, things like that. We figured they followed the Dolls around.

The Dolls musically were very poor after the Cult. We didn't stay for much of their set. Long ride back to Oxford Ohio for us that night. By the way, great website. I became a BOC fan in the summer of A friend had their EP and played it for me.

When I got to Miami, one of the first people I got to know was a fellow long haired kid who asked me what kind of music I liked. I said did you ever hear of Blue Oyster Cult? His eyes lit up, he took me to his room where he had a dynamite sound system A great friendship was born.

I probably saw them 5 or 6 times down through the years, but I think that show in Dayton was the first. He seems to think Billy Cobham was headlining. We were there to see the Cult but were definitely into Billy Cobham at the time too.

The rest of his description matches mine, other than the fact that he liked the Dolls and I didn't. He doesn't say a specific date other than to say I was incorrect in my post on the " iorr. The show's promoter was Tom Weiser, a local record store owner, show promoter, and band manager.

This is the order of their appearance, however, Dixie Peach may have opened, then Isis, my notes are unclear, but I believe I have this right as far as Isis opening: There wasn't people left for the Dolls.

By the way, the Dolls made the promoter Tom Weiser drive to his record store, open his safe, and pay them in cash after the gig. No checks - it was cash for the Dolls. So, as Albert was getting it rolling, it landed on stage.

I saw Sam and Albert look at it like Then Albert realized it and just went with it Years later I told Sam that was me and he said good thing I didn't catch ya or you'd been thrown out of the show as they had flash pods on the stage that could have caught fire Hey I was young and stupid Corpse BOC behind Aerosmith again Last days of May, No one telling anyone anything.

Finally, some dude came out onstage with a bullhorn, and announced the show was cancelled. The line-up was supposed to have been: Things quickly turned into a mini riot. Concession stands trashed, bottles thrown, cops injured, stage ripped up, people arrested. As I'm going to work the next morning, there's the newspaper on the kitchen table. Mom was looking a bit weird, when I noticed yours truly was in the picture, right there on page 1. As if that wasn't bad enough, I'm on page three also, although you can't see my face.

So several years ago, sitting around the folks kitchen with my near-wife, visiting for x-mas, a few unflattering stories of my youth are told, and of course, up came the concert incident.

Lots of snickers and such, as mom quietly walked out of the kitchen. She kept it all this time!! Ralph I had thought that there might have been a "make-up" gig at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines on 8th September with The Band, but that too was unfortunately cancelled.

About 20 or so of us came down the night before, and partied on some Orange Sunshine all night in the rain. We were at the gates when the concert was cancelled and the fun began. Looking at the picture I believe I was standing next to the guy with the straw hat on the left side of the picture.

All hell broke loose and I was hit twice with a billyclub by an irate cop on a horse out on the street. I was pretty messed up imagine that and just as he was about to hit me again I saw my friends driving away and they yelled at me to run. I ran to the car and dived through the open back window. We took off for home with 9 people in the car and never looked back.

I have been trying to find info on this ordeal for quite some time. I was quite amused when I ran across this article. If you know of any more info on this please let me know. Ken Andersen I was there as well with some buddies. We were fresh out of high school. This was to be my 2nd BOC concert. When we came through the gates, they took our tickets instead of tearing them in half and returning the stub.

I thought it odd at the time. Not wanting to sit out in the rain, we climbed the stairs into the grandstand which had a roof over it. We quickly noticed that there was no equipment on stage. After an hour or two, the dude with the bullhorn came on stage.

He was wearing a white cowboy hat. From our vantage point, we could not hear a word when he obviously informed the crowd that there would be no concert and that we were obviously ripped off. Many people climbed on stage and one guy relieved Mr. Fulk of his hat. All hell broke loose. It was obviously time to go, so we headed to the car and avoided the rampage on the way out. Ralph I was initially indebted to Ron Fritts for sending me a copy of the above advert alerting me to the existence of this gig, and then I was further indebted to Bart van Alphen who sent me evidence in the form of a copy of an ad that appeared in the 29 May edition of The Toledo Blade that it was, in fact, subsequently cancelled Jeff Suhs Running order: It was a pretty big hall use to be a movie theatre.

BOC opened up for Aerosmith and they knocked their socks off. I mean they were fantastic way back then even though I think they are actually tighter now-saw them at The Tangiers small venue in Akron last year The show started at That show also featured Bobby Womack, Mark-Almond progressive fusion jazz-rock , Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, then Foghat this was during their Rock and Roll Outlaws tour middle of the day in 95 degree heat and they smoked!!!

Jim Dandy to the rescue. Uriah Heep, man oh man, they played just at that time of day, when the shadows start to get long. It was a great tight set. Man it takes me back. Then as dusk settled it was Blue Oyster Cult. The highlight was the solo in "7 screaming diz-busters, when the whole band,including the drummer was playing guitars!! I think Eric Bloom was using a six string bass that has that guitar-like sound.

Then REO Speedwagon as it was just getting dark. All The hits, including "ridin' the storm out", which featured Micheal Murphy on vocald. Kevin Cronin had left the band and Murphy sang at the gig. And Kevin wasn't missed because Murphy was from Cincinatti, and it was like a homeboy returning home the hero. By then i was in a drunken,drugged stupor, but I remember the Aerosmith set kinda Ralph OK - I went with the guy above's band line-up order, but if you check out the newspaper clipping above, this was apparently a BOC headline gig with Aerosmith in support!

I think there's two gigs being mixed up here - and when I get some time to look deeper into it, I will In the meantime, if you know the score regarding what multi-band line-up show the guy could have been referring to, please let me know This would indicate that the cancellation must have been pretty late. What a show it was! Nazareth was very good. They were touring when Rampant came out.

BOC though, boy sold out show! Blue and gold lights, the eye from Seven Screaming Dizbusters - Lucifer has his light on youuuuu! They did four encores - there was a mini riot when everybody rushed the stage and that was the first four songs - the Civic was the perfect place for a concert!! And yes Queen was billed as second group but cancelled due to Brian May's illness. Did I say four encores!!! Buck actually came out sliding on his knees during encore number three doing Bucks Boogie part two!!

Loud high engery show - I'm still getting over this! Oh well life goes on BOC were top billed with Nazareth. It wasn't the Coliseum but a smaller venue on the Pacific National Exhibition grounds. Either the Forum or the Gardens, memory fails me at the moment.

Also saw BOC later that year, with T. Rex, at the Coliseum Al West I too was at this show and it was actually in the Agrodome, which is just a stones throw east of the Pacific Coliseum right next to the Hastings Park horse racing track.

The Agrodome built in is a circular ring building with 3, seats, primarily used for equestrian events. It was the first time I was in the building when the usually dirt floor was not dirt. I don't remember why it was moved at the last minute. The PNE Pacific National Exhibition which operated the entire area was taken over by the provincial government in late , so it may have been a labour dispute with the new unionized workers at the PNE, or just a conflicting schedule with another event.

I also went to the B. Rex a few months later in the Coliseum. Nazareth was at their peak and their performance was excellent. Marc Bolan sounded okay but didn't look well at that other show. Chromium Steel June ' Van load of 17 year olds head down I to the Union Auditorium. There was LSD, Weed and copious amounts of beer involved.

I think I drove here's where I say that I don't condone abuse of drugs among children and I don't know how we made it there and back alive. I was in awe. The laser lights were spectacular and oh so loud, the music too From what I remember I know for sure that they played - Bucks Boogie, Seven Screaming Dizbusters, and at some point I think at the end of the show there were 5 Guitars.

Albert was all over the stage from what I recall, like a madman. I was weirded out by his leather shorts though. During Bucks Boogie I couldn't take my eyes off this guy who could play this fast, this well!

I kept thinking I wish I could do that with my guitar fade to 17 year-old me with a record and turntable, and my guitar trying to figure out just some of the rhythm to Dominance and Submission. That show really made him stand out to me, that's why he's my favorite oyster. There was also a drum an bass solo. I can't remember what encore was done but I think they came back out twice.

I don't have a clue how long they played, I just knew that I wanted it to go on forever. For what its worth there you have it.

Marty I was at this show, as was Jeff Turley Jeff sent me photos, years later. I don't remember any lasers, but I was in the front row and couldn't see much of the light show.

Buck Dharma brought down the house, as always, in the white suit with a black shirt, and played the white strat and also the sunburst Gibson Les Paul. Eric had the silver boots and cape and played the black SG. The place was packed and it was hot in there.

Ralph I found a review of this gig in the 28 June edition of "The Spectrum": Sajecki Spectrum Music Critic Punks! You know, those cagey, ageless cretins read magazines thoroughly from picture to picture. They ranted and raved in preparation for the phenomenal, heavy-metal assault which shook the walls of the Century Theater, Friday night, June 21st. You can always count on the young fanatics for one thing. They can always smell a seething, rockin' night a mile away. And they were there in throngs, for the first big rock concert of the summer, the triple bill of The Golden Sarring, Nazareth and The Blue Oyster Cult.

As is the usual fare for such heavy-metal spectacles, the concert started late, an hour and a half to be precise. The crowds could only discuss the probable triumphant crescendos which their anti-heros, the Cult, would deliver, as well as to emulate the very pugnacious, rambunctiousness which rock and roll is all about. But the equipment for the concert had arrived. Now it was only a matter of time.

Single Success First on stage was The Golden Earring, a hard rock-"psychedelic" band from Holland, currently riding the waves of success which their current AM single, "Radar Love," has attained. The band, a better than average third billing, was quite flashy, being Europe's answer to the Edgar Winter band. Besides the flash, the members of the band are all quite proficient at what they do; Cesar Zuiderwijk on drums keeping the pulse steady, Rinus Gerritsen on bass and moog, complementing the piercing axe stabs of George Kooymans' lead guitar.

And of course they played "Radar Love" to the jubilant masses, with lead singer Barry Hay gyrating across stage like a berserk disco-dancer. The tune ended with a smoke bomb explosion as drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk catapulted himself high above his drum set, and landed center stage, tumbling and smiling.

After a third tune, the band had finished its rather miniscule set. Although the crowds stomped and screamed for an encore, it was getting late, and the second band hadn't even begun.

Disinterested Rabble As much as the rabble had applauded the flashy zing of the group from Holland, they were generally disinterested in the second band, Nazareth. Which is quite a shame, because Nazareth is actually a better band than the Golden Earring. Nevertheless, the group of Dan McCafferty on vocals, Manuel Charlton on guitars, Pete Agnew on bass and drummer Darrell Sweet played a very entertaining set, one which could have blown the fabled Led Zeppelin off the stage.

Performing tunes from their new album Rampant a very good one at that , such as the fever paced "Silver Dollar Forger," or the slow, amplified ballad, "Loved and Lost" or the Boogie paced "Jet Lag," the band tried everything to establish rapport with the audience. Unleashed Tension Tension suddenly broke loose for the featured band, The Blue Oyster Cult, were next, and as is the case with all bands of some "stature," their equipment took quite a spell to be set up.

There's no doubt that the Cult was the best band to perform that night. And although they may not be Satan's envoys, they'll never go to Rock and Roll Heaven either. Lead singer, Eric Bloom, bedecked in his Nazi-suggestive finest, black cape, silver boots, black-black-black commandeered his troops much as a puppet master pulls his strings.

Lead guitarist "Buck Dharma" stabbed the heavens with his axe as the band romped through its hits. And every number was one. The Cult could do no wrong this night. They blazed through such numbers as "The Red and the Black", "O. Once you embark upon their death trip, there is no turning back. Yessir, Al Bouchard pounds his drums deep into the center of your skull, and brother Joe delivers a truely inspired bass solo.

But its not over yet. The band cooks on Buck's Boogie, Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma slash their guitars together, and raise them, crossed, skyward, as a sacrifice to the Gods they have foresaken.

Al Bouchard tosses drumsticks out to the screaming adorers, as smoke begins to blanket the stage, adding to the Enigma of the already enigmatic Blue Oyster Cult.

What more can be said? Quick Gig Facts 2 Shows at 7pm and 10pm in reality: Extensions of Man Concert List The ad clipping above indicates that this gig was actually two shows - 7pm and 10pm. The second of the two tickets above says 10pm - obviously for the second show - but the first ticket gives no time, so I can only presume it's for the first show - although not including the show time on the ticket could have potentially led to problems for the attendee The concert did not start until aronnd 1: So the concert was actually on the 25th!

If BOC was indeed scheduled in Greenville on the 25th, they may not of showed up because of the great distance! PA to South Carolina is a big haul!

Ralph I'm not sure how Karl's recollections square against the two show scenario Steve Handley There were two shows, 7pm and 10pm. I had a ticket to the 7pm show, but as your description notes, the show started three hours late. The band's gear did not arrive in time, so the 7pm show started after 10pm. That's why the second show didn't start until 1: To appease the restless early show crowd, the movie theater venue showed the movie "Fritz the Cat" to rousing cheers.

Ralph Thanks to Jeff Suhs for info on this show. He researched these dates over seven years so I'm very happy to benefit from his hard work. However, for reasons currently unknown, the two dates were apparently later switched. Winner of the Sounds and the Disc international music polls, she was formerly lead singer of the Scottish rock group Stone The Crows.

Jerry Wexler, who produced her first solo album, says "I'm as excited about Maggie as when I first started working with Aretha Franklin.

And this was in the Sunday, June 23, issue: The Blue Oyster Cult is one of the few bands which make Manhattan their home.

Spearheading the group's sound is Buck Dharma on guitar, called by many the most capable and imaginative guitarist to emerge lately. Allen Lanier handles keyboard and rhythm guitar along with singer Manny Bloom. The group's other members are the Bouchard Brothers, Joe on bass and Albert on drums.

And what's so special about the type of music, the type of sounds the group produces? Yet there's a level of subtlety in their material unapproached by many of conventional heavy bands. Her four albums as lead singer of the Scottish rock group, Stone the Crows, attracted critical acclaim both in Europe and in the U.

She may be best known though for her duet with Rod Stewart on the latter's "Every Picture Tells A Story" track from the album with the same name.

These previews give the venue name as "Hampton Roads Coliseum". I noticed that all the actual box ads for this gig just said "Hampton Coliseum", so presumably that's just shorthand notation Ralph As mentioned at the top of the previous gig entry, this Salem date was clearly originally set to take place on the 26 June see stub , with Hampton taking place on the 27th, but the dates were later switched, for reasons currently unknown.

This might have been planned to be the rescheduled show after the 25 Jan gig had earlier been cancelled, but we know this show also was cancelled as BOC were playing Asheville NC on that night see next entry.

I had been a BOC fan for about a year. Myself and two friends Zach and Dickie, I am Cliff, had our first apartment away from the folks. We were partiers from the get go! Good money back in Kept us in beer and what ever, you know what I mean.

We had an arrangement at the apartment that we would take turns selecting what LP to play next. Each person taking their turn of selecting an album. I had the album sleeve of the band, a black and white picture of them, in a picture frame next to my bed. These guys were my anti-heroes!!!! No one else ever picked BOC for their turn, because they knew I would. So we all heard about the Alexandria Roller Rink show and were very excited. Neither excited me like a chance to see my idols, BOC in concert.

We bought 10 tickets and were ready to rock!!!! We were getting ready to go from our apartment only 15 minutes from the Roller Rink.

All of a sudden dickie comes in and is very upset. He just wrecked his Honda while coming home to change for the show. The very ironic thing is he ran in to Brian his brothers friend , who was crossing the road, to also go to the show with us.

Oh well, we all went anyway and it was awesome. The show had no seats, no stage lights, and a small stage. KISS was a no show. However, I did not care, cause I never heard of em anyway! He was all in white and played the white Gibson SG, that was later stolen. The entire band Allan, Buck, Eric and the Bouchard brothers were awesome!!! Ron Turner I'll never forget this show.

My two friends were asked to go pick up a rental van, while they were waiting inside, this HUGE roadie for Nazareth comes in carrying 4 Marshall 4x12 cabs at the same time! One under each arm and one in each hand. We were 16, and it was one of my first concerts. Tom Fuller Nazareth opened. I may still have the ticket stub, let me look My scanner is not hooked up right now, but I'll try to send a copy to you sometime.

I should have the ticket stub somewhere also. Here is the info on the show from the flyer: Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers were a high profile Memphis band. This was my first BOC concert and I was blown away. Buck Dharma in his white suit and Eric Bloom in black leather made a heavy Good vs Evil impression on my stoned brain. During the "5 Guitars" segment of ME , with three guitar players and the bass player already lined up across the stage, I was totally confused when some crazy looking guy in silver shorts and no shirt runs out from the side with a guitar and starts playing.

Is it a roadie? Some out of control stoner from the audience? And the crossed guitars during Born To Be Wild sent me reeling and showed me anew just how powerful a Rock'n'Roll concert could be. Ralph I found some more info about this event in "The Jackson Sun". On the day of the gig, in the 7 July edition, it mentioned within a larger article: The Saturday event, promoted by David Taylor and Norman Sellers, preceded a second concert to begin today at 2 p.

So, that lists the same four bands as the flyer above, but the flyer gives the distinct impression it was to be a BOC headline gig, whereas that newspaper mention suggests they were to be second on the bill Then, in the next day's issue, The Jackson Sun gave this report on the day's proceedings: Violence Mars Concert By Pete Bird - Sun Reporter An outdoor rock concert here was marred by violence Sunday as disgruntled fans hurled a volley of cans at the stage where sound equipment was being disassembled.

At the time of the removal, more than 4, members of the audience had not been told the concert had ended. In fact, most fans believed that another band was to cap off the program.

As word spread through the crowd that the concert had been cut short, the can-throwing began. We packed up and ran for our lives. The concert, touted as the area's "first annual rock spectacular," was plagued by technical problems, getting under way about 4: A third group, Nazareth, attempted to play, but was hampered by electrical problems and left the concert. The remainder of the day was spent ironing out problems in lighting and electricity, according to spokesmen for several of the bands.

Despite the difficulties, however, no refunds will be given, promoters told the Sun after the concert. The crowd, most of which dawdled patiently throughout the day-long affair, was well-behaved until the can-throwing incident. Extra police officers were summoned to the scene shortly after violence erupted. The officers, some of whom wore riot helmets, cleared the area in about 15 minutes with few incidents. But the list dwindled to two as technical problems eroded the concert length.

In early evening, fans were told that the Highsteppers would cap the concert, barring problems with weather or power. Shortly before the Highsteppers were to step out, lightning flickered on the horizon.

As fans waited to hear the final performance, crews suddenly scurried onstage and began removing equipment. The public address system was disconnected before fans could be told of the decision to conclude the concert early. Meanwhile, the manager of the Highsteppers, Vince Alfonso Jr. However, the pleas were rebuffed as workmen scrambled to secure the equipment.

He said he had asked the manager of the sound equipment to postpone its removal. In saying there would be no refunds for the concert, Silverstein added he would "try to make it up in the future". Off Broadway, he elaborated, would like to stage another concert in Jackson next month, providing local officials were amenable. Earlier in the day, he told The Sun the concert was a financial success, having achieved about 1, more ticket sales than were needed to break even A spokesman for the sponsor, WHMT radio, said today the delays at the concert were "unfortunate" and blamed the problems on the promoter.

Carver, like many fans at the concert, had made a long drive for the event. Would he do it again? Silverstein of Off Broadway praised the crowd's conduct and the action of the police under the circumstances.

Alfonso of the Highsteppers lauded the audience and the spirit of cooperation that marked the concert. The local branch of Civil Defense had bailed the concert out of its power plight by trucking in a powerful generator.

And members of several local bands had pitched in with stage work, Alfonso said. The suggestion seems to be that The Highsteppers would have played last, weather and power permitting It's possible, of course, that BOC would have headlined as advertised had the situation been normal.

But with worsening conditions, it might have been considered to be expedient to at least get the headliners on the stage and out of the way just in case the concert did have to be cut short - it's harder to demand a refund if the headliners actually played Nazareth, BOC Ralph This gig date was on the original schedules, but it now seems clear it was posponed until 24 July It was the summer after Secret Treaties, and would be on the southern leg of the same tour that this show is on.

I know Lynyrd Skynyrd was the band just before BOC, and I remember during "Free Bird" the now-dead lead singer screamed "we're gonna play all night, we don't need no Oysters!

It took me 33 years to buy the album CD that "Free Bird" is on. Other than the link below, I don't have any other supporting information, though: Left out is Golden Earing was the opener.

Here is a link to confirm: Their big billboard song was of course "Radar Love". As others listed "Lynyrd Skynyrd" was up next. I remember they opened with "Sweet Home Alabama". BOC was the headliner and played a fantastic set. At that time Skynyrd was a tough follow, as this was their backyard and they were really climbing the charts.

I was only 15 and didn't have a driver's license. We had taken her Moms car. As it turns out, the concert was at the venue then known as the Carolina Coliseum , which was located on the University of South Carolina campus. It was renamed the Frank McGuire Arena in The USC yearbook, the Garnet and Black, mentions the show as occurring in July, and a quick check at the Lynyrd Skynyrd tour archive at the link below confirms the date as July 10, KISS had just released their first album According to the 6 October edition of the St Petersburg Times, this gig attracted less than a crowd and cost the promoters, Gulf Artists, thousands.

Jeff Suhs This Baton Rouge show is often - incorrectly - dated as 5th July on various sites on the internet.

The 5th is the date that the show was originally scheduled to take place, but due to Paul Stanley's aforementioned surgery, the gig was re-scheduled for the 16th. Ralph This forum link confirms the date and also points out that tickets for this gig had the headline act billed as " Blue Oyster Culp "!! Remembering Independence Hall in B. Jeff Suhs As for the Electric Ballroom gigs. But, the ads for the show that appear in the "Atlanta Constitution" and the "Great Specaled Bird" an Atlanta entertainment rag both list these shows as: So, while it makes sense that BOC would have done these gigs, I've never seen anything in print that would confirm that.

Tom Schuster I seem to remember these shows being talked about on the local radio stations at the time but I couldnt go because Alex Cooleys served Alcohol and you had to be 18 at the time to get in and I think i was just 16 at this time.

Although I found out later that one of the guys that I went to school with was Alex Cooleys nephew and and could get me and other friends into shows at the Fox Theater across the street from the ballroom.

Just to name a few names this friendship got me in free to see Mountain, Kansas, Mahagony Rush, Robin Trower oh and the crown of my free shows when Skynyrd did there 3 nights there and recorded there live album For, From the road. Oh the good ole days. Hell for the robin trower show alex cooley came to the front door of the fox to let the 3 of us in The running order for the show was: The Band was called Glass Moon.

This concert was near the end of the year. It was a last minute thing as we all piled into a van and off we went. When I walked in I couldn't believe my eyes. There was like two hundred people standing up at the front of the coliseum and KISS was playing Firehouse.

The place holds 9, people, can you believe this? Well Kiss blew me away and I've never been the same since. Now after there done, you have to remember they use to open for BOC at first and they did that night as well. BOC comes on and it must of been the 3rd or 4th song this girl is standing next to this guy and a whole bunch of girls are circling them.

I walk up next to this couple as I left my friends who wanted to sit the whole time anyway. This guy is the guitarist from KISS and his face had the Makeup brushed off all except the base of it so you couldn't see who it was. It was Ace Frehley. You know I have no picture to prove that to show everyone years later. They only have my word and that's a funny thing as my daughter and I went to see Nickleback here last weekend and she had the her dream come true by getting back stage to meet the band.

During the concert she was going up to people asking if she could by their camera phone instead of enjoying the music. She tells me no one will believe dad if I don't get pictures. I told her who cares - you know you were there and that's all should matter. Wild story you think? She is 30 yrs old in case you thought she was a younger teen. Ralph OK - not much to go on here The above stub appeared on eBay under the heading: So - a 3-day festival running July. Does anyone know if they played this, or is that mention on eBay just a load of old bollocks?

Just seen yet another eBay stub Oct for this gig - the description was: One of the largest outdoor festivals ever. I can't even explain what it was like. From the time we got there early and put up our tent, far from everyone else, to come back 6 hours later and not be able to find it for tents as far as you could see, to the drug culture that openly advertised with no fear using naked girls as billboards.

It was by far the wildest event I had ever been to and it couldn't ever be possibly repeated. Music was incredible alternating on two stages. I'm thinking Aerosmith had been out less than a year at that time and played on Sat morning about 10am. Ted Nugent is the one i'm not sure about on which night he played. I've read Bruce wasn't there but his autobiography lists it as a played date. So - there's a confirmation of sorts for the Sunday being the day BOC were scheduled to play, but no actual confirmation that they actually played.

Wed 24 Jul TV Appearance sort of: Patchwork Blue Oyster Cult, nationally-known hard rock group This was the first I've heard of BOC being on TV as early as and my mind boggles as to what could possibly have been shown Joe Bouchard I never heard of that.

Lloyd Russell Neil In , a channel 19 would usually signify a local UHF station or public programming, sounds interesting nonetheless Bolle Gregmar Back when I ran the FanClub, every now and then somebody would write me with claims of this and that, and I would immediately ask for more proof etc. This show was mentioned to me by some random fan who also traded Live tapes Regardless of content, I would love to see if this was anything worthwhile at all Don't even know where to begin in research of this new discovery Ralph Dunno if the channel numbers have changed since , but this page reckons the PBS version of ch19 was from Delta College: I noticed you had a Nashville gig listed on July 9, - I'd put money on July 24 being the actual date of that show.

Ralph Looking at the evidence, so would I. There was also a second mention of the show in that 7 July issue of "The Tennesseean", below a photo: I believe it was the summer of , probably August because it was incredibly hot. It was an outdoor all day concert with the sun beating down on us and about 98 degrees out.

It was brutal, but we still had a blast. There was a small pond right in front of the stage in which many got a cool down, most without clothes. The NY Dolls played and there was another band there which I can't remember at the moment Sometime before or after that, during summer, I saw them in a field on a motocross track around Columbus. The stage was a heaped pile of dirt, with plywood on top of it, in a field with a forested area behind the stage. There was a pond that was chicken wired off from the crowd in front of the so called stage, and big old generator ran power to the stage.

Just came to me It was hot as hell humid and that fence didn't last long. People drug logs out of the woods so they could float in the water and hang on. The Dolls opened, the cult played next and then the generator went down, and Aerosmith never made it to the stage if my brain serves me well. Everyone was tripping, stoned and swimming in the pond that was fenced off. Logs were rolled out of the woods to hang on and float in the spring fed pond.

Ralph The following link has a Dolls gig chronology: A T-shirt was advertised on ebay for a "Dudley Creek Concert" - from the description, it seemed clear that the shirt was from this very gig. Chip WorldWithoutEnd successfully bid for the shirt and told me that he'd been in contact with the seller's wife - she'd found a copy of the Marion Star's review of the gig in her local library archives and the gig was on July 27, She also had seen the comments about the gig on this page and said: Part way through their performance, BOC blew the sound system and that was the end of the music!

My husband then talked with the stepson of the promoter, who is deceased, and he's going to try to find a copy of one of the old posters. I'll let you know what it says if he finds one. WorldWithoutEnd It's funny as time goes by I'm remembering less. I do remember the Dolls because I was on the heap of dirt that they bulldozed and covered with plywood which was the stage. I remember looking at those platform shoes and makeup etc Maybe BOC was cut short due to the generator going out.

I'm trying to visualize them onstage and that's not registering as clear as the Dolls. Over the years that was what I remembered anyway as BOC made the show worthwhile even if Aerosmith didn't play. I absolutely don't recall Aerosmith in any form. Oh how I wish we could replay events such as this. The overall event was a really good time I do remember the swimming, and rocking out etc.. Ralph Well at least I've finally got a date for this show - if anyone has any definite info about who headlined this gig, please let me know Most comments on this show are spot on - it was incredibly hot that day.

The Dolls went on 1st and were an incredible mess. Johansen was pretty fried, and Sylvain did most of the vocals on the last few songs they did before the power blew and apparently cut their set a tad short. The stage was dug out on a hilltop so we had vantage point seats overlooking the stage sitting on the hill top. Tyler and crew were behind the stage and directly below us so we heard their conversation where they elected to split vs.

We watched as they left in their limo so we knew that they weren't going on. They finally fixed the PA after a very, very long delay and it was announced that there'd be a line-up change and Aerosmith would go on after BOC.

BOC finally went on, totally kicked ass; and if memory serves their set was also cut short pretty close to the end of it with yet another PA blow out. It was approaching dusk, and there was no outdoor lighting in the venue so right after BOC they announced that the concert was over and everyone had to exit the Raceway before dark.

Totally trashed the place. On a side note several months later Creem or maybe Circus? Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents worth in. Special drag races offering bonus prize money will be run in several classifications on the next two Sundays, and the month's biggest event, the Moses Dudley Creek Art Fair and Concert, will be held July The art fair, which is now being set up on the 1,acre raceway complex, will be held in the woods at the raceway where foot wide paths have been cut for the dor the display of art works created by local artists.

Antique displays and flea markets also will be located at the fair, which includes with a rock concert and a possible drum and bugle corps competition. The fair itself is slated to begin at 9 a. No camping will be allowed at the raceway that night. The front of the ticket only says ZZ Top. However, It's from my husbands concert days and he wrote on the back.

I've included pics of the front and back. My husband said he attended this concert on a college campus in Wichita, Kansas. As you'll see from the back of the stub, the guy's listed: ZZ Top Blue Oyster Cult Brownsville Station Metroplex At first, looking at how he listed them, it looked like "Metroplex" was the name of the opening band, but I've been told that "Metroplex" was a venue name on the campus of the University of Kansas. However, when I looked into it, that place was only built in so the venue I'm looking for is either something different or else they built the new one on the site of something previous that was also maybe known as "Metroplex" back in Plus - the date of 29 July on the stub seems to possibly be a "rain date", indicating not only that it was an outdoor gig but also that this probably wasn't the actual date of the gig.

Of course, if the original was rained off, then it could have been the date If anyone knows anything, please let me know Thanks to Bob Corrigan sending me an image of his flyer for this gig, I now know that this show took place on 28 July - that 29 July date on the stub looks like it was indeed the rain date - and I've heard nothing to indicate the show was rained off at all Check out the "Oklahoma State Fair" entry at the foot of this page which mentions another gig with ZZ Top headlining and Metroplex on the bill Bob Paxon I planned to go with my friend, JH.

JH was running late to pick me up, when he arrived we just had time to speed all the way there to catch the beginning of the show, which was scheduled for 8: On the way there JH informed me 1 he had taken some acid, and 2 had stolen a fire extinguisher which he planned to smuggle in. As they were frisking people at the gate he didn't try it. Instead he put it over the fence and then we went in. I went right to my seat while he said he was going to pick up the F.

Just as the BOC was starting to play he showed up. Apparently he was spotted by security and just had time to grab the F. As the concert went on, he periodically fired bursts from it, covering the people around us in a fine white powder, which set them to start threatening us, though he paid it no mind.

Towards the end of BOC's set a number of uniformed offices lined up on each side, on the wings. Though I wasn't tripping myself, I was high enough to be very paranoid.

Were they just policing the show with a heavy hand, or were they after us? Or were they part of the show? I forget which BOC song was playing but something kinda fascistic It was visually reminiscent of the Nuremberg Rallies.

I never could figure out whether it was intentional on the part of BOC or a coincidence. The other thing was that there was a big orchestra pit between the stage and the audience but the stage was not much higher than the floor. I kept having visions of the audience attempting to leap on stage but instead plummet to their deaths, like lemmings.

I think JH might have slipped me some acid. Actually the whole concert was a dreamlike experience and if I didn't have the stub I'd wonder if it was real.

I have now found confirmation of this Artpark date. It was indeed , as I had thought. EC was a black singer who recorded several albums in the 70s which included Rick Derringer and other rock hotshots. Apparently we arrived too late to catch the opening band, so I was never sure there was an opener. This was the second time we'd seen BOC in Buffalo in less than two months. By the way - the dates on both this Indianapolis show and South Bend show on the next day are often listed incorrectly.

Ralph Thanks to "The B-Man", I've now seen an advert for this show which indicates that the bill was: As well as this gig often being incorrectly dated as the 6th August, the venue name is often misquoted.

Please note that the correct name of the venue is Morris Civic Auditorium, not the Civic Center as is sometimes given.

I was there, and Nazareth did NOT play. Kiss opened and BOC played last. FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated, "Everyone discovered a beautiful country, a welcoming country, that is keen to show the world that everything that has been said before might not be true.

A lot of preconceived ideas have been changed because people have seen the true nature of Russia. In February , Ukrainian rightsholder UA: PBC stated that it would not broadcast the World Cup. This came in the wake of growing boycotts of the tournament among the Football Federation of Ukraine and sports minister Ihor Zhdanov. Broadcast rights to the tournament in the Middle East were hampered by an ongoing diplomatic crisis in Qatar over alleged support of extremist groups.

Qatar is the home country of the region's rightsholder, beIN Sports. On 2 June , beIN pulled its channels from Du and Etisalat , but with service to the latter restored later that day. Etisalat subsequently announced that it would air the World Cup in the UAE, and continue to offer beIN normally and without interruptions. On 12 July , FIFA stated that it "has engaged counsel to take legal action in Saudi Arabia and is working alongside other sports rights owners that have also been affected to protect its interests.

The elimination of the United States in qualifying led to concerns that US interest and viewership of this World Cup would be reduced especially among "casual" viewers interested in the US team , especially noting how much Fox paid for the rights, and that US games at the World Cup peaked at During a launch event prior to the elimination, Fox stated that it had planned to place a secondary focus on the Mexican team in its coverage to take advantage of their popularity among US viewers factoring Hispanic and Latino Americans.

Fox stated that it was still committed to broadcasting a significant amount of coverage for the tournament. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other competitions of that name, see World Cup disambiguation. For the video game, see FIFA Not a FIFA member. Bronnitsy , Moscow Oblast Australia: Kazan , Republic of Tatarstan Belgium: Krasnogorsky , Moscow Oblast Brazil: Sochi , Krasnodar Krai Colombia: Verkhneuslonsky , Republic of Tatarstan Costa Rica: Roshchino , Leningrad Oblast [78] Denmark: Anapa , Krasnodar Krai Egypt: Grozny , Chechen Republic England: Repino , Saint Petersburg [79] France: Istra , Moscow Oblast Germany: Vatutinki , Moscow [80] Iceland: Gelendzhik , Krasnodar Krai Iran: Bakovka, Moscow Oblast Japan: Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan Mexico: Khimki , Moscow Oblast Morocco: Voronezh , Voronezh Oblast Nigeria: Yessentuki , Stavropol Krai Panama: Saransk , Republic of Mordovia Peru: Sochi, Krasnodar Krai Portugal: Ramenskoye , Moscow Oblast Russia: Khimki, Moscow Oblast Saudi Arabia: Kaluga , Kaluga Oblast Serbia: Svetlogorsk , Kaliningrad Oblast South Korea: Krasnodar , Krasnodar Krai Sweden: Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai Switzerland: Togliatti , Samara Oblast Tunisia: Pervomayskoye, Moscow Oblast Uruguay: Bor , Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

FIFA Rules for classification: Group stage tiebreakers H Host. Luzhniki Stadium , Moscow. Central Stadium , Yekaterinburg. Krestovsky Stadium , Saint Petersburg. Rostov Arena , Rostov-on-Don. Cosmos Arena , Samara.

Volgograd Arena , Volgograd. Fisht Olympic Stadium , Sochi. Mark Geiger United States. Kazan Arena , Kazan. Mordovia Arena , Saransk. Kaliningrad Stadium , Kaliningrad. Antonio Mateu Lahoz Spain. Otkritie Arena , Moscow. Nizhny Novgorod Stadium , Nizhny Novgorod.

Matthew Conger New Zealand. Joel Aguilar El Salvador. Jair Marrufo United States. Group stage tiebreakers Notes:. Smolov Ignashevich Golovin Cheryshev. Cuadrado Muriel Uribe Bacca. Kane Rashford Henderson Trippier Dier. Smolov Dzagoev Fernandes Ignashevich Kuzyayev. Live It Up Nicky Jam song. Association football portal Russia portal s portal. However FIFA has discussed abolishing the competition. Harry Kane 6 goals. Mehdi Abid Charef Algeria. Bamlak Tessema Weyesa Ethiopia. Corey Rockwell United States.

Ricardo Montero Costa Rica. Bertrand Brial New Caledonia. Otkritie Arena Spartak Stadium. Krestovsky Stadium Saint Petersburg Stadium. Fisht Olympic Stadium Fisht Stadium.

Central Stadium Ekaterinburg Arena. Advance to knockout stage. Group H vs Poland matchday 2; 24 June. Group C vs France matchday 3; 26 June. Group F vs South Korea matchday 3; 27 June. Group G vs Tunisia matchday 3; 28 June.

Round of 16 vs Spain 1 July. Round of 16 vs Switzerland 3 July. Round of 16 vs Brazil 2 July. Round of 16 vs Sweden 3 July. Quarter-finals vs Uruguay 6 July. Quarter-finals vs Belgium 6 July.

Quarter-finals vs England 7 July. Semi-finals vs France 10 July. Harry Kane 6 goals, 0 assists. Antoine Griezmann 4 goals, 2 assists. Romelu Lukaku 4 goals, 1 assist.

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