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Married woman looking from camp Miami Florida

Married woman looking from camp Miami Florida

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Married woman looking from camp Miami Florida

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In , after he struggling with his weight for most of his life, he realized he needed to change for the sake of his future. This is the story of his weight-loss journey. The Seattle coffee chain released a spooky new drink this week that contains a superfood. Here's why nutritionists aren't convinced. While Timberlake recovers, experts say that he can't talk or whisper, let along sing, until the vocal cords heal. The 'Three's Company' star shares her breast cancer diagnosis story and why she chose to forgo chemotherapy, along with advice for other survivors.

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Dust fell from the ceiling as if someone were walking up there. Cassadaga - Cassadaga Hotel - There are several spirits who reside there. Known to be a mischievous one named Arthur, Gentleman Jack, a cigar smoking ladies man; 2 little girls named Sarah and Katlin. The hotel rents rooms out and has resident psychics available daily.

Cassadaga - Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp - Cassadaga Established in , Many ghost hunters identify Cassadaga as one of the biggest geomagnetic vortexes in the country.

Cassadaga has also been on the unexplained shows due to the natural glow of BLUE the halo's this area for no apparent reason. Also if you are in the least sensitive then you can feel the energy that this area posses. For more info, you can visit www. Some are from the Seminole war. Chief land - Antioch Cemetery - One of the hauntings is a small boy that likes to play hide and seek around the headstones.

We have named him Josh. The other haunting is an unknown presence that more or less watches over the cemetery. One person reported to me that he had dreams of a tall dark figure and that coyotes surrounded his house that same night. Chumuckla - Formerly posted as being in Jay - Coon Hill Cemetery - if you walk on the high wide brick wall around the cemetery that before making it half way you will be pushed off by unseen hands.

Many voices can be heard within the cemetery and several murders have occurred on that same spot. It is very desolated and far out in the woods. Very hard to find. Many pictures have floated about locally of ghosts within the cemetery. Several have proved to be hoaxes while others Some very old seem to prove not to be a hoax.

Reports of a thick fog seeming to cover the ground only inches high and every time a small child can be heard singing. You go to Chumuckla Highway off Highway There is a Tom Thumb and Waffle house on that corner. Take Chumuckla Highway down about 5 - 8 miles, You'll see another Tom thumb on your left, which is also the road for Chumuckla Elementary Highway , Take that left. Go to the very end of that road, you'll come to a stop sign, this road is called, Chumuckla Spring Road. Stay On this road, you'll go over two narrow bridges.

You'll come to another stop sign, take a right. Follow this road down, you'll see a house which has a fork in the road, take LEFT fork. The road will be the Second dirt road on your left. You can see the cemetery when you round the last corner of this dirt road. An investigator reports that they are clear cutting the woods around this graveyard and the dirt road has been closed off with a gate. You have to stop at the gate and walk another quarter mile to get to the site.

This was an excellent haunt site. Way out in the woods, old creaking gate that leads into walled graveyard. Moonlight was bright and there was a gathering fog. Cameras worked on test shots by the car. Went into graveyard and everything died. They always bring replacement batteries, and they were gone too. So no pictures except for this one that we could directly link to the evp. That one shot with an orb and the evp of a girl say take a picture of me was worth the whole three hours I spent in the cold.

They suggest that anyone going to this site- DO NOT go alone- It seems to draw not so nice types people to it, especially at night. Everyone has to clear out of the place by 1am. Police do patrol the place often. Many people [a LOT] have been hurt falling off the wall, tripping over graves, breaking arms - that kind of thing. There is very little to no cell phone service out there. There are homes in this area. Be respectful on how loud you are driving the road. Sightings of a young woman in her early 20's running down the beach while wearing an all-white dress.

It is said that she was engaged to be married to a G. When he died in combat, she disappeared days later. She waits for him to return to her. She will run past you at night. As soon as you approach, she vanishes into thin air. At times she will mumble at very low levels, but the only words that can be made out are "John", and "Wait". Many have seen her, she appears only at night during the summer months.

The occurrences became worse and many custodians would not work the night shift. A tape recorder was left on all one night.

The sounds of a recently deceased teacher talking to a recently deceased student were heard. This is the boy in the baseball uniform who had died after being hit by a car in front of the school while on his way home.

The image of the first principal of the school was observed numerous times and her distinctive perfume could be smelled. Once the renovations started the strange occurrences ceased once and for all. The first was an aged man with a goatee dressed is a blue coat and a fisherman's hat.

The owner himself reported sightings of "The Captain" as many at the theater refer to him. The second is a previous manager of the old theater. It is said that this spirit, Bill, was robbed and killed in the balcony by drunken tourists because he was believed to be a homosexual. The third is a young girl, believed to be between the ages of 9 and She has been described as a friendly spirit who watches over the theater and all within it.

There have been numerous reports of alarms going off in the middle of the night when no one had come near the theater at all, chandeliers swinging during and after performances, and "mists" or "orbs" showing up in random pictures taken at the theater.

He can be heard around the building, opening and closing doors and footsteps. Stories of things moving inexplicably and the sort. A receptionist who works there and lives nearby told of how once she got into the elevator and didn't press a selection and that the elevator went to one of the floors that at the time was not being used. It is known as the Bridal floor as a death occurred in a honeymooners stay.

People report of seeing the bride's ghost at that floor. The fact is that the elevator was disabled to stop at that floor. Another account was of a fellow traveler whom stayed often at the hotel stayed with a colleague for 4 nights on business. The colleague said she saw people, which the fellow traveler didn't observe. The two concluded that the place was hunted.

This was on a trip from Miami to NYC. This traveler was a fairly centered successful business woman who finally said that one should be more afraid of the living than the dead- which she told her colleague to subside her fears.

Coral Gables - Biltmore Hotel - 13th Floor - IT has been recorded that the 13th floor of this world- renowned hotel is haunted by the ghosts of soldiers that were treated there during the WWII era. Unexplained noises and lights are seen here. Here is a history on that Biltmore hotel. It was served at a hotel in the early twenties and then they used it as a hospital during WWII and many people died in that place.

In they chose to turn it back into a hotel and in they spent over 55 million to restore the hotel. Coral Gables - St. Theresa Catholic School - Feelings of not being alone and footsteps heard. Haunted by a little boy, employees have seen him in the backroom. Tapes are often rearranged just after being organized, after hours. Coral Springs - Coral Springs Medical Center - A nurse that used to work in the hospital had a deadly incident and was hospitalized with in the hospital and later died in it.

Now she has been seen in the halls just in front of the main elevators for visitors and at night she often opens the doors for people when they are walking towards it without them pushing the button. Coral Springs - Coral Square Mall - Around midnight you can hear shouting and moaning around where Burdines when the lights are all out. Other employees have reported seeing things move fast in the dark.

And some sightings of a small boy have been seen. Crestview - Cobb Cemetery - On a normal basis, this cemetery is haunted by a ghost that walks among the grave at about 1: AS the story goes this ghost is a man late 80's ; retired officer looking for his wife. He appears mostly in Feb. The road is between a gas station on highway 90 and a hairdressing place.

Keep going past the church, a ways. This road is mostly paved. There seem to be a lot of white flashes, like a sheet running and then it's gone. Within a year, strange happenings were going on. An apparition of a man was seen walking through the hallways of the second floor and frequently hanging around the elevator. Employees that work there claim that the man haunts room There have been complaints from guests that have stayed in the room, about strange smells, Cigars, cigarettes, and other things are mysteriously left there burning out of nowhere.

Crystal Beach - Crystal Beach Pier - some people have reported sightings of a woman hanging from the tree right in front of the pier. Davie - Broward Community College - Central - Two years ago, a guy went psycho and shot his ex-girlfriend in the back of the head between classes. He then killed himself. Both died between Building 5 and another building. Students exiting their night classes report seeing white figures and strange smells from that corner.

Also, a permanent blood stain still remains on the ground. Davie - Waffle House - Last year, two employees were shot and killed in the freezer by a crazed former employee, early in the morning at around 4: Since the murders, employees and diners have reported a "creepy feeling around the place" and employees have sensed a presence while there without customers, during opening and closing.

Blood stains can still be seen on the floor of the cooler, although covered with boxes. Daytona - Daytona Playhouse - Two people haunt the playhouse. Their names are unknown but we know it is a man and woman.

The man died fighting a war in Spain and when the woman could wait no longer for him to return, she committed suicide. She dove into the Halifax River killing her and her unborn child. A phantom car has been spotted, driving erratically and without lights, along a lonely stretch of this road. One is at a house on Hollywood of a woman. Another is of a man seen standing near a fence on Auditorium.

There used to be houses there until the 's, and his girlfriend murdered a man while she collected his checks. A dark-haired woman in a night robe has been reported. There have been reports of flying objects such as chairs in the area, even when there is no wind. There is reputable documentation of occurrences. Doors open and shut by themselves, and visitors see odd things.

No one owns it for long. Locals say she died a violent death in the 's on the location the building now stands. Deltona - Pineridge High school - There is a ghost who sometimes is seen by the janitors. The reason behind it is that a man was caught in the gears of the clock tower.

Also the "ghost bell" randomly a beep can be heard coming through the speakers. The students can hear it, but some teachers cannot. Also, the clock tower has an elevator in it. When you walk up to the elevator entrance upstairs, it's a different vibe that the busy buzz of the school. You just feel a rush of another feeling. Another interesting thing is teacher parking lot the old senior parking lot , Driver's Ed range, and our Agriculture Barn and fields are built right next to Osteen Cemetery.

At the graveyard, the school can be seen. There is also talk that the teacher parking lot was built on old unmarked graves. Dunnellon - Tiger Trl. Witnesses have gotten pictures of orbs and facial images in the background. In The bathroom, after the room was steamed up from the hot shower, different words written on the mirror would appear.

Theatrical productions still thrive, as do the encounters with the supernatural. Screams have been heard in the upstairs costume and prop rooms, orbs have been witnessed, presences felt. A man was seen hanging by his neck from a whole in the balcony ceiling. On several occasions during technical rehearsals the switch board on the same balcony operated unmanned, randomly turning lights on and once the main spotlight dimmed and pulsed slowly to a heartbeat rhythm.

And was unaffected but peoples attempts to fix it. The area under the stage known as "the hole" has marked temperature variations and few people will go down there because of the sense of a presence.

Nearly everyone who has worked there has some kind of experience, there are simply too many to list. No one is quite sure who the spirit is, or what she wants, but if you do see her, it will be late at night. Many people have stopped thinking it is a real woman who may need help, but when you stop, all you hear is crying off in the distance, and they say that you can see her lying over a tombstone, where she is reportedly crying!

Everglades City - Smallwood Store - At the end of a dead end road there lies a historic trading post and general store that sits on stilts at the banks of the everglades. This was the site where a rather large manhunt ended many years ago. A local farmer was shot and killed as he came ashore at the store one day. He had lived near by, and operated a farm. He was found to be killing all his migrant workers at the end of the season, mutilating their bodies and dumping them in the glades instead of paying them.

When word got to shore that he had left his farm and was heading by boat to the Smallwood store the sheriffs and local towns folk came to see this notorious killer.

He was shot and killed on the banks and his farm later was burned. You get a feeling of uneasiness whenever near the store, and that you should not walk under the store at any cost. It sits on stilts and is about 5' off the ground Store is seasonal. Get permission before doing any investigating. Fernandina - Fort Clinch - Fort Clinch is an old Union Civil War fort that was never finished due to of lack of funding from the government.

During construction, the fort was ambushed quite a few times by Confederate troops. Several of the Union men died in the process. One incident included a man who was shot after promising his wife in a letter that he would not die until seeing her again. He is said to haunt the fort today.

Re-enactors that volunteer at the fort often see his ghost in the courtyard along with several of his comrades. Perhaps he is searching for his wife? Fort Clinch Experience Fernandina - Wiccademous Grave - The story is told that a young teenage girl was accused of practicing witch craft and was questioned, but the towns people did not believe her so she was hung on September 12th in the 's The grave is located On a narrow path right across from Fernandina Beach High School when you get on the path you walk straight to a large oak tree the ground shakes and a loud booming noise is the be heard it is the spirit of Wiccademous telling you to LEAVE her grave and let her rest in peace Sometimes if your lucky she want even let you reach to the grave before she starts acting up if that happens you are in trouble you may have walked away with a part of her spirit with you it has been told that you will have dreams of Wiccademous for 2 nights then you will actually see her at her grave if you visit after the 2 nights.

Bewarned, you may get arrested for trespassing, so you may want to try to get permission first. The supposed booming noises more than likely come from a drainage pipe that runs underneath the ground.

If you tread hard enough, the sound hits the pipe and reverberates back. Fernandina Beach - Amelia Island - A lighthouse on the main beach is said to be haunted by its former caretaker and his young bride.

She allegedly died tragically and he killed himself at the top of the lighthouse. When people visit putrid smells appear, the radio is turned on every night and a door is constantly unlocked. Floral City - Cabin Clutter Antiques - Collectibles - For many years, through multiple ownerships, there have been reports of the ghost of an old woman who makes her residence on the third floor the attic of this antique and collectible shop.

Most appearances have located her in the attic, but on at least one occasion there was a report of someone seeing the apparition on the first floor. Most sightings describe her sitting in an old rocking chair in the attic.

The most recent paranormal experience in this shop took place on December 12, During office hours, he moves things from desks. Frequent noises and sounds of footsteps running up and down stairs almost nightly. Reports of phantom scratches appearing on residents.

Windows opening on their own, even after they where sealed shut. Fort Pierce - Chinese Buffet - This restaurant was closed down for selling cats and dogs as a meal. Before so, finding them enclosed in a locked freezer in the burnt kitchen, which killed three. People have spotted cats and dogs chasing former employees who lost lives in the fire, included the cook.

Lucie River on US1 that is long rumored to be haunted. In the early 20th century, a man was brutally murdered by his wife on the staircase of their house which later became an antique store. When you come upon the second floor, the smell of cigar smoke seems to follow you around and you never feel completely comfortable.

The stair on which the man was killed makes a horrible sound whenever it is stepped on and an old man was "pushed" down the stairwell on that exact stair a few years ago on Halloween night. The owners boarded it up after Florida experienced all of the Hurricanes and there is no word on whether or not it will open again. The women use to die a few nights later. Students at Pace Center For girls reportedly heard women crying in pain, especially in the bathroom and the small English classroom.

No one has ever seen a ghost but has heard cries. The weird thing is, is that half the students who enter the small school always tends to get sick. Who knows maybe the ghosts are trying to make these young girls feel their pain. Also people in Fort Pierce say that they have seen lights switching on and off and verticals moving. There were said to be lots of murders in that house. Later it burned down to nothing. Time passed and a hotel was built there and it eventually became the A.

There have been numerous reports from the second floor that the sound of moans come from the third floor around 1am. The sound of metal pipes being dropped and rolling across the floor can be heard in the ceiling. And the sound of high heels walking around the second floor hallway, if you wait 10 minutes the noise comes back again but it sounds more like running.

Lauderdale, supposedly been there since the early s and was recently made in the last thirty years a Museum. Been known to be the most active around the hours of late, between Countless spirits haunt the establishment, as most popular apparitions making appearances seem to be; a man seemingly in his mid's wearing a duster pacing the downstairs area.

A younger man, whom is in no terms of the word 'shy' as he will in static motion creepily advance to the front door, press palm and face against the glass and scare the passerby if they're caught staring and a little girl with shoulder-length curly hair, wearing a ruffled dress around the ages of , looking sullenly out the window.

Several more can be seen upstairs as well as looming in the hallways, nevertheless, their presence is very clear and realistic like.

Some cold spots and overwhelming energies, though experiences vary with the person. Pisgah - In the s and 60s, ghost lights were seen in this beautiful quiet country area. Not sure if they are still seen. Some said the lights were phosphorus from nearby mines, but there were no mines then. Some have spoke of lights phosphorus following them at dusk. Fort Pierce - The Boston House - Is rumored to be haunted by a woman looking for her family that had been missing for years.

It is said that she still looks out of the top window hoping to find her family. It's now a lawyer's office and papers or personal belongings become missing or moved around. Eyes have been seen staring from the woods. This figure appears pale blue and has been seen in the broom closet on the left side of the stage. He has also been seen in the light and sound room. Sometimes the figure dances and waves, but mostly just watches people silently.

Cold chills have been reported as well as soft gusts of wind. Flagler - Coast - Palm Coast High School - It is said that the high school is haunted by a young man by the name of Jonathan Ritchie it is known that he can be seen by the girls locker room relieving himself around each class period.

He died a few years back leaving the high school homecoming football with his ex-girlfriend Katie Murray when they got in a car accident and he passed away. It is said that around these times a strange odor and misty film is to be coated around the locker room. Katie was the only survivor of the accident but mysteriously disappeared. You have to park and sit for awhile. Gainesville - 13th Street Plaza Theater - orbs. Blood covered walls and floor. Gainesville - 13th Street Steak and Shake - Three people were murdered in the wee hours of the morning inside the walk-in freezer by a disgruntled employee.

Current employees will not stay in there alone anytime of day or night. The new building is almost finished and expected to open soon. The Stake and Shake on 13th St. It is still under construction but it should be open sometime this year.

No reports to why the owners felt the need to tear down the place only to rebuild it. Gainesville - 13th Street Wal-Mart - A woman has been seen and felt by those of developed psychic sense. She is harmless and from observations made she was employed here up until three days before her passing. Roughly a month after, employees have seen and felt her presence, in particular, Infants and Girls wear.

In other parts of the store, Jewelry, Crafts and Domestics, conversations and cold spots have been experienced when no one is around.

Best times have been between the hours of 3: Gainesville - Archer Rd. Leaving the store neat at night and returning with it still neat and turning around and clothes being half off hangers with no shoppers in the store. Also alarm has sounded at 3: Gainesville - The Purple Porpoise - The Purple Porpoise has been a Gainesville institution for years and is about the close it's doors but the problem will probably go to the new owners.

This is a college town and in the '60s a female student was brutally attacked and killed in the upstairs bathroom. To this day her ghost AND the violent ghost more like an imprint of her killer haunt the cramped hallway and restroom. She emits a feeling of hopelessness and fear while he is pure evil.

Men are usually safe but numerous females have been attacked. People who have lived in the towers have often seen a ghostly figure walking through the halls and in some of the rooms. Strange noises have also been heard throughout Beatty Towers, along with things being moved around in the rooms.

This girl's dorm has been around for years, and it is rumored that she was pregnant at the time of her suicide. Tom Petty, who is from Gainesville, sings about her in his song "American Girl. The presence of an old employee is thought to haunt the building. The pink house and the blue house. It used to be an old plantation of the family.

Many people claim that the old blue house attic rooms have a spirit. Many claimed to be sleeping and have a heavy feeling on their chest. Also, the maids that clean the rooms experienced an old bureau having its door open and close. There is a scary feeling in those rooms. Even the owners claim to have seen an image in the window of the third floor. It is haunted by children who died in an elevator accident many years ago. People have heard the children running and laughing on the third floor during all times but mostly at night.

The elevator that they died in is still there. Gainesville - Wayside Antiques - South On I - Employees have reported to hear a voice from the back of the huge antique store call them by name, usually when they're opening or closing the store. Also, in one of the upstairs showrooms right corner of the building facing I is a antique dresser.

A little girl, in period clothing, has been seen playing in the room around the dresser. She is usually only seen by psychics or those with honed psychic senses but others have reported a coldness or presence in the room. The store is closing it's doors in the new year, , right after the holidays.

Whether it will open under new owners, remains to be seen. The only addition to the old barn like building is a huge sign above the building that says ANTIQUES, plus a new billboard advertising the place a few miles before the exit of I to get there.

Graceville - bridge - on hwy 2 there's an old bridge that you can pull up to an stop in front of put in park they say that the girl who died there will drive you across. I would warn any one not to go in the lakes looking for their golf balls. At the end of course is a little church and a very small graveyard. The area in fact is large but very inhabited by dark apparitions, sucubuses, and a very mysterious dark apparition that runs around.

Witnesses have reported seeing the apparition which is called "The Runner" that seems to follow you. He follows visitors while walking on 17 you can hear him, a distinct walk with slight scuff of his feet on the pavement. Green Cove Springs - St. Jon's Landing Apartments - Various apartments are haunted in this complex. Originally built as military housing back in the thirties and has a cemetery on site in the middle of the complexes grounds. When the military base closed in Green Cove Springs, the housing was sold to a private owner and over the years became slum until Then a new owner took over the apartment complex and began restoring the buildings back to their original glory.

There have been many sightings of apparitions, shadows and electrical charges in the air. Tenants report voices, doors opening and closing, and footsteps up stairs and through out the apartments.

Hialeah - Hialeah High School - The bathroom near the auditorium: A couple of years ago, a freshmen had gone to the bathroom during her 3rd period class. A couple of boys raped her and banged her up so bad that she bled to death in the bath room and no one found out until after school hours when a janitor was went to clean the bathroom. Now, she haunts that bathroom and can not leave until the five boys who raped her die. Students have seen her sitting in the corner of the bathroom, on top of her own blood, rocking front and back chanting "when will they die Hialeah - Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High - fourth floor - There has been told that a few years ago a group of students were in the planetarium on the fourth floor of the main building.

One of the girls that were in that group of student fell through a big skylight and was killed instantly, they then shut the 4th floor down. Nobody is allowed up there, you rarely see any janitor up there either but it is to be said that the janitors that do go up there have heard many noises from the 4th floor and believe it is the girl who died there many years ago.

Hialeah - Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School - In Hialeah Miami lakes High school's little theater place were drama students have class their has been sightings of a ghost nick named Fred, some times music can be heard, and light tend to turn on and off.

Holiday - Lakeview Rodeo - Ever since the Lakeview rodeo burned down in may of this year there have been sights of a young man standing in the middle of the sight. LATE at night on certain nights, as you're leaving this community, if you're driving over the speed limit 15mph , as you are approaching a stop sign, an old lady, almost glowing, appears on the left hand side of the road wearing a flowing pink night gown and motions you to slow down.

As you pass her, she stares at you in disgust. You can watch her disappear in your rear view mirror. Hollywood - Hollywood Beach Resort Hotel - Many orbs have been photographed on the 7th floor, noises of voices and more. This hotel opened in and was a favorite place to Al Capone. The hotel became a hospital, a bible college and now a hotel again. Homestead - South Dade High School - In the auditorium, only if there are just a couple people lights will start to go on and off.

You will also see a figure of a boy and girl on stage. There is also a faint sound of music. Homestead - South Dade Sr High School - A small boy would stand just north of the baseball fields close the green houses. Late at night he would wonder into the teachers parking lot. On the south side of the school there is stairs leading up to the roof you can see a Teenager climbing up there but you never see him on the roof. The Troopers dogs at the school bark every night at Hudson - Pasco County - Hudson Hills Manor - In one apartment there was a little girl who was haunting the place and when we left she continued haunting the people who moved in.

She would open and close the cabinets and turn on the television sets, and talk to little kids. Everything from Red Orbs to black shadow people have been seen in the first few apartments as you enter the building complex. There is rumored that the property was once a burial ground and the county took it over to use as a dumpsite.

Much uproar from residents arose when plans to move the bodies were brought to light. Inverness - Old Movie Theater Downtown - Long ago, When the Jail use to be across from the Old Courthouse, the Prisoners were aloud to be escorted to the upstairs balcony at the theater to see a movie for good behavior. The prisoners have haunted the theater ever since it's closure in the 's.

Motorists say this mysterious ball of light appears from out of nowhere and bobs along behind their cars, sometimes hovering over them, but never passing on the road. Reports were so numerous that the Sheriff's Department dispatched scientists to investigate the mysterious luminescence.

No explanation could be found. However, locals connect the light to the untimely death of a young man on a motorcycle, decapitated when his bike hit a cable in the road.

Supposedly the Greenbriar Light is the solitary beacon of his motorcycle, searching the road endlessly for A witness recently reports they have been out there many years ago and it was a little scary in the middle of the woods on a dirt road seeing what looked like one headlight coming towards you and then one brake light going away.

They have since changed the way and Greenbrier intersect and with the change, the Ghost Light went away. Jacksonville - Homestead Restaurant - ghost of Alpha Paynter is seen by the fireplace. Jacksonville - neighborhood - the house is haunted by a little boy. Sometimes residents would hear footsteps in attic. This is not an outside phone line. Other times, the store alarm will sound.

The manager on duty and the police will be called to the store. The police will search the store and find all is secure. Other times, we will leave the store neat and tidy and return the next morning to find an entire shelf of sport bags from the Team Sports area all over the floor.

Jupiter - old Jupiter elementary - the old building that's not reconstructed has been heard to turn lights on and off. Jupiter - Jupiter Lighthouse - Employees have reported strange noises and cold spots inside this lighthouse.

Visitors claim to feel someone's hands upon their shoulders, only to find no one there. His apparition can be seen waving and staring from the docks and under the pavilion were he was murdered by a shot gun. Kennedy Space Center - Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34 - The old abandoned Launch Pad of the Apollo missions is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the three astronauts that lost their lives in a tragic fire.

When you are on the pad you get a weird feeling, then at night when you enter some of the abandoned buildings, if you're quiet you can hear screams of panic and distress. NASA, at one time, let visitors tour the facility, but due to 'strange occurrences' they no longer include the Apollo Launch Pad on the tour.

Paul's Church - Haunted by several. First, by the ghost of a man who almost single handedly drove the pirates out of Key West. When there is no wind, there is said to be seen whirlwinds through a tree next to his grave. Also, he has attacked several visitors to the cemetery. The Ghost Tour does not bring tours into the cemetery any more because of him. The second haunting is a group of children who died in a fire across a small alleyway from the cemetery.

The fire was started by the pastor of the church to kill his wife, who was having an affair with the deacon. He started the fire while a Sunday school class was taking place, killing all in there. If you go into the cemetery and sit quietly in the corner where they are buried, you can faintly hear the sounds of children playing.

Smoking in the cemetery upsets the children. Key West - Monroe County - Fort Zachary Taylor - Is haunted by the spirit seen by several workers and confirmed during a tour when his relatives were present and showed a picture of a man named Wendall who died in Civil War days of Yellow Fever. Anomalies have been caught on film.

At night, sounds of keys and objects moved around on dresser, sound of sighing, and feeling of someone sitting down on the bed while you're in it! Day or night, upon returning to the room, the lights and curtains are never in the condition in which you left them. Kissimmee - Big Bamboo Lounge - Ladies bathroom toilets flush by its self you have a feeling that their is some one else in the bathroom with you but no one else is there also the employees could be alone working and thing move by its self chairs glasses and lights.

Has been torn down. Kissimmee - Celevration - Apparition of a man that was shot many years ago has been reported. Kissimmee - Dead Man's Oak - There is an oak tree south of Kissimmee where a headless horseman has been seen on many occasions. The legend behind the haunting is the horseman was beheaded beneath the tree by Spaniards, some say for stealing the horse. A Vietnam veteran-- a fellow soldier-- reported that a man in grey was walking around the cemetery and at one point appeared and saluted him.

The man in grey admonished him to "be careful. The man in grey doesn't seem to be malevolent; he actually seems to be patrolling the area on behalf of the living. The cemetery is family-owned, but it is accessible to the public. Lady Lake - Rolling Acres Road - Loud roars, yells, and screams in the surrounding woods throughout the whole road. A very bright, white, flowing entity walks up and down the road. Said to be a woman by the name of Julia that was murdered by an unidentified man while waiting for her soon-to-be husband.

A man that was not permitted to see the woman because her parents despised him. Lake Wales - Spook Hill - stop your car at the bottom of the hill and watch as it goes up the hill , Lake Worth - West Palm Beach - Lake Worth 8 Cinemas - cold spots can be felt in the auditorium, there is sometimes an occasional, brief breeze, and the temperature of the auditorium is always colder than the rest of the building, regardless of what the thermostat is set at.

There is also a knocking sound that can occasionally be heard coming from one of the doors leading from the hallway while movies are playing and whenever a children's movie is run in that auditorium, the projector will either stop during the middle of the show several times, or the film would get jammed in the machine. Lakeland - Florida Southern College- Strange noises - cleaning staff reported feeling things touching them and breathing on them they will now only clean during the day.

It also has tunnels below the school, some of which they haven't been able to open. Lots of suicides happened in the freshmen women's dorms Lantana - Red Lion Pub - There are three ghosts in this pub: The story says that before the pub was built, the blonde woman lived in that area. The man was in love with her, but their relationship was ruined by the brunette woman. Today, bottles and other objects fly towards brunettes and sometimes they feel a hand hitting their head.

Blonde women feel their hair and face being gently stroked. Leesburg - Wal-Mart - Merchandise falling off shelves for no reason. One witnesses has felt cold spots and heard footsteps behind them but no one was there and lights in bathrooms turning off when by themselves. Leesburg - Warren W. Willis UM - This is a United Methodist summer camp for kids from grades that was built in the mid 's. There are two cabins know to be haunted on this site. Lodge 5 is said to have things be moved from one place to another.

Suitcases will end up on the other side of the cabin. Campers will be pushed out of bunks. In Girls cabin 45A, strange things happen in the bathroom at night. One of the toilets will flush during the night.

It's not really a spooky place. Very enjoyable to be there. The ghosts like to play jokes. Lehigh acres - An old ware house - November - Private Property - This listing has been removed by request of the owner.

This property is private and trespassing will not be tolerated. There are dogs present, and a possiblity of getting shot. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Long Boat key - Old Ritz Carlton - In the early 's, John Ringling of circus fame purchased considerable acreage on the south end of the island. Ringling constructed a golf course He also began construction of a luxurious hotel, the Ritz-Carlton on New Pass. The hotel was never completed. The story goes that a worker brought his young son to the job site one day and showed him around.

Longwood - The Old Longwood Hotel - Now converted to an office building but has not been changed due to its an historic place. Lights go on and off in different offices and footsteps are heard but no ones there elevator opens and runs by its self.

Cold spots and shuffling sounds were heard on the 3rd floor. They went in and did a room-to-room search and found nothing. Most of the Veteran officers say its haunted. Maitland - Enzian Theatre - While watching films guests have seen a disembodied head of a woman in the north corner of the room.

The head will appear suddenly and float from one corner to the next screaming emphatically only to disappear in the next-door restaurant named Nicole St.

For reasons unknown, the head is present only on moonless nights at 1: Marianna - Bellamy Bridge - Is haunted by a woman.

There is an old foundation of a large home near it. The story is that on this girl's wedding day it was cold so she had a fire in the fireplace in her bedroom.

She walked by it in her gown and the trailer caught fire. The girl panicked and ran through the house catching fire to the home in her distress. She ran out of the house across her yard over to the middle of the bridge and jumped in.

According to local legend they never found her body. Many people say that they have seen a fiery apparition run to the old bridge and jump in to the river below. Marion County - Ocala National Forest - There are many locations in the "forest" as it is know to locals.

There are many secluded camping sites where the "rainbow people" a group of modern-day traveling gypsy-like people have told stories of seeing ghosts of children that giggle with affection. Campsites have been found destroyed and scattered over miles of rugged terrain. One of the most famous of paranormal activities that occur in the forest is that of a man who wanders up and down the country roads. Dressed in a long hooded black coat which is worn so you cannot see he face.

Numerous travelers from Daytona Beach to Ocala have called local rangers and the highway patrol reporting a man laying on the side of the road, walking, and sitting on the guard rails of bridges late at night. The ghost can be heard at night walking up the stairs and opening and closing doors. It has even been said it moves chairs.

Late at night after closing the spirit will turn lights on and off and also the appliances. No one has actually seen the ghost but plenty have experienced different encounters.

Strange smells come if you stand on the roof, and sometimes in the elevator and the women's bathroom you can hear someone crying. In the old Health Clinic in the building, there is a shower with strange spots that look like rust or blood.

The West stairwell also has what looks like bloodstains at the bottom. A man hanged himself outside the building in the parking lot, and there are some weird things in the trees. Christmas ornaments, a saw blade, even an old pink teddy bear is nailed into the tree. Doc Sloan was a bootlegger during prohibition and the rich guy in town.

He built a fancy Mediterranean style house on what was then the edge of town. His three year old daughter caught herself on fire and died on the second floor of the structure. Since that time people have heard a child screaming, sometimes a child crying and many times things move about with no explanation. Merritt Island - Crooked Mile Cemetery - A witness that grew up in a house next to this cemetery, experienced many strange happenings.

When camped out in the backyard and would be awoken by strange noises, and feeling a strange presence. LaSalle High School and Mercy Hospital are adjacent to one another, the grounds are on the water's edge and you can view Biscayne Bay from there. The story originates from the 70's or 80's when supposedly a young girl attending the school which is an all female Catholic high school , either committed suicide over a broken heart or took an accidental drug overdose in this field.

In the suicide version, she was a student athlete, which is why she haunts the field, and has been seen occasionally during daylight hours at sporting events and has been mistaken for a participant. However she is usually seen at night, and even police officers patrolling the grounds have seen her shape and mistaken her for a security guard when none are hired to work there. Upon further inspection, no one is there. Most students who have attended this school are familiar with the stories about this ghost.

Miami - Deer Run-"Curtis Mansion"- There are reports of lights going on and off, door opening, and sightings of ghosts of visitors, children, and a man. It is said people have seen 2 shadows around and the curtains opening and closing and flickering lights. Miami - Hirschfield Theater - footsteps and other unexplained events are common here. Miami - The Jockey Club - People who work and live there complain about lights turning on and off, hearing footsteps when they know they are alone, hearing voices, doors locking by themselves.

On one occasion security was called when people heard a fight going on in the garage. When security got there they could hear the yelling but could not find anyone there and then suddenly the voices stopped. It is not certain how many spirits are there but at times they do make themselves known. Miami - Krome Insane Asylum - Many people have seen strange figures, heard many noises. Including screaming, talking and breathing.

Miami - Lee Kornegay Junior High School - There have been reports of apparitions seen and voices heard in the library. Miami - Miami Beach - Colony Theater - Footsteps and ghost has been seen back stage and other unexplained events. Henry Flagler and many U. Presidents stayed there during their visits to the city. It has been around since the early 's and has been restored a few times. In one of the cabins, there are many noises heard by the concierge and security guards. Many guests who check into the cabin complain about the noises and request a room change the next day.

The noises that are heard are part of a series, almost like a night repeating itself at 11 PM every day. If you stay in the first front room, you can hear a door opening and shutting very loudly, feet wiping on the welcome matt and then a brief silence followed by running towards your room and a fierce shaking of the door knob, which you can even see move.

The shaking gives up and is followed by the crashing and breaking of antique ornaments right outside of your room, then running up the front stairs followed by the opening of a door in the room above yours. The worst is what commences after a minute of silence in the room upstairs. For an hour, furniture can be heard moving, scraping and the room can be felt vibrating.

Finally, the sound ceases and there is silence once again, try going to sleep after that. Miami - Miami Senior High School - Miami Senior High School is a school made since the 's and many people have been killed by gangs or by other things, and now the spirits of that people are haunting the place.

One time there was a girl of about 15 years old, she went to the girl's bathroom. When she entered she saw another girl with blood in his face and a knife between her right shoulder and her arm. She was so scared that she had to go to a doctor for attendance. Another day a security camera captured a men with a graduation dress walking on the auditorium at There are too many things that makes this place haunted that I would take hours to explain.

Curtis build his mansion on Deer Run. He loved kids so much, he turned half of the mansion into a daycare, but when he found out his wife had an abortion he got mad and his wife -as for revenge- burned the house down with Glenn Curtis inside. There have been reports of lights going on and off also of ghosts playing tennis and some screaming at night.

The house was not burned down by Curtiss… it was an act of vandalism. After Glenn Curtiss's death in the early s, Lena Curtiss married an old friend and business associate of her husband, H.

Wheeler served as mayor of Miami Springs from to and was also part owner of the Michaels and Wheeler Insurance Company. The couple lived in the house until the late s. The estate was sold in the mid's and became the world renowned Miami Springs Villas. It was sold to Forte Hotels, International, Inc. Supposedly a janitor died in there, and an old drama club president while fixing lights on the catwalk died also and were never found until the next day. Miami - Southwest Miami High School - Library - According to the librarians many who have worked there for several years books are constantly rearranged after organized and lights flicker.

Micanopy - The Herlong Mansion - Inez was the oldest of 6 siblings. They fought for 20 some odd years over the house after their mother passed away. The day Inez took possession of the house she had a diabetic seizure and died possibly in her childhood bedroom.

That room remains haunted. Milligan - Cobb's Cemetery - When a closed can of beer is placed beside a certain tombstone in the cemetery and left for about 15 min.

It will be empty and still closed when you return. There are extremely eerie feelings and noises as soon as you pass through the gates. Milton - Milton Graveyard - A picture taken picked up a thin shadow image in the distance. Montverde - Magnolia Creek Lane - Magnolia Creek Lane where all kinds of horrible things happened there in the late 's. A train crashed people died. Many ghostly activities and noises occur.

Montverde - Montverde Academy - DAR, the girl's dorm, built in the 20s or 30s, has had eerie sounds of footsteps running up stairs and doors slamming during the months when the school is not in session and the dormitory is empty. It is rumored a girl committed suicide there, and past students claim they would return to their locked rooms after class only to find objects rearranged.

The old Arnold Hall which has since been torn down was also rumored to be haunted. The school has been was built in Naples - Cracker Barrel on - In the mid 's in the freezer some employees were tied up and gagged and then had their throats slit Their killers are now on death row. As a former employee when we would go in the walk in freezer and adjacent cooler the dim lights have power surges and the cool air blowing in does strange things.

You get a feeling of being watched even when you are in one of the coolers alone. It has also been reported by morning shift workers that the ghost s like to move things around in the front store as a joke. Naples - Witch's Brew - Witch's Brew is a nightclub, reports of a dark shadowlike figure has been seen and lights flickering on and off, my dad has also come back to find all the cables to his music equipment rearranged and unplugged and such.

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