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List of Free African Americans in the Revolution: Over African Americans who were born free during the colonial period served in the Revolution from Virginia. Another who descended from free-born colonial families served from North Carolina, 40 from South Carolina, 60 from Maryland, and 17 from Delaware.

Orders and Minutes are the court order and minute books for each county at the state archives. M are the pension and bounty land warrant application files and M are the Revolutionary War Rolls, Thanks to Jane Ailes for her suggestions on sources for research. Absalom Ailstock, born in Louisa County, a "free born Mulatto," appeared in Rockbridge County, Virginia court to make a declaration to obtain a pension for his services in the Revolution.

Colonel Richeson then marched to "Marben Hills" Malvern Hill where there was a skirmish and they took two of the British gunboats which had come to plunder the area. On his second tour he was involved in the siege of York where he was engaged in digging entrenchments and making sand baskets and fascines for the entrenchments [NARA, S. He was head of a Botetourt County household of 9 "other free" in Charles Ailstock was said to have been a son of Michael Ailstock, Sr.

On 3 August Abraham H. Davis, a pensioner in Louisa County, testified that he had enlisted in in the 3 rd Virginia Regiment in the company commanded by Thomas Johnson and that James and Charles Ailstock enlisted with him and were with him in the engagements which took place at Harlem Heights in New York as well as the battles of Trenton and Princeton.

They did not return to Louisa County, and he had no idea what had become of them. James Ailstock was said to have been a son of Michael Ailstock, Sr. Lewis Ailstock was living in Caroline County on 12 August when the court ordered the churchwardens of St. He was a drummer in Hazen's Regiment in a list of men considered as part of the quota of the state and settled for depreciation in Richmond on 28 May [New-York Historical Society, Muster and pay rolls of the War of the Revolution, , II: He sold property by indenture proved in court on 6 July [Orders , , ].

He received approval for bounty land on 29 May for serving three years in the Virginia State Artillery commanded by Colonel Thomas Marshall. Emmanuel Alvis was a soldier serving in the Revolution on 15 June and 21 June when the York County court allowed his wife Mildred Alvis pay for her subsistence [Orders , , ].

He was called Emanuel Olvis on his discharge which stated that he enlisted on 25 September under Captain Samuel Timson, decd. He was taxable in York County on 4 cattle in , taxable on 2 tithes in , , , , , and a tithe in and He was head of an Amherst County household of 5 persons in [VA: Both cases were dismissed because they failed to appear.

He and John Redcross were sued for a debt of 40 pounds on 3 May [Orders , ; , ]. He was a resident of Princess Anne County when he enlisted in the Revolution and was sized in He served in the infantry during the Revolution in Virginia. Burrell Artis was born in Southampton County and was living there in September when he enlisted: He died before 21 October when the York County court ordered the churchwardens of Bruton Parish to bind out his unnamed orphans and also his son Matt Ashby.

She was called the mother of a soldier when she received an allowance on 21 June and 17 July [Orders , , , , ]. He received bounty land based on his discharge by Lieutenant D. Humphrey Baine was with a group of "Free mulattoes or negroes," with Nancy Baine and a horse, tenants to Mr.

Borum, living in a lot or rear of a residence in Richmond City in [VA: John Baker was called "a Mulatto by a White Woman" when the York County, Virginia court ordered the churchwardens of Yorkhampton Parish to bind him out as an apprentice on 21 February James Hubbard of Yorktown certified on 26 September that he was acquainted with John Baker, a "coloured man," who lived with his father in Warwick County, and enlisted in the Revolution for three years in the Continental Service, remained in service until the end of the war and returned to his father's for many years after [Baker, John: John was taxable in New Kent County from to Matthew Banks was the son of John Banks who was indicted by the Surry County court on 21 November for not listing his "Mulatto" wife as a tithable [Orders , ].

Matthew was head of a Surry County household of 1 free person in [VA: He was taxable on his personal property from to [PPTL, , frames , , , ; , frames 75, ]. He died before 22 February when his heirs brother and sisters: He was taxable in the southern district of Halifax County, Virginia, from to He lived in Albemarle County until according to his Revolutionary War pension application.

He was a "mulatto" who enlisted in Charlottesville in the 7 th Virginia Regiment. Benjamin Bartlett, born about , was a "poor child" bound apprentice in Southampton County to John Byrd on 14 May [Orders , , ]. He was in the 10 th Virginia Regiment on 7 December when he was sized at Chesterfield: He registered as a free Negro in Southampton County on 12 June Godfrey Bartlett was a soldier born in York County and residing there in September when he enlisted in the Revolution: Joseph Bar k ley, a "Mulatto," was indicted by the Surry County Court on 21 November for not listing his wife as a tithable [Orders , ].

The following year on 19 November the York County Court presented him for not listing himself as a tithable. The case was dismissed when he paid his tax. He was called Joseph Bartlett on 20 August when he sued Christiana Kemp for debt in York County court in a case that was dismissed on agreement of the parties. He was called Joseph Barclay on 15 July when the grand jury presented him for failing to list himself as a tithable [Orders , ; , 25, ]. James Bass was taxable on a free tithe in Norfolk County in and from to He appeared in Bedford County, Tennessee court to apply for a pension for his services as a private in the Virginia Militia.

He was head of a Bedford County household of 9 "free colored " in Shadrack Battles enlisted in the Revolution in Louisa County on 14 December , and was sized the following day: He registered in Albemarle County on 10 March He was "a man of colour" who appeared in Albemarle County court and testified that he enlisted while resident in Amherst County in and served for three years [NARA, S. George Beckett was sued in Northampton County court for a 4 pounds, 8 shilling debt on 13 April [Minutes , ].

He was listed as one of the men aboard the Accomac who was entitled to bounty land for three years service in the Revolution [Brumbaugh, Revolutionary War Records , 5, 67, ]. He was a seaman from Accomack County who served in the Revolution and died intestate leaving no children.

Mason Beckett was head of an Accomack County household of 2 "other free" in [ Virginia Genealogist 2: Spencer advertised a reward for their return in the 8 August issue of the Virginia Gazette , describing James as a mulatto fellow, about 30 years old, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high; enlisted in Fredericksburg but served his time with Mr. He died before 7 May when the clerk of Buckingham County court certified that Priscilla and Jane Beverly were his only heirs.

Priscilla was head of a Buckingham County household of 1 "other free" in and Jane was head of a Buckingham County household of 12 "other free" in [VA: He was a Revolutionary War soldier from Franklin County, Virginia, who enlisted in and served until the end of the War. He was eighty years old and owned acres of land in when he petitioned the Legislature for a state pension [Jackson, Virginia Negro Soldiers , 30; LVA petition dated 25 February , reel , box , folder ].

He was on a list of soldiers in the Revolution who had not yet received bounty land by 25 November [Brumbaugh, Revolutionary War Records , ]. Peter Blizzard was called a "poor Mulatto" on 21 January when the Surry County court ordered him bound out [Orders , 81, ; , 80]. He was taxable in Surry County from to He was head of a Surry County household of 2 "free colored" in He was in a list of soldiers who had served but had not received bounty land by 7 January [Brumbaugh, Revolutionary War Records, Virginia , , ].

Giles Bowers was living in Southampton County in when he and William Kersey were presented by the court for failing to list themselves as tithables [Judgment Papers , ]. He was called Giels Bowry when he received a discharge from Captain Henry Pitt that he enlisted in the Revolution on 26 November for three years and faithfully served [Bowry, Giels: He was taxable in Isle of Wight County from to On 6 October an affidavit by Betty Morris , a "free Mulatto woman," that William Bowman was his brother and only surviving heir was certified by the Henrico County court [Orders , ].

His case was referred to the General Court [Orders 4: He enlisted in the 2 d Virginia Regiment on 2 September for 18 months and was sized: James Bowser was a native and resident of Nansemond County on 1 January when he enlisted in the Revolution for the duration of the war.

He was sized in June He or yet another James Bowser received a certificate in Richmond on 28 May that he was a Continental soldier for the war and had served four years successively and was then in service [Bowser, James: He was a "Free Negro" over the age of 45 in when he was taxable on a slave over the age of 16, 2 cattle, and 17 horses in "S.

He was a "Mulatto" sailor, born in Northumberland County, drafted there on 21 March and sized in He appeared on the muster rolls of Col. He was a "free mulatto" head of a Northumberland County household of 7 "other free" in [VA: He was entitled to bounty land for his service as a seaman [Brumbaugh, Revolutionary War Records, Virginia , ].

James Brandom was a soldier born in Goochland County and living there in June when he enlisted in the Revolution. He was sized on 4 April John Brandom, son of Mary Brandom, was born 4 October Rhode Brandom was called the son of Mary Brandom when he was bound out by the churchwardens of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, on 11 August and called a "Molotto Boy" on 12 October when the court ordered him bound to someone else.

He was head of a Mecklenburg County household of 6 "free colored" in Benjamin Brown was in a list of deserters advertised in the 28 November issue of the Virginia Gazette by Lieutenant John Dudley as one of the drafts from Charles City County who were lurking about the county. A reward was offered for their delivery to the commanding officer in Williamsburg [ Virginia Gazette Purdie , p. He was taxable on his own tithe and a horse in Waynoke Precinct of Charles City County from to , listed as a "Mulattoe" in and [PPTL, ] and head of a household of 3 "other free" in [VA: James Brown was a native and resident of Dinwiddie County on 6 June when he enlisted in the Revolution and was sized the same month: William B[rown] was in the size roll of Captain T.

White's 6 th Virginia Regiment in He applied for a pension in Jefferson County, Indiana, in He was head of a Ripley Township, Johnson County, Indiana household of 5 "free colored" in and 7 "free colored" in


It is held in April and October of each year. Over countries are represented through both vendors and visitors. High Point was an early center for the development of the furniture industry in the South. The North Carolina furniture industry gained momentum in the late 19th century, and developers were attracted to High Point for its location, transportation, and cheap labor. The city was situated ideally in the center of the Piedmont region with access to vast hardwood forests in the central and western parts of the state.

An agricultural depression of the s drove farm workers from the countryside to developing towns like High Point looking for industrial jobs. Factories were needed to produce affordable wooden household furniture for the southern market. Subsequently, from , 38 new furniture factories opened in the state, with 13 of those in High Point. By the turn of the century, High Point had become the leading furniture center in the South, with over 40 furniture companies located within the city and the surrounding area.

The large profits in the North Carolina furniture industry lessened with the increasing number of factories. In addition to the increased competition for market shares, by the salary for competent experienced workers and rising shipping costs had cut further into the profit. Bankruptcies resulted from inexperienced managers who tried to sell products below the cost of production and companies that tried to expand too quickly.

The company was one of the first to manufacture quality period reproduction dining and living room furniture on a large scale; an employee who exceeded a monthly quota received a percentage bonus. Marketing became important to the phenomenal rise of the furniture industry in North Carolina in the twentieth century. This situation improved at the turn of the century with the mass marketing and sales of North Carolina furniture from the catalogues of Sears Roebuck and Co.

The first North Carolina furniture exposition was held in High Point in The furniture industry and developing textile manufacturing set the pace for two 20th century growth booms in High Point. The Great Depression did not seem to affect the southern furniture market which produced trendy and affordable furnishings as much as those in the North that produced traditional, luxurious products. In , The State magazine declared that "High Point, in Guilford County, is the world's leading manufacturing center of wood furniture.

It is also the location of one of the nation's principal furniture markets. The furniture was slightly styled and inexpensive, to meet the needs of all income levels, but lost its regional characteristics. Some local artisans still maintained a unique and high quality wooden product. High Point became known as the "Furniture Capital of the World" in the s during the golden era of North Carolina furniture manufacturing.

The globalization of the s opened free trade and competition from foreign furniture manufacturers. China became the leading manufacturer by producing furniture of equal quality at a lower price. The furniture makers who have maintained a high quality product made from solid wood continue to maintain a unique niche and are sold in both the United States and Asia. The High Point Museum showcases an exhibit, "High Point's Furniture Heritage", which examines the historical relationship between the furniture industry and the people of High Point.

The High Point Market has been noted for being a significant part of the region's larger furniture "cluster", which was discussed most recently by sociologist Richard Florida [30] and initially by economist Michael Porter. Since , the High Point Market has been receiving increasing competition from the huge World Market Center project in Las Vegas , which, if fully built according to its multi-stage plan, is slated to exceed the High Point Market in square footage.

Interstate 85 runs through southern High Point, southeast of the original interstate roadway, which is now designated Business The new Interstate 74 runs north and east of the city. To the northwest it extends to Interstate 40 in Winston-Salem.

It is co-signed with U. Highway for most of the route. It is a service that shuttles people between most of the cities in the northwestern Piedmont region of North Carolina. The main service for public transportation in High Point is Hi tran , the local bus service.

Private schools for children were established in and around High Point as early as the early nineteenth century by Quakers. The school relocated to High Point in on land east of town on Washington Street. In that year, black educator Alfred J.

Griffin accepted the position of principal and led the establishment into a long period of growth. Elwood Cox's family home on South Main Street for use as the first school building. Twelve school commissioners were appointed to administer the student system of five grades. Growth of the city's institutions reflected improved primary educational facilities.

A school building campaign coupled with additional grades and improved classes resulted in four additional schools for white students: Many other schools were born in the s during a period of rapid growth. This building spree culminated in with the opening of High Point High School.

Among the many high styled school complexes in the state, few surpass High Point's grand high school. The campus joined the talents of two designers, Greensboro architect Harry Barton and Charlotte landscape architect Earl S. The building was matched in with the addition of Ferndale Middle School just to the east, designed to incorporate details from the high school so that it maintained a campus theme.

Both shared athletic facilities on a large tract of land between downtown and Emerywood. Wingate Andrews High School , was established in the s. In , the Chamber of Commerce made the establishment of a college in High Point a high priority and initiated a High Point College campaign.

The campaign solicited funds in order to attract the attention of the North Carolina Methodist Protestants, who had desired for decades to found a college. High Point College opened in changed to High Point University in with three buildings at various stages of development. Many of the numerous civic organizations founded in the s pledged funds, including the Rotary , Kiwanis , Civitan , and the American Business Club.

The architectural design of the High Point College campus was in keeping with traditional and historical architectural initiatives found at many private colleges and universities across the state in the s. The administration building Roberts Hall , male and female dormitories McCulloch Hall and Women's Hall, respectively , and a central heating plant were all erected between and according to designs by Washington, D.

Mitchell with assistance by High Point architect Herbert Hunter. Today, High Point University is a four-year, coeducational, liberal arts university related to the United Methodist Church. It offers 50 majors in a traditional day format. It also offers non-traditional evening programs, and the graduate studies program offers 10 master's degrees and one doctorate degree.

The High Point Enterprise , established in , is the only daily newspaper published in High Point. HP Magazine is a full-color glossy lifestyle magazine that offers stories on food, history, events, the furniture industry, and more. The monthly magazine is the city's largest locally owned publication. Triad City Beat , [39] Yes! Weekly and the Rhino Times are free weekly papers covering High Point.

These stations are listed by call letters , channel number, network and city of license. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other places named High Point, see High Point disambiguation.

City in North Carolina, United States. This section contains wording that promotes the subject in a subjective manner without imparting real information. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject's importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. City of High Point. Retrieved November 25, Retrieved June 9, United States Geological Survey. High Point city, North Carolina". Census Bureau, American Factfinder. April 1, to July 1, ". Archived from the original on May 23, Retrieved June 4, National Register of Historic Places. Weekly List of Actions Taken on Properties: Weekly List of Actions Taken on Properties.

City of High Point, North Carolina. Retrieved 1 February United States Census Bureau. As of the census [9] of , there were 31, people, 11, households, and 8, families residing in the county. The racial makeup of the county was There were 11, households out of which The average household size was 2. In the county, the population was spread out with The median age was 38 years. For every females there were For every females age 18 and over, there were Amherst County is represented by Republican Tom A.

Scott Garrett and Republican Ben L. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Presidential elections results [11] Year Republican Democratic Third parties National Association of Counties.

Archived from the original on United States Census Bureau. Retrieved December 31, Retrieved June 9, Archived from the original on May 12, University of Virginia Library. Ranking Tables for Counties: Ghostly Legends of the Appalachian Trail. Places adjacent to Amherst County, Virginia. Rockbridge County Nelson County. Retrieved from " https: Coordinates on Wikidata Infobox U. Views Read Edit View history.

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Rockingham County is a county located in the U.S. state of North Carolina. As of the The Mayo Mill, which was later called the Washington Mills-Mayodan Plant, Males had a median income of $30, versus $22, for females. is the first judicial center in the state of North Carolina seeking certification from the . THE MIX OF Australian and Irish design in this Co Mayo house Annette is a theatre nurse and Bryck runs Rockingham Construction Some of the stone was used to create the foundations while – after a long search for a stone mason . 10 Jodie Whittaker will become the first woman to play Doctor Who. Evaluate Kennedy Mayo's women's soccer recruiting profile. Learn how this Rockingham County Early College High School student is connecting with coaches.