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Housewives wants real sex Mayer

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Karl Mayer was Susan's ex-husband, who left his wife and abandoned his daughter when he fell for his secretary. He married Susan in , and dating her for and later fell in love with Brandi, leaving Susan in , after 14 years of marriage.

He is a divorce attorney with an excellent reputation, and a sex drive just as well known, Karl eventually settled down and married a law professor, Marissa , and the pair had a son.

However, the relationship didn't last and the two divorced. Later, Karl began a secret affair with his client, Bree Van de Kamp , as he tried to free her from her marriage to her husband. Karl died after being struck by a plane at a neighborhood Christmas party.

Karl Mayer has Jewish heritage. He went to college and became a divorce attorney. He met Susan Bremmer one day and they eventually married. Their wedding was ruined by rain and all the guests, and Susan, Karl, and the minister all gathered under a gazebo.

Karl and Susan had a daughter named Julie Mayer. The Mayer family then moved to Wisteria Lane in when Julie was 2 years old. Numerous times throughout the marriage, Karl cheated on Susan with different women, including the cable woman, a masseuse, Susan's frienemy Edie Britt , and most recently, his secretary, Brandi. One day, Susan found lipstick on Karl's suit.

Susan confronted him about his affair and kicked him out. Susan took Karl for nearly everything. Susan kept the house and got primary custody of Julie.

Karl later started dating his secretary, Brandi. Karl and his girlfriend Brandi go to pick up Julie for the weekend and Karl and Susan fight over a dinner party she has to go to which means he needs to watch Julie longer which cuts into his plans with Brandi.

Brandi throws her soda can but misses the trash can. Susan is upset and tells Karl to tell Brandi to pick it up. Karl tells Susan to do it herself since she is closer to the can. Susan refuses which upsets Karl. Karl goes to pick up the can but Susan wants Brandi to do it. Karl tells Susan she is ridiculous and he leaves.

Susan is angry and throws the can and it lands by Mike Delfino 's foot and he says "Do you want me to pick up the can? Later on, Susan calls Karl and tells him and Brandi to come over later. Susan apoligizes to them which Karl thinks is ridiculous. Susan and Brandi make up.

Karl and Brandi breakup so his ex-wife, Susan invites Karl to Julie 's birthday party. Susan's boyfriend Mike Delfino thinks Susan is still in love with Karl since she can't say she loves Mike back. Karl brings Edie Britt as his date to Julie's party.

Edie tells Karl happy birthday until Susan awkwardly says it is Julie's birthday. While Edie is singing at the party, Susan kisses Mike which makes Karl jealous. Susan and Karl get into an argument about his infidelity. Karl tells Susan he deserves credit for not cheating on her for twelve years before. Edie then gets into the conversation and reminds Karl that at the Christmas party two years before that, Karl and Edie spent the night together after they kissed under the mistletoe.

Susan is furious and when she sings onstage at Julie's party she nearly has a breakdown and yells at Karl which leads him to walk out of the party.

The next day, Karl goes to Susan's house to ask for a second chance. Susan realizes she no longer loves Karl. She tells him no and she rushes to Mike's house to announce her love for him. Karl doesn't want Julie to be spending a lot of time around an ex-con. This leads to an argument between Karl and Susan. Julie ends their fight by telling Karl she likes having Mike around and that he is really nice so he better not ruin it. Susan Mayer walks out of her house one morning to find her ex-husband, Karl Mayer picking up the paper at her frienemy Edie Britt 's house.

Susan runs over to confront Karl and asks if he spent the night. Karl smirks and Susan tells him that he can't be seeing Edie because their daughter lives just down the street and Karl can't be showing off his sexcapades. Karl rolls his eyes and goes back inside Edie's house. Julie tells Susan later on that Karl and Edie did not have a one night stand and that they have been dating for six months now.

Susan then remembers that was the day Karl asked Susan for a second chance. When Susan is driving, Edie apoligizes without meaning it for not telling her she was banging Susan's ex. Edie tells Susan that on their first date, Edie's bra unhooked when she and Karl got drunk on tequila. Susan is furious and accidentally backs over Edie with her car. Susan shows up to apoligize to Edie and asks Karl if Edie got the roses she sent. Karl tells Susan that Edie got stuck by the thorns.

Karl announces to Susan that the night before Susan caught Karl coming out of Edie's house, he asked her if she wanted to move in together and that she said yes.

Susan tries to hold in the tears and she asks God to kill her. Susan tells Karl she wanted to be happy first and that she and Mike were gonna move in together but things didn't work out.

Susan is looking out her window and see's Karl, Julie, and Edie having fun. Susan is upset because it is Karl's weekend with custody and Julie should have been back by 6 but it is now 6: Susan walks over to Edie's house but Mike tells Susan that they probably just lost track of time while having fun.

Susan tells Mike she can have Karl arrested for keeping Julie past agreement. Susan tells Mike she is fine with Julie spending time with Karl but she is not fond of Edie being around. Mike says "Well, obviously, they saw us coming". Susan looks angered and leaves. While Susan is talking with her piano tutor and next door neighbor, Betty Applewhite , Karl storms over to Susan because he is furious that Susan wouldn't let Edie perform with Julie at the church.

Susan retaliates by saying it's for families only. Karl tells Susan that Edie could possibly be Julie's stepmother one day. Susan says she highly doubts that. Karl walks away and Susan apoligizes to Betty for what she had just witnessed.

Karl attends Julie and Susan's performance with Edie. Susan tells Edie that she should get up and perform with Julie instead. Karl and Edie both think that it's a trick and that Susan did it on purpose since Edie wouldn't have her guitar.

Edie however does horribly on the piano and Karl tells Susan that he knows that she is loving this. When Susan collects her things from Mike's house as they breakup, Susan witnesses Karl breaking up with Edie and driving away from her house. The following evening, Karl visits Susan who is alone and the two begin to drink a bottle of wine. Karl tells Susan that the reason that he and Edie broke up was because he kept an old picture of Susan underneath her mattress.

Edie saw this as a sign of Karl's recurring love for Susan even though they are divorced. The following morning, Julie arrives home to find her two parents in bed after a night of unexpected romance between the two. Julie looks in disgust and quickly leaves. Later, Susan tells Karl that their fling the night prior was a one-night stand since she is clearly not ready and unwilling to get back together with him.

Karl feels differently but after giving serious consideration gets back together with Edie. Edie then unexpectedly thanks Susan for whatever she did to reunite the two.

Susan feels as if she made a difference but still feels lonely because of her judgment. During a gathering at Bree Van de Kamp 's house, in the kitchen, Karl, Edie, Tom Scavo , Lynette Scavo , and Gaby Solis are talking and Tom reveals he was the high school geek and that none of the pretty girls would want anything to do with him.

Karl watches as Gaby and Tom share a kiss on the lips a joke. When Bree is being blackmailed by her son Andrew Van de Kamp because Bree sat and let her ex-fiancee die, Bree has Karl represent her if he calls the police about it.

Bree, Andrew, and Karl have a talk and since Bree didn't do anything to George Williams that caused his death, Bree can't be harmed in any way by the law. Andrew tells Bree and Karl he will just lie. Bree retaliates by saying if Andrew lies then she will sue him. Karl asks Bree to leave the room so he can talk to Andrew in private. Karl holds Andrew against the wall and asks him what his late father, Rex would think if he saw the way Andrew was acting.

Andrew says, that Rex isn't here though. Karl tells Andrew that Rex was his friend and that if Andrew does anything to Bree then he will come over and take care of Andrew with violence. Bree listens to this from the kitchen and smiles and takes a sip of her whine. Susan goes to Karl for help when she is in need of a health insurance plan seeing as she no longer has one.

Edie tells her that the only way to get a health plan is to marry someone quickly. Karl does not like where the conversation is going but Susan likes the idea. Edie sets Susan up with a gay guy who has great health benefits but his life partner Steve gets in the middle of it and they call off the wedding.

"Real Housewife" Danielle Staub Sex Tape Scandal - Photo 1 - Pictures - CBS News

At the performance, Susan tells Edie that she can go on instead, but Edie thinks it's convenient that she told her this when she didn't have her guitar, but she then reveals that she can play piano, she is not good at it. Susan tells Julie that when she went searching for Zach Young with Mike, she found him, but didn't tell Mike. As Zach wanted to come back for Julie, Susan couldn't allow it, so she gave him some money and sent him to Utah to find his father.

Julie is disgusted to come home and find her parents in bed together after Karl and Edie split up. Julie quickly leaves the house and Edie and Karl are later reunited.

He collapses and is taken to the hospital. Julie comes up with a plan for Mike to bond with Zach in secret: Julie, Susan, and Zach all go bowling out of Paul's watchful eye as he has asked Mike to stay away from Zach after he returned and then Mike showed up "unexpectedly". However brilliant, Julie's plan did not work as Paul found the bowling scores in Zach's room later on. Julie is in support for Susan to date Dr. Ron and is concerned when it is found out that Susan has a wandering spleen.

Ron and he performs surgery upon her spleen. Karl tells her that she mustn't tell anybody about the secret remarriage. Julie attends her engagement party. She angrily refuses to go to the movies with her mother, forcing her to go alone. Edie is distraught to learn the identity of Karl's secret love: Out of anger, she takes a watering can full of karosene and pours it all over Susan and Julie's house, she lights a match to it and the house is on fire.

At Danielle's birthday party, in which Julie is in attendance, she goes into the kitchen to find Bree icing the cake, she keeps getting it wrong and starting over and over again, Julie notices that something is wrong, She witnesses Bree go crazy about a girl taking a piece of frosting and informs Susan who attempts to help her friend.

Julie and Susan then move into a caravan outside their burned house. Karl sees this way of living and does not approve. He goes out and he buys a house for the two of them to live in, however, Susan refuses the offer, much to Karl's dismay, and Julie agrees with the suggestion not to accept it.

Julie and Susan are assumed to continue living within the RV until their house is fully repaired. Julie is there for Susan after Mike goes into a coma from being hit by Orson. She is supportive in Susan's endeavour to go out with Ian Hainsworth , a British man whose wife is also in a coma, Susan begins to date him. Julie meets the nephew of Edie Britt, Austin McCann , when she is trying to study and he is playing his music too loud. They have an encounter and she takes an instant dislike for him, he is intrigued by her.

She is present at the wedding of Orson and Bree as is Austin and Edie notices that something is going on between them, to which Autin replies: Whilst he is fixing the fuse-box, Julie realises how easy it was and says that he could have just told her to do it instead of coming over. Edie finds him there and tells him to come home and that Julie should not get involved with him before she becomes a "bad girl", much like herself. Julie is informed via telephone that Mike has awoken from his coma, she tries to call her mother with her cell phone, however Susan is not picking up as she is in the countryside with Ian.

She never ends up getting through to her. Susan and Julie are reunited after the hostage situation. Julie and Austin have begun a relationship and Susan isn't exactly happy. She calls Karl in to be the bad cop and put a damper on the relationship, but the plan backfires when he goes to talk to Austin and Austin tells him that Susan is dating someone whose wife is in a coma, Karl instead yells at Susan and Julie is angry that Susan would go behind her back that way.

Austin informs Julie that Art Shepherd is a pedophile once all of the gossip has started about him thanks to Lynette and Karen. She attends the Christmas block party on Wisteria Lane. Susan tells Julie that Austin cheated on her. Julie helps Susan pick out an outfit for Susan who is going to Ian's wife, Jane's, funeral, she tries to find the right thing to wear. Whilst there with Susan, Ian proposes, Julie quickly promts to her that she should drop the pizza as she is being proposed to.

Austin tries to apologise to Julie for what he did but she rejects him. He gets in her car at the car wash and asks her if she will read the letter that he wrote for her, the condition is that he get out the car at that moment, right as the hot wax is starting. Julie reads it and is seen forgiving Austin. It is found out that Danielle is pregnant and Austin is the father, so Orson tells him to leave town and not tell a soul why, he does not even tell Julie.

Julie is the bridesmaid for Susan and Mike. Julie pretends to be a potential customer for Mike so that she can lure him into the woods for hisown wedding. She is the only guest and bridesmaid at the wedding of Susan and Mike which takes place in the woods with Chinese lanterns so Susan can prove that she does not need a dream wedding, as long as Mike is there, Julie and the rest have a good time.

Julie welcomes her old friend and neighbor, Dylan Mayfair , back to Wisteria Lane , but unfortunately, Dylan doesn't seem to remember who Julie is. She gives her a pack of licorice because apparently she used to love it, but Dylan says that she doesn't like licorice.

Julie tries to introduce her to some familiar faces. It is soon apparent that Dylan remembers nothing of the Lane, she does not even remember her childhood crush, Dylan reveals her earliest memory to be a dream where a mysterious man tries to grab her, Julie suggests that maybe she go see a therapist but Dylan says that her mother would never allow it. Julie wishes to go to a party, and Susan allows it, however Mike tells Susan that he thinks that it would be a bad idea to let her daughter attend.

Susan is torn between what Mike thinks is right and what Julie wants to do. When Julie and Dylan are both alone at Dylan's house, Julie suggests that they break into the locked room for some answers of Dylan's past as Julie knows how to pick a lock because she has a mother who is constantly locking herself out of the house. Something goes wrong and Dylan is locked in the room that affects nothing to her memory, even though Julie says that that room used to be her bedroom.

Eventually Katherine, Dylan's mother, catches them and tells Dylan that she must stay away from Julie Mayer. Julie notices that Danielle is home and wonders why Bree did not tell her that she was. Later, at the Halloween party, Julie tries to hug Danielle, to welcome her home, but Danielle keeps her from doing so as she doesn't want her to discover that her baby bump is actually her baby bump.

It is discovered that Julie's new step-father is taking pills. Susan sees Julie as she comes home with a tattooed boy who is her new boyfriend. Susan interrupts their kiss and starts to ask questions about the boy's piercings, the fact that Susan is upset makes Julie upset. When Mike's drug dealer comes to the house, Susan is unaware of who she is and gets him to talking with Julie and the two hit it off, she tries to set them up.

Julie goes upstairs to get ready to go out and Mike reveals the man's true identity, Susan kicks him out and Julie comes back downstiars, wondering where he had gone. After the tornado hit Wisteria Lane, the street is devastated. Bree's living room is destroyed causing her to have to move in with Susan and Julie, Julie tries to remind Susan of what staying with Bree was like: She tries to convince Susan to stand up to Bree, but Susan fails and caves to Bree's wishes.

However, Susan and Julie discover that living with Bree is actually very nice, the laundry is done, the house is spotless and they have excellent food, and Susan tries hard to prevent her from leaving as she also feels lonely with Mike being in rehab.

Dylan shows Julie a note that she found, left by her dying aunt Lillian, she only finds it in parts as Katherine threw it on the fire. Dylan believes that her father was murdered but Julie is sceptical about it.

Dylan tries to contact her step-father to learn more. Julie, Bree , Katherine and Dylan. Julie attends a lamaze class with susan as Mike is still in rehab, whilst there, they run into Julie's father, Karl, and his current, pregnant wife, Marisa. Karl "accidentally" starts to offend Susan who feels embarrassed that his life is going so well and that hers is not so good.

Julie relays some good news on to Susan that she will be leaving for an internship that summer. Julie is upset with her mother when she refuses to let her go. Later, Susan admits that she is not prepared to let her go and that she feels that she still needs Julie's support. Julie replies to Susan that she is a much stronger woman now and does not need Julie to support her so much. Sex and the City Edit Cast Series cast summary: Lynette Scavo episodes, Marcia Cross Carlos Solis episodes, Brenda Strong Mary Alice Young episodes, James Denton Mike Delfino episodes, Doug Savant Tom Scavo episodes, Shawn Pyfrom Edie Britt episodes, Andrea Bowen Julie Mayer episodes, Kyle MacLachlan Orson Hodge 96 episodes, Brent Kinsman Preston Scavo 88 episodes, Shane Kinsman Porter Scavo 88 episodes, Kathryn Joosten Karen McCluskey 87 episodes, Zane Huett Parker Scavo 81 episodes, Joy Jorgensen Edit Storyline The "normal" suburban life for a group of close-knit housewives takes a dark turn when one of their closest friends mysteriously commits suicide.

Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Trivia All episodes, except the pilot, are named after songs, and in the first season, all of the song titles were from songs written by Stephen Sondheim.

At Sondheim's birthday celebration, the cast filmed a segment specifically for the party, featuring the titles. Goofs Xiao-Mei would never be able to be a surrogate without having a child of her own first. All reputable surrogacy agencies in the US require their surrogates to have had at least one full-term, live birth before becoming a surrogate. So, these "tennis lessons" we're taking, how are we doing?

My backhand is improving greatly, but you're still having problems with your serve. Crazy Credits In the first season a shortened version of the credits was shown in the Premiere and the Finale. Connections Referenced in Jeopardy!: Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where does this take place? Why is Katherine a lot like Bree?

What is the basic idea for the show? User Reviews The housewives' and househusbands', and housesinglepeoples' choice. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Audible Download Audio Books. Lynette Scavo episodes, Carlos Solis episodes, Please help with this survey? Richmond Looking for the right female adult hookupss.

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