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Sweet Magnolias Farm

Or if you're local or passing through be sure and stop in at Camp Flea Antique Mall to visit both our shop spaces which also have fall pillows, farmhouse pumpkins, and Farm Girl Fancies Flannel shirts along with some other pretty awesome vintage goodness.. The mall is located just off hwy 65 south of Springfield 9 miles or north of Branson at the Jackson Street Exit.. Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm at Sunday, September 2, Faith Makes things possible not easy I know several people going through some rough times right now..

Being a Christian doesn't mean life will be a cake walk.. If you're riding that rough road of life today.. Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go" Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm at 8: Sunday, August 26, Fall is in the air..

Well it took a week We started at the 1st of the month with our new shop space just across the aisle and finished this week up with our 1st shop space.. Here's some photos to enjoy.. We are in the doors and to the right our shop spaces are across the aisle from one another.

Just ask for shop Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm at 9: A few months back Abbey and I talked about opening a 2nd shop space my storage was overflowing and screaming for a new shop space.

I found several cute places I liked but I kept thinking of all the extra work it was going to be hauling things to 2 different locations. While working at my shop space at Camp Flea Antique Mall the manager was measuring up the space directly across from mine and I inquired why it was being measured and it was because the people in it had given notice to move out and it was coming available..

Well that pretty much changed things for me I could just expand my existing space right across the aisle and it would make it much simpler for this busy gal in the long run to have all her eggs in one basket so to speak. With Online Sales, Sewing, Painting , Making, and being on the road to gather up vintage goodness it really leaves very little time..

We decided on a Farmhouse Camp and Cabin Style for our new shop since I had collected so much of it the past year We worked for the last 2 weeks getting the space ready Well We finally finished our new shop space yesterday and it's open for shopping.

We said Rustic Farmhouse Camp and Cabin.. We added the wood roof And we are thrilled to be the exclusive retailer in our region for Antique Candle Works.

We hope you all enjoy.. The Bermuda Government is working on health reform proposals, including a draft benefit package.

Ms Wilson blamed the rising costs in part on the population being sicker, older and receiving more healthcare. Against that backdrop, Ms Hill has described efforts by Argus Group to address the challenges.

She said healthcare inflation globally is about 8. Healthcare costs in the US are projected to increase 6. Ms Hill said Argus was proud of the diabetes-reversal programme it is doing in partnership with Hamilton-based Premier Health. Another example of how the insurance company is advocating for health is its nurse case management programme, which assists insured clients with multiple chronic conditions to better manage their health.

A healthier population and a reduction in the cost of healthcare will also have wider benefits for the island, as it would make Bermuda a more attractive place for job creation and foreign investment, according to Ms Hill. Health insurance is a huge part of the cost of employing someone.

Making those health dollars work as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible is what we are constantly striving to do. The position we are in now, having taken some of the actions we have taken, is good for a very long time. Bermuda could become a centre for specialist colon removal surgery, a surgeon at the Bermuda Hospitals Board has said.

Fitzroy Hamilton said results in Bermuda were better than those of top European clinics that use single-incision laparoscopic surgery for colon removal. We should try to make Bermuda a centre of excellence for Sils colon surgery. Dr Hamilton explained that the procedure involves the use of a single point to get into the abdomen and remove the diseased part of the large intestine. So off the bat, we are expecting worse outcomes. Not so based on our findings. We are in the middle of the Atlantic.

There is no second or third-choice hospital. We have a safe procedure, great outcomes and very capable surgeons so nobody needs to go overseas for colon surgery.

Now there are five surgeons in the hospital and they all do the procedure in varying degrees. Four of them learnt the procedure here on-island. But this population is rich for this procedure because of the diseases we find, because of the age of the patients, because of the size of the patients.

The main focus of this and what we want everybody to see is that this can be done anywhere once you have surgeons who can be trained in the use of the port. Health insurance premiums have spiked as much as Bipartisan health reform proposals to stabilize health costs have left the Government with two options for advancement, as well as a draft benefit package now under review.

In particular, the enhanced care pilot programme targeting chronic disease such as diabetes, in place since February The number of reported incidents that involved patients is far higher than earlier reported by the hospitals board.

The most common events involved falls or slips and medication errors. BHB released data in December , in response to a public access to information request from The Royal Gazette, which logged only 13 events between and He added that any adverse events had to be viewed as potential for improvement and were taken seriously.

Dr Richmond said it was unwise to over-interpret the data, because it only included incidents that staff reported. He explained that some incidents would not be reported and that many credible articles suggested only 15 percent of events were picked up by hospital reporting systems. There were reported events in , against a backdrop of similar hospital activity. The World Health Organisation says European data consistently shows that medical errors and healthcare-related adverse events occur in 8 to 12 per cent of hospitalizations.

Dr Richmond said he was unable to provide the numbers to enable a comparable rate to be calculated for KEMH but it may be possible in the future.

He said he was less concerned about how the figures compared internationally and more worried that the number of reported events at KEMH was falling because of a failure to report. That was the way it [the Pati request] was interpreted by whoever. It would appear that the numbers were low. We are an organisation that has a clear ambition to be the safest hospital we possibly can. The way to do that is to interrogate your data, to share your data and to learn from your data.

Are we an exemplary organisation? I am saying per cent not. We are an organisation that has to reduce harm. That is in our quality improvement strategy. We have a system that is maturing and improving. I would like for our systems to be able to give us that data. This is information we must be held accountable for and the public have a right to know it. There were events that did involve harm, with 41 incidents that fell into the three most serious categories of harm.

A total of 18 patients died unexpectedly, 8 patients needed life-saving treatment and 15 suffered permanent harm over the period. Dr Richmond said after the incident log was reviewed, it was probable that the severity levels would have changed in only between 5 and 10 per cent of cases. The request was aimed at ensuring the broadest possible range of incidents was disclosed. The standard premium for health insurance is to increase because demand for medical treatment has continued to rise.

The sicker our people are, the more it costs to care for us, and the higher premiums become. It is a simple and preventable cycle we have to get out of. The minister said the Bill included changes to the Mutual Reinsurance Fund and its coverage for kidney health. Ms Wilson said Bermuda Hospitals Board fees will not increase this year. Jeanne Atherden, the Leader of the Opposition, said members of the public would be unhappy to see insurance costs increase.

She also asked the Government for updates on programmes designed to improve health, such as the enhanced care programme for people with chronic, non-contagious conditions. The survey will also help the Bermuda Health Council prioritize the problems facing health in Bermuda, determine its future direction and identify policy opportunities to improve health outcomes. As we continue to monitor the high costs of health insurance and quality health services, it is crucial to collect valuable feedback about our mission and vision, for the future.

To do this, we have created an easy to complete survey. We will release survey results to the public and use the information to guide our strategic direction over the next few years. The survey takes less than five minutes to complete and can be found at www.

Being able to care for people right here in their neighborhood and in the company of people they know cannot be overstated. Treatment costs are covered by fundraising efforts, including the annual Relay for Life event which is to be held tonight and tomorrow. No one will be turned away because they cannot afford to pay. It is a theme because we simply do not have accessible and affordable healthcare in Bermuda.

Healthcare should be deemed to be a human right. Healthcare should not be viewed as a commodity. Mr Hayward said the Government should ensure that it had a proper health plan with appropriate regulation that sets reasonable healthcare costs for providers. The premiums that Bermudians pay are simply unaffordable and so as a community we have to commit to work together to ensure that we reduce the healthcare costs in this country.

Healthcare is something that needs to be right and this government is committed to getting us to the place where we can afford healthcare. I stressed to everyone that affordable and accessible healthcare for all is the number one priority for me and we will bring about the reforms needed to make this happen.

I want everyone to have access to preventive healthcare to avoid problems and resolve issues before they escalate. The Bermuda Organ Donor Association appealed yesterday for the public to consider organ donation and to make their wishes clear to their families. The gift of organ donation is a tremendously generous thing to do, and the impact this can have on the recipients lives is definitely life-changing, and can be life-saving.

If families have discussed and agreed on their wishes, it makes it so much easier if they are ever asked the question. She said statistics from the New England Donor Service showed that there had been 13 organ donors from Bermuda in the past decade. Donors ranged in age from 16 to 73 and a total of 24 kidneys, 13 livers, five hearts, eight lungs and three pancreas were donated.

We would like to see the Organ Donor Register formalized by the Government, as it is already in the legislature. This would mean people could sign up and be assured that their wishes will be adhered to.

This takes a lot of pressure off families. Organ donation is the gift that keeps on living. It was a lovely way to start our Monday with lots of smiles and waves and toots from the people coming passed. He was speaking after Kathy Lynn Simmons, the Attorney-General, announced that the lawsuit, which alleged that Lahey conspired with Ewart Brown, a former premier, to defraud the island of millions of dollars in healthcare charges, had been dismissed by a United States judge.

But Mr Scott said: PLP backbencher Derrick Burgess said: This country needs to leave Dr Ewart Brown alone. But, Mr Speaker, I can assure you, that we made decisions which at the time we thought in the best interest of moving this country forward. If we get to a stage in which there is full disclosure, and that disclosure dictates something that would indicate that I have made a decision collectively with my colleagues which was wrong, I am woman enough to stand and say so. Mr Burt had sought to read the e-mail during his address to Parliament.

But Mr Lister warned Mr Burt against reading the letter. I am available to speak with you at your convenience. But Mr Lister said: Mr Moniz, on a point of order, insisted that the files were all with the law firm. What type of country do we live in when we do not have files where they can be checked, where they can be managed, where they can be looked at?

Judge Talwani said in her ruling: She pointedly noted that American institutions such as Johns Hopkins may have a valid domestic injury claim against Lahey within the US. The case was dropped because the judge found that Bermuda had suffered no loss in the US.

As Attorney-General, I made the decision to issue proceeding following an exhaustive investigation. Throughout the entire process, I acted on the basis of legal advice and in the best interests of the community. Ultimately, the case was dismissed on a technical ground, namely that there is insufficient domestic injury in the US to bring a case before the American courts. A further appeal would be needed to clarify this point. A United States judge has dismissed a case against American-based medical group Lahey that alleged it conspired with Ewart Brown, the former premier, to defraud the island of millions of dollars in healthcare charges.

The Lahey Clinic responded by issuing the following statement: We were confident that the claims made in the suit were baseless and are pleased with this dismissal. Our team of physicians looks forward to continuing to improve the health of Bermuda residents, create programs to address significant public health issues and provide the care the people of Bermuda need and deserve. While entities like Johns Hopkins, whose domestic profits were competitively injured by such contracts, might have a valid domestic injury claim, Bermuda does not.

The injuries in this case are assessed in turn. Reacting in a statement today, former Attorney-General Trevor Moniz said: Ultimately, the case was dismissed on a technical ground, namely that there is insufficient domestic injury in the US to bring a case before the American Courts. Finally, it was a great blow to the case that members of the former Opposition, including the present Premier and Deputy Premier, filed objections to the case proceeding. Hospital fees are to be adjusted in a move that will raise some costs and lower others, the health minister told the House of Assembly yesterday.

To enable us to understand truly what we are spending on, measure whether we are spending it properly, we need a rational fee system. The same relative-value scale has already been introduced for diagnostic imaging, where fees for procedures like mammographies went up while others, like X-rays, went down. Parliament has approved legislation to update the regulation of psychologists.

The Psychological Practitioners Amendment Act replaces year-old legislation governing the profession. Anyone not registered in Bermuda will now be prohibited from practising as a psychologist. Practitioners also have to get indemnity insurance against claims of negligence and malpractice.

The updates were made in consultation with the Bermuda Psychologists Registration Council, which will become the Bermuda Psychologists Council.

Jeanne Atherden, the Leader of the Opposition, and shadow health minister Susan Jackson backed the legislation. New hi-tech computerized heart scans will help cut the risk of heart disease, the Bermuda Hospitals Board has said. The scans can detect calcium deposits and other obstructions in blood vessels which can lead to blockages and heart problems.

Dr Joseph Yammine, BHB consultant cardiologist and director of the programme, and Dr Anders Hauggaard, a consultant radiologist who has used the technology in previous posts in Sweden and the Arabian Gulf, set up the programme. A joint statement from Dr Yammine and Dr Hauggaard said: It is particularly important because Bermuda does not have a cardiac catheterization laboratory. This programme offers an alternative in many cases to surgery to get a clear picture of the state of the vessels in and around the heart and may result in less referrals to facilities overseas.

The programme started earlier this month to coincide with Heart Month and about 15 people have used the service so far. Radiology technicians with special training and experienced nurses perform the tests under the supervision of a doctor. We have paid close attention to this and are pleased with the achievement in the pilot phase of the programme which took place earlier this month. Kurron set up an island firm, Kurron Bermuda, in The company got permission from Derrick Burgess, when acting finance minister, for its entire share capital to be allotted to Mr Price and his son, Devin Price, both non-Bermudians, according to documents available at the Registrar of Companies.

Kurron Bermuda was dissolved by the Registrar of Companies in because it was no longer active. Kurron, which also won a contract with the Ministry of Health to develop the FutureCare health insurance scheme for seniors, appears to no longer exist. A BHB spokeswoman said yesterday: The Royal Gazette understands that before the change in government last July, the One Bermuda Alliance administration had considered filing a similar lawsuit against Kurron, based on e-mails between the Maryland-incorporated company and Dr Brown.

The Cabinet is believed to have decided against the move before the General Election, which the Progressive Labour Party won with a massive majority. It is not known if the new PLP administration plans to take legal action in connection with Kurron. Attorney-General Kathy Lynn Simmons did not respond to a request for comment yesterday. The company got the business despite opposition allegations of cronyism leveled against Dr Brown, who was then the premier.

The contract was terminated 18 months early by Ms Cox, after she succeeded Dr Brown as premier. A key allegation made by the Government is that Lahey bribed Dr Brown, when he was premier, in order to win Bermuda contracts and other work. Dr Brown and Lahey deny the allegations. The lawsuit also alleged: Dr Brown told the Lahey executive in another e-mail that Kurron had won the contract before the news became public knowledge.

The judge has yet to deliver a judgment on the motion. Terence Lynam, counsel for Lahey, said: And that became a matter of public knowledge. It never led to Lahey getting anything. The owner, Corbett Price, has been a friend for many years.

I met him after he began working for BHB. Mr Hollis said in an e-mail yesterday the matters involved were about ten years old. Delivering the Budget, he said: By reinstating this funding, we aim to progress the sustainability of the hospital while larger reforms in our health system financing are implemented. Although she said that the cuts would have no impact on clinical services for the year , she warned that the situation was unsustainable.

The impact of this was compounded by significant decreases in fees for diagnostic imaging, dialysis and laboratory services, and changes to the way fees for continuing and long-term care patients are handled. The Bermuda Government may roll back steep cuts made to medical imaging fees which were blamed last month for the closure of a private scanning clinic. The reductions, recommended by the Bermuda Health Council, were decried last month by Ewart Brown, the former premier, who runs two private clinics offering medical scans.

In response, Ms Wilson said that three independent reviews before June had suggested relative value methodology as a technique for calculating medical fees. It places a logical, rational and transparent fee structure on healthcare to assist in containing the cost. I can say that this government is committed to reducing healthcare costs. We will be applying the relative values going forward, starting with the Bermuda Hospitals Board.

Opposition leader Jeanne Atherden responded last night: The previous administration did not ignore technical advice from the Bermuda Health Council. The same conversion factor was applied to all diagnostic imaging services, Ms Atherden said. The former health minister added: He said he had asked the minister whether the Progressive Labour Party administration had been threatened with legal action.

What I would like to know is, did [Dr Brown] have leverage on them? The Government told us exactly what the minister told the House. The Bermuda Hospitals Board has been voted Workplace of the Year by an international employee recognition programme.

What a Team category. Allowing the employee voice to be heard throughout the organisation, creating employee wellness programmes and providing teams with new gym facilities are just some of the examples of keeping employee happiness at the heart of the organisation.

Moffatt Makomo, an occupational therapist, said: A local kidney transplant service would save lives and offer patients with chronic kidney disease a better quality of life, according to the Global Transplant Initiative GTI. The Norwegian company has proposed setting up a live-donor transplantation programme in Bermuda, which it said would also save millions of dollars in healthcare costs.

If Bermuda is willing, we can deliver a cost-effective live- donor kidney transplant programme in Bermuda that will save many lives and millions from the health budgets in the years to come. This would include work and six-month follow-up with GTI. He added patients would also not have to pay for overseas travel, accommodation and other costs.

According to the Bermuda Health Council, there are patients on dialysis and patients with chronic kidney disease prevalence. However, Dr Scholz said it would take several years to reach this volume. He explained that GTI proposes to start a pilot programme once the necessary requirements have been met and a list of donors and recipients has been created.

Dr Scholz said they would start with one or two transplants that would be evaluated before the programme is fully implemented. He said surgeons would then take turns to come to Bermuda and perform four to six transplants over a two-week period. Ms Wedderburn said the Health Council was willing to explore on-island live-donor kidney transplantation in collaboration with local nephrologists, the health ministry, BHB, and patient advocates.

We do not have an infrastructure to safely develop or deliver this service at this time. New models of care are always being described and as such we are open to revisiting this issue if the situation or guidance changes.

Court requests for mental health reports have rocketed by nearly per cent in the past three years, the Bermuda Hospitals Board has revealed. The BHB said that delays in delivering reports to courts were because of a shortage of professionals as well as the huge rise in demand for psychiatric evaluations. Defence lawyer Elizabeth Christopher also highlighted cases in which the preparation of psychiatric and psychological reports had taken several months.

The number of reports requested from the courts has risen more than per cent over the last three years, from 24 in to 68 in as of November Currently there are three psychologists and one psychiatrist providing the bulk of these reports.

Clinicians for the two vacant psychology posts have been identified, but they are overseas and so cannot immediately take up the positions. The first is hoped to arrive in January The BHB spokeswoman said: We also note that the issues referred to by Mr Justice Baker were not solely due to delays in provision of psychological and psychiatric reports but appear to be related to other procedural issues within the courts themselves.

The Bermuda Health Council has spoken out against on-island kidney transplants due to safety and cost concerns. In the meantime, more effort should be placed on preventing chronic kidney disease, and ensuring better coordination when transplants are appropriate. Anti-rejection drugs associated with the transplant are fully covered. If you have chronic kidney disease or are on dialysis, talk to your doctor as soon as possible about the options, as we work together to envision Bermuda as the healthiest in the world.

The Ministry of Health announced in May that it was looking into the possibility of on-island transplants. At that time, a Ministry spokeswoman said: The GTI team presented a proposal that they believe to be viable.

It is being considered to determine if it would be viable and safe to do this complex procedure locally, and if it is financially viable.

Accordingly, the default response in healthcare is for aggressive intervention unless the patient, or their responsible person, states otherwise. Ms Wilson praised Friends of Hospice for multiple events held last month regarding palliative care, and two events held this year specifically addressing end-of-life conversations. It is never too soon to start. Free diabetes and lung disease screenings will be offered to island residents next week. Debbie Barboza, asthma educator at Bermuda Hospitals Board, said: They can help your wellness path.

The warning came from Hans Diehl, a US expert in preventive medicine and founder of a programme designed to cut the impact of preventable diseases. Dr Diehl, who started the Complete Health Improvement Programme, said education, motivation and inspiration, along with strong public health policies are needed to help to tackle the chronic disease problem in Bermuda. Dr Diehl highlighted the results of the Steps to a Well Bermuda survey, which showed that 42 per cent of those questioned had three or more risk factors for non-communicable diseases, 75 per cent were overweight or obese, and 33 per cent reported high blood pressure.

Dr Diehl added that new ideas in lifestyle medicine meant type 2 diabetes could be reversed and a large percentage of people with the disease could stop taking medicine if they made simple lifestyle changes like changing to a basic diet and taking daily exercise. And he said higher taxes on foods that contribute to high rates of disease have also been an effective strategy. But Dr Diehl said other agencies also needed to get involved and that churches, insurance companies and the medical profession could all help.

The events were organized by nurse and radio personality Beverley Howell, who has facilitated the Chip programme, which aims to reduce disease risk factors through the adoption of better health habits and appropriate lifestyle modifications, in Bermuda for ten years. The Minister of Health told the House of Assembly that this figure does not include indirect costs, such as the impact on other conditions, out of pocket payments, wages and work hours lost.

These conditions bear a terrible burden on those afflicted, on their families, and they are expensive to treat. This is just the direct cost of medical care and does not include indirect costs, like the impact on other conditions, out of pocket payments, subsidies, wages and work hours lost.

Those indirect costs are part of the larger health economic impact. Are you a woman with a waist measuring more than 35 inches or a man with a waist larger than 40 inches? Bermuda today is suffering from epidemic levels of obesity and chronic non-communicable diseases like diabetes and kidney disease.

She said the Department of Health screened people and referred for extra medial assessment because they had high blood sugar and blood pressure readings. How many other people are walking among us today in a similar state?

Meanwhile, the 50 Million Steps Challenge aimed to get people moving. And I am personally committed to reintroducing the Vending Machine Policy in Government Buildings to ensure healthier options are available on Government properties.

We must not continue to promote the very choices that make us sick and cost us so dearly. The Ministry of Health is offering the community both an electronic and printed version of the new Directory of Helping Services. This is the first time a searchable, online version of the directory has been available. It can be found at www. The Health Promotion Office of the Department of Health produces the printed directory, which lists non-profit organisations, registered charities, and Government agencies in Bermuda that offer support services to families and children, seniors and persons with disabilities.

The online directory will provide an expanded version of the print directory and will include private businesses that assist families and children, seniors and persons with disabilities. The electronic directory can be searched in three ways: This resource will make it easier to find the help needed by seniors, persons with disabilities and families. Minister of Health Kim Wilson said: The searchable database should make it easy and convenient to find multiple organisations that can offer the support needed.

To be included in the online directory or to update information, use the online submission form which is available here: The King Edward VII Memorial Hospital is to hold a seed and plant exchange in an effort to promote a healthier and more self-sufficient lifestyle.

The event at the hospital library will include expert advice on gardening and how to cut down on waste. The first seed exchange we did was in March in collaboration with the Bermuda National Library, and it went very well.

It is about engaging the community. We decided to do this one in September when we get cooler weather and people are starting to plant.

I would like to do more in the future and we are hoping to get a seed library started to grow the interest. In addition, Alba Fernandez will outline how to have a plastic-free lifestyle and Doreen Williams James will talk about wild vegan cooking.

The event will run between 5. For me it is teaching me patience. You can share experiences with others. It is like creating a mini-network. Ten scholarships have been awarded. New for the year is a fund for MWI psychiatric nurse development, along with a new annual Bermuda College nursing scholarship, named in memory of Dashunte Furbert. Ms Furbert was a BHB employee who worked in the chief of staff office while training at the Bermuda College in nursing.

She passed away last year as she was taking on her first nursing post. Scott Pearman, chief operation officer, said: Encouraging Bermudians into healthcare and ensuring our staff get the training and development needed to maintain high quality services and move into leadership positions is vital for the long term stability of healthcare services in Bermuda.

As we face financially challenging times, especially this year with our budget reduction, BHB is very grateful to the BHCT and its donors for their desire to make a difference and support this education and training programme. A number of donors had told us they wanted their donations used for education and training as it has a long term benefit to the healthcare services provided at BHB.

I am therefore very pleased to see this money used to encourage the next generation of healthcare workers and train and develop BHB staff. As the fundraising arm for BHB, we are very grateful to our donors and pleased that we can direct funds to where they are needed most to improve the healthcare services provided to Bermuda by BHB. Angela Fraser-Pitcher, vice-president of human resources, said: She was very much loved and respected by all her colleagues. While she did not live long enough to take up her nursing position after qualifying, through this scholarship her legacy will live on offering financial support to encourage future Bermudian nurses.

Thank you to the BHCT and the donors for their support. A total of 75 seniors took advantage of the second health clinic hosted by Age Concern this year. Education co-ordinator Anita Furbert, a registered nurse, added: We were pleased to see more men show up in the East End clinic and to have so many participants coming specifically to have access to the eye screening conducted by Dr Leonard Teye-Botchway and the Bermuda International Eye Institute team.

The clinics are becoming the largest-attended Age Concern event outside of our annual MJM legal clinics. Allied World Bermuda also supported the health check event in the East End earlier this month. Clearly, the issue of ageing is an issue for us all. We are pleased to support Age Concern in its effort to promote successful ageing throughout the island. The clinical amenities of the venue lend themselves well for a clinic of this nature. We look forward to working with Age Concern and others to maximize the use of the facility in the best interest of meeting the needs of our community.

For more information on the initiative or Age Concern call or e-mail info ageconcern. We look forward to learning from, and working with, Dr Richmond. He brings a wealth of experience that will help the team continue to develop the healthcare needs of our community. Dr Richmond replaces Keith Chiappa, who was in the interim position after Michael Wietekamp left in The position is the most senior medical role at BHB and is responsible for the supervision of medical and dental care given to patients and residents.

The One Bermuda Alliance pledged to prioritize seniors as part of an election campaign that will work to drive down health costs while incentivising the creation of care facilities and home care provision.

This fund, which will be seeded with a small portion of the pension funds that are under the control of the government, will allow Bermuda to tap into the investment expertise on the island, while providing an additional outlet for our large pension funds to invest more of their monies in Bermuda-based equity investments. Neville Tyrrell, PLP candidate for constituency 26, said: The pension funds are invested by the Public Funds Investment Committee which has strict regulations and does not invest in start-ups.

We understand that the funds are there to be accumulated so that they can produce the benefit and be available to pay pension benefits out to seniors. We also want to look at developing the capacity to investigate and intervene on their behalves. For us it is very vital for us to protect and help our seniors to move forward. Care and home care facilities was presented as a major issue for the ruling party as the hospital buckles under the pressure due to long term patients who should be cared for in the home or at an alternative facility.

Incentives were proposed for construction companies looking to build new care facilities, those looking to create homes in existing facilities, and for caregivers who are willing to care for seniors in their home. One of the biggest challenges that we have is that the hospital is inundated with people needing hospice care. If that hospice care can be provided in a home setting it would be much better for not only the patient but the family.

Most people do not want to go into a hospital and with the OBA we are making sure that [our seniors] are safe and protected and when the time calls for it that they can be loved and cared for at home. Ms Atherden spoke of a crackdown on employers not paying social insurance which is required and pays towards the government pension fund. In terms of health are costs, Mr Simons outlined the implementation of the Relative Value Unit methodology.

The prices all move together and that is the crucial aspect of it. The RVU methodology allows those fees to move together in a way that is appropriate and it is a methodology that is less susceptible to lobbying for individual price tweaks to services. We were able to expand coverage for at home care for seniors which has been life changing for so many people.

Bermuda should be able to achieve a 10 per cent reduction in premium rates within 18 months. But he added that he would have liked to have seen the Standard Health Benefit package modified and more transparency around Mutual Reinsurance Fund taxation and its uses and goals. This initiative represents an important paradigm shift towards community-based care and provides the critical financing piece to make it happen. Reducing high insurance premiums is another critical issue, a spokeswoman said.

The Royal Gazette also approached the Bermuda Medical Doctors Association for comment on Friday, but was told that it would not be possible to receive a response that did the request justice in less than 36 hours.

The Bermuda Health Council declined to comment. It would also increase community health education, require restaurants to publish nutritional information, implement a sugar tax and install fitness equipment in public parks to promote healthy living. During the Health Action Plan launch in January , Jeanne Atherden reiterated that curbing healthcare costs was a priority along with reducing rates of chronic, non-communicable diseases. Earlier this year, she revealed that the latest National Health Accounts report, showed that health spending began to level off in and went down by 1.

It also introduced a change requiring the Health Council to recommend fees to the minister for all standard health benefits. These cuts were decried by private physicians, with Ewart Brown, the former premier, saying the move was politically motivated and aimed at crippling his clinics. Meanwhile, featured the Bermuda Health Council Amendment Act, which was met with concern by the Opposition as well as some local doctors, deferred for clarification.

After repeated calls, ambulance services were also instated at both ends of the island in Government, however, was forced to do a U-turn on a proposal for more stringent coverage of mammography following a public outcry, which saw protesters hang bras outside Cabinet in June In , legislation allowing the use of cannabis-derived medicines won approval in the House although the Opposition criticizing the new law as not going far enough.

Meanwhile, the proposed closure of the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in was also met with protest, leading to the Government overruling the decision by hospital bosses. That year also featured the launch of the Steps to a Well Bermuda survey, which assessed more than 2, households to gauge health issues and help develop a chronic disease management strategy. According to a Bermuda Hospitals Board spokeswoman, the garden was launched in March with between six and eight individuals from geriatric services and learning disability sections tending to the herbs.

The participants planted seedlings in a previously grassy area on the campus. Then they weeded and watered the plants, growing chives, plain Italian parsley, sage, lemon balm, curly parsley, Thai basil, mint and sweet marjoram. Donovan Williams, new dimensions recreational assistant, said: Thomas Frost, executive chef for the BHB, said: They also offer the benefit of being unprocessed.

The chefs at KEMH are enjoying the new fresh herbs programme and are eagerly utilizing these fresh new ingredients in both patient and staff meals. This new MWI home-grown plants will further enhance our commitment to culinary excellence. Clinical oncologist Christopher Fosker gave a tour of the upgraded CT scan simulation room at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital , which will customize treatment at the new radiation therapy unit for cancer patients.

Dr Fosker, who is also the medical director and radiation oncologist at Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, said that six patients had already used the CT scanner. The radiation facility, located at BCHC, is due to open today and is expected to benefit about Bermuda patients per year who would otherwise have had to travel overseas for treatment. During the tour of the CT scanner unit at the hospital where a model posed as a patient, Dr Fosker explained: To have radiation you need to have a CT scan beforehand so that we can design the radiation.

The team is preparing the [model] patient in the same position that they will have their radiation treatment so that we can get images. Those images get sent down the road to BCHC where the treatment machine is. We make sure the patient gets the best care possible. A quick scan is taken to locate the cancer on the patient. Depending on the case, it could take anything from two hours to two weeks to then progress to the radiation treatment.

Having a local radiation facility will reduce the excessive costs of getting treatment overseas. We estimate that individuals will make a savings benefit anywhere in the region of 20 to 40 per cent. Then when you add in the extras, the hotels and flights, it is going to make a huge difference.

The only other type of radiation that is available and used reasonably frequently is internal radiation and we have made the choice to just do external radiation from the outside. The Health Miscellaneous Amendment Bill will also adjust benefits and move dialysis and kidney transplants to the mutual reinsurance fund and remove the ten-month maternity cover exclusion.

This report monitors annual total health spending and the latest report shows that in health spending began to level off, and in total health spending actually went down by 1. Ms Atherden also highlighted the need to remove the exclusion for maternity care owing to the risk this exclusion presents to unborn children and expectant mothers. Shadow health minister Kim Wilson expressed concerns with the adjustments in dialysis.

The amendment included the provision for other facilities, should they arise, to fall under the legislation. The Bill was approved with the amendment. An Analysis of Health Insurance Claims report do not include the full impact on the health system. According to the Council, there were 1, crashes recorded by the Bermuda Police Service in Despite an increase of 90 crashes compared to the previous year, the Council noted that the long-term trend is downwards.

Claims paid for overseas care are for services, like head trauma, that we are unable to treat on island because of the severity and specialized nature of the care required. The more information we have regarding the current set of crashes, the better we can make decisions about how we treat and prevent them going forward.

It is important that we arrive to our destinations safely. The fabric of our communities and our reputation around the world demands it. The document, which provides the total healthcare claims recorded by local and overseas providers based on a defined set of road traffic crash descriptions, is intended to shed light on the impact of crashes, to prioritize road safety and sustain this priority for the future, ultimately leading to the reduction of risk factors and crashes.

Growing pressures on an unsustainable healthcare system have caused serious financial difficulties for the Bermuda Hospitals Board, the Public Accounts Committee has heard.

We are constrained with how we can operate. What we have to work out is how we are going to affect care; we can not fix this problem. The quango has also been hit by a reduction in the fees for diagnostic imaging, dialysis and long-term care.

We will not run out of the ability to deliver, but if we did not see an increase in the subsidy level, what with all the other pressures, we would estimate that we would physically run out of cash in We know that we will not make a surplus this year. We need to have further conversations about the level of reasonable surplus to invest in critical infrastructure programmes.

The BHB Act makes it very clear that we have to break even; if we have a deficit in the current year which we will do, we have to generate a surplus that is equal to that deficit. When we get below that we are getting to a position where we are not as liquid as we need to be.

However, 70 per cent of the professional qualified staff are non-Bermudian. According to Irena Ashton, owner of Bermuda Home Dialysis Services, this is a move in the right direction but travel expenses, which can be significant, remain to be addressed.

She also stressed that more focus should be placed on living donors because this can lead to better patient outcomes, shorter wait times and therefore less time spent on dialysis. HIP is really trying, they are moving it forward in a much faster way. Patients often had to spend up to six weeks abroad and also had to travel back to the transplant centre for follow-up appointments.

Extra help is available for those receiving financial assistance and others can apply to the Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association for loans, but travel costs can still make transplants prohibitive. Performing the procedure locally, if this were a possibility, could be a positive development. If there is another progression, it would really be to explore living donors.

There are about people in Bermuda who are on dialysis and Ms Ashton also emphasized the need for patients to start the transplant process sooner, ideally before starting dialysis. Ideally we would like to get these folks to get the proper education and part of that education is transplants. The intent of the change is precisely to pay for transplants so that more persons can come off dialysis, which will be more cost-effective in the long run. HIP is currently in negotiations to improve the coverage.

The possibility of conducting kidney transplants in Bermuda is being reviewed by the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders. It comes after a team of Norwegian surgeons visited the island in March and submitted a proposal that is now being assessed for clinical and financial viability. The process is ongoing. An important point of feedback is that there may be scope to enhance education to seek more live donors locally, which would increase the number of transplants annually.

The decision of whether or not or where to do kidney transplants does not lie with BHB. This is a matter for the Ministry of Health and Seniors, the Bermuda Health Council, local nephrologists and the insurance companies that pay for the procedures.

Its arrival on the island has prompted warnings from health, law enforcement and government representatives alike. While believed to be fentanyl related, the hospital was not able to confirm the drug was responsible.

No timeline was provided on when test results were expected. Confirmation from the hospital comes following a media report last week that multiple inmates at Westgate Correctional Facility had suffered overdoses thought to be caused by the drug.

On Friday, a well-placed source said that multiple inmates had overdosed at the prison sometime last week. The source, who spoke with The Royal Gazette on the condition of anonymity, also provided the name of one of the inmates. Due to confidentiality rules, the hospital was not able to provide any details on the two patients. It comes as the Ministry of Health seeks to ensure transparency and consistency in healthcare costs by basing more pricing on the relative value unit methodology.

A Synopsis of Trends for the Islands of Bermuda report, haemodialysis fees for three sessions in Bermuda were more than double that of the United States and more than four-and-a-half times that of the United Kingdom. The average person requires about three sessions of haemodialysis weekly. She also noted that dialysis pricing on the island was historical, with no major review conducted until recently. The additional cuts to the Government subsidy and fee schedule BHB faces this fiscal year will only intensify the pressure.

In providing an update on the Bermuda Health Strategy and Action Plan to the Association of Bermuda International Companies, health minister Jeanne Atherden said strides had been made to reorganize payment systems to focus on value and outcomes, improve benefit design to reduce unnecessary trips to hospital, and to develop a healthcare workforce plan to address the needs of 21st -century Bermuda.

Universal, unique numbers for anyone who enters the health system will be trialed this year. A Unique Patient Identifier database is being created to reduce concerns of patient confidentiality, mistaken identity and unnecessary duplication, a Bermuda Health Council spokeswoman said.

We anticipate engaging the public in early summer. Addressing the Association of Bermuda International Companies last week, she said: Importantly, this Unique Patient Identifier is a necessary foundation for an integrated electronic health system, so it is a fundamental step towards this larger health-reform goal. A quick conversation about organ donation can save lives while reducing healthcare costs for everyone.

Speaking at the launch of Organ Donor Week, the health minister Jeanne Atherden urged all residents to take the time to make their wishes known to their loved ones. Have the conversation before the event occurs. Take five minutes and ask the person you love if they want to be an organ donor and also tell someone what your wishes are. Some people have questions about the cost to their family, Ms Atherden said, adding that there is none.

Others are concerned it will cause their relatives stress. Given some time, you will find that people think that was just the shock and they regret not doing it at the time. A donated kidney can get a person off hundreds of hours of dialysis and get them back to a normal life. We have high insurance premium costs.

I urge everyone to consider becoming an organ donor. Just have the conversation. Then your wishes would not be carried out. So we really urge people to have the conversation. That really is the most important thing going forward. Fewer than 30 deceased organ donations have been orchestrated in Bermuda in the past 16 years, according to a hospital anesthesiologist. As the island prepares to mark Organ Donor Week, the Bermuda Organ Donor Association is urging people to have that conversation with their families so that, if it comes to the worst, next of kin can find solace in knowing what their loved ones wanted.

However, if a person dies in circumstances where they could become an organ donor the family would be approached by specialist nurses and asked to support the decision to donate. But she added that only about six patients in Bermuda receive transplants every year. That number will be double in five years, I can guarantee it. She explained that organ donations are carried out with the assistance of the New England Organ Bank and Bermudian patients are placed on the United States waiting list.

A number of factors determine who is at the top of the waiting list, although she said children were more likely to be first in line. This will be followed by two talks aimed largely at health professionals but Dr Brislane said the BODA would also be launching an education programme later this year.

The group is trying to get the younger generations in particular to talk about organ donation so that they can then hopefully take that home to their families. They have also reached out to the churches. Organ transplantation is a real and necessary part of even this small community. The latter, in Bermuda, is only conducted when the patient is brain-dead. If the family are going to gain some solace in the whole thing by being confident about the concept of organ donation, that would be great.

In a time of great stress, that can be at least some positive outcome from that. While some organs can be donated by live donors, others are taken from patients who are brain-dead. Their age and the extent of injuries determines which organs are viable.

While the aim is always to save them, if there is no improvement or a deterioration, a test to check for any response from the brain can be done 24 to 48 hours after the injury.

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