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Just want to cuddle too lol

Just want to cuddle too lol

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I am simply waiting for a man that is honest, caring, works hard, and is really waiting to get to know someone and see what Just want to cuddle too lol relationship grows into. Can you fill this void w4m seeking for some fun on the side of my marrage husband just cant give me all i need in the bedroom and no im not a whore im a best wife,mother and best Just want to cuddle too lol to him I have told him how i feel about the bedroom problem but he has not tried to fix it not seeking for any thing but friendship and sex Im not leaving my husband I like him to the end of time I just have needs and they need to be fulfilled.

Relationship Status:Mistress
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Just want to cuddle too lol

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Leave your baggage inhibitions at home, they'll be there when you get back. Ill lick it only have this morning to do this. I'm so sorry, I didn't see you. I own my home and car. Womans with pictures move to the top of the list.

Real Estate Japan Inc. The Japanese will always find a way to bend the laws won't they So how many people would be happy with their daughter in High School doing this. Much better pay than macdonalds though - and the job description says "Sleeping". Y for ten hours. You could stay in a top-notch hotel for that. I can't sleep with someone lying on my arm anyway. I can't see this lasting long. There'll be too many problems with the sad lonely freak customers getting a chubby on and asking the girl to stroke him off, and the nerd-rage that will ensue when she refuses.

This is weird on many levels, but I am especially shocked that this would be anywhere near legal employment for a high school student. That this is legal is a sad reflection on the twisted state of society. Perfect place to spend a couple of hours after work before a night out on the tiles with friends! I rekon it's just a glorified knocking-shop, look at the scantilly clad girls in the pic. I guess the idea was inspired by frustated men who went to 'health' parlours after a few hours nomunicating with colleaugues and couldn't do anything other than sleep anyway.

This is so typical Japan that I'm surprised that people are surprised about it. This country and its morals are fast going down the toilet. How stupid can you be? This kind of crap is acceptable, but if I download music, I could go to prison.

Something is really wrong with these peoples priorities? I pity the girls who would be employed here. Imagine what kind of losers they would have to "sleep" with. A lot of the people would likely have hygiene problems, bad breath, smell of alcohol, cigarettes, etc. And like soap-lands, I wonder what's on the secret menu I remember an ear-cleaning shop near my office got raided for employing a 15 year old, who was having sex with the customers for an extra 10, or so.

I'm guessing that's going to be somewhere on the "hidden menu" at this sleep shop They should just legalize prostitution and get over it.

At least then, someone could provide healthcare and get taxes from it. It is yucky, but it's mostly sad, I think. People so desperately lonely for human contact that they'll pay someone just to "cuddle" them I'm assuming no sex is involved, but Very sad, and I bet that they'll feel even lonelier after the experience.

On the other side of it, I'm sure many people here would rather get paid that much and do just that, right? You know, as strange as it is, I actually think the business model is brilliant and will be successful. Specially in Japan, many people are simply lonely and don't actually looking for sex but intimacy such as cuddling or quietly sleeping together , that said it seems a bit pricey there but competition will probably drive prices down soon enough.

In my personal opinion there is nothing "yucky" about it , its simply the new electronic lonely world we live in and unless something will drastically change, it will just accelerate. Wow, I'll quit my job for that! I hope they accept men too. I can sleep 12 hours a day, I can make a fortune there!

Japan has become a sad place, no physical contact whatsoever, making people look for this kind of service. It's obviously just the front for other services. It's literally impossible for a real man to cuddle a woman for more than a few minutes and be satisfied with remaining like that. It's defies the law of nature and leads to all kinds of ailments. I cracked up when I first saw this and kept thinking "Only in Japan".

But now I think that Japanese folks really need help. You're allowed to look at her for one minute and it's only 1, JPY? Batting eyelids extra, I bet. That's great to know the rates. I'll fix mine at yen since I'm exotic and more padded. From today, I charge the ossans that confuse me with a pillow in the subway. It's 6 minutes between 2 stations of Midosuji line?

I can start preparing a few ryoshusho. Maybe I can start the first Gaijin Cuddle Cafe. What red-blooded Japanese girl wouldn't want to fall asleep resting her head on my huge bicep. Girl gives customer foot massage 3 min — 1, yen Customer gives girl foot massage 3 min — 2, yen.

Surely it's obvious why it costs more for the customer to touch the client? The person giving the massage is the active one - the one in control, the one with the power, if you like. The recipient is passive, motionless, and vulnerable to any moves the 'giver' makes. If you want to be in control, you have to pay more.

A sad state of Japan when a men will pay for this and b women would actually do this for a job. Guess they want that brand name bag bad enough Given how skinny the walls are at most cheap business hotels, you're virtually sleeping with the guy next door anyway Still cheaper than go man yen a night.

These guys over here are lame!! Sleep wit a women you don't know Price list presented exactly as a scorecard for Olympic Games Gymnastic competition? Each movement Compulsory or optional scores a certain points in yen. Is there a video camera for 'challenges' just in case if one slept only 2 mins in the girl's arm instead of 3? And heres another article where I facepalm myself, then bang my head against the desk a few times to make sure I'm not going completely insane.

Good old Japan, making the world a crazier place, one idea at a time OK, so it's 20, to have the girl take a nap on the customer's lap for half an hour. How much for the girl to take a nap on his shoulder for half an hour?

The other day a woman took a snooze on my shoulder on the train for about a half an hour Better translated that would likely mean "stroke someone's hair. Whether it's a kink too far or not is as we see above debatable. But yes, why not shake that sleeper on the train and bill him or her? Charge the gropers even more. I'm not about to comment on the warped view of needs that leads to such a place, but is there no vaguely sexual motivation that is not capitalized on in Japan?

If the novelty of this fails to wear off, and people continue spending money to earn temporary social privileges I may have found a new thing to despair about. I think I know of a better way to spend 6, yen an hour to be honest.

The time spent in this shop is also time that could be spent finding a more long term companion in the first place too. For an extra 10, she'll cook you breakfast?

Man, this article is sure doing the rounds. I have had several friends from all over the world message me asking if it is true All linking to this article. Japan is indeed on the cutting edge of new ideas for commercial enterprise.

All those sexual taboos are simply done away with when this business model was thought out. I have nothing more to say to this! You know mimi souji going to be added to the menu and so is to have the girl wear cat, dog, or some other animal ears and probably a tail that wags when petting the head for an extra My significant other does not let me crawl into bed with her and sleep in her arms.

Is this because I have 'hygiene problems' American Devil? I wonder how many married male Japanese have the opportunity "to crawl into bed with their significant other and fall asleep in their arms. And who is their significant other? My, son said this morning at breakfast, because my wife and I were talking about where we'd be able to make a bedroom for him when he is older, "Even if it is only Dad, I want to sleep with an adult.

SpanishEyez37 Actually, they do have a service for women. I saw one a few months ago featured in some program. Basically an outcall service and the guy visits and stays the night at your place, cuddling. Of course, not after pre-payment and ground rules are agreed upon.

I think it's called Soine ya Prime or something. This cuddle cafe can best be summarized by Judd Nelson who said it best on The Breakfast Club, "So it's sorta social, demented and sad, but social.

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Paying someone to chat with you would be equally creepy. How many smile would be forthcoming if the customer didn't pay? Sadly, although this brings new dimensions to the concept of creepy, this will probably work in Japan. I mean, guys regularly drop tons of money in clubs just to have a girl talk to them and massage their broken ego. This is just the next logical step.

I'd like to meet the evil genius who thought of this. I must point out to you the complete lack of logic in that 'money cancels value' argument. If we were talking about remuneration, pay, for fire service workers or medics, nuns and artists, the conclusion that payment and money or reward of any kind devalued the work done, would be clearly nonsense.

The act is not the product of money. Just as for every human activity you can name. You will be sure to agree if you think about this for a moment. I thunk about it for a moment, and don't agree. Fire-fighting and cuddles are worlds apart. If the fire is put out, then the firefighter has done his job. If slipping an extra note into his pocket gets the job done quicker, fine.

Someone could get raped and if your married, this can possibly ruin a relationship. I would think this type of cafe would have much more success "recruiting" some of those life-like female robots now coming into the market.

After all, robot aren't going to care if Oyaji-sama smells like cheap whiskey or is overdue for a bath. After a quick wipedown by maintenance staff and dialing in the maturity level desired, Reina-chan robot would ready for more cuddles.

Plus they can be equipped to deliver gentle shocks if the guy tries to get frisky. Japanese robot-makers need to get busy!

Leasing out their cute but pricy wares to cuddle cafes could be the start of something big. Not to mention the robotic potential for hostess bars I dont know any Jp people who would find the idea shocking or disgusting, even though they would not use the service themselves,while westerners reaction is most often very negative - shock horror or at least - ridicule, so for me - 'bear trap thinking' comes to mind.

It seems no more revolting to me westerner than any personal service most of the world is prepared or obliged to pay for. From hairdressing to chiropody. I wouldnt want to pay for it, as I said, already, my dog is better company and costs a lot less. Some of may remember I said "Now I heard it all" in another post.

What is wrong with the guys in this country? There's a demand and a need. Some people just don't want sex, but they want to cuddle. What's wrong with paying for it or getting paid for it? The menu is tasteless though. All these things should be included in a set price. The girls get paid 3, yen per hour, but the minimum is 3, yen per hour?

So obviously the customer is expected to take many optional services. There are good reasons to discourage the potential arbitrary production of fatherless offspring, as likely burdens on the group effort. However - affection and intimacy are natural human behaviours that are not, rationally, bound, inseparably, to 'breeding pairs' ' or to 'marriage' alone, If they are to be so, then all acts of kindness and tenderness, all friendship and caring for each other, must become suspect.

I do not like the sound of such a world at all. We might all learn to love one another as brothers and sisters , and include physical tenderness in that loving, without labelling each other 'adulterer'? The website does actually state that you have to ask each girl what they won't do, so I presume it depends on which girl you choose Id work there for the same amount xD. What if you went to try it out and found your girl friend working there?

Hell hath no furry like a woman's scorn Without mutual understanding and trust, what's left of friendship? I like the idea if your going there to relax mentally, not unlike getting a massage. However, if your going for any "other" reason, its a bad idea. I visited the cuddle cafe this week. It is a sleazy massage parlor pink salon with a clever bit of re-branding. I think it's important for Westerners to understand two apsects of the Japanese society before they jump to the conclusions on subjects like the cuddling cafe: The English word "service" is actually used as Japanese word "sabisu", but with different meaning.

When it comes to serving other people, the Japanese is very dutiful and serious, like perfoming a job. So, sabisu is a serious business for all kind of services. If you can get tip by serving a customer food in the Western world, why can't you get paid by dutifully lending an arm to a customer to sleep in Japan?

Secondly, the sex industries in Japan are, without exception, operated by the mobsters called "Yakuza" in Japanese. Theses mosters are rude and sleazy just like their counterpart in the West. But by no means the Yaksuza represents the average Japanese people. If you can understand these, you wouldn't say things like "Japan is creepy" since aberration from norm is the characteristic of human society anywhere in the planet Earth.

Wow thanks JapanVisitor--Good investigative report. I got lost in that area one time and it is definitely not Akiba turf. You can pay to stare at each other for one minute? This country kills me. This business only exists becuase Men are lonely. Theyre lonely because women are cold, arrogant selfish and cruel.

Women would rather be single than hug a normal average men. They all want a superstar hunk or famous man. Even the ugly fat girls wont take and average looking man. Women caused this problem with their greed and vanity. ITs what men are programmed to do. Everything elses doesnt matter. Women are programmed to have children. But women are so selfish they will rather wait for the hunk to sleep with them once and become a single mother than marry the average guy.

This business would work in the UK too. Shallow girls in the developed world are a problem. Its your own fault girls. If you need a warm body to sleep against, get a dog! They fart too, by the way, but they don't care if you do because they love you no matter what.

Dave some women are like that and some aren't. There are also women who will always want affection from guys etc etc. Get two of right people together and they'll have a great relationship.

I have two things to say about this. That's prostitution in itself. Who would pay to stare at someone, pat them on the head, or anything like that? On a more serious note, maybe they should have courses for yen an hour on how to talk to women, that way there would be less socially awkward men with real partners Just in case anyone is still hung up on the word "delivery," they have young, usually teen-aged girls out on the streets to invite gentlemen to the cafes.

The girls escort-or deliver- the interested men to the cafe, and then return to the street to find more men. There are many maid cafes in the Akihabara district, and you will notice one of their girls, because they are usually dressed like a French maid.

I have it on the authority of a young Japanese man-who has never been to one of the cafes-that the maid cafes don't include touching as part of the menu, only the company and conversation of a young woman for a lonely man.

Also, though some would consider this to be a form of prostitution in the US, in Japan they do not. Do you know why guys would pay for such simple things, like eye contact with a girl, or even just intimately being in the presence of one? Because they're not as incredibly spoiled with physicality as we are in the US. Girls that'll go to bed with you are a dime a dozen - except not even, because they can be found in every club, for free.

Here in the states, it's totally the norm for kids to be having sex with multiple partners all throughout high school, hence why we think basic, intimate, sex-less alone time with a woman is so ridiculous. Thanks to the media we're constantly subjected to, most of us are so saturated with this sex-based culture, that platonic-ly sitting with a woman sounds petty and lame. Perhaps to us, where we glorify a Vegas lifestyle above all else, it may be ridiculous or lame - but don't say their morality is going down the toilet, in that respect at least.

This shows that it's a culture where intimacy actually means something. Much less than the going rate for ladies of negotiable affection.

I do not find it creepy. I find a lot of the optional course weird though in my opinion. Maybe the girl changes clothes depending on what that means. Use your Facebook account to login or register with JapanToday. By doing so, you will also receive an email inviting you to receive our news alerts. A mix of what's trending on our other sites. Customer gives girl foot massage 3 min — 2, yen Paying to give a girl a foot massage.

Doesn't that fall into the fetish category? So it's like sleeping in the train, except your neighbor doesn't smell tobacco and alcohol.

I back off a little bit because I wasn't really sure. SO I guess I need to get back on that. We texted the other day and we both shared how we miss each other. I know she is seeing another guy but my female friends say she is all into me like you guys are saying and not to worry too much. Wow guys really are sow huh lol. I like it; it's good when I'm in the mood. I also like to make out and get it on. It took me about 4 months to figure this out with her giving me hints that she's very much turned on sexually by cuddling.

She despises me when I make moves on her, grabbing and touching her. Those are the words she actually used when she told me that. I found if I just spend a little intimate cuddling, talking, holding, listening, laughing She gets to the point where the only thing she wants to do is me. Nothing can hold her back. She's like an animal. Perhaps that's the message she is trying to relay to you but you won't listen.

Cuddling might just be her little place where she feels safe but I'm willing to bet it's also a form of foreplay to her. Try it and see what happens. I think you'll be surprised With my girl, if I want sex I simply have to hold her for about a half hour, maybe more.

Eventually, the game is on and she lets me do whatever I want. Last edited by youngskywalker; 20th June at 4: I'm ok with how it is.

I do like her though and we are great friends as well. Just was wondering what it meant and how she feels. So we texted yesterday and she had company but wanted to me to come over today after she gets off work.

I told her I missed cuddling and she said she missed it a lot too. It's been a couple of weeks since we did so I hope that feeling hasn't left. Originally Posted by youngskywalker. The feeling will be there again as soon as you hold her.

I know this may sound strange, maybe I'm just a strange person, but I just thought it'd be nice to have a guy I sorta like laying down with me at night without anything sexual. He enjoys my company every time we hang out, so he doesn't dislike me. There are some days where I wish there was a particular person to cuddle with, other days I just relish the fact I have a bed to myself.

Cuddlesome friendships certainly exist, whether your asexual or not. My two best friends have always been very touchy-feely with each other, with no sex or romance involved. All I can say is that it's a perfectly normal thing! Only on the bed? I've felt like that too, sometimes I'd like to just lay in bed and hug or cling to someone, nothing sexual involved - BUT.

Cuddlesome friendships sound great to me. I just don't know how to ask my him, and I'm afraid of his reaction. He's a cool guy, but he's very shy and quiet. I know he's single and he listens to the same kind of music I do and we have a lot in common, but we have never actually talked about each others' past relationships or anything personal, so I don't even know how many people he's ever dated, what kind of girls he likes, his views on relationships, etc.

Maybe I should start bringing that kind of subject first. Platonic cuddling is the best! I had an awesome platonic cuddle buddy, but then I moved, and now I need a new one I want them to be mine, I want to care for them and I want that kind of affection from them. It's one of the few kinds of affection that doesn't make me want to black somebody's eye.

My husband is not a cuddler, unfortunately. My BFF lives so far away, but if he were nearby, we'd totally cuddle it up everywhere! I'd just simply not let go if he were in range. We cuddle it up over chat while we're talking about our days. It's not the same as if it were really happening with us both in the same room, but it's still very lovely.

It helps a lot with the loneliness we both have and I adore every second even if it's in chat only.

I don’t want this anymore but I’m getting mixed advice from people. Some tell me that I should text him and tell him that I don’t want to do it anymore and others tell me that I should just stop texting and just ignore him if he reaches out, which I find particularly cruel. Buy products related to cuddle chairs and see what customers say about cuddle chairs on FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This little crochet bear is always ready for a sweet and squishy hug! Create one in your favorite color 🙂 The Cuddle Me Bear Amigurumi Pattern will take you right back to childhood and make wonderful gifts for the kids you love!