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Kamloops This Week will be out on Saturday night, reporting civic-election results in real time on Twitter. Using the hashtag ktwelxn, follow editor Christopher Foulds ChrisJFoulds and reporter Jeremy Deutsch JeremyKTW as they post results from city hall and observations before and after the ballots are counted.

Polls open at 8 a. Margaret Huff left and roommate Natasha Lyndon make it clear where their votes for mayor will be directed on Saturday, Nov. Milobar and Dudy are the frontrunners in a four-man race that has seen Brian Alexander ask his supporters to vote for Dudy and Gordon Chow run a decidedly quiet campaign.

Polls are open from 8 a. Locations of polling stations and all you need to know to vote can be found online at kamloopsthisweek. It could be a snowy trek to the 19 schools doubling as polling stations on election day. Environment Canada is calling for periods of snow on Friday and a 60 per cent chance of the white stuff will continue to fall on Saturday. The election-day forecast is predicting flurries and a bit cold, with a high of -2 C and a low of -5 C.

What started out as a five-man race for mayor of Kamloops has essentially become a tussle among a trio, with incumbent Peter Milobar and Dieter Dudy emerging as the two frontrunners ahead of Gordon Chow. Earlier this week, fellow mayoral candidate Brian Alexander urged his supporters to vote for Dudy, essentially ending his campaign, though his name will remain on the Nov.

There was a three-man race for mayor in , with 17, people casting ballots. Of those, Milobar received 13, He said he spent the campaign focused on conveying his message to the public and what he wants to do in the next three years. Another priority for the incumbent is a new performing-arts centre. See your local store for details I. The pair will be at city hall for a few more meetings before the new council is sworn in in early December. One joined as a retired firefighter, the other as a businessman.

For a combined three terms, Jim Harker and Denis Walsh also played the roles of politicians. In a few weeks, though, they will revert to their civilian life. The two councillors decided months ago they would not seek re-election, thus ending their political careers. Harker said he loved being a councillor but, after six years, felt it was time to retire. He has already moved to Victoria and has been couch-. However, there is one council decision Harker would like to change.

He wishes council had insisted the parking issue on Lorne Street be addressed in some way when the city sold the old Scoopz parking lot to Tom Gaglardi, whose company, Northland Properties, is building a Signature Sandman Hotel. Gaglardi, maybe we could have had parking. Harker also offered an interesting take on the two mayors, Terry Lake and Peter Milobar, with whom he worked in his two terms.

Meanwhile, Walsh is also content with his decision to step out of local politics. It turns out the Kamloops board of education trustee candidate who last week spent a night in jail has been mythologizing about more than just buzzer beaters and bank shots.

Last week, the day after his arrest on an. In October , Miller was in the process of being evicted from his Prince George apartment unit after missing a number of rent payments. Simply bring two pieces of ID proving your identity and place of residence one must have your signature to any of the following nineteen voting places between 8: The City thanks you for your cooperation.

Please call for more information. Design and submit your own logo incorporating the themes explored in the slogan: Meeting schedule is available at www. Motorists are asked to avoid the parade route and not to park en-route on Sat, Nov 26, between 9 am The City is looking for Medal Bearers to participate in the relay.

To submit your name as a potential participant, visit www. Snow Removal of City Properties Kamloops Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services staff are responsible for maintaining snow and ice control on municipal properties.

Municipal properties consist of public buildings, parks, community centres and walkways Priorities for snow and ice control on municipal properties is governed by Council Policy PRS For more information call Hockey Program for Youth with Special Needs This new Special Needs Hockey Program is open to boys and girls ages 5 to 16 with developmental delays who wish to participate in a hockey program.

Paul St between 5th Ave and 6th Ave. The temporary exchange will be in effect from Saturdays, Jan 7 - Mar 24 9: The design must be: The winning design will become the sole property of the City of Kamloops.

All submissions must be received by Dec Submissions can be e-mailed to museum kamloops. It might have been the most enthusiastic public forum in recent memory. Residents who gathered at the Hamlets in Westsyde Tuesday night Nov. The renovation has been in the works for five years; however, there are no plans to.

Eventually, the grocery store will cover 25, square feet. The plan is to start construction in April , with completion a year later. He told residents Overwaitea is looking at putting in a Tim Hortons restaurant — which drew applause from the crowd — a pharmacy and maybe a bank. None of the other tenants have yet been confirmed. Be a part of your community paper. About 60 people were at St.

Andrews on the Square on Monday night Nov. At one point, Rothenburger asked for a show of hands from candidates who were in favour of the B. Watson was the only candidate with his hand in the air. Foster, a first-time candidate, took a strong stance against the netzero mandate. Karpuk asked candidates why the district is expanding into academies when local schools are already struggling with high. Five of those seats will be filled by Kamloops representatives, while the remaining four will go to rural trustees.

Trustee candidates will be on the civic-election ballots alongside those running for mayor and council positions in the Saturday, Nov. Nineteen schools in Kamloops are being used as polling stations.

For a full list, the addresses and a map showing where the schools are located, go online to kamloopsthisweek. Schmietenknop, who is the youngest trustee candidate at age 19, later suggested the school district should be more proactive in getting students involved with community organizations. Walk out your backyard to experience over 40 kilometres of trails in Kenna Cartwright Park. TIB Chief Shane Gottfriedson said he is eager to see the court action move forward and a potential settlement for band members.

We feel that this is a first step in getting our people on the right track. Day scholars are First Nations children who attended residential schools during the day, but went home at night. They have been said to have suffered the same abuses as their counterparts who lived in the schools. The day scholars are looking for compensation for loss of culture, language, traditions and for traumas suffered at the schools.

There are about TIB members and another Sechelt band members believed to have attended residential schools as day scholars. However, Marchand suggested the court case needs to be advanced before the bands can sit down with the federal government and negotiate a settlement.

Supreme Court or in federal court. Pictured L to R: Kelly Hall publisher kamloopsthisweek. Christopher Foulds editor kamloopsthisweek. Reproduction is expressly prohibited by the rightsholder. You should vote because you have the right to vote. A lot of you may have even honoured that right on Remembrance Day last Friday or perhaps when you bought a poppy for your jacket. Your parents and grandparents likely have been honouring it for decades.

In my family, my kids all know they have to vote. The fact they exercise that right is more important to me than who they vote for, hence the Green supporter, the Conservative backer and the NDPer. My younger two, one of whom will be voting in the municipal election — he turns 19 just days after the next scheduled provincial vote — are already engaged in the process, asking questions and debating the merits of various candidates and parties.

You should vote because that gives you the right to complain. Think of it this way — if you. You should vote because, of all the elections in which we get to take part — thanks again, great grandpa, for that right — the civic one involves folks who will make tangible decisions. You should vote because a lot of good people are offering themselves up to represent you at that council and school-board table.

I know how thankless the job can be sometimes, having had a father who first worked for city hall before becoming a councillor and a mother who was on a lot of school-board committees back home.

You go to your neighbourhood elementary school, show your two pieces of ID and fill out a couple of forms. It might be the easiest thing you do on Saturday. City council came down with a common-sense unanimous decision this week when it approved — finally — the upper Aberdeen development vision of DA Taylor Holdings. There is a vast tract of land that sits between the developed part of Aberdeen and the rolling ranchland that roams south into Knutsford.

It is developable; however, the proponents have had to alter their original vision since first approaching council under Mayor Terry Lake a few years ago.

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Journalists have a legal, social, professional and ethical responsibility. It is the duty of a journalist to make sure the information is presented in a fair, balanced and truthful manner. In addition, the journalist has a professional responsibility to present an accurate portrayal of events as they occur. This usually is accomplished through thorough research and presenting only the facts, leaving out their own opinions.

He writes for the right-wing elitists and accuses all those opposed to their ideology as being communist conspirators. The Occupy movement is essentially a protest against the corporate influence on democracy, addressing the growing disparity in wealth and the absence of legal repercussions behind the recent global financial crisis.

As the movement grows internationally, other important issues have been added to the list of grievances the 99 per cent would like addressed. Calling the protestors drug addicts and their places of protest needle parks is irresponsible reporting. Where is the balanced reporting?

Before dismissing this last point as some wild conspiracy theory, Fletcher should earn his paycheque by investigating the true facts behind the illegal depopulation of Canadian citizens.

The fact a couple of protestors died from drug overdoses does not make the other members of the movement all drug addicts, no more than a couple of war criminals named Bush and Cheney paint all Republicans as war criminals. The fair-and-balance rule is necessary to protect Canadian democracy. Fletcher needs to play fair. Pass on parkade and invest in bus passes Editor: One of the challenges facing the new city council will be to come up with a solution to parking in the downtown core.

The purpose of a parkade is to relieve traffic in the downtown core, reduce the carbon footprint and provide parking for employees. A suggestion could be for the city, local transit and possibly the downtown business association to partner in an arrangement that would quite possibly be viable. As an example, say there were people working in the downtown core. This would, of course, mean employees would use transit and not their vehicles.

An added bonus would be that the bus pass would not just be for work, but could be used at other times of. On evenings when events such as hockey games are held at Interior Savings Centre, this would definitely ease traffic as the transit exchange is within walking distance of the arena.

For those living in outlying areas, some kind of park-andride service might be necessary, but I am sure the powers-that-be could refine and work out a viable solution. Our transit service has grown immensely in the past 30 years.

We could well be on the cusp of setting an example for other communities, while giving the city breathing space to plan for better parking in various areas as the Kamloops grows. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.

Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent within 45 days to B. Press Council, Selby St. For information, phone or go to bcpresscouncil. For more information on the leadership contest, go online to ndp. Walsh considers his one term a learning experience, but one that was a huge commitment. Though Walsh often had an adversarial relationship with Milobar around the council table, he had mostly good things to say about the mayor. Your life would change dramatically.

How would you deal with it? Statistically cancer, heart attack or stroke happens to approximately one out of every two men and one in three women in Canada. If you could not work, where would the money come from to cover the additional and unexpected medical expenses, as well as everyday expenses?

Would you have to withdraw money from your savings, your RRSP or ask family and friends to loan you money? Get a critical illness insurance quote today. Walsh insisted the entire council had a good working relationship and no one took any disagreements personally.

The outgoing councillors have some advice for the newbies. Harker recommends the new councillors pay attention to senior city staff, whom he called some of the best people in B. Walsh suggested the new members be themselves, be honest and approach the job with integrity.

John Gibbons was found dead in downtown Kamloops on Nov. Gibbons, 39, was found dead on Nov. The three-man, twowoman jury began deliberations at 9: When he was alive, nobody would listen to him. This process gave him a voice and let him get his story out. An autopsy revealed Gibbons had broken ribs and a ruptured spleen, which bled out into his abdomen and eventually killed him.

The pathologist who performed the autopsy testified during the inquest, saying he believed the injuries were days old and were likely not incurred while he was in custody. Every parents worst nightmare Give your child the Confidence they need to put an end to bullying and regain their self-worth and Self-confidence.

A police investigation concluded Backus should face criminal charges, but Crown Counsel eventually decided not to proceed, saying there was not a significant likelihood of conviction. In Valleyview just off W. Trans Can Hwy right next to Subway. It is easy to lift your laptop the wrong way and snap a USB device plugged into the side. USB ports are hard wired to the laptop motherboard and snagging a USB device will often break the port. This means a new motherboard and likely no warranty.

Plug USB devices in carefully, because it is easy to plug them in upside down and break the port Again no warranty. If you use your laptop on a soft surface such as a bed or sofa it covers up the cooling ports , resulting in overheating and blown components.

Dropped laptops are another common problem. Surprisingly, breaking the screen is not as expensive as you think. Call me for a quote. If you need help with any computer issues please call me at the number below and I will schedule a visit to your house or business!

I thought I would share some tips to ensure that your new laptop does not die prematurely. Here are the things I commonly see every month that kill laptops:. I have ha known Annette for several years as a school trustee, she is committed, passionate and is a strong advocate for students from low-income families at home and globally!!!

Mayor Peter Milobar said the development is much more comprehensive then what was first proposed a few years ago, adding concerns around traffic will be alleviated. He said the development will be unique and offer a different product to the housing market in Kamloops. A little piece of Scotland will soon be coming to the Tournament Capital. City council has unanimously approved a set of rezoning applications for a large residential development at the end of Bentall Drive in upper Aberdeen.

The developer, DA Taylor Holdings, is planning to turn a hectare parcel of land into a to single and multifamily-unit development centred around a mixed-use commercial Scottish-themed neighbourhood village called Edinburgh Heights.

Though some residents at the public hearing on Tuesday night Nov. He noted the entire project could take 10 to 15 years to complete. Cooke said the intention is to build a people-oriented community that not only has good looking buildings, but is also functional.

In , DA Taylor Holdings announced plans to develop a acre parcel of land into Edinburgh Heights, which would resemble a village in the Scottish countryside. The vision included pockets of houses dotting the hillside, separated by open plains, English-style lampposts, narrow, windy streets and low brick walls lining the sidewalks.

The new plan adds more density to the development on the eastern benches of Bentall Drive, while scrapping what would have been two-acre parcels of land. Thank you from Kamloops This Week and all the customers on your newspaper route. We want to recognize you for your outstanding efforts and dedication. You are doing a fantastic job!

Electors who meet all the following requirements may register at the voting place prior to voting: Each elector will receive one ballot paper for the: Election of Mayor - One to be elected. Election of Councillors - Eight to be elected. Election of School Trustees - Five to be elected. Do not vote for more candidates than there are candidates to be elected; however, you may vote for less than are required.

This notice is provided for information purposes only and is not a statutory notice required under the provisions of the Local Government Act. After a month of protest, the tent city known as Occupy Kamloops has been dismantled. Only a Porta Potty remained at the Occupy site. Savage said the group has no plans to occupy other space in the city, but will continue the protest in other ways.

He said part of the problem. Savage also noted threats of violence against members of the group and safety for members as another reason for dismantling of the camp. The demonstration is a show of support for the global Occupy movement, which started in the financial district of New York City.

The Occupy movement is pro-. Despite the quiet end to the occupation, Savage said the protest was worthwhile. The Kamloops group showed up at two consecutive city council meetings earlier this month, asking permission to have a Porta Potty and propane heater at the site. Council agreed to allow the portable toilet, but said no to the heater. Some on council also suggested it was time for the protesters to pack up and leave.

Bring your human and visit or call for details The Salvation Army service helps to meet the needs within the community. Fears about rates, costs and changes make this as enjoyable as paying taxes. Life changes often dictate different mortgage strategies: Some common reasons to revisit your mortgage: Paying down your mortgage faster: If you receive extra cash like an inheritance, tax refund or a work bonus, think about putting it toward your mortgage.

It can also help you pay for home improvement projects. A mortgage professional can coach you on how to improve your credit score, which can help you work toward cheaper borrowing costs and better mortgage options. However, its good to be prepared as most mortgages require the borrower to pay a penalty if they pay off their mortgage in full before the maturity date.

In the end, a yearly mortgage checkup could reveal that the best course of action is no change at all… there is satisfaction in knowing that as well! For mortgage review and more, please contact Steve Bucher The shower head had even been adjusted so that it sprayed straight onto the bathroom counter and floor. The employee also found a liquid substance — believed to be soap or detergent and possibly bleach — on the walls and curtains of the apartment, and what appeared to be baby powder or flour on the carpets.

Further inspection revealed holes in the drywall in the living room and bedroom. Miller attempted to pin the trashed apartment on his girlfriend, claiming she broke the window and did most of the damage. The following morning, he was released on bail. He is slated to return to Kamloops provincial court on Nov. Miller is also suing Thompson Rivers University, alleging he was mistreated by the school while there as student in and That matter is expect-.

Those charges were later stayed. He was eventually fired. Miller was a no-show at Monday Nov. Miller has, however, spoken to other local media during that time and has indicated he is continuing to campaign. Berwick on the Park retirement residence offers Licensed Care for those needing a little extra assistance. Short term stays are also available for those recuperating from an illness or caregiver respite relief.

Find out what a caring place Berwick on the Park is, and live well, here. Offer valid Saturday, November 19, only. See cashier for details. Prices in effect for Saturday, November 19, only. The first sight of snow is not only a sign of Old Man Winter, but it serves as a reminder the busiest time of year for travel is also on the way. Officials at Kamloops Airport started getting ready for the holiday travel season this week by extending hours of operation, which means crews are on the job at 5: Legace noted YKA is already starting to bustle with people leaving Kamloops for properties in warmer climates.

Air Canada has loaded its schedule for winter in Kamloops, offering seven daily flights into Vancouver. The service begins mid-December. Earlier this year, improvements to parking at Fulton Field were completed, which added new stalls to the original spots from when the airport was built decades ago.

But, along with the joys of the holiday season comes the stress of travel. Legace, who has dealt with his fair share of holiday rushes, has some advice for travellers during the busy season. To avoid a Home Alone moment, he recommends passengers book enough time between connecting flights — just in case there are delays from the weather — and arrive early with a printed ticket in the event something goes awry. If you are bringing Christmas gifts to loved ones, airport officials also recommend wrapping them after you reach your final destination.

I believe a Positive Voice will help the Kamloops community continue working together to create opportunities for all. At about 10 p. Special Olympics BC — Kamloops is looking for a few good people-an hour a week, an hour a month. We are looking for Coaches, sport volunteers, event planners and fund raisers as well as Board positions. Interested in sports or not we have an assortment of tasks that need YOU to ensure our athletes are provided the best experience possible in their ongoing programs.

Drop by to our Volunteer information evening….. Wednesday, November 30th 7: We are also looking for new coaches to launch a youth program for yr. For more information please contact Linda Sanderson - No one suffered serious injuries in the crash, but Johnson was taken to hospital with what were believed to.

Johnson and Urquhart live about a block away from the apartment building at Tranquille Rd. Following the collision, roads in the area of Tranquille and Holt were closed while Kamloops RCMP officers conducted their investigation. Johnson has not been charged, but the investigation continues.

The Canadian Treasures Road Show four day stop in Kamloops this week was nothing out of the ordinary with local folks coming into the show selling their silver and gold coins and unwanted or unused gold jewelry. People usually have a few hundred dollars coming to them from the sale of their items reports Road Show manager Amy Luccianio however we were in shock when a gentleman walked into the show with a dolly loaded with three card board boxes full of silver and gold coins.

When we began to sort through the coins it became very obvious that this would take several hours as there was thousands and thousands of coins both Canadian and US. The huge collection was accumulated over fifty years by the now current owners grandfather. Kevin Scott who himself just recently retired shared his amassing story of how his grandfather found most of the coins while working at the municipal dump in Brandon Manitoba. Papa was the only employee at the dump for thirty three years and during that time he set up a small car washing and cleaning side business at the dump and it was free of charge in exchange for any pop bottles or beer bottles the customers would donate.

For thirty some years Papa would come home each day and put the few coins in a glass jar and over the years the collection turned into hundreds of jars of silver coins. I can clearly remember my grand father saying some day we will be rich, rich, rich when I sell my coins and then he would break into a big belly laugh that would rattle the dishes in grammas china cabinet. Papa never did cash in his coins however he spent many a night picking out what he thought would some day become rare or collector coins and would tell me some day this coin or that coin would be worth a fortune.

My grand father passed on many years ago and left his collection to my sister and I. Now with us retiring we decided we would see what the collection would be worth so we brought them to the Canadian Treasures Road Show in Kamloops. After several hours of going over the coins the road show staff had in fact discovered twenty one US silver dollars that had the rare mint mark from the San Francisco Mint mint and these coins alone are worth eight hundred dollars apiece.

The gold coins we decided to keep and give to our grand children however as none of our children or grandchildren have an interest in coin collecting we decided to sell the baulk of Papas collection as they were worth many times their face value as the price of silver is at world record highs The total weight of the coins was lbs and the Road Show staff offered us a fantastic price of Court documents obtained by KTW are shedding new light on the police investigation leading to the Nov.

According to the documents, investigators believe clients of the Canadian Safe Cannabis Society were not all legally authorized to possess medicinal cannabis. The documents state the investigation into Anderson and his society started on June 24, , after investigators read a newspaper article about the business.

In a subsequent meeting with police, the documents read, Anderson said he had authorization from Health Canada to store up to 20 pounds of. Police later determined Anderson was not authorized to store marijuana at the business. Investigators contacted Health Canada and learned Edwards did not have a licence to possess medicinal marijuana. Police also received information from a confidential source, who is legally allowed to access medicinal marijuana, stating the society always has a supply of marijuana on-site.

After the raid, Mounties said they had seized marijuana, computers and business records. Anderson was also arrested while the warrant was being executed, after allegedly failing to co-operate with police. He was released from custody the following day. Anderson has yet to be charged, but RCMP have said he could face charges of drug trafficking and obstructing a peace officer.

The entire class, along with Mr. Small and secretary Lou, decided to wear mustaches for the day to promote cancer awareness for the men in their lives. The students are planning to possibly enlarge and transform the Movember class event to a school-wide Movember Mustache movement.

In , the City of Kamloops will commemorate two hundred years of shared history between the Secwepemc people and all those who came after David Stuart. To mark the anniversary, the city is holding its Bicentennial Logo Design Contest: The North and South Thompson rivers have always defined the identity and shaped the boundaries of Kamloops. Even the name of the city reflects its unique loca-. All are welcome to design and submit logos incorporating the themes explored in the slogan: The design must be suitable for black and white and colour reproduction; scaleable; in vector format digital preferably, but nondigital formats will also be accepted; include.

All entries will be judged by a panel, with the winner being. All submissions must be received by Dec. Submissions can be e-mailed to the Kamloops Museum at museum kamloops. Heart disease and stroke take 1 in 3 Canadians before their time. So please volunteer in your neighbourhood and help Canadians live longer, fuller lives. February is Heart Month and, with volunteers, donations, education and research, we can make death wait. Prices and offers good for a limited time or until merchandise is depleted.

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Always Healthy Tranquille Rd. Nature's Fare Markets Summit Dr. Lumby Health Foods Vernon St. Pharmasave Garcia St. Nature's Fare Markets Main St. Summerland Medicine Centre Main St. Valemount IDA 5th Ave. Anna's Vitamin Plus Ltd 27th St. Natural Harvest Hoskins Rd. Nature's Fare Markets Carrington Rd.

In other towns try your local health food stores first. Supporters of Peter Sharp can call for a ride to the polls As your city councillor, I promise to be accessible, willing to listen and act upon your concerns.

Peter Sharp for city council. Chad Moats, one of 24 contenders for the eight city-council seats up for grabs in the Saturday, Nov. Moats invited voters to go one round with him on Monday, Nov. Dudy has campaigned to. Chow believes another downturn in the economy is inevitable and it will hit Kamloops as it has everywhere else.

Frank Stewart also filed his nomination papers, but withdrew shortly after to throw his support behind Dudy. The United Way campaign is in full bloom and most people in Kamloops really understand how good it feels to give and how much their donations mean to the many worthwhile charities in town. Certainly we at the Kamloops branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association know first-hand how much it means to families, seniors, youths and others who are in need. It is not hard to do this.

We never solicit money in this way. Fraudsters can create fake identification, duplicate officiallooking charity receipts and forms and easily convince you they work for this organization or another charity in town. Worse, they can set up fake websites and get credit-card donations where they not only get your donation, but your credit-card information, as well.

There are many good causes out there and too many needy people. Make sure your donation gets into the. A payroll deduction for the United Way is a safe bet and you know all the money you give stays in your community. Many CMHA staff give money to the United Way through payroll deduction because, when your income is modest, you do not even feel the small amount per pay that really adds up over a year. The key is to make. The only exception is the Salvation Army kettle-donation spots, with volunteers ringing bells to draw your attention to their cause.

For those who want to give the gift of blood, time or materials, again Kamloops is one of the most-generous cities in the country. Every year, charities receive donations of blankets, gloves, toques, jackets, scarves and household goods. The CMHA shares these with partner agencies when we have. The holiday season is for giving, a tradition we rely on and solidly support. Each year, we are touched with the compassion and generosity of a relatively small city and we are grateful to live and work in such.

And, we appreciate your generosity too much to see it stolen by fraud. Take as much care with your donations as you do to prevent theft of the presents you buy and you will avoid a sour taste in your mouth when giving should be. Thank you for supporting the United Way and for your generosity all year-long. If you would like us to talk about a subject near and dear to your heart, write to us at Kamloops cmha.

Orderly development for our city Jobs for our citizens A safer and more secure community Affordable housing for seniors and low income citizens. Participants can sign up to borrow a human book for a half-hour session.

This evening of storytelling and bridgebuilding is sponsored by the Kamloops chapter of the Council of Canadians. Lyrics By Tim Rice. We will publish all the letters we can fit from local children ages If the response is too great we will publish the remaining letters in our Special Christmas edition on December Letters with a completed form will be forwarded to the North Pole.

But suddenly, this year, it woke up and changed sides. Last March, the Arab League suspended. He is known for his work in special education, especially autism with the development of the Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism. He endorses Arjun Singh for City Council He has worked hard to build relationships and has become a better listener. It did so because President Bashar alAssad has not carried out the commitments he gave the league about ending the violence against Syrian civilians an estimated 3, killed so far , pulling the army off the streets of Syrian cities, releasing the thousands of recently imprisoned protesters and opening a dialogue with the opposition within two weeks.

He said that during a visit to Tripoli, the newly liberated capital of Libya. Everybody understood the significance of his saying it there. They both came to power in , replacing fathers who had ruled over their respective countries for decades.

They were both originally painted as reformers. True, al-Assad is not technically a king, but he is equally the product of a dynasty — and here is his closest counterpart in the Arab world publicly giving up on him. This is astonishing stuff. What has wrought this miracle? It would be nice to say the rapid and largely non-violent spread of democracy in the Arab world has brought enlightenment even to the most deeply entrenched authoritarian regimes, but it would not be true. The stronger the backbone, the bigger the loads.

Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Other cash credits available on most models. See your GM dealer for details. Offers valid to October 31, Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Dealer order or trade may be required. Conditions and limitations apply. See Chevrolet dealer for details. Weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight that your vehicle can tow. Only three of the 22 league members Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have actually had democratic revolutions and their example has not transformed the attitudes of all the other members.

What drives this response is mostly fear. Arab leaders can no longer ignore the mass killing of Arab citizens.

Some of them would like to, but uncensored Arabic-language mass media, broadcasting directly from satellites, have made it impossible. The longer the struggle there goes on, the likelier it is to topple over into sectarian war and ethnic cleansing. The neighbours are rightly terrified the sectarian violence might spill over into their own countries as well, so the sooner al-Assad leaves office, the better. Finally, there is the remarkable role being played by Qatar, the mouse that roared.

It is one of the smallest Arab states, but its ruler, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, has been both brave and far-sighted. It was he who gave al-Jazeera television, the first and best of the new satellite-based news operations, a terrestrial home and even substantial subsidies. It was Qatar that. Whether that will actually produce the desired result in Syria remains to be seen — but at least they are trying.

Gwynne Dyer is a London-based independent journalist whose articles are published in 45 countries. He leaves behind a large family and dear friends who loved him. Stan will be remembered with fond memories by his friend and companion of over eight years, Rose Williams. They continued bowling as a favoured past time. Stan was born in Vancouver, B. He was aptly suited to the attention to detail demanded of the job. He loved to work in his workshop and he could repair anything using his own unique ingenuity.

He will be remembered for his strong work ethic and reliability. Flowers are gratefully declined and in so choosing, donations to the Hearing Foundation of Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada may be made in his memory. Our family wishes to express our heartfelt thanks to Dr.

James Howie who cared for Dad for many years with sincerity and grace. As well, thanks to RIH staff for their quality and caring professionalism. Arrangements entrusted to Kamloops Funeral Home Condolences may be emailed to the family from www.

Kay was predeceased by her loving husband of 69 years Frank who passed away earlier this year in July, her only son Del Delwyn in and her eldest brother Bill. Kay Catherine Florence Kohlman was born on September 1, in Canuck, Saskatchewan and peacefully passed away in her home at the Ridgeview Lodge with her loving daughters, granddaughters and nurse Jen at her side.

Kay married her beloved husband and best friend Frank on November 12, Frank and Kay resided in Kamloops since where they raised their children. Kay devoted her life to making a wonderful home for her family. She loved to spend time sitting around a campsite or fishing or hunting. Some of her fondest memories were the times they would go camping at Adams Lake; they were always surrounded by family and long time friends. She had a passion for country music and enjoyed listening to it daily.

Kay was a very kind, caring person to everyone and an inspiration to many. Our family would like to give special thanks to all the wonderful, caring staff at Ridgeview Lodge, Dr. Eccleston and Nurse Jen for all their kindness, support and compassion they gave to Kay and her family. Kay will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved her. Beloved wife of James William Bill Spragge. Predeceased by her parents Reginald and Isabel Horner, sister Pat Butler and brother Reginald Sybil was born in Toronto, Ontario and later lived in Oshawa, Ontario from to where she and Bill began to raise a family and develop his medical practice.

Together they decided to move their young family to Montreal allowing Bill to specialize in radiology and later practice at The Royal Victoria Hospital. Their mutual journey concluded in Kamloops where they settled in Sybil was an active member of the community making and maintaining friendships that she held until her death. Prayers will be recited at 7: The funeral Mass will be celebrated at Sybil will be missed by all her family and friends.

Do not leave me here, alone, Where the warmth of mortal essence Lies replaced by cold, hard stone. Rise up slowly, Angel.

I cannot let you go. Speak to me in breezes, Whispered through the drying leaves, And caress my brow with raindrops Filtered by the sheltering trees. Ease the searing anger, Rise up slowly, Angel, Born in harsh, unyielding truth For I cannot hear the song That Death could steal my loved one Which calls you through the From the glowing blush of youth.

Into the light beyond. Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the softly falling snow. I am in the morning hush, I am in the graceful rush. I am the start-shine of the night. I am in the birds that sing, I am in each lovely thing. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there — I did not die. Then, wait for me at sunset, Beside the lily pond, And guide me safely homeward To your world, which lies beyond. Appreciates your generous support.

Harry Burfield left serves a customer in a ski shop on Tod Mountain in the early s. Photos courtesy of Sun Peaks Resort. My commitment to Voters: Barnett to Everett in exchange for a third-round selection in the bantam draft.

Balson practised with his new team for the first time on Tuesday, Nov. The newest Blazer played 50 games with the Raiders, 48 of them in the campaign, when he registered one goal and three points. The South Kamloops secondary graduate caught on in Salmon Arm, where he racked up 19 points, including 10 goals, in 20 games with the Silverbacks.

Kamloops plays Spokane on Friday, Nov. Be a part of this very worthwhile service! Something wonderful to go here about Gords Maytag and their great service to the public and especially their cookies!

For more info call: Surrey, will start at 6: The tournament final is scheduled for 5: Lidster teamed up with California product Loic Perret and advanced to the quarter-final stage of the main draw before losing in a third set tie-breaker , , to the No. Saturday, November 19, Time: Road Race Iron Legs awards, for finishing all 11 road races or all five cross-country races, went to Doherty and Flannery.

Doherty won a Legs of Steel award for finishing all five road races and all 11 cross-country races. Local Geologists will identify your rocks and answer your Earth Science questions! Rock and mineral displays Geology and mining displays Fun activities Give-aways. The lift — originally known simply as The Chairlift — is named after Harry Burfield, a pilot who died in a plane crash while giving a tour of the Sun Peaks area to potential investors in The trusty old lift turns a half-century old on Friday, Nov.

The ski destination has undergone wholesale changes since Canadians carved killer lines on Tod when John Diefenbaker was prime minister. New lifts, new shops, new hotels — the list goes on, but some things remain the same. If Stephen Harper were to travel up Burfield this weekend, he would experience the same vista Dief could have enjoyed in the early s. The original lift, with its two-seat chairs, was taken down and replaced by a lift with four-seat chairs in Burfield still climbs to the same metreor-so elevation it did 50 years ago.

Sun Peaks coffeetable book served up A new coffee-table book, documenting the history of Sun Peaks Resort, will soon be available for purchase. People can watch the Sun Peaks website, sunpeaksresort.

The transition was smooth thanks to the hard work of everyone involved. Patients are now located on 3 South in a bed combined unit.

The ICU serves the sickest and most seriously injured patients from the region and we are sincerely grateful to the RIH Foundation and its donors for their support.

Improvements to our Medical Device Reprocessing department for surgical equipment cleaning continues. We have been working on the design and planning as well as construction of support space beside the department.

Demolition within the MDR and subsequent renovations will begin this month. This is a complex project with several phases involved to avoid.

The renovation should be complete in the summer next year but, as with any construction project, this is an estimate. The design contract was awarded this September for the RIH helipad and work is underway.

Meanwhile, the City of Kamloops has been working with BC Ambulance Services to look at implementing an interim helipad closer to the hospital, which could achieve shorter patient transport times while we bring the on-site helipad up to standard.

The hospital helipad is expected to be in service summer Clinic information is available at: If you are a principal, teacher or parent and would like to book a presentation for your classroom, call. When children are exposed to inspiring stories of athletes, they begin to imagine what they can do and how they too can make a difference. Kamloops opened the tourney with a win over the Vernon WolfPack.

Harrison recorded goals for the Jets, who went with Taylor Kaban in net. Harrison, Proulx and Jesse Kotani added assists. In their second game, on Saturday, Nov. Elijah Joly took the loss in goal. In Game 3, on Saturday afternoon, Seafair skated to a win over the Jets, who went with Joly in goal.

Seafair topped Kelowna in the final. If Hanes and Balson — who played minor hockey together — are paired on a line with the Blazers, it will be hard work and discipline — not thuggery — that keeps the duo intact. The amendments propose a reduction in the size of the KYSA board to seven 7 members from the present eleven Matt Hicketts and Caelen Holling split time between the pipes for the Lions. The Spitfires had advanced to the semifinal with a roundrobin record.

The tourney got off to a rocky start on Friday, Nov. The Spitfires roared back with two victories on Saturday, Nov. Van Unen was named game MVP. Watson was the game MVP. Vernon 2 will pay a visit on Saturday, Nov. Scoring for the Jets: Nonstackable cash offers on select vehicles only. Valid on cash only retail delivery of select new unregistered Toyota vehicles, when purchased from a Toyota BC dealership. Non-stackable cash back offers may not be combined with Toyota Financial Services lease or finance rates.

Vehicle must be purchased, registered and delivered by November 30, Visit your Toyota BC Dealer or www. Some conditions apply; offers are time limited and may change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

Smith and Tim Lapierre recorded assists for the Blue Frost. She thinks things out alongside her principles and then makes a decision or recommendation. Nelly knows that environmental and health objectives are only achieved in the context of a vibrant economy. Nelly has the qualities that I want to see in someone making decisions for our city and my family. Walt Singer - Land Surveyor.

If the feedback is positive, we would like to offer up profiles of a few of these individuals. Our lead story follows the curling career of Wayne Saboe. Local curlers know him very well. He is friendly, courteous and extremely gracious — win or lose.

However, his modest and self-effacing style has meant that few people have had the opportunity to learn about his storied past. The appropriate place to begin is when Saboe and a team of school boys from Edmonton won the Canadian Junior Curling championship by posting a playdown record of unmatched to this day.

In , he assumed the role of second for Hec Gervais, the World Champion. Each year, a few select events would offer top prize of four new cars. Saboe took home a new car on two occasions and a new snowmobile once. The best and worst of his memories of playing with Gervais hinge around one major event — the Brier in Winnipeg.

Alberta played former Brier champ and hometown favourite Don Duguid in a matchup featuring two of the top ranked teams. The game, witnessed by a huge crowd, was on. Whether you are an ice addict or someone who still thinks curling is done only in anticipation of a Saturday-night date, this column will educate. Hurry hard and read on!

The playing surface was terrible. Despite difficult conditions, the two veteran teams battled through a close game and Gervais had the hammer in the final end.

The last shot was an open takeout; however,. Duguid stole the final point and prevailed by one. Duguid went on to win his first of two consecutive World Championship titles. Saboe would never make it back to the Brier.

He made successful runs, leading inexperienced teams deep into some major events, but never quite broke through at the national level. Saboe is currently a director with the Kamloops Curling Club. Ask him to share more stories. Then healthcare will improve and practice conditions will advance. LPNs, please act now. Casual, full-time and part-time LPNs are all invited. The key is finding balance between achievable goals and goals that will push you beyond your limits, so they actually mean something.

Now, that would make sense. On the plus side,. My husband is doing an Ironman in Utah in May. This is where an addictive personality can bite you in the butt and leave you wondering why. What makes balance such a challenge? It should be an easy concept. That way of life is gone. We reach the shore in the evening, where we fasten our gaiters, sling on our packs, and take out our trekking poles.

Yellow granite cliffs rise either side of us, streaked with black lichen and broken up by hanging valleys with white water spilling over them.

Ice is smeared over the higher peaks. We hike over marshy tundra, tufted with grass and Arctic cotton, for 5km before setting up the tents. Our camp rituals emerge: The permafrost impedes drainage, so we spend the first three days walking through sand and bogs. Then we are stopped by the sluicing water running down from the Rundle Glacier above us.

It is a fierce torrent, with boulders spinning in the rapids. Doug, the most experienced in our group, strips down to shorts and Neoprene boots to test the depth. After 30 minutes he confirms it is too dangerous to try to cross it so late in the day: As there is still some warmth in the sun — a bit like a cool day in Scotland — we balance on the sharp, wet rocks, and wash ourselves in the semi-frozen water.

The midges target any inch of exposed flesh. Maryn, the other woman on the trip, has recently been to Botswana. The hour sun is at its coolest in the early hours, so we wake at 2. The water level is hardly changed, so we retrace our steps through the mist to a point where the river is braided and shallower. The water is still thigh deep, and my skin turns spanked crimson.

I walk downstream from Doug, letting him break the brunt of the flow. Still I work hard to stop my legs being pulled from under me. The terrain on the western side of the river is alien: Imagine climbing a flight of steps where each tread is jagged, waist-high, and not necessarily nailed down. I make the mistake of trying to use my hands for balance, but tip my weight too far forward and am pinned underneath my rucksack. The trick is to keep momentum by planning your next three foot holds, and never pausing to look down.

There is an element of faith, a bit like skiing. It is almost a meditation. On the day we cross the Rundle, when we stop for lunch the sun is pleasant. We stretch out and relax, admiring the light catching the colours in the cliffs. Purple dwarf fireweed grows through the grass.

As we eat cheese and crackers, an Arctic fox with brown summer fur stalks round us. He is beautiful, delicately placing his paws. We fill our bottles in a stream edged with Arctic poppies, the sweet water singing down the hill. Later that afternoon we cross the Turner Glacier, under the stubby summit of Asgard. It is not the glacier mint prism I'd pictured, but a slick of dirty ice with a honeycomb surface. Some distance before the edge, Doug leads us to the foot of the glacier.

The Nest Is The Best When Alexis Fawx’s ungrateful son Daniel stops by for an unannounced visit, he’s shocked to find her eating dinner with his best friend Duncan pampers Duncan feeding him as she explains to Daniel that she let Duncan move in. Daniel sits down at the table dumbfounded. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Fic Title:Centaur And Mate Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:[email protected] Other Notes:This story is based on a picture of the same name by Boris Vallejo.