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Looking for 02346 tryst

Looking for 02346 tryst

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Looking for 02346 tryst

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You should be completely disease free. I'm sure there's probably a lot I'm leaving out, because I'm not very good at this sort of thing, but if there's more you'd like to know, I'm an open book, just ask. Responses without will be deleted.

I started some vegetables by seed in my house, or directly planted the seeds at the garden. Rules of the Plot: Sowing, or planting, my seeds was the first task. I started seeds for 3 different types of tomatoes, zucchini, and two types of cucumbers. Then, off to the farm to prepare the soil! I started with square feet of land that I turned all by hand. A couple of weeks later, I mixed organic compost into half of the beds to create a rich, nutrient dense layer of soil for the plants.

N ext, once the plants were large enough and hardened off by being outside for a few days, the planting began! I also started some seeds early in the season, like pea, radish, carrot, and beet. I also added a layer of mulch to the garden.

It keeps the soil insulated, keeps water moisture in the soil, stops weeds from coming up, and eventually turns into compost at the end of the season. There are a ton of different mulch options and I decided to go with straw — cheap and easy since it was provided by the farm.

Over the Easter long weekend I spent time in northernish Ontario, just north of Kingston or 3 hours east from Toronto if you want a more precise location , at a rustic cabin. The cabin was recently restored and it dates back years.

I found this little gem on Airbnb and loved all parts of the experience. My host was amazing and she even got a fire started for us before we arrived. So, what exactly does a vegan take to a long weekend away without any grocery stores nearby? Whenever I travel, I always make sure I have access to a kitchen and recently have been taking my Vitamix everywhere I go. Since we had a long journey to get there I picked up some easy vegetarian sushi rolls for the drive up and also made some smoothies that we carried in our trusty mason jars.

Mason jars are the best creation on the face of the planet. Great for storing and travelling with. They also come with different attachments, like a Cuppow.

Once we arrived to the cabin and did a little bit of exploring we prepared an easy dinner of soup and steamed potatoes. The soup is from a great company that pre-mixes all the dry ingredients and sells them in of course a small mason jar. We just added water and let it do its thing on the stove top.

For my breakfast meals I always start with at least one huge smoothie. I made sure I had lots of frozen fruit, ripe bananas, spinach, dates, cacao, maca, and lucuma powder to make a variety of different flavoured smoothies. I started the morning with a frozen mango, date, banana, spinach, and water smoothie and my friend had the other smoothie with a banana, date, cacao, and water mixture.

We went all out for lunch and made a raw pad thai — since we had the time what else are you supposed to do in an old cabin with no wifi and only board games as your source of entertainment? The day before we left for the cabin I spiralized zucchini and carrot, julienned some red pepper, and got all my ingredients ready to make the dressing up at the cabin. Raw Pad Thai Noodles: Add all dressing ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour and massage into vegetable noodles and let marinate for an hour.

Serve with extra sprouts on top and enjoy! We spent the rest of the day exploring the surrounding area of the cabin. Backpack in tow, we lugged about 5 mangoes, apples, a couple bananas, and some water. We eventually found a little stream pouring into the frozen lake and camped out there with our snacks before heading out to a snow covered walk leading to the edge of the lake. Dinner was super simple that evening. We baked some sliced potatoes, ate a tomato, and steamed some broccoli.

I also had to finish the evening with a small berry packed smoothie since we were incredibly active and outside all afternoon. Just another mix of berries, dates, bananas, and water for the smoothies. Also ate some delicious red and yellow mangoes. Gary, back in Gary at day 55 of his day journey! Meet Gary who has lived in Milton Ontario, Canada most of his life.

At 24 years of age Gary was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease; which is very rare. His specialist has only seen people with it in years of practice. This disease attacks the lymph nodes of his lungs. Gary was prescribed Prednisone and has been on it for around ten years. The prolonged use of Prednisone has damaged an artery in his hip, which has caused necrosis. This has resulted in significant weight gain of more than lb due to his inability to walk or exercise.

Gary has also been prescribed Demerol to aid in the pain. Over the past years Gary has tried numerous weight loss techniques and became tired of the failed attempts. Recently, Gary began looking for other solutions to take control of his life.

OMG can you believe that? When Gary was at the peak of his weight and medication use he needed 50mg a day and had to take a rest every 3 steps. At 55 days into his day Juice Cleanse he accomplished 2 hours a day on the treadmill. Gary is a musician and was reduced to having to sit to play his guitar until recently; he now stands for a whole set at a time.

His friends have noticed the improved energy in his playing and it is returning back to what it used to be. Gary now with cafe owner Maria, looking glowing and still on the journey towards ultimate health. My main reason for going on a Banana Island was to help myself transition to following a primarily raw vegan lifestyle. Since my 3 day experience on Banana Island, I now follow a raw til 4 diet plan which means that all breakfast and lunch meals are raw so lots of fruit and then after 4pm foods can be cooked.

So dinner usually consists of a salad and some type of cooked vegetable, pasta, or grain. Unfortunately, this is not a real island. Banana island is a time period, from 3 days up to 3 weeks or sometimes even longer , when a person eats only bananas and drinks water. Banana Island is known as a mono meal diet since you only eat a single type of food.

I have seen Watermelon Island and Mango Island — both by individuals living in southern regions where these foods are easily accessible. During a Banana Island, or any type of fruit island, you must ensure that the fruit you are going to eat is perfectly ripe. All the bananas I ate were loaded with brown spots indicating that all of the starches were converted to sugars — a perfectly ripe fuel source for your body.

So why do people go on a Banana Island or any other type of mono fruit island? Before going on my Banana Island I read that many individuals go on an island to help their body heal.

Lots of energy is used to digest the food we eat and when we change our diet to consist of only one type of food, such as the easily digestible banana, our bodies are able to utilize more energy to heal other parts of our bodies. I also read that many people experience clear skin, more energy, better sleep, great digestion, and an overall better sense of health. I ate a banana-cinnamon-water smoothie for breakfast, had 11 bananas for lunch, and ate another smoothie for dinner.

In total I ate 24 bananas on day 1. I also exercised the same amount during my island adventure as I normally practice. On day 2, I ate another 24 bananas and was starting to feel cravings for something crunchy or a different texture other than soft and mushy. The same experiences occurred on day 3 and I was getting anxious to include some other type of food in my meals. I started to have a strong desire to crunch on something by the middle of day 3 but continued to stick with just bananas.

I felt like my body was aching for some greens to crunch on. By the end of my three days and waking up the next morning being off of Banana Island, I instantly made some date dip to have with the most crunchy apples I could find and then a beautiful green smoothie in the afternoon. Although my experience was not as positive as some other individuals talk up Banana Island to be, I might give it another chance but only after diversifying the meal plan. Also, going on the island has helped with my cravings for common vegan junk food I was starting to binge on.

Portland is the land of hippies, hipsters, and vegans. It is actually considered the vegan capital of the United States since it has so many vegan places, including clothing stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and even a vegan strip club.

Sounds like a great time, right? Maybe not for everyone… Portland is also known for the hipster. While visiting the city I learned that this is actually the birth place of hipsters and it shows by the number of bars, road bikes, and breweries on every other corner. Portland State University Farmers Market is my new favourite market in the history of farmers markets. This farmers market also has a huge slew of food trailers and stands to pick up a meal such as a bagel stand, burrito stand, and a juicing company.

One of the main reasons I love this farmers market is the varied vendors who make up this market. You can find everything from a salt company to a farming stand with pumpkin blossoms and other edible flowers. Another great aspect of this farmers market is that the majority of the produce stands will have samples out or let you try some of the produce before buying it. Pretty sure I ate a pound of peaches after I visited all the peach stands. A completely vegan and organic restaurant, Blossoming Lotus is the place to go around happy hour for amazing specials on drinks and food.

Not only do they have amazing happy hour specials, they are also organic, focus on seasonal entrees, and have gluten-free and soy-free options to please everyone. A Green Bowl with brown rice or quinoa if you prefer is also tasty with kale, cucumber, avocado, edamame, and a roasted beet balsamic vinaigrette dressing. They have a great bar area in front of a window for individuals, like me, to get comfortable and not awkwardly eat at a large table by yourself.

They have a rotating menu of specials and the Mango Vanilla Waffle was available the day I visited.

I'm not looking for a relationship, just someone to hang out with from time to time, maybe for dinner, drinks, fun time. SWM seeking for a younger female for FWB or NSA I always wanted to be with a much younger female. I would like to look into those eyes and get to know you. If you like my pics, hit me up w a response and please attach a picture.

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