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The clinical names for an overactive thyroid gland are: The main causes of an overactive thyroid gland are:. There are two groups of problems which can turn the thyroid into an overactive state. Firstly, there may be a control problem.

This can originate right at the top of the chain of command. For example, the cells responsible for TRH production may overwork, as in the case of a hormone producing cancer called an adenoma. Fortunately, not very common. But there may be over stimulation of these cells from the brain itself.

High levels of stress from major life events can be responsible. Young adults, especially women, may be subject to this. Or the TRH producing cells become insensitive to circulating thyroid hormone and overproduce to compensate.

More commonly, the pituitary itself may start producing more TSH. This can occur as a result of a pituitary adenoma, the growth producing the hormone in an uncontrolled fashion.

There may be a genetic problem with these cells, which may escape from the proper controls and start doing their own thing. Or, they can become oversensitive to hypothalamic TRH, with the same result. Whatever the cause, the thyroid becomes over stimulated and more thyroid hormone is produced than is required.

Most causes of overproduction of thyroid hormone, however, occur in the gland itself. The receptors which respond to TSH may over-respond and react by overproduction of the thyroid hormones. This is a condition first described by a Japanese physician, Hashimoto. Research has shown that the body itself makes antibodies to the thyroid tissue which initially may cause overproduction of thyroid hormone, but, in time, this effect may burn itself out and then the receptors become insensitive and the thyroid production starts to become affected the other way; resulting eventually in underproduction of thyroid hormone.

This problem of antibodies as a cause of illness applies not just to the thyroid, but to other organs and tissues as well. For reasons which may not be clear, but again are sometimes the result of major traumatic life events, the thyroid producing cells simply overproduce.

The thyroid may become subject to an inflammatory process — thyroiditis — which may run its course to leave the thyroid normal again, or subject perhaps, to an instability between over and under-activity. The overactive thyroid is usually enlarged and clearly visible, a condition most often seen in young women.

As a whole, women are more often affected than men, usually in the younger age groups; but it may occur at any age and in either sex.

Although most people are aware of the overactive thyroid — the swollen neck and prominent eyes, obvious signs — the condition is very much less common than the underactive thyroid.

Hyperthyroidism was first described as far back as , by an Irish physician, Robert Graves; and a German physician, Karl von Basedow, hastened to write a paper about it in In general it is diagnosed without difficulty. Its treatment, however, is often not at all satisfactory.

In making a diagnosis, the doctor goes by a clinical appraisal, which should follow an invariable course. He listens to the symptoms , and makes an examination to determine the signs ; backing this up by blood tests.

Following which the treatment is decided upon. The most obvious of these is that the patient will appear nervous and anxious as a general rule, and indeed may be thought to be suffering from anxiety only.

Most patients are losing weight in spite of a good appetite, although occasionally the patients may be anorexic. They complain of frequent and loose bowel action. They tend to be breathless and though often hyperactive, tired at the same time. There is a usual complaint of feeling hot much of the time, always turning down the heating, and they become aware of palpitations, either because the heart beats too fast or the pulse has become irregular. It is most important to tell the doctor ALL the symptoms you experience.

Use the symptom list enclosed. Eye problems can start months before other symptoms, and carry on for a while after treatment. The whites may appear bloodshot. They may have a gritty feeling and you may have a problem with bright sunlight. The upper lids may pull upwards giving a starey appearance.

You may have trouble focussing or have double vision. Bags may appear under the lower lids. The eyes might ache. Without treatment, your sight is at risk from corneal ulceration. Smoking makes matters worse and it is advisable to give up. It may not take a perm. Your throat may be tender and feel lumpy. Swallowing can be difficult. A swelling on your neck could indicate enlargement of your thyroid gland goitre.

Because weight loss is sometimes severe, it looks as though you have a goitre but do not. Problems occur because the metabolic rate speeds up considerably. Some people feel hungry all the time and cannot understand the weight loss because they are eating more.

Fat stores are burnt off first and then body tissue if the illness is not treated. Conversely, you may lose your appetite. You may also vomit. You may become very thirsty and pass a lot of urine. Because the increase in thyroid hormones speed up metabolism, the heart beats faster. Your heart may beat very fast in either a regular or irregular rhythm palpitations. Sometimes your heart may beat so fast you will feel faint. You may also have low blood pressure.

This is noticed after climbing stairs, carrying heavy objects or sometimes even walking. It can happen when you experience palpitations. You may need to go to the toilet more often but the stools are normally formed. The stools may be pale because extra fat is being rushed through the system. Some people have diarrhoea. The skin may become thin, soft, warm, damp and may flush easily. You may also itch. Spidery veins may appear on your cheeks. Your hands may seem red and sweaty.

Patches may also appear on the foot or the big toe. You may also bruise more easily because the number of your platelets is reduced. Nails appear thick and flaky. They may become loose at the nail bed, where dirt collects and the tips may rise up. The fingertips may also swell. On-going overactivity of the thyroid gland over a long period may cause osteoporosis, which may produce aches and pains, especially in the back. Too much thyroid hormone can speed up the breakdown of muscle fibres quicker than they can be replaced.

You may feel weakness all over your body especially in the shoulders, upper arms and thighs. Your hands may be swollen and painful too.

The doctor may find that you have brisk reflexes. Metabolism increases and therefore our bodies produce excessive heat, which results in constant sweating, particularly at night which is often put down to the menopause. You may find yourself walking around in T-shirts and shorts in the middle of December, with the windows open and the central heating switched off!

Your ankles may swell. You may be given a diuretic drug used for water retention. They may feel nervous, anxious and irritable, although some people feel apathetic.

You may feel tired but be unable to sleep. You may have racing thoughts and be very talkative. You may have mood swings. Anti-depressants are often prescribed. Your periods may be lighter than normal or even stop altogether. Periods may become irregular. Fertility is reduced in both men and women. If you do conceive, there is an increased risk of miscarriage.

This generally occurs in the hands. It may be difficult to hold a cup and saucer. The tremor is obvious with outstretched hands. You may feel an inner tremor too.

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Whereas, for me, it was the stuff of nightmares. So I went to see a gynaecologist. In between bad jokes about genitalia and bites of cottage cheese crackers seriously the gynaecologist told me that I had something called vaginismus.

What sounded like a horrendous fungal growth between my legs was actually an involuntary muscle spasm of the pelvic floor muscles that occurred during penetration. The tightening of the muscles — much like an eyelid closing to prevent something getting inside — was what was causing the searing pain. The muscle responsible for the involuntary contraction is the pubococcygeus muscle, which is responsible for urine control, contracting during orgasm and pushing a baby out.

While I was told that it was very treatable, he also informed me that I just needed to relax more. But when it feels like your vagina is being stabbed by a thousand tiny knives, relaxing is the last thing on your mind.

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Needless to say, I was nervous about what was going to happen in the bedroom. Without going into detail — it was not fine. The nervous system sends out signals that cause blood vessels in the skin to widen, producing flushing and warmth.

To counter the rise in skin temperature, the body rapidly converts a warm flush to a cold, clammy sweat. Hot flashes feel the same to men and women: A sudden feeling of warmth or flushing that is most intense over the head and trunk, often accompanied by visible redness of the skin and by sweating, which can be profuse. Hot flashes are most common at night. They are usually brief, averaging four minutes, but often leave cold sweat behind. Flashes may be infrequent and mild or quite troublesome, sometimes occurring 6 to 10 times a day.

Some people, both male and female, report anxiety, palpitations, or irritability. Most women get over their hot flashes in a year or so, even without therapy, but some are troubled for years. Men who develop flashes during temporary androgen deprivation usually recover within three or four months of stopping treatment. Doctors often tell patients on permanent androgen deprivation that they will also get over the problem, but most men don't. Fortunately, new treatments can help. Listen here people my niece died from this horrible amoeba She was only 11 years old, she got it from swimming in a warm fresh water lake in minnesota in , it is very real and It is horrible, just be careful wear nose plugs when swimming in warm fresh water!

And Dave if you ever have to watch someone die from this you would not make that kind of heartless comment!! It took her in three days, she went from not feeling well to gone in three days! I purchased my Neti Pot some years ago and I do not remember reading directions that said to use distilled water.

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You can get the same parasite from swimming in warm fresh water and from uncooked snails. By Veronique Greenwood December 22, 1: One more reason to only swim in chlorinated water. Does anyone no if these people were using well water or city chlorinated water?

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