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Platter OK wife swapping

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This is an article regarding swapping hard drive platters. This is not a procedure for the technically inept or faint hearted. The following carries no guarantees, and definitely voids and nullifies any existing warranty. It may be best to try swapping the controller board before going to a platter swap. This is less destructive, and you require an identical drive for either process anyway.

Die Platten einer Festplatte austauschen. Know that this is only a last resort. Set up a clean work environment. You can not make a super clean environment at home but use some common sense, and do the best you can. Keep air flow to a minimum.

If you don't know what is, or how to do it, ask Google. Remove the cover of your dead drive. There are screws under labels. Once the cover is off, inspect the platters. If they are scratched, scorched, warped, or otherwise damaged, stop you are done! Set the cover back on - if the platters are physically damaged chances are you will not be able to recover any data. You can still try if you like. Purchase a new HDD with the same model number and firmware version.

Test the new HDD. Make sure you can read and write data to and from it. Remove the platters from the donor HDD. This is your chance to learn how they are assembled, if you slip and damage parts you can get a new donor. You need a platter removal tool. The next steps are only if you are dealing with a single platter. Quickly copy your data. You might only get one or two chances to read from the HDD.

It might make some horrible noises. Unmount the HDD and discard it. Continued use of the HDD is ill-advised. Is there any problem if the new hard drive's storage is less than the old one?

The drive only needs to be big enough to hold your operating system, but if the new drive is smaller, you'll have less room for your own data files. For old fashioned hard drives, the highest storage sizes like 4 TB, terabyte qualify as "new technology" and tend to be less reliable than smaller drives like 1 TB. Today, there's no reliable drive, whether old technology or new SSD solid state drives. There used to be high reliability drives, so the consumer is being played for a fool. Back up your data onto a few different external devices, then you can keep your new, little drive from filling up.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 6. That is how fast your hard drive is. If it's it won't be able to read and write files as fast as a Not Helpful 3 Helpful 6. You just need one of the same size 2. Not Helpful 49 Helpful Yes, this is ideal. It's unlikely to work without all of these matching up. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Do I need to have the same hard drive speed to swap platters?

Answer this question Flag as Can I put a platter with a different size in a hard disk? Do I need to have the same hard drive with the same size before swapping the platter? Can I swap the platter for one with more space? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips Use the right tools!

To remove the platters you might have to remove the head assembly. This procedure is not for logically erased data. This procedure is for physically inoperable drives with intact data. Make sure the head is parked before you attempt to remove the platters. Look at photos of the internals of a hard disk drive before you open one up.

Freezing the hard drive can cause condensation on the platters which can lead to the platters being damaged by the heads when the HDD drive is powered. Warnings This will void any existing warranty. Hard Drives are assembled in hermetically-sealed clean rooms, free of any dust. A single speck of foreign material introduced onto a platter will destroy the drive most of the time.

If this does happen, try a can of air and spray it off, but do not wipe or use chemicals. Hard Drives In other languages: Is this article up to date? Cookies make wikiHow better.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? Thank you for your feedback! Help answer questions Learn more. This video shows everything you would need to know about data recovery when platter swap is needed.

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Mash avocados with lemon juice, sour cream, mayonnaise, taco seasoning and layer over bean dip. Now, layer with onions, tomatoes, cheese and olives. Cover and chill overnight. Serve with corn chips. I had a recipe years ago for peach cobbler that I got from your column. It called for butter, milk, sugar, self-rising flour and canned peaches. It had been shared by Sandy Killian.

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I made it soft underneath to cushion impact. I did make at least one mistake probably many depends what you consider a mistake. I took off cover and went to investigate. It turned out that the the lower arm that extends to the lower head which reads the underside of the disk, was out of place.

While the heads on the ramp were correct, the lower arm was actually bent above the platter. This made it so the arm was immobile. I gave it a tap and it flexed below the platter.

So now the disk spins up and I get the clicking sound like the arm is swinging around and does not know where to go. I'd like any comments or insights. I could take pictures. I don't really know much on the technical aspect, but I'd like to get this procedure down, so I can fix my laptop drive with a dead motor.

OK amazing but now you will need to invest in 50 more drives and do it over and over again until you find out how to do this one. Nobody will encourage this in a non clean environment and help to do platter swaps here on the forum. Sorry this is not too professional to do this outside of a cleanroom. I have another drive coming in the mail.

If I have any specific questions I will ask. I really hope it works the second try. A couple more hard drives and no good results I will give up and go for the real swap and pray. In theory the platter swap should be easy on these drives. Incidentally, why do you think you need a platter swap?

What's the problem with the drive? I don't know what the problem with the drive is. I did replace the PCB, with a spare one but that did not work. Why not at least get it checked out by someone who knows what they're doing?

I wish you all the best of luck. So if its not a motor problem maybe it is the PCB. Under and I would go for it. The one I broke, was a spare I already had.

Right now it's summer, so I don't care about time too much and it it only took me 20 minutes for that first platter removal I did. If you would, let me know if platter swap could work, and what advice you would give. USA , Oklahoma , Newalla. Loves to please and spoil. USA , Oklahoma , Tulsa. Looking to meet people and have fun. I work, I am married and have a family. My husband and me are looking to spice it up. I miss having a female to talk to and do some different things with.

Yep, here we go! We are really trying this out! USA , Oklahoma , Jenks. I am a easy going, like to be dominated by a Lady or a Couple weeks.

Fortune Cookie Soap P.O. Box Jenks, OK pieces for your swap table, check out this site for unbelievably inexpensive baskets and trays. I'm a fan of their paper garlands, table runners, and ceramic platters. When ABC's “Wife Swap” contacted Anita and Rick Lowe of that as a parent you need to set guidelines and that it was OK for Chastity to get mad to work hard because nothing is handed to you on a silver platter,” she said. I attempted a platter swap on GB toshiba. the clicking sound like the arm is swinging around and does not know where to go. OK amazing but now you will need to invest in 50 more drives and do it over and over.