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Valentine date for tonight

Valentine date for tonight

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Valentine date for tonight

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This emotionally gripping examination of a marriage on the rocks isn't always easy to watch, but Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling give performances of unusual depth and power. See it for [Ryan] Gosling and [Michelle] Williams, but be advised: Blue Valentine has a rare emotional intensity. There is no way to prepare for its final frames, inevitable as they are. A searing portrait of the disintegration of not just a marriage but, more importantly, the love that once fueled it.

An autopsy of a failed marriage, it contrasts the giddy honeymoon beginning with the sad denouement after dysfunction has devastated the groundwork of hope and newness. The film is non-illuminating. It depresses you but doesn't change your life. As adult relationship dramas go [ Williams's beautiful performance is played nicely off Gosling's remarkably vulnerable performance yielding a timeless portrayal of love, romance, agony and despair.

Though difficult and never exactly enjoyable, Cianfrance's compelling and superbly acted film is still a rewarding and thought-provoking experience. The careful pacing and three-dimensional characters are what makes this drama so realistic and involving, a wonderful and sincere portrait of a relationship in collapse and how the weight of real life can irremediably damage the happy-end dream for a couple living together.

Back in when Ryan Gosling was still a relative unknown, he caught a break by starring in a little love story called The Notebook. It was a huge hit among the ladies and he charmed the knickers off many a bored housewife. Needless to say, Gosling became a star overnight and he developed a very enthusiastic female fanbase. Try asking a lot of women, or even some men for that matter, what they think is a good romantic movie and The Notebook will generally get a shout-out.

As a little social experiment, I'd like to offer up an alternative to those who love Gosling, The Notebook and those who love to see romance triumph over adversity by suggesting they watch Blue Valentine. Dean Ryan Gosling and Cindy Michelle Williams are a young, working class couple who finds themselves at a testing juncture in their marriage. Cindy has ambitions and looking for more from life while Dean has remained the same person and shows little chance of changing.

This puts a lot of pressure on their relationship as resentment and bitterness begin to appear and the dissolution of their marriage becomes an inevitability. Apparently borrowing from the Tom Waits album of the same name, Derek Cianfrance's Blue Valentine is a perfectly fitting title. It's a contradiction in terms of how something can be so sweet and beautiful yet also so cruel and depressing.

That is the tone and exploration of Cianfrance's tragic love story. As we are introduced to the lives of Dean and Cindy we witness their courtship and their marriage while it's juxtaposed with their breakup. The earlier moments of their relationship is filled with happiness, hope and genuine love and affection while the latter times are so deeply painful and emotionally devastating.

The real stroke of genius here, though, is in Cianfrance's decision to avoid a linear structure. He intercuts with opposing time-frames which allows him to dissect the whole meat and bones of these two characters' lives together with a detailed analysis of events and behaviours. As a result of the non-linear approach we, as viewers, are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and given a fly-on-the-wall experience of this affair that's told with an unflinching realism.

Alongside co-writer's Joey Curtis and Cami Delavigne, Cianfrance achieves a meticulous balance to the film. It could have been so easy to side with one character or the other but as we see these people warts and all we come to understand that neither one of them is solely to blame for the breakdown of their relationship.

I found myself taking it from a male perspective and seeing Cindy as cold, distant and unloving but then I could see it from her perspective and how Dean refused to grow or challenge himself. As Cindy wants more for her life and career, Dean is content with simply being a husband and father. Neither one is in the wrong but, unfortunately, they become incompatible due to their individual wants and differing needs.

In order for it all to come together, though, it demands commited performances. And that's exactly what we get from Gosling and Williams.

The verisimilitude of this relationship is owed to the magnificent work that two leads put into it. In order to achieve the requisite authenticity, Gosling and Williams improvised a lot of their lines and even rented an apartment together for a month where they shared the stresses of daily life by living within the same meagre budget of their characters, going shopping, cooking meals, sharing the same bathroom and exploring different ways of picking fights with each other.

Their commitment and approach to the roles really pays off and they are entirely convincing in their fluctuating ranges of emotion. Williams was rightly afforded an Oscar nomination for her work losing out to Natalie Portman for Black Swan but Gosling was disgracefully overlooked.

This is one of those films where the performances are inseparable and it remains some of the very finest work both Williams and Gosling have delivered. A very bleak but tender anatomy of a relationship that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Boasting extraordinary performances from the leads, it's so sobering and realistically depicted that it's uncomfortable to watch. Never have I seen a relationship on screen that's depicted with such brutal honesty with a simple viewing being enough to save some couples a fortune in relationship counselling.

It may not be the best film for a romantic evening with your other half but it's the best film about the challenges that a long term relationship brings.

Outstanding work by all involved. Brilliant drama, Blue Valentine manages to really set the tone of an atmospheric picture that is elevated by a strong cast of talented actors that simply possesses great chemistry on-screen. Directed by Derek Cianfrance, a director who is skilled at crafting, thought provoking, absorbing dramas, successfully delivers a film that is powerful, and boasts a great story that is only elevated by its cast. That's what makes this movie work well, the simple story, which is basic, and it is build upon, these two actors who really stand out due to the fact that they're superbly talented and bring out the best elements.

The film is well paced, and though it is a bit slow, you are simply captivated at what the characters go through as they're very well fleshed out, and you care for both of them. Also I found the film had a melancholic atmosphere that lingered throughout, therefore it brought you deeper into the film's story. However Blue Valentine is a film that breaks the cycle, and offers you something truly different.

By telling a simple story, Derek Cianfrance goes a different route, and he tells a real story that follows two people that can really be anyone. His style is terrific, his sense of filmmaking is unique an unmatched, and he would later perfect his skills on the masterpiece, The Place Beyond the Pines.

If you enjoy an engaging drama that tells a great story, you definitely shouldn't pass up Blue Valentine. This film stands out among other genre films simply for the fact that it has a powerful story and great performances. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Season 7 Black Lightning: Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 4 The Deuce: Season 2 Doctor Who: Season 11 The Flash: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Season 4 This Is Us: Season 3 The Walking Dead: Weekend Box Office Results: Corpse Bride , Nekromantik.

View All Photos A complex portrait of a contemporary American marriage, "Blue Valentine" tells the story of David and Cindy, a couple who have been together for several years but who are at an impasse in their relationship. While Cindy has blossomed into a woman with opportunities and options, David is still the same person he was when they met, and he is unable to accept either Cindy's growth or his lack of it.

Innovatively structured, the narrative unfolds in two distinct time frames, juxtaposing scenes of first love and youthful sexuality with those of disenchantment and discord. Andrij Parekh , Derek Cianfrance. Ryan Gosling as Dean.

Michelle Williams as Cindy. Faith Wladyka as Frankie. John Doman as Jerry. Mike Vogel as Bobby. Marshall Johnson as Marshall. Jen Jones as Gramma. Maryann Plunkett as Glenda. James Benatti as Jamie. Barbara Troy as Jo. Carey Westbrook as Charley. Ben Shenkman as Dr. Eileen Rosen as Mimi. Enid Graham as Professor. Ashley Gurnari as Checker.

Jack Parshutich as Billy. Samii Ryan as Amanda. Mark Benginia as Concierge. Timothy Liveright as Doctor. Tamara Torres as Maria. Robert Russell as Justice of the Peace. Michelle Nagy as Music Teacher. Felicia Reid as Nurse. Mel Jurdem as Old Man. Alan Malkin as Cab Driver. Derik Belanger as Tony. Isabella Frigoletto as Child 1.

Madison Ledergerber as Child 2.

Valentine’s Day | Tonight's Better Together

Or do you want to keep the flame going in your relationship and could use some creative ideas? Wherever your marriage is at, we have come up with 50 some fun, some sexy, some thought provoking, but all romantic questions to ask each other on date night. Find a quiet place, get comfy, light some candles, follow the instructions below and let the conversation begin!

Print, cut, fold each question and place them in the bowl, times two one bowl with the 50 questions for you and one for your partner. Take turns pulling questions from your bowls and answering them.

Keep in mind that these are great conversation starters. Bring back those feelings of excitement — minus the awkwardness, uncertainty, and nervousness — and spend a night walking down memory lane together.

Here are a few things to think about as you go about re-planning your first date night: What time of the day was it? Was it in the morning, afternoon, or night? Try to plan it around the same time. What were you wearing?

How did you do your hair? Were you wearing a summer dress? Where did you go? Plan ahead and make reservations. What did you do? Think back to every detail of that night and how you can replicate it. Were there flowers, chocolates, or other small gifts?

What conversations did you …. Forget the traditional Hallmark card and do something that will be a simple and sweet gesture for your special occasion. This is one of my favorite February 14th ideas my husband has done. Buy simple and small cards. You want to be careful of rambling and you want them all to be meaningful. Choosing a theme makes it easy. It takes about an hour or two to get through the list, and every couple needs to do this 8 Apps Every Couple Should Be Using 8 Apps Every Couple Should Be Using These apps are bound to help you out with your significant other -- they range from staying in touch, to trying new things, and everything in between.

Give them a shot! How in sync are you and your partner? To find out, try this cool app that sends you a short quiz daily. Each day, the app asks five questions. Pick from the multiple-choice answers, or add a custom note. There are things you might fantasize about doing with your partner but are too shy to bring up. Both you and your partner install the app and add each other.

Go through the free Starter Pack of Kindu cards to see fantasies like cooking a romantic dinner or giving a sensuous massage.

And yeah, you can make a custom card of your own too. Kindu for Android iPhone and iPad Free. Fire it up in a desktop or mobile web browser and start playing. Some people don't recognize this particular celebration of all things love and romance at all, due to either their religious beliefs, country Back then poems were used in order to help the story contained within them to be memorized Read More quickly too.

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romantic date ideas so you can plan the perfect Valentine's Date! Spin the dial to see what sexy Valentine's surprise awaits you tonight!. Although I wanted to yell "GIRL, I AIN'T WITH NO MAN TONIGHT," I . I went on a Valentine's date with myself and the restaurant staff must. Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The holiday can also be a stressful time since the pressure is on to see which partner can come up with the most romantic date night. To top the night off, plan a nice little something special.