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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Welfare Mlabter Leoia Certle aald. C drama festival award for one-act plays. Tt a the first play I've ever been In but It wont be the last. When 1 finish my stretch. I'm going back to night school, then on to university. A degree In drama. T think this and other types of experimental programs sre part of the future In the field of Ref o rm. It was a performance for professional tastes.

Former Institute librarian Holland had the answer. President Kennedy engages Soviet first lady. Nina Khrushchev, in conversation during glittering social function at summit. The minister said work will not begin before the AS fiscal year, startlpg April 1 next year, and win he spread over a period of "two or three years. SflOjOOO for construction of a new terminal building at Patricia Bay airport and other projects Including extension of the main runway end building a new apron.

Tendera for two Cana dlnn Marine Service cutters for air-sea rescue work la B C waters are to be called shortly by Ottawa. Ken Body or usT" With a grin. Khrushchev BQddsil towards Jackie - stalely and beautiful In a long white gown—and replied: Kennedy found a hd to talk, about with Mrs. It looked aMl as friendly as two neighbors talk tng over the back fence. Sure of himself as always. Khrushchm barged good natu redly from group to group.

Laughing and italic ulatlng with both hands he shouldered his way in to talk to Jacqueline Kennedy again. At one point, ato put her gloved hand over her mouth end feigned emazr went as he deveteped one Jtory.

When he came to the punch fine, she threw back her head and laughed hard Kennedy Interrupted once If he wv applauding the Bolshoi Billet back home. When the party ended every body seemed sorry.

Khmatachev has threatened together six hours, with part t 0 uke measures seeking to of that time taken by luncheon drive the British. French and and a session In which their Americans out of Berlin. Reason given or the move! By Koreans Johnson Street bridge, leaving vessels in danger of being romp lately bottled up la event of a mishap Involving the bridge. Scotland Yard identified him aa John Hall.

When A hush fell over the party two pursuing officers caught aa Vienna'a world famed Phil U p with him he blazed away harmonic Orchestra launched Then he dashed on. Kennedy listened wide through a kitchen where a eyed and ft wai she who ap woman was reading to her pJauded longer than anyone granddaughter else He e scap e d In a small truck Khrushchev, buoyant and and was at liberty until traced slightly perspiring, flapped as to ihe telephone booth.

Khar la Khrushchev turned wrious aa mov said: President Kennedy comment on the Toronto build- found a lot to talk about wllh nf rtrtkp The president of Mra. E i Mortimon mprlird Campbell mid. Urn Jamra pointed out the technical akilla of the atafe can be learned.

Makeup waa noticed where It had to be: Goldatream Indian village co-operative, which recently completed Its first year, Is planning to paddle the famous weatherproof band-knitted product on the Continent and In Britain Yachtsmen will alao be a target of the aales campaign. John G unwell, lone long-distance tailor, wean a Cowichan sweater. One sweater has recently been on show In B. Gokhtrtam co-operative was organized in by a grout of Indian knitters and craftanrn and their non-Indian friends Their aim waa to smooth out the conditions that made Hfe difficult for knit tars: The co-operative was financed partly by the sale of shares to members, partly by borrowing money from supporters: This was the first co-operative of Its kind to be partly financed by the branch.

And the prospects look bright. Rainmaker festival adjudicator Ftorencs Jamas las! From their expressions, these two don't exactly agree with this policy. Sign In the foreground has been put up by the owner of these ponies, not because he wants to keep them underprivileged but because It pisyl maker" I Ring. The co-operative pays cash to knitters—always the same price throughout the year.

Formerly, same knitters had to accept payment in groceries. Sometimes—when demand was low—they were squeezed down to starvation prices. For the first time, the co-operative has an all-Indian board of directors: Ellwood Modest, of Kokallah: Louise Underwood, chief of the Cowichans: Norman Joe and Mrs.

Alfred Louie, Ladysmith, Mrs. Hit confined ihatplant did iroup itUI faifillt Its well to veil tha I toon ihey original functien--wt an not were reading before other trying ta teach them to be amateur theatre group, actors. In the award Mr Holland laid he received winning pUy.

Nowadayi they're genuine without those latter with St. It can be gently washed, but should never be dry-cleaned. I would he hterestrd to hear, by the way.

D u ogloa Rotary 'lob. Dees Making toatolk beverogea have any effnel an H? Whatever the cause, alcoheltr beverages usually j have an unfavorable effect. WsoU you wriaa about What la a sty? Eat right; live right. Next, hot com p r es ses may hasten the formation of a head. Third, this bead then con ba nicked.

It rs d uosa the painful I pressure. This means that the staph germ has worked Its way tnto one of the tiny glands of the skin and a battle royal la going on to tween the germs and the protective cells of your blood. I APl —j Matthew Bobalsky, Who was to sit on President Adolf Schaerfa right? Shoulder to shoulder and ego to ego.

Khrushchev on Schaerf's right—at dinner. Rut at the gala aolree which followed the dinner. The protocol department also aettied the. It was a cold one. More thaa ISO pemoa. Portugal has been steadily building up forces In the territory for tha atari of a big operation to wipe out tha revolt, which began early in February.

Vt bomber which streaked across! It was a different crew from the one which flew the needle nosed bomber from New York to Paris May 26 In three hours, i 19 mtnutas. Choose your style, your color snd design at the pries you want to pay. First, she said, she is going The company aald the giant to marry her sweetheart.

Uncom firmed reports told of mass arrests and torture. The reports said at least 1. He spent It on fail sports cars, polo ponies, and yachts and there was plenty left. Worried about your hear-j tng? Seek professional j counsel now.

If a hearing aid is Indicated, wear it! Editor litChtef iVlPr emlar Verwoerd a message of goodwill on the occasion of South Africa a u sumption of republican status outside the Commonwealth.

I wonder how Mr. He could be excused If ha thought the goodwill a rather anomalous reversion of the events that caused South Africa's withdraws! Some proce e dings are bound to be in private. They may sometimes have to take unpopular decisions, even decisions to which there is strong local opposition. Aa in pri vata Ufe. It ia much more diffl- cuh for a nation to keep Ita allies.

This thought may com fort Mr, Verwoerd and Mr. Some day they may ait together again at tha family table. Where Isolation is not i tac- , , tor. Intellectuals flee Iron om 1 situation offers acme ad last yeer was preceded by a The mounting proure In another's company, prafsasora ntagea to Moscow.

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Sparks proposed the moat to the bride. The newlyweds art honey mooning in Portland. J and Hls Excellency' Dr. AU were In The bride la the daughter of dr —a es of lilac fashioned with Mr. Bur bouffant skirts and scoop neck nett. They wort headdresses was given In marriage by her of lilac velvet bows, and car- father. Framing Ushers were Mr. Donald Butler the scooped neckline of the i and Mr.

Harrison In First Baptlat Church. Also hare ware Mr. Tunla and family of Santtle; Mr Kan Murchison. Cunningham all of Vancouvsr; Mrs. Owen and family and Mrs. Wilkin son of Richmond: Cameron and Miss D. Morgans will make their home at 21S8 Laos downs Road. Sunder land, grandparents of the hride. Rea and eon Tarry. Stone left Salt Spring Island laat week en route to her home in Newmarket. Stone has been in British Columbia during the past three months visiting her sisters. Walter Ellers, who have a sum- on England.

She leaves from Van- mer home at Langford Lake. Miss couver on the Ss. Travelling with Misa sea, Hants, parents of Mra. Moore will visit her aon-in-law and daughter, Mr. Jack Campbell at their home in Portage la Prairie, Man.

Party waa held at bar homa on Aahdowne Road. Upon arrival, the brldeelect waa presented with a corsago of pink roaea and carnatlona. Clfta were ooncaalad In an umbrella decorated In pink and white. Rafnahmanu were aerved and bnateaa waa assisted hy Mra.

Wood and her groom la iha aon ol Wonds orrhosfr. CbentlUy lace over net and y lla T 'J 1!! Underwood and the Misses Patsy Ann Noon. Ttili wai an outdoor com petition for Girl Guide Pal run and waa won by Fort Camosun Division with Juan de Furs and Lady Douglas Divisions lying for second place The challenge, which waa un known to the patrols until Saturday, wai to follow com pass lines through heaw Each member will receive a brush from the base of Mount!

Once there, in the alumnae. Miss M each patrol had to prepare and Thompson, newly-appointed di- cook a iwecourm hoi meal. A rector of nursing at the hoa nature game on tree identifies pllal will be guest of honor. H Hoffman of Canges, Mr. Nine members were; present.

Plana were made for a fall bazaar and coffee parly. Juna 16 from 3 to 5 p. Our very own technique of tapering only the tips of each arid every strand to release your raged in cur! And if you like more curl than nature gave you. George Brown, 19 Lotus Avenue; the groom la the son of Mra. Fennell are moving to Sayward, B. Gary Griffiths were married recently in St. McHaffle of Quallcum, and the groom la the son of Mr. Sabiston is the former Carole Diane Slater, daughter of Mr.

Carnarvon Street, and the groom is the son of Mrs. Elliott and the late Mr. Don Fish of Vancouver, best man. Allan Lyon, usher, and brideamatron. Duffy, and Patrick Smith. The bride is the former VBlerfe Joanne, daughter of Mr. I FO James U. Comer cut their wedding cake at the reception following their marriage at First Baptist Church. Comer is the former Margaret Lou, daughter of Mr. Michael Graham tianna pictured at the reception The bride's two sisters. Paula, left, following their marriage which took place recently In St.

The bride is the former Jennifer Carter qqet after they had fulfilled their Stokes, daughter of Mr. Stokes of Saltford, roles as bridal attendants. The bride Bristol, England. Is Cornelia, eldest daughter of Mr. John Tol, McBriar, and her groom, Mr. John van der Woude. Paul's Woude of Port Kells, B.

The wed- Naval and Garrison Church, Eaquimalt. Redmond of Edmonton and Mrs. Her cor sage ni of pink roses. Chester Price proposed the toast. Bridal table was centred with a redding cake topped with a bouquet of pink roses, flanked with arrangements of pink rosebuds.

Newlyweds will make their home at Spruce Street. The bouquet briar, thr lorn,.. Vancouver iquet of pink rosea and chry Canon Hywel Jones conducted: White flowers decorated the wore similar gowns and head church pieces in respective tones of The hrlde wsa given in mar yellow and pink.

They carried rlage by her father. Her floor bouquets of while roses and length gown was of lustrous blue chrysanthemums, white silk brocade. It featured Best man was Russell Isaac. My alalerln law Inalata that tha aama holda trua tor women who go to raatauranta a Iona In tha evening. I gay a woman ran go lo a nwpectable hotel dining room or a high type rootaurant for dinner, unra [Scholarship. The meeting waa held In the home of Mrs. Ann Street, with the v tee-regent, Mra.

Lockyer, In the chair. The Duke of Kent poors with his fiancee. The bride Is the daughter of Mr. Bligh vt Luxton Road, and her groom la tha son of Mr. Beacon Hill Park at 1 JO p. All Brnwniea will he divided Into their 'sixas' and will have an opportunity to meet others In the same nixes' throughout the Victoria area Mrs. Bart man will ba Mr. Bryce 8wetnam and uiheri will ba Mr.

Brian Sabiiton and Mr. Watkin, Beach Drive, and Mr. Smith, ion of Mr and Mn. July 8, at 2. Fellowship hall of tha church. Jura 7 from lo 4JO p. Home baking sale featured. Thay Mil Live, pool on the Farcy J. John Woodlay and K a r a n Mr. Excellent far notay places. TSi,-" , 3t "dl liliTE' troop: The name is assurance. Suitable to wear all wlr.

The laborer lursa tbe baodlr and ere— aklni milk sal the other. Fisher said that takes sboui a month usually Then a bill would have to be approved by Parliament Jnd a two-month notice given of an election.

Fisher was old by Mr. Loggers, construe tion men. Eaton's will be among the prises. More than Scouts from 16 patrols in Greater Victoria are taking pari in the two-day camping trip. Flood threat still hangs over 30, acres of rich farmland at Crest on, B. Don Martin, regional en glneer at Nelson, told the Colonist by phone late last night none of the dikes had broken, although water was within six inches of spilling over at some spots. Many sessions are lo be , translated simultaneously Into!

Ihe four official languages of 1 the congress — English. French, German snd Spanish. SzenlGyorgyl of the United Stales will dls- cuaa how the human mind gets Its ideas. I aad 4 TMM. Most exciting among today's entrien are a Latest With the Boy Scouts Luxton.

Other officers elected ware: He succeeds W A. Other officers elected were: Robert Carrier, vice-president; R. Johnston, secretary; John Robertson, treasurer; Mrs R. George Walton, literature; Mrs. Stamford, social, and Mrs. Following the meeting a talk was given by Dr. Beattie MacLean, director of counsel-1 ftng at rtHege.

I Monday In the school. Helen TiadaU of Wilsons la wearing our newest arrival. The "Butterfly" print, featuring sunshine yellow. Concrete Work, Sew ers. EV 2 Phone anytime—Nltes, Sunday. EV eaco Victuna, Tamm tf aaairod. Teat bar for eparlal clam itlmr laaraem at Uta Laagfard menlary Bchnel Appilcatiiia.

Ttotokta, Free Ettimttrs EV 2 June 5 at 8 pjn. This Is the last show of the seriea. Next week Edwin Newmsn reports on a new series. Television for Monday will not be seen tonight 5. Cincinnati Reds, from Croaley Field. Jai n Wifi XV —. Salt Lake City Beea. Open Monday Thru Saturday 8 A. M amt Ill 9. Out doom - CJVL 7. MkHtra wtmmlm larva pad lahM ar p uih ud afcrtnaUnn.

I -S18B j Miinkji ar Rjr. W9 it SI jH. CJVI itoi 9 knS. VJHiL X mi fertdpa. Niagara deep mahbage unit labor m to Ml KBtoT n toil. Blase 11 Shampoo Master Re. M M Automatic trana. M M Custom radio, M M only Power equip M M Ped. Custom M M radio. J 91 bulck a pom rc automatic.

Custom your vacs deal radio. Healer, direction signals, metallic green One owner. Custom M M hillman sedan. YOU should lU hiding goaa: Slam will depend on partners Cf r.. Heater and air conditioner; In twotone green. Thla car is tutone red and white, fully power equipped, cuaiom radio, and driven only 13, miles Regular Price ISM llia Motora tearteto.

Tim AMD 1 togggS! LaundQ ter 11 tun. K st 'wv b. Three nr hi uldiy. Write or pMene far detatU. A5I4- a drees and acket costume with etarkly etmple.

Jacket requires 2 yards. IV nnS 21 m. Ttowa-rr S44toO pw '. Vanrttoa evna EV MW. M lm im feiuht hra. Jaal ckoaa to unitnrraity. Paataira ihni hull Mtectoaal u. Iraarete 1-rar garaga aad car- rwreMrato krttrhm brd. Kiln nfad to o-tat. Rrwk I "h Rm ma Urn fenha, dvlajla. Par IL each aalt haa gate aland tiring T —? Tha Mat kgy l hr ,. Mndrfta fetondrauai raiand hmrlh in largg. Nr ih ni rtraat. W M IbII a. EY h-f M anrttoa H. Mnlac raowi ito too wrattor urtovR. WMm — UA Kv. England CPI — Vincent Minty Thursday called an the Commonwealth to combine tolerance and prln Hple to help it face the stresses of growth and lha dangers oi ha cold war.

His sub ject was Canadians and their Commonwealth. There are some people in Canada with strong nationalist feelings who think that their end rouki only be achieved through a republican form of government. Secondly, it will mean that this message is being displayed at a time when you have found it convenient to read it. As a merchant these two factors are very important to you. But each time ahe waa brought hack lo Ufa by a 34 year old gwadlab doctor.

Qlausaon said Saturday she r emember s very little from that Marly-fatal day. Preduiiaaa Rub Jim mam would die hsve proved base less. The population remains practically unchanged, but boarded up shops, rundown hom e s, relief Inca and general i WCB hard times have come.

Ii, the people have the spirit of complacency. As the mines closed acraea the county, miners cut down on their spending. One store reports the onl luxuries It carries are l! Empty stores line the main street. UPII —At least 30 persons were injured Saturday night when a boiler explosion rocked a recreation hall crowded with persons playing bingo. Two of the injured were listed In critical condition.

These same prospects may refer to your advertisement again and again. They can show it to other members of their families at their convenience, asd if who! Coal and Wood age. The problem la an Im roadtale one, which is spread through Plctou County. In' WectvlUe alone, about 35 fami Has went on relief last winter. I Featuring works by well known Caaadtoa. This sale will include part of a collection of paintings stolen and liter recovered in Vancouver.

Fran start is Si lisk, as effort kas kata spared ia achieving tkis tap qeafcty prefect. De Luxe Rubber-Mounted Burner - 2. Pre-Cant Refractory Chamber 6. Totally Enelooed Steel Base 7. In Victoria and storage fncill-. Balcer said money for other aids to navigation on the the project has been "cleared West Coast. President Kennedy engages Soviet tint lady.

With a twinkle in his eyes. Ihe two leader, were Khrushchev has threslened together sis hours, with part mMaum t0 o that time taken by luncheon dr v , thr Fr , n. Khrushchov hot nodded towards Jackie — stalely and beautiful In a king' white gown and replied: Khrushchev n In tact. Khrushchev barged good naluredly from group to w group. Kennedy mteltupied once " and suggested that the Soviet premier should loll Jacqueline W a stnry Khrushchev had told the president previously.

This boose la aa a Mrrow twlsttog afreet. SO Mg can eaaaot move al speed, aad there are ataaj flat raofa. Rent la ad Yard says K baa averytblag aader roatrol. I'm going back to night vhool then on to university. A drama group thal aiaried as a prison experiment in group therapy haa won tha coveted B. M tft- par, In th, parade —gh downtown Duncan, tod by V. Fa I ham gretted that considerable eon and C.

Frumento waa the only candidate for the vacancy. The other Jugs contained about Thirteen-Ton Lift first of its kind to be Installed In Western Canada, will be one of two located on the third floor of the building. Thirteen tons of bolter Is shown being lifted to the third floor of Nanaimo's new.

Offices will Include those or the secretary treasurer and the school superintendent. Wing la In good condition In Cumberland hospital with cuts and abrasions. Drleaaen was chosen vice-president and other officers elected were Mrs J. Mrs A P Miller, trras. G Weaver and Mrs. Monday Thru Friday Capt. Local men and equipment have been employed on the project.

Unplaced appll- breaking and entering of a cants. Miss approximately 2 30 a. Mrs Robinson suffered aec ond degree bums to the bak of her neck i One report said Berkley msy be scarred for life but hospital authorities and police refuse In Cgpfirm Ikia.

Leyden i Formerly el Lej4ea Pminl 8mm. The minister said a previous announcement that bargee would not receive the 40 per cent subsidy even if Canadian requirement!

A minimum tonnage over which the subsidy will apply la to be Included la regulations governing the subsidy now being drawn up by Ottawa, ha said. The figure has not been fixed. Completion of Plans The minister aid there a? In I terminal tocililiea are com. Ceo , which Orel announced many tury e. Mock Inquiry the day. Hate , ot administration of the pro- boundarlea.

In the area honored for having the bm. Seen in Pawing -w. Hla hobbles are Mrs Agnes Fraier the bstebaU snd bowling i other co-chairman -to wrn- Janlma latoll chatting with ten comments obtained rrom a neighbor. The plan In a nutshell Is tha',. Grade t student who temn g how good t , Mrs. Pearkea presented won lour events and ran the were.

Bui f, lh er said lo ths hoy student who won three events i West Cup In Inter-house com.! Cone re It Work. Mia 1 pet mice daya SUM par tee net k t Kotor. Sna tian Lr lm I Oettrart raiea ym apptlcaUito. T- - T— brother to B. CLEAR- nauwi away iuwibim. I Leave Cearh Ltora Oepto. IT, s c,, Vour Adv. Mi IliwA W If. EV haves la vwtwia sc 1 UAl Mr. RA Tbonvaa R tail am.. Martm LB Ftoral Chapel. Wurster, and so the acre site Victoria College already owned at Gordon Head was chosen for future developments of the university.

Who was first to call these seres Ms own? Born, in Rupert House. Bom in County Mayo. Then the stories of many dlaapointed miners caused him to abandon his original plans and employ Mo great strength Instead In the making of the Cariboo Wagon Rood.

This after all was s good Introduction! Included In which were the 84 acres that now comprise the western part of the college aNa. Names well kaawa tat Victoria s century ago — M Tyrwhlit-Dftahe. To my right, as I stepped down from the narrow path on to the ahlngle beach, wu an empty cottage.

Its back part, nearer to me and about 40 feet away, was upheld by stilts. Its front rested on the rocky point. The tide was out,. The clump at young fir, beyond the cottage on the very tip of the point and somewhat above me, bent before it. Ii I ought what was within ibarif Doomed, k strove to survive. Not until k was slmost under astiaarf fraaa rage I account of hit land- but In the tatter part of the last century and the fit at decade of this, title!

Dawson Road, long-mapped but at ill unmade la probably named for him. Then, from behind It, - the two dark eyes of an otiar looked up at me, her long giosay body wet from the Cowlchan River which, beyond the cottage, flowed Into the bay. Although 1 searched In likely places —in rocky caverns and under roots and logs near the water—X could not find her kittens.

With her prese nc e, however, she had given a new dimen sion to the semi wilderness about me. Man's ta a larger, richer world when be knows that he shares It with others of God's creatures. The she-otter la a large and amphibious weasel and. I withheld my hand and did not touch her. Some years before I had had an even more Intimate experience with a larger and fiercer cousin of her family though at the flroe his nature was unknown to me.

The lime waa late September on the east slope ol the Rockies. I was back packing into Jasper. Because the cabin smelt of pack-rats. I left the door ajar, sleeping am the floor with my feet towards It. I knew that the presence that now shared the four walls with me was no mere pack-rat.

A bylaw authorising the borrowing of S to acquire "land and real property 1 for an airport waa prepared and we find Aid W. Straith speaking at a Gyro luncheon In May. This was the time of the great depression and when the bylaw came before the public it waa defeated by a vote of to 3,2t7 Money was scarce and none wanted to see his. This decision was undoubtedly much re gretted during the fiery airport controversy of the s yet who today would have it otherwise?

In September of that year Capt. Snel grove, ex RAF pilot, and Ernest Eve, fighter pilot and member of the Victoria Aero Club, obtained a temporary licence to establish a commercial airport at Gordon Head, though restricted to day flying only. A name prominent in B.

By another step forward had been made with the Saanith council approving the lease of the airport to the city council for two years dor SI. Between 30 and 30 planes performed aero batics on that thrilling day and tbeie waa evdn a parachute Jump. What a contrast all this-noise and speed with the tranquil decades before!

And whte k it quite old, at goes, it M bettor in every respect than it wot when carpenters worked aver iL Like wine it mellowed with age. When the plank came from the mw- mlU It was 40 feet kmc. It la not that lone now. Should you mod oenaethtug la tee aura when you an nearby be attr to eaaaalno the load com ter carefully. Many handa have caraaaad the gloaay wood; Johnny Moor'a in tee anrly daya and mine hi more recant ttmea. Through theea ldtt yeora It w not unrtaarnahla to hnaclna that, perhaps, an much aa a million dollara may hava boon tradod acroaa tia mellowed top—flour ond aalt aad lea.

Even et that date, when the magnificent timber along the river bad been ecarcely touched, thle waa no simple thing, and It waa some time before the countertop come from Vancouver. It la 10 years since I found the Salmon River. I enjoyed fishing there and. I became Interested in Its early history.

I learned that the pool where I often fished for coho, Just upstream rum tha rivar mouth, waa called Beecher's Pool and later wbfn I began to know about Johnny Moon. Beecher sent me some old photographs of their fishing. This anop waa remarkable ia teat It showed a hall completed "whale" frontal painting.

I made copies of these fgtotoo Copies of the pole and house front were sent to tha National Museum at Ottawa, to the Provincial Museum In Victoria and 'la Harold Men lees, Vancouver, who lived la the valley for s year or two when he was a very small boy.

M or tem wrote: Beecher s, waa earned after his father. Hla letter lead, la pari: Accordingly wo had the mill tag Arrive taw a scow, cm which was a cruising bouse, together wtth boats, flatting gear and eur Ottawa eook. Just shore the pool, that we derided to buBd a teach there. It had taken me 10 years to learn the origin of the pool's name. And now I waa left to wonder what had bscome of the cabin. I knew the banka of the pool and 1 was quite sure that not a trace of a cabin remained.

My answer came much sooner than expected. ISM He waa M years aid. Now, others stand behind the counter which served the old gentleman wen far ao long a rime. When the day corooa aa ft wrtn for the oM counter to he replaced by some plastic thing ft wlH be well If the story of the long fir board M remembered and the ptank treasured bo- cause Douglas Hr trees, large enough lo ha sawn Into planks of this size, will never grow again along the valley of the Salmon River.

With this, the bay threw himself down aa the chesterfield and submerged hknaeli In a Nation! Geographic maga- dor, ignoring bis mother and me. Before we had fully recovered our composure.

Billy wu up and out of the room. Hr seemed so hungry lor an audience. He baa A high intelligence but will rarely bald a panelL He Is home bacausc there Is ao other place in British Columbia lor bina to be. There Is no schooling provided far him. A child s needs are. All their physical and menial Swources 24 hours a day, seven days a week, P 2 weeks a year, must be geared to his care.

Even with a new addition now being added. Seven- oaks can accommodate only IS children. The average treatment period for these children, who are between the ages of seven and Shore feels that every ahild helped more than repays the time, tost and effort involved.

A number of these were wanfc of the govern meot. Victoria Mychtt MM and termer nvaiteetii director a t Crease din- atlinila that lu inddewor of poycho- tlc chlk han Is roughly the ana a, Uu number s 4 rMkkn Mrlcfcua with path, each yaw. The child who lo evprrly disturbed emotionally reacts by becoming ao withdrawn that he llvea entirely In a world or bio oorn making. He may have speech difficulties and ahow o poor level of un- derMandlng la echool. Or he may be aggreo- dn and hostile and art oat hla frustrations by being deatructlve.

These are the children who i. Mke Billy, are unable te at. But at prevent there Is no schooling available to them, even though we booM In British Columbia of the right of every child to be educated according to Ms ability.

Research and treatment centres lor the emotionally disturbed child are lew In number, and most are of recent origin. In man casaa they have come Into being because parents and friends have banded together. In Isolated group, across Canada and the United States, to get some sort of hrlp lor their children.

Lang I aland New Tork. Tbeae "Mtic" children, aa the Post ca them, are showing rema rk a b le progress now that they are able la meet other children In aa environment of sympathy, mufc-rmandlng and skilled professional help IN MMONTO and Montreal determined group, of parents aad friends are making headway and receiving recognition and help for their chikbea. In Victoria a group of par- ram.

In answer to enquiries -Jn Saskatchewan" writes Dr. I do not know of any facilities which we haw that answer the needs of thb group tof children you ore In I erected In. Johnson, director of po chiairic oer- viraa. There b as apecbl facility operated by the province for tha child with amotions! Lewis, assists at director ol Ontario hospitals, comes thb reply: Clyde Marshall, administrator, mental heatth services.

Nogs Scotia, writes lram Halifax: The Halifax clinic b x full lime children's clinic. The Msff and myself are very concerned with thb problem. Sevenoaks Treatment Centre woo born.

It was financed through the Polio Fund and the Community Chest. All children have problems, ao, why b It that some youngsters are unable to cope with theirs? He pub It thb way: Add a taWaapO' of butter. June brlnga ui fUvn'uI and tender vegeta- blea and aalad greats.

Orel Who could compare the raata of Mg. One of the malt delightful of the new loan M found In sendee young xuttftinl aquaxh. Cat ope - Img tb- wtae and acoop aut aoft centre Now for the atufflng. Boll one egg hard for each - -uaA. Open a tin af chunk luna. Mix th- i no and egg with the Sat- reaaon well -. This'makes about two and a half cups sauce.

Heat tVee envelope iif unflavored gelatine and one-halt cup wain HD the gelatine Susolves. Dram Use benbra Add the berry xvnip to the gelAnt and beat into the cream threw mixture Fold la the sii awbetrl a. I mold an your moat beaotl- fpiittse and surround with whole strawboe- lies You U get complimewta. We used to have berries fixed this way when we wore children. First vhal wty mother called simply.

Add the Juice of naif a lemon, put the lid on the dish and chill overnight. The ocher way was for serving large, unhtilled -borrteo with a dip. Crush a few ripe berries and dd to the er am mixture for color. Xhk la a is- iiy way to eat the Mg fop-ed thE-boa berr. Many of the ships hour gone So strap astd massy of the mm to pat. But it seas a great adventure, astd by many still well remembered. Not a soul could get ashore. This teas a time of drastic security.

There was a feeling of tension. Ttotpi loafer m tfa. It b unlikely thst e single officer, on wstch r edt bll to bridge ef any craft that night U he; no aid awed II. Byes A reload far the MM af the haoy an b Una. From early afternona of June 9 vet-neb ornam ent — 1 to move ent d Southampton.

Navigation would have been a haxardou. Broadside to- the seas, pounding on the laach: In the surf and scattered here and there en the sand where, not re long ego. That particular part of the operation waa Bute- more costly then some of the earlier practice landings oa the English shores.

And In line ahead, cotamn alter column of ships of ell deerrip- Hons p re s sed on to their dnrttnartons There was sunshine Bui over the embattled coast afhoke clouds writhed and scattered. Off Use Caen's mouth a British destroyer burned, beached- Ami as the later waves of landing craft drew closer to the combat the wreckage prisoners of war.

Parsons of the B. It was a curiously Indefinite allegation, hinting that years before a white man had been killed by Indians and his body dumped in Trenibleur l ake. However, he'd moke some quiet enquiries and see what he could uncover. Looked Uke an es-eoktter. He eon id 'have eroesed over the mountaina to Bablne Lake and eoraa out at Hazel Lon.

One thing waa sura: They have triad to hide, and now they have been found out. James signed "Max Poepkii," asking about the possibility of supplies being packed In to Trem- blrur Lake. Count Inge- nleur Max Posplech. A stab lb the dark. If you Uke, but likely to bring results.

It could only be pulled off by a man who knew Indians well, and Parsons did. Tben the trio, an snowihoea. Near Tachl R es erve they camped one afternoon, where Parsons told Ferrier to a lip over to the reserve a mile away and get hold of Chief Alexia.

He waa glad lo aae the old priest, who waa held in high a ataen a by whites and Indiana. TV guilty ones must be tried and they will be treated fairly. That to all I have to say. Thai sight in their polios camp nearby. For Her hod hto doubts. Since the vernal was crowded Ihq were given accommodation In the captain's quarters.

The ship's officers were busy, for the guns' uf"i Were still standing la. If ftt were possible ic get some "You know who 1 am.

I know you are men. A white man has been killed: But the government has no wish to puntoh If tltoae responsible for the deed can aay they were right.

H luu a fcultoi to hto wriri and Fa giving him some pain. A couple of aspirin, indeed! The next morning when an array surgeon made hto rounds the ships' officers helped with the dressing of wounds and discovered the Marine major had two marhlne-gun bullets through bto right thigh and another through the buttock. But the soan had walked aboard without a limp! Those Royal Marines were a tough crew. He was hit In the throat by mortar shrapnel but made a successful landing, harked Ms vraiiloff the sai ampttm.

He ha the bridge. When be stoi be hailed a taxi There were fl of endurance, ai confined to D-Da af combat. Bruce, eon ol Fictorbi imuraa aoaauN afcippera nary H. They aay arc- a man of great wisdom and courage. Paraone presented "himself belt j the aaaembiy, Chief Aiexie in the lore- irvnt looking particulsily eolemn. Yoa have been very wise Now I want you to lake me la where the white man died. You do dbt hava to tell me anything about it If you do not wish, but I must see Where be died.

When he stepped ashore, quite unassisted, he hailed a taxi o take him to hospital. TV- s were thousands of cases of this sort wt enbiranca. Bui on their way back they were hailed and wgved at with some animation by a early of Royal Ehglnren who we r e system- atknUy removing the Teller mines sowed along the pathway la dozens Tha two a klppe n had walked among them, Mde bp aide, without a suspicion of danger.

It was a day both will re m ember. They had Identified trim by his clothing ahd appearance, the short Grenfell cloth Jacket he wore ijtew to them , his biscuit-colored lent the long woollen stockings rolled at the knees.

The Indiana swore they didn't know a white matt waa tot the neighborhood when they bmrtrd one afternoon from canoes, packing their rifles lor a banting trip Suddenly about 40 yards away they were sur prised to are a human being. Whatever the reason, according So the Indians he whipped his gun to his shoulder and fired at them.

The Indians ducked, tbrn replied to the fire, both their Win- Chester bulleu hitting him hi lbs cheat Stunned ad the sudds n onslaught and the fatal rreult.

David and Eugene placed the deed mas behind a log. All fear were taken to to Vanderhoof. Ogilvle to defend the accueed. It waa a onesided affair, tor after the wit- nraawa told their atory. Mr Juatice Gregory la Ma summing. It id aba very rvfreahlng," he went on, "to find a police officer of long standing who evinces the desire to place any evidence In lav or of the accused before the court. To the Jury the judge finally remarked.

He waa dto- charged aa regimental sergeant malar. David Townsend now plays euphonium ' or tuba with the Shrine band. Bob Townsend, a brother. Bad- led wph Dorothy Francis. Twa sisters are accomplished pianists Aa a hobby, and It should prose a fliers flee one.

He may not compose music.. Coming from a musical family. When he was seven years old. Mist, blown down the valley, came betwaaw me and the distant msuntatas and ilw o ri ds d dm town below.

Wind keened about the rocks. The goat and I were alone on the mountain. I gave a low whtatta. With hia baleful aye he reg a rded me. Then he got up. The goat as goats almost always do. And there, lop tug away from me. Wa traded glances Ipr perhaps half a minute. Mm Otto, that I Isamid ho could only be a wthrrtw. I watched through glasses a aonny and her kid on the rock wall 2.

The aun waa down and the valley waa In twfBght. Through the glasses I could aee nothing Hut abstained them. They appeared to hang la spare suspended. Wa sharp, black ba s aa painted up at me and his. Its coast is lopped with rock-girt beaches, and the ocean is Hear and clean and very cold. And it didn't coal much—Why should it have? Bryond the ocasn are the mountains. There are many little parks now, everywhere. Little left-over corners havs been anatrhed from calculating predatory hands and turned Into placea of beauty.

The one at the corner of Bumalde Road and Interurban la no bigger than a minute, but II has a busy stream el stirring over s rocky tails, lawns and flowering trees and Is the special charge of a nearby school whooe pride In what It has wrought Is a fine thing. In fact there la much competition between the schools for the hsndsome bronac shield that Is given annually for, and set In. In the streets of The City there sre many Improvements tine thing which makes the shopper happy Is the reorganised parking meters.

It used lo be. Which was unfair and trust rating. And the shopping mails themselves ate lovely. One stretch has s tinted perspex roof - not sted which lets In light and gives an Impression of sunlight even when there Is none. Here, the oaIce are marked with flowering shrubs In painted tuba, set about tables and chairs where you may dt and enjoy a beer, or a sherry, or even a martini should you so deal re.

Just as In Paris, of course. He does very wen. Never eaten pussy and im cute! About Summer I've been thinking about you for awhile now. I doubt you will ever see this, just wanted to say that I enjoyed our time together, I'm sorry. Really didn't like how it ended, I hope all is well with you and your father. About Apple w4m It's been years since you left. We were best friends before we were anything else. You said you love me but don't love yourself, so you can't be with me.

You let your siblings hate for me push us apart. I told you when we got back together if you left again: I couldn't take it. Come to find out you had found someone two weeks before you left our home, before you stopped making love to me. Now you are married to and have a child. Every time we see each other you get that sad teary eyed look and look at the floor. You always hang around, standing a little closer than you need to.

You never speak to me, just glance at me. When life was crazy and hard, we were the most amazing team. It was the "easy" times that we fought and grew apart. I miss you so very much! Every day I can't stop thinking of you. Our friendship, our laughter, our teamwork, our morning drive to the school, porch fishing and sharing new music on the Zune. There is so much I just don't understand.

I still hold out faith that you will come back to me. You can't begin to understand the pain you put me through. The pain I am still in.

S U.S. 12 is a house in Fairchild, WI This 0 square foot house sits on a acre lot. Based on Redfin's Fairchild data, we estimate the home's value is $34,Sale Status: Not For Sale. Soon it will be May and Stuttering awarness. Here is a sample of items going to the Sheboygan Library. Some Librarys do ask that you bring a sample of items ahead of time so they can see your plans and if you are donating books they need time to get them in the library system. In years past, the primary form of Fairchild WI local news information for most people was the daily newspaper. While many people continue to read newspapers on a regular basis, there are plenty of other people that prefer to receive their Fairchild Wisconsin daily news information in other forms.