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A Caspersen School of Graduate Studies program. September 24—25 Old friends, good times and sore muscles for the ruggers. Alumni Homecoming Weekend promises this and much more. Details, pages 4 and July 26—28 Bone up on instructional strategies for ages 8—13 during the Teaching with Historic Places workshop. It nearly took his own life as well. By Leslie Garisto Pfaff. Standard rate postage paid at Madison, N.

Views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect official policy of the university. One of my fondest memories of Drew is the graduate-level seminar that I took with Paul and four other students. More often than not our classroom was a pub in Madison where we drank some beer, ate some food and participated in lively and interesting free-flowing debates on political and legal issues, most of which were not really on the syllabus.

Boy, it sure would be great to go back to and have a drink with him. Students acted as delegates for such countries as Libya, Iraq and Yemen, and a number even gave major speeches from the podium of the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations.

Program still lives at Drew! Paul was the embodiment of all. Eye Candy Every time I open the magazine I find myself drawn to the creative and intriguing photography. The personalities of your subjects are captured beautifully, and each shot is both comfortable and clearly well thought out.

Keep up the good work! Congratulations to Lori Chambers for the snappy writing of the profiles and to the photographers who captured the charm, joy and pride of the preservationists. It is as productive and just plain enjoyable an academic environment as one can imagine. It is also evidence of the character of our great dean, Maxine Beach, who is retiring this spring. No easy rider, Maxine lobbies hard for the interests of the Theo School—whenever I hear the drumming of her knuckles on the table at our cabinet meetings, I know the Beach temperature is rising—but she also exudes a collegiality that is utterly infectious.

This is as diverse a student and faculty community as one can imagine—international and multieverything. It is also a community that, unlike many seminaries associated with universities, has a large and still-growing role in the overall community. Maxine has embraced the notion of Drew as a uni-versity and encouraged her gang to open its doors to undergraduates and Caspersen students and to teach Maxine is the architect with faculty from the rest of Drew. On a material level, her tenure has been marked by her ability to raise funds and expand of something still more Seminary Hall.

But for me, Maxine is the architect of something still more worthy—all that takes place inside that building. As you enter to the sounds of an African liberation hymn and place inside Seminary Hall. Maxine is in all of this, as she is in the bookshelves that hold the prodigious publications of the professors, as she is in the continuing improvements of the academic programs and, most, as she is in the hearts of the students.

We are all a little fearful about what Drew will be without Maxine. But it is overpowered by something still greater: The Guide to Global Muslim Culture. A red star made from glitter and cardboard dangled from her neck. Ashley tilted her head and looked up at the grid of hot spots and washes. Ashley is one of 10 students from Newark schools participating in a newly minted Drew theater program that pairs urban teenagers with 14 theater majors from the university.

Classes meet in both locations, but after several snow days, this is the first time Ashley has been on campus. Tonight she and her Drew counterpart, Ashman, will perform an original scene under the bright lamps of the Thomas Kean Black Box. A girl with shaky faith belts out her doubt to a Bible, clapping and rocking as if in a gospel choir. And all the Drew students agreed that they, too, love their cell phones. And, indeed, the Newark kids were surprisingly loose and limber, moving freely about the stage despite the scripts in their hands, effectively evoking beds and tables, pews and park benches, with only a series of black plywood cubes.

And the scripts were good, filled with many memorable moments: But certainly as real a result is the confidence boosting of Jerome Thompson, a baby-faced Newarker with a faux hawk.

Because they enjoyed it. The program is the brainchild of Associate Professor of Theatre Arts Chris Ceraso, dressed tonight in stagehand black, and Rodney Gilbert, a gregarious Drew adjunct who began the class with a lively lesson in taking direction disguised as Simon Says. Four sketches featured cell phones, two Xbox remotes, one a taco, one a Bible, one a set of lamenting lungs. Of the nine skits performed, only the last reflected the harsher experience of inner-city life the coughing lungs belong to a track star with no place to train but a polluted lot , with the other sketches highlighting the generational similarities between the two ostensibly distinct groups.

A native of St. Thomas, Yanique gave a captivating reading in the Caribbean patois of one of her characters, Slick, a St. Croix drug dealer smitten with a woman home from an American college. Into the Forest well describe how the school has changed under her leadership.

Catherine Keller, professor of constructive theology, agrees. She also created an atmosphere where people could say what they thought. We have heard her talking about this being a white institution and needing change. You seldom hear a white leader saying that. More faculty moved their offices into Seminary Hall, and much of the new space provides common areas where students and teachers can meet and discuss and, of course, eat together.

She has also supported and found money for new conferences and scholarship: Faculty members give every impression that Beach will be sorely missed. The Commons Drewids will soon be able to nosh at an outdoor eating space next to the Commons, thanks to a gift from the Class of From January on, Drewids have fanned out doing volunteer work and fundraising for two high-profile natural disasters: Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.

The Drew Disaster Relief crew, together with Centenary College, rolled up sleeves in New Orleans this winter break for the fifth year in a row. Campus Sunny daffodils brightened the campus in late March, a welcome break after a grim, damp winter.

Hall of Sciences This fall, Madison high schoolers can take introductory computer science courses at Drew and, for a modest fee, receive both high school and college credit. Follow him on Twitter at TedAtDrew.

Gibbons, father of the man who built Mead Hall, is this: He was a Southern rice plantation owner; a cantankerous, litigious steamboat magnate; a Federalist mayor of Savannah, Ga. Callender, who outed the relationship in the Richmond Recorder on Sept. The Scots-born Virginia journalist had turned on Jefferson when refused a political appointment.

Poisoned Pen Thomas Gibbons was slinging mud at Jefferson and Hemings around the time he had his own troubles with a servant. But interestingly, Gibbons goes a step further and includes a detail not included in the newspaper account: Around course of life, with the benefits the time the Hemings rumors of a French Education, she is started, Gibbons apparently more lecherous than the other managed to impregnate one beasts of the Monticellian of his own servants.

Stiles, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The First Tycoon, who used the collection in his research. But he was finally convinced the facility needed work when he heard a squirrel scrambling around in the ceiling over his head.

In a significant departure from the current building, certain areas will feature high ceilings,. The still-evolving plans also call for a radical and highly flexible reconfiguration of the space: The snack bar expands and moves out front, where the pool tables are now; the bookstore moves to the Commons to make way for a new lounge with a fireplace sweet!

Environmental stewardship is also steering the project, says Kopas. Massive windows will let in more natural light, and more efficient lighting and ventilation systems will be installed to conserve energy.

Larry Schneider has tasted and served thousands of wines in his career as a sommelier. A year ago Larry Schneider was overseeing the launch of gourmet dining at Yankee Stadium. OK, maybe not so obvious. Although Schneider had little experience as a restaurant manager— wine was his forte—he found himself in perhaps the most prestigious such posting in American dining. From time to time, Schneider found himself tending to the gastronomic whims of club members Billy Crystal, Rudolph Giuliani, Jay-Z and.

The rich black plum, prune and spiciness of clove and black pepper make you demand a rib-eye steak or loin of venison. A sexy wine with layered blue and black fruits. Avalon, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Imagine you are drinking rich Bing cherry juice out of a metal straw and a puff of cocoa powder blows in your face. Molly Dooker, The Boxer. I can drink this while watching a baseball game, which I do often. The Rangers upset number-two seed, St. Vincent, before losing in the semifinals to NYU. Today I compete at the Grand Prix level. Georgina is one of my good friends.

Show jumping looks incredibly dangerous. You have to trust your horse. I want to compete at the highest level, and I want to show in Europe. Ever had a nasty fall? When I was little I got my foot [caught in] the reins. I fell off, and the pony took off and went through all these jumps and fences, and I was dragging behind.

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I was about 5 years old when they recorded that. Where did you meet Queen Latifah? We met about 20 years ago at the First Baptist Church. Her mother was in the choir I directed there, and Dana would come with her. What got Oh Happy Day off the ground? EMI wanted to do a compilation CD with secular artists and choirs. We thank God for everything, but our purpose really is ministry.

Noel Hansch was unable to attend Homecoming weekend last year but hopes all his fellow classmates had a great time. She still makes lovely stained-glass items for friends and family. Christmas brought a lot of news. Along with seeing many old friends, they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at a party hosted by church friends. Cappie reports that she and Bob still stay busy and active.

Florida Cappie sings in the choir, exercises three days a week, enjoys red Hat luncheons and attends her Fortune Hunter Investment Club. Like many of us, she wonders why she has never found her fortune! Eleanor and Walt Gallati started last year with a wonderful cruise to the western Caribbean.

In February they spent a week in Ecuador with relatives, helping out at an orphanage in Quito. Despite problems with the recurrence of an atrial flutter, and later an emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix, the Gallatis stay involved with volunteer work, gardening, card clubs, pottery and reading. They also made a fall visit to Portland, Maine, to see their son and family and a Thanksgiving visit to Portland, Ore. They spend most of their time enjoying their children, grandchildren and their first great-grandchild.

Peg and Howard Sanborn spent several summer weeks at their treasured Maine cottage. Howie reported on their six grandchildren, ranging in age from 7 to I think we should keep an eye on the 7-year-. The first of her 16 grandchildren will be married this summer. Bill Dinsmore writes that he and his wife, Laurie, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year.

Laurie still teaches art to young children, while Bill covers the home front by keeping busy at his church with work from the Christian-education area to the grounds committee to pastoral. Visit your class page at drew. Two of his grandchildren are mulling college acceptances as I write this column. This is true of the Horner family, as well, with one in college and two to go next year.

Perhaps we can report on the final decisions in the next column! Marjorie Freeman Hull reports that she has been happily retired for the last 20 years in Cambridge, Md. It is a small city off Chesapeake Bay. She is involved in an organization that gives historic tours of Cambridge and Lester. She invites any Drewids in town or the area to contact her. Davis passed away in October Classmates, this is our 60th anniversary year!

Does it seem possible? We do hope that some of you will be able to return to campus for our reunion in September. In the meantime, your secretary for all these 60 years very much hopes to receive your news. I have not heard from many of you for far too long. If you want to know what we were doing in , for example, just drop me a line. Celebrating our 55th year since graduation, we were a small but lively group at the September reunion: Pat and Bill Berman from Morrisville, Pa.

We had a fine time talking and reminiscing at meals, walks across the campus and cocktail gatherings. We applauded Dick Hammond for coming all the way from Baton Rouge to his first reunion as he proudly received the year medallion from President Weisbuch at the Golden Oak Luncheon. I used computer data searches to find and then con-. Donna Grivicich retired from teaching, counseling and college administration, and in the s moved from Michigan to Naples, Fla.

Ellie Heffner resides in Lancaster, Mass. She was truly sorry she was not well enough to make the trip to Madison. Howard Thain, with his vocal and piano accomplishments, has spent many years in musical performance. He was truly pleased to learn that the campus has a new center for the arts. Ruth Brown Padawer sent greetings from Roslyn Heights,.

Cliff Edwards sent regards from Richmond, Va. Mary Zoghby Hepburn, mhepburn uga. Ruth Zecchini writes that the past year was remarkable, and hap-. She fell and broke her left hip, which was pinned; subsequently, she needed a total hip replacement. She eagerly looks forward to.

I have had some e-mail correspondence with Sol Gittleman and Nish Najarian. Sol is still teaching at Tufts, his 45th year, and Nish is still going strong and teaching some classes at LIU. Since I am not yet retired, this gives me some consolation.

As most of you probably. Nish proudly reports the birth of his first grandson, which he states keeps him busy. I also have an month-old granddaughter, who is just about the sweetest little thing anyone could imagine. As a result, I can hardly keep my wife home with me! Nish reports that he is still playing golf twice a week, which is more than I can say, having given up both golf and tennis to become a couch potato. Cubby is retired and living in East Stroudsburg, Pa. I received a nice e-mail from John MacLean.

He had open-heart surgery in May but apparently recovered well and started traveling again in the fall. He planned to visit Israel and Jordan in February. He reports seeing some beautiful and historic places on his travels.

This year will be the 55th anniversary for our class reunion now in the fall. I hope to be there, and I look forward to seeing as many classmates as possible. Best wishes to everyone! Bill ottinger, bottinger landispa. Now look to your right. One in three of you will not be here in four years. True to his prediction, the group that graduated was smaller than the one gathered in that room.

The word for next time: They managed a cruise to the Caribbean as well. The Nidas also visited their daughter Anita and family in Virginia.

Daughters Joy and Renee and seven grandchildren round out the Nida family. Dottie Simpfendorfer and Clyde Noyce supported the medical fraternity last year.

Clyde has a pacemaker, had eye surgery, some skin surgery and goes for dialysis three times a week. Granddaughter Samantha was married in August. Dottie and Clyde now live in Arkansas with their daughter, Tina. Ruth Schubert and Roy Haynes continued their biking efforts last year, managing and miles respectively.

The Schubert clan had a family reunion in Virginia in September. Roy can still be found in a corner of the chem lab at Wooster from time to time. Both are active with church duties and community organizations. Gayle Slater Falk has five greatgrandchildren with a sixth on the way. Granddaughter Jessie is a senior at Findlay University in Ohio. Gayle is active in her church, in the herb guild and with concerts and teas.

They saw lots of wildlife. Frank Deodene still puts in about three days a week at the Chatham Bookseller. He has an inventory of more than 21, books listed on the Internet. Daughter Mary works at a bookstore in Peterborough, Canada.

Mary Bouton Wilson traded in her old hips for two new titanium ones. They help Mary carry around and soothe her newest great-granddaughter. Debbie taught him all the right moves. Jean Barbour Peterson is very active, musically speaking, helping out in choruses and a folk orchestra. Lots of active grands, with Katie. Jean went with a family contingent to Costa Rica and visited Drew friends in Florida. David Rein helped with the list of names at the beginning of this column. Patty Kiefer Vander Schaaf and I, your secretary, had an active year on many fronts.

Nathan has been accepted at law school and Mark is a freshman at Rice. I am the treasurer for our residential association and also headed up the stewardship drive at our church. David Hargreaves and his wife, Germaine, moved to Costa rica in November and live in a delightful part of the central valley. He writes that Santa. He is still working in business with his son, thanks to the wonders of the computer and Internet.

He also makes time to travel internationally and to enjoy the small, beautiful country of Costa Rica. He says if any class members want to know about Costa Rica, they can reach him by e-mailing ukinus gmail.

They had lots of fun, saw beautiful scenery and spent a few days in Seattle. Their daughter, Dawn, works with Credit Suisse and did a fantastic job. Jerry continues to serve on their condo board, and Helen is social chair of the condo pool club. Jo Zimmerman Wishart had cataract surgery in November and is enjoying better vision.

I wonder how many of us have had our cataracts removed? I had mine removed in July but have lost a little of my peripheral vision. Is age catching up with us? They also stopped at Peyto Lake and Athabasca Falls and enjoyed the marvels of that part of the world. Llewelyn Pritchard received the prestigious Father Robert F.

Twenty class members and some spouses attended; we were each given a Drew backpack upon arrival. Corridors had scattered small tables where plenty of conversation ensued.

Ben Powell and his wife, Edna, came just for that day, en route to visit grandchildren. For the first time since commencement day, my two roommates and I were back at Drew together: Joan and Geoff continue to enjoy their summer cottage in Maine.

Lorie is a proud new grandmother and works hard to get book bags to kids in need. We each received a beribboned Drew medal, a picture frame and a copy of the senior portion of our Oak Leaves yearbook with the current. One comment from classmates was that more of you should have submitted something.

Following the luncheon, we had our class photograph taken on the beautiful front steps of Mead Hall. Mead Hall truly shines in its restoration. One of the most pleasant features of the weekend was the transportation Drew provided via minibus from the Madison Hotel to the campus.

Roger proudly wore his green beanie dink. After dinner Ken Rowe and I laughingly recalled College Choir tours where we were fed virtually the same meatloaf dinner at each stop. The next year it was all chicken, with the Asian flu hitting many choir members. Last-minute circumstances kept three class members from attending: Like most retirees, she volunteers in her community. On a sad note, Shirley Smith Gilmore passed away in Cincinnati. See In Memoriam, page We extend our deep sympathy to Russ.

I want to go back! Please write your news to the alumni office. You can even do it online. Hello, classmates, from the Caribbean Sea on the way to transit the Panama Canal tomorrow Ken Wilson reported that he had a wonderful afternoon in August visiting Ward Landrigan at his country home in the hills of western Connecticut. I am making progress but still struggling with Facebook, so please send your news to my AOL address! Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Adding to his list of impressive achievements, Paul C. Friday, professor of criminal justice at the University of. North Carolina—Charlotte, was named senior research scholar for his many contributions to working with community-based coalitions.

Paul is the elected chair of the CharlotteMecklenburg Drug Free Coalition, an agency coalition of substanceabuse prevention, treatment and other agencies. Art Valenzuela wrote in November that he has taken a leave of absence th from Georgetown University to enter government service.

He will be receiving an honorary doctorate from Drew at commencement on. Bruce Littman has decided that, after the embarrassment of getting only two points during the alumni fencing match two years ago, he may try to come back strong this year, at age 72, and get maybe three points.

Two of them are deep in the mountains of Colorado. Another daughter, Julianne, has a sweet little girl in Philadelphia, who just recently saw her first snowfall, of 20 inches.

Your corresponding secretary, Allen Hood, spent the fall and winter undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for cancer. I am now recovering nicely and looking forward to more travels with friends and family. National Historical Park and a simple question to ignite a passion to learn about the women of the —78 encampment.

A former Pennsylvania Commonwealth Speaker, Loane has given close to lectures about Martha Washington and other women at the encampment.

Loane hopes that through her book people will acknowledge the work of the women at Valley Forge: The recently established DREWnet site drew. Karin Krueger and Sarah Gordon Weathersby have both left notes on that site. Thornton Ash sent a message saying that when he and his wife, Kathy, moved to Carlisle, Mass. He is in frequent contact with former Hoyt-Bowne roommate Ned Helms, with whom he took many trips to Europe.

Gregory Rood was proud to report that both his children are attending Wakefield University. For the past 25 years, Stephen has been working for Roswell Park Cancer. Frances edwards, kc6thm yahoo. I live with Linda, a wonderful woman I met in Steve Lindahl and his wife, Toni, live outside of Greensboro, N.

Menczer is a publictransportation consultant and an adjunct faculty member at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Since he retired from the U. Department of Transportation headquarters in , he has been providing public-transit consulting services, primarily to PriceWaterhouse-Coopers and teaching for the National Transit Institute a component of Rutgers at various public transportation.

Jane Simpson was very sorry to miss our 35th reunion in September. It coincided with Family Weekend at Bucknell University, where her younger son, Mike, is a freshman, planning to major in animal behavior. Older son, Will, is a junior at the College of Wooster. Wooster is not in Massachusetts as they say in Ohio! Outside of work, she participates in the bell choir at church and continth ues to be an avid reader. Please keep in mind our 35th reunion is in September. I encourage everyone to register on DREWnet, the online community.

In June , she and. She and Russ together have six grandchildren, including identical twin grandsons. While they are primarily empty nesters, they treasure visits from their children, who live in Fort Myers, Fla. Jenny Beaver wrote a book called Container Gardening for California.

It is available on Amazon and at major bookstores. She is finishing another book for the same publisher on edible gardening for California. He was inducted into the college-level National Honor Society and is president of the philosophy club. Jenny and husband, Alan Tolkoff, hope to get back into the real estate business. For several years they were into fixing up and flipping houses and hope to do so again, taking advantage of current opportunities. They had trips to Paris and Rome and visited Buenos Aires,.

Santiago and Montevideo on a cruise to Antarctica. Their son, Andrew, is pursuing graduate studies at Princeton, and their daughter, Aimee, is studying medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Congratulations to Laura and Larry, who celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in ! Tim Sperry thrives as a consultant to natural and organic food producers, and his wife, Lynne Tirrell, is still a professor of philosophy at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

Their son, Matt, is a sophomore at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn. A family highlight was a trip to Ireland. We also heard from Karen Marx and Lloyd Hyman. After both retired in , the Hymans moved from their longtime home in Montgomery, Ala. Kathy is now deputy director of investor education for the Securities and Exchange Commission. She is commuting between Washington, D. Nancy Baughman Csuti and husband, Gene, juggle their regular jobs with running their farm in Granite, Colo.

They bought their first. They had their summer vacation in the Ozarks. By the tone of their holiday letter, Nancy and Gene clearly are very happy in their beautiful, historic mountain home. After firmly deciding that California is the state for him, he is hoping to sell the townhouse he bought while living here in Old Town Alexandria, Va. I hear from Brenda Yanni from New York throughout the year by e-mail. I have run into many of you on Facebook, too many to report here.

Please send me an e-mail with your latest news! Bruce Hershatter also sent a note that Joe Rubacky ran the Marine Corps marathon in under four hours. I also received an e-mail update from Gary saying he has been there for a couple of years. JoAnn Keatz moved to the Boston area in June, is working at MIT as a leadership giving officer and is loving every minute of her new life, before and after 5 p.

She continues to enjoy exploring New England and the greater Boston area, from athletic and cultural endeavors to great restaurants and historic landmarks. Please join JoAnn and other alumni and faculty for planning and th attending upcoming activities in the Boston area. Log on to drew. She would love to hear from anyone living in or visiting the Hub at JoAnnKeatz aol.

Martha Herrmannand I had a spirited e-mail exchange on the merits of some holiday movies out there. Jim Miller checked in with news that he was going to be a grandpa again in March! His new grandson is named Benjamin Ronald Despain.

His brother, Daniel James Despain, is 18 months old. Keep the updates coming! Our 30th anniversary reunion is coming up in September. Keep an eye out for details. Judith Campbell, jcampb aol. Reflections for Healing and Rebuilding after Divorce New. Its portfolio is made up almost entirely of exchange traded funds. A proud homemaker, Lydia is also a novice soccer coach.

At our recent reunion, she enjoyed reminiscing with professors emeriti Vivian Bull and Perry Leavell, as well as Dean Edye Lawler, with whom she studied as a German minor. Speaking of our reunion, I can attest that those who attended seemed to have a great time, especially at the luncheon and dinner in the tent behind Mead Hall. We even got to dance the night away to songs from the s played in our honor! Bill Pezzuti, billpezzuti att. Sherry also writes that last summer she met up with Marc Scarduffa on one of his frequent Washington trips.

They spent the time catching up on work, family and politics. The part-time role is a perfect complement to the full-time work of raising Lilly, 9, Liam, 7, and Luke, 3. After many years home with her own children, Susan Curtin is rejoining the world of earlychildhood education.

As of January, she began teaching pre-K in a small. The hours are ideal, the summers are off and she is looking forward to being appreciated for more than just the ability to chauffeur a minivan. As for her three daughters, ages 8, 11 and 14, they are currently being tutored in the fields of laundry and school lunches. In , Brenda Rhodes ran her first 10K, then a few 5Ks after that.

Installment pledge- pay ments made on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual schedule offer a convenient, budgetfriendly option and can be arrangedthrough Drew or For personal more information, your online please contact Linda DeTitta banking service.

I look forward to hearing your news or catching up on Facebook. It was great to see so many of you at our year reunion last September. Anne is still living in Benicia, Calif. Jackie and her husband, Raul, live in Mountainside, N. She is an emergency-room nurse, and Chris is a manager at Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Their daughter Tiffany is a junior at the University of Central Florida; son Christopher is a senior in high school, being recruited for college baseball; and daughter Faith is in third grade.

During the weekend at Drew, a group of us including Michael Carri , Peter Bunnell and Anne Turner took a tour of Hoyt and met the current students who live in our former dorm rooms. Congratulations to Ed Moed and Kevin Murphy on their alumni achievement awards! Her first book is The Research-Productive Department: Strategies from Departments that Excel Anker, She says her Drew education gave her the foundation she needed to combine her dual passions for science and writing into a dream career.

Keith Feinstein is the partner and owner of Eureka Exhibits. He did casting for a documentary film and secured, among others, Edward Herrmann to narrate the piece. The play was also. After a whirlwind summer of 5K and 8K races and then bed rest, Vanessa Allen Sutherland and her husband welcomed a little girl, Sydney Sutherland, to the world on Aug.

Christina Carlson, cmcarlson optonline. Although the new job comes with a longer commute, Caroline enjoys her new position and the excitement of her new responsibilities. Cassey Allen sent in news of her new position at Razorfish. Since August, Cassey has been working as part of the business development team where she focuses on global marketing initiatives. When not working, Cassey continues to enjoy hikes, cross-country skiing and exploring the Northwest. Cassey keeps in regular touch with Valerie Burdette, who is teaching high school English literature and leading her school ski and snowboard club in Northboro, Mass.

Tyler weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce, and was 19 inches long. Both Heather and her husband, Clayton Abrams, are adjusting happily to parenthood. I continue to miss the fun of working on the Classnotes with a partner. If anyone is interested in. Thank you to everyone who sent in updates via e-mail and Facebook!

Sara Scanga graduated in December with her Ph. She also welcomed a son, Robert Nelson Schirmer, to the family in January. Greg Colonna was promoted to second assistant chief with the Halesite N. Caroline Rugg Garrison moved to Aiken, S. Her third child, Benjamin, was born Jan. She recently opened her own law firm, specializing in the areas of domestic law and court appointments.

Jen Jones received her M. She also maintains her own private psychotherapy practice in Maplewood, N. Last spring, Sara Hall Phillips and husband Joe bought a house. Sara recently began the position of acting deputy director of unemployment compensation for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Lastly, lots of baby news: Daniel Ilaria, dilariaj verizon.

Robert Pasqua and his wife, Jacki, announce the birth of their second child, Vincent James, born Oct. He joins his big sister, Maria Teresa, 21 months. Vincent was 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and 19 inches. Steve Santucci worked on the documentary Morristown: Daari Bristol Daniels and her husband, Jayson W.

Jayson Wynn Daniels Jr. He was 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and 19 inches long. He was their own miracle on the Hudson! Andy, named in part as a tribute to their alma mater, joins his big sister, Lane, 2. Andy also has two Drew alums as an aunt and uncle: Jessica, Eric and their family are enjoying life in Boston. Eric has been working for RBC Capital Markets for about three years now, and Jessica is taking a break from the workforce to raise their children.

On March 30, , Emily. Margaret Wohltmann, margaret wohltmann hotmail. Many little Drewlers were born in the fall of Jake weighed 9 pounds, 1 ounce, and was 22 inches long. He joins older brother Josh, 4, and sister Grace, 2. On September 26, Laura Wood-. Both mom and baby are happy and healthy and doing very well! She weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces, and was 20 inches. The family lives in Yardley, Pa. Chelsea Hoffman Pashen and her wife, Rikki Pashen, also had a daughter.

Carrie Frances Pashen was born November 4. Chelsea reports that all is well, as they try to catch up on sleep. Her name is Clare Hudson Csaszar. Justin Serpone was married on Aug. The couple is now living in Longmeadow, Mass. See photo, page They honeymooned in Scotland and now live in Brookline, Mass. Finally, congratulations to Maria E. Perez, who reported that she is halfway done with her pediatric gastroenterology fellowship and just recently found out that she passed her pediatric boards!

Ambre Tousley Dailey loves living in California with her dog and is very happy working at the Marin Literacy Program as coordinator of the F.

Paige Miller Hackett was married on Aug. Stacy Perlstein Gallin and her husband, Stuart Gallin, who is currently a doctor of medical humanities student at Drew, welcomed their first child, Ethan Matthew Gallin, on Oct. Allison Weigang and Douglas Silvestro were married in Carolyn Zimatore and Matt Dreher were married on campus on June 20, Carolyn is a college relations and diversity associate at Penguin Group. Matt is the director of distributor marketing at Rainbow Media Holdings.

He is now devoting his time to the abolition of the death penalty in Connecticut; his interest stems from the murder of his son 25 years ago. Barry welcomes e-mails from his fellow classmates, revbarrylamber2 hotmail. Check out the trail-. Thomas Episcopal Church in Taunton, Mass. Jeffrey was ordained to the Unitarian Universalist ministry in January , by the congregation of Community.

The Drew community and its alumni associations extend their heartfelt sympathy to the families and friends of those alumni and members of the Drew community listed.

Our ranks are diminished by their loss. Unitarian Church at White Plains, N. Kathe plans to continue. Linda had presented her preliminary research at the SBL meeting in Baltimore. He will be lecturing about homiletics. Past attendees included the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jakes and, in , Barack Obama. Simpson taking some students to the conference for an intensive when she was a theological student. Toward a Phenomenology of Exile Gorgias Press, , a study of the perceptions of the Exile in the book of Jeremiah, suggesting that the varied materials in the book represent something of the range of options available for understanding the Exile. Janet retired from Drew as a professor of English. Her son is the executive vice president of Princeton University.

Creation and Anxiety, is due to be published by Continuum in June See story at right. That was true at Shaw University, at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School and at Drew, where he received a doctor of philosophy degree in classical theology. But it was most obvious at Howard University, which he led for two decades.

Cheek, who died Jan. His meteoric rise in higher education did not surprise his professors at Drew, according to Robert Bull, professor emeritus of church history and archaeology. He is survived by his wife, Celestine; a son, James Jr.

Moss; daughters, Judith Watson and Deborah J. Breitenbach; nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He became a psychologist. Joe Taylor embarked on Husband. Museum many pursuits after retiring as staffer.

But a surprise awaited. Frazer passed it along death, at age 94, on Dec. It opened up our world. He attempted to make light of the experience, but the memory obviously rankled. Taylor decided to take a train to Madison after the morning session, play and return to Philadelphia.

Taylor won his match and saved up the money. Yet rather than repay the loan, he used it to take his girl to the senior prom. Worse, he denied The —37 varsity tennis team, him a varsity-letter sweater. See story, page I lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia for a. My mother was born and raised there. Other than that, I spent basically my whole life here in Mexico before going to college.

I was looking to study physics. For some reason Drew always stuck out in my mind. My mother said she had a dream, and Drew seemed like the place. It seems kind of supernatural at times why I ended up there. What was really important to me was the transparency of painting,. I realized that the human mind has this capability of recognizing through symbols things that are so much greater than symbols. When I got back to Mexico, it was just when all the decapitated people started showing up.

I could recognize in a severed head a whole body and at the same time recognize a whole person. The Roman Catholic Church glorifies death. We have these very rich traditions in Mexico. Art is more of a search through process than an imposition of an. I think it was de Kooning who said that oil paints were made to represent the flesh.

Paul was the embodiment of all Eye Candy Every time I open the magazine I find myself drawn to the creative and intriguing photography. These alumni will be honored for their outstanding contributions to Drew athletics. Spring 5 Into the Forest A girl with shaky faith belts out her doubt to a Bible, clapping and rocking as if in a gospel choir.

Drew students and high schoolers shuttled between campus and Newark. Making Her Debut Peter Murphy. Bill Cardoni; Shelley Kusnetz The program is the brainchild of Associate Professor of Theatre Arts Chris Ceraso, dressed tonight in stagehand black, and Rodney Gilbert, a gregarious Drew adjunct who began the class with a lively lesson in taking direction disguised as Simon Says.

Spring 7 Into the Forest well describe how the school has changed under her leadership. Various units available, offering single story space, direct tenant access and utility control. Ample on site parking. Large exterior open area available for either day care, recreation, school, or? Walking distance to small shopping center with restaurants, near municipal building and train station.

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