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Just friends Afton express

Just friends Afton express

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Just friends Afton express

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If your pregnant and you have not been taken care of I am the man to help you out. More details, please.

I will only respond to those who reply with. I am 46 white DDF DWM. Reply with a pic and some info about yourself. You should be desperate.

I just need to be sad right now. He was just one day old. It was every bit as painful as it sounds. No light, no air — just hard, jagged rocks and one thousand pounds keeping me pinned to the bottom.

But you know who else has come forward? Dear friends of moms who have lost babies: You can and will help your loved one through this. Make no mistake here — the only reason I can write this post is because my real life family and friends have given me so many examples of how to do this well.

I owe this post to them. Of course I might cry when you bring it up in the grocery store. Please acknowledge this pain. Statements like this are incredibly meaningful at any point in a loss journey: I was intimidated by not saying the right thing, but I should have said something. I am so sorry for your loss. Will you tell me about him?

And when you speak about him as a person — not just a pregnancy or a baby, but a person with a name — that validates my grief. I remember sobbing, telling my friends: The baby might have discolored skin. Their lips might be blue.

They might have a physical deformity or their eyes might still be closed tight. But do you know what your friend thinks? She thinks this is the most beautiful baby in the world. This is an actual text message that my friend Melissa sent me after we lost Afton, and it is all kinds of right. Thank you for sharing this publicly. You guys are amazing people and even better parents. If you guys need anything, like groceries, dinner, deodorant or Kleenex, will you let us know?

That is specific and clear. She wanted to be our Prime Now and Bite Squad — our delivery team. She brought ready-made soups, crackers, bagels and cream cheese, pre-cut fruit, and more. Grief is exhausting and many parents facing loss just do not have the mental strength to even think about what they might need, so if you can help put the pieces together for them, you are lifting a huge burden. If cooking is your jam, check out the recipes in that series that were our favorite food deliveries from friends.

I am still on a kick with those wild rice burgers. After we announced his birth and passing, a few of our friends honored Afton publicly on Facebook and Instagram by writing about him or sharing our pictures and our posts about him. It showed that they were impacted by our son in a deep and profound way. Please keep them in your prayers as they remember, celebrate and grieve their amazing little guy Afton. Bjork is one of the best men, and now fathers, I know. Has it been one week?

Has it been one year? Just text her right now. In my opinion, text messages are better than cards because a why is the post office always miles away, b you can send them every day!

She might not, because sometimes in grief you are overwhelmed with everything, including sending a text message. Cards written to your friend are great, but cards written to my baby are rare, intimate, and incredibly special. My sister wrote a card to Afton on his due date and it is one of my most treasured possessions.

It says things like,. You are so precious to us. We got a letter written to Afton from his nurse, and a few other letters to Afton from family members. I cannot even begin to describe to you how much these words mean to me. Just a few days before Afton was born, I had ordered a bunch of new maternity workout-wear.

And I had been so excited about it. Of course, the package arrived to our house just a few days after we came home from the hospital.

It was painful to look at it laying there on my desk. Like a ghost of my life from before. Sometimes, even though the items might never get worn or used, they have emotional value to us loss moms. One of my most-dreaded things after losing Afton was making small talk in social settings. I would stand there, phsyically present in these conversations, but just completely dead inside.

I could not, for the life of me, think of a way to interact properly. Am I supposed to coo at the baby? Ask something about motherhood? Here comes the mom who just lost her baby — how will she react around other babies and pregnant moms? Please stop looking at me. If you are in a social situation with your friend, you can support her in a big, big way by being aware of how social dynamics might be affecting her.

And she needs that space. There are important days in the calendar now that your friend will never, ever forget.

The day my baby was born. The day that he died. The day she was due, the day of the scan, the day there was no heartbeat. Be intentional about reaching out to your friend on these days and even in the days leading up to the day, because sometimes the anticipation is worse. One of my favorite accounts on Instagram, laurelbox , says this:. Just listen a lot and say little. Bring coffee and sit on her couch and light a candle and listen.

Let her know that her new rhythm is your new rhythm for however long she needs. Always sharing about grief and life and love stuffs on my personal Instagram account, lindsaymostrom. A little thing about me: I also love food photography. I wrote an ebook that can help you learn your camera and I also teach food photography workshops in our Minneapolis studio.

Did you make a recipe? Tag pinchofyum on Instagram. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. She just did what I needed her to do. If I spoke about my fears, she would reassure me and help me strengthen my faith. And if I cried, she cried with me.

This was most important. The soul heals in its own way. Especially someone who I am desperate to see get better. You, Bjork and Afton are often in my thoughts and prayers. I know that I am a stranger who lives thousands of miles away, but if there is anything I can do in any capacity, please let me know. I feel the exact same way. We just have to have grace for ourselves and others through the whole process, I think. Grace upon grace upon grace.

Thank you for the comment. I know being the dad in this situation is way different than being the mom, but thank you. This is beautiful, and this is needed. I would love to read that post, after and during the journey of my friends losing their baby my girlfriend was surrounded by a really strong support network.

It seems that more so girls are better at surrounding themselves by the help they need but people seem to overlook the Dads a bit in these circumstances I found it much harder to know how to show my support to him during this time.

Acknowledge the father and his loss too. People were so focused on comforting me and bringing me gifts, my husband often went unnoticed. And he was even expected to be part of the grief-support team instead of part of the grieving.

I sobbed my way through this beautiful post, Lindsay, because love is beautiful.

Obituary for Afton Lisette Newton (Guest book)

My heart aches for you, Lindsay and Bjork. Sending extra love and prayers to you during this difficult time. I am so so sorry to hear this news. There is nothing that quite compares to the profound heartbreak of losing a child far too soon. Please remember to take of yourselves and of each other — the grief can get quite overwhelming and all-consuming. My thoughts are with you both. I am so sorry for your loss Lindsay and Bjork.

I was so afraid to read this post, but your spirit and love came through so powerfully in your words, that you feel such gratitude while suffering so greatly — you are truly amazing. You show me what it means to have God and faith in your life. Writing this in tears, hoping your hearts will one day heal. No one deserves such pain and loss. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I wish there was something I could say that would be a comfort.

I know your pain is just unfathomable, and I am so very sorry. So happy that you were able to treasure the precious moments you had with your sweet Afton. He will be your angel forever. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and I pray the Lord will mend your broken hearts. Triple exclamation point in the first line! That's putting it lightly. We love our team so very much. Here's who we've currently got working on POY behind the scenes: Bjork - my husband.

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Subscribe to get a free eCookbook with our top 25 recipes. Income Resources Food Blogger Pro. After the 3rd trial I was able to speak to an agent who claims the package was dropped off on my porch, I live in an apartment. I don't have a porch I said and all of a sudden she said I'm having attitude they can't tolerate Where is my package?

She said it has to be reported as a lost package like as if my time and money doesn't matter. Ask me how I feel. I ordered a product online to only find out that it was 7 miles away. It was shipped by USPS. It was shipped from Roseville to Sacramento 7 miles. Why in the world would you send it to LA and San Francisco and still be a week plus out and delivery.

You have to ask yourself why your business is failing. This is a perfect example. I was overnighted a package that was very important from client USPS tracking, insured. Our office building has a central mailroom, normally they are done by one and usually a package is that you have to sign for they bring it to your office some time after that. At I went down to the mailroom, all the boxes were open, and either one very sick or hung over mailman, not our regular guy, was leaning against the wall looking at envelopes.

I asked him how long it would be, and he replied "It's going to be a while. An Amazon package was in my box, but the priority package was missing. I tried calling to find out and went into a voicemail blackhole for 20 minutes and then just drove down to our local central post office, and was informed that he said he tried to deliver it which I guess meant anything but knocking on my door as we were in our office.

Then she checked and he try to deliver to a different building. We verified the address was correct. A very nice post office manager was trying to assist, but as he was not back yet her ability to do so is limited.

An organization is only as good as its least competent employee, I still have not received my package, I can't really reach anybody to discuss it unless I was to leave my office and drive down to the post office again, to say that sending something important by post office is unwise is an understatement. I had two incoming overnight packs The other is a priority express as well. Of course both don't show up and are hundreds of miles away. Not good for business. Who reimburses ME for the lost finances entailed?

And we wonder why the USPS is a money losing, bankrupt "business"! A letter in our mailbox which got delivered is torn. I wrote to USPS. COM and I got the response. The response says that if the package is damaged then they will put sticker on that package and the person who delivered our package don't recall anything was torn. For me it is a concern of security and privacy. If the USPS person delivered our package without damage then how it is torn before we open from our mailbox.

Is there anyone else accessing our mailbox. In future if any finance related letters got torn then who will take responsibility of these cases. I had a very important package that needed to be sent to my son in college. I paid for express mail which had a money back guarantee if not delivered on time. It was supposed to be delivered by Checked the tracking number. Got to Philadelphia by School never got it.

Told my son to go to the post office and pick it up in person. He trekked thru the city to the post office only to have the clerk tell him that only the University mail service and pick up that mail Way past the guaranteed date and time.

Went to the post office for my refund, clearly, it was delivered 1 day late! They refused to give me a refund because they claim that they only guarantee delivery to the post office. They could have warned me that the only guarantee was to the post office. Not the final destination. I paid for delivery to the final destination.

The package arrived at the UT local post office and had been scanned in. But when our customer asked for the package at the pickup time, there wasn't any package. After almost six months being played by USPS with different case numbers, finally, they closed the research and investigation. You guessed it right, result; "we tried to find your package with no success and since it has been a long time, you cannot claim it for lost".

I knew about the corruption in the system but USPS? Well, now I know It does not matter if you have an insured package or not, they will manipulate you until they reach their goal "not paying for the claim or ignoring the case with fake promises". We don't know who to trust anymore when comes to the shipping carrier.

Please claim your loss as soon as you can, don't wait for the fake promises from USPS like we did. People so lazy and called them 3 or 4 times about it.

If I can No stars at all. Priority and register package. Called the number. Waiting time over one hour. Does USPS think we have the time to wait or to wasted??? Finally got to talked to someone, she told me once I added the register option, the priority becomes useless, so tell me, why I paid for the priority service fees??? This is the most unacceptable experience I ever had. I got a delivery slip for a parcel delivery when I was not home. I took the slip with me to the post office and arrive at 5.

Lo and behold, the door was closed on me. I double checked the delivery slip and it is printed on it "Closing time at 5. On top of this, the parcel is already about a week late, vs the expected date.

What kind of establishment is that to not able to even hit one mark? I was having an issue with my change of address because I changed it twice within a month time span. I called the USPS to make sure everything was ok and not held up. I got the most amazing, kind, ambitious woman on the phone! Her name was Tiana and she was so friendly! Come to find out nothing was wrong with my change of address. I was just jumping the ball, eager to get my mail. During my change of addresses, I received a postcard from a scammer leveraging the USPS to scam people!!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves because my grandparents have been scammed multiple times. They present the postcard as if there is a package being held up.

Being that I was doing a change of address, I thought oh shoot!! I better hurry up and call these folks!! I mentioned this to Tiana and she took my complaint seriously! She even filed a form to let the company know about this and hopefully save another person from getting scammed!!

I'm so appreciative for people like her who take initiative to prevent this from happening!! She was so lovely to work with and I really appreciate her! USPS used to be good and reliable but as of lately, it is not. I was awaiting a package delivery today, it was sent 2-day express guaranteed but it never arrived. She got naked and sucks cock at a random park that we stopped at.

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This post is part of a ten-post series I’m sharing about the life and loss of our son, Afton. Click here to read more of Afton’s story.. In the weeks leading up to Afton’s birth, I . AFTON'S INTERNET GATEWAY: Afton's web site allows Email messages to be sent to alphanumeric pagers via Afton's Internet Gateway. Internet paging has lowered the barriers to using alphanumeric paging by making it easier to send messages. Internet paging is the best way to send instant information. Voila! Finally, the Murder On The Orient Express script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Agatha Christie movie. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Murder On The Orient Express.