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He had a cold and was only going over the pigs homes to borrow a cup of sugar. Basically, this traditional story that has been passed down orally and part of the beauty of it is that there can be many retellings and variations of the same three little pig story.

These three little pigs and that one big bad wolf will continue to entertain us for years. So thanks for sharing a wonderful version of the story. In comparing this to other versions of the story, it is interesting to see the parts from this story here that are changed or left out. Instead of being a story about resourcefulness, the story now is about misunderstanding people and finding out the true story.

I definitely recommend it! The retelling completely twists the story of the Three Little Pigs and depicts the pigs as the bad guys. The pigs were extremely rude to him, and each time he sneezed their houses would fall down on top of them. The traditional story of the three little pigs suggests that the wolf was evil and the third pig was clever to outsmart him.

The re-telling suggests that the pigs were inconsiderate of the wolf and if they had only been friendly, everyone could have had a happy ending. The re-telling emphasizes that everything is not always as it seems and we should look at both sides of a story. The plots of both stories are simple and direct, but the re-telling uses more lively and engaging language to appeal to young readers.

It stays true to the plot of the original tale but sets the story in the southwest region of the United States in modern times. The pigs also take on the form of javelinas, a southwest cousin of the traditional American farm pig. The Three Little Javelinas message, however, is the same. To me, the original version is a little too drastic to read to young children. In comparing the two versions compared above, the variant version is a little less violent, but still mirrors the original story. However, both books contain the criteria for being Traditional Fantasy.

The story by Gavin Bishop has excellent illustrations that compliment the story while using a simple plot and engaging language. Additionally, this online original tale has been passed down orally.

I had never read about the pig out tricking the wolf and going to all those places right before the wolf would arrive. This book is a retelling of the original three little pigs. The book has illustrations that extend the story. The plot in the story above is more simple and direct. The story above is engaging especially at the end, when the pig is tricking the wolf.

In The True story of the Three Little Pigs the story is lively and engaging because it gives the reader a different perspective of the Three Little Pigs. After reading this story as well as the retelling of Three Little Javelinas I realized there were some substantial differences. In the Three Little Pigs the wolf eats the first two pigs, but in the Three Little Javelinas the first two pigs escape to the third little pigs house. The third pig did not eat the wolf in the Three Little Javelinas.

He was simply burned and ran away. Also the Three Little Javalinas used tumbleweed instead of straw, sticks from a dried up cactus, and adobe bricks. This retelling represents the culture of the desert and uses specific details in both its language and its illustrations to expand the story. This is an excellent resource for reading the more traditional fairytale of the three little pigs. Looking at the criteria for evaluating traditional fantasy this version has a fairly simple plot with more complicated actions against the wolf by the third pig.

Some may also classify it as a fractured tale because it does not have quite the same plot as the coyote is not killed in the end of the book. This story does not keep with the language f the traditional tale as listed under the criteria for traditional fantasy. Because the ending is not identical between the variations the moral would not be the same. The theme of the Three Little Javelinas is more about giving the students a way to explain why the coyotes howl at night.

Overall, both variations are good stories. WOW natasha thanks very much amazing story reading really love thanks the story is quite intresting thankyou EbtesaM. EbtesaM — April 21, Bertie — April 30, Williams — May 10, I like that story,who ever wrote this. I like the part when the little pig who built that house out of bricks got to heaps of places before the wolf. Sophie, Emilia, California — July 14, Axel quintero — July 24, I really liked this version of the three little pigs.

I thought that the character development of the last little pig was good; how he was shown as sly and intelligent made him likeable and interesting to children. Though some may find this story as too gruesome for some younger age groups. I liked the unexpectedness of the story above, students would have to take their time when predicting how the pig will triumph over the wolf.

It would be great to use for beginning to teach students critical thinking skills, sequencing of events, and character development. I enjoyed listening to this classic tale of the Three Little Pigs because I had forgotten how the story progressed. Recently, I read a different variant to the original tale of the Three Little Pigs.

I read the Three little Pigs by Gavin Bishop. The original tale does make the family poor. Although it was different however, the original and the one told by Gavin Bishop are almost identical and can both be considered quality traditional fantasy literature. The story line of both stories was the same where the wolf wanted to eat the pigs, and pigs one and two are not as prepared or smart as the third pig, so their houses were blown down. However, the difference between the original Three Little Pigs and The Three Ninja Pigs is that in the latter, the pigs study some form of self-defense and that is how they ward off the wolf- not by the material of their house.

When reading the Three Little Pigs, I was initially surprised about how grim it was. I had never realized that the last little pig had so many encounters with the Wolf. I picked it because I thought that it was a variant, but I soon realized there was no common basis between the works. I did find similarities. This novel details the experiences of the author in the foster care system. Like the pigs, Courter had to deal with many wolves through her life.

Initially she hid by avoiding doing anything wrong to avoid punishment. The wolf in the story was named Mrs. She was particularly cruel and did horrible things to her and other children. Even after leaving the home, she was haunted by memories and reminders of this woman. Only when she took Mrs. Moss head on in a law suit could Courter be free from the hurt inflicted on her and to make sure that no other child would ever be hurt again.

Just like this, only when the pig takes the Wolf head on can he defeat the wolf. I sincerely enjoyed listening to The Three Little Pigs and appreciated the fact that this story is able to be well translated and understood when spoken. This type of literature facilitates good practical experience with listening to texts which allows students to practice their listening and comprehension skills.

I also had the opportunity to read a retelling of this beloved story called The Three Little Javelinas which had a very similar plot with a slight twist: This particular story is a retelling due to the fact that although the basic premise of the story is the same, many major parts are different such as the three different materials [brick, straw and sticks] and the presence of a wolf were concepts that were not in the retelling of the story.

The original telling of The Three Little Pigs as presented on storynory is classified as a traditional fantasy, since the original source of the story is unknown and it was passed down initially through oral tradition. I read a similar pig story, Small Pig by Arnold Lobel, which is a modern fantasy as opposed to a traditional fantasy.

This story was created by the author, and recorded in print through publishing in Although these stories are both fantasies about pigs, they are quite different in composition, development, and theme. While The Three Little Pigs may be seen as a warning to build sturdy defenses, Small Pig focuses more on taking time to settle in places of comfort, and pursuing that comfortable place when it disappears, which provides a very deep conversational question.

I would suggest reading it if you have not. The plot is simple, but complex in the details that have been changed. The message is that the big, bad pig just wanted friends to have around him. The language is lively and has many interesting differences that I do not think are based on the culture of the time.

The common Three Little pigs was very straight forward and simple, where as in my retelling the pigs are playing games, use modern building supplies, somewhat violent, and mentioned a tea leaves in their tea-pot often. This story reversed the common role of the scary wolf and innocent pigs. The Illustrations closely compliment the story as well as the original story. If one were to simply look at the illustrations they might think that they were reading the original story.

The Wolf in this story is defending his case. Instead of angrily blowing down the houses he uses the excuse that he has a cold and is sneezing down each house. I believe that this book represents modern values, the book plays off the deaths of the pigs as accidents instead of brutal murders. Overall, the plot is simple and direct and engaging with the oral tradition of the original book.

He goes on to explain how the wolf is actually framed for simply asking for some sugar for his grandma! In the original telling, the wolf is the antagonist trying to eat the three little pigs whereas the wolf in this story is disguised as a child in a wolf costume. The plot is, however, both simple and direct, but they are not the same at all.

The original story is a progression of the relationship between the pigs and the bad wolf where the wolf loses in the end. They are two very different stories that happen to share a similar animal which is a wolf.

Unlike the original version, listened to above, the story does a role reversal and puts the pig in charge with the wolves cowering in their homes. Continuing with the modern twist, the wolves build houses out of brick, cement, armor plated steel, and finally flowers. All of the manmade structures anger the pig, leading to destruction and fear. However, once the wolves embrace nature in their flower house, the pig calms down and everyone lives happily ever after.

The plot itself, although altered, still follows the general guidelines set forth by the original story. There are still three scared animals and one grumpy one. The story by Gavin Bishop does not begin quite the same as the original in that in this version, the 3 little pigs are living with their mother Mrs.

Pig and she decides that they must move out on their own not because they are poor and must seek their fortunes but because in the picture the little pigs are all lounging by their in ground swimming pool while their mother is mowing the grass. The ending of the story is also a bit different because it does not finish with the explicit information that the pig ate the wolf but it is implied through the illustration of the pig holding his enlarged stomach after dinner in satisfaction.

Overall, the story uses language that is lively and keeps true to the oral tradition, only varying in very slight ways. I particularly enjoyed this very twisted rendition of the three little pigs. I loved the dimension that the end of the story brings to this classic story. In comparison to the others versions that I have read about the three little pigs this definitely has to be my favorite.

It takes on the traditional story of the three little pigs and as the story progresses the story begins to change. The three pigs leave there story and enter into other traditional fairy tales as they run away from the big bad wolf. This rendition concludes with the pigs returning to their original story with all their friends they collected along the way.

Both stories held the same story frame work of the three little pigs but had very differing endings. In evaluating this story in comparison to the original I conclude that this story follows all criteria needed to be a variant to the original. You could make a comparison between this novel and The Three Little Pigs, as told on storynory, as there are three of them.

In order to remain safe, the guinea pigs pretend to be boring. In the end of this tale, the three guinea pigs are reunited and are all owned by the former wolf. This is not an echo of The Three Little Pigs as they never become friends of the wolf in the original tale.

The Three Little Guinea Pigs is a modern fantasy tale. Fantasy elements that are present are characterization as the guinea pigs are portrayed with human characteristics. The story is believable though as it appears as if that could have been the thought process of the animals. The Three Little Pigs, retold and illustrated by Gavin Bishop, was aligned with the Storynory version as it is simple and direct. There is a slight variant on the traditional story by it beginning with Mrs.

Pig deciding it was time for her pigs to leave home. This story possessed the original content of one pig choosing to make a straw house and another building a stick house. Both of these pigs had their houses destroyed by the Wolf and were eaten by him.

The last little pig, as in the original story, built his house out of bricks, and much to the chagrin of the Wolf, he was unable to blow the house down. The story ended as the original, with the Pig boiling a pot, the Wolf scrambling down the chimney, and the little Pig eating the Wolf right up! I enjoyed this story by the Brothers Grimm very much. The story was captivating and the language lively and enchanting. However, many children might find this version disturbing because the eats the wolf in the end.

In that version, the wolves build their house out of bricks, then cement, then steel, and the pig destroys each house.

When they decide to build it out of flowers, the pig smells the flowers and decides to stop pursuing the wolves and make friends with them instead. This version would appeal to modern audiences more than the Grimm version because the villain changes his ways rather than being overcome by the protagonist. However, there are also many differences. Further, the materials that the wolves use to build the house are different bricks, concrete, barbed wire, and then flowers. The pig is able to destroy all of the houses except for one-the house made of flowers.

In the end, the pig and the wolves become friends. Although the classic and modified versions are so different, they both employ lively and engaging language. They also both convey a theme of perseverance and the modified version illuminates the importance of friendship. This retelling is close to the original in certain aspects.

In the retelling, the houses of straw and sticks get blown down by the wolf, and the wolf eats the pigs that lived in each house. When the wolf came to the brick house, he was unable to blow it down.

In contrast to the original tale, the story that I read was from the point of view of the wolf, and he claimed that his powerful sneezes caused the first two houses to collapse and that the pigs were found dead once the smoke of the houses collapsing cleared and simply decided to not let the pig go to waste.

Finally, instead of the wolf falling down the chimney into a boiling pot, the wolf in the retelling was arrested. But then it turns out that they are just throwing a surprise birthday party for the wolf rather than hiding in fear of him. It was a awesome book to read………………………….

THE END that is what the author should do then it would beat golden goose and the boy who cried wolf thanks p. April 30th, and May 2nd, has very inappropriate names that may have slipped by without being noticed.

My daughter was reading the comments and saw this and I was hoping you could take these down. I enjoyed listening to this traditional version of the Three Little Pigs. Instead of a wolf antagonist, humans are the enemy! These three guinea pigs are best friends and fear being bought from the pet store to different owners. This version is much shorter than the traditional and has a happy ending for all three pigs, not just one.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this version and having an opportunity to compare it to a modern retelling of the classic. After reading the traditional version of the Three Little Pigs I was surprised at the differences from the story I thought was the traditional version.

Further, it was very different from another version Newton and the Three Little Pigs. While the rest of the story the wolf tried to deceive the last brother pig who made his house out of bricks and blow his house in unsuccessfully. Instead in this story the wolf tried to deceive the pig by getting him to leave his house and eat him not having as much to do with the house itself. Similarly in both stories the pig ultimately deceived the pig.

I loved hearing this traditional fantasy story. I had never heard the full version which included the turnips, apple tree, and the fair. This story is clearly a fable, because the few characters are animals with impersonal personalities who speak as humans. It is a simple story which conveys the complex ideas of being careful with strangers and careful with who you trust.

This tale reverses the traditional roles to add humor and irony. The themes and morals are different, allowing the antagonist to have a change of heart. After listening to this story I was shocked at how different it was.

Although the characters are the same, there are many differences. For example none of the characters die, they are all good, and the pig does not try to trick the wolf or scare him. Both versions of the Three Little Pigs have similar characters, settings, and theme. It is exciting to explore the different versions to stories!

Although they have the same storyline each version showcases creativity and surprise. This story was great compared to all the variations of this story that I have read in the past. In this variation the the wolf was the protagonist and the pigs were the antagonists. It was more a story of coincidence while this much more traditional story had more developed and active characters who drove the story. I loved how cleaver the last pig was and how this version created multiple chances for him to show off his cleverness.

Lastly I enjoyed how this book had a bit of a dark twist or justice even when the wolf got boiled alive. Such a cute story! This version of the Three Little Pigs stays very true to the traditional version of the story. The story is simple and predictable, however parts sure do surprise the reader!

The story themes classify as typical and the story line incorporates some repeated patterns and elements. Unique characteristics present in folktales are also evident in this version of the story. Specifically, a unique characteristic of folktales found in this story is trickery motifs involving animals or humans who trick friends and neighbors. Trickster tales are part of almost every cultures.

This story is very cute and enjoyable for a wide audience of multiple age ranges! I really enjoyed listening to this read-aloud of the three little pigs tale.

Sticking with the trickery motif and talking animals, Bishop only differs from the original tale by a few words. This unique rendition features the characters contradicting how they are in the original tale. I was surprised at how long this version of the Three Little Pigs is! The whole part about the wolf trying to trick the pig in the brick house into eating food and going to a carnival were comletely new to me.

I really enjoyed this version with the manipulative wolf. I especially liked how the last pig outsmarted him so much. It was an unusual twist on the classic tale. I had never heard the middle parts of this story before! The plot points where the wolf kept trying to trick the last pig at the carnival, picking berries, etc. It seemed pretty repetitive, and it slowed down the middle of the story for me — I noticed my mind wandering while the wolf kept trying and trying to trick the pig.

When transitioning to the conclusion of the story that I had heard before where the wolf falls into the pot of boiling water, the middle section seemed to end fairly abruptly! The connection was not very smooth. The reader read with great prosody! I think this story would be very engaging for young readers because of the quality of reading.

This is a great story. I had never heard all of the ways the last pig tricks the wolf! It made the story a lot longer than the other versions I had heard. This version was very different from one story about the three little pigs I recently read. He tries to explain how he is innocent! This story was great! But it seems changed from the version I remember.

I remember none of the pigs dying and living in the brick house of the third pig. I love the story it one of my fave rates I love it so much I want marry them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you have remarked some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post. The wolf is trying to prove to the readers that he is not the bad guy, and that really the pigs are at fault. But then the third pig is smart and has his house built in bricks so the wolf cannot come in, and the third pig ends up calling the police on him.

This is where the original story and the variant are different because of the ending. In the original story, the first two pigs are eaten and then third one out smarts the wolf and actually ends up tricking him into a boiling pot of water and eats him for dinner. In the ending of the variant, the third pig and the wolf are still alive. They are also different based off of the narrator. The original is told in third person, and the variant is told in first person.

These are both great stories and the differences and similarities are what make them so unique and interesting for children to experience. This story has a lot of similarities to the retelling that I read by Gavin Bishop.

The story stats off a little different though. It starts with Mrs. Pig deciding that it is time for her three sons to leave home. She then packs them each a lunch and sends them on their way to start a life on their own. The story is very similar to the original because the pigs who build their houses out of straw and sticks both get eaten by the wolf.

The pig who uses bricks to build his house ends up defeating the wolf just like it says in the original version. The only difference between this book and the original version is the beginning. Bertie — October 28, The framework of the story is similar between the retelling of the book and the original tale. The book is told in a completely different perspective. It is very interesting to see the difference in the story. It is a very humorous piece. There is no citing of the original source, since it is very different from the original story.

There is some violence in this story, but I think it is a better kind of violence than the kind present in the original story. No character dies in this version; in fact, the characters become friends by the end of the story, showing more character growth and development than the original story. One of my favorite parts of this story were the illustrations.

They were very bright and colorful and very prominent. Some of the pictures took up entire pages. They really enhanced the plot of the story. I love this book.

I even think I like it more than the original story. The plot is simple in the book which is good for younger readers. The story has a moral of do not trust the story without hearing the other side. Hearing both sides of the story will help you find out what really happened.

The illustrations are very good and it helps to extend the story. The text is close to the original, it is just told from the wolfs side. However, like the original tale, the wolf was unable to blow the third house down! Another difference, is that the three little javelinas were lucky enough to not get eaten.

The wolf tries to out-smart the little javelinas by climbing down the stove pipe, but luckily the stove was on and the wolf got burnt and ran away, and so the three little javelinas lived happily ever after. In both stories the three pigs decide what kind of house to build and the wolf tried to blow the houses down.

The main difference between the two is that there is a scientific element. The author added many details that are connected to physics. In the traditional three little pigs the antagonist is the Big Bad wolf and the protagonists are the three little pigs, but in the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, the wolves are the protagonist and the pig is the antagonist. The plot of both stories is similar except for the switch of the protagonist and antagonist.

This version, that I read, is a retelling of the traditional story because it completely flips the characters and have a different outcome. The language is lively and engaging. I think that both stories are written well and have the ability to draw in young readers.

The moral of the first book it to not talk to strangers, I think. Then the retelling the moral is that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. By this I mean that it took the pretty sweet smelling flowers for the wolves to turn the pig into a friend.

The illustrations in the retelling are wonderful and add to the understanding and emotion of the story. I think that the retelling would be better to use to teach a lesson to young students. I think that the original story of The Three Little Pigs represents the style of reading and such that was used when it was written while the The Three little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig shows more of the moral side and type of story we are familiar with today.

However, both tales have the same ending of catching the wolf in the soup pot! The theme for every version seems to remain the same. The storynory tale aligns well the the original oral tradition, but I might alter the story depending on the age of my audience! The Three Little Pigs by Gavin Bishop does not cite an original source but acknowledges that it is a retelling of the original.

The plot is simple, as each set of problems introduces itself in a set of three. Some of the scenes can be a bit gruesome for children as in the Storynory version of the tale as well.

Both of these versions The Three Little Pigs share a subtle theme about strangers to children. Though the wolf tried to get the third pig to come with him, the pig knew to stay inside where he was safe and go out when he was sure the wolf was not. Children are reminded through this story never to go with strangers and stay in safety areas.

This storynory of the Three Little Pigs was very well read and engaging classical version of how the story is originally told. In the original version, the three little pigs are each visited by the big, bad wolf and each have to defend themselves. The first pig builds a house out of hay, but then the wolf huffs and puffs to blow it down resulting in the first pig getting eaten. The second pig builds a house of sticks, but the wolf huffs and puffs it down and eats the pig up!

The end of the original version of The Three Little Pig then has the third pig outsmart the wolf by building a house out of brick and eventually trapping the wolf to kill him.

However, aside from the original traditional fantasy of the Three Little Pigs there are many different variants or retellings. This book differs from the original in that, it incorporates three little guinea pigs who live happily together in an animal shelter.

The antagonist in this book is the owner who tries to sell off one of guinea pigs, but with each attempt the guinea pigs try their hardest to make themselves not get sold. The story ends with each guinea pig being sold, but under the same owner!

It is a retelling because no characters in the story wind up dying and the animals themselves are guinea pigs instead of pigs. The characters are a bit different from this oral version.

For example, in the retelling, the pigs are mean and rude to the wolf who is asking to borrow sugar. There are references to the lines: And the chiny chin chin, but the wolf explains that these were falsifications made up by the reporters who wanted a juicier story to print. It is interesting to see the different variations and retellings on The Three Little Pigs. It was a lively and engaging tale, that was different from the others I have read.

In this book, the three little wolves build a house out of bricks, and then cement, and then barbed wire, iron bard, armor plates, metal padlocks, Plexiglas, and reinforced steel chains. Each time the big bad pig comes, he is unable to huff and puff and blow the house down. However, he still finds a way to destroy the house sledgehammer, a pneumonic drill, dynamite, etc. Not to be discouraged, the wolves build a house out of flowers.

As the big bad pig breathed in to huff and puff, he caught the fragrance of the flowers. This wonderful fragrance made the pig very happy and have a change of heart. The wolves invited the pig to tea and to play games, and they lived happily ever after. The illustrations add to the tale. The idea of this book is close to the original tale, although the characters and the ending of the tale is different.

Again, it is so interesting to see the differences in retellings of this classic tale! The number of variations that exists of the story of the Three Little Pigs interests me. I recently read The Three Ninja Pigs. The story line is similar to the original. The three pigs win in the end, after waving the wolf on his way. There were a few differences throughout though.

In The Three Ninja Pigs, the pigs train in karate in order to beat the wolf up, but in the original the three little pigs the pigs build their houses. This book also contains Chinese, which the original obviously does not. R89 I've been querying that for the last 3 threads. I thought it was because Megs is American that they skipped the wedding curtsy, even though I've seen photos of her curtsying to the Queen. Haven't found any explanation as to why in this instance they skipped the after-ceremony curtsy to the Queen.

R, I thought it was one of the worst colors she's ever worn. Frankly, whoever suggested it should be locked in the Tower of London. Whoever invited that Preacher should be the first in line. The Queen is quite progressive. OK, wedding coverage still on at CNN.

Lots of bad commentary. Of course, the American self-proclaimed royal historian on and on about how wonderful the sermon was. One interesting comment was how the Queen knew Billy Graham so she wasn't a stranger to American preaching. The claim was that he had preached for her, which was news to me. Fergie was there and looked wonderful. I love this woman. She swoops in like a warm breeze and is all genuinely warm with an attendant. Looks wonderfully sleek, yet popping with pizzazz.

The Queen is a stickler for protocol. Both her children and grandchildren as well as all of her rellies curtsy and bow to her in public. If she'd wanted to, the preacher would have been struck dumb and deaf and turned into a pile of dust before our eyes.

She didn't, and she's THE QUEEN, so she's sat through much longer and more boring shit than that sermon, which was hilarious and memorable in retrospect. Fergie's daughters are a mess. Ugly dresses, ugly hair, ugly fascinators so not. Just wrinkled and disheveled looking. At this point, she's got every seniority check mark you can get and can say and do whatever she pleases.

She's done with the bull on a royal level. The Queen has resting bitch face. Even she knows it. When she's trying to appear neutral she looks pissed off. It's what poor people like to pretend is champagne. I think it's from Italy They still look plum. I'm not gonna be hard on the York girls. Compared to what could have been they were dressed nicely. And Fergie also looked quite nice too. I was hoping for something ridiculous from them just for fun but they were ok.

Looks like she lost some weight. Hair and makeup were perfection. She is ten times more camera thirsty than Meghan. R I thought so, too. Somehow down to earth, low-key yet elegant. It was formal enough but not distracting and put the focus on the vows. Eugenie did look like she trimmed down a bit for a while there but it looks like she gained some back. Bea was porking up a bit for a while there too but it looks like she lost a little.

I don't see the starvation diet thing that Kate and Meg did in Eugenie's future. R, i don't like her as an actress. I don't like Meghan at all but I don't get the hang up about the white dress.

Half of marriages end in divorce. That means a lot of second time brides. And a lot of them wear white. It's a wedding thing, not a purity or virginal thing anymore and hasn't really been that in quite a while.

It's an English thing and those stuck up English people are probably having a good laugh behind her back among themselves. She could discover the cure for cancer and they'd be claiming she only did it for the publicity.

I remember Harry licking his tongue out at photographers when he was a boy and Diana dragging him away from the car window. Charlotte carries on the tradition. Princess Michael's dress was tres droopy at the front and the necklace all skewed.

Like she was rushed out through the door. I watch Quantico and thought it was a horrible show but I couldn't look away and not watch it something about her repelled me and attracted me at the same time. So some contrarian views You could tell Harry forced the skilled, experienced hands to pull back while he and the future Duchess of Success came up with successive great ideas to make it the best royal wedding - erm, our special day - ever.

Shame about her hair but it wasn't a disaster. Excellent call on the tiara. Largely unknown, pretty, but not presumptuous. The American pastor was showboating but probably sincere. Meagain was slightly nervous as he droned on It was odd the Spencers should be seated in the nave while Oprah Winfrey and her like got prime real estate in the quire.

How close was the bride to any of these celebrities? How the hell did Oprah get inserted into all this, to this extent? Oprah Winfrey wins the prize for money can't buy taste. She looked like she was destined for the Macy's parade. Anal Clooney needs to learn when the spotlight is for her and when she's lucky to be near a particular spotlight. Her dress was interesting, but slightly ill fitting, her make up brash, her hair saggy.

A real standout was Doria Ragland, a dignified, sometimes poignant figure. She seems very, very likeable. I like she didn't lose the nose thing just because. It will be interesting to see what happens next. I think she will have a very difficult time adapting to real life in the Royal Family. She wants to save the world, possibly for her own self satisfaction, and that's not how it's done with that lot. I think the photographers stick their tongue out at the young ones, hoping to get a photo op of them doing the same thing.

It seems to work! R, i watched quanitco for like 2 episodes, her acting was just terrible and couldn't get the accent right. So one might infer something there, it has always bothered me.

But that is a thread for another time, though. I think most of the people looked fine. Hopefully the brown hair will be the dominant gene.

It seems to be the way it works: There is a moment where Kate and Camilla are completely suppressing giggles. William was totally smirking. The Ugly York StepSisters were trying not to laugh. Zara Phillips had this fantastic I cannot believe I am being held hostage to these gymnastics at eighteen months pregnant.

R Red hair is hot, especially in The US. If their kids inherit the ginger gene it will probably show itself as brick auburn. R Look at George in the photo you posted. Everything about him says "I am so done with this". R Amal seems sweet. She has a slightly self-conscious way about her that's endearing, considering how awful she could get away with being. Sarah, Duchess of York Sarah has personality and pizzazz.

Love her, always have, And she looked fabulously chic at the wedding. She gets my vote for best dressed. Doria looked tortured, sad, deeply moved, happy yet She was essentially sitting there in a pew in solitude watching her daughter marrying the U. Having to endure the ravings of a grand standing tent revival preacher is NOT a modern reality of life. Not in my world. The Queen looking like she just stepped inro some cow dung. Why is Prince Philip ram rod straight after hip surgery and the Queen is bent over?

Maybe she has osteoporosis. Anyone else think Daria is herself bi-racial? She's very light skinned. I wonder if they were really listening to everything I found it very odd that Daria had to sit all alone. She should have been able to bring her bff if there were no family members she wanted around her.

She looked so lonely and uncomfortable. Your tits looked like balloons about to burst in that blah-colored, tight knit dress. But I turned it off when the American preacher started talking.

I'm atheist so that part didn't appeal to me. Americans refer to non-American citizens as "aliens. It's hilarious as a Canadian to hear the term "alien" because it is usually assocated with this:. She was hosting her network's wedding coverage with a big fascinator on. R, my guess is that she was bent over because she was staring at the ground so she wouldn't trip and fall. When you see her leaving the castle to walk the dogs, which she still does, she looks fine.

So Stella McCartney made Oprah a dress that didn't fit, and Oprah didn't discover it didn't fit until she got to London? I heard that Oprah discovered when she got to London, her original Stella McCartney dress was too white for a wedding, so Oprah chose this tight-fitting, blush colored thing. Each wedding dress was appropriate for each bride, considering who they were, their age and place in the family.

The dress Di wore wouldn't be appropriate for anyone who wasn't some years old getting married to the future king. Kate's dress was flawless. Meghan's dress looks to me like a seamstress sample used for fittings. It was baggy and wrinkled too. Meghan's gown was ok but nothing spectacular. It didn't "wow" me. It just lacked that extra final touch.

It needed some small detail to take away all of that white material. A little beading or lace would have added some pizzazz. Simplicity is nice but it can be boring. Her veil was too long and her bouquet was too smaill. The best feature was her tiara. R, too many people have tried to rewrite history on Diana's horrible dress. It looked suitable for a Beverly Hillbilly. One of the ugliest dresses I've ever seen.

Considering her lack of education and being thrown into the lion's den, it was the best we could expect, I guess. Kate's dress reflected her, as did Meghan's. Meghan has good taste, generally, although she has to give up those coast that are too long for her. Beautiful tiara and diamond bracelet. It wouldn't have taken much to look overdressed with a fancy dress. She did it just right. Prince Harry is worth at least 40 million, you would think he could afford a bigger and nicer ring.

I doubt the Queen and Prince Philip heard much, they are old and probably have hearing loss. Or maybe that's why the guy was yelling? I don't know I didnt watch. There sure were lots of beautiful men at the wedding, Beckham, Clooney, Kate and Pippas brother amongst them.

Whoever the "alien" troll is, Americans do not normally "refer to non-American citizens as 'aliens. It's very similar to the use of the term in U. If Meghan keeps straightening her hair, it's going to fall out. Her hair already looks like its damaged and thinning,.

What a bunch of juvenile, screaming, unknowledgeable, immature girls. They were terrible and embarrassing. I was interested in the wedding but not enough to awake at the crack of crazy to view it. I appreciate the wedding threads. Glad I missed the long winded preacher. I love Windsor Castle as well as St George's Chapel but I didn't like the side seating arrangement of the bride and groom. The couple should be front and centre not hidden away where guests can't see them.

I hope they televise Princess Eugenie's wedding in October. I want to see Sarah, Duchess of York, be center stage as mother of the bride and have all those other royals have to be nice to her.

Fergie outdid them all at Harry's wedding today. She looked great and wore a smashing outfit; she was happy, smiling and thoroughly enjoying herself being there. Sarah knows how to react and receive a crowd. I think she thinks she's going to be de facto Queen of the Commonwealth That black preacher was too friggin much.

Okay, we get it He went on too goddamn long. R except for one thing She's too much for most people, always mugging and bugging her eyes and generally woot wooting. I think she's actually needier and nuttier than Diana ever was, absent the mean streak but endowed with Jerry Lewis face. She just can't behave with any relaxed dignity Below, her company manners on display at Margaret Thatcher's funeral. R, the firm needs a worker.

And she's willing to step up, so Harry will be encouraged to do more of it. I think the Queen is glad to have her in the fold. So sick of these bullshit comments. As though some attention starved carnival barker is anything to us. He was barely tolerated and will be cast aside tomorrow, if not sooner.

This is what you get. No diamond necklaces or bracelets or ornate lace design. R - Clooney and his wife are humanitarians and give to charities. Amal is a human rights lawyer. Oprah interviewed Meghan's mother Doria so I think Mom invited her. Plus, Meghan is a big fan of Oprah. Why would Meghan have to go back to Suits? By marrying into the Royal Family, she just landed the greatest role of her career.

The wedding was meant to feature people involved in charities. Clooney and his wife head up several global charities including Darfur, so maybe our orphan was working the crowd for donations. No, Harry was freaking the fuck out. Most single guys are like this. Marriage is the graveyard of romance. Who started the tradition of royal men wearing military uniforms to their weddings? I guess it's just a way of showing those pesky commoners they actually care about their country and are worthy of the millions spent on them.

For all that talk about Charles walking her part way down the aisle, I thought it was a big dud. And her walking herself part way? And why are Anglican churches designed so that most people invited are in another room and didn't see what was happening but had to watch it on video screens? God, she's tone-deaf as fuck.

Switched back to Muir and Robin. Much more fun, informative, and they hit on the melancholy of Diana not being there but not over the top maudlin.

It was meant to be a joyful event after all. The dress was okay but the veil and tiara could have been a bit more spectacular in contrast. The train was too long and awkward but the little fellows did a good job of keeping that hot mess in check. Showtime is being cheeky and airing a Tudors marathon. Rhys-Myers was such a beauty just a few years ago. Meanwhile, the same people who criticize her for being minimal and subtle, would react the same way if she went the other way and over-the-top.

There are people who just live to be assholes. The dress was boring. Her hair was falling apart--and she hadn't even done anything but walk down the aisle. Royal men should not wear a military hat to the wedding--and then take it off during the wedding. Hats ruin men's hair. If you're going to wear that stupid military uniform even though you're no longer in the military, then leave the hair-busting hat back at the palace. Why did her hair fall apart so obviously? If it is curly and dense, like her mother's, but chemically straightened, why does it appear so limp?

I hope she didn't have to pay a make up artist to do her make up. Actually Oprah wasn't that bad, that was kind of subtle for Oprah. She didn't have time to lose weight. R, maybe because it wasn't her first marriage or maybe she just wanted simple. The hair, I don't know what happened there, but I know it wasn't the end of the world. I have very fine, straight hair and could never wear it up or in pigtails.

Not even a headband. I watched the first few seasons of Suits and I remember her as being voluptuous. Very sexy and she filled out those fitted tops and pencil skirts just fine. She has definitely lost weight. Her legs are pencil thin. Not that it mattered today but she looks better with a few extra pounds on her. Watching the wedding now. Is is being dubbed in Spanish on Telemundo. I know old Catholic Churches did the same, but that was mostly old gothic churches.

George is in gothic style, but is it really that old? Is it a class thing? Any information on this from our British brothers is appreciated. After the Annus Horribilis, Princess Anne has happily remarried. Charles has happily remarried. William is happily married. Hopefully, Harry and Meghan will be happily married. Now that he's further down the line of succession, Andrew should remarry Sarah, and another circle will be complete.

Hopefully, he's just waiting for Philip to pass so as not to upset him. Harry's ex-girlfriend must have a lot of self-confidence, because no doubt she knew people would be looking at her and thinking they know what she's thinking. She wouldn't have put herself in this situation if she weren't happy for him.

I mean what ex would show up just to be dissected by a global audience if they were upset by it? I thought her mother looked fabulous. Loved her dress, hair, and the Fascinator. She just looked so damn sad. Why didn't they have someone from the Royals sit with her? Slept through the wedding and just started reading the threads - did I wake up on Celebitchy? Where did the vicious queens go who were going to provide classic DL snark on the unscrupulous stripper bride?

Her hairdo aside, which always misses the mark, she actually looked pulled together for this. I was expecting some weirdness to her outfit, and the only thing "out of place" I could pick on was the veil could have been as long as the train , and not so long. The real mess was that god damn preacher who would just not shut the fuck up! Granted he knew this was his time to shine on the world stage, but I could see The Queen, getting pissed, making mental notes, that this is going to be the last time Megs will be inserting her stamp if you will on public events.

Im sure she is going to be kept under thumb going forward. Shes going to make mistakes too, and thats ok. Good job on the social climb Prince charles recently met a lady reporter from manchester city and he said she didn't look like she was from manchester. Her name is Anita Sethi.

R All I can say is one man's trash is another man's treasure: How could you find anything wrong with any of that? She's a beaming flicker of life in that family. So much fun and I wish we'd see more of her everywhere. Plus, growing up in the 90's she's like the pop cultural fun-time auntie for my generation.

Watching the preacher now. Good golly, where the hell did they dig him out? I wonder if Melania had the routine 'procedure', that apparently is taking a week to recover from, as an excuse in case anyone with any balls asked her or Trump why they weren't going to the vedding.

I liked Meghan's dress much more than Kate's dress. Neither were spectacular, however each suited the bride who wore it.

I agree that Meghan's veil was too long. I thought Harry was going to faint when they were standing at the alter. I found both weddings to be meh.

Are you saying the Obamas didn't eradicate racism in the White House? How can this be? Because all we're hearing today is how darling Megs and her nutty preacher are "bringing the monarchy into the 21st century".

Her veil is bland, her dress is bland, her personality is bland, and she is basic pretty. What else to state. She needed some of what Oprah has too much of to fill in the top of the dress.

Or a better bra to lift and seperate. Just too much material and not enough oomph. R, more like the absolute trash of America reared its ugly head and showed that regardless of your accomplishments as a black man and behavior as a family man, the trash will always revert back to their low-life ways and gravitate to a scheming, adulterous, lying, corrupt, racist low-life due solely to his top layer of epidermis under the orange candy-coating.

Doria looks like a pretty standard African American woman. Black Americans are a mixed race people, with centuries of sexual mingling. Yes to all this. Gay men dislike their mothers. Gay men sound bitchy like their mothers.

Gay men turn into their mothers. While built toward the end of the period, it is indeed Gothic proper. I could have Jesus Christ put my hair up and bless it, cover it with Jesus hair spray and it would not stay up for one hour, let alone a couple of hours. Stylists would accuse me of washing my hair too soon. What's the point of having 10 children in the wedding party only to whisk them away as soon as they reached the aisle? I can't argue with this in the case of many when I see how many worship awful, older women like that Michael of Kent or whatever the fuck her name is.

I love my mother, so I can actually see how appalling a person someone like that old bitch truly is and in the same breath, they refer to Meghan and her mother as "ghetto" based solely on skin color. If you're Catherine you probably see Meghan somewhat like yourself, a gold digging, commoner grifter but worst and American gold digging, commoner grifter who's trying to take your shine away.

That's probably why she doesn't like her. Any family that has Camilla in it has no right to look down their long Windsor noses at anyone else. Since the couple held hands a lot throughout the ceremony, this gesture looked oddly out of place. Doria looked very beautiful, like some penitent saint and seer.

She fit right in, sitting up there in that old place. His skin and face looks like hell, R, but I was surprised by how sprightly he seemed at the wedding. I read he's skipping most or all of the balance because his recovery is so slow he's using a wheelchair part of the time But today particularly I thought they both looked quite old and that's the first time I ever thought that about the Queen. I just thought she looked tired.

I'm pretty sure all of the shit that happened with Andrew-Fergie and Charles-Di-Camilla were far worse for her than witnessing her grandson marrying a woman he actually chose and loves. The dress was TOO simple and plain. It needed something extra. Some lace or beading, a jewelled belt or an interesting sleeve like this one Dutch royal bride. R79, I'm guessing that "the idiots" with "the hate and rage" who "woke up" and ruined your precious wedding threads are on the West Coast and some might even have to deal with fake-o actresses like the bride in real life, so aren't quite as gullible or MARY!

But you really are MARY! Prince in extraordinary showdown with troops who threatened gunner. I imagine Catherine sees Meghan as quite uppity and an irritating distraction.

Meghan plugged away as an actress with no success until she was nearly off the shelf at 30 and was very ambitious and focused on stuff outside of her relationships. Maybe his humor was too sly because as somebody pointed out women in England now take inspiration from them.

Even Oprah for god's sake who looks like she must have gone on the daily Thanksgiving diet. Or else she's in training for a female remake of Raging Bull. How much do you think Oprah eats everyday to get that fat? Things I liked about the wedding: She never wore anything that looked right on her or fit, or was really appropriate. So I was expecting too much or too little too tight, too coyly sexy while trying not to seem like she was trying to be sexy, etc.

Her mom looked great. The royal family looked better than I've seen them at most previous weddings, and I loved the black on the page boys and the simplicity of the bridesmaids dresses and shoes. The only absurdity was the ever super-thirsty Jessica Mulroney trying to have a Pippa moment in a fishtail dress highlighting her bum.

She's like a damn real housewife. Also liked most of the hats. I don't think this is going to last. It's been a freak show during the entire run-up, including most of Meghan's appearances. I think Harry was trying to save face, and saving face causes more disasters than anything else, yet people still try to do it. I think the dude is gay. Meghan is one of the most tightly controlled and controlling people ever to wed a royal. She was trading in and trading up and trying to upgrade the entire time.

Suits gave her a platform to land a rich status man. She succeeded beyond probably her wildest ambitions but prior to Harry she was targeting and failing to land any number of status men, from sports figures to business men. She was smart enough to know she wasn't much of an actress, and she used Suits the smart way - as a platform to get her access and make connections. She did well for herself.

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