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Skip this if your not looking for great sex

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Skip this if your not looking for great sex

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I will Hug you. Im a fit black boy, smooth, clean. We were meant to be.

Being a female, what I want is a no pressure friendship, hopefully with some extra benefits.

But can sex can transform our lives in way more ways than one? Will it affect our mental and physical health long-term? Could it even be used to treat some of our most bothersome ailments? We asked some of our favorite health experts Dr. Jeffrey Egler , Dr. Amy Shah , and Dr. William Cole to share some of their knowledge, and what we discovered is that yes, there are way more reasons to have sex than we originally thought.

In addition to the obvious upside, regular sexual activity can also:. Egler, a family practice physician and Los Angeles medical director of Parsley Health , sex can stimulate the immune system. And various research studies back this up, showing that regular sex can help prevent the common cold and increase immunity. Sex releases oxytocin, which is a hormone in the brain that can act as an effective pain reliever. Plus, many headaches are caused by stress and tension—which can easily melt away with a little distraction.

If you are sleep-deprived, some time between the sheets may be just what you need. A study on British women showed that one in six say they sleep longer and deeper after sex. Sex can also strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which may not sound like a big deal, but these muscles are important for preventing future incontinence and leakage. Plus, they have been linked to better sex. Suffer from 9 p. It could be because you're stressed and having a hard time winding down from your hectic day.

The good news is that sex is relaxing and it increases feel-good hormones in your brain and body, which can help fight off those sugar cravings.

One of our other fabulous integrative medicine experts, Dr. Amy Shah, says that regular sexual activity can help prevent disease and keep us healthy as we age. Shah, regular ejaculations 21 or more ejaculations a month , has been linked to a decreased risk for prostate cancer.

Immediately following orgasm, the body releases oxytocin also known as the "love hormone" or "cuddle hormone" , which—according to Dr. Egler—evokes feelings of elation, attachment, and wellness.

Don't feel like going to the gym? Feel free to stay in bed. Some research suggests that sexual activity can qualify as a moderate workout.

Plus, I think we can all agree that it beats 45 minutes on the treadmill. Sex is deeply linked to our hearts and emotions, opening us up to love and intimacy with another person. And according to Dr. Shah, people who have sex regularly are also less likely to get heart disease, keeping us healthy in more ways than one. Our functional medicine expert, Dr.

William Cole , says the chemicals in our brain released during sex work to reduce cortisol—our major stress hormone—which plays a major role in adrenal fatigue. Cole, having sex and falling in love is one of the best ways to increase inflammation-fighting, immune-balancing T-cells.

There you have it, getting busy can do way more than just cultivate romance and make us feel connected to our partner—it can provide real, measurable benefits to our health and well-being. And so—knowing all these great benefits—the next time you get intimate, do so in honor of your health. Group 8 Created with Sketch. By Gretchen Lidicker mbg Health Editor. Group 7 Created with Sketch. Email Created with Sketch. Group 9 Created with Sketch.

Group 10 Created with Sketch. Group 11 Created with Sketch. Group 4 Created with Sketch. In addition to the obvious upside, regular sexual activity can also: Help you stay healthy all winter long. Help you get a great night's sleep. Strengthen all types of muscles. Kick sugar your sugar addiction. Keep you healthy for life. Burn some extra calories. Affect your heart—in more ways than one. Support healthy cortisol balance. Balance your immune response.

Gretchen Lidicker mbg Health Editor. Originally from Sedona, Arizona, she has a Related Posts Functional Food icon functional food. Emma Loewe 18 hours ago. Functional Food icon functional food. Email Address Sign up Error message.

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Law and Order Special Witches Unit. You know, where a woman who kicks butt quips her way through a muddy fantasy landscape, joined by an equally tough apprentice? But is it any good? In a medieval-looking market, a grouchy man demands to know where his drink is. A young woman working at the bar grabs the drink with a steely gaze. After she asks the man about a particular tattoo he drew, chaos ensues, with armor-clad soldiers intent on capturing or killing the woman.

We see a chaotic fight sequence, where she and her friend escape. As they escape, they get info from the tattoo artist, who then gets killed. She leaves to walk there, but she and her friend encounter a monster, who kills the friend. I love my boyfriend but I have to admit this is the worst thing about him and it makes me hate him sometimes. He is a very intelligent person and a very loving and respectful person in every other aspect except for this. I told him how it makes me feel I cried many times, told him how it hurts me but it still keeps happening and actually it was also happening in the honeymoon stage too.

Right after we made love for the first time as well. It makes me completely loose my respect trust and faith in him. I am a model who dated many men he is short, overweight and never had a girlfiend before. I love him and physical appearance is not as important for me as if a man treats me right… I colored my hair thinking it was a hair color problem, I wore less clothes in public to get male attention in front of him which seemed to help a little now I am getting breast implants to make myself feel better and to look more attractive.

Why are some men so stupid in front of some women? Their intelligence drops rapidly as soon as there is an attractive woman in front of them…. He is very good looking and also ha a very fit muscular body. He starts the predator stare until he has her gaze and she will stare back cause she likes the attention. This just does not last for a few minutes it will last for the entire time he is in her presence, this can be at a party that goes all night.

He looks at them like the are strippers. The girls seem to always be within clear eye contact even if they move to a better position. We have been married 13 years and I am not sure what or how to go about it. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

I noticed my new husband looking even before we were married, but for some reason ignored how much it bothers me. I believe I am an attractive woman who deserves to be treated better than this. He knows how I feel, period. I will not subject myself to this behavior forever. I could be looking too, and I think it would bother him if I did, but, I am not that kind of woman.

So, he changes, or he loses me. Worse still when she realises u are the gf stood next to him. What do you do in these situations. I have tried pointing at things in the opposite direction to distract.

Women should not mind a man noticing women. Locking eyes for the kick is the difference. How do you react to this subtlety when you know they do love you — how do you not look like the spare part? We were just at the supermarket and I caught him looking once allowed , twice pushing it a bit , three, four, five, six times downright rude and disrespectful! He is always doing this, so I made a joke about it and steered him away from her — he did it again — by which time I was feeling pretty stupid and humiliated.

So, I left him in the queue to unload, pay, pack and carry all the shopping whilst just standing at the end if the checkouts reading a magazine. It was soooo satisfying. He still had the cheek to deny it though!!! I am so tired of women beating themselves up and making excuses for a man who feels the need to looks at every woman that walks by. I have been with my husband for 8 years, married 5. For eight years he has checked out woman after woman, no matter if I was or was not present. He claims that seeing is not the same as looking, and that looking is not the same as checking someone out.

So now when he wants to see, look, or check out other women- I am making sure that the next man can have something to see, look, and check out. He claims that he does not care about that because it lets him know that he has a hot wife. I have a friend who experiences the exact same, and her husband also gets mad when someone looks at her. Ladies, do cry about him checking out another woman any more.

When he feels comfortable enough to do it in your presence — get your best outfit on, do your hair, and take your spouse out for a night on the town!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusted by Gawking men! And you women, taking it, grow some balls and leave them. And to those of you with daughters, keep in mind one day they too will be gawked at by peevs like yourselves. I am 59 years old and have been married for 37 years. I wish I had left my husband before being stupid enough to marry him.

Joan is right in our case about the porn — his secret porn habit has been another part of our long marriage. I am now with him for purely financial reasons, we get along well enough but our relationship bears no resemblance to the one I had hoped for as a young girl.

Men indulge in this rude and selfish behaviour quite simply because they feel they are entitled to and they can get away with it, not because it is programmed into their genes. I have never seen my son behave like this, either in front of me or his wife. We are all in the same boat! We probably googled about this, right? My marriage ended because he lacked ambition and that was brutal for me. Ladies this is not acceptable!

My dad was like that so bad, my beautiful mom stopped going to events with him, after 17 years together and a so called perfect marriage, my mom found he liked prostitutes, he had been having going for that for many many years! She dumped dad and she did the right thing! Be sure to say that behavior is hurtful and have an attitude about yourself!

I am seeing all of the examples and people complaining, but what is the solution? When I first went out with him, he pushed me out of the way to check out a woman with boots up to there and a skirt up to there.

He has never done anything like that since but he always finds a way to look. We went from him admitting to him denying to admitting to now back to denying.

As all that has changed up and down, the looking never has. I have asked, cried, gotten mad, left, refused to go out, only to give in weeks later and he is looking again. They look cause they want too and the one in front simply is not enough for them and never will be. He cheated at the beginning of our dating and he probably will again.

I make sure to have enough of an independent life such that he understands that my heart wanders just as much as his does. What andi said — I can totally relate too. I am seriously contemplating leaving my relationship over this there are other things as well but this is another thing to bite the dust….

I have had married men look at me while their wives are present and I feel like an adultress…I hate it…these guys need to stay single…who wants to be in a relationship with more than one person ata time? Like someone above commented, I will notice his first look…and I will ignore it sometimes cleavage hanging out for all to see is hard not to notice but the 3rd.. I held it together until the umpteenth time, and then I had to walk away. He watches porn, and all the HBO series with nothing but boobs and naked women….

But in the end, I know this is what will break us up. So I know there are guys out there that are more mature and respectful. I have been up all night looking for answers on the internet. I met my boyfriend over a year ago and our life was wonderful! I moved in the the sex life stopped.

However, I noticed he looked at other women…staring and it has made me uncomfortable. Not to mention that he takes pills to have intercourse and took them for over a month but yet, I practically beg and we fight about his not being sexual with me anymore. Let me tell you, not the way he does it. What really hurts me is the lying to me about it. Facebook was an issue until we both went off of it. He tells me he loves me and talks about marriage…but what would I have?

I know he has texted others…and he denies it. Well, he has plenty of shower buddies, if you know what I mean. Sorry, everyone, just had to vent. Sorry, tired of being sick…of sick and tired. Hope you all are well…. In Part Jamee Tenzer said: Contrare my love, when I look at other women, I think how fortunate I am to have someone as lovely, and as pretty as you. But most importantly, how fortunate I am to have someone like you who really cares for me, and knows no one can take me from you.

Like Cham said above, Men are visual; let me add and women are audio. Who do women dress for. In most cases it is for men, they WANT to be noticed by men. Ever wonder why a woman at a party gets upset when another woman is wearing the same thing she is.

I submit the following for consideration: And when another woman is wearing the same thing, she thinks it means mens attention will be divided between her and someone else, and she wants ALL the attention. So women, instead of getting jealous, think, that other woman is pretty savvy too, she knows how to pick clothes like me. Yes, men are visual, so dress to please your man. Gag me Jerry, your attitude is so typical male brainwashing!

That is so sad, you probably think viewing porn is acceptable and healthy for society. I totally agree with Jo!! I have a wonderful man in my life. He is loving, generous and kind. But he seems to lose his F-ing mind when he sees a woman that is attractive. Im a hair stylist and make up artist and I am not unattractive.

I used to ask him why do you do this? His reaction was to deny this! I mean he would not to admit to this no matter what. So he suggested counseling.

But i had to do something that was going to be for my benefit. I got tired of arguing and going round and round. First i asked him how do you want me to react when he does this?

He said react the what I want to! So I told him that when he see an attractive woman and that wants to stare at, Please do and I will step back and let him look all he want and enjoy him self!

Now, I told him when I see a fine man with a side order or anything else attracts me to him, I going over to ask him how his day is! I told him react the way he wanted to!!! I told him he started this shit and to deal with it!!! He said he has modified his staring and dont want to hurt my any more. Are you for real? You have to get respect from them. I dont care if a woman is Naked doing handstands, respect your woman!!!!!

Thoughts are just as bad as actions. Stop making excuses for your actions. What I feel personally is that the female comments is all about being waaaaay too insecure about your own power and self-esteem. I have been reading most of it and everyone in here wants to be felt respected and loved.

I think that this is a normal way of feeling about yourself and I think that our partners can also be part of making you feel this way. There are common rules that should be worked on. This is what I do myself as well and for us that comes so naturally. Why would you think that?! You are shopping for a solid 2 hours, the glance is for a..

My opinion, so I hope you can somehow respect that and reply to make it constructive. That I would label that as very rude. But even during a conversation it is perfectly okay to look at other people walking by, as long as you focus on your conversation partner. As a man, there are a lot of differences in the way that we conversate that also rubs women the wrong way, for instance men talking while watching her breasts, shoulders, hair, anything besides her eyes. Nothing wrong with that as they are just parts of you.

If you can find that balance between your beautiful partner and watching others, then this is the best you can do. I can easily point out to my wife: Got a bit sidetracked, but I hope I somehow could make my point.

I am therefore free to look at any attractive woman and I do. Sexual attraction is embedded in our nature. I see it as an innate characteristic that men find females attractive — not just in the sense of desiring physical intimacy with them, but simply as a response to the beauty and attractiveness they possess.

Not just in physical terms either, but. Michael, so easy to live in your man gazing perspective. Not the same world women have to live in where they are objectified from birth just because of their gender. Lets talk when men and women are treated equally. Otherwise, your comment is full of ignorance. All this is so familiar. I suspect that men who love looking at the ladies have some problems that go very deep.

Does this looking at other girls mean he will cheat on me? He tells me he will never cheat but it starting to annoy me. I am happy with the way I look what should u do?

Ayesha, Yep, nuff said. Boils down to men choosing to be selfish or self controlled. At some level, men need to take ownership over their actions and thoughts.

But, without immediate accountability, they do what they desire. Religion holds them to no accountability in this life, only women subject to men in religion. When you look… A woman walks away laughing in her mind, she knows you check her.

When you look …. You begin to lose respect from those who thought you had everything in control. Your kids see you as fool to any women in a short dress or false beauty. You have a prize sitting next to you…..

You never looked at the guy twice or kept staring at him. What makes her so special? When you look… My love for you fades…. I find it very insulting. My husband is one of the worst when it comes to staring at women. What would come of it? So I Just walked away. Won have relied on men to be the bread winners and have had to sacriifice dignity and self respect for the sake of the family.

We women will always sacrifice. But now that we work and are more self sufficient these obvious double standards stand out. They are either men of integrity or not. Women are smart and see truth when we can finally put ourselves first.

Then we are stuck financially and give up self respect. Not so much anymore, women are forced to work these days and are seeing the double standards, hard to ignore it anymore. I know this is an old thread but WOW! What an eye opener! Then I started noticing how much he checked out women at the grocery store, or ANYwhere else for that matter. Do I want to move forward with this man? My only other option is to end things with him….

I am 30 years old and my bf is I am a natural blonde, green blues eyes and I workout. I do consider myself to be good looking and desirable. I have tried so many times to explain to him how it makes me feel sad. Once I was with him, I did not have any desire to look at any other men. I love him very much, but his immaturity has gotten to much. I thought the shock of a naked women or boob crack in a shirt would have lost its surprise in a 32 yr old man, but I guess not this one.

It causes me to feel horrible. I think my bf just has some issues or is still very immature. Find a nice man and have sex and make babies. I thought I found it so I stopped looking at other men. I have encountered the same with my wife, stares and desires eye contact with guys wherever we go, then denies it all.

Very hard to deal with, hope you are doing better. With a man that claims to love me. I feel the same way about him.

Problem is his eyes when we are out. It makes me feel like I have the lowest self esteem. And when I talk to him about it to tell him of my feelings he shoots it down saying maybe we should never leave the house. That I make him feel bad I have to keep pointing this out or even tries to make me the bad guy and him feel like the victim. Heres to all the women, if your man, boyfriend or husband looks, stares or gawks at other women in your presents. It simply means that your relationship is over!!!

Its time to get rid of them. Why put up with it? Why hurt yourselves over it. They are not worth it. My husband always checks out other women no matter where we are. Even whe we are having dinner for our anniversary. He said he was looking at her toddler. However whe she would leve the child with her husband, my husbznds eyes continued to follow the woman.

I am not that dumb. He even took her picture with the child, saying he wanted a picture of the toddler. I tlod him it is innappropriate to take pictures of others especially children without permission. To say the least I was miserable for the entire trip. Hey Jason — I know this comment is a little late but as much as Paul Newman was a great guy most of his life, he did cheat on his first wife with Joanne Woodward.

So that comment that he was attributed to rings a little shallow. Men who cheat have no room to talk about fidelity. I ended it after three years of this very type of disrespect. Do you really think I would have chose to leave my dream home on the bay, that he and I built over two years together, with very little outside help? It was too much to endure. I was really glad to read I am not the only one being told I was fabricating it all in my head.

He was bent on convincing me it was all in my head. Things to do if ignoring the behavior is not option for you: So I wondered if I married a monkey, and tried to tell him to be discrete and blah blah blah. So one day I came up with the solution. I went to my dear sweet husband and told him that I understand that this is a natural reaction but I have to believe you receive some pleasure from this act right?

I just have to connect pleasure to this as well. So how did it work? So ladies take control of your men. They will we better for it. Happy wife happy life. Since my husband is an Excellent provider and anal about money, this would work great on him and I would get pleasure out of it — gonna be Fun. I really think everyone on here should try your suggestion and then mine if nothing is changing. Truth be told, I question myself as to why it does bother me and at times it makes me angry that it does.

My husband and I have been together for over twenty years. For years my husband has been insecure about himself one of the reasons being is that he has put on a lot of weight. Truth be told he would be considered obese. He has done things in the past to deliberately hurt me after I have tried to keep the sexual part of our relationship alive but nothing I did worked.

He barely showers and does not think he smells bad, he is sloppy, teeth covered in plaque and to be honest, our sex life now is pretty non existent. He calls himself a slob but does not do anything to make himself look better or at least TRY to lose weight, saying he loves food too much and blames me for it by saying that if I was not such a good cook he would not eat so much. He also says that he started eating more and more after our sex life seemed to be over. Anyway, over the years he has done things to hurt me and in the process, my desire for him sexually is gone which the lack of good hygiene helped to contribute to that.

He repulses me, disgusts me and makes it hard for me to want to be around him when he is stinking. The Environmental Working Group issued a report Wednesday showing that more than a dozen popular cereal and breakfast items contain dangerous levels of a cancer-causing pesticide. Here's what you need to know. In an emotional Instagram post, Aerie model Iskra Lawrence opened up about the pictures that influencers don't share. When she had her lumpectomy, Khim Owens-Baggett was not quite two weeks pregnant — but nobody knew that until later.

I knew I was overweight, but that That was the wake-up call I needed. One new mom who is a breast cancer survivor decided to that a sign would be best to tell anyone in the hospital that she was not able to breastfeed her baby when she gave birth. Some breast cancer patients describe a bullying-like pressure from their surgeons to reconstruct after having a mastectomy. Officials in the state — one of 18 to offer vaccine exemptions based on personal or moral beliefs — had hoped to offer a course informing parents about the risks of not vaccinating.

Sex can also strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which may not sound like a big deal, The good news is that sex is relaxing and it increases feel-good hormones in .. The issue has caused multiple cities (we're looking at you Malibu , Seattle. "Women sometimes buy into the myth that good sex has to be spontaneous, which is If it's a true headache—and not code for "I just don't feel like doing. But if you can't complete a cardio workout take solace in the fact sex can certainly that those who have sex once or twice a week - no more and no less! Turns out intercourse is associated with better physiological and . Duchess Meghan's Tongan soiree look is a major throwback to her wedding day.