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My Roswell friend at safeway

My Roswell friend at safeway

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My Roswell friend at safeway

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For each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia , I selected a corporation or brand that best represented the states. My criteria are subjective, but in each case, I picked a brand that a has ties to that state and b is still in business as of I encountered several challenges while making this map. Major corporations are not evenly distributed across the country. Others host so many that choosing one was difficult. In these cases, I went with the company that I though best represented the state, rather than the biggest or most notorious.

I used Apple for California instead of Google or Facebook. I also had a problem with some of the smaller states like Vermont and Delaware.

These states can be hard to read, so here is a complete list of the companies featured:. What do you think of my selection? Let me know in the comment section. And if you like my work, take a look at my portfolio and see if I can help you with your graphic design needs. This blog is a labor of love, and your support will help me continue to create works of art for you.

Steve Lovelace is a writer, photographer and graphic artist. He blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at http: I found this on Facebook at https: Emily, as a native Delawarean it makes sense that DuPont is the corporation chosen for Delaware. RI is definitely colder than Delaware, but far warmer than the North Pole. I also would like a list. This thing is taking off in a big way… I got linked to it via an IMDb message board, of all places!

Get ready for lots of attention…. HD is pretty benign compared to the former two. Miller would have made sense 10 years ago before they were bought by a South African company. In my opinion, Harley Davidson is a perfect choice for Wisconsin. And Harley-Davidson please note the hyphen! That means more people who own a motorcycle because they chose to, not because it is the only motorized transportation they can afford, buy a Harley than any other brand of bike.

Not sure if that is true, but it seems believable. You are both wrong. This would also apply to Bank of America. How many people get US bank tattooed on their bodies? I was pleased to see HD here. Was the first brand I thought of when I read this because of their strong identity to Wisconsin.

I live in CA. Should have been Google there! Utah was where Col. Sanders first franchised the chicken recipe to a friend. Con Agra Foods Illinois: GE is moving to Boston. Massachusetts should be Sam Adams or Raytheon. How is Connecticut, the insurance capital of the world, represented by GE? DD is a staple in New England. Was so happy when they came back to East TN. DD should be for RI. There are DD everywhere in RI. Now choosing Lexmark over lets say Kentucky Fried Chicken is when things get squirrely.

Also I believe maybe a handful of people even know what Sinclair Oil is on the eastern half of the US. Now my home state of PA is very recognizable by Hershey. Utah was a tough one. I think the previous comment meant the casinos in the eastern half of the US. I guess I still have things to learn. Though Yuengling comes to mind for PA as opposed to chocolate. Indeed, I actually like Hersey as the choice, mostly because there is also a Hersey Pennsylvania.

I believe Comcast could have been chosen, but Hersey is an old staple. I think Dunkin would be the better choice for Massachusetts. While Sam Adams is a nationally known company, it is still considered a Microbrew. CVS would have fit better than Hasbro. It might be better known as well, at least for people over the age of ten.

Was wondering if you did this by brands that are most known? There are two brands for Oklahoma that would better represent Oklahomans…. My criteria were pretty subjective, to tell you the truth. I have to agree with Mary here. We have Sonic drive-ins here in Pennsylvania. Those other two places?

What and where are they? I think presence and recognition beyond the state matter. Of course, being the largest Ice cream company with its own private dairy is pretty impressive let alone a farm, bakery, transport company, and over store is no small feat.

Cummins makes diesel engines. That counts for something. Indiana actually has a lot of smaller companies that have a large impact in the market. One that I found quite interesting was the fact that Klipsch high end stereo speakers is and Indiana company. There is also Eli Lilly, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country, maybe in the world, and responsible for quite a lot of stuff in Indianapolis.

Indy cars and Formula 1 cars both have exposed wheels and wings, but they are really separate series with different cars. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway built a special addition to the track to host Formula 1, but I think there was only one Formula 1 race there.

We have been pan frying chicken in the South since b4 Indiana ever even existed, so how u think u can co opt that to a yankee state is beyond me! The entire South just rolled in their graves! What about the Hoosier bat company for Indiana? Those seems to be bigger, well known brands from Indiana. Umm, I think you better check your facts. Louisville is bourbon country. KFC or Yum brands would have been a better choice for Kentucky.

Founded here over years ago and still based in Maryland, creator of Old Bay which is pretty much synonymous with Maryland… come on. It has to be McCormick! MD is McCormick, no contest. I remember whenl the plant was at the inner harbor, and you could tell which spice they were packaging that day by driving down light street..

It was created by and for decades made by a much smaller rival, the Baltimore Spice Company, which McCormick purchased sometime in the s. But for locals, when they were downtown, Cinnamon grinding days in the tea room, is the stuff of legend.

Old Bay is in 12 of every 10 households locally, but does not draw well nationally. Hershey — with Hershey Kiss shaped streetlights and smell of coco hull mulch — unchallenged regional emotional win. Hershey Ice Cream was established in the same state, in a nearby location and in the same year, but there is no relationship between the families involved.

Marlboro — is the top selling cigarette brand in the world, I learned about Virginia tobacco along with the founding of the 13 original Colonies, AOL can not come close. An excellent argument can be made that it is going up the corporate ownership chain too far to trace Marlboro back to VA, in which case it will toss Hershey out of its place in PA. Have to agree with Under Armour, sorry McCormick is great, but no one associates them with Maryland in a large scale Domestic sense.

Never even knew Geico was based here. It would seem that associating a corporation with a state would be meaningful outside the state or region only for the iconic, venerable names.

They have products in global markets all the way to Australia. They are one of the largest herb and spice wholesalers to the food service industry in the country. And this guy picks an insurance company that was founded in Texas, is a subdivision of conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, and just happens to have its HQ building in a DC suburb across the MD line?

Their windows are the stuff of my Christmases in NYC as a kid. Saks was probably your best bet.

obits in The Seminole Producer

In fact, the doctor said I had the cleanest colon he had seen in years. It was a spiritual problem, I think. Health as an emotional issue is neglected in Western medicine. All your body parts are divided up. Anyway, I'm still the same person I was before I flipped out, just a little different. I had to be shipped home right before these gigs I'd help Faust set up in Amsterdam. A German psychological hospital wouldn't have been the best place to convalesce.

The night before I couldn't play I had this flash, I don't know what it was. It was just a flash about how to play the guitar. I've never been able to figure it out since then. I turned on the amplifier and no sound came out. The people who were around me feared that I would suffer permanent damage.

I was in complete awe of all the events that had happened in such a short time and was really digging the wire I was riding. I was getting escorted back to the United States by my father, who was running around freaking out because his kid was out of this reality. Miles Davis and Robert Redford? The good, the bad, the soul, the soulless. To me, that's how it made sense.

I thought I was him. I went up to the desk and said, "I'm Davis Redford. I want to live infinitely. I wanted the unity of the number three.

Eight plus four equals twelve; one plus two equals three. Eighty-four years seems to be a long life, but I guess I picked the wrong number. My life is chaotic as ever. The mystical path of banishment, like when you're 86'd from a bar.

It's a path that forces you out into solitude and chaos. The phrase has some resonance in my life. Numerologically, the digits in 86 add up to five. I don't understand numerology all that well, as it is a degraded form of "secret" knowledge handed down from unknown sources through time immemorial.

I am a dabbler, though, as numbers do have a significance to the logic of Western music. Anyhow, the number five is considered by some to be the number in nature that is both ordered and chaotic. Our axis, for example, is 23 degrees from zero degrees north or south wobble. The digits in 23 add up to five. There are, depending on which cosmology you read, five basic elements in nature - earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

Human beings have five sense organs. Is there a way to tap into the power of numbers or is it more a way of observing things? If you put all your energy into numbers, there is a power. It can probably lead to some hyperdimensional physics, which I am sure people explore. I try not to tap into this aspect of numbers.

I am not interested in predicting or influencing the future. I do sometimes look at numbers as a way of being mindful of trends or as a way of composing music.

Like I said, Western music is especially concerned with numbers, whether it's a tone system of tuning or any other microtonal system. I get feelings about numbers from all sorts of music. I'm not that visual. I'm more of a mental person, though colors and numbers do have some influence on my playing. I'm just not very systematic about these elements, which is somewhat foolish, but I work with what I am capable of.

A lot of my energy is placed in the mind, which is why crazy shit happens to me. Sometimes I try to focus on the throat or heart to flow the clogged mental energy to the rest of my system. I have breathing strategies to put my energy in different places.

I don't devote enough time to that side of my life because I'm still pretty young. I don't know if it will seem more attractive at an older age, but I still feel like I haven't lived enough to truly get into it. Playing guitar is my yoga. There's a certain mental calm I can feel when I play.

I do that daily. Not every day, but at least an hour a day when I do it. I'd be a lot better if I played for three or four hours every day. I need to get my discipline together. I don't have the energy to devote myself to playing guitar seven days a week, though I am trying.

I pretty much skated through. I was supposed to be there three or four months. When I came back, I was irate. I couldn't believe I came back. I felt like I should be in the ocean swimming. I wanted to be in the water. I did not want to be in some sterile environment. I couldn't believe that my family and friends would allow me to be left in such a place. In a sense, yeah.

I wasn't strapped down or anything. I was in a situation where I knew there was no choice. I doubt my parents could have dealt with me. They came and got me in Germany. They were afraid I was going to get on an airplane and cruise away.

Who knows where I would have gone to? It's a weird position to be in, daily reality meaning nothing to you. I wasn't too worried about it, either. That's where I was. I don't really know how to describe it. Parts of it I know so well and don't want to describe because it was pretty personal. A part of me changed. I don't know what that means. I lost about 25 pounds in three weeks, which I'm sure played into my condition. It's something I hope not to repeat, but you just can't tell. I was testing every little boundary.

They had lines on the floor where we couldn't step and I was like, What the fuck is this? Of course, I can step over here. This dude was trying to do his job, calming down crazy people every day of the week.

Legitimately, within society, I was out of my mind. He said I had to calm down and talk to Dr. Haldol, but I could make one wish. I said I wanted to play my guitar. He tricked me into taking this drug called Haldol, a major sedative. I woke up in a puddle of drool. That's when I got put in this observation tank. I didn't even know it at the time. I just woke up dead. I had been playing guitar in ways I never could have imagined and four days later I was laying in my own spittle in the middle of a mental hospital.

Most people stay in observation for three weeks. But I was in the hospital for a total of less than three weeks. Everyone was impressed with the speed of my recovery. Yeah, after about three days. It had to be kept behind the desk but I was allowed to play it for an hour or two every day. Yes, of course, they did. It is quite a way to get lifted out of reality in the space of one week.

To go from thinking you have unlocked some secret of playing guitar to smashing it the next day. Then, being transported across an ocean to a mental hospital a few blocks from the Nixon library. All kinds of people. Too many drugs, attempted suicides, general vagrancy. There was one guy from Laos who couldn't speak to anybody at all. He'd lost all meaning for existence. It was sobering to be around so many different people with problems that caused them to be unable to function. It's a tough call, what to do with people who cannot function within the edifice called society.

I was extremely lucky that I wasn't in a place where the problems get to the level where they're solved with shock treatment. I suffered none of that. I still was with my thoughts, but a certain part of me, which might be Davis Redford, might be the key to the apocalypse for all I know. I try not to think about prophecies too much because thinking about them might make them that way. Human beings are always going to try to control one another, obviously. There is a hidden logic to numbers and languages, which, if you were able to identify it, may tell you when things are going in a dangerous direction, or a prosperous direction, or whatever.

But I don't know if it's possible to make predictions consistently. For me, prophecies should be taken with a grain of salt, as the statements are not some discursive timeline of what will happen. Anything can happen and our existence on this planet is pretty fragile. I am somewhat mindful of the various potentialities of destruction that seem to be an underlying tone of prophetic messages. But in our ahistorical world, these statements are metaphors of whatever the future might unlock.

There was a reggae song about three sevens clashing. I wish I could remember more about it, but I seem to recall it being connected to a prophecy about July 7, I've always felt an affinity for it, more so than any of the other numbers between one and nine.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been able to close my eyes and see weird waves and shit. Always a very intense energy up in my head, where I could feel it moving outside of me. I don't know if it's some form of telepathy that's going on or what. When I was young I could make coins disappear. I've never experienced astral projection, but I have experienced leaving my sleeping body and being aware of the separation. I guess that's why I've always had an interest in spiritualism.

I feel that there is another part of me that I don't know anything about. I mean, I've never been interested in Aleister Crowley or the theosophists of the late 19th century such as Gurdjieff and Blavatsky.

But on my return flight to America, a stewardess gave me a message addressed to that told me not to look left or right, but keep going to the top of the stairs and all will be clear. Everyone else on the plane around me seemed like they were from a Slavic country and they were all wearing badges that read "Passion for Justice.

Throughout my life I haven't known too much about Christ one way or another, though I was born on Easter. Let's say, and this is really difficult to talk about, I have felt some connection with this figure. When this whole episode was happening, I fell into that sort of consciousness, the immanence one feels when reading the Gospels in a personal way. Hearing about this three sevens thing in relation to Davis Redford flips me out even more.

All these sevens, all these things connecting definitely sent me over the edge. I don't know if I have received a warning, if I hit the cosmic jackpot, or if I've received some metaphysical tidbit I'm supposed to chew on. I don't know what the answer to all this is and probably never will.

I did not talk about any of this stuff when I was in the hospital. It would have kept me there for a long, long time and I just wanted to be myself again. What did you talk about?

You were aware enough of what they probably wanted to hear, right? I lied, for all intents and purposes. That's pretty much what I did. The second I was in there, I knew what that zone was about. That's why I was so upset, that I'd been brought to this place. The Mystical Path of the Number 86 is all about the cycle of going crazy. It was composed and recorded in 30 hours, pretty much. It's much more gentle than Sufi Mind Game. Immediately on the first day of my return.

It was the first show with Josh playing theremin. I was still in contact with Douda while I was in Germany, which was part of the problem. I was living two separate realities: That wasn't a Sufi Mind Game show. That was a Davis Redford show, which is a totally different thing. It was four hours of ambient music. I got to play organ for at least half an hour. The most nontraditional show Sufi Mind Game ever played was very loud, and during our set a foot metal man got erected, and then the next group started playing the foot man.

The name of the group is Foot Man. It's made out of scrap metal welded together. It wasn't as developed then as it is now. It has batteries, lights and a third eye. They're going to be working with hydraulics soon. It rides around on a truck. Cognition can't be far away. I just want to make one comment. It was not just "a health food store.

I say that only to stress that it's not a corporate entity, with the criticism that they have acquired more and more vitamins over the years, which take pleasure away from good health and eating. The whole co-op movement has died in America. They used to have co-ops in Oakland that started off as cheap sources of quality food, very community-oriented. Once they get a taste of modest prosperity, they grow and grow until the next thing you know there's a yuppie feeding frenzy in the designer lettuce section.

You can see a mockup of co-ops in second-generation hippie kids emulating the lingo and having some contact with the ideals, but there's also a lot of disdain for the hippie mentality. I'm not saying this because I'm to the left politically, but anything other than Safeway seems positive. The Safeway near my house was just remodeled and it's like a space station on the moon.

The vastness of it - The aisles are a quarter-mile long and everything shines. The worst thing about Safeway is that they own land and hire farmers to grow mediocre crops their way.

There are a lot of Vietnamese farmers who have immigrated to America and who've brought their culture, vegetables and techniques with them. I just hope they don't get bought out by Safeway and start harvesting dead food. Bell peppers rinsed with pesticides. I haven't really been out to see live music in the last five years. When I see a band, I want the experience to change me somehow.

I don't know if it's elitist of me to say so, but there are not a lot of bands in Portland that are trying to do anything I find remarkable.

A lot of them are trying to please their friends who want to hear songs that they've heard before. That's what they get off on. There's definitely a ghetto for music that doesn't do that. The immediate needs, getting laid, drinking beer, it all goes together. Sufi Mind Game just doesn't fit into that. Rather than play at these shows, I'd rather just go to a basement every once in a while and record something.

It's either an uphill battle or a dead end, trying to get people to understand that you can have a good time listening to music that's freely improvised or has unusual structures or dissonance. Or is completely composed in ways that make no sense. I don't like overusing the word "spiritual," but to me music is a spiritual art form.

But it's naive to ignore that the industry affects it, too. I graduated from college. I have a degree in religious studies and philosophy. It'd be difficult to do anything with it at this point.

I never thought about going to grad school. Certain things about it intrigued me, but I just did not want to go. I did other things besides school when I was in college.

I took some time off, didn't even graduate until I was 26 or And now you're a dishwasher. Didn't you say it was the best job you ever had? It's the best dishwashing job I've ever had. It's flexible, the employers treat me as a human being, which is something most employers don't do.

The best job to have would be not working. It'd be nice making money all the time playing music, but that's all chance. Where's this line of questioning going? I'm assuming you like dishwashing because it's work that does not tax your creativity.

It doesn't make sense to get money through a high-powered job, even though there are huge pitfalls in being a dishwasher. I'm probably not going to get health insurance or benefits, but I'm not going to have to sell my soul, either. I don't have to give up my emotions. I can leave my emotional self at the door and just do my job. Up until this point, no. Is it interesting to me? It seems like a weird thing to do.

I'm not trying to force the issue, being successful through playing music. I would just like to build something so that when I released a record, people would listen to it. I'm not pushing at all. I'm in it for life and ultimately, it doesn't really matter. I had a few lessons when I first started playing when I was Nah, I was a really bad guitarist. It wasn't until I stopped going to a guitar teacher and started figuring out stuff on my own that it made any sense.

I went to a couple sax players for a while, just to learn about melody. In guitar education they teach you positions and I tend to think about harmonies, how they play against each other, and where I am melodically in the note structure.

One of the reasons that I like Sufi Mind Game as a duo is because there are no harmonic restrictions. They're controlling me and the drums are feeding into it, too. A lot of bass players find it difficult to play with us because they want to find a repetitive structure to play along with us, and I don't tend to look at music that way. I think there's power in it, but I'm interested in a different source of power.

When we saw Fushitsusha, it kind of gave me a bizarre, syrupy, intoxicated feeling. It made me feel slow and sleepy, but not because it was quiet and soothing at all.

In fact, it was fast and loud most of the time. I kind of felt dizzy. I had to sit down and shut my eyes. After awhile I opened my eyes and LaMonte was at the next table doing the same thing.

Anyway, it wasn't just Haino Keiji and two guys. They were his equals in every way. I would want the same kind of relationship with people I was playing with. The first thing I learned on guitar was how to get feedback.

When I went to lessons, it didn't make any sense. I never learned how to play along with songs, which might explain how I can figure them out so quickly now. I'm not really listening for the rules; I'm listening for where it's going to go.

I mean, I understand some musical rules. Over time, I've come to understand some of the basic principles of the tone system, but I don't think microtonally. I use them sometimes but I don't think about them. I've never actually done it, though. I wasn't being true to myself. I don't want to sound pompous, but that's been my take on certain stuff. I've wanted to walk over to some players, put my hands over theirs and say, "Stop. Go figure out something else to do.

Go learn how to listen to somebody else when they're playing. Some people are so into what they're doing that they don't even pay attention. To me that's very sad. I've seen bands where it's customary for everyone to switch instruments, and after seeing them a couple times, I notice that there's always one guy, no matter what instrument he's playing, he's always the loudest.

I would like to pass items correspondence, photos to his family that I found. I am looking for children of his son, Billy Cox. The sketchs are of the Cribari Mansion, the old barn near the mansion and of an oak tree overlooking a valley with the hills in the back drop. What makes thes sketchs so special to me is I grew up in the are, and wouild visit a childhood friend of the care taker of the property,so I know the sketchs from my own experience living in those pictures.

I would appreciate anyone providing feedback about this artist, and his experience in the San jose area. Any info would be grately appreciated. Haven't inspected them close enough yet to determine if they're originals, though. Which explains how I found this discussion board, incidentally--funny, that.

Anyhow, can anyone give me further info on those? Would like information regarding any golf posters he did.

Yes, he was commissioned to do the 8 cent airmail stamp with the Alaskan totem pole. Most stamp books will have a picture of it.

What his bio doesn't say is that before he came to northern CA, he lived I don't know for how long in southern CA. He did sketches of actors but I don't know who. Also, while in Tiburon in the late 40', early 50's he sold paintings to Vincent Price and Fred McMurray, both wonderful actors of the day. Cox lived in Tiburon see bio. It is possible that he designed an 8 cent postage stamp with a totem pole.

Did Willard Cox live in Tiburon? Is this the same Willard Cox? Where did he show? Thanks for any info you may have.

BANANAFISH: I'm wondering why your friend chose to identify your mind games as .. STEVE LOBDELL:The Safeway near my house was just remodeled and it's like a . There are all these popular UFO events like Roswell that could have. Artist Bulletins for Willard Roswell Cox Willard was my fathers best friend My Father and Willard were best friends in Tiburon & San Francisco for many years, . spearmint gum figure, Safeway series of his famous charcole SF landscapes. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of “T he Roswell Daily Record is really the only true newsgathering source in the Be willing to express your thoughts and find out where a friend is coming from. . Gateway Chr. falls Pornanong Phatlum leads Safeway Classic to Capitan in 5.