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Trying to find a girl that wants to have some fun

Trying to find a girl that wants to have some fun

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I want some one who is honest and doesn't play games, likeing, open minded, likes to have but can be seriouse when needed I am NOT tp super model, Adult seeking casual sex Glorieta if that's what ur seeking for keep seeking. Really need something soon So I am waiting for someone atleast somewhat attractive to have some fun with today. This can be easy and more than satifying. Sexy couple ot sex encounters Hillsboro I am sorry you have the cancer and I know you'll beat it and still be as beautiful as always. Filter show m4w I ran into you a few times you were with another boy.

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Trying to find a girl that wants to have some fun

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Let's Trying to find a girl that wants to have some fun this morning, ok. Just seeking for 1 regular thing.

Old female looking to settle down with just the right man. I am in my late lesbi. Lil' Wayne 4) All Falls Down by Kanye West (oh how I miss the old Kanye West where he was producing the greatest tracks and making real hip-hop music) 5) Ordinary Miracle by Sarah McLachlan (what an amazing voice. I'll get you another, he says as he takes the glass from your hand. Pure and simple. Also this is for NSA and no gay guys or bi don't care not into that.

Government ranks 18 US volcanoes as 'very high threat' Oct Protesters in Germany block tracks to disputed coal mine. All you need to know about hurricanes. Google app tested in Venezuela takes swipe at press censors. Latest Technology Video 0: Apple iPhone XR hits stores worldwide. Apple and Samsung fined in Italy for slowing down older phones. Amazon opens its third Go Store.

Instagram is now the most popular social media platform among teens. Elon Musk's hyperloop takes a big step forward. Apple releases the iPhone XR. Google launches next generation smartphones. Self-driving cars in Paris. YouTube goes down worldwide for about an hour. Facebook tests un-send button for its Messenger app. Samsung announces new flip phone.

Latest Technology Headlines 3h ago. China's private satellite-carrying rocket fails after launch The first attempt by a private Chinese company to send a rocket into space has failed.

Wall Street sours on Silicon Valley, battering tech stocks Once-golden technology stocks quickly losing their luster with leery investors. Protesters in Germany block tracks to disputed coal mine Protesters in western Germany are demonstrating against a large lignite strip mine in western Germany, with a group of activists occupying a coal Cry me a river: Low water levels causing chaos in Germany A hot, dry summer has left German waterways at record low levels, causing chaos for the inland shipping industry, environmental damage and billions of GM proposes nationwide zero-emissions vehicle sales mandate General Motors says it will ask the federal government for one national gas mileage standard, including a requirement that a percentage of auto Microsoft to keep working with US military, despite concerns Microsoft vows to keep providing technology to US military, overriding the concerns about artificial intelligence killing people.

Virgin Orbit mates rocket to jet for airborne launch system Southern California-based Virgin Orbit attaches rocket to carrier aircraft in milestone for development of its airborne orbital launch system. California agrees to delay enforcing net-neutrality law California Attorney General Xavier Becerra says he won't enforce the nation's toughest state-level net-neutrality law when it takes effect in January.

US says no radiation released in steam leak at nuclear site U. Washington state nuke site returning to normal Employees at a nuclear weapons production site in Washington state who were ordered to stay inside when steam escaped from a tunnel containing Facebook removes Iran-linked accounts spreading false info Facebook says it has removed 82 pages, accounts and groups linked to Iran from its service and from Instagram for engaging in what the company calls UK fracking firm Cuadrilla pauses drilling after tremor The only firm drilling for shale gas in Britain has temporarily suspended fracking after a mild earthquake.

Lawmaker sued for banning 2 constituents from Facebook page Rep. Jim Walsh has been sued by two constituents who argue their First Amendment rights are being violated because they've been banned from commenting As risks outweigh growth, Wall Street looks for value Risk versus reward for high-growth stocks; a new calculous on Wall Street knocks stock darlings down a peg, maybe more. Apple iPhone XR hits stores worldwide Apple's latest smartphone has positive reviews and a low price point.

Google app tested in Venezuela takes swipe at press censors Google has unveiled a tool meant to help fight against press censorship around the world, testing it first in Venezuela, where journalists say they're Google reveals 48 employees fired for sexual harassment Google has revealed that it has fired 48 employees for sexual harassment during the past two years and sent them away without a severance package. China building boom uncovers buried dinosaurs, makes a star China's rapid city building has churned up a motherlode of dinosaur fossils, and no one has seized the scientific opportunity more than one Oregon governor joins other states in offshore drilling ban Oregon Gov.

Kate Brown has issued an executive order blocking offshore drilling. Water out of thin air: Google corporate parent's 3Q disappoints jittery investors Google corporate parent releases 3rd-quarter report that adds to investor anxiety about future prospects. Jerry Brown has been named executive chairman of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a group that measures manmade threats to human Government ranks 18 US volcanoes as 'very high threat' A federal agency is updating the threat from US volcanoes, finding a dozen of them have increased in danger.

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Europe backs own space launchers amid growing competition Major European countries are backing a new generation of home-grown launchers amid growing competition from private space companies and developing Trump to develop national strategy on '5G' wireless networks Trump to develop national strategy on '5G' wireless networks.

Russian rocket lifts off for 1st time since failure A Russian Soyuz rocket put a military sattelite into orbit. Egyptian archaeologists find parts of pharaoh's booth Egyptian archaeologists uncover parts of booth with seat belonging to famous pharaoh Ramses II.

Twitter user numbers fall but profit soars Wall Street OK with massive user purge at Twitter, shares soar. Google abandons Berlin campus plan after locals protest The internet giant confirmed reports it will sublet its building to charities. Nokia cuts more jobs as high-speed network deals come slowly Telecom networks provider Nokia reports lower third-quarter earnings, says it will start a new cost-cutting scheme as it waits for demand to pick up. Apple and Samsung fined in Italy for slowing down older phones The phones were found to slow down when newer operating systems were downloaded.

Microsoft's fiscal 1Q shines with help from new bright spots Microsoft expansion into online software subscriptions, website propel fiscal 1st-quarter performance.

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Pictures of the year Jan 3. This Week in Pictures Winter brings beautiful scenes of snow and ice.

Technology and Science News - ABC News

Then, ask her name and keep the conversation going. Try a situational opener. Depending on where you are, you might start a conversation by pointing out something around you. For example, if there is music playing you can ask "Do you know who sings this song? Don't try too hard to memorize pickup lines or work from some script. It will only clog up your brain and make it hard to have a comfortable conversation. Don't be afraid to fail or get shot down.

The only way to get better at talking to women is to practice until you get comfortable doing it. Once you have a little success, you will start to build more confidence and find that approaching girls is not as hard as you once believed.

Listen to what she is saying. Converse with her by asking questions and making comments about what she is saying. You should always go the extra mile to keep the conversation going if you are interested.

Ask open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer to keep her talking more and telling you more about herself. For example, instead of asking if she likes music, ask "Who are your favorite musicians?

Don't go looking around at other girls, or the room, or even your cell phone. If you make positive noises, like "uh huh" or "right" during her pauses it will prevent you from seeming cold and encourage her to keep talking. It doesn't matter what you say as long as she feels like she keeps hearing more reasons to talk to you. Be funny, or let her see your life is exciting, or that you are incredibly smart, or successful or romantic. If you can keep showing her you possess positive qualities and bring them to the conversation, she will be anxious to keep you around and learn more about you.

You might be a total tough guy and maybe it has worked for you in the past. A girl may need to see that there is more to a guy before she is attracted to him. Even if you don't really think you have a soft side, you may need to show her one. Talk about something that made you sad, or when you tried to do the right thing but failed. Find a story about yourself that will let her feel she is getting to know the real you and show her you have an emotional side. Don't be an open book.

While it is good to open up, know when to shut it down. You don't want to talk too much about your shortcomings, or bring a negative tone to the conversation. Talk about what you really care most about and let her see how much it matters to you.

Women are more likely to be attracted to a man that is driven, has a purpose, and knows what he wants from life. You can talk about places you really want to travel to and where you have been. Talk about how much you love doing what you do. You can even be very passionate about music, books, painting or skydiving. Bring up whatever it is that really matters to you. Show her she matters. Being the center of attention makes a person feel good.

Try complimenting her, perhaps notice her hair, or the way she laughs, or something she has done that has impressed you. You can also try giving her a nickname. Something fun and playful can help ease the tension and build a connection. This helps to reassure her that she is the center of your attention and lets her know you're actually listening. One of the biggest mistakes guys make is to soften up too much around women. You don't need to act hard or macho to be seen as an alpha male. Keep your eyes up.

Don't look at the floor. This can project insecurities and a lack of confidence. Keeping your chin up projects pride and confidence which is more likely to appeal to a woman. Make your intentions clear. You don't have to say something blunt like, "I want you. Do this early on in your conversation so she knows what you are looking for.

Don't be afraid to put your hand on her back, or touch her gently on the hands. You don't want to make any moves that are too aggressive, but be an alpha male by letting her know your intentions. Be sure to judge her reactions. If she seems uncomfortable, don't push it. Be a positive force. Have the same energy that she has during the conversation. Slightly more energy is okay, too.

Even if she rejects you, remain upbeat. She may come around to seeing things your way but if she doesn't, just let it go——don't be a stalker. Showing that you are man enough to handle her decision and still be confident and happy will likely impress her. Play hard to get. Leave a bit of uncertainty about your interest in her. Women will tend to think about men more when they are not sure how much a man likes her.

If you can let her know you're interested, but make her wonder exactly how interested you are, she will likely have trouble getting your encounter out of her head. Tell her you really want to take her out, but you're so busy lately that you can't make any promises. This makes you seem important and in demand. That you have a full and interesting life. That you like her, but that she will have to work to win you.

Suddenly she finds herself the pursuer in the relationship and you are something to obtain. Ask her to leave with you. Read her body language. If a woman is facing you most of the time, you have her interest. If she is turning her head often to check out the rest of the room, then she is probably looking at other options.

A woman's body facing a room full of people is an unconscious way of appearing available, whereas a woman that is facing you, is focused on you. Watch the area between your bodies. If she is holding her purse or jacket in between you, then she is creating a barrier.

It could mean that she is a guarded person, or that she is not quite sure about you yet. Either way, you should know it might be a sign that might not be turned on.

If she is creeping in on your personal space, there is a good chance she is doing it intentionally. Just be sure you aren't the one who is actually moving closer. If she has no interest in you, she won't be sharing an embarrassing story from her past.

Even if she isn't sharing anything too deep or personal, if she is opening up at all, you're doing something right. Notice when she touches you. If a girl is not into you, she won't have any desire to put her hands on you. Be sure to touch her back in a similar fashion.

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