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Single mom looking for true Hungary

Single mom looking for true Hungary

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Single mom looking for true Hungary

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June 14, - Budapest Sentinel. There were five sectors at the Tompa transit zone. You could not travel from one sector to the other because a four-meter-high barbed-wire fence enclosed each sector and there were cameras in every corner. We had a small, ten-by-ten area where we sat all day. There were two families in one container. Seventy to eighty people in one sector, of which about twenty were children, with one pregnant woman and a woman suffering from cancer. The police never talked to us.

All the officials were women. They spoke harshly to us. There was only one normal person there, a blonde lady, who treated us as human beings. She would greet us, smile at the children, and ask us them how they were doing.

The children had one swing, and they would argue [over who gets to sit on it] all day long. Adults would sit in a small area in between the containers, looking at the barbed-wire or the sky. We would cry inside so the children would not see. Upon arriving [at the transit zone], everyone was happy. But after a few days, everyone felt like a criminal. The conditions broke us.

We were not allowed to go anywhere. The guards and police did not concern themselves with us. My year-old son was kidnapped when we lived in Iraq, he was seriously traumatized, but no one concerned themselves with him. My wife was sick but they did not care. There are four sectors, each sector is bordered by a high, barbed-wire fence. The containers are placed in a manner to prevent people from moving from one sector to the other. The containers used by [the authorities] are air-conditioned, but there is no air-conditioner in the containers where the asylum-seekers are kept.

The containers heat up as the day grows hot. The open areas of each sector are practically prison yards for the condemned. The white gravel makes it very dusty. There is no shade. This is no place to keep humans. The people kept in the transit zones feel as though they live in a prison, not a camp.

The situation grows worse in that no one knows just how long they will be locked up. It was problematic that we were only offered four spoons of baby food per day. It was a long process. The child would constantly cry. At the end of this process, the child would receive two spoons of food, and they told us that we would not be able to ask for food until noon the following day. We were given two diapers a day, and there was no bottled water. We had to mix the baby food with tap water.

We would have heated the water but that was forbidden. The feeding was very monotonous. There was no fruit, no vegetables. For breakfast, we received canned food and bread. For lunch, noodles and chicken. For dinner, canned food and bread. Poor medical attention and pregnant women in handcuffs.

Our two-month-old son became sick in the transit zone. The doctor was less than ten meters away from our zone, separated from us by a big fence. With my child in my hands, they escorted me — two police in front and two behind. I felt as though my child and I are criminals.

If you had to visit the doctor, you were escorted by five police officers. On your way to the doctor, you could see people locked in cages, but you were not allowed to speak to them. You could see police and fences everywhere.

This was psychological warfare. The doctor really only provided first aid. They just gave you a pill and that was that. The situation for pregnant women is especially hard because there is no assistance for them. They do not even receive vitamins, nor are they fed vegetables or fruits.

Last month, there was a woman who was escorted to the doctor in handcuffs. Because her stomach was large, they did not handcuff her from behind, but from the front.

But there was one mother who should have been taken to the hospital. Because she insisted that her child not see her in handcuffs, she declined to go to the doctor. The sick are escorted to the doctor by police. There was one individual that was escorted meters to the doctor by five armed guards. If someone must be taken to the hospital, they are handcuffed and escorted by police. All this despite not being guilty of anything. They came to Hungary to receive asylum.

After arriving, everyone is immediately taken to be interrogated. This took our family about hours. We were interrogated one at a time, and were locked in a container for an entire day. When we needed to use the restroom, we were escorted by police as though we were criminals. The purpose of these interrogations was to break us. They tried to upset us. They asked us religiously-sensitive questions — for instance, whether I would be open to changing my religion.

She laughed, then continued asking questions. My wife and I were each interrogated for four hours. They tried to corner us into answering questions in a certain way, and asked us questions for which we did not know the answers.

For instance, why is there an eagle in the Iraqi parliament? I have never been to Baghdad. The questions presupposed that we are in Hungary because of money. The kidnappers gave my child back when I paid them 50, dollars.

Later they kidnapped me and shot me, and only let me go after I gave them 70, dollars. It was then that we sold everything we had and fled.

It did not matter [to the interrogator] that I said I would never recoup the money it cost to flee [Iraq] even after working for five years, or that we fled not because of money but because of terror. We did not receive water or food during the four-hour interrogation. And there was no restroom. By the end of it, I almost wet myself.

That is when I told them that I must go outside. Two police escorted me to the restroom and stood next to me as I relieved myself.

I told them that Serbia does not care for human rights, they mistreated us, and they did not care for us adequately — but this is more true for Hungary. For families, these interviews take a long time and they are not offered any food or drink, nor do they know that they can use the restroom if they need to. They are not informed that they can request that an attorney be present, so they never have that opportunity.

We also found out that the Hungarian authorities give no consideration to documents presented by these people, copies of such documents, threatening letters, or any documents clarifying their situation. My child was very sick — choking. By the end, the situation was so bad we were afraid our child would die. Our child could not keep milk down and vomited, nothing would stay in the stomach. We asked the Hungarian authorities to deport us back to Kurdistan. They said they would but first they would take us to Budapest, lock me in jail, separate me from my wife and child — who they would lock up somewhere else.

We would not be able to see each other and only after that they would decide when and how we would be deported. That is why we decided to come back to Serbia. Our child received medical care here and became better.

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An appeal shall be filed within 15 calendar days starting from the delivery of the written judgment. The second instance procedure usually takes six months to one year depending on the complexity of the case.

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