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Hot lady looking real sex West Fargo

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April 10,,I was 2nd in line with only one teller on duty. I was still 2nd in line. Line of 4 at this time. I was finally nodded over. Instead of waiting on me though my paperwork was taken ,teller proceeded to do the work of his supervisor who was standing right next to him and in front of me. I had a simple transaction that could easily have been handled in two minutes by someone who knew what they were doing,by someone who might just give their undivided attention to the patron in front of him.

In that interim at least 4 "Thank you for your patience," to customers was said with no feeling whatever,but sure showed a lot of guilt. All this going on with the big,colorful Wells Fargo welcome sign telling us: It is concentrated in one word: Each one of these 3 people only employees I saw entire time I was there reminded me of that movie years ago called "Stepford Wives.

We so agree with this individual. The teller Shannon would not cash my check made out to cash without a debit card. I said no problem my credit union at Nabisco would do it. A Moore asked why we were closing the account and I explained it to her. She said the teller would never do that and asked her about it. She came back to the office and said I was wrong the teller had asked for a secound I.

I said why not play back the camera tape and check for herself, she said it is not available to be seen by them. They said thanks for the chance to show me real customer service. The branch returned the check back to my sister in California by mail. My sister took the same check to be credited to my account as she was also a Wells Fargo customer. Instead of crediting my account immediately, they again placed a two day hold on the same check they issued.

This is just ridiculous, but just shows how the compassion and lack of customer service they have for their account holders. I can cite incidents of how uncaring and totally rude these people are, I will never bank with them again and I will close my account as soon as possible. Her husband was in the army fighting for us and got hurt. She got behind i would to. But my sister tried to go with the hard times and you no what they said that is not good enough and she has 30 days to get out with 2 kids.

Merry Christmas and i would like to know what is hard then. Wells Fargo is the worst since taking over from Wachovia. They do not give you a running balance and how they get you with overdraft fees is they give you a misleading available balance. Then instead of posting all the transactions or keeping them in pending they disappear from pending transactions for about a day or two and then it post.

This is misleading to the consumer and we are going to close all our accounts and suggest others do the same. It seems like the people they have working in these branches are really rude. I went to the branch in central and richmond. This site reads like a "serial killer," aka Wells Fargo! None of you will be surprised at my story. Carruth who told me it was payment for services he rendered to a client. Stupid me for doing a favor. The bank says I now owe it money. I said, you will get blood first.

Wells Fargo didn't check the check, passed it on an account with not enough money to back it and then, turned around and kicked the Victim me, a 74 yr old, limited income in the teeth. Those are two protocols that banks institute to protect themselves First and the Client second.

I think we should all get busy with the Board of Directors. Bury them under paper, whatta ya say about that? The same thing happened to me. I started a new job and they paid me with a counterfeit check. I didn't know and now Im the one with a closed account and flagged name with Wells Fargo. They won't even take the information I have for the company.

Wells Fargo decided on its own without my concent to open a secured account and also decided how much of my money to open it with , well now I closed it and I have to wait 60 days to get my money back and the latest news is they don't know where the money is they said it was sent to an account that is not mine!!! This is the worst bank without question!!

I'm closing my account as soon as I get my money back!!!!! I live her in Jacksonville Fl. This branch is so slow, the tellers do not know how to add which I thought to be a teller you had to take a math test, and if you are white you might as well forget it!! There can be a line out the door and only ONE teller with the manager walking around doing nothing. This is the worst bank!! To make a long story short, got a new job and did direct deposit with Wells 2 weeks before payday. They took direct deposit info even though my account was closed due to inactivity.

A day before payday I get another temp account open to transfery direct deposit over to new account. Payday comes every friday and no money in temp account but they can see how much is supposed to be posted to the account. I leave thinking in 24 hours it will post. Saturday the very next day same thing they make the call and tell me I have to wait till the following tuesday for it to post.

The deposit was just sitting there and nobody was mobing to do anything about it. Bad customer service to say the least. This situation was handled by not one but 2 associates and I have to wait another 3 buisness days? Wow, its a shame. I got involved in a fraud using my Debit card with Wells Fargo Bank. I went to the bank and told them about my experience and was told that it was taken care of. I gave the bank Chris my paperwork where he faxed it to the fraud department.

A couple of days later Chris refaxed it because they said the never received it. Only after two months WFB took the money back out of my account and said that I never sent in the paperwork requested. So, I did it twice more at the branch and once more by myself.

I was told that the Fraud never received my paperwork and now I am getting calls from WFB threatening to close my account because my fruad case was dismissed.. I was told that someone from the Fraud Department did call the vendor to see if they would reimburse me and the vendor said " no"..

I was told to call this guy Ed at I have called several times and always gets his voicemail and no return call.. I am going thru the same issue with them right now. Wells Fargo loses more paperwork than the US Govt. They lost my car payment and even after I provide copies of my receipts of those payments, they repossessed my car.

I am now waiting for restitution of fees and penalties, I am also considering filing a complaint with the CA Attorney Generals Office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My house was recently put into active Foreclosure. I had been calling my "Home Preservation Specialist" for a whole month up to this point, to avoid this procedure.

Not once did I receive a return call from my specialist or his manager. NOW that I am in active foreclosure, I finally get a new specialist who gets me a review. Had this been done a month ago; I would not be in the process of losing my home. You should visit pbfconsultants. I was in foreclosure as well they got me approved for a modification with 3 months and lowered my interest rates.

I had the same issue, every time I called it was hard to get ahold of my account manager. I worked with mr ruff at pbf and he was the best! My husband passed away a yr ago and I called the bank for help. I was told over and over again they wouldn't take the house. Than one day the house was in foreclosure and none to work with. A realtor thank god for senting explained that the bank wasn't going to work with me or refinance my house, they were buying time to see what government program they the bank qualifyed for.

If the government made them work harder to work with the people before they belled them out we would have so many short sells and foreclosures. Wells Fargo is on my list and I tell everyone about what they have done.

I saw them on the most bad bank in America. I know first hand why. I am having a similar issue where my home is approved on a short sale scheduled to close in escrow in 3 days, but wells fargo put it in foreclosure.

I think there is a legal actionable remedy for this kind of harassment and stalling to foreclose on properties that should not be a short, and they just want to take it and make more.

I have been a good customer for 38 years, but this is nuts. If anyone is similar I think there is a class action that could be brought.

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They have put my house on the foreclosure list 3 times in the last two years. I served the country in the Army for almost 20 years and have continued serving as law enforcement for the dept of the Army. I recently lost my job due to base closure and tried to get a loan modification for the back owed. I have tried this so called modification process 7 times now, each time I think I may get an answer I get denied do to paper work not being filled on time.

The funny thing is if it is asked for I get it and have it faxed from the Wells Fargo branch. How can they not get it when I call and verify that it was received,enough on that. Today I took an insurance check into the local branch to my amazement the manager told me she could not authorize it due to my loan being so far behind.

I called the loss preservation specialist and was told to fax my documents in immediately and they would have corporate get back to me today Thanks Wells Fargo for all the great help!!!

It is amazing that this bank is so big but cant help out in small ways. I thank God I am protected under Bankruptcy so they cant get their hands on my house! It would be nice if someone in corporate actually took time to read these and help out! Wells Fargo sucks you know what. I had my mortgage electronically taken out of my account from October - May I am left without food and gas to get work and have a small child to take care of.

I have called numerous times and only get transferred from person to person and deparment to department with no immediate resolution. It could take weeks they are telling me to even get some of the money back. This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with and by the sounds of it from the messages above a lot of people feel the same way. Well let me tell you something, they haven't heard the last of me.

I am going to go to my local media, local paper and anyone else that will listen to get something done about this. They are robbing us blind people. What is America and its financial institutions coming to??? Who is bailing us out?????????????

I applied for a job and was denied when I have previous experience in what they were looking for. They instead interviewed my sister-in-law who has no experience in this field and has done nothing but work with dishwashing. When I emailed them about the concern I had, I got back an auto email telling me I did not have the background they needed. How is that fair? I plan on emailing the corportaion and telling them how I feel it in unfair.

She put someone as her reference who worked there years ago and because of that she gets hired? I applied for a job and was denied as well.

I called the company and they said it was due to my screening answers were not what they were looking for, I never answered teh screening questions. I clicked on the link and it said thank you for your responses. When I sent an email complaining about it, the woman was rude and told me they are not responsible for mishaps with computers and I must wait 6 months to apply again.

She was rude with me, not really stern, but rude. I have received numerous harrassing phone calls from Wells Fargo about late car payments. I have no car loan with Wells Fargo. I have advised them each time they call. Three times they just hung up on me. I had the threaten legal action before they stopped calling me. There is some nice people that work there but few and far between Be careful, they cannot be trusted.

WOW - JUST was speaking with an alleged customer service rep with questions about a mortgage application - he answered the first two and hung up during mid question 3 - not even a thank you for calling or a good bye - this is what 'too big to fail' gets the customer -. I live next door to a Wells Fargo bank. Soon after they had moved to this location, they put in a powerful spotlight which goes right through my bedroom.

The bank that had been there before them had a normal light. During the winter, I could close my blinds and windows but when the warmer weather came, I wanted my windows open which meant being unable to sleep with the powerful light in my room.

This has caused severe health problems. I have spoken to the bank's manager this is in Waterbury, Connecticut and they claim it takes a lot of paperwork and planning, etc. A friend who came over feels it might be a 'peeping tom' situation I spoke with Ashley first and she rarely called me back. Then she called me back and said they were working on it. Then another 'manager' took this very complex situation on and said she spoke to the corporate people and they were working on it.

This has gone on for months, and months and months. They rarely call you back. I told the manager that if Wells Fargo cannot or will not handle a simple situation like changing a light bulb, how can they be trusted to handle people's money?! Now I'm turning the whole situation over to a lawyer Someone at the bank finally came out and turned the spotlight down a bit but it still shines bright through my bedroom When they are served legal papers, I'll bet it will be changed the same day.

I'm going to post videos of the spotlight on the web and we're going to contact local businesses to let them know how little Wells Fargo cares about their neighbors I transfered my business account to WFB including my merchant services to save a few hundred dollars a month. Took 6 weeks to have my checks printed properly. Getting my credit card terminal online was a joke as well. First day we began the download via phone which was to take 1 hr.

WFB called my cell and stated they were down loading the wrong info to the terminal. After 60 days past I had not seen the money WFB said you never filled out the paper work to receive the money I find out after having the account for 60 days that the account was not opened properly for my business so I had to begin the entire process over ordering new checks.

Now I have a new acct number and have to change my merchant services account to reflect the new acct number. They say nothing everything will be handled. The fees hit the closed account. I call and tell them. They say no worries the fees will be taken from the account in 3 days. The fees are not taken All my calls are directed to collections It took me 10 days for them to release my money I was in constant communication with merchant services and my banker and this is their BEST Now today AUG 29th I go to use my card for a purchase and it is declined.

I had just checked my balance more than enough funds to cover my purchase I was told my account was closed due to fraud. I call customer service to find out why and they state they can not find my accounts.

They are so RUDE and discourteous!!! Glad they closed my account! I'll take my business elsewhere. Had issue with WF going on for 6 mo told will be resolved. Now sending letter to Corporate. Calling me name is incorrect Last person I talk to told me to take my business some place else like my Credit Union WF does not care. We are also quite sickened by this institution, if you can call it that.

The individuals hired by wells fargo all have requirements to meet: Trying to get a call back or an appointment is a time waste. How they keep their jobs, only the bank knows. So, do not wasted your time and money, do not bank with this bank. I must say, I agree with so many people who have stepped up and share the abhored experiences with Wells.

I want to ask the world to not do business with Wells Fargo, you will regret it! I am really curious how long it takes for comments to be "approved" and "visible. I just saw a report on Televisa: Al Rojo Vivo con Maria Celeste. What a business with no heart. How can you treat cancer stricken people this way?!

You are literally killing these people. It is known that this kind of stress will cause these people to deteriorate quickly. Be careful Wells Fargo, karma will teach you: Don't be surprised when you go out of business!!! I was just wondering how or why a home mortgage loan would be given to a family member of an employee of Wells Fargo?!?!?! This seems a little questionable to me!!!! I mean, these people are driving some pretty fancy cars, and trust me, their jobs do not warrant the type of salary to pay for these cars AND a mortgage!!

Wells Fargo replaced accounts, cards, etc. Wellsfargo is the worst customer service bank ever! Here in Amarillo Texas Service managers and Managers alike. They are rude and they do not know their jobs. Or that matter any branch. I have had nothing but trouble with this bank. My first loan with Wells Fargo went fine and made me want to do another loan with them.

When I can I am leaving this bank. Their Mistake on posting of full payment to my First loan got misposted thus causing me nothing but heartach and stress. I did my part to get the issue resolve but it seems that Wells Fargo does not want to make the correction on their own and they make you jump through hoops just to get resolve.

They don't even say for your trouble we will make a small payment to your loan. I am asking some one at that Bank Corporate office to wake up and step to the plate. There is no such thing and heroes or villains. Westworld is a world designed largely by and for men.

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