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Lonely looking for 75102 click here

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Lonely looking for 75102 click here

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Accelerated Reader By Aurthor List. Accelerated Reader Level List. President of a Divided Country Greene, Carol 2. The Oregon Trail Diary Black Explorers in America Haskins, Jim 8. Baseball Superstar Mattern, Joanne 3. Very Bad Day Viorst, Judith 3. American Statesman DeGraw, Aleine 4. Going To Move Viorst, Judith 3.

Life in the Wild Kulling, Monica 3. Pioneer of the Sky Parlin, John 3. A Patriotic Primer Cheney, Lynne 5. Olympics Osborne, Mary Pope 4. Under the Volcano Osborne, Mary Pope 5. Mulberry Street Seuss, Dr. Jones, The Byars, Betsy 4.

The Arctic Incident Colfer, Eoin 5. The Eternity Code Colfer, Eoin 5. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Suen, Anastasia 3. Bears Ready, Get Set, Go! Queen of the World! Ballet Buddies Richards, Barbara 2. My Favorite Teacher Muldrow, Diane 3.

Double Trouble Slott, Dan 3. Scientist Jackson, Garnet Nelson 2. Designer of Our Flag Weil, Ann 3. Little Dog Eastman, P. Unforgettable Personalities Unknown 6. African Americans in Aviation Haskins, Jim 9. Harlow, Joan Hiatt 4. Jedi Hunter Hibbert, Clare 3. Our Skeletal System Simon, Seymour 6. Washington Amper, Thomas 3. An Adventure Holm, Jennifer L. Grew Up to Become Dr. Seuss, The Krull, Kathleen 5.

The Garden of Fear Shipton, Paul 4. Birthday Mystery Adler, David A. Catnapping Mystery Adler, David A. Circus Clown Adler, David A. Ghostly Mystery Adler, David A. Gold Coins Adler, David A. Haunted House Adler, David A. Monkey House Adler, David A. Monster Movie Adler, David A. Mystery of Flight 54 Adler, David A.

Stolen Diamonds Adler, David A. Television Dog Adler, David A. My World Granowsky, Alvin 1. A Life in Poems Nelson, Marilyn 5. A Story of Courage Shaw, Janet 5. A Winter Story, Tripp, Valerie 5. Daughter of the Nile Gregory, Kristiana 6. Cows That Type Cronin, Doreen 2. A Counting Adventure Cronin, Doreen 1. Hear Them Speak Winters, Kay 5.

Good Sports Chaconas, Dori 1. Short and Tall Chaconas, Dori 2. Partners Silverman, Erica 2. A Lakota Story Nelson, S. Conly, Jane Leslie 3. Without Remainders Ruffin, Frances E. The Cross of Lead Avi 5. All Wet Brown, Marc 1. Flips Brown, Marc 1. Rides Again Brown, Marc 2. Thinks Big Brown, Marc 2. A Kit Mystery Ernst, Kathleen 4. A Life on the Frontier Krensky, Stephen 4. Letters from the Overland Trail Woodruff, Elvira 5.

Henshaw Cleary, Beverly 4. Letters from Obedience School Teague, Mark 3. What Is an Adverb? Letters from the Investigation Teague, Mark 5.

Dog Days Kinney, Jeff 5. Hard Luck Kinney, Jeff 5. Rodrick Rules Kinney, Jeff 5. The Last Straw Kinney, Jeff 5. The Long Haul Kinney, Jeff 5. Dinosaurs Berger, Melvin 4. Lazardo Joyce, William 2. Hatchling Snyder, Midori 5. A True Story Grover, Wayne 5. Shura, Mary Francis 4. Dog Butcher, Nancy 4. Martin Luther King, Jr. Seuss Rau, Dana Meachen 2. Seuss's Sleep Book Seuss, Dr. From the Gospels of Matthew Inventor Jackson, Garnet Nelson 3.

Women's Rights Mattern, Joanne 4. Or How to Eat, Dress.. Stay Six Forever Thompson, Kay 5. Midnight Visitor Sobol, Donald J. Secret Pitch Sobol, Donald J. Dead Eagles Sobol, Donald J.

Disgusting Sneakers Sobol, Donald J. Mysterious Handprints Sobol, Donald J. Pablo's Nose Sobol, Donald J.

LEGO |OT5| DARKNESS! NO MONEY! (or Break the Rules! Mix the Bags!) | Page 3 | NeoGAF

Thorin, his stomach grumbling at the thought of all that fresh food, followed the Hobbit down his winding back hall, which at least curved appropriately underground.

It had been too long since Thorin was surrounded by stone as a Khazad should be. He worried, sometimes, about his people becoming so comfortable in space that they forgot the comfort of stone, the touch of gold under their fingertips.

Baggins paused briefly at the final door on the curving hall, his fingertips resting against the polished wooden knob. They tapped once, twice, three times, before his shoulders jerked and he pushed the door open. He was strong, and fair, and interested in exactly what Hobbits are meant to be interested in. Thorin turned toward him. The system beeped an alarm, and the Hobbit reached out to touch one screen, which flashed across DNA information before settling back into silence.

Thorin looked at Bilbo Baggins again. The Hobbit relaxed, just a little. And he marched out on bare feet, a Hobbit on a mission and a king of Khazad upon his heels. A dark and twisted fairy tale with one heart lost, one heart stolen, blood on their hands and kindness of their touch.

This graphic is inspired by the amazing science fiction world created by linane-art. Read the first part here and the sequel here! On the outside of his plexi-glass pod, right in front of his eyes someone put a sticky note. Speaking of which, could we maybe have tiny!

Kili recovering from their injuries post-BOFA? We hope you like them. Fili and Kili - Roadtrip AU: We are still happy to sign up 1 more writer as a backup, if anyone is interested especially as we suspect not all sign-up messages got through. This person would come into play if someone dropped out or another artist signed up. Please contact each other ASAP to discuss and send them the link to your relevant content.

Searching by tags wthin their tumblr or pairings within their AO3 is your friend to narrow down your choices. I know this is late af but I thought I would compose a list of some of my favorite fics in recent memory, as well as calling out some of the amazing authors this fandom has been graciously blessed with.

All of these authors deserve the love! This fic in particular is brilliant. It has the perfect amount of whump and love, as well as a wonderfully developed alternate history of the Dwarves.

Beautiful historical AU that takes place during the Holocaust. There are also several side one-shots! This one has always been one of my faves. I love this series. I could go on forever on how much I love these fics. Fili, or give me death. There are even some illustrations!! AU Britchell fics I guess?? Really interesting plot and just a fun angsty fic. This one is a fun sci-fi gays in space fic. Is there anything else that really needs to be said?????

Tiolam was fully awake now, and once Anders got into bed, she spent the next minutes hunting down his legs by jumping on his toes, front paws first, every time he moved his feet under the covers. He had to grip the fox by the scruff of the neck and dragged her to his chest so she would calm down.

She sneezed on his shoulder, but soon, her head tucked under his chin, she drifted into slumber. In an odd way, to know John only three yards away, the other side of the velvet drape, bothered Anders as much as it comforted him.

He followed the tell-tale metallic rattling of the candle snuffer, when John took it from the mantle piece, and then, tracked his footsteps around the room as he killed the light. John gained the daybed again and uttered an audible sigh as he sat down on it. Anders opened his eyes and stared at the curtain. Funny how it managed to disappoint two people with very different expectations.

There was a ruffling sound: The fire in the hearth crackled in the silence of the bedchamber. Wowowow you are awesome thankyou so much for your questions. But, here we go! First off, my sister, stephratte , who on Tumblr is better known as inevitably-johnlocked. She inspired me to create characters, to create stories, to just create period - she taught me the foundations that I still use today.

I was instantly drawn to it the moment I saw it. I just admire your stuff A LOT, like. I just want to hug you TBH sajflsjakfssaaf!! Your stuff always without fail makes me smile! I just love you so much. You have no idea. You are just a fantastic, wonderful person and honestly a light in my life. Like, seriously, thank you so much for just being you and being awesome. You mean the world to me. I just hope you see this.

I also NEED to do a shoutout to chelidona as well. Thank you so much for being awesome. Thankyou so much for all your support, for all your likes and your reblogs, and just your comments and they just…they really keep me going. So it really means a lot to me know that my art makes someone out there happy. You are ALL inspirations to me. Originally posted by pinklips I used to do a LOT of comics. Like, comic strips, with my own characters. Like I used to do comic strips, just a few panels with a punchline at the end.

But now I just want to do these long, epic, continual story things. I actually had an idea for a strip series. So that happens too…! There is now a link to Gathering FiKi Week on gatheringfiki , and also a collection at Ao3 , so you can dig in when you have the time for anything you missed! Submit it here and we will link to it and add you to the master lists. And there are even brave souls who participated every single day: ALSO special thanks to all the people who reblogged and supported FiKi Week, like plz-dont-call-me-val , in-the-love-of-durin , tigerliliesandcherryblossoms , astaraiches-oisinn , withywindlesdaughter and I know there were more.

Your support for the creators is what made this week even more special. And personally to thegreensorceress , anathema-cat , ceallaig1 , drakkhammerwrites , and damnitfili for sending kind messages that kept me going this week. The first image is available for purchase here!

I'm a Prisoner in the Library Clifford, Eth 4. Hopper's House Rylant, Cynthia 2. Disasters Hall, Lynn 4. Arnold for President Bartlett, Craig 3. A Story of Africa Brett, Jan 3. A Tale of Bragging Teasing Bruchac, Joseph 2. A Navajo Legend Oughton, Jerrie 4. Earth's Mightiest Storms Lauber, Patricia 6. What Is a Pronoun? Measuring with Fractions Harris, Nancy 3.

World's Strongest Cats Zumbusch, Amelie von 3. Fourth President Venezia, Mike 5. Fifth President Venezia, Mike 5. Superman's Guide to the Universe Gaff, Jackie 6. Bates Takes Charge Shreve, Susan 4. Woodman, The Pattison, Darcy 4.

The Diary of Remember Patience The Doctor Is In! Not a Good Mood. Boss of Lunch Park, Barbara 2. Cheater Pants Park, Barbara 3. Dumb Bunny Park, Barbara 2. One-Man Band Park, Barbara 3. Toothless Wonder Park, Barbara 2. Lincoln Fritz, Jean 2. Book One Duey, Kathleen 4. Book Two Duey, Kathleen 4. A Friendship Story Shaw, Janet 4. A Survival Story Shaw, Janet 4. A Story of Giving Shaw, Janet 4. A Sister Story Shaw, Janet 4. An Alphabet Adventure Inkpen, Mick 2.

A Summer Story Tripp, Valerie 4. A Cautionary Tale Willems, Mo 1. A Biography Rappaport, Doreen 4. The Unauthorized Autobiography Snicket, Lemony 7. A Dog's Tale Myers, Laurie 4. You Be the Judge Unknown 6. Bridge, The Swift, Hildegarde Hoyt 2. Conner's Heller, Rebecca retold by 1. Counting by Fives Dahl, Michael 1. Celebrity Giff, Patricia Reilly 4.

A Book About Warm and Built for Speed, The Randolph, Joanne 3. Pioneer Physicist Greene, Carol 5. The Red Planet Demuth, Patricia 4. Day Holidays Discovery Sorensen, Lynda 4. Day Revised Edition Lowery, Linda 4. The Life of Dr. A Flying Birthday Cake?

Class President Sachar, Louis 3. Is He a Girl? Super Fast, Out of Control! Why Pick on Me? Logan Martin, Ann M.

Champion for Education Greene, Carol 2. An American Girl Shaw, Janet 4. Soccer Star Kirkpatrick, Rob 4. My Special Moments Kwan, Michelle 5. What Is a Noun? Will You Be My Valentine?

The Halloween Cat Rylant, Cynthia 1. Gelman, Rita Golden 1. Lincoln's Way Polacco, Patricia 3. Mcmouse Lionni, Leo 2. Popper's Penguins Atwater, Richard 5. Rabbit and the Lovely Present Zolotow, Charlotte 2. Tucket Paulsen, Gary 5. Wolf's Pancakes Fearnley, Jan 3. Brice's Mice Hoff, Syd 2. Mack Polacco, Patricia 4. Mooley Kent, Jack 1. Ancient Egypt Cole, Joanna 3. Medieval Castle Cole, Joanna 3. King, Stephen Michael 2. Martin Luther King Jr. Farris, Christine King 5. Fine, The Stanley, Diane 4.

Tropical Rain Forests Gibbons, Gail 5. Minarik, Else Holmelund 2. Smart Guy Beechen, Adam 3. A Goldfish Story Bennett, Kelly 2. Venus and Serena Williams Stout, Glenn 6. Asleep in 60 Seconds Kloske, Geoffrey 3. Virginia, Hermes, Patricia 3. Explorer Will Steger's Trek A Tall Tale Kellogg, Steven 5. Kennedy, A Adler, David A.

Lee, A Adler, David A. Fun with Math and Games Axelrod, Amy 2. Fun with Math and Shopping Axelrod, Amy 3.

Fun with Math and Cooking Axelrod, Amy 3. Fun with Math and Time Axelrod, Amy 2. Fun with Math and Sports Axelrod, Amy 3. Fun with Math and Travel Axelrod, Amy 3. Fun with Math and Money Axelrod, Amy 2. What Is a Synonym? Moment of Truth Unknown 6. An American Princess Milton, Joyce 3. Daughter of a Chief Greene, Carol 2.

The Story of a Garden Levenson, George 3. Mouse Cleary, Beverly 5. Here's Bojangles-Think of That! A Year in Colors Sidman, Joyce 3. Mercury Pilkey, Dav 3. Young Ball Player Dunham, Montrew 5. Sunset of the Sabertooth Osborne, Mary Pope 4. Her True Story Milton, Joyce 3. Haddix, Margaret Peterson 4. A Josefina Mystery Ernst, Kathleen 4. Dubowski, Cathy East 5. We're Writing the Constitution Fritz, Jean 7. Great Knight of Angleland Math Adventure Neuschwander, Cindy 4.

A Math Adventure Neuschwander, Cindy 3. A Math Adventure Neuschwander, Cindy 4. Ain't I a Woman? Hatch Spinelli, Eileen 3. Daily Life in the s, The Englar, Mary 3. Amazing Astronauts Buckley Jr. The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey Osborne, Mary Pope 5. Freedman as Herself Blume, Judy 4. Folktales from Around the World Shannon, George 4. Frontier Hero, The Retan, Walter 6.

Quiet Hero, The Milton, Joyce 5. Pioneer Girl, The Stine, Megan 5. What Genius Thought That Up? Lion King of Mali Wisniewski, David 5. Fighter for Women's Rights Hopkinson, Deborah 4.

Paola, Tomie De 1. Jeremy Fisher, The Potter, Beatrix 4. Where the Money Goes Loewen, Nancy 4. Martin Luther King, Jr.! Falker Polacco, Patricia 4. Author, Inventor, President Greene, Carol 3. Young Justice Dunham, Montrew 5.

What Is a Verb? Constitution, The Allen, Kathy 2. Grant Welsbacher, Anne 5. What Is a Preposition? Using Map Directions Gonzales, Doreen 3. Mud Blossom Byars, Betsy 4. Giff, Patricia Reilly 2. Warner, Gertrude Chandler 2. An Alphabet Book Hoena, B.

Joshua's Diary Hermes, Patricia 3. The Gentle Giants Milton, Joyce 2. Ferris, Jeri Chase 5. Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner 3. Court Allen, Linda 4. Peters, Lisa Westberg 2.

Hey looks like I won't have a partial monopoly on those wings anymore >.> EDIT: also Click to expand. . R2-D2 is lonely. Item: Find Medicare Psychiatrists in , get help from a Medicare Psychiatrist Not being understood, or worse, being misunderstood, is a very lonely and. Click here for the correct responses. (27) In the lonely keeper of one of these helped save all 21 crewmen from fire on the steamer Frank O'Connor.